Losing To Win XVI
"The Ultimate Win"
By Joey E

I am proud to present the FINAL chapter of "Losing To Win". It took a while to get to the end, but I'm here now. The final section on the lives of Steve and Josh, and other high school kids learning about life and love. This is a work of fiction. All similarities to real life are strictly coincidental. Copyright 2005. All rights reserved. No unauthorized reproduction is allowed without the consent of the author, Joey E.

Thanks to all the supportive readers over the time that this was written. Special thanks goes out to all those on #niftywriters and others like Shaun, Ryan, Chuck, and Chaz, just to name a few. I want to thank everyone who has written to me with feedback throughout this whole series, which has been in progress for the last year and half. Special thanks goes to Aiden! And as always, Matt.

Wednesday evening couldn't come soon enough. The day dragged on and on and on. Lunchtime was better than I expected. Josh sat down next to me. Ben didn't give us any shit. Practice was the worst. My head wasn't in it and Coach came down hard on me. Yet, throughout the whole day, I had a big smile on my face. Things were back to normal for the most part with Josh back in my life.

The hardest thing of the day was yet to come however. I drove home quickly to break the news to my parents I was going out.

"Steven, this is not acceptable," Dad said.

My mom had a smile on her face though, so I knew I was good to go.

"Come on, Matt, let him do what he wants. At least he has the decency to tell us where he is really going. Would you rather he lie to us?"

My Dad shut up for a moment.

"All right, Steven, go. But at least ask us before you just announce it next time."

"Thanks, Mom and Dad," I said, getting up to run up to my room.

I hurriedly finished my homework, not caring if the answers were right or wrong. I took a quick shower and changed into what I thought allowed me to look my best. I made sure to put on a wife beater underneath a button-down shirt. I wore my Abercrombie cargos and picked out a hat to wear, which turned out to be a Quicksilver hat. By that time, it was almost 9PM. As planned, I was to go over to Josh's and we would be picked up by John and David.

Josh opened up the door when I knocked and I couldn't believe my eyes.

"DAMN!" I said as I checked him out.

He proudly let me check him out. He was dressed like a little punk skater kid, minus the very loose fitting clothes. He had on a dark gray Element t-shirt with khaki colored cargos. He also didn't have his glasses on.

"Where the hell did you get an outfit like that?" I asked.

"Tonight. David took me out to the mall while you guys were at practice," he said.

"Damn, bud, my little guy looks good!" I said. "What happened to your glasses?"

"Dude, where have you been?" he asked. "I got contacts like a month ago!"

"But you always wear them!"

"I know. I usually just like to wear the glasses. But I wanted to try them tonight. I've been wearing them off and on around the house. Just never had an occasion to wear them out really."

"You look good, Josh," I said, softly. He came up to me and wrapped his arms around me. He smelled just like he always did. He leaned up and I kissed him. I could tell he was hard as a rock as soon as he pressed up against me which made me bone up instantly.

Then there was a knock at the door. We both walked to the front door and there was John.

"Uh, sorry didn't mean to interrupt anything, buds," he said, looking at our tents in our pants.

Josh and I giggled like two young kids. We both walked out and joined John and David in John's car.

"Wow, Josh, you look good!" David said. "You like it?"

"Yeah, I hate to admit it, but yeah, I do. I looked at myself in the mirror tonight and, you know, I'm pretty cute!"

We all laughed. "Yes you are bud," I said, wrapping my arm around him.

"Well, dudes, you ready?" David asked.

"Where's Rick?" I asked.

"We have to pick him up on the way. He wasn't ready to leave yet, so I said we'd pick him up," David answered.

"Damn, Josh, you look so different without your glasses," John said, looking in his rear-view mirror.

"Thanks," Josh said. From the tone in his voice, I could tell he was blushing.

We arrived at Rick's house and he hopped in the back seat with us. Josh was in the middle and I could tell he had felt a little uneasy. To be honest, I didn't quite know how it was going to be with Rick there.

"So, what did you all tell you folks?" David asked.

"I told mine the truth," I answered.

"You did?" Josh asked, surprised.

"Oh, yeah, buddy. They're okay with it."

"I told my mom I was going out, but I didn't tell her where," Josh said.

"You did tell her I'm sleeping over at your place tonight right?" I asked.

"No," Josh said. "Why? Are you going to?"

I held his hand and said, "I was planning on it. How about you Rick? What did you tell your parents?"

"Oh, I told them I was just going out with friends," Rick said.

"Dudes, you can all crash at my place if you want," John said. "David's going to spend the night too."

"And what would turn into, John? An orgy?" David asked.

"Shut up, bud!"

We all laughed.

We parked in the same parking garage as we did before and I had no clue where we were going. We just followed John and David. Rick kept up with them for the most part. I kinda did feel bad for Rick, since he was planning to go with me until yesterday. But, I had Josh with me, and that was more important.

Woody's, which I still found the name funny, was a block away. We walked down Walnut Street towards 13th. At least that was what I was told. I was surprised to see John and David holding hands on the street.

"Buds! What the hell are you doin'?" I asked.

"Oh come on, Steve. Grab Josh's hand and stop acting like a breeder, dude," Rick said, smiling.

"Huh?" I asked. I looked over at Josh who was laughing. Josh took a hold of my hand and held it. This was unbelievable.

"It should be right around this corner," John said. "Yep, there it is!"

True, there it was. Rainbow flag and all. I saw some of the kids waiting to get inside in line. I felt so out of place, so out of touch, that I felt uncomfortable.

"You'll be fine, bud," John said, softly.

We got our cover money and ID's out and we went up the steps to where they let us in. John, Rick, and David went ahead of us. I was still freakin' out.

"What's the big idea?" Josh asked. "Come on, relax. It's cool, I'm here."

I looked down at his face. He smiled at me and I smiled back.

"I'm gonna be holding o7nto you all night, bud."

We were up next. Josh handed the security officer his ID. He then paid the cashier guy and waited for me to do the same. We all made it through with no problem and entered what appeared to be the dance floor. It appeared to be decent sized in the middle of the large room with two bars on either side of it. We walked up to where John, David, and Rick were and just stood there with them. We looked around and saw other kids about our age all around us. It was about 11PM now, and the dance floor had a small crowd on it.

"This is fuckin' amazing," David said. "Dude, look at all these guys!"

"I know," John said. "You guys okay?"

"Uh, yeah," Rick said, looking a little bewildered himself.

"Well, what are we supposed to do?" I asked. Just then I felt a tap on the shoulder. I turned around and saw a familiar face.

"TIM!" I yelled. Josh turned his attention over to us when he heard that name.

"Steve! Never thought I'd see you here!" he said, smiling.

"Oh shit!" I said. "This is my first time here. What the fuck are you doing here?"

"Some of my friends from school wanted to go out tonight. Damn, I didn't ever expect to find you here!"

"Tim, this is my boyfriend Josh and my buds John, David, and Rick."

They all shook hands and Josh gave me a strange look.

"Well, I gotta get back over to the other bar where my friends are for a refill. I'll be back when I finish my drink. I'll bring them over when we're done."

"You can't bring it in here?" I asked.

"Nah, dude, this is where the kiddies are, like you!" he said, laughing as he walked away.

"That was Tim?" Josh asked, not looking too pleased.

"Yes, that was Tim," I answered.

"Not bad," he said, his face turning into a grin.

"You know him?" Rick asked.

"Yeah, that's my bro's neighbor at college."

"Oh cool," Rick said, now checking out another guy at the bar next to us.

We just stood there, taking in the sight of this gay bar. It was amazing to all of us to see all these guys just like us, having fun, touching each other without worrying, and all having a good time.

"Well, buds, we're gonna go dance," John said. "Rick you want to come?"

"Sure," he said.

We stayed behind while the three went out to the floor.

"You dance?" Josh asked.

"I can't dance," I answered.

"Neither can I," Josh said, laughing.

We watched as we saw John and company take the floor. We in fact moved over to where there were carpeted bleacher-like things to sit on and sat down, watching the three dance. Rick by far had the best moves of the three of them. He could dance the way I wish I could. John and David blended in well. The floor was getting more crowed, by now. Josh looked at me and smiled. He got up and then sat on the step below me, in front of me. I opened up my legs and let him slide in between them. I then wrapped my arms around him.

Just then, I noticed a guy walking by who was looking at Josh or me. Further studying came up with he was definitely checking out Josh. Josh certainly noticed this too. I tightend my grip around him to mark my territory. He smiled at both of us and kept walking.

"Damn, bro, you got checked out!" I said.

"Was that what he was doing?" Josh asked.

"Yeah, bud. We're getting checked out left and right tonight. Just look around!"

It was true. Lots of eyes were on us, as I suppose we were the new fresh meat. It was incredible. Josh certainly seemed to revel in the attention. Someone sat down next to us before I even noticed who it was.

"So, who you two checkin' out?" he asked.

"Wha...?" I asked, turning to see who it was.

"Oh, buddy! You're back!"

"Yeah, and I got a surprise for you, bud," he yelled over the music. "Look who decided to come tonight?"

I looked and my mouth dropped open.


He smiled at me.

"Oh look Steve, it's your bro!" Josh said, excitedly.

Matt came over to where we were sitting and sat down next to me.

"How are you, bro?"

"What the fuck are you doing out here?" I asked, very surprised to see him.

"Never thought you'd see me here eh?" he asked, putting his arm around me.

"What the fuck are you doing here?" I repeated, laughing.

"Well, it seems this girl I'm dating has a gay brother who wanted to go out to a gay bar. Tim was going out already, and somehow along the line, I got suckered into coming too." he said.

"How are you doing Josh?" he yelled.

"Fine," Josh answered, shaking his hand.

"This your first time here?" I asked.

"Nah, dude. I've been here before with Tim and some of his buds. I even scored some pussy here before," he said.

"Fuck this is weird!" I said. "This is my first time out here. This is so weird!"

"Yeah it is kind of weird. Think of how it was for me, the first time I was here. But as you know, Tim is a good buddy of mine. To be honest, it's kind of interesting to be checked out by another dude, too."

I looked over at him and he winked. Fuck, he looked hot too.

"Well, I see you two are back together again," he said, to both of us.

"Yep," Josh answered.

"Glad to see that. Keep him in line, Josh. Someone has to."

"I know that," Josh answered. "So, Matt? Are you gay too?"

Matt laughed and shook his head no. "GEEZ! Hell no! Just here with some friends, bud."

"Oh," Josh said.

"Steve, let's try and dance," Josh said, looking out at the dance floor.

"Aw, buddy, I don't know about that. I'm perfectly sober and I don't want to make a fool of myself..."

"Aww...come on, what else are we gonna do?"

"Go ahead, bud! Shake your shit off!" Matt said, obviously a bit buzzed himself.

"Yeah, Steve, go with the little dude!" Tim said.

"Do it," my bro said. "I'm gonna go to the other side now, but I just wanted to say hi to my bro. We'll be over later."

I shrugged my shoulders and got up. "Okay, Josh, you win. Let's go."

"Cool!" he said, jumping up and grabbing my hand. I immediately took my hand back. He turned around and looked hurt.

"Steve, relax....it's a gay bar!" he said, taking a hold of my hand again.

I was surprised at how little shy Josh was handling all of this. It was like he came alive when I was around him. I knew he had a wonderful personality, but he kept it inside of him when he wasn't just with me. I was happy that he was now starting to show it all the time. It made him even more attractive than he already was to me.

I was led to the dance floor by Josh's hand, pulling me. I'm sure to the casual bystander it looked quite odd to see this little guy pulling this big guy.

I wasn't quite sure how to start. The beat was constant. But my body was refusing to move to it. I got off an a very awkward start and almost walked off right then and there.

"Boy you can't dance, can you?" Josh yelled, laughing.

"Shut up!" I yelled back, laughing at my predicament.

"Having problems boys?" Rick asked as he came strolling by to the beat.

"Yeah, he can't dance!" Josh yelled, still laughing watching me try to find beat.

"Dude, just let the beat carry you. Find the beat. Move with it. Feel it," Rick said. "Here, both of you watch me."

And so we did.

"Are you gonna try it too, or just watch me?" Rick asked, laughing.

I tried, and tried to mimic his motions, but it just wasn't working for me. Josh, on the other hand, picked it up pretty easily. In about five minutes, he looked like he had been dancing for years.

"That's it, dude!" Rick said, dancing up to Josh. "The little guy can dance!"

"Damn!" David said, dancing over to us as well with John. "Josh has some moves!"

Josh looked around at all of us watching him and froze up.

"Don't stop, babe, keep going," I said.

"Uh," Josh said, turning bright red.

"Go on, bro," Rick said. "You look fuckin' awesome!"

I was surprised at how Rick was taking to Josh. I was surprised at how Josh was taking to everyone else. My little man actually did have balls!

Josh closed his eyes and resumed dancing. I sort of swayed to the music while watching my man dance. I noticed people around us were directing their attention to the new boy on the dance floor. My little guy.

"Yeah, dude!" yelled Rick. He came over to me and hit me on the arm. "Dude! Your boy can dance!"

I noticed there was sweat dripping off Josh's forehead, but he kept going. I was getting a major woody at Woody's watch Josh move like that. He had a fluidity in him that I just found irresistible. He was hot! I went over still sort of moving to the music and unbuttoned his top button and the second one. He looked up at me. I grinned down at him. He grinned back. He was actually having a great time. He then reached up and unbuttoned my shirt.

Suddenly, and I don't know what came over me, I bent down and got on my knees, so I actually was lower than Josh. I reached up and unbuttoned the rest of his shirt, revealing his flat smooth stomach and chest. Damn, I could've licked all over it. He looked down at me in shock. I kept unbuttoning it to the last button and held his shirt open. Rick, John, and David cheered.

I got back up on my feet and wrapped my arms around him. He was still moving to the beat and I just lifted him up in the air. I kissed him right there on the dance floor in front of everyone. He took the cue and wrapped his legs around my waist.

"Bud, you looks so fuckin' hot!" I yelled in his ear.

The next thing I know, David is dancing up against Josh and pressing up against him. Josh turned his head to see who was behind him. I knew all of this was too much for him. He surprisingly just turned back to me and smiled. I set him down after that and now he was flat up against me. I tried to mimic his hip movement. I felt like I was going to explode in my pants. Because of the crowd, it was very warm where we were. I needed something to drink. I needed anything to calm me down a bit before I tore Josh's pants off and sucked his cock right there on the floor.

"You want a drink?" I yelled over the music.

Josh shrugged his shoulders and said, "Okay."

We stepped off the dance floor and went to one of the bars. I ordered two cokes.

"How much tip should we leave him?" I asked.

"Don't know," Josh said, laughing. "Never ordered a drink from a bar before."

"Ah, let's leave him two bucks."

"Sounds good."

The rest of the crew made their way over to join us at the bar. They ordered as well.

"Josh," John said, moving over towards Josh. "I'm impressed, bud!"

Josh blushed and smiled. "Thanks. I didn't know I could do that either!"

Rick came up along the other side of me and punched me lightly in the shoulder.

"Hey, dude, I can see why you're into him. He is one hot boy!" Rick said, grinning.

I was relieved that it had gone so well. I wrapped my arm around Josh and said, "Thanks, bud. He's one special guy. He surprises me every day."

I looked over at John and David, who were now making out openly.

"They look good, don't they?" Rick asked.

"Mm Hm..." I answered. "Say, why aren't you dating anyone? I'm pretty sure you know you're hot as shit!"

"Don't know. Well, you know how it is," Rick said. "Kinda hard to find someone when you're not out."

"True," I said.

Just then, I saw Tim walking by. My eyes must've lit up because Josh caught on immediately.

"What are you planning now, Steve?" he asked.

"What about Tim and...?" I asked.

"WOAH!" he said. "Well, they already have something in common. They both had you," he cracked up laughing.

I didn't like that last statement. But I had it coming to me.

"Well, what do you think, bud?" I asked Josh as I noticed Rick checking out Tim.

"It might work."

"Yo Tim!" I called out. He turned and smiled.

"What's up?" he asked. "Are you having a good time?"

"Fuck yeah, bud. Josh and I were just dancing."

"Damn Josh!" Tim cried out as he saw Josh with his shirt still open.

Josh blushed and grinned. "He made me do it!" he said, pointing to me.

"Well, you look hot, man!" Tim said, feeling Josh's stomach.

"Hey!" I exclaimed. "Look but don't touch!"

"He can touch if he wants to," Josh said, laughing.

"YO!" I yelled at Josh. "Anyway, where's my bro?"

"Oh, dude, he went off to some dive down the road named "Dirty Franks.""

"Oh. Too much for him to handle?" I asked, laughing.

"Yeah. By the way, who's that?" Tim asked, diverting his attention to Rick.

"That's our bud, Rick. Why? You want me to introduce you?"

Without him even answering me, I turned to Rick and said, "Rick, this is my buddy, Tim. Tim, this is Rick."

I then turned my attention back to Josh, letting Rick and Tim do what they wanted to do. We were just enjoying each other company, sipping our cokes. We both turned around to watch the dance floor, and I was leaning up against the bar. Josh slid in front of me, and I wrapped my free arm around him, letting my hand hang down, resting on his chest.

Suddenly, we see Tim and Rick go out to the dance floor together

"Hmm... I guess they hit it off well," Josh said, looking up at me.

"Yeah I guess they did."

"I lost my dancing partner!" he exclaimed, laughing.

"You want to dance again?" I asked.

"Yeah, I do," he said, setting his coke glass down on the bar.

"Okay, let's go."

So there we were, all six of us, dancin' the night away. The dance floor was even more crowded than before. I did my best to stay in rhythm while Josh found his groove again. It was amazing to see this little guy go wild on the dance floor. It wasn't flaming or anything like that. He was a good dancer! His hips moved in directions my hips could never move. His little tight ass would shake, too. Just then, my bud, John, came up from behind me and started grinding his cock into my ass. I snapped around to see what the fuck he was doing.

"Bud, relax. We're just having fun. Look at everyone else?" John said.

Well, while everyone else were not all bumping and grinding, there were a few who were. Most were laughing and but some looked very intimate. Josh just laughed at my reaction. John winked at me. Then David came up and grinded up on Josh's ass, and Josh laughed more.

"Hey, if my boyfriend can grind up on your ass, I can grind up on his!" David yelled. Before I knew what hit me, Josh grabbed me and turned me around. He then proceeded to try to grind up against me while David was still behind me. I followed suit and turned John around. We were all there, bodies pressed up against each other. Damn, I got hard. Josh was already hard. And I knew my bud John would be able to feel my cock up against his ass. John was really starting to look good to me for some reason.

"Damn, bud, are you trying to get it in there?" John asked. I felt Josh's arms go across my waist and pulled John in even closer to me.

My jock underneath was getting soaked in precum by this time. We all separated at the same moment it seemed and went back to dancing. We were all laughing though, and it was just a cheap feel for all of us. Heaven knows what John was doing behind Josh.

After another mix came on, I opted to leave the dance floor. Josh followed me, but the other four stayed behind. We went over and sat at the bleachers. I wanted him so bad. I looked at my watch. It was 12:30 AM now.

"Damn, bud, I think we need to leave soon if I'm ever gonna wake up tomorrow morning."

"Yeah I know, babe," he said, kissing me on the cheek. I took a hold of the back of his head and we shared a warm, long tongue kiss. By the end of it, he was feeling me up and I was feeling his ass underneath his pants.

"We gotta stop," I said, breaking the kiss.

"Wanna leave?"

"Yeah, bud," I said, getting up. "Let's get the others."

We got the others, without much protest, and were out of there in fifteen minutes. I was surprised that no alcohol was involved and we were all having the time of our lives. We were free to be ourselves for once. It was the most wonderful feeling in the world. And I got to share it with the love of my life, Josh.

"Dudes! I got his phone number!" Rick said, as soon as we got in the car.

"Who's?" John asked.


"Great, bud!" I said. "You like him?"

"Yeah, he was really cool. And hot too!"

"Yeah I know," I said. Josh pinched me when I said that, but smiled.

And apparently Josh had other things in mind, because as we were talking about the night's events, he somehow managed to unbutton my pants and slide his hand down my pants. Naturally, I was rock hard instantly and he kept running his thumb over the head of it. It was fine until I felt close to the edge which happened while I was talking.

"Yeah, I was just surpris.....oh fuck!" I couldn't help letting out.

Everyone looked over at us. We were caught red handed as John turned on the interior lights. Josh looked like he was a deer caught in headlights as he froze there, with his hand still in my pants.

"Guys! Not in the car! You'll make a mess!" John said, laughing.

"Yeah, don't get any of that shit on me!" Rick said.

Josh retracted his hand and we just sat there, listening to them carry on about it. Luckily we were only minutes away from Josh's house when this came up. We said our goodbyes and Josh and I went inside.

"Mom's working tonight, as usual..." he said as he locked the front door. I wrapped my arms around him. I couldn't keep my hands off him.

"Mm....bud, I love you..." I said, before I could stop myself.

Josh turned around and said, "Say that again..."


"What you just said. Say it again," he said, wrapping his arms around me and holding me tight.

"Bud, I love you," I said, looking down at that sweet innocent face of his.

"I love you, Steve," he replied before kissing me again.

As I licked my way to his ear lobe, he whispered in my ear, "I want you inside of me tonight."

Well, if I wasn't rock hard before that, I was certainly rock hard now. Suddenly, I was wide awake again. I just ravished him more, sucking lightly on his neck. He moaned.

"Come on, let's go upstairs," he whispered.

I lifted him up in my arms, carrying him like a baby, and we went up the steps to his room. I didn't let him down until I was in his room and set him down on his bed. He just looked up at me with anticipation. I could see the fire in his eyes as he pulled me down on him again. I tore off my shirt before he pulled me completely down and we made out more. I could feel his hard cock against mine as we made out feverishly. He reached down and pulled up on my wife-beater. I got the clue and took it off. I then unbuttoned his shirt as well and took it off. We made out again, pressing our naked chests together. We rolled around his bed, with me on top, then him on top and then me again. It was definitely going to be a hot night.

I got up off of him to unbutton my pants and to shuck them off. He took his own off and was laying there with just his boxers on. I just had my jock on. I caught him checking me out.

"Aw...fuck, Steve. Come here," he said.

I jumped back on the bed and he then jumped on top of me. He immediately went down on my chest, feeling my pecs and tweaking my nipples.. He then let his tongue slide down in between my two mounds of muscle on my chest, and down to my rippled stomach.

"God, bud, I've missed you so much, man. Fuck," I cried out as he reached down to my jock and cupped my cock and balls.

He looked back up at me and smiled. "I've missed you too. God, I want you in me," Josh said.

Wasting no more time, I got up and threw him down on the bed. I pulled off his boxers in one motion and he was there naked, waiting for whatever I had in store for him.

I went down on his cock, taking the whole thing in my mouth again. I could taste the precum that had already leaked out and it turned me on even more. I sucked on it and sucked on it, making my little guy moan out loud. He was practically screaming when I got up off of it. I continued to lick his balls, taking each one in my mouth slowly. I then got between his legs and lifted them up, exposing his tight little pink hole. That ass was so smooth, so fuckin' cute and hot. I needed it. I had to have it.

I went down on him again and very lightly flicked the tip of my tongue against it. It had a real musky, sweaty scent to it that I knew was all Josh. I felt his body shiver when I flicked it again. I moved my tongue all around it, getting it wet. I finally went for the bulls eye and darted my tongue up against it.

"Shit!" Josh exclaimed.

I kept going, and the hole loosened up a bit. After a few seconds, I had Josh thrashing around the bed, begging me to eat his ass more.

"Yeah, you like that?" I asked, looking up at him.

"Shit, I love it, babe..." he said. "Come up here so I can suck you too."

I turned around and fed him my hard cock while I continued to eat him out. He never took my jock completely off. He just pulled out my cock out of the side and left the jock on. I never had gotten a blow job with my jock still on, and it was hot! Thiss was one of the times that being taller worked to an advantage. I could reach his ass while I still was being sucked. Though his mouth felt awesome on my cock, I was concentrating more on that fuckin' delicious ass of his.

He moaned as I tongued it deeper. He let my cock out of his mouth and started licking my balls. Finally, and I had no idea this was coming, I felt his warm wet tongue on my ass. I gasped out loud. He was eating me out while I began to suck his dick again. Suddenly, I realized I wanted him in me as much as he wanted me in him. Weird situation to be in.

"You keep that up, bud, and I'll want you to fuck me, too."

He said nothing, and just sucked and licked harder on my ass. Before I knew it, I felt his finger probing at the hole. The fucker had beat me too it! I pushed back on his finger and he got it in with no problem.

"Aw...fuck!" I cried out. Not to be outdone by this aggressive little guy, I licked my finger and slowly penetrated his tight little butt. That only caused him to slide it in more. Finally, though I prevailed and he stopped. He just let his moans freely come out.

"Aw, yeah, Steve!" he moaned as I slid two fingers in.

I got up from on top of him and just got down between his legs again. I watched my two fingers slide inside that hot little tight ass. Damn! He had me leakin' big time! I took them out and slid them in again. Josh began to curse up a storm, which was a big turn on for me.

"Yeah, finger my ass, fucker," he said, softly. "Aw, fuck, man, that feels good," He cried out.

"Yeah, you wanna feel my cock inside you, don't you bud? You want to feel this big jock cock up your ass, don't you?" I asked, looking him right in the eye.

"Oh yeah, "he said, looking at me too. His eyes rolled back as he let out another loud moan.

""Come on, boy, tell me again what you want."

"Steve, give it to me, now!" he yelled. "God, I want that fuckin' cock up my ass!"

I grinned at him and came back up, kissing him on the lips. I slid my cock between his cheeks as I was kissing him. I felt his hole try to open up everytime it would come near it. He pushed me off of him and reached into his night stand next to the bed. He handed it over to me and said, "Make love to me."

I lubed up my cock and fingered his ass with lube on my finger, making sure everything was just right before I tried to stick it in him again.

"You ready?" I asked, as I moved up between his legs, aiming my cock for that sweet bull's eye in front of me. I lifted his legs up and rested them on my shoulders.

He nodded yes.

I did my best to guide it right inside, and in an instant, I was in.

"Woah!" Josh screamed.

I stopped all movement. "Are you all right?" I asked.

"Shit, yeah, just give me some time to get used to it."

I waited for a few seconds and tried moving in some more.

"Yeah, that's it, Steve. Aw, that feels so damn good, babe!"

I slowly slid it in all the way down to my balls. I bent down to kiss him while I just let it rest there for a moment.

"Come on," he said, breaking the kiss. "Start fucking me."

"Mmm..." I said, as I started slowly moving out of his ass. I pushed back in again, a little bit faster and harder than I did the first time.

"Okay?" I asked.

"Hell yeah!" he exclaimed. "Man, I'm ready. Aw, fuck..."

I slid it in all the way, this time faster and harder. He groaned in glee.

"Aw, STEVE!" he cried.

I started developing a rhythm. It felt incredible. I knew I wouldn't last long like this, but I was going to try my hardest to please him. I fought off all feelings of getting close, trying to just enjoy Josh's hot little tight ass.

"Baby, you feel so fuckin' good," I grunted, as I began to really get into the rhythm. It wasn't slow, but wasn't fast. I looked down at him. His hot little body, all tensed up, showing what little definition he had.

His moans were setting me higher and higher. He let out a high-pitched moan that nearly sent me over the edge. I looked at him, his eyes were rolled back into his head and sweat was dripping off is his forehead. I leaned down and kissed him on the lips. His hands ran all over my hot chest.

"Oh, yeah, Steve. Fuck, aww...shit..." he cried out as I slammed into him.

Then it happened. I tensed up and I immediately pulled out.

"I'm sorry, bud, I can't help it!" I called out to him.

I just looked my hard cock, bouncing up and down. I began to shoot out without stroking it. The first shot landed on his face with the remaining ones landing on his chest and stomach.

"Aw, fuck!" I yelled, as I grabbed my cock to milk out the rest of the load. I was still rock hard when I was done.

I looked down at Josh's hard cock. The kid hadn't even shot yet. I reached down with my hand and began to stroke it. Little did I know, Josh had other plans.

He sat up in front of me. He had a smile on his face. He got up and grabbed a towel to clean my load off of him. He then handed it to me, and I cleaned off my cock and hands.

"Get on all fours, Steve," was all he said.

"What?" I asked, still rock hard.

"Get on all fours, dude," he said.

I grinned, liking where this was going. I did as I was told, getting on all fours in the middle of his bed. He moved behind me and began to slide his cock up and down my crack. He leaned over me, resting his chest on my back, and whispered, "Can I have it?"

I nodded my head yes, knowing that I wanted nothing else at that moment than to have him inside me. I could almost feel him grinning. He let out a small giggle as he grabbed the bottle of lube. I could feel the lube running down my crack. He took his time, rubbing it around my hole, teasing it with his finger. Surprisingly, his finger went in with no problem at all.

"Damn!" he said. "You're already loose, baby."

"Aw, fuck yeah, bud," I said, as he hit the prostate.

"You like that?" he asked.

"Fuck yeah!" I exclaimed as he slid his finger in the rest of the way.

He worked in two fingers in no time, with me groaning like a little bitch.

"Aw, buddy, just stick it in me! God, I want your cock, bud!"

"Yeah? How much?" he asked in a very authoritarian voice.

I looked back at him and he had a serious look on his face. I found it so fuckin' hot.

"Do it, come on, boy!"

"Who you're callin' a boy?" he asked, slapping my ass.

It was not a light slap either. I found that to be so fuckin' hot too.

"Sorry, sir," I said, grinning.

"Good boy," he said, caressing what he just slapped.

"Please, sir, fuck me now!" I begged. At the same time it was an act, there was some real truth behind me begging him.

He wasted no more time and held his lubed up dick to my lubed up hole. He had perfect aim and I felt him trying to penetrate my ass.

"Relax, Steve," he said, the tenderness back.

I relaxed and let him inside me, with relatively no pain at all.

"Oh fuck!" I said when he was inside of me all the way.

"Aw, baby, I love your ass," he said.

He began to fuck me good, wasting no time again. He leaned against my back again as he began to thrust harder into me, causing me to let out soft moans as his cock brushed up against my g-spot.

"Harder, Josh," I grunted.

Harder he went. "Yeah you like that?" he asked as his balls slapped against my ass.

"Oh yeah, buddy, come on. Slam me!" I yelled out, not caring who else heard us making love.

I was amazed at his stamina. We shifted positions from me riding on it to me on my back with him between my legs. I actually preferred that to all the others. I could see him and he could see me. He liked to feel my muscles as he fucked me. It turned me on to know that I turned him on so much. By now, his face was bright red and his whole body was covered in sweat.

I began to stroke my dick again, which never went down from the last time I shot it.

"Aw, fuck, your ass is so sweet, baby," he said, as he closed his eyes and pounded me once more.

"Fuck!" I cried out, almost shooting it right then.

"Dude, I can't go much longer," he struggled to say as he kept fucking me hard.

"Yeah, bud, shoot it all over me!"

"Aw, yeah, I'm gonna shoot, Steve. God, I love you!"

He pulled out of me and began to shoot it immediately. The first shot landing on my stomach. I, on the other hand, began shooting with him and shot to my face. Impressive, being that I had shot only about a half hour ago.

He collapsed on top of me, our loads in between us. He licked up the remained of my load off my lips and chin where it landed and then kissed me, lightly on the lips.

"Bud," I said. "That was fuckin' insane!"

"Felt great to me," he said.

"I cannot even begin to describe what it felt like with you fucking me. It felt good the first time, but damn! This time it was fuckin' incredible!"

"Mmm....and you lasted longer this time too," he said, giggling.

"Oh shut up," I said, laughing along with him.

He got up and cleaned his body off. He gently cleaned mine off too while I just laid there looking at him. Man, I was a lucky guy to have my little guy back. He got back on the bed and we cuddled. I spooned him, my soft cock resting between his tight ass cheeks. I looked over at the clock, which read about 3:30 in the morning.

"Bud! We were fucking around for nearly two hours!"

He laughed and turned over to face me. He stroked the side of my face very gently.

"I love you, Steve."

I hugged him so tightly after he said that.

"I love you, too, Josh!"

We kissed one more time and then he rolled over again, pressing his body up against mine. I wrapped my strong arms around his cute little body, holding him tight. Never wanting to let go ever again.

The End

That concludes this high school story, "Losing To Win". It has been a blast to write, and I hope you enjoyed the ending! Please send any comments to NEPhillyBoy76@aol.com Thanks!