Written by James Treanor

Hey everyone! This a new story I came up with while in one of my more depressing moods. You may not like it, I'm not asking you to. But it depicts violence that people do endure, and it is very real in this world. You may choose to ignore it, but I chose to make people aware of it. It is a love story, but may take a while to work it's way there. If there isn't response to this, I won't continue it. I know, it's a bit gruel at times, but it's reality. Live with it. Anyways, e-mail all comments to me.

Lost Angels: Chapter 1

I awoke to the annoying sound of my alarm clock, and my arm jerked up instinctively to shut it off without having to move any other part of my body. I had grown so accustomed to where the clock was. There wasn't much different to this morning, than any other morning. The plain fact was that I dreaded what the day had installed for me. I hated surprises, I hated not knowing what was going to happen next...I feared the unknown. I looked outside, only to be greeted with a view that would have kept any 14 year old in bed. Grey clouds, and the soft patter of rain against my window. Absolutely lovely. To me, this day was starting to shape up pretty well already. I sat on my bed a while longer, pondering whether I should just stay in my nice warm bed, or get out in that and head off to school. Choice number one sounds pretty good, so I huddled up in my warm blankets and blocked myself off from the rest of the world. Just as I was about to enter the world of dreams, a loud knocking sounded at my door.

"Michael! Get your ass out of bed and off to school!"

There's not much to say about my father, except for the fact that I hated him, plain and simple. You see...when I was 5, my mother died in hospital after a car accident. Mum was coming home from a business meeting late in the evening and it was raining, and there was some...some unfortunate accident that eventually took my mother's life. I remember all of it...I thought that being so little, I wouldn't have remembered much of it...but I do. It's all so clear, I remember being with my mother, all the times we spent as a family. And the one thing that stood out the most, was the fact that we were happy...a happy family. We really were. Mum and dad were just perfect together...they used to laugh, go out and have fun...and I was happy too.


"I'm up!" I called out to him. I heard him leave then, out the front door and to work.

I got out of bed, knowing that I couldn't escape that hell, which they called school. If I didn't go, they'd call home and if there was no answer, they'd call dad at work. What that meant was he'd come home ready to give me a beating. Believe me, I'd rather stay on his so-called good side. There was a photo of me and mum next to my bedside table. There we were at some park, with me in mum's lap. We had large smiles plastered on our faces. I kept that picture next to me all the time. So I'd never forget mum. She was so beautiful. I walked over to the bathroom, and inspected myself in the mirror. I'm your average 14 year old, average height. I had blonde hair, that was dark at the roots, but lightened towards the tip. I kept my hair fashionably short, just hanging above my temples. Small nose, hazel eyes. I was skinny, but not very skinny like as in, you can see my bones. I've been told that I'm pretty cute, but it didn't mean anything to me, not if there's no one to appreciate me. I ran myself a hot shower and got dressed for school, my regular routine.

We were in that hospital for hours, my dad pacing the floor in front of me outside of the emergency room. We had gotten there as soon as we could. I was sitting on the chairs stationed against the wall. The place was so bright, everything was white. Time dragged on, until a doctor walked out of that room, and dad went up to talk to him. I was looking with curious eyes, leaning over trying to hear what was being said. The doctor walked away...and dad, with his back to me sat down on a chair a couple away from mine. His head was in his hands, but there wasn't a sound. I looked around, before easing my way to the floor. Very slowly, I walked towards dad. Some nurses caught my attention as I looked up at them as they walked passed. Everyone was so big compared to me. When I got up to dad, I knew something was wrong. Something had changed. I called him. He looked at me with red eyes, eyes that had been crying. But I could also see anger. I sat down next to him, and waited. I cried.

I went downstairs and had a glass of milk. I was never a breakfast person, even though they say it's the most important meal of the day. I tell ya, the most important meal of the day is the one you have when you're hungry. I put on a jacket, and headed out the front door. I rode my bike to school. The air was cold, and was misty. The rain pattered softly. A sudden crack of thunder sounded which made me jump. I rode to school in the rain.

Upon arrival, I locked my bike up at the bike shed, and headed off to another uneventful day at school (hell). Since the start of this year, I had yet to really find a group to fit myself into. I had a few friends, but to make a long story short, I usually kept to myself. It was easier that way. You see, I'm gay. Don't ask why, I just am. The way I saw it, if I didn't associate myself with anyone else, I won't end up hurting myself. I've had plenty of crushes before, and the mere fact that they're not gay, or I could never have them absolutely crushes me inside. I've had a lot of heartache and pain, and I simply don't want to be hurt. It's like, why love someone...if they don't love you? You're not getting anything in return, so why waste your time.

I would sit in class and go ga-ga over some cute boy, but I'll never get close to him. Not in any way. It made the class go quicker though. But there was on exception. His name is Trent. Oh, he is an absolute babe! He's so cute, I wonder sometimes if he knows it, cus he always seems to be flauting it without any holding back. I had noticed him from the very start of the year, as soon as I saw his dark blond hair, those amazing blue eyes and lips that looked sooo kissable. Not to mention a great body too, and such a cute little butt! I feel in love with him straight away. I saw him smile with the rest of his buddies, and he stood out like nothing I've ever seen before. It's like, he could walk into a dark room, and light it up completely with his mere presence. Whenever I saw him, he made me forget all my problems and made them seem insignificant. And if I could have only one kiss from him, I could die a happy person.

Everyday, my only highlight was to see his smiling face. Just that would be enough to satisfy me. But for me, it was kinda hard to get that smile. You had to fight for it, but in the end it was worth it. Always. I knew I couldn't have him. You see, I carry around this curse. I'll never be able to find anyone to love, and God had proven that to me...no matter how much I asked him, he never answered. I was alone. I recently turned away from him too...I used to think there were greater forces at work, like there was something looking over us...to protect us. But there isn't...there isn't anything in this world, other than false hope. I always thought that God had something against me personally, and my usual rain of bad luck often acted as proof too.

Trent entered the room and sat a couple of seats in front of me. I couldn't help but marvel at his glorious sight. I stared and stared all throughout the class, despite the fact that anyone might have seen me staring at this awesome boy. If staring was all I could do, the stare I will. Nothing could stop me. He laughed with his friends, and his smile brought happiness to my heart. There was a warm fuzzy feeling, that made me wierd all over. Oh, how I wish I could have him. Without any warning whatsoever, he suddenly turned around and glanced at me. Not knowing what to do, I quickly put my head down and pretended to look at my books. I knew I had been caught, for at least looking. Cautiously, I looked up to see what was happening, and there he was with a lop-sided smile on his face and it was directed at me! That gorgeous smile was for me! I politely smiled back to him, and he turned back around and started talking to his friends again. How amazing was that?! I sat back in my chair, and although Trent didn't look back again during that class, I was happy. I wanted to go outside and dance in the rain...I couldn't believe what had just happened.

Possibilities suddenly filled my head. I could be is friend! We could have sleep-overs, and who knows? We could become the best of friends. At the end of the class, I slowly packed my books as everyone else exited the room. It was recess now. Thinking I was alone in the room, I looked up from my desk to see Trent standing in front of me smiling.


He was talking to me!

"Hi," I replied timidly, and returned his smile.

"I'm Trent...Michael?" he asked, holding out his hand.

"Yeah, that's me," I answered, and shook his hand. Oh, wow! His skin felt so soft, and warm. I guess I held his hand longer than I should have, but I eventually let go.

"Kewl! Hey look, if you're not doing anything...why don't you hang out with me? We could get to know each other and all...that is, if you want to?"

Was this an invitation? He was offering me his friendship, and I sat there dumbfounded by his beauty. I smiled, "Yeah, that'd be kewl."

Through the course of the next few weeks, I was intergrated into a group, Trent's group. We hung out during recess and lunchtimes, talked together, laughed and just had fun. I had found my group, and was being soaked up into the system. It was fun...while it lasted. Trent and I had become great friends...almost like best friends. He came over to my house on weekends, and we'd talk on the phone and I just couldn't get enough of him. He was such a great guy! I even got my faith back, and thanked God every night for making this happen. I thought he was looking over me, looking after me. I got to know everything about Trent, and he got to know everything about me too...accept for the fact that I was gay. I started reading signals, that might be signs that he was gay too. I'd turn to him and catch him looking at me, and then he'd smile and shake it off. And for once, that not-knowing feeling I got, was actually exciting me. The fact that Trent MIGHT be gay was enough to entice me, but not satisfy me. It made me feel funny all over.

One Saturday, Trent was at my house and we were just reading comics in my room. I was lying on the floor, and Trent was on my bed. I was a fond collector of comic books. I read them over and over again all the time, but that doesn't mean my collection doesn't grow. It does! Anyways, we were just reading them and Trent was going through a pile of them. He suddenly looked over to mine, and asked me what I was reading. I told him it was some Spiderman one I had just bought recently.

"Really?! Make way!" he said and got down next me, awfully close. I had no objection, and feeling him up next to me was incredible. The heat, his scent...it was driving me insane, and thank God I was lying on my stomach. He kept leaning over toward me, to read the page that was on my side, and I took in everything that was happening. His eyes were glued to the comic, and I looked at him. Those beautiful blue eyes, and the mere thought of having him here in my house, next to me so close, was more than I could handle. My teenage body went into sensory overload, and I actually leant in and kissed him on the cheek! I immediately pulled back to see what his reaction was.

He was staring at me with wide eyes. "What the fuck was that?!" he asked in disbelief. My heart was immediately crushed, as I now knew that I had done something terribly wrong. I panicked.

"Trent...I..I'm sorry...I.." I stuttered uncontrollably.

"Y...You're gay aren't you?" he asked, cautiously, like he was afraid of me.

There was nothing left for me to hide now. "Yes...I am," I answered, ashamed of what I was. I moved away, and sat on my bed. I couldn't look him in the eye, like I was less of a human being than he was. "I'll understand if you don't want me around you and your friends," I managed to choke out. My eyes were beginning to swell up with tears, and I heard him leave my bedroom. I hoped that he would come back, and when I heard him leave through the front door, my face hit the pillow, and I cried myself to sleep.

"Michael? Mummy...mummy's gone away," said my Aunt Clara.


"She's gone to heaven, to be with God," she said hesitantly. My father hadn't told me what happened, and left someone else the hard trouble of doing it.

"Is she coming back?" I asked, through teary eyes.

"No dear. She's not."

My vision was blurred, and I blinked the tears away. "Who's...who's going to be my mummy?" No answer. "But..but I miss mummy! I want her back!" I screamed, and my Aunt Clara hugged me against her black dress as I cried and cried. Why was everyone dressed in black?

"Shhh...shhhh. Michael, come on. We have to go now..."

The phone awoke me from my slumber, and I wondered why my eyes were full of tears. Then it all came back to me, the unfortunate kiss. I picked up the phone, and answered a bit groggily.


"Michael?" It was Trent.

"Yeah...what do you want?"

"I...we need to talk..."

"About what?"

"...but I can't do it over the phone. Meet me at the milk-bar..."

Before I could say another word, I heard a CLICK, telling me that he had hung up. What could he possibly want at this hour? It was 8:30pm! The milk-bar which we went to often after school had closed by now. He just wanted to talk...sort this out. I really didn't want to go, he'd tell me that he wasn't gay, that we could still be friends. But I couldn't leave him there all by himself. He was worth it. So I got up, put on a jacket and my shoes and headed out the front door. My dad wouldn't be home for hours, not that he'd care if I went out this late. More cold air, at least it wasn't raining. I couldn't be bothered biking my way over there, it was just a 10 minute walk. And besides, I needed time to gather up my thoughts, the brisk walk would do me good.

The street lamps lighted my path, as I walked. Most houses had dim lights on inside, and some were dark. The hum of the lights came as a eerie silence. Nothingness...absolute nothingness. I arrived at the milk bar, which had a small car park. It was empty, and a light from the shop illuminated the area. It was cold, and I kept my hands in my pockets. Looking around, I noticed that Trent was here yet, so I leant against a wall and continued to wait. After 5 minutes, I sat down. It was so boring, just waiting all the time. Suddenly I heard footsteps, before seeing Trent walk around the corner. I got up, and waited for him to come over to me. He wanted to see me.

"What is it?" I asked.

"I just needed to know...for sure..."

He began to advance toward me, very swiftly. He was so sexy. His eyes glowed in the lights, and he stared deep into my eyes. I looked down, but he held a hand to my chin and directed his sight to mine once more. Such beautiful eyes.

"Do you love me?" he asked.

"I do love you...I love you so much Trent..."

And with that he leant in and kissed me on the lips. No tongues, but it was the most amazing thing my young body had ever experienced. Instinctively, I wrapped my arms around his neck, and he wrapped his around my body. It was such a sweet kiss...just how I imagined what it would fee like, only 100 times better! Electricity went through my body, and caused my whole body to shudder at his finger tips. After what seemed like an eternity, he pulled away from my kiss. I smiled...and so did he. But his smile was somehow different...it looked sinister. I was about to ask him what was with the smile, when he pushed me to the ground.

"Trent?!" I exclaimed.

I was about to get up, when I see two figures emerge from behind him, from both sides. I was about to tell him to watch out, when they gathered like a pack. They were together.

"Trent...what's going on?" I asked, oblivious to what was happening around me.

"Jesus Christ! The fucking fag actually kissed me! Give me that!" as he took a bottle from one of his friends. He took a swig of it, and spat it out. "Man! I'm never going to get rid of that taste!" I felt like a knife had just stabbed into my heart, and I realised that I had just fallen into some sort of trap. How could this be? I thought he loved me? We kissed...a kiss that tasted so sweet to me...what was happening. I was about to get up again, when I turned around and saw two more of his friends behind me. It was my group. I had a theory of what was going to happen, and I had to get away.

The two behind me, got me by the arms and held me up to my feet. "Trent! Please...please, just let me go...please..." All I could do now was plead for my life. I struggled to get free from their grip, but they held me firmly. I panicked. "Please Trent....I thought we...I..."

"What?! You thought I could love you?! You ruined a perfectly good friendship Michael...you should be ashamed of yourself..."

And with that said, he punched me in the stomach, hard. I cried out in pain, and they let me go as I clutched at my stomach and doubled over onto my knees. Some of them shouted, "Yeah, give him what he deserves!" What did I do? What did I do to deserve this? All I did was fall in love...is that such a crime? I struggled to get my breath back. I looked up at Trent, only to see his hand as he slapped me hard forcing me to my hands and knees. My face hurt, it stung.

I tried to get up, when Trent walked to the other side, and kicked my footing and I fell onto my back. "Please, don't..." I felt a kick onto my stomach, increasing the pain from the punch, and once again forcing the air from me. "Aaargh!" I choked on the absence of air inside of me, and couldn't breath in for a second. I clutched at my stomach, as if that would somehow stop the pain. When I was able to take a breath, it felt like I had been holding my breath for 2 minutes. And the pain on my stomach...it hurt so much.

On my hands and knees again, I tried to get up when I felt a foot on my back, keeping me down. I felt a kick at my side, followed by another...and no matter how much I cried out, no one was coming to my rescue. This was my life...beating, after beating, after beating. When my dad didn't feel like doing it, the responsibility was left to my friends. My body wracked with pain, as I lay there trying to cover up myself as much as possible. Tears filled my eyes. They backed off, and I struggled to get up and away from them. They laughed and ridiculed me. On my hands and kees, I tried to get up. But it was so hard...everytime I moved my whole body hurt. Trent walked over...and kicked me hard, my whole body lifting up from the floor. A silent scream escaped my lips, and I just lay there holding myself.

How could these people be so inhumane? I was a person, not some animal...in any case you wouldn't treat like this anyway.

"P...p...please Trent...I can't take it anymore..." I begged him, through tears.

"We're far from finished you fag! Oh, the whole school won't know yet...you'll get a surprise one day."

He punched my face. They let me go, and I fell to my knees. He punched me again, and I fell to the floor unconscious. Complete blackout. God knows how long had passed when I woke up. They were gone. I used the wall to help me stand up, and I wondered how the hell I was going to get home. I started walking...limping. One hand clutching my stomach, while the other grabbed onto whatever it could to keep myself from toppling over. I had to lean against a street lamp, evertime I came to one. It was a slow and painful process but I eventually got home. I opened the door, and there was my father. Waiting for me...

"Where the fuck have you been?!"

He was drunk...he had loosed his tie, undone the top button and there was a bottle of Jack Daniel's next to him...empty.


He slapped me against my face, so hard that I fell to the ground in my already weakened state. "Get to your room..." And I ran at top speed, up the stairs and into my room and locked it. I immediately threw myself onto my bed and cried. Cried that my life just got worse and worse. No one would, or ever could love me. I was good for nothing.

I went to my bathroom, and turned on the hot water for a bath. As the tub filled up, I took off my shirt and inspected myself. Bruises everywhere, but no open wounds. That was good...except for a cut on my bottom lip. A bruised face. It felt worse than it looked. I lay in that hot water for 10 minutes, before getting out and towelling off. I was hurting all over, inside and out. I lay on my bed, with only my bedside lamp on. I lay on my side looking at the framed picture. Mum...I wish you were here. I felt a stray tear go down my face, as I silently cried myself to sleep once again. I was alone again.

The funeral service was slow, and my clothes were bothering me. I watched everyone around me, as they shuffled around the church, getting to their seats. An eerie piece of organ music was sounding, and there was a box at the front. People were crying...and so was I. My little hands were constantly wiping away tears that continually filled my eyes. Words were said, but I didn't understand. The reverend said my mother's life had been cut short...that it was the will of God. I understood that...God killed my mother. But I looked everywhere...but I couldn't see him.

After what seemed like hours, we left the church. I looked out the back window of the car I was in, and saw many more cars following. The drive was long, and I became restless. A country area. A cemetery. We all gathered, the wind howling almost as if to say to us, that we shouldn't be there. Aunt Clara held me next her, her hands on my shoulders. I watched, as more words were said. I couldn't understand why mum was inside the box...and why she couldn't just wake up and say that she didn't want to leave. I was waiting, and waiting....but she never did. I thought that she would, but she didn't. Why? Why couldn't she just tell God that she didn't want to go?

I asked Aunt Clara, and she answered that she didn't have a choice. "But she has to come back...she wouldn't leave me...she wouldn't," I told her matter of factly. They lowered the box into the grave, and I waited for that moment when she would come back. Then they started throwing dirt in, and I exclaimed, "Mummy! Come back! Please! Don't go!!" I cried it out, with all my might, hoping that she could hear me and come back for me. The people standing around started crying even harder at hearing my words, and Aunt Clara held me back. She was crying too.

She got down on one knee and turned me to her. My eyes were full of tears, and I was sobbing uncontrollably.

"Mike, listen to me...(sob), listen! You have to be strong...ok? Be...strong..." she told me.

I hugged her hard. "Will I ever see her again?" I whispered into her ear.

"She's gone...live with it," said my father coldly.

I cried some more.

The next week at school was absolute hell for me. I never knew when the guys would tell the whole world that I was gay, and that kept me in suspense all the time. And seeing Trent, simply killed me, ripped me apart inside. How he'd kissed me, and taken it away just as quickly. Only to try and wash away the taste with alcohol. A taste which had tasted so sweet to me. I hadn't see my dad for almost a week...he'd leave in the morning, and didn't come home till after I was asleep. The guys would ignore me in school, and acted as if they didn't know me, just like they did before I was initiated into the group. I on the other hand, missed having friends. I missed being with Trent. I did ruin a good friendship. If it weren't for me, we'd still be best buds. But I went along, and ruined a good thing, just like I do with everything else that wasgood, and was handed to me.

Monday after school, I had stayed around for 15 minutes before going home trying my best to avoid the guys. I've done that for a whole week, and avoided myself another beating. So far, it had worked and that was good. But I guess it was bound to happen some time. Today, they had waited around for me. It's funny how quickly everyone leaves the area after school hours. They all just clear out, like nothing you've ever seen. The teachers would be having their staff meetings or something now. It was awfully quiet, and I got one of those feelings that something wasn't quite right. Something in the air didn't smell right. I looked up at the roof of on of the school buildings, and saw 3 crows. They suddenly flew away. I ran to the bike shed, and unlocked my bike. I got on and rode my way out of the school grounds.

I thought I had gotten a safe distance away, about half way home when I stopped at the park. I just needed to take a breath, and glanced behind me. No one. When I turned around, there they were. One of the rode passed me so fast, and so close that it forced me to topple over and fall onto the grass. The landing didn't hurt, cushioned by the grass. There they were, all five of them. I scrambled backwards, trying to get as much distance between them and me as possible.

"Well, well, well...we haven't seen you after school for a long time now Mike! Where've you been?" asked Trent.


"Now...you wouldn't be trying to hurt my feelings by avoiding us now would ya?" he asked cockily.

"N..n..no! Never...I wouldn't..."

This time, my instincts took over, and I scrambled to my feet and started to run away as fast as I could. I ran and ran, and I knew they were behind me on thier bikes. I felt something hit my back, and I fell face down onto the grass. They surrounded me, on their bikes. I stood up, and turned around a couple of times, looking for a way out.

"That's right...no way out..."

"What do you want?" I asked.

"What? Don't you love me anymore?" he asked sarcastically.

"You don't love me..." I corrected him.

"Awww...now you hurt my feelings," and I felt someone kick the back of my knees forcing me to fall upon them. They held my arms up, preventing me from getting up. I saw it coming, and I braced myself for a punch to the stomach. I gritted my teeth, and tightened my muscles. I think I managed to stop 50% of the pain, but it didn't mean it there was no pain. I was ready for it, and Trent knew it. He turned around, and back to me suddenly and punched me once again in the stomach. I cried out loud, squeezed my eyes shut experiencing every bit of the pain. My arms were firmly held against my will, and I had no choice but to endure it all. More punches and kicks to the side below the ribs, and punches to the face. My lip had started bleeding, and my teeth were all bloody. My hair was hanging loosly in front of my eyes, as sweat formed on my brow. My body was doing it's best to handle all this.

By now my breathing was irregular. My head hung down, and Trent lifted my head up. I looked at him through half-opened eyes. My hands formed fists, and I tried to swing at him...but I couldn't. Trent laughed at my attempts to hit him, and slapped me across the face. I can't cry...I wouldn't let him have the satisfaction of knowing that he'd made me crack. But it failed, and a stray tear left my eye. Trent ridiculed me once more. He slapped me again...

"You like that cocksucker? Huh?" He slapped me again.

Each slap came with an insult; fag, queer. And each time he slapped, my head just flopped lifelessly in the direction of the hit. My face was too numb from the last hit to feel the next. I let out no cries. No one was coming for me...no one was going to rescue me. The other's simply laughed at me.

"Let him go..." said Trent.

"Why?" asked one of his fellow thugs.

"This is getting a little boring...defend yourself boy!" he told me. The others let go of their grip, and for a moment my arms came to my sides, unmoving. Slowly, I got up, one leg at a time. I was standing, and there was pain all over my body. Trent had his fists in front of him, about a metre in front of me, and I raised mine. He threw a punch, but I ducked it and gave him a good one in the stomach. In that second, when I made contact with him, I felt energized. For a split second, I felt good! Trent fell back, one hand clutching his stomach. It was his turn to feel pain! I advanced toward him, and I remembered that there were four other thugs. I turned around and WHAM! I fist hit me hard, and I fell straight down. Trent had gotten up, and as I was trying to comprehend what had happened, he had walked over to me, and kneed me in the stomach! I turtled up, and clutched at my stomach, as I felt hands hold me up and onto my knees once again!

"Huh? Think you're tough do ya?!" and Trent spit in my face. I felt it sickeningly slide down my face and neck.

Where was my guardian angel?

"HEY! Let him go!" I heard someone shout.

Trent turned around, surprised that someone was witnessing this. "Stay out of this...it's none of your business!" he called back. I looked to see who it was, it was a boy.

"No it's not..."

"Then fuck off! Or do you want some of this too?" said Trent, before punching me in the stomach again. I whinced in pain.

Then almost as if out of nowhere, two more guys and two girls came up behind the boy. "Let him go...and don't think that just because these two are girls, that they can't fight. Let him go NOW!" the boy commanded.

Trent wasn't one to give up easily. He whispered to me, "This ain't over. They may have saved you this time, but we'll get you. And it'll be much worse next time too! See ya next week!" And with that, he punched me hard, knocking me unconscious once again.

I opened my eyes, and noticed that my surroundings were unfamiliar. I heard a couple of voices, and I panicked, thinking it was them. I quickly looked around, and saw a girl next to me. I was laying on a sofa, with a blanket over me. The girl was wiping my forehead with a cold clothe. She touched a trouble spot on my face, and I winced in pain.

"Sorry...you ok?" she asked. She was about my age, very pretty. Brown hair, brown eyes. Looked like Katie Holmes.

"I've been better...how is it?" I whispered weakly.

"Well, you'd probably feel better than you look," she smiled.

I looked down, and noticed that I was naked from the waist up. I slowly pushed the blanket down, and looked at my newly formed bruises. I closed my eyes, and looked up at the ceiling. How many more times is this going to happen? "Oh god..." I said in total despair.

She pulled the blanket back over me and said, "Hey, hey...you'll be alright..."

"No...it won't. Everytime...the beatings are going to get worse and worse..." I told her without even thinking. A tear left my eye. She sat back, and looked shocked.

"This...this isn't the first time," she said not as a question, "I'm going to get some water for you ok?"

I didn't answer and let her leave. I heard voices in the other room. "This isn't his first beating..." "What?!" "Jesus! How can he just..." "This is crazy!" "I know" "What happens now?" " I dunno"

"Ya'know! I can hear you!" I shouted.

I heard them shuffle around, before entering the room before me. There were 3 guys, and 2 girls...the ones who had rescued me. They were all around my age. The boy who had spoken up first introduced himself.

"I'm Jessie...this is Andy, Terence, Jessica and you already know Natalie. We rescued you today!" he said proudly. Jessie was a cute boy, short blonde hair, and green eyes. He was so boyish, if you know what I mean.

"I didn't ask for your help..." I said rather coldly. Because of them, the beatings were going to get worse and worse.

"Dude, I don't care if you asked for it or not...but you NEEDED it!" said Andy, a handsome little brown haired boy.

"That's right, if we didn't show up...they might have killed you..." said Terence. Terence had white blonde hair. His blue eyes, stood out stunningly.

"Well, thanks to you guys, I'm going to get it worse next time!" I shouted at them, getting a bit worked up. I had risen up, only to clutch my torso in pain and sink back to the comfort of the couch I was lying on. Jessie saw this, and a look of concern swept over his face.

"Let us help you! I'm sure we can figure something out..." offered Jessie. I really wanted to accept his help, I really did...but the last time I put my trust in someone, I got the living shit beat out of me. I couldn't risk having it happen again, not again. I couldn't. I shook my head no. Jessie seemed disappointed in me.

"Look guys...thanks for pulling me out. Really, thank you. But no one can help me...not even myself. I don't need anyone to help me." I put my shirt back on, slowly and walked out the front door without looking back.

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