Written by James Treanor

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Lost Angels: Chapter 4

"Well, well, well...if it isn't our little fag boys!" said a voice behind us. Jessie quickly pulled his arm from around my shoulder and spun around to see who it was, just as I did. Oh great! Trent and his wanna-be thugs. They stood there, looking as tough as they could act, Trent in the middle, cus he's the leader. It's your typical school-yard bully. But I never saw that side of him from all the time that I've known him. He's never picked on anyone, but I guess I brought out the evil in him. I gave him a reason to hate me, and boy! Did he do it with a fiery passion.

"Oh, it's YOU guys," Jessie rolled his eyes at the very sight of them.

"Shut up fag! Piss off, I don't wanna have to kick your ass too!" Trent's cocky attitude shone brightly.

"Oh? And just how do you plan to do that? You fancy a little one-on-one?" Jessie offered. I was shocked, and I didn't want to see him get hurt. Not over me, I wasn't worth the trouble.

"Jessie, don't..." I started, but he stopped me.

"You got it ya little shit!"

"Alright! Just you and me...none of these..." he pretended to search for words to describe his 'friends', "...things!"

Trent gave him a disgusted look before saying, "Whatever! You and me, at the school oval today after school! Be there, or I'll kill your little fag friend." Now I was scared. Images of Jessie having to go through what I went through flashed into my mind, and I was scared for him now. Why was he putting himself in the line of fire? I mean...why? He didn't have to do this for me, I didn't want him to get hurt.

"You'd better be careful with what you say, it'll get you into trouble...I'll be there," said Jessie in a low but firm voice. He was dead serious, and there was no way of calling this off now. He couldn't, even if he wanted to, and Trent was going to pulverise this kid. I suddenly felt a pang of guilt run over me, and I suddenly wanted to cry. Why is this happening? I don't want anyone to get hurt, especially not over me. I know that fighting never solved anything, it'll only get worse. Trent gave an evil smile, before turning and walking away. Jessie was staring intently at them as they left.

"Jessie, I don't want to see you get hurt! Why'd you do that?!" I exclaimed before starting to walk away. Jessie had to run and catch up to me. He stopped me and turned me to face him.

"Michael, look I'll be alright...trust me. And besides, they need to be taught a lesson," he tried to reassure me.

"By YOU?! Trent fights dirty..." I searched for something to say, just so he'd back out of it. I didn't want him to do this. It's not worth the bruises and pain. I know from experience.

"Well, so will I. Look, I promise you...everything will be alright. C'mon, it's YOUR day. We've got your classes changed, so that takes care of having to put up with Trent, and today I'll kick his ass so he'll never lay a finger on you again. C'mon, give me a smile..." he said, but I was still frowning so he decided to tickle me and I giggled a little bit. God, I couldn't hate him even if I wanted to. I ran off, and he chased after me. During the day I got used to my new teachers, having to show them my time-table at the start of class and explaining my transfer. They had no problem with it, not that they had much of a choice. But since they had no problem with it they couldn't resent me, well not at first. Jessie tried to get me to talk to him during class, which I explained to him that once I had fitted in I'd talk more. But for now, it'd just be the occassional glances. I didn't want to make a bad impression on my teachers.

Lunch time finally came, and I had no difficulty finding my group in the cafeteria. Somehow, word had gotten around that there was going to be a fight after school. I think there were even wagers going around, and I was kinda disgusted about this.

"Word has it, you've gotten yourself into a little fight this afternoon," said Andy slyly to Jessie.

"Well...yeah. It's nothing really...." said Jessie almost modestly. I don't know what there was to be modest about. He had gotten himself into a fight for God's sake!

"Nothing? I can't believe you...you're talking about this like it's a walk in the park. Aren't you even the least bit scared?"

"Calm down Michael...Jessie can take care of himself," Jessica told me.

"What do you mean calm down? What do you mean he can take care of himself?" I asked curiously. I began to become suspicious, like they were hiding something up their sleeves.

"She means exactly that. Jessie CAN take care of himself..." added Natalie.

"Ok, one of your childhood friends has gotten into a fight...and none of you's are the least bit worried? What are you hiding?" I asked, looking around for answers. All I got were a bunch of goofy grins, but no answer.

"Hey, just come to the fight...you'll see," said Andy, "Damn you! You're gonna have all the fun!" he said to Jessie.

"This fight is not for fun...I'm just going to give them a taste of their own medicine. Teach them a lesson or two. It's never fun..." said Jessie. I began to feel a little light headed. For the rest of the classes before school ended, all I could think about was the fight. I had this image of Jessie and I getting beat up on a regular basis, and it scared me. I realised that I'd sacrifice myself for him. I would do anything just so that he wouldn't have to get beaten up. He shouldn't have to be put through the things I have, simply because he felt obliged to. This wasn't his fight...it should be mine, and I wasn't ready for it. But he shouldn't have to fight it for me.

The final bell rang, and I felt like it was my doom that was coming, not Jessie's. I must've been in a state of trance, cus Jessie had to tap me on the shoulder and tell me to get up. "It's time to go, come on!" He practically dragged me by the hand, and I was just barely able to grab my books in time. He took me to our lockers and we packed our bags, and for a second I thought he was going to run away with me or something, but his hurried state was only because of his anticipation for the fight. God, how I hated even using that word. We packed our bags, and headed off to the oval where a huge crowd had formed. Everyone was waiting, murmuring going on. They knew that if they started cheering now, that the teachers would come and stop it all...but the fight wouldn't last long, and the cheering would start soon. The watched as Trent was already in the middle of the cleared area, wearing only a t-shirt and pants, throwing punches into the air waiting. He looked like a boxer.

Jessie made his way into the centre, and gave me his backpack and told me to go over to where Natalie, Jessica, Andy and Terence were. I went over to them, where we had front row seats. Well, not seats...we were standing. My heart was beating faster and faster, what do I do?

"You can turn back now if you want..." said Jessie to Trent, as he removed his jumper to reveal a tight white t-shirt. I had to admit, that his physique was quite stunning. He wasn't large, like Arnold Schwarzeneggar (forgive the spelling), but he was just boy! Boy muscles in all the right places, he was just right. And those hips...the way those blue jeans hugged his hips was just so sexy, and that cute small little butt. He was perfect! I couldn't stop staring.

"Not a chance...c'mon!" and Trent threw the first punch which Jessie avoided very quickly. The crowd went into a wild uproar, cheering, "FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!" Trent threw more punches to which Jessie avoided by ducking or moving away. He was balanced, yet graceful. It was almost as if Jessie was in control of the match, and he was easily avoiding the punches. Trent out of frustration, threw another wildly aimed punch to which Jessie avoided by using his arms deterring the punch away from him, and ending up behind Trent. Before Trent could turn around, Jessie sent a well aimed kick to his back hard enough to force him to the ground. The crowd of people moved back to give more room as the fight shifted one way.

What was happening? How did Jessie do that? Man, did he look good out there...he was like something out of a martial arts movie. Only he seemed more articulate than an actor...like Jet Li in a certain sense. It was great! My spirits changed, and I was suddenly yelling out things like, "Kick his ass! Kill him Jessie!" I couldn't contain my outbursts, and neither could my friends. "Where'd he learn to do that?!" I shouted to Jessica. "Martial Arts classes!" I nodded, and turned my attention back to the match. Trent had gotten up, but as soon as he did Jessie delivered a kick to the back of his left knee, forcint him onto it. Trent then tried to throw another punch with his right arm, but through some complicated movements which seemed very easy to Jessie, Trent soon had his right arm around his neck and Jessie was behind him. Trent was gasping for breath and teachers started to come toward us, and all hell broke loose! Jessie shoved him to the ground and he wasn't getting up any time soon and...

"RUN!" Jessie called to me, and I threw him his back pack and we all left via the back of the school.

We ran like hell, and boy was it fun. Jessie had somehow gotten hold of my arm again and was leading me to his house, and we ran ALL the way. So when we arrived we were gasping for breath like there was no tomorrow.

"Jesus (gasp)...did (gasp)...we have to....run ALL the way?"

Jessie on the other hand, wasn't as puffed out as I was and opened the door to let me in. The house was empty, as both his parents were still at work. I went in to the living room, and collapsed onto the couch. Jessie laughed at me, and offered me a coke. I accepted, and he went to the kitche to fetch two cold cans from the fridge before heading back. I was still lying there when he tripped and fell right on top of me. Luckily our heads didn't collide with each other, and both cans of coke were on boths sides of my head.

"You trying to kill me?!" and I burst out laughin, and so did he. All the excitement and all the fun caught up to us in uncontrollable laughter, which we were unable to contain. "Told ya...hehehe...I'd be alright!" He laughed. "You never old me you did martial arts..." And we burst out laughing again, and it wasn't until we calmed down that I realised that he was on top of me. Directly. Now I was getting worried, cus I could feel myself getting hard down there, and I'm sure he would be able to feel it. Having his hot body on top of mine, us huffing and puffing was sure a sight to behold. He was beautiful, I can't deny that. And he was charming...seductive...his eyes just staring at me like that...

"Umm...you wanna get off me now?" I smiled shyly.

"Hmmm...you know you're soooo cute when you look like that...y'know, blushing," he said truthfully. It wasn't a seductive remark, but for real. I could now feel his hard-on pressing into mine and I moaned at the very thought of it. A small gasp if you will. "Can I kiss you Michael?"

I wanted him so badly, I really did, so I looked up straight into his beautiful emerald green eyes and whispered, "Yes." He closed his eyes and leant down to kiss me, and I closed my eyes ready to experience what he had to give me. I felt his warm lips press onto mine lightly and gently, yet so passionately and we kissed. It felt as if electricity was running through my body and I suddenly found my hands roaming around his back, down to his butt and over his back over and over again. Almost timidly, I opened my mouth to invite his tongue and he had no problem there and I experienced my first french kiss. It was so beautiful...and I felt like the world had disappeared. All that was in existence was just Jessie and I.

A sudden flashback came to me, and I remembered Trent kissing me, then pushing me over...beating me...the kicks...the punches... A kiss that had tasted so sweet to me, was spat back in my face. Wanting to get up, but only to be pushed down...wanting to call out, but my voice wouldn't sound. The total feeling of helplessness, hoping that someone would come and rescue me at that moment, only to have it not happen.

"GET OFF ME!! GET OFF ME!!!" I screamed, and pushed Jessie off me making him fall to the floor. He quickly recovered, and came back to me.

"Michael! It's me JESSIE! It's me..." I was breathing hard, and I realised that there were tears on my face, and I was suddenly very scared. He looked me in the eye, holding my head between his hands, "It's me..." I found comfort in his eyes, and I suddenly crashed onto his chest in a tight hug which surprised him at first. Then I felt his hands around my back and head, and I closed my eyes and cried. I wasn't alone now...this time Jessie was there for me. He hugged me close to him and I cried freely, my tears soaking his t-shirt. He rocked me back and forth, 'Shhhh.' I cried, and he kissed me softly on the head. I had a shoulder to cry on.

"I love you Michael..." he whispered, and I looked up to see him opening his teary eyes.

"I...I love you too Jessie."

A couple of days later I spent the night at Jessie's house, being in his arms, in his warm embrace which filled me with a love that I thought was never possible. Especially not for me. And every minute he'd remind me that he'd loved me...those three simple words that made life worth living. "I love you," he'd say softly into my ear while I was sitting in front of his computer. And I'd close my eyes, feeling the love sweep over my body, and I'd feel him hugging me from behind. I'd hold onto his arms, and reply, "I love you more than life itself...you're my angel." And he'd kiss my cheek. We had already discussed with each other that we wanted to take it slow, enjoy our friendship and relationship. I thought it was so mature of him, I mean...we're only 14 years old. The only thing we have on our minds at this age is sex or girls...and girls just weren't for us. But it was very noble of him, he said he wanted to enjoy me as much as possible. I thought it was sweet of him.

After the fight the other day at school, nothing had happened. Trent had denied that there was any fighting going on, any trouble, and so did everyone else. No one claimed to have seen anything, I mean...that's the way it works at school. No one says anything, so we're all safe. The people like to watch the show, no one rats out anyone else. And there's the fact that we fled the scene before the teacher's could catch up to us. But the thing that surprised me was that Trent had kept clear of us, hadn't said a word...actually I haven't seen him for a while now. I really think that Jessie did teach him a lesson...and although this wasn't the best method, using fear to keep your opponent away, it worked. And I can't thank him enough for his help.

"So...you do a lot of martial arts?" I asked Jessie, while he was lying on his back listening to music with his arms behind his head.

"Nah...just this Chinese martial arts called 'Wing-Chun'...it's fun. Why? Like what you saw?" I looked back at him to see him smiling.

"I LOVED what I saw...you were amazing!"

"Anything for you baby..."

I left the computer and went over to Jessie on his bed. I put my head on his chest and wrapped an arm around him, and he put his arm over me. "I love you," he said once again. I swear, I could never EVER get tired of hearing him say that. Even though he couldn't see, I smiled to myself. I told him the same thing and snuggled up even closer to him if that were any more possible. I closed my eyes, and noticed the soft rise and fall of his chest and the beating of his heart. Life...it was so precious, I couldn't believe I considered throwing it away like that. You can go through life feeling like there's nothing to live for, or believe that. I did, and now that I had Jessie to look after me, my whole life had turned around and I knew that no matter what happened, as long as Jessie were there with me, I'd be alright.

"I can feel your heart beating," I said softly.

"It beats only for you..."

On Monday morning, I woke up to a beautiful day. The sun was shining brightly in the morning air, mixing cold and hot into typical morning weather. After running myself a hot shower, getting dressed and having some breakfast, I (a bit too eagerly) opened the front door to be greeted with the sight of Jessie standing there waiting for me, with his backpack slung over one shoulder. Maybe it's me, but I found that pose he was in extremely sexy. He looked like a model or something, but he was so much more. Beauty and brains...what did I do to deserve such an angel? Had my reign of bad luck finally ended? I don't know what happened, but I'd do it all again just knowing that I'd finally meet this absolutely wonderful person. I didn't even realise it, but I had had a smile on my face since the moment I woke up, and up until now. The day started off brightly, but now seeing Jessie made it complete.

"Morning beautiful!" he smiled at me.

"Good morning Jessie. Have I told you that I love you today?"

"Not today..."

"Well, I...LOVE...YOU!" I said, and pulled him into my house out of everyone's sight and closing the door, before planting a big wet kiss on his lips. Okay, maybe I was a little too rough, but hey! I missed him sooo much, I hadn't seen him since yesterday afternoon. It's like an eternity when you're in love. But, let me tell you, it's worth it.

"Hehehehe...let me go!" he giggled, as I had him pinned against the front door. "You gotta do it right anyway, let's try that again?" And he leaned in slowly to me, my lips hungering for those sweet lips of his, and as soon as he made contact I felt like my whole body was floating in mid-air. The kiss was slow...so very passionate. There was love in that kiss, and I could feel it. But as all good things have to come to an end, we very slowly pulled away from each other.

"You can't tell me you didn't feel that...(sigh) that was amazing..." he said, a little out of breath.

"I didn't feel anything..." I said seriously, but was only joking. He slapped me on the chest playfully.

"You jerk!" he laughed, and I giggled at his reaction. God, what did I do to deserve him?!

"I did feel it...I felt love," I told him, and looked him in the eye.

"Great, now do you think we could head off to school today? Or do you want to serve detention this afternoon?" he asked.

"I dunno...if serving detention with you is what I have to do..."

"As opposed to being by ourselves in the afternoon at your house?" he asked, knowing exactly what the answer would be.

"Let's go!"

"Mitchell, do you want me to take Michael for a couple of days? Just so you can have some time alone, to get yourself back on your feet?"

"Damnit Clara! I'm okay!" my dad shouted.

"Okay?! Is that what you call it? Have you looked at yourself lately? You're a wreck. And what? You think that it'll all be ok? Your son is scared out of his wits about you...he's worried for you. He's scared that you'll leave just like his mother did. And you haven't said a word to him."

"He'll learn to live with it...he has to! I have..." he retorted. I sat looking though the railing from upstairs, as Aunt Clara tried to talk some sense into my father.

"Yes he will learn to live with it...but how is he supposed to when you're not dealing with it? You're avoiding it..."

"Jesus Christ woman! Will you give it a rest?!"

"All I'm asking, if you need me to take Michael for a while, just so you can get back on my feet?"

"He's MY son, he's not going anywhere!" More words of hatred were said by my father, and words of reason from my Aunt Clara. And I watched, hoping that everything would be alright. The house was so empty, so dark...almost haunting. I felt scared sitting up there alone...there was that constant fear of there being something behind me. But I sat still, hoping that if there was something behind me, it would pass. Not knowing that I was there at all. Eventually, I saw my Aunt Clara heading for the front door and saw her look up at me. She gave a weak smile, before walking out the door.

"Don't go...please..." I whispered so softly. But she didn't hear...

I then ran as quickly as my little feet would take me to my room, and looked out the window and saw Aunt Clara's car reverse out of the driveway, and down the street. I was alone.

Morning classes went by, and I was way out of it. My mind was drifting off into space, and as the teacher's spoke, I was unable to take any of what they were saying in. They might as well have been talking in Spanish, because I couldn't understand a word they said. Their voices were sounding so distant, and as I looked around me it was all sooo quiet. I wondered what was going on, was it me going crazy? Or had everyone decided to talk a lot quieter today? I shook it off as being something to do with sleep deprovation, rather than think that something was wrong. Terribly wrong...I couldn't describe it, but whatever it was, it had negative vibes all around. And I could sense it.

"So there we were in the middle of nowhere, completely nude!" Jessie finished off his sentence.

"Oh...huh? What?!" I said surprised...what HAD I missed?

"Hehehe...just as I presumed...you were spacing out, BIG time dude."

"Sorry...just thinking..." I said.

"Yeah? Care to share?" he asked curiously, and genuinely wanting to know.

"Ok...you're probably gonna think I'm a freak or something after I tell you this...ever had one of those days where you feel like something's wrong? Like something's off?"

"What do you mean?" he asked, a little confused.

"I have this feeling like something's not right. Something's out of place, I dunno," I said, giving up. Jessie looked like he was thinking real hard for a moment, and I thought he'd understand.

"Ok...you're a freak!" he laughed at me, and I couldn't help but laugh along with him. It did sound a little bit funny. "Probably just nerves or something," he offered after noticing that what I was feeling was serious.

"Yeah probably," I said, before telling myself to put my fears to rest and to ignore this feeling inside me. And it worked. I gotta learn to just put my fears aside and to live my life normally.

Last class was English, and boy what a long lesson it was. It was one of those lessons where you study some play by Shakespeare, and the lesson drags on. Ok, having Jessie there made it better. But I had sooo much trouble keeping my eyes open. I was so bored, I had to blink twice as often to keep myself awake. I'd close my eyes for a couple of seconds and when I did, it felt so good. And at that stage, it wasn't whether I could keep my eyes open, but whether I could stay awake or not. It had considerably warmed up during the course of the day, so the warmth in the room didn't help any. The fans on the ceiling were spinning so slowly! Why couldn't they go any faster? Of course then everyone's papers would be flying everywhere. The clock's second hand would be moving 3 times slower than it should be. I just need to close...my eyes... Final bell rang and I was so relieved, and my eyes popped wide open and I was revived from my boredom. What a day!

"So where are we going?" I asked my boyfriend as we left the classroom rather slowly to let the locker rooms clear up.

"Hmmm...I dunno. You're place, or mine?" he asked.

"As long as I'm with you, I don't mind," I smiled at him. And he smiled back a smile that made my heart melt. Those green eyes just flashed at me, it was amazing.

"Ok, you're house," he said to me.


"Oh shoot! I left my book in the other room, you go ahead...I'll catch up!" he told me and ran back to get his book.

"I'll meet you out front!" I called to him and he waved in acknowledgement. I went downstairs to the locker rooms, and everyone had cleard out by now. Why would anyone say longer than they need to in this hell?! I packed my bag, and started to walk out into the opening courtyard where our school buildings stood. I looked up and saw the others, Jessica, Natalie, Terence and Andy walking past one of the balcony's. They waved to me and I waved back before walking towards the front of the school, listening to my footsteps when I heard more footsteps from behind the pillars. Something WAS wrong.

"How long did you think he could protect you?" A calm and collected voice sounded, almost as if from all directions. I spun around and saw Trent.

"Trent...why won't you leave me alone?" It was weak I know...but what else could I do?

"Give him a beating he won't forget guys..."

When I turned around I saw two guys ready to give me a beating, and as one of them threw a punch at me, I ducked. "Hey! Stop!" I heard Jessie's voice sound from above me.

I gave one of the guys a good one in the stomach and was about to start on the second, when I was pushed to the ground. I got back up quickly and charged toward the thug full of anger. I had simply had enough of all this. I wasn't going to let anyone control my life. They're not going to walk all over me for the rest of my life. I grabbed him around the stomach and pushed him to the wall to which he hit with great force. I was winning! I was winning!

"Leave him alone!" I heard Jessie again from above...

"No!" I heard Jessica scream. No what?

I heard a click noise from behind me, and as I turned around I saw the flash of metal and then felt it slide into me.

"NOOOO!" Jessie cried. I could hear him running down the steps, they echoed in my ears.

I felt the silver blade of a switch-knife slide into me, and saw a look of horror on Trent's face. I saw regret and remorse in his eyes, and he was scared. My mouth open, I looked down to see that he had stabbed me toward the left side of my stomach. I could feel the cold blade from the inside of me, God knows how that works. A stinging of unexplainable pain then followed...and Trent pulled the knife out and dropped it to the ground. My hands clutched the wound instinctively, and I cupped it to see what had happened. It hurt so much...like a red hot sting. Dark red bood gushed out filling my hands quickly, it was so warm...almost hot.

"Fuck man! What'd you do?!"

"SHIT! FUCK! Let's get outta here!"

I heard them run away. I wanted to shout out in pain, shout out Jessie's name...but I felt like I was choking. I was gonna die! I covered the open wound and staggered forward a couple of steps, before collapsing onto the floor onto my back. The warm blood gushed out over my stomach, staining my shirt and falling to the ground. I turned my head to the side to see how quickly the concrete floor was being stained with my blood.

"Michael!! Oh Jesus! Oh God...no!" I heard Jessie, before he ran over to me and kneeled beside me, not knowing what to do. "Oh God..." More footsteps behind him...the others.

"Oh FUCK!" yelled Andy.

"WHAT DO I DO?!" yelled Jessie to them.

"I'll call an ambulance!" yelled Natalie before running off, Terence folling behind her.

"HURRY!" yelled Jessica to them. "Ok...here, put pressure on the wound." She got a towel from her gym back and pushed it onto my wound. I screwed up my face in pain as she did so, I couldn't speak. I couldn't make a sound. Everything was so quiet. Then there were loud sounds, and then quietness. Just bits and pieces. The white towel was quicly turned red.

"C'mon Michael...you'll be alright..." he sobbed. I reached up a bloody hand, and wiped a tear away, and Jessica noticed. I didn't care. He cradled me and cried softly, not hiding his emotions no matter who was watching.

I was sooo tired...I just needed to close my eyes. It was sooo cold, and I could feel myself start to shiver.

"Oh God...please, stay with me. No Michael! Stay awake...for me..." he cried, and I did. But my eye-lids were getting heavier and heavier, and the shivering stopped. And for the first time I could use my voice.

"Jessie...I think I'm going to be alright. It doesn't hurt anymore..." I saw Jessie look at Jessica in pure horror in realisation of what was going on. I couldn't move. I felt tears run down my cheek...I was dying.

"I love...you..."

"I love you too baby....I love you too..." I closed my eyes and heard him call my name, but I was too far gone to answer.

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