Love and Death

Chapter 2

Being in a relationship has taught me so many different things, like how they are not easy, and love is never enough but the most important thing that I've learned from relationships is that there is a giver and a taker. The taker is the one that takes everything from the relationship and only gives when the giver is upset or had enough, the giver is the one that gives everything they have, and only get something in return when they are fed up. The ones that are always left to pick up the pieces while the taker moves on like it's no big deal...which one are you?




"God damnit!" I spat as I fell down on my ass from slipping on a patch of ice. After wiping my face off with the mixture of snow and tears I keep walking to my destination. After another ten minutes of trudging through the snow in my slippers and pull over hoodie I reached the pond, my pond, my place where I can go when nothing is going right. The pond was kissed with ice and snowflakes as I sat down on the swing set and started crying.


"WHY ME?" I yelled out to the air.

"What did I do wrong?" I said to myself as my cell phone rang. I looked at the name and contemplated answering it or not, but once again love stepped in and I answered it.

"Hello" I heard the voice on the other end say

"Explain" I said


"August! What are we doing for New Years?" My best friend Shay asked me as we were driving around.

"I really don't know skeez, but I reckon we should find something" I said back to her after puffing on my cigarette

" I will pay you to never do that accent again" Shay said as I laughed.

"No really cunt face McGee what are we going to do?" She asked me once again.

"I really don't know, is there any parties or anything going down?" I asked as I flicked my cigarette out the window.

"I don't know, I don't think so, well it's New Year's something has to be going on." She said as she pulled into my driveway.

"Well find something for tonight then give me a text" I said to her as I walked inside.

I went up to my room and laid down on my bed and reached in my pants pocket for my cell phone and hit speed dial number 2.

"House of beauty this is cutie how may I help you?" My boyfriend said on the other line

"Er...yes I would like a really hot Latin guy, with a big dic-" I started to say

"Shut up" My boyfriend said with a giggle.

"What are you doing baby cakes?" I asked him

"Nothing really...missing you, you wanna come over for a little while?" He asked me

"You have to pick me up Sherlock, I can't drive remember?" I told him

"Oh shit, that's right...well get ready and I'll be there in a little while. " He said back

"Okay I love you. " I said

"Love you too" He said as we hung up the phone.

Fifteen minutes later I was getting a phone call telling me to come outside.

"Hey baby" I said to my boyfriend as I gave him a kiss

"Hey" he said as he returned the kiss and started to back up from my driveway.

"When do you get your license back?" He asked when we got down my street.

"Not until October, you know this" I said to him

"Right" He said as he focused on the wheel. I turned and looked out the window thinking that this is a bad idea.

"We are going to your house?" I said

"Yeah, I don't have any money to go anywhere else, and I had to put gas in the car to come and get you. " he said as he turned into his street.

"What the fuck is your problem? You're the one that said you missed me!" I said to him

"Whatever, get out and bring my backpack in with you." he said while he climbed out his car. After I grabbed his backpack I walked inside and went up to his room.

"What is your deal?" I said to him as I lugged his backpack.

"I'm sorry, just really stressed out." He said as he relaxed on his bed.

" You have been really mean to me, for no reason. " I said to him as I laid down next to him.

"I know! And I'm sorry" he said as he reached for my hand and kissed it.

"Forgiven." I mumbled.

"Come here." He said to me as he rolled me over on top of him.

"Can I have a kiss?" He asked me with his cute puppy dog could I say no?


" Baby, wake up" I said to my boyfriend

"What time is it?" He said with his eyes still closed.

" Five." I said

"In the morning!?" he asked

"No dip shit, in the afternoon, but Shay texted me and said that I needed to get ready she found a party for New Years tonight. " I said as I put on my jeans and grabbed my jacket.

"Who's party is it?" He asked while he put on some sweatpants and flip flops.

"I don't really know, some guy she knows. " I said as he grabbed his keys and made our way out his door.

"Well you're still going to call me at midnight so we can say happy new year's right?" He asked me as we climbed in his car.

"Yeah, you know it, it sucks that you have to hang with your family tonight babe. " I said to him as I grabbed his hand

"Yeah who are you telling?" He said as he turned up the volume on the radio.

"Don't forget to call me!" My boyfriend said as he drove away. I went up to my room, and took off my clothes and started a shower, to get ready for tonight.


" Let's go!" Shay said as she came in my room.

"I'm almost ready" I said to her as I grabbed my necklace.

"Who the fuck is having this party?" I asked

"Don't worry about it. " she said back

"Am I going to see anyone that I don't want to?" I asked as we headed towards the highway.

"Nope, you shouldn't." she said.

"Oh yes! Turn it up" I said to her as I started singing to the radio.

"You are so gay!" Shay said to me with a evil smirk.

"Fuck you hetero!" I said back as I started dancing in my seat

"I'm so ready for this tonight, no boyfriend, no stress, just fun!" I said to her as I pulled out a cigarette and lit it.

"What's wrong? Trouble in paradise?" She asked

"Something like that" I replied back.

"We are here" she said as she parallel parked.

"let's do this" I said as we got out and made our way to the party.


As soon as we got into the party someone handed me a cup, and a joint and I knew that it was going to be a good night. I ended up talking with this really cute guy about something or another I can't really remember. Shay was all over the place and I could never find her.

"Shay! Where the fuck are you!?" I said into her voicemail.

"Call me back or text me when you get this" I said and hung up. I started chewing on my fingernail looking around for her.

"Hey everyone! Five minutes to New years!" Someone shouted. I decided to call my boyfriend early so we could count down together, so I reached into my pocket and dialed his number.

"Hey it's me, I'm not here leave a message and I'll get back to ya." His voicemail said.

"Baby, I'm calling you early so we could count down together call me when you get this." I said to his voicemail too and hung up. I'll call his house I said to myself in a group of people.

"Hi, It's August." I said to my boyfriend's brother.

"No, he went to some party for New Years." He said into the phone.

"What!?," I said as my mind went blank and I shut my phone.

"Shay!" I screamed in the middle of this party with sweaty bodies and loud music. I pushed my way through the sea of people and went to the bathroom and threw up.

"Hey dude are you okay?" Some guy asked me

"Yeah, I'm fine" I said as I stumbled to my feet and started walking down the hallway.

"Shay!" I screamed one more time.

"Hey you guys! 30 seconds to midnight!" Someone yelled.

I called shay again, I really needed to get out of there. I knocked on the locked doors screaming her name, but nothing only the nasty straight people having sex.

"Ten seconds till midnight!"

"WHERE THE FUCK IS SHE!?" I screamed again


I opened up the last door to the right and dropped my phone.

"HAPPY NEW YEAR!" Everyone screamed.

"Baby!" I can explain is all I heard before every other sound was drowned out and I became really dizzy, I had to get out of that place. I found Shay talking to some guy.

"WHERE THE FUCK WHERE YOU!?" I screamed at her as I grabbed her arm and took her out of the party.

"What the fuck happened August!?" she asked me as we got into the car.

"Nothing!, take me home NOW!" I said for the rest of the ride home. When I got home I slammed her car door shut and started to walk in the snow. I couldn't here at my house, in my room, or around her anymore.


"Baby, I didn't-" My boyfriend said while I sat on the swing crying.

"Don't even" I said back to him

"I have done EVERYTHING for you, EVERYTHING, and this is how you repay me!?"

"Listen to my August SHIT!" He screamed!

"I HAVE NOTHING ELSE TO SAY TO YOU!" I screamed back to him.


" KILL ME NOW!" I shouted!


I finally had enough strength to pick my bloody and warned out body off of the bathroom floor in the hotel. I picked up the nearest clothes to me, and left that place as fast as I could. I didn't know where I was walking to, but I had to get somewhere. I remember this park I use to go to when I was a kid, and my mom and dad got to a fight, and from where I was I knew it wasn't that far off. When I got there I stopped in the clearing when I heard a voice.

"KILL ME NOW!" the voice shouted.


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