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A crowd of people stood in a town square. Two frightened boys were roughly pushed up on top of poles and tied down. The one was short, skinny, and looked as if he was in that stage of transition between boy and man. He had matted dirty blonde hair and eyes a vivid shade of green. The second boy looked a bit older and had a much stronger frame, yet had a boyish face. His hair and eyes were an ordinary, but dark shade of brown. They both wore what had once been merchant-class clothes, but were now grimy and torn. Wood was placed by their feet by black-robed men. The boys looked at the other, fear in their eyes.

"These two boys are sodomites. Behold, they shall burn and return to Satan's embrace!" boomed the voice of a bishop. The crowd yelled their affirmative response and the torch was used to light the wood at each boy's feet.

"We only loved, what is the crime in that?" the second boy shouted out hoarsely to in the crowd's direction. His eyes never left the other's face.

Tears filled and spilled over the younger boy's eyes. As the fires rose, so did the smoke. They coughed as smoke filled their lungs. It was becoming harder to breathe, but they kept their eyes locked in place.

Kyle woke up with a start, cold sweat drenching his body. It had been just a dream, yet it seemed so real that it frightened him. And the blonde boy had looked exactly like he did, if he had been in that kind of condition. He checked his digital clock which read 5:43am. It was his first day of high school, it was expected that he would be nervous. But why did he dream about that? Well, there was absolutely no way he was going back to sleep for another hour. The boy rose and stumbled to his closet and picked out his clothes for the day. Kyle glanced in the mirror and confirmed that the boy in the dream was him. His short figure matched the dream boy's completely.

He hopped into the bathroom to wash up and get ready for the day. It took him half an hour because he wanted to look as neat and presentable as possible. First impressions were important he was told. Everyone will judge you and decide on what they think about you just from how you look. Kyle didn't want to be shunned like he was in middle school. He could hear his mother making breakfast downstairs; she must have gotten up while he was in the bathroom. His mother taught chemistry at his new school so he would at least be completely alone.

Kyle's first class was Science with Mr. Allen. He was nervous, but Science was his best subject and he already met Mr. Allen when his mother brought him over the year before to look at the school. The teacher was really kind and witty; he understood why Kyle was nervous and sympathized with the boy.

On the other hand, the students were already clumped together in groups. There were many little clusters of friends chatting; they all seemed happy. Kyle was looking a bit down when Mr. Allen called Kyle up to the front and asked if he would go to the tech room to check on a shelf that was being made for their class. Kyle gladly accepted and left the classroom and walked down the hall.

Kyle knocked on the door to the tech room. An older boy opened the door and Kyle's heart nearly stopped. It was the other boy from his dream!

"Uh... Mr. Allen wanted to see if the shelf was done yet?" Kyle stuttered, his mind still in shock.

"Yeah, it's done, let me take it up to your class," the other boy said and left for a moment.

Kyle felt warmth rise to his cheeks. What was this feeling? Was it attraction? Or was it just the dream? The other boy came back carrying a rather bulky looking shelf.

"Let me help you," Kyle said and took an end of the shelf. Together, they carried the shelf back to the Science room.

"Hey, thanks for the help, this thing is pretty heavy. I'm Gale, and you?"


"Nice to meet you Kyle. I guess I'll see you around some time," Gale said and waved as he walked away, smiling.

Kyle felt an odd connection with the other boy. Probably because Gale was the first person, besides teachers, to talk to him.

The first period finished and Kyle picked up his books and went towards his next class. He got a bit lost, and by that time, there weren't many students in the halls. Suddenly, a voice came from behind him, "Hey fag, looking for someone?"

Another voice chimed in mockingly, this time female, "Probably looking for his boyfriend."

"Probably going to him meet in the bathroom," a third added.

"Please, do you mind just leaving me alone? I'm trying to get to class," Kyle said politely. Inside, he felt cold; it was middle school all over again.

"What? Did the fag say he wanted to be left alone? Well, you guys don't belong in this school. Anywhere for that matter," said the leader. The lead bully swung a punch and Kyle braced for impact, but it was suddenly stopped. Kyle opened his eyes and found a familiar arm blocking the bully's.

"Leave him alone," Gale said in a soft, yet intense voice.

"But, we were just playing!" whined the bully.

"No you weren't, you were going to hurt him, so go," Gale said with a bit more force. He pushed the leader causing him to stumble into a locker. The other two picked up their leader and slunk off down the hall before the girl said, "We'll get you for this!"

Kyle looked shyly towards Gale and said, "Thanks, I don't know what I would have done if you hadn't come along."

"Don't mention it, and besides, what are friends for?" Gale said once again his cheerful self.

Kyle was once again shocked; Gale thought of him as a friend? Already? Or perhaps more? "I need to get to class," he said and dashed off in the direction he hoped his next class was in.

After school, Kyle wanted to go to the library and get some work done. Just as he walked into the building, he spotted Gale. The blonde boy ran up to the other and cheerfully said, "Hey."

"Hey," Gale replied.

"So, what are you working on?" Kyle asked Gale.

"Grade Eleven English, you?"
"Grade Nine English"

"Perhaps I can help you." Gale offered as they sat down at a table.

They spent two hours at the library studying. As they rose to go their separate ways, Gale said, "Hey, would you like to go for a movie or something on Friday?"

"Sure," Kyle said hoping his voice didn't betray any of his nervousness.

The week flew by at the speed of light. It was soon Friday night. Kyle was in his room fussing about what he would wear. He finally decided on something casual, like something he would wear if he was going out with friends. He couldn't tell if Gale was asking him as a friend, or more than that. Kyle walked to the movie theatre and once again, found Gale waiting for him.

"Sorry for keeping you waiting," Kyle said.

"No problem, I was only here for a couple of moments," Gale said, smiling as he walked over to Kyle's side. The two boys walked over and picked out a movie. They decided to split the bill; Gale would get the tickets and Kyle would get their snacks. Kyle waited in line as Gale came over, handed him his ticket, and said that he would go and save them good seats. Kyle felt the lingering sensation of Gale's touch when he handed Kyle the ticket. The younger boy was distracted as he paid the cashier for popcorn and drinks. He made his way into the dark theatre and spotted Gale's silhouette in the back row and made his way towards the other boy. Gale turned to face Kyle and motioned the other boy to sit down beside him.

"It's been years since I saw Titanic, but I still love it. I'm glad they're showing it again," Gale said softly as he met Kyle's eyes with his.

Kyle blushed and sat down as gracefully as he could and handed Gale his pop; they were sharing the popcorn. The lights dimmed as the movie started.

The opening scene showed a crew discovering the Titanic in the present. The crew brought up an old safe and cracked it open. There was a naked picture of a young woman which caused Kyle to flinch back. Kyle spotted that Gale had a similar reaction; perhaps it was a sign?

The movie progressed as Rose, one of the survivors of the Titanic, told about her experience. She fell in love with this commoner named Jack while she was rich. By the scene with Jack and Rose on the bow of the ship "flying" together, Kyle could see that Gale had tears in his eyes through the glint of light reflected from the movie screen. The younger boy leaned forward and put his hand on Gale's. Gale looked up smiling and pulled Kyle close so they could cuddle. Kyle felt warm in the other's arms and snuggled closer. Gale pulled Kyle onto his lap and wrapped his arms around the other boy. He leaned forward and whispered into Kyle's ear.

"I guess it's safe to say we both like each other?" Kyle twisted around so he could face Gale and nodded speechlessly. Kyle felt the bond between them grow. It felt right.

The movie slowly came to an ending. The Titanic sunk and Jack made Rose stay on a raft as he froze to death. Rose finally let go of Jack's frozen body which broke the dam for both boys. They were both in tears; Kyle could feel Gale's wracking sobs against his back. They were facing one another and held each other feeling the need for the other's presence. Titanic finally ended with Rose as an old woman finishing her story and throwing her blue diamond pendant into the Atlantic Ocean. The credits rolled and the lights went back up. Quickly, Kyle scrambled out of Gale's lap and they left the theatre.

The night sky was smoky, but some stars could be seen through the smog of the city. The two were about to part ways, but since Kyle lived so close by, Gale wanted to walk him home. When they reached the front steps, Gale said, "I really enjoyed our time together; it seems like I've known you forever."

"Me too, to both of them," Kyle said as the two locked eyes and leaned forward slightly. Their lips met in a soft kiss. Kyle felt warmth spread through his body; it felt so right, yet the image from his dream kept on intruding. They broke the kiss and looked awkwardly at each other. Gale's cheeks were flushed which stood out against his the dark brown of his hair and eyes.

"Well then, goodnight," Gale said breathlessly.

The next day, Gale met up with Kyle and they promised to spend lunch together. Kyle spent his classes slightly dazed from the euphoria of the night before. It felt like eons before lunch rolled around. Kyle spotted Gale waiting for him lunch already in hand. Together, they found a nice, secluded corner outside and sat together. As they ate, they talked.

"Mind if I say something crazy?" Kyle asked.

"Sure" Gale responded.

"I had a nightmare before the first day of school. There were these two boys tied up to stakes and they looked exactly like us. But this was before I met you, and they were burned alive for loving one another."

"That's weird, I had the exact same dream, was there this priest denouncing them as sodomites?"

"Yes, know what this means?"

"No idea, maybe it's a warning?"

"Could it have been us in a past life?"

Before their conversation could go further, the bullies from the day before walked around the corner. This time, there were ten of them.

"We told you fags that we'd get you," the leader said smirking. The group advanced on Kyle and Gale. Kyle spotted a group of other kids walking by chatting. He called out to them and they looked his way, but kept on walking. Why wouldn't they help when it was obvious that they were about to get beaten up? Gale was up and pushing a few of the thugs away and give Kyle a chance to get away. But Kyle didn't want to abandon his lover. He tried to fight back, but there were just too many of them. They were punched, and kicked. Kyle winced in pain, but couldn't fight back due to the numbers. But suddenly, it stopped and the bullies scattered scattered.

Jane, Kyle's mom came running over and looked pale when she saw it was her son and another boy that were victimized.

"Kyle! What happened?" she exclaimed loudly.

"They tried to beat up me and my... Friend, Gale," Kyle said, feeling rather hesitant but also relieved now his mom was there.

"Do you know why they beat you two? I'm going to the principal with this!" Jane said intensely. Her protective nature had been activated.

"They were picking on Kyle and I stopped them last time. They held a grudge," Gale said.

After school, Jane left her class early to pick up Kyle. As they sat in the car, she asked, "Is Gale good to you? Does he treat you well?"

Kyle was taken aback by the question and he froze with fright. Jane saw her son's reaction and quickly added, "I saw you two kiss on the doorstep. Don't worry, I think you two look cute together."

Kyle wordlessly hugged his mother overwhelmed by the fact that she accepted them.

Weeks passed, but no response came from the principal. Unfortunately, rumours spread like wildfire. Soon, Kyle and Gale were known as the school fags. They were constantly being ridiculed and mistreated. Jane had Mr. Allen on her side as they watched for any kind of abuse. No one reported the abuse that went on and no one tried to help them. The student body was so apathetic when it came to Kyle and Gale even though it was obvious that they were being tripped, and spat on.

Kyle would bring Gale home both boys battered and worn. It wasn't uncommon for them to be bruised. Jane was concerned, but she could never catch anyone in the act and no one would fess up.

Jane had an appointment with Ms. Lowe, the principal at the end of the school day. She had promised to look at the issue the very day Jane came with it, but weeks had passed without an answer! So it was time to remind the school's principal of her duties in protecting the students within the school.

"Ms. Lowe, have you thought about the issue involving my son?" Kyle's mother said pleasantly.

"I've already given those kids detention, problem solved," Ms. Lowe replied.

"I meant the thing about filing a hate crimes form."

"It was just high school bullying; it's something you can't get rid of."

"Can't get rid of? Excuse me, but my son and his boyfriend are getting spit on, tripped, insulted, hit, and any manner of abuse and you just call that just bullying? It's gotten beyond bullying and this issue needs to be brought to light!"

"Well, if your son hadn't come out, there wouldn't be this problem."

"He didn't come out, he was found just sitting down with his boyfriend eating lunch."

"He still gave those other kids ammunition by sitting so provocatively with that... boy..."

"Once again Ms. Lowe, it was not his fault! If this school could just accept them... There are couples far worse and do you do anything? No! I've seen couples groping one another in the halls and yet my boy doesn't even hold hands!"

"This interview is over, and if you try to bring it up again, I'll have you fired." Ms. Lowe said coldly.

Just then, a student knocked on the door and entered.

"There's a fight outside and two students have been badly injured," she said and disappeared like a shy fawn. Quickly, the two women rose and walked briskly outside. Kyle and Gale lay on the ground as the same group of thugs beat them senseless, this time with metal rods, baseball bats, and whatever else they could find. Kyle's mother's heart pounded as she ran to her son's side causing the thugs to scatter. She knelt and felt for his pulse. With relief, it was still beating. She moved over to Gale and did the same.

"Someone, call 911!" she shouted out to the crowd. A girl took out her cell phone and called. Within minutes, an ambulance had appeared and paramedics took over the situation taking the two boys away. Kyle's mother looked at the faces of the crowd. Some looked shocked, others disgusted, and some even looked pleased.

"Hey! Thanks to your inability to report a situation, I nearly lost my son! Does it really matter that he's gay? He's been picked on all his life for being different. I see nothing has changed in high school. What do you have to say for yourselves?" she said to those who still stood around gawking.

Mr. Allen appeared and was backed up by most of the teaching staff. He put a hand on Jane's shoulder and said, "We have agreed to stand for Kyle and Gale, or any other students whom experience oppression. We will not tolerate hate in our classrooms and have called in the Hate Crimes unit." Ms. Lowe glowered at the collective teaching staff; she had been overruled.

Kyle woke to find himself in a white room, the smell of disinfectant in the air. He turned to see Gale in the neighbouring bed and smiled sadly.

"You awake?" he said softly

"Yes, does it all hurt?" Gale said weakly.

"Yes, but we're alive, and together."

"And your mom saved us again."

"We should get her something."
"A baby so she can have grandkids," Gale said jokingly.

They had been out for three days, and stayed in the hospital for another two weeks. Kyle had a broken arm and cracked ribs while Gale had a neck brace and a six inch scar on his chest. Both boys had suffered blood loss and were very lucky to have survived the incident. When they got to school, no one ridiculed them. No one spat on them or tried to trip them. Everything seemed suspiciously normal.

Jane turned off the TV and smiled when she saw Kyle and Gale spooned and fast asleep on the couch. She mused over the events of the past year. The school slowly made progress. Many students hadn't realized what kind of pain Kyle and Gale had gone through, but there were still some that didn't regret a thing. Most importantly, everyone was now aware of the issue of homophobia and that was a biggest step.