Love At Last

By: Catchanut


Chapter Two


We finished up eating and all three of us sat there and watched the people in the mall for a little while. Like usual David and I would crack a smart remark about the way this person walked, or the clothes that someone else was wearing. Man, there are some weird people these days. Thom hadn't said anything for a little bit, so I glanced over at him to see what he was looking at. He was kinda slumped in his seat, playing with one of his fries he hadn't eaten. He looked like he was in deep thought and wondered if I should let him be, or interrupt his daydreaming. I opted for the later of the two.

I leaned in toward Thom and in a low voice asked "Whatcha thinking about over there Thom?"

"Oh, not much. I'm just in my own little world I guess." At first seeming surprised at the intrusion into his dream. But then managing to put a half grin on his face. He dropped the fry he had in his hand and wiped his hands off. "So what's up for you guys for the rest of the day?"

I turned to David and he just shrugged his shoulders at me, so sat there thinking for a minute. "Well, David wants to look at a new pair of boots while we're here. After that, not much. I'd kinda like to go see a movie this afternoon. Or at least rent one. I'm in a movie mood today."

David looked at Thom and to me, saying "Hey, what about that new Star Wars movie over at the Cinema 12? Have you seen it yet?"

"No, I've not seen it. And there's a couple of other ones that I'd like to see too. So it don't matter to me which one" I said. Then I looked at Thom, hoping that he would come along with us. I wanted to know more about this guy and see what it was made just want to go crazy when he looked at me. "So how's about it Thom, you up for it?"

"Well yeah, I guess so. I sure don't have anything else to do, and you guys are the only ones I know here." He looked like it made him happy that he was going to be included in the plans.

"Cool. Let's go see if we can get David a new set of shit kickers and then head that way." I kinda grinned to myself as I cleaned up the sandwich wrapper and napkins I had used. As I was folding it all up, I glanced over at Thom, who was doing the same thing. He had a big smile on his face which seemed to light up his whole body. It just set off his tan skin, broad shoulders and dark hair. As he waded his papers up, he glanced at me and gave me a look that seemed to say 'thank you', and just nodded his head forward one time. He seemed to feeling a little more at ease now.

We cleaned off the table and headed down the mall. Stopping at half a dozen windows on the way to look at different stuff. We got to the western store and we checked out the boots. I found a pair that I really liked, but I didn't need another pair. So I concentrated on helping David find what he wanted. Thom came walking over with a pair in his hands and asked David if he liked them. He said he did, but that he was looking for a pair of black ones. Thom said he kinda liked them, so he asked the guy working there for a pair in his size… size 10 !! Geez, he's got big feet compared to me. I only wear a size 7 . The guy brought out the pair Thom requested, and while putting them on, he disappeared into the back to retrieve David's choice.

"Wow Thom, those boots look great." I said, as I started to laugh a little bit. Then I pointed to the cargo shorts he was wearing and said, "but I don't think they match your outfit, buddy".

Thom looked down and then burst out laughing. "Yeah, I didn't really come dressed for cowboy boots, huh?" And he turned and walked to the mirror to check out the boots.

"Now, put on a pair of jeans and you'll be set." I turned and looked at him in the mirror and then at his body from behind. 'This guy sure has a great ass' I thought to myself. Then looked up before he could catch me checking him out. But it was too late, I was busted.

"Yeah, I'll have to put on a pair of nice fitting Levi's when I wear these" he said as he turned to face me. Grinning like a cat that just ate the canary he looked at me and said "I know just the pair. They fit my ass good and if I'm lucky I get a few stares when I wear them."

"Yeah, I just bet you do." I told Thom looking up into his face. He was looking down at me, and that sheepish grin slowly faded as he stood there looking me straight in the eye. I knew he wasn't mad, but he was definitely thinking about something.

"Whaaaat? What's a matter? Something wrong?" Hoping against all hope I was wishing that we were someplace else. Some place alone, quite, just the two of us. Hoping that he would come to me and put his arms around me and kiss me.

"Ah, nothing. Just in my own world I guess."

"You seem to go to that world a lot. You ever let anyone else in there?" I was pushing it now. Shut up Chad before you get yourself in deeper and get the shit kicked out of you.

He walked over to within two feet of me, "Not in a long time. And sometimes I think I don't want anyone else there. And sometimes I'd love to have someone to join me." He was so close I could smell him. A mixture of his wonderful sweat from the heat of the summer and his cologne. The smell made my nose tingle, and stomach started doing flips.

"I know what you mean. Sometimes I just want to be alone, and then again, when I'm all alone I hate it." What am I doing? I don't even really know this guy. I must be out of my mind. Ok, that's it, shut up and get out of this Chad, or you're going to be sorry.

Thom just looked at me, his face turning a little red and then looked down at the floor like a small boy being punished for something he'd done wrong. It was like someone was scolding him. Trying to lighten the mood and make my getaway I said, "Hey, if you don't get out of those boots, I'm goin' to call the cops. I'm sure there HAS to be some sort of law against looking so ridiculous."

Thom looked down again and nearly bent over double laughing so hard. "You're right, I look like a damn idiot."

David came over to see what we were laughing about. He knows me so well, and just knew that I had made a crack about something I had seen. He looked down, then looked at me. You could see the smile start to stretch across his face from one ear to the other. The looked at Thom, "I hope you aren't planning on getting those. Cause if you are, I'm not walking around this mall with you. You look stupid with those shorts on."

Thom stopped laughing and tried to look serious again, but only halfway managed to loose the smile on his face. "What? These? I love 'em. You know you want a pair just like 'em."

"I might, but the rest of the outfit sucks." David was now laughing and hold one side. Then looked around the store and noticed that we had managed to turn every head in there. "I've got the ones I want, and I'm ready to go as soon as Tex Ridder here sheds his leather."

"Yeah, yeah, alright I get the hint. Let me give 'em back and we can go." Thom sat down and removed the boots and replaced his tennis shoes. I noted how much bigger he was then myself. His hands especially. They seemed enormous, or at least compared to mine they did.

We headed back out into the mall and just walked around looking at more stuff in the windows. Stopping at Spencer's like we always did and picking up all the sex stuff that had on display. We were walking out in the mall and I looked at my watch and it was 4pm. "Do you not have to work today David?"

"Yeah, 6 to 10 tonight. What time is it?"

"It's 4 o'clock. What about the movies? You won't have time to go now, will you?" I asked.

"No way man, if I'm late again my Dad will kick my ass." David looked at me and I knew he meant it. David helped his dad at the Veterinarian’s office. His dad had one of the most successful offices around, and was a well known vet. He treated all kinds of animals, but specialized in breeding cattle and horses. David helped at the office by cleaning out the cages and feeding the animals that were staying overnight in the office. Sometimes I would work there too, and he and I would help out in surgery and stuff like that. I loved it, and was still trying to decide if I was going to a vet also.

His dad had noticed how much I liked it back when we were in 5th grade. He slowly allowed me watch him do more and more things, making sure that the sight of blood and such didn't upset me. I really Jack, and he felt the same about me. He often called me 'son', or referred to the two of us as 'his boys'. I called him 'Papa Jack' once, and it just stuck. He was a good man, but he was stern about work and the animals he cared for. So I knew that if David screwed up Papa Jack would most likely tan David butt. Even though he was 17, Papa Jack was a big man, and wasn't afraid to punish David or I with a paddle. We thought we were too big for that, but after getting a few licks a year ago, I realized that it was still a valid deterrent for making us behave.

"Well, I guess we can go to the movies some other time this week." I told David. But I just didn't feel like going back home. I was free from school, and it was as if returning home for the evening was like I was going to have to get up and get ready for school the next day. I was still in that mind set, I guess.

"Why don't you and Thom go? You got any plans tonight Thom?" David looked over at Thom with a sideways grin. What's up with him? What's the damn grin for? David never ceases to amaze me. He always seems to know just when to say something to make me laugh or to cheer me up. But then again, he knows how to really fuck things up too.

"Naw, but it looks like I do now. I'll go the movies with ya. I've not seen that one yet either. If you don't mind me tagging along." Thom spit out the last half of his answer as if it were going to choke him if I declined.

"Hey, that'll work. I can drive you around until time to go, and show you some of the hang outs and stuff. How'd that be?" My mind immediately raced to thoughts of riding in my truck and holding hands with Thom.

"Yeah, that'd be great." Thom grinned again and looked down at me. That cute grin narrowing his eyes the slightest bit, as they gazed at me. This boy was driving me crazy, and I couldn't do a thing about it.

We headed out of the mall, and we said good bye to David. Making plans for him to call me, even though they weren’t necessary. He always called me. Thom and I got into my truck and we headed out to do some sight seeing. I took him to see the school that he would be attending with us in the fall, then headed to the strip where all the high school kids cruised around in there cars. We covered most of the shopping places, including the Lowe's home improvement center which I loved. I could just go in that place and wander around, looking at tools, electrical equipment and all the gadgets. It was a little past six, so we headed to the movies. We opted not to stop and eat, both saying that we would have popcorn in the movies.

The theatre wasn't crowded at all. I guess being a week day, not many people were out at night. We got our tickets, popcorn and drinks headed inside. We took two seats on the right side which only had three per row. This would insure us of not having to sit beside of some geek that we didn't know. We sat and just made small talk while waiting for the movie to start. Each joking about one thing or the other. We both seemed to have the same weird sense of humor. He just seemed to 'get it' when I said something off the wall. Where as most people just looked at me and you could see my comment fly right over their heads.

The lights dimmed and the giant white screen flickered to life. They were showing the trailers for the upcoming movies and we both settled into your seats. I couldn't help notice how Thom's big frame seemed to take up most of the leg room. Like most guys, we sat with our legs open so we wouldn't mash our balls. Our legs were close together, so out of the corner of my eyes I was checking out his legs. They were already nice and tan, and had a medium coating of light brown hair on them. They looked as if they would be so soft to rub, not stiff or wiry. He sat on left next the isle, and had his right arm on the arm rest with his hand on his upper thigh. Then he reached over and rubbed his inner thigh about halfway up. Then he went a little further and put his hand up the leg of his shorts and scratched, what I imagined to be, the inside of his leg where his balls has been resting. Shit!!! What did he have to do that for? I could feel my dick start to twitch, and I knew there would be no hiding a hardon on these shorts. He stopped scratching and moved his hand back to where it had been. I looked back at the screen, then glanced over at Thom. He turned and looked at me, a small grin parted his full lips. The flashes of light from the movie made his eyes seem to twinkle. Then the grin faded, and a look of anxiety came over him. In that split second, it was as if he was reaching out to me to say that he wanted me, needed me. And those eyes... those eyes were just so incredible. A light brown, with long lashes, they could pierce the thick wall that surrounded my heart make me surrender my soul to him.

Then, with a slow blink, he turned toward the screen. I looked at the screen, but what I saw was Thom. I had no idea what was I was watching, or any sense of where I was. My mind was racing and as soon as one image would appear, another would replace it. What is wrong with me? There is no way this guy can be gay. And certainly no way in hell that he could be interested in ME!!! Or could he??


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