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Love at the Bus Stop - 3

"Mum, Jason and I have something to tell you." I said.

I let go of Jason's hand, but we were still looking at each other. He still had that worried look in his eyes, but I gave him a smile, mouthed "it'll be okay", and he seemed to relax. Mum turned around and looked at us, I think she saw the look between Jason and I.

"Maybe it would be best if we sat down." I said, walking over to the kitchen table. Mum sat on one side, Jason and I together on the other. Mum and I had always been close, even more so since the divorce, so I knew I wouldn't be able to keep my love a secret. I'd been very quiet and withdrawn since we moved here, but that all changed the day I met Jason, a fact which hadn't gone unnoticed by mum. She had asked lots of questions thursday night, when I asked if Jason could stay over, but I'd said nothing, still unsure if he felt the same way. Now that I knew, I wanted her to know too. We were going to have to be careful whenever we were together in public, so not having to hide at home was very important to us.

I took a deep breath and cleared my throat. "Mum, there really isn't an easy way to do this, so I'm just going to come right out and say it. I told you a few months ago that I thought I was gay....well, now I know for sure. I'm in love with Jason, have been since the day we met. I found out last night that he loves me too, and that's made me the happiest guy in the world." I turned to look at Jason, he had tears in his eyes, but he was smiling. "I realise this might be a little hard for you to take in right now mum, but I've told you this because I love you and I don't want to hide anything from you. I love Jason with all my heart, and I hope you can accept us." My voice started wavering towards the end, and I also started getting teary.

Mum sat there looking at both of us for what seemed like ages. Finally she stood up, moved over towards me and hugged me tight. "Of course I accept who you are Scott. I'm your mother, I'll always love you. I won't pretend I wasn't a little shocked when you first told me, but now I've had a little time to get used to the idea, I feel better about it. I've seen the way the two of you look at each other, if Jason makes you this happy, then I won't stand in your way." she said, getting a little teary herself.

"I think the two of you need some time alone." she said, and walked out the kitchen. Jason and I wrapped our arms around each other and cried tears of joy.

"I love you Scott." he whispered in my ear.

"I love you too Jason." I said, and leaned in for a kiss. It was the sweetest, most passionate kiss we'd ever had. It felt so good to be able to kiss Jason and not worry about my mum catching us. We heard the phone ringing, but didn't pay any attention to it. About thirty seconds later, mum came walking in. She coughed to get our attention, and we reluctantly broke the kiss.

"Jason, that was your mum, she wants you to come home, you have visitors." she said. A look of disappointment crossed our faces, but he had to go and that was that.

"Well, I guess I better go and get my things." he said. We went to my room, and I couldn't resist getting one final kiss before he collected his bag.

"I'm going to miss you Jason, waiting until tomorrow morning to see you again is going to be hell." I said.

"I know Scott, I feel the same way." he replied.

"I'll ring you later tonight, at least hearing your voice will make it more bearable." I said grinning.

Jason was grinning too. "Great, I'll look forward to that then. Well....I better head off, or mum will be ringing again." he said.

As we walked to the front door, I gave Jason one last kiss. "See ya babe." I said.

"Bye Scott. Say bye to your mum for me as well" he said as he walked out the door. As he got to the end of the driveway, he turned around and waved, with a big grin on his face. I waved back and stood there watching him until he went out of view. It was only seconds, but I missed him already.

It was past lunch time, but I wasn't very hungry since we'd had breakfast late. I decided I'd go watch tv for a bit, but I wasn't really paying attention to it. Instead I thought about how my life had changed in a matter of weeks. I'd hated the idea of moving and leaving all my old friends behind. Plus I was about to start the final year of highschool, and it wouldn't help having to do it at a new school. Life had seemed to settle down finally after the divorce, and then they throw this at me.

I spent my last day before leaving with my four best friends. We'd known each other since we were 4 years old, and I was going to miss them the most. We mostly spent the day walking around, checking out the old haunts, then we ended up back at my house for pizza. They stayed over, it was like we were little kids again. The next morning, when it came time to say goodbye, I gave each of them a big hug, and I couldn't help it, I started to cry. I noticed all four of them had got a little teary eyed as well. I spent the whole trip to our new home feeling miserable. Over the next couple of weeks I spent a lot of time on the computer chatting with my old friends, I missed them all and I felt so lonely.

That was until the first day of school. I felt nervous starting at a new school, and hopped on the bus with all the other students, not really looking at anybody. I ended up sitting down the back of the bus, and looked out the window until we arrived at school. I remembered that I had my old school records with me, I took them out of my bag so I wouldn't have to fumble around for them later when I got to the principle's office. We arrived at the school, and everyone got off the bus. Someone behind me was obviously in a hurry and gave me a shove as I stepped off the bus. I stumbled, and all the papers I had in my hand went all over the ground. Oh great, I thought, nice welcome I have to this school. As I bent down to pick them up, someone came over to help me. He asked if he could help, and I looked up and smiled when I saw this cute guy standing there looking at me. The rest as they say is history.

I must have dozed off, because next thing I knew, mum was waking me up and told me dinner was ready. After dinner I rang Jason, but his visitors were still there, so we couldn't chat for long. It was enough to hear his voice, even for those few minutes. I told him I loved him for the millionth time that day, he whispered the same to me, and we hung up. I watched tv for a while, then I headed off to bed, thoughts of Jason filling my head as I drifted off to sleep.

Next morning I was up and ready for school half an hour early. After pacing around the kitchen and checking the clock every 5 minutes, it was finally time to go catch the bus. I'd been standing waiting for 10 minutes, and the bus still hadn't turned up. I started to worry that I wouldn't get to see Jason, when the bus came into view. I hopped on board, and looked at the sea of faces, till I found the one I wanted, smiling back at me. I sat down next to him, and I had to resist putting my arm around him and kissing him.

"Hey there, I was starting to get worried the bus wasn't coming." I said.

"Yeah me too, I got to the bus stop early and ended up waiting 20 minutes." he said, smiling.

"I wish I could kiss you right now." I softly whispered to him.

He blushed and whispered back, "Me too, I've missed you since I left your house yesterday."

We chatted some more, and all too soon the bus arrived at school. We got off and headed to our home rooms because we were running late, but not before we agreed to meet up at lunch. The morning went past in a haze, and before I knew it, lunch time arrived. We met up at the front of the school as arranged, and headed off to the mall. It took a little longer than usual to get there, because we stopped occasionally to kiss, whenever we were sure no one was looking. Any time spent with Jason was special to me, but it always seemed to pass too quickly. Pretty soon, it was time to head back to school, and again we stopped often to kiss. I couldn't get enough of his soft kissable lips. It was like a drug, I had to have more and more. When we got to the school gates, we split off into different directions, to go to our different classes. As we moved further and further apart, I felt like a part of me was breaking away, it was a horrible sensation. I felt empty for the rest of the afternoon, and longed for the end of the school day, so I could see him again.

The bell rang to signal the end of the day, and I raced out to the bus stop to see Jason again. We arrived at pretty much the same time, and I felt whole again when his gorgeous green eyes met mine. We moved slightly away from the others, so I could speak to him.

"God I've missed you, I don't know if I can cope doing this day after day." I whispered to him.

"I know what you mean Scott, I've felt empty inside since I left you at the end of lunch." he whispered back to me.

"Me too. I wish I could kiss you right now." I said softly.

Just at that moment, the bus arrived. We joined the queue, hopped on and took our seats. We chatted until we got to my stop. Before getting off the bus, I promised Jason I would ring him again tonight. As I walked home, I wondered how we'd managed to get through the rest of the week.

Fortunately we did. We had our classes together (which we didn't have on monday's), so we got to see a bit more of each other as the week went on. We also talked to each other every night on the phone, often for more than an hour, and that would keep us going until the next morning when we could see each other again. Finally the weekend arrived, but sadly we weren't going to be seeing as much of each other as we'd have liked. However, I'd noticed that monday's date was the 14th of February...Valentine's day. Since we didn't have much time on the weekend, I decided to plan something for then. I asked mum to help me out with a few details, and she agreed. I rang Jason on sunday night, hoping he'd be able to come over the next day.

"Hello." Jason's sweet voice answered the phone.

"Hey babe, it's me, are you able to talk?" I asked.

"Yeah sure, mum's just popped in next door for something." he replied.

"Cool, I wanted to ask you something. Erm.....it's valentine's day tomorrow, and um since we can't see each other much this weekend, I was hoping we could erm, do something then. What do you say?" I asked nervously, hoping he'd say yes.

There was silence on the other end for what seemed like ages, before he spoke. "Oh Scott, I'd love too. But what do I tell my mum?"

I thought about it for a moment. "Just tell her we have an assignment to do together for school. You'll have dinner here so we can work on it for a while, and you'll be home before it gets too dark. Mum knows, so she'll back us up if necessary. That ought to keep her happy." I told him.

"Excellent idea Scott, she shouldn't object if I tell her it's to do with school." he said, with obvious delight in his voice. "Hang on, she's just walked in the door, I'll go ask her now."

He put the phone down, and I could hear voices in the background. He came back a few seconds later. "Yep, she agreed, as long as I'm home by 9pm." he said.

I could hardly contain my own excitement. "Excellent. This is gonna be something really special Jason, I want you to know how much I love you. I can't wait until tomorrow, sort of our first date." I said.

"Me either. Listen, I'd better go now, I'll see you tomorrow Scott." he said. Then he whispered "I love you babe."

"I love you too. See you in the morning." I said, before hanging up.

I spent the rest of the evening making plans for our "date", before heading off to bed. Mum said she had a day off tomorrow, so she would set things up for me while I was at school, then disappear for a few hours and come back later to take Jason home. I really was lucky to have such a great mum, I'd be lost without her.

I met Jason on the bus the next morning, he was grinning. "Hey gorgeous, looking forward to this evening?" I asked quietly.

"Sure am, I can't wait. Since this is the day of romance, I got you something." he said.

Now it was my turn to grin. "You have? What is it?" I asked.

"You'll find out later." he said smiling.

We soon arrived at school and sat chatting for a few minutes before the bell rang. I couldn't think of anything but tonight, and the morning seemed to fly by. We went to the mall for lunch as usual, and I tried asking him what it was that he'd got me, but he wasn't saying. On the way back to school, we snuck into a deserted side street and kissed for a while, it felt great to have his body pressed against mine again. We made it back just in time, and went off to our separate classes. It didn't seem so bad being apart for most of the day, knowing we'd be together for a while this evening. Finally the day was over, and we took the bus home to my place.

I unlocked the front door and told him to wait, while I went inside to check that everything was in place in the kitchen. Mum had really done a great job, I'd have to thank her when she got back.

"Okay, you can come in now. " I called out to Jason.

He walked in, shutting the front door behind him, and into the kitchen. The table was setup for a romantic dinner for two, candles in the centre of the table, and a single red rose at each place. When Jason saw this, he got tears in his eyes, and he came over and hugged me tightly.

"I love you Scott, this is the nicest thing anyone has done for me." he said between sobs.

"Hey, don't cry babe. I wanted this to be a special evening, because you're special to me. Two weeks ago, I thought I was going to be alone and miserable in a new school, and then I met you. You're the best thing in my life at the moment Jason, I love you very much." I said, getting a little teary eyed also.

I leaned in to kiss him, our tongues duelling in each other's mouth. Our bodies were pressed together, lightly grinding into each other. I reluctantly broke the kiss before things got too far, now was not the time for that. I took hold of his hand, and we went into the living room. I grabbed the remote for the CD and pressed play.

"Would you care to dance my love?" I asked.

"Why certainly kind sir." he said in a posh voice.

We slow danced to the music, in each others arms. We kissed again, swaying in time to the music. It felt so good holding him in my arms, I could have stayed that way forever. We were interrupted by the sound of the oven timer going off. I switched the CD off, and we went into the kitchen. I told him to sit down, while I lit the candles, and got our dinner out of the oven. Mum really had outdone herself with all this. I dished up and took the plates over to the table.

"Dinner is served sir." I said, sounding like a butler. I went over to the fridge, and pulled out the bottle of non-alcoholic wine I'd asked mum to get. I poured two glasses, and went and sat down, handing one to Jason.

"To us, my love." I said, as we clinked our glasses together.

We silently ate our way through dinner, and afterwards I put the dishes in the sink, and we settled down in the living room to watch some tv.

"Scott, that was absolutely superb." he said, smiling.

"Thanks, but we have mum to thank for most of this. She did the work, I just came up with the idea." I said.

Jason went over to his bag, and pulled something out. "I think now is a good a time as any to give you this." he said, handing me a small box. I opened it, inside was a silver chain, with the letters J and S hanging from it in gold.

"Oh Jason, it's beautiful." I said.

"My grandmother gave it to me when I was about 5, she said give it to someone that you love. It's a family tradition apparently." he said, smiling.

He took it out of the box, and fastened it around my neck. "This will be a constant reminder of the love that we have for each other. I will always be with you Scott." he said.

My eyes began to fill with tears, as he kissed me lightly on the cheek. I looked into his beautiful green eyes, and kissed him on the lips. My hands moved up and down his back as I pulled his body closer to mine. I never felt as happy as I did at that moment, this truly was an evening to remember.

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