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Love at the Bus Stop - 6

I could lie here and watch Scott sleeping all day long, he looks so adorable. If anyone would have told me at the beginning of the year I'd find a boyfriend, I'd have laughed in their face. Hehe I don't think I'll ever get tired of that word......boyfriend. I really do have to pinch myself sometimes to make sure it's all real, it's almost like one of those stories you read on the net. I went to help out a stranger and bam.....I end up meeting 'the one'. We've had it really good so far too, no major dramas, I guess we got lucky. I'm not stupid to think it's gonna be like that forever either, but whatever happens we'll go through it together. We've talked about it and this isn't some short term thing for either of us, this is going to be a long term relationship. Some people will say that we're too young, we don't know what we're talking about and how can we be so sure, but I disagree. I mean, I don't have to put my hand in a fire to know it's gonna hurt like hell, there are some things you just know. There might be a lot of things I don't know about, but I know how I feel about Scott and how he feels about me. We are in love.

Scott began to stir beside me. He opened his eyes, saw me and smiled.

"Good morning babe, sleep well?" I asked.

"Haven't slept this good in a long time, but waking up beside you was even better." he replied. I could feel his hard on poking me in the side, and I reached my hand down to stroke it.

"So I noticed." I said with a grin.

He grinned back "Sorry to disappoint you studboy, but that's because of my bladder. Let me go to the loo and then you can play with it."

He got up out of bed and raced off to the bathroom. The sight of him running around the house naked would be a sight I hope to see a lot more often. Soon enough he came racing back in muttering about how cold it was, and dived back in bed. He wasn't kidding about the cold either, especially his feet, so I wrapped my arms around him and kissed him to warm him up.

"There, that better?" I asked.

"Much better. I'll run out in the cold more often if this is what you're gonna do." he replied smiling.

"Don't even think about it, I don't appreciate having cold feet on me." I laughed.

"Okay okay, point taken. So what are we gonna do today?"

"Well, actually I thought we could have a picnic. There is this really nice spot by the lake that I always used to go to, and I thought it would be a nice place to go to with my boyfriend."

"Ooh I got myself a romantic guy." he grinned. "Sounds excellent, I'd love to."

"Great." I looked over at the clock, it was almost 11am. "By the time we get up and get ourselves ready, it should be about lunch time and we can go"

Scott got a devilish gleam in his eyes. "Perfect, means we have some time for play then."

He leaned over and started kissing me passionately and needless to say I responded with equal passion. I moved my hand down his body and found his cock already standing to attention. I wrapped my hand around it and slowly started to jerk him off, his muffled moans indicating he was enjoying it. He moved his hand down to my hard cock and did the same thing to me. The feeling was exquisite, but I knew we wouldn't last much longer. I told him to stop and I turned around so we were in the 69 position. We both started sucking on each other and it wasn't long before I felt the familiar sensation of impending orgasm. I stopped long enough to tell him I was about to cum and moaned loudly as shot after shot of cum fired its way down Scott's throat. That was enough to set him off and he moaned out loud as I accepted every drop of his thick, creamy load. We lay there is silence for a few minutes as our breathing returned to normal and we came down off our orgasmic high.

"God that was fucking amazing." I said.

Scott was grinning from ear to ear. "Yeah it was, we should do it more often."

I laughed. "Great, I've got a sex maniac on my hands. Come on lets get in the shower, we're supposed to be going on a picnic."

I got up off the bed and went in the bathroom to relieve myself. I turned the tap on in the shower to let it warm up and noticed Scott still wasn't with me. I went back in the bedroom and saw he was still on the bed so I went over and grabbed his hand and practically dragged him out of bed. He got the hint and followed me into the bathroom and after checking the temperature was okay we both stepped in the shower. The warm water felt great and we grabbed the soap and took turns to wash each other all over. By the end we both started to get hard again, but we decided to leave doing anything about it until later. I turned the water off and we both grabbed a towel and dried each other off. We both walked naked back to the bedroom and got dressed.

When I was finished I walked out into the kitchen area to see what I could put together in the way of food. We certainly had plenty of choice, our mum's made sure we had enough to feed an army, but I managed to find plenty of suitable picnic food. Between the two of us we had it packed up in no time, so we grabbed a couple of blankets and off we went. There was a slight chill in the air and there was some cloud around, but hopefully the weather would stay fine. It didn't take me too long to find the spot I was looking for and it was pretty much as I remembered it, but with the addition of a few picnic tables set up around the place. We picked the nearest table and started to set up.

"So what do you think?" I asked Scott.

"It's a nice spot, with the lake in front of you, I can see why you'd like coming here." he replied.

"These tables never used to be here though. There was a huge picnic area a bit further round, everyone used to go there and this place was practically deserted. That's why I used to come here so much, there would only ever be one or two people around, so I could sit and think about things in the peace and quiet. I guess that's all changed now though."

"By the looks of it, it's just the two of us Jason, so we won't have to worry about being interrupted." He leaned over and kissed me, so sweet and gentle. "I love you." he said.

"I love you too babe." I replied, and we kissed each other again. We continued kissing as the sky grew ominously dark overhead.

"Uh oh, looks like we're about to get some rain." I said. And we did, a lot of it. The rain started pouring down, so we hurriedly stuffed the things we'd already put out back in the bag and then we ran like hell back to the cabin. We got back there in record time, but we both looked like a couple of drowned rats.

"Well, that would have to be the shortest picnic ever." Scott said. We both looked at each other and burst out laughing.

"And the wettest, we'd better get into some dry clothes before we freeze to death." I said.

I grabbed a towel out of the bathroom to dry us off a bit before we changed into something dry. I got a fire going in the fireplace, and we ended up having our picnic on the living room floor. It wasn't grand or spectacular, but we had the best time anyway. It's true what they say, the simple moments are special. This weekend will be memorable for so many different reasons. We spent the rest of the afternoon sitting by the fire, cuddled up next to each other.

"I wish we didn't have to go home tomorrow." Scott said.

"I know babe, me either, but unfortunately we have to."

"This has been the best birthday ever and it's all thanks to you Jason." he looked at me smiling.

"I think I did it as much for me as for you Scott, I've wanted to spend some time alone with you for so long." I grinned.

"Yeah, I've wanted that too. It's gonna be difficult to keep it low key when we get home and school will be even worse."

"I've been thinking a lot about that, maybe we could consider coming out at school. I mean, at least we wouldn't have to hide the fact that we like each other."

I could tell Scott was thinking this over. "I don't know if we should do that, at least not yet. There is a good chance we'll cop a lot of shit over this, I'd rather know what we're up against first."

"Yeah you're right I suppose, no sense putting ourselves at risk."

"We'll just have to be creative in finding ways to be together." he said with a huge grin.

"I guess we'd better make the most of our last night here then, could be our last chance for a while. How about we get an early night." I said with a seductive smile.

"Sounds good to me babe."

We made sure everything was switched off and walked hand in hand back to the bedroom. We slowly undressed each other and climbed into bed. It felt so good to hold him close to me, I never wanted the night to end. We made love three times, we couldn't get enough of each other. We also knew it was probably the last chance we'd get to do so for a long while. The next morning we took our time in packing everything up, our time alone together was almost up and we wanted to delay it for as long as possible. We went for one last walk along the river and just enjoyed the peace and quiet. Eventually the time came for us to leave though, we packed everything up in the car and were on our way back home. Whatever the future held, we'd always have our memories of this weekend.

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