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Love Lessons

by Kip

Chapter One

First Lesson


Danny and Kevin were rolling around on the big double bed in Danny's room. Books, back packs and T shirts littered the floor as well as a collection of sneakers, underwear and old socks. It was after school, no one was home and they had some alone time to mess around with each other. It was now their favorite part of the afternoon. Fuck the homework, this one-on-one session was too excellent to pass up, and not having the fun of playing around with each other was not an option.

Puberty had hit these two young teens really hard and raging young teen hormones drove them crazy. They had boners at all times of night and day. A shy discussion about sex had led to experimentation. Show me yours and all that led to a bit more, but they had not really done much with each other. Just a bit of jerking off in front of each other. Today however, they decided to try this kissing thing which ended up with grinding themselves together as they were pressing their bulging crotches against each other in their cargo shorts 'cause it felt really, really great.

Both boys had nice young adolescent builds, Danny had brown hair and blue eyes and still had a bit of baby fat and Kevin was thinner with longish, dirty blond hair, a pretty face that was set off with large hazel eyes. They had both just turned fourteen.

Just now they had taken their cargo's off and were now down to their boxers and the two lithe, newly turned fourteen year olds who were also very turned on, were having a great time on the large bed humping into each other, feeling their bodies against each other and enjoying the physical contact immensely. They had the TV on in the room and so they did not hear the noise in the hallway.

“What the fuck! Looks like my li’l bro and his friend are turning fag," exclaimed Jared with a scowl on his usually smiling face. He was standing in the doorway. "You two are sure fagging out when you think you’re home alone.”

Peeking over almost seventeen year old Jared's shoulder, with a big grin, was Tommy, Jared's best buddy, like his totally inseparable companion.

“Man they sure are,” echoed the just turned 17 year old Tommy. Both guys were shirtless, in nylon shorts and covered with a light sheen of sweat because of their workout in the late afternoon sun. They had been shooting some hoops at Tommy’s house next door.

“What exactly were you two up to?” Quizzed Jared, with a more relaxed expression, looking at his younger brother Danny.

“Fuck you Jared, we weren’t doing anything! We were just wrestling.” spat out Kevin, who was both angry and somewhat frightened.

Danny and Kevin were now seated apart on the bed and both boys had a substantial drop in the boner department caused by the severe fright of this unexpected interruption.

“You two were sure going at it,” chuckled Tommy, with some humor while reliving the situation in his horny brain.

“Ummm ....we were just uhh... wanting to know what it felt like to kiss someone, like we don't have girl friends like you guys do and wanted to know what it was like,” said Danny in defense.

“So we were like testing the waters...” chimed in Kevin, brushing his shaggy, dirty blond hair out of his eyes.

“Yeah we were trying stuff out so we would be ready to date chicks like you guys do,” Danny replied.

Jared said, “You expect me to believe that?”

“Hell yes!” shouted Danny.

Of course both boys were lying through their teeth as both kids had zero interest in girls and recently had been thinking how much better boys bodies looked and had decided to try some boy on boy stuff a few weeks ago after a mutual confession of both their general horniness and a big disinterest in girls and a recent mutual interest in each other’s bodies. Beside they had gotten some ideas from some pictures of emo boys kissing on the net. It did look way hot. They wanted to try it out themselves.

A slight smile appeared and changed the expressions on Jared's face.

“I think you guys need serious help,” and he looked knowingly at the two boys and then with a grin at his buddy Tommy, “like you need special tutoring.”

"Maybe dad could give you some advice." volunteered Jared.

“Please don’t tell on us, if you’re gonna tell mom and Dad, they would fuckin' kill me, and please don’t tell Kevin's folks either.” Pleaded Danny.

“Oh no, I would not really do that,” said Jared, ''I would never do that to my little bro, would I now?" and reached over and ruffled the hair of his younger bro. It was soft light brown hair and felt so nice to the touch.

Jared stood there thinking, he was the image of a cooler older brother with a nice body, lightly muscled and had dark spiked up hair like a skater. He played soccer and kept in pretty good shape.

Jared began to think that the situation did need special attention and was a great opportunity for both he and Tommy to have some serious fun with the two guys. Nothing too outrageous but just some messing with their heads and messing with a few other things as well could make for an interesting afternoon.

Tommy who had the body definition of a swimmer, with short blond hair and a bit taller looked at Jared and wondered what his buddy now had in mind. He knew his friend was always good for some silly prank.

Jared continued, “What you need to get ready for dating chicks is some ummmm, like ‘Love Lessons,’ yup that’s it. Love lessons!”

He looked at Tommy and gave a knowing smile before he turned back to the two worried boys.

"What the fuck?” exclaimed Danny.

“No fuckin’ way,” said Kevin who continued with "...and who is gonna teach us?”

“Hey, we are,” joined in Tommy, immediately seizing a golden opportunity.

“Yeah we are experienced like and we know far more stuff then you guys know." added in Jared.

“Yeah you guys need serious help and we are just the dudes that can give it to ya.” The wheels began to turn in Jared’s brain. Man, this was going to be fun!

“Now first we need to do it right,” he said sounding all brotherly.

“Yeah," he continued in a teaching tone of voice, “first we need to do some role playing. That will get us in the mood."

“You have to understand both sides of the street here if you are going to understand girls and what they like and what boys can do to attract them and keep them.”

“ So you guys, you know are going to play parts, it will be fun and VERY instructive, far more than any sex-ed class you might have had.”

“Now first you guys need to change, while we guys shower, now you have to get dressed up.”

“Dressed up?” Danny and Kevin said in unison with a surprised look.

“Yup, them’s the rules.”

Jared went over to the dresser and started pulled open the drawers and was rummaging around and at last he produced two skimpy pairs of pastel nylon briefs, one in yellow the other in a pale green.

Then searching further he found two older pairs of tank tops in red and blue. He then went over to Danny‘s desk and got a pair of scissors and cut off the bottoms of the tank tops so that when the guys put them on a generous amount of tummy would be showing.

“Now here you guys put this stuff on while we hit the shower! Lesson one is about to begin,” Jared ordered them while tossing the clothes on the bed.

"No fuckin' way!" said Danny and Kevin in unison.

“Then I guess I’ll have to tell the 'rents then,” said Jared.

"Well then, I guess I am going to have a very interesting chat with your mom and dad, huh Kevin.”

“And I am going to tell my mom who knows your mom.” chimed in Tommy as he looked at Kevin.

Both boys looked defeated.

“Ok I guess,” said Danny reluctantly.

“Cheer up guys, I promise this will be fun, we’ll make it cool for you.”

“Ok I guess," mumbled Danny.

"We are going to hit the shower," he said as both older teens walked out the door.

Both Jared and Tommy grinned as they left and as they closed the door it was as much as they could do to stop themselves from laughing hysterically as they headed for Jared's room.

Both Danny and Kevin looked at each other in disbelief. They were both scared and excited at the same time. They had been caught making out and beginning to mess around, then had been threatened with the ‘rents being told, then suddenly it all changed with his older brother and his hottie friend now saying they were going to teach them how a girl likes to be treated. They wondered what the guys had in mind and what it would be like.

Danny picked up the skimpy briefs that were a size too small and chose the yellow then he tossed the pale green ones to his buddy.

They looked at the skimpy now shortened tank tops, “I guess, red would look good with yellow,” said Danny as he vamped a bit holding it up to his chest, “I guess blue would be good with green,” said Kevin.

The boys grinned and then slipped down their boxers, neither afraid to show off their package to the other. Danny was a good four and half inches soft but still a little plumped up and Kevin was just a bit longer. Once they slipped on the tight briefs it feel good and pretty sexy and both boys began to bone up a bit. They had to stuff their bulging packages in the briefs and the smaller size only seemed to rub on their young boners and make them grow a bit more. They did feel good down there now. It was way cool to feel so horny.

They shimmied into the tight tank tops and then stood looking at each other with silly grins in the briefs, belly shirts and their short white sox.

In a short while the two older teens entered, their hair was still only half dry and they both smelled of Axe body spray. Jared was wearing a pair of thin Umbro nylon soccer shorts and Tommy had borrowed some American Eagle cotton jersey dorm shorts from Jared. It was obvious that both boys were not wearing any underwear as you could see an outline of their dicks swinging in their shorts. Danny could almost swear that both guys had definitely chubbed up quite a bit.

Both older boys suddenly thought how cute the two shaggy headed young teens looked as they exchanged glances and smiles indicating that this was going to be way fun for all. Each guy felt something sexually attractive about the two younger teens but had a difficult time admitting it to themselves.

Jared took the lead and walked over and sat in the easy chair and sat down. “Kevin, come here for your first lesson.”

Kevin walked over obediently, unsure of what was going to happen next.

“Now Kevin, I want you to be a good little girly boy and play your part and sit in my lap.”

“ What?” said Kevin.

“I am going to demonstrate what a girl might like and what they really want. So, sit on my lap.”

Kevin hesitated.

“Now, please,” Jared said seductively.

Jared sat back and Kevin stepped over, turning as he sat down on the older teen’s lap and turned his back to him. He could feel the older boys junk under him as Jared was just wearing the thin nylon soccer shorts without any underwear which was very apparent on his cute butt. Actually it felt kinda nice as he settled in on Jared's lap and leaned back, feeling his chest.

“Danny you do the same. Tommy, you sit at the desk and have Danny sit on your lap facing us.”

Tommy sat down and Danny did just what Kevin had done. He liked the feel of Tommy’s body under him and because he was wearing so little, just the skimpy briefs, he immediately noticed he was sitting on a teen boy dick as he could feel it through the worn cotton jersey of the dorm shorts, it felt good.

The next thing Kevin knew, Jared’s hands were at his waist and rubbing his tummy. The warm hands felt really good and relaxing and VERY arousing.

Jared's hand began to slide up under his shortened tank top and stopped at Kevin's nips. He found the fingers were tracing circles around his small nubs and it felt so good, like a cat he stretched backwards against Jared's firm chest. It really felt nice. It was a major turn on as he had always thought Jared was a way sexy guy.

"See how it's done, a guy has to work slowly at getting his hand under a girl's blouse." Said Jared, acting like a tutor, "feel and learn, young one!'

Kevin was enjoying learning the techniques of seducing a chick from an older teen and loving the instruction. Who cares about girls he thought when you can have this.

"Kevin, now think and remember what I am doing.

Kevin was remembering it alright. He was being felt up by a guy he had always admired. It was like a jerk-off fantasy come true.

Danny was getting the identical treatment from Tommy. Tommy was carefully watching what was happening with Jared and Kevin and was closely following it, mimicking his buddy’s visual lead in feeling up Jared’s cute brother, sitting on his lap.

Tommy liked the smooth feel of Danny‘s tummy and the boy's sides felt warm and smooth to his hands. Even though he was holding a boy, it sure was turning him on and he began to realize what a sexy kid Danny really is, like when you touch him.

“Now once you have checked out a babe's chest you go for the next goal. That is the panties." Jared continued to instruct.

His hands were now rubbing Kevin’s inner thighs and it felt wonderful to the kid, it also made him get harder than he was before and his boner began stretching at the pouch of the skimpy nylon of the briefs.

Tommy did the same to Danny. It was a new experience for him rubbing around the area so close to a guy's dick but this was only a game, like right? Danny found his boner was not under control and was seriously tenting out his nylon briefs with the gropes that Tommy was giving him.

“Now me, I go directly for the crotch.” continued Jared.

Kevin suddenly found Jared's hand right on top of his own now hard junk, though Jared had hesitated and then thought for a minute before he gave the teen a good grope.

It felt so great, Kevin almost got dizzy with the feel of someone’s hand on his basket and a hand that was now starting to gently palm his dick through the skimpy thin fabric of the small briefs. His boner was really pressing outward. He just could not stop it. He gave a soft moan. It felt so right it was driving him towards a feeling of total lust.

Jared now dropped his hand a bit lower and was massaging Kevin's balls through his thin briefs.

Kevin began moaning and swallowed hard, he was not sure how much more of this his could take without blowing a load in his briefs.

Tommy looked over and saw what Jared was doing and then following the lead of his best bud began to do the same to Danny. The younger teen found the hand of the older teen rubbing on the inside of his thigh was taking him to new places of sexual feeling, he could feel his balls react and his dick sure was happy with this intimate rubbing of such a sensitive spot.

The next thing he knew was that Tommy’s hand was gripping his basket in a soft manner like a physical jock cup that was pressing inward and making him unbelievably horny, A slight tug to his balls was driving him wild, “ohhhh fuck,” came from his lips.

It was a wonderful feeling, having someone massage your dick and balls for you. It was an incredible turn on. Danny had never experienced anything like it before.

On the other side of the room Kevin squirmed some more as he felt Jared’s dick expand under his butt as he wiggled his cute ass in his lap and felt its larger size pressing into him through the thin cloth that covered his butt.

He did not know how much more of it he could take. He knew he was going to shoot soon. He just could not help it.

Jared was keeping up a steady but slow pace of pawing at the young teen’s rock hard dick. Kevin now began to make little mewing sounds.

“You like that Kevin? It feels good to you, are you imagining how a girl likes it done by her boy friend, I guess it must be pretty similar in sensation, but who knows, so ’n’ways now you see how to make a chick way hot.”

“Yeahhh...,” was all poor Kevin could get out. His voice was thick with young teen lust. He was in serious heat.

“But you’re a guy and we do have needs too so.....,” Jared trailed off as he concentrated on the feeling of the boy on his lap.

“You like this Danny,” said Tommy. "You wanna feel good and let me feel you up?" Tommy was whispering in his ear.

These were all new feelings for Danny and to have a hot older teen holding him like that was a major turn on. His dick and balls were getting a major work out from Tommy’s rubbing and massaging action and he loved it.

His butt pressed down on Tommy’s growing boner trough the worn jersey of the cotton dorm shorts he wore.

Jared was really getting into it. He liked the feel in his hand of the rock hard dick of the pubescent boy on his lap, the feel of a way cute soft butt pressing down on his own very hard dick and the fact that he was giving the kid a lot of pleasure, all this made them both feel really good.

Kevin began to buck forward into his hand, he could not help himself.

He tried to force himself into Jared’s palm, the more it pressed against his cloth covered cock, the better he liked it.

Finally, almost yelling, the cry “Fucckkkk....,” came from his mouth. He shot the first of three small loads into the covering grip of the older teen hand, soaking the skimpy cotton briefs with his watery cum.

He shot so hard the first time it practically hurt his dick.

The action of getting his hand wet with boy cum from this way hot young teen having a major organism when in the throes of total lust got Jared off as well. He humped upwards and as his balls began to boil, he found himself blowing a big load into his thin nylon soccer shorts with the soft bottom of Kevin pressing on his lap. He now got the feeling of his wet dick and sticky balls. All this jizz soaked right through to Kevin's skimpy nylon and he now felt the wetness as well. That only made Kevin hotter to know he was the cause of the older teens orgasm. He liked that sexy feeling as he was sitting on the older teens wet, cum filled soccer shorts.

They were now both panting and looking quite intent with glazed expressions on their faces. It was post orgasmic bliss.

Jared was stunned by what he had just done. What he thought was a silly prank he was pulling had suddenly become something else and now he was in a really intense sexual situation with another teen boy and a really hot one at that.

Impulsively, Kevin had been facing away and grinning. He now turned, leaned forward, tilted his head slightly and kissed him full on the lips in a very passionate way. Jared responded eagerly as he felt some tongue in his mouth. It was totally intense, as they were coming down from their mutually orgasmic high.

Across the room a similar scene was happening. Danny's balls were boiling and he was about to nut. He could feel that incredible feeling in his dick as he was reaching the point of no return. Tommy kept on rubbing and Danny was in heaven with his constant slow strokes that radiated through his briefs.

Danny was almost bouncing up and down on Tommy's lap and of course this was really making the older teen harder and even more turned on. They were pushing each other towards the edge. Looking across at what was happening on the other side of the room made Tommy blow his teen load in several strong shots filling his dorm shorts. The action of this made him grip Danny's package really tight and turned on poor Danny even more and he finally blew a good amount into his nylon briefs as Tommy squeezed Danny’s balls. He found himself breathless and on a plane of bliss he was sure not used to.

Tommy looked closely at the teen boy on his lap and at his delicious pouty lips and could not help himself as he pressed his own lips tight against the kid’s mouth and drew his body tight against his own.

All four boys were now locked in an embrace that seemed to last for hours. Jared was the first to let go, unsure of what was happening. Tommy did too.

All four boys were grinning and blushing. They liked what had happened but were still almost totally embarrassed by it and didn’t want to admit how much they all enjoyed it.

Jared and Tommy hastily excused themselves and hurried back towards Jared's room leaving the two younger teens now sitting on the bed looking at each other in amazement about what had just happened.

"Fuck, that was hot,” mumbled Kevin.

"Dude, Freaking way hot!" replied Danny.

"Totally," said Kevin," do you think the lessons will continue?"

"I sure hope so, dude, I sure do."

Outside the room the two older teens had paused in the hallway. They looked happy but they also seemed puzzled by what had just happened. After all they both had just creamed their shorts after making out with other boys.

Jared looked at Tommy and was the first to speak.

“Wow that was pretty hot, I didn’t think it would go that far and certainly not lead to this.”

“Yeah, your brother is really a good kisser,” said, Tommy who looked a bit sheepish as to what he had just said.

“I hope that is OK?”

Yeah it is, I’m cool with it,” replied Jared, with a grin.

“It was way hot watching the two of you together and Kevin is one hot boy. He felt so good in my arms.”

Jared could not believe he had just confessed to his best bud that he liked holding a boy and even had got off on it, that was pretty obvious, well, so had Tommy who blatantly had gotten hot and heavy with Jared’s own kid bro Danny.

“Is this little game getting way too far out of hand?” asked Jared, looking guilty.

“Well, it sure seems like the boys were enjoying it a lot....... and I guess we were too. Like it is just as much fun for them as we were definitely having..... So I guess it’s all good,” said Tommy, grinning.

“What do you have planned for the next lesson?” he looked at his buddy with a big smirk.

“Well.” said Jared, “I thought tomorrow we could....” and then he lowered his voice to a whisper as they headed down the hallway to his room.
To be continued.

From the author:

It has almost been a whole year since I posted. I feel bad for being so slow with my other story but I promise to get back to it very soon. The past year was a very difficult one for me with both family illness and serious problems of my own. I could not have made it through with out a lot of support and help from a lot of on-line friends. I will be forever grateful for their love and help they have shown me.

Thanks to everyone who has written in the past and like every author, I am always glad to hear from you with your comments.

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