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Love Lessons

by Kip
Chapter Two

Kiss and Shave


Danny and Kevin found it hard to concentrate for the next two days. Their next scheduled “lesson” was to happen the day after tomorrow and they could not wait to be held and touched by the two older teen boys who they both found so hot and sexy. It was like a fantasy come true. The night right after the first “lesson” with Jared and Tommy, both boys had raging hardons by the time they went to bed. The next day they confessed to each other they each had to jack off as soon as they were in bed re-living in their mind the afternoon experience. They wanted to talk more but were afraid to do it at school the next day because any discussion would only bring on more horny feelings which were really hard to relieve at school unless they could sneak off to a boys room to jack off, Which they couldn’t do as they did not want to be caught by their classmates.

Jared and Tommy were having similar problems. Every time they thought about the events of that afternoon they got boned. However, for them they were both really confused by this situation. They really thought they were supposed to have those kinds of feelings for girls but now, suddenly all they both could think about was putting their hands back on the lithe smooth pubescent bodies of Danny and Kevin again. The next day after school they were both at Tommy’s house alone in his room.

“Dude that was one hot afternoon yesterday,” said Tommy with a blush.

“Yeah, I gotta admit, those lil’ fucker’s were pretty hot,” replied Jared who was surprised he even actually said that. Both boys were pretty embarrassed by expressing their feelings so openly.

“Well it serves them right for fagging out and all, but they do need lessons so they will be ready for girls.”

Jared was very anxious to justify his own behavior that had caused both him and Kevin to have mutual organisms while he held the squirming kid in his lap.

“Yeah they need help. Its important that they learn stuff, I think we will need some extended instruction time with them,” mumbled Tommy.

He was very ready to appear to agree in helping the younger guys appreciate girls while all he could think about was getting his hands on Danny's hot little body again.

It was pretty silly that they kept up the pretense of giving the two guys lessons in future love making with chicks when what they really wanted to do was to make out and feel up the hottie younger teen boys. But they needed the lame excuse of “Love Lessons” to make it happen and they had to hold on to their own personal delusions of their straightness. It was sure getting to be pretty obvious what they both really wanted.

The following day, right after school, Danny and Kevin were in Danny’s room getting ready for their next lesson. The two boys were very excited about it and had been told by Jared to wear their skimpy outfits again. Both boys had found some older white cotton briefs that were at least a size too small as the nylon ones were still cum covered and they wore the same tank tops as they had before.

Danny also remembered they had been directed to brush their teeth and use mouth wash before they came to Jared’s room. They both went in to the bathroom the two brothers shared and performed that ritual and then padded along in their skimpy outfits and low cut white socks across the hall to Jared’s room. They opened the door hesitantly, both being a bit nervous and excited. Little did they know that despite their aura of confidence both Jared and Tommy were pretty nervous too. The older guys were going to push this little game as far as they dared or perhaps even a bit farther than they planned as their raging hormones took over.

Jared looked up and grinned at the two boys, “Ready to learn?”

“Yeah,” they replied in unison. They looked at the older teens expectantly.

“Well, what do chicks value in guys?” he stood there quizzing them like a school teacher while standing next to Tommy.

Both older teens were just in T shirts and boxer briefs showing off their nicely sized packages in the thin jersey material.

“Umm..” I don’t know exactly,” said Kevin.

“Well what do guys do when they say good night to their date?”

“A kiss?” Danny offered in reply.

“You get a gold star, bro.” He smiled.

“So time to improve your skills.”

“Sit right here Kevin,” he patted the bed.

Tommy sat on the opposite twin bed and also motioned for Danny to sit next to him.

“It’s time you guys learned how to properly kiss.”

Jared pressed his lips against the young teen sitting beside him and found he was kissing such a sweet mouth, so soft tender, but distinctively male. He reached around and pulled the boy close to him. Kevin responded with a gentle eagerness as he pressed into Jared’s opening mouth.

On the other bed Danny looked at Tommy's lips and slowly drew closer and closer to them, planting his firmly on those of the older teen. He pressed eagerly closer to his brother's best friend and wrapped his arms around the older teen. Tommy returned the kiss and soon they were making out like a couple of boy-girl teens in the back seat of an old car.

Soft moans and murmurs were heard in the room as the boys rolled around the beds in passionate embrace with lips and tongues exploring all parts of their mouths, necks and ears and their hands moving everywhere on each other’s bodies.

Finally after some twenty minutes of playing tonsil hockey and swapping spit the guys broke apart, both pairs were pretty over heated and needed a break. Both older teens and younger teens were pretty boned and their cotton briefs and boxer briefs were showing very respectable tents.

Jared and Tommy we surprised now how intensely their feelings were for their young lovers in training. It was definitely hot!

Jared spoke up.

"Umm we now have a little surprise for you today."

"You might say it's kinda like an initiation, or you might call it an important bit of a personal grooming thing."

"Like, you guys need a lesson in shaving."

"Shaving? But we don’t shave," said Danny.

“Not there dumb ass, I mean down there,” he was pointing down at his crotch.

"What the fuck?" exclaimed Kevin.

"Yeah you do wanna look good when your girlfriend blows you don’tcha?"

"Girls hate going down on guys if they have an unruly bush down there, so you better get started with proper grooming."

"But I just got my pubes," pleaded Kevin.

"I don’t wanna." said Danny.

"They‘ll grow again," said Tommy.

"Well all the guys do it now, its way cool,” said Tommy.

“They do?”

"Yeah," said Jared,

“Look here,” he said pulling down the top of his boxer briefs and showing just a patch of very closely trimmed pubes just above the base of his dick.

“And you want smooth balls don’t cha?”

"Well maybe....." said Kevin.

“Well are you guys in or out, you do wanna continue don’t you? It is the price of admission to the love lessons.”

"Aww I guess," said Danny.

"Yeah, I guess," said Kevin reluctantly.

"What will it look like?" queried Danny.

“Like this, dumb ass,” said Jared pulling down his boxer briefs and now exposing his semi chubbed dick and smooth balls.

It did look good; his balls looked really smooth and just a hint of his pubes at the top of his dick made it look larger and pretty hot to both young teens.

“How does it feel?” said Kevin.

"You can touch it if you want," replied Jared.

"Check it out," said Tommy, pulling down his boxer briefs over his semi-bone as well and hooking them under his smooth balls.

Jared suddenly felt a shock as Kevin was hefting his smooth balls.

Then Danny reached out to touch the underside of his brother’s dick, Jared thought he was gonna shoot for sure as the warm hand of his cute brother took a definite good feel of his teen equipment. He gave a small moan.

Tommy felt Kevin's and Danny's hands on his equipment as they next made a similar inspection. He gulped and knew it was getting him way too over excited as well. He definitely was getting a much bigger boner.

Jared saw his dilemma as well as his own and he knew he had to move on to the next stage or everyone was going to reach a point of no return and shoot way too early.

“It’s cool guys. We will even demonstrate. I’ll start and shave Tommy’s balls as they are due for a trim.”

Both older teens now pulled back on their undies and Jared turned and led the way to the bathroom the two brothers’ shared.

Jared got out a new razor, some shaving gel and a towel and told Tommy to splash some water on his package. Tommy pulled down his boxer briefs and stood by the sink and splashed some warm water on his dick and balls. Danny and Kevin stared at the display before them in amazement. They could not help but start to grope their own dicks through the skimpy material of their briefs.

Jared got down on his knees on the soft rug of the bathroom floor and faced the standing Tommy who’s grinning face turned to a look of almost lust as he felt Jared’s hands on his most private area as his buddy started to rub the shaving gel on his stubble covered balls.

“Man that feels good,” Tommy mumbled.

Jared took the razor and carefully lifted his buddy’s dick out of the way and started the delicate operation of cleaning up his buddy's sack. Tommy had an intense look of pleasure on his face as the swift stroke of the razor took any stubble away.

Jared handed him a towel and soon he was all cleaned up, giving himself a good groping in the process, he handed Tommy some powder and soon he was rubbing it in, the boys noticed that all this attention had made Tommy’s dick considerably bigger.

It was now Jared’s turn and he stood and waited patiently while his buddy returned the favor. He splashed water on himself and waited in anticipation. Tommy knelt in front of him, surveyed his balls and did the identical treatment as he had received. Jared gave a slight moan as he felt Tommy's hands on his balls and dick.

It was now apparent that both younger boys were pretty well boned and felt intensely horny after watching this little show. It was rare that the older teens had ever shared such an erotic moment as this before, and today with an audience as well.

It was now the younger teens’ turn.

“Ready Danny?” His older bro looked at him seriously, “Honest, I will be careful, bro.”

Danny stood there shaking in excitement and anticipation. He pushed down his skimpy white briefs and was showing a respectable five inches of young teen dick and a nice pair of balls. There was not a lot of hair but Jared went to work.

Danny liked the feel of the gentle touch of his brother as he gently clipped away, then carefully rubbed the shaving gel on his pubes and balls, what little hair he had there he soon found missing. Soon he had him smooth as a pre pubescent boy, he did leave a little quarter moon shaped patch at the top and it looked cute. Both guys were now seriously boned and excited.

Danny rubbed his crotch and balls, he could not believe how silky and smooth they felt. It did feel good to him and he figured the fabric of his skimpy briefs would only serve to make him hornier, like he always had enough of that problem anyways.

Kevin was now being worked on by Tommy and soon he had his dick and balls exposed and Tommy was rubbing gel on his package. With a few strokes of the razor it was soon all smooth, all that handling of his package made his dick pretty hard and tingly. Tommy enjoyed his task and liked feeling up the cute kid’s equipment. It only made his own dick harder.

Kevin’s dick kept trying to snap upward towards his belly while Danny’s stood straight out.

They were all now standing close to each other with their briefs pulled down to their knees.

Jared’s dick did the same as it pressed against his belly as he stood there and it was a larger version of his kid bro’s equipment. Tommy's was now standing straight out and so hard it was hurting him.

“Fuck I am so boned I hurt,” said Tommy.

“Yeah me too,” said Kevin and Danny murmured in agreement his voice thick with lust. "Yeah, so am I," said Jared.

Tommy spoke up, "We gotta get relief, I got to get my nut or I will go crazy."

"Yeah I gotta too,” said Danny almost whimpering.

Poor Jared was so boned and horny he could barely speak but he managed to say with a husky voice that they needed a special ‘contest’ to help get off and that they would have a small circle jerk right there and whoever cummed last would get a prize the day after tomorrow when they would get together again. Jared stood there with his six inches pushing up tight against his smooth belly.

Danny and Kevin were totally excited by this idea of some mutual fun with the older teens.

“This is not a race, it is about making it last,” said Tommy in between moans as he fondled his equipment, he was probably the largest in the room coming in at almost seven inches to Jared’s at just over six and a half inches, Danny at five and Kevin just over five inches.

Jared reached over to the shelf and got a bottle of baby oil and the boys stood in a circle. He squirted a bit of the oil on everyone’s dick and balls including his own to make it a bit more enjoyable and slick.

“Remember it is the last one to cum who wins.”

All the boys kept a slow but steady pace of hand friction as they rubbed their newly shaved dicks and balls. Danny was in ecstasy and he stared at his buddie’s and brother's dicks and it felt so good to do this. It was like a dream come true for Kevin.

Tommy was closely watching Danny's nice young cock, and Jared had his eyes glued to Kevin’s, though he took furtive glances at his buddy, Tommy and his younger brother as well. Whenever he felt he was getting too close he gave a tug on his balls to slow down the 'need to cum' feeling.

Tommy had a nice slow rhythm going and both he and Jared could not keep their eyes off the younger teen’s dicks.

Tommy decided to not really cheat but liven things up. He moved in closer and used his bit more of length to poke Kevin in the balls, the kid moaned and acted like he had been electrified he was so turned on by that feeling. Tommy also hit the tip of Jared’s dick with the tip of his own. This started a general 'wave it around' and 'poke someone game' and this only increased the horniness and boned up nature of this sexual adventure to a high peak of sexual tension.

At last poor Kevin could not hold out and suddenly shot a big wad of cum, painting Tommy’s smooth balls and dick with his young watery teen cum. Tommy felt the wetness and warmth and then his balls pulled up and he shot a big load as well covering Kevin’s dick, balls and tummy as well.

Then Jared was so turned on by this display his balls reacted and suddenly he was firing away at Danny making a nice line on his tummy and dripping down to his dick and balls. Finally Danny returned the favor by covering his brother’s balls and dick with his cum as well.

“I guess you win Danny, said Jared smiling, his voice still husky and shaky.

All four boys were panting and standing there in a post euphoric orgasmic bliss, Stunned by the intensity of their ejaculations over each other.

After a few minutes Jared pulled Tommy to the shower and they stepped in together to quickly clean up. The two younger teens stood there in amazement still somewhat dazed by this group jerk off. When Tommy and Jared emerged, Danny and Kevin followed and went into the shower and quickly washed off the slick coating of cum.

Back in Danny’s room with Kevin. Danny rubbed his crotch and balls, he could not believe how silky and smooth they felt now. They felt so sexy and good with the fabric of his skimpy briefs pressing against his package. Despite the fact that he had only recently blown a huge load the rubbing of the material on his equipment only served to make him more horny than usual.

"Are you still horned?" he asked Kevin.

"Oh yeah," said his buddy groping his bulge in his skimpy white briefs.

"Maybe we should work on our home work assignments," said Danny. The two boys sat on the bed and soon were kissing each other with considerable passion and pretty soon Danny had pushed Kevin back on the bed and was humping his bulging crotch into the tented package of his buddy. The cloth covered pair of young teen baskets rubbed together made the friction of cloth on smooth balls and dicks pretty intense and soon both were seriously stiff. They kept it up and pushed themselves onward to another explosion of good feelings. Their white briefs were soaked with teen cum.

In Jared’s room both guys were still in a daze after the jerk off contest and not surprisingly were also half boned again with thoughts of the latest sexy teaching lesson. Tommy suddenly just stood there with a silly grin on his face. He dropped the towel he was still wearing from the shower and said to his buddy, "I think you left some stubble on my left nut, wanna check?"

"Sure," said Jared grinning at his friend.

He reached down to his bud’s package and fondled his nuts and his other hand also rested on his dick. Tommy moaned and reached his hand over to start massaging Jared's stiff tool as well. Jared could not believe that Tommy had asked just to have his balls handled again. But he was eager to comply. It felt good and he wanted to please his friend. Jared was all too glad to abide.

"Wanna check mine too?" he said gulping a bit.

Before they knew it they were both lying on the bed with his boxer briefs halfway down his thighs and holding on to Tommy's package, slowly fondling him while a naked Tommy was very slowly jerking him off as well.

There was considerable moaning and sighing with the good feeling that each other was getting from his buddy and the hand action each was getting from the other was driving them closer to yet another intense organism. Soon both boys’ hands became very sticky.

To be continued.

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