Disclaimer: This story contains sexual content of a homosexual nature between consenting teenagers. It is intended for mature audiences only. If you are under legal age, offended, or otherwise do not wish to view material of a frank and sexual nature do not read this story.

Love Lessons
by Kip
Chapter Three
Developing New Tastes

Tommy lay in his bed thinking. He liked Saturdays and it was a good time to chill for a
few moments before he started whatever was going to happen that day. No rushing off to school, no worries about home work yet, his mind was not blank but thoughts of his recent adventures with Jared and Danny and Kevin kept crowding in. He knew he wasn’t gay, like shit man, he just couldn’t be dude. Man, like after all he was straight or that is what he insisted he was, but all he could think of lately was Danny‘s tight teen body and his buddy Jared’s nice looking dick and balls.
Fuck! All these thoughts were making him horny again and he did not want that. Well he liked that feeling but he knew if he thought too long he would have to do something to relieve the pressure he felt in his dick and balls. Man it was weird. One week it was all about chicks and cheerleaders and making out with his girl friend, Becky and now today all he could think of was guys with nice smooth bodies. Like go figure.
Not too far away, in another house, upstairs in his bedroom, Jared picked up his cell and texted Tommy.
[meet me 12 Mk d] Tommy read on his phone. He took his hand out of his boxers that had been tugging on his balls and grinned. It would be good to see his best bud and talk this all out. He really needed to talk or he would explode, his thoughts were being so confusing lately. He wondered if Jared was having the same problem thinking about boys instead of girls.

[c ya dude] was the reply that Tommy texed back.
At noon he walked into the busy restaurant. He looked around and spotted Jared at a table in the back. He thought his best buddy looked hot in his T shirt and baggy cargos. Man, where were these thoughts coming from?
“Hey dude,” said Jared as he bumped fists with his best buddy.
Jared was glad they were gonna sit in a quiet corner and he’d have a chance to talk to Tommy. He had so much whirling in his mind right now. Maybe a talk would help make things seem 'normal' again, but did he want normal? He knew he wanted to push his little game with the guys more and fuck all, he was just gonna continue it and have some fun.
They both went up to the counter, ordered, and took their shakes, burgers and fries back to a corner table.
After polishing off the meal they leaned forward and like two conspirators began to make plans.
Jared asked, “What are your plans for tonight?”
“Well I was supposed to go to the movies with Becky but she called it off cause she had a bad cold.” said Tommy wondering what his buddy had in mind.
“Too bad bro,” said Jared with a big grin.
“Umm, I was going to go out with Kathy but I am thinking of ditching her. You wanna see the guys again?”
Tommy was now convinced that Jared wanted to see the younger teens just as much as he did. Poor Tommy was springing a serious bone just thinking about it. He reached down to rearrange his junk in the confines of his cargos and boxers.
“Sure,” he said "I guess," not wanting to sound way too eager. His heart rate was beginning to speed up.
“Yeah, I can call the bitch and tell her I got grounded or something. I really didn’t at all want to see the lame movie that she wanted to go see." Jared made this all sound so easy.
“You wanna come over to my house? my folks are away and will not be back till Sunday?”
Tommy suddenly realized they could mess around and not be interrupted.
“Sure, maybe we could get the guys to come say, like at seven?"
“Yeah that would be great man.” Tommy swallowed. Man this was like, so totally gay, but hey, his straight friend wanted it as well. He pushed any negative thoughts way back in his mind.
“What do you have planned dude?”
Jared leaned forward and whispered in Tommy’s ear.
“No fuckin’ way man, they won’t do that!”
“No way at all,” repeated Tommy.
“They will if they are horny enough, dude. I bet they can be talked into it.” Jared seemed really sure of himself now.
“Fuck, really, like maybe yeah,” said Tommy groping his balls with the thought of it really happening.
“Cool, teaching them to do a blow job, wow that’s freakin’ rad man!”
“Oh yeah, it sure would be,” was the reply from Jared with his hand under the table pawing at his tenting package in his cargo shorts. Jared opened his phone and texted Danny.
Back at the house Danny’s cell beeped and he looked at the message. It was from his brother. [toms house @ 7 2nite - sleepover]
Danny looked up and grinned at Kevin who was lying on the bed and watching the television there beside him. Danny texted back [U bet]
“I wonder what the guy’s have planned for us?”
"Sup man?" inquired Kevin.
"They want us over at Tommy's house and want us to stay the night. This should be definitely interesting."
“Hope it is more fun than like, last time,” replied Kevin. “But anything is cool with me.”
“How far are they gonna take this do ya think,” asked Kevin?
“I have no idea dude, but I think they are both now really into it. And like, they said WE were faggin’ out, ha ha. Looks like they can’t stay away from touching us.”
Danny got giggling. He liked the idea of being pursued by both his brother and his brother's hottie best friend. He knew he would sure miss this attention if it stopped.
They were both now tenting their cargo shorts just thinking about the evening and what adventures it might bring. They were both pretty inexperienced about sex but they had been busy on the ‘puter checking out what boys could do to have fun together and it sure looked interesting and maybe they would get to try some things themselves that they had seen on line.
Kevin called his mom to tell her of the plan of the sleepover and she approved.

That night at supper time Danny’s mom was more than OK with the planned sleepover at Tommy’s house and she was glad that her older son was taking the responsibility of looking after his younger brother so willingly. She and her husband were going out to a dance that night so it worked out well that they did not have to worry about her younger son being home alone while they were out for the weekend.

Danny was very excited about what might happen that evening. After supper both he and Jared were dropped off by their folks at Tommy’s house. With the usual warning to 'behave’ and an added ‘do what your brother tells you,’ they closed the car door and raced up the steps. Danny was almost laughing about his mom’s last words. Jared gave a grin when he heard the words as well.
They both went up the stairs and an eager Tommy had been watching out the window for the car. Tommy opened the door and with a grin said, "Hi come on in."
No sooner had they entered than another car pulled up and Kevin who had gotten a ride from a friend came bounding up the steps as well. They were all here at last.
After dropping off their backpacks with the few things they brought for the overnight in the hallway, they all went to the kitchen, grabbed some sodas and snacks to have while all played a few games on the ‘puter in the big family room. Kevin and Danny began exchanging glances towards each other realizing that it was not just going to be an evening of ‘puter games and wondered when the interesting things would start.
Jared gave Tommy a nod and looked a bit anxious, but then seemed to relax. Next Jared suggested they all go up to Tommy’s room.
Tommy ushered them into his large bedroom. He looked a bit nervous when he closed the door. Jared now stepped forward and looked confident and with a smile said:
“We thought you should have some more advanced love lessons. Come take a look at what you might like to try.
Jared went over to his laptop 'puter on Tommy's desk and clicked on a picture file marked “b j”

"We want you to see how to give pleasure to someone. That is our lesson for tonight."
He set it up to run the file as a slide show of the pictures. The first few pictures were of chicks giving head to some college dudes. Pretty run of the mill stuff, but the guys were definitely hot. Kevin‘s attention was all focused on the nice college dude dicks, not the silly cheerleaders doing the guys.
Danny glanced at Kevin with a disappointed look. He liked the guys in the slide show but the endless parade of chicks was getting pretty old way fast. He wondered where this was all leading as the guys were definitely up to something. He could sense it.
Then it suddenly the pictures began to change in theme. Like radically. The next picture was of hot teen guy going down on another teen boy. Danny and Kevin stood there in amazement and both boys sprung instant boners watching this hot action flash across the big monitor screen. The slide show continued and the next set of pictures was all teen boys doing oral to each other as well.
In every instance it looks like all the boys in the picture were enjoying themselves and lost in total sexual bliss; both the guys getting head and the cute teens giving a blow job to their buddy. Both Kevin and Danny felt a real stirring in their young dicks looking at these pictures of definitely hot boy on boy action. Their reaction to this was not wasted on Jared and Tommy who were getting just the response they wanted.
After a while the hot slide show ended. Jared cleared his throat.
Jared spoke up, “see those guys are ‘practicing.”
“At being gay I guess,” said Kevin with a chuckle.
“No dumb ass, getting to know what they should ask a chick to do to make them feel good,” was the lame excuse Jared replied.
“Yeah if you say so, bro,” said Danny.
He almost laughed out loud at his brother’s totally bogus explanation.

“Sure.... whatever." said Kevin with a big grin.
“Well I think you two studs in training should practice."
“Not sure man, put a dick in my mouth, like that sounds like kinda gross,” said Danny.
“That is why you need practice,” said Tommy.
“But...,” protested Kevin.
“Here let me show you. Show ‘em dude,” said Jared turning to Tommy.
“What the fuck?” his surprised buddy exclaimed.
Tommy was standing right in front of Jared when he said this.
"Show the guys how it's done, " Jared said taking his hand and pressing down on Tommy’s shoulder making him get down on his knees facing his own bulging cargo shorts.
"But dude, we... uuhhhh" mumbled poor shocked Tommy.
"You gotta start them off, damn it," said Jared whispering through his teeth.
Reluctantly Tommy lowered himself completely to his knees and faced Jared.
Poor Tommy had done this only once before when he and Jared had gotten drunk, when they were also way stoned as well and very horny, and then traded blow jobs; but to do this in front of two younger teens was quite another thing. However he decided the rewards of maybe having to do this exhibition stuff might result in getting a blow job from Danny made it all worthwhile to do what Jared now wanted.
Slowly he undid Jared’s belt and the top button of his cargo shorts pulling down the zipper, the cargo’s dropped to his buddies’ ankles exposing his tented red plaid boxers.
Facing his friend’s crotch he got a slight musky scent and it turned him on.
Jared’s six-incher was coming out of the fly of the boxers. It did look nice Tommy had to admit.
"Lick it buddy.”Jared said with gentle encouragement.
“Umm, ok,” said Tommy meekly.
Jared stepped a bit forward moving it towards Tommy’s lips. The next thing Tommy knew he had a stiff teen dick in his mouth.
“Watch your teeth.” Jared warned.
Tommy covered his teeth with his lips. It did smell good and the taste was not bad either.
Next thing he knew he was slurping away and enjoying it. He was surprised that it was all happening so fast. The reaction to this ‘gay’ sex thing was a huge boner in his own shorts and he found himself groping his own crotch with one hand as it made him feel so very horny while with his other hand he was holding his friends balls.
In a minute Jared stepped back pulling out of his buddy’s mouth as he did not want to carry this too far and end up blowing his load into Tommy. He had other plans for the load still in his aching balls.
“Danny, do you want to do Kevin?  Try it kid, it is really OK.”
“If you do him, I am sure he will do you.”
Danny could not believe what his bro was asking him to do, but it seemed like it might be interesting to try it at least once. Watching those pictures on the computer and now seeing Tommy on his knees with Jared's dick in his mouth had made him way horny and the idea of his best friend Kevin sucking his dick in return sounded really good to him.
Shaking with anticipation and trying to muster a lot of self-confidence and lose his self-consciousness, Danny slowly lowered himself to his knees facing his buddy.
Kevin had pulled down his cargos and briefs and his dick stood straight out with his balls hooked under his tight white briefs. Kevin could not believe that Danny was now going to do this and that he was about to get blown by his best friend.
Kevin leaned forward and Danny edged a bit closer until his buddy’s lips met the tip of his hot and now very hard rod. He wanted it so bad from his friend.
Danny could not believe he was doing this either, it was unreal he was about to suck his fist dick. He found now he had the tip of his best friend’s dick in his mouth. It did taste good and something about it wanted him to really do it. He felt his own dick twitch in response to this. He was now so very horny and totally driven by young teen lust and seemed to be in a dream, a very good dream at that.
Jared was mumbling something about you need to appreciate what a girl goes through when she sucks a dick, but these lame words did not register in his brain and all Danny could think of was how nice his bud Kevin’s cock looked right now. There was something about the taste and excitement of this that made him want to slurp down more of it.
Kevin could not believe how wonderful it all felt. he was feeling in ecstasy and loved the attention his best friend was giving him. It felt so fuckin' good and that terrific feeling was unreal and beyond belief.
Danny was sucking away and he could feel his buddy’s cock get stiffer, he had his hand on Kevin’s balls and began to feel them rise a bit. Jared who was watching all of this noticed that as well and instructed Danny to tug them downward a bit, to prevent Kevin from shooting off too soon. He had done his homework and had read all about it in a gay teen story that he had seen on-line the other night.
Both Jared and Tommy could not help but grope themselves over the scene that was happening right in front them with one cute teen giving a blow job to another.
“Oh fuck man, I am going to shoot!” Kevin managed to exclaim.
Without much warning Kevin‘s balls pulled up tight and he began to fire a big load into Danny’s mouth. Danny was not expecting it and he started to choke on the amount of cum in his mouth. It tasted really good but it was too much to swallow all at once, some began to ooze out of his lips and down his chin.
Tommy said: "now don't forget guys a good buddy always swallows.”
Danny tried to gulp it down, it didn’t really taste too bad and he found he was so turned on he just could not help swallowing it.
He kept up swallowing as Kevin managed to blow one of the biggest loads of his young life. Kevin felt weak in his knees and as his now softening dick slid slowly from Danny’s full lips, with his cargos and white briefs still around his ankles he staggered backwards and sat on the edge of the bed and plopped backwards on the bedspread and closed his eyes in the afterglow of the incredible good feelings.
Jared and Tommy exchanged glances and grinned in almost disbelief as they had no idea it would be as hot a session as they had just witnessed.
Danny got up off his knees and glanced at the exhausted Kevin still with his eyes closed and now looked at Tommy and Jared for a sign of approval.
Jared said with a big grin “You done way good buddy, man you are now an expert!”

“Definitely!” chimed in Tommy.
Jared now questioned Kevin, “have you recovered and are ready to do your buddy here?”

“I guess,” was the reply from the almost sleepy Kevin. He sat up on the bed and shook his head to revive himself from the fog of sex. Then slowly stood up and looked at his best friend who was now standing there with bulging cargo shorts.
He went over to him, undid the top button and zipper of the cargos and let them drop, and then he slowly slid his best friends white briefs down to his ankles. Danny’s dick was free from the confines of the tight undies.
It was now his turn, Kevin was shaking with the eager curiosity of a virgin, in seconds he would be experiencing a totally unknown sensation. He slowly lowered himself to his knees and faced his best friend's dick which was now standing out at full attention waiting for his blow job.
Danny had been fully aroused with Kevin's dick in his mouth and now it was his turn for him to get relief from Kevin. The poor kid had a dick so hard it hurt and totally full balls ready to blast their load down his buddy’s throat.
Kevin inched forward and tentatively extended his tongue, took a lick at the outstretched dick and then drew back just a bit. It didn't taste bad at all, in fact the taste drew him to try more and soon his lips were wrapped about his bud's manhood and he was slurping away like it was a Popsicle treat. He felt his own dick now responding to the sexual excitement and he began to feel really horny again.
Danny moaned in appreciation. Fuck! It was an unbelievable feeling to be getting his first blow job.

Kevin tried to be just as expert as his buddy had been, going slowly at first, covering his teeth, sliding his mouth back and forth and trying not to swallow too much of it. He did not want to choke himself on it.
Danny bucked his hips forward a bit involuntary like, and Kevin felt the head of his buddy’s dick hit the back of his throat he immediately began to gag. He backed off, not wanting to start retching. It was soon all ok and a good rhythm was started with the two.
They had an appreciative audience. Jared and Tommy could not believe what they had started. It was hot beyond words.
Danny grinned at his buddy Kevin whose shaggy head bobbed about just below his waist. Man it felt good. But he knew he could not last much longer. Even though Kevin had his hands on his balls he could not control everything and all too soon he was blasting a totally huge load into his best bud’s mouth. It caught him almost by surprise.
Kevin, like a champ, tried to swallow it all down but could not quite. Cum oozed from his lips. He decided he liked the taste. He weakly stood up in a haze of lust and grinned at his best buddy who smiled back at him. The grin turned to a closer meeting of their faces and they suddenly both started making out with their mouths still having the remnants of each other’s cum.
Both boys now felt weak in the knees from this dizzying experience and the need to lie down for a minute. This totally new experience had been so intense. They were both collapsed on Tommy’s bed side by side. Danny lay on the bed with Kevin rolled close to him on the bedspread. They both had closed their eyes in the afterglow of a hot and steamy time of boy on boy action.
Tommy and Jared grinned at each other and both had raging hardons after watching an incredible show put on by the two boys. It had been so fuckin’ hot!
Holy crap! It was so amazing to watch they were both surprised they had not creamed their pants just standing there watching!
Both knew it would be their turn very soon but they would have to wait for the boys to have a short rest before they were going to start up again with the second part of today’s lesson. They grinned at each other and both older boys were now pretty uncomfortable with serious hardons waiting for some attention to their own package.
What had just happened was beyond their wildest dreams.
To be continued.

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