L.I.E To Me: Pilot Episode

Usual warning is to be stated: Sex between same-sex characters, language and sexual situations will be included. Warning: Dark comedy/drama type story in an episode type arch. ENJOY! If you are not of age do not read thank you!!!

Dear Bubs,

I know that you will never forgive me, never forgive me for what is about to happen. If I'm sorry would do justice than I would say it a million times over...my love, my heart and my soul....I am sorry.

“So where is Bronx?” August asks me while sitting on the couch.

“I don't know where he is, I have not heard from him today.” I say back to her as I sit down.

“You know, he is not a -” she starts before I cut her off

“Would you and everyone else just lay off it please? It is starting to get really old.” I say with a frown.

“I am just trying to protect you.” August repeats for, I don't know the millionth time. I know August has the best intentions, I really do it is just sometimes your friends can be the reason why a relationship does not work out, I love her with all my heart I swear I do but at times I want to just scream at her to shut the fuck up!

“Here, hit this” I say to her as she takes the joint from my hand and places it to her lips.

If I was not gay, I think that I would be most definitely fuck August. She was half Japanese which gave her an exotic look, that is set off by her jet black hair and red full lips. We met in Junior high school, and ever since then we have hit it off.

“Did you get this shit from Bronx?” She ask me while handing me the joint.

“No, some guy named Jase.” I said to her while we passed back and forth.

“Please state your name”

“Jase Summers”

“Go ahead” the voice states.

“Bro, what the fuck?” Jase says as he looks upon me.

“yeah, it's not pretty” I state back to him

“What the hell, what hap-”

“Nothing, I cannot...just can you do me a favor please?” I say to Jase with sadness in my voice... “Please?”

“alright well thanks for smoking me up, i am going to get home and do some homework” August mentions as she walks to the front door.

“Peace” I simply state.

I sit on the couch and check my phone for any missed calls or text messages. “where the fuck are you!?” I sigh in frustration to myself, “ It's only two, I have time to bust a nut.” I say to myself as I head upstairs to my room...

“So what? I need to tell him that you are in-” Jase says

“Just tell him, what I told you to tell him, and that's all you need to say” I say to him with frustration, Jase may be my best friend but he is fucking stupid sometimes.

“Well, what do I get out of the deal?” Jase questions

“are you fucking kidding me right now? After all I did for you!” I scream in his face.

“calm down, calm down, you give me what I want, and I'll do what you want....you do not really have much of a choice now do you?” Jase says as he pushes me down.

“Fuck me, fuck me harder baby....mmmm...” I grunt while stroking my rock hard dick.

“baby make me cum, baby I'm about to cum” I yell as six spurts shoot from my dick and land on my chest. I reach next to my bed and grab my cum rag, and wipe myself up.

“WHERE IN THE FUCK ARE YOU BRONX!?” Even after cumming, i am still on edge trying to figure out where the fuck my boyfriend is. It is literally times like these when I start to think that what everyone says it true, he is probably out shooting up drugs, or cheating on me, I swear to god when I figure out why he is not talking to me this time, it will be the last time... I am done.

Dear Bubs,

my love, my heart, my soul....i am sorry....please do not give up on me...

I love you,


Well this is what I like to call the “pilot” episode. The concept is something that I am trying to do, to test out some story lines that I am currently working on for a television script. This story will be broken up into 12 episodes, that will be posted once a week just like a regular television show, my hope is for people to pick up on it and for it to be a hit! Stick with me, you will not be disappointed!

A.J Long