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Love Me
Chapter 1

7:00 pm

Five miles from where his brother lives, Riley Matthew Bishop, has been planning his coming out for months now. He wasn't home when his older brother, Caden, had his coming out experience. Riley has no idea that Caden waited until he was out of the house before he told his parents. Riley has never heard his dad or mom speak badly about gay people, so he thought that he was safe.

Across town, Caden and his boyfriend Ethan are enjoying a date night at a new restaurant.

At the Bishop home, as Riley is walking down the stairs to the kitchen, butterflies are making him feel sick to his stomach. As his brother is leaning in to kiss his partner on the lips, Riley is about to let the words "I'm gay" slip from his. For Riley, this event, coming out, will be life altering. As his brother breaks the kiss, Riley is standing in the kitchen while his parents enjoy their dessert. Caden and Ethan take each other's hand as Riley asks to speak with his parents. Just then, Caden gets a twist in his stomach; it's a twist so strong that he gets up and runs to the restroom. Worried about his lover, Ethan also runs towards the restroom.

Caden stares into the mirror as his brother says, "Mom, Dad, I'm gay!"

As the words leave his brother's mouth, tears come down Caden's face.

"Caden, are you okay?"

"No... I think it's time to get our check and go home."

Without skipping a beat, Riley and Caden's dad launches from his seat.

"I don't want any faggots in my house!"

Riley is stunned. A tear starts to fall from his 16-year-old face.

"Just great, now the fag is crying. Why don't you stop before I give you something to cry for?"

Riley looks at his mother, who is just sitting there in shock, but it is not the fact that his dad is being verbally abusive that shocked her; it's the fact that another son has come out as being gay.

Caden and Ethan have just asked for the check.

Riley does his best to wipe the tears from his eyes. He expects his mom to step up at any time to tell his dad off. She isn't going to step up. His Mom doesn't want another gay son either. He suddenly realizes that his mother isn't the hero that he thought she was.

The waiter comes back to Caden and Ethan. He hands the receipt to Caden who digs out his credit card in order to pay. As the waiter takes the card in the restaurant across town, Riley is receiving a mean right punch to the side of his head. His dad's fist strikes Riley's skull just forward of the right temple. Riley's body falls to the floor and his dad just steps over his body and picks up his son. He carries him out of the house and drops him in the front yard. Someone saw Mr. Bishop drop his son's still body on the ground. Instantly, someone walking down the sidewalk saw Riley's limp body, and called 911.

"911, what is your emergency?"

"I'm on 1341 Colonial Dale Drive... there's a body out here. He isn't moving."

"Does he have a pulse?"

"I'm... I'm checking."

Placing his fingers on Riley's jugular vein, the stranger detects a pulse.

"Yes... Yes, there's a pulse."

"Is he breathing?"

"Umm... I'm not sure."

"Stay on the phone, I'm sending an ambulance and the police out to your location. Do not hang up with me until they arrive. Does he have any ID on him?"

"I... I don't know."

The stranger's name is Isaac Stone. He is 19 and lives a few blocks over. Isaac begins to dive into Riley's pockets. Somehow, luck was smiling on Riley. His wallet was in his left back pocket.

Caden and Ethan leave the restaurant and walk to their car just as Isaac can hear the sirens coming towards him. Riley is slowly slipping away. His breathing has stopped and the EMTs are still two minutes out. He cannot hear anyone and he cannot see anyone. His breathing has stopped. The EMTs arrive on the scene. As the EMTs exit their ambulance, Riley's brain is not getting the oxygen it needs to sustain life. Another minute or two and he could be dead. Luckily, they start quickly on getting him breathing again and his body responds well to with their assistance. Soon after the EMTs arrive, two police cruisers arrive, one of the officers walk up to the very scared and nervous Isaac.

"Sir, Dispatch mentioned that, the young man had a wallet. Can I see it please?"

"Yeah... it's right here."

He handed the wallet over to the officer and then turned his attention to the EMTs.

"Is he going to be all right?"

"It's too early to tell, but there could be some brain damage. Are you related to him?"

Isaac looks at the kid's face. He thinks that maybe he has seen him around the neighborhood.

"No... I'm not related."

The officer looks at the state ID in the kid's wallet, and discovers that his address matches the address of the property of the house that they are in front of right now.

`Weird, I wonder what happened to him. I'll have to figure this out. Maybe the kid who called this in saw something. It's possible someone beat this kid up and then dropped him off at the house.'

He never considers the possibility that his own father had attacked him and then left him to die out in his own yard. As he approaches the house, he worries about the kid. There are cars in the driveway, so someone is home.


The officer stands at the door and knocks. A few seconds later, a man opens the door. He seems surprised, by the look on his face.

"Are you Mr. Bishop?"

"Yes, I am. How can I help you?"

"Do you have a son named Riley?"

"I'm sorry, but I don't. I've only lived here a few days. Maybe he used to live here. Why? Is this kid in trouble?"

`There is something funny about this guy's story. This kid's ID card says that he lives here and it's an official card, not some forgery.'

"Well, did you have any cars pull up outside the house?"

"No, officer, I did not, sorry."

`He's holding something back. I think I should speak with the neighbors before I stop in at the hospital.'

Officer Brant is new the force, but he is good at reading people. Mr. Bishop is lying.

"Thank you, sir." Officer Brant returns to his car, picks up his radio and calls into dispatch.

"Car 98 to Tylerville, 98 to Tylerville. I just left the Bishop house. Did you hear from car 7?"

"Ten four. Car 7 is currently at the hospital. We have another call on the same street regarding this call. 1342 Colonial Drive just called saying that they saw their neighbor carry the victim out of the house and drop him on the ground."

"Ten Four. I'm going to talk with the neighbor."

"Ten Four."

Officer Brant hangs up the radio, turns off the engine, pulls the keys, locks the doors, and then closes them. He then turns to the new address and crosses the street.


As he crosses the street, he doesn't understand why anyone would do such a thing to their son. He has a little boy himself and cannot imagine striking his son in any way, shape, or form. When he reached the address, he walked up to the front door and rang the bell. A young woman, a twenty-something, opened the door.

"My name is Officer Brant," he said, showing his badge to make sure that he properly identified himself. "I'm investigating a crime that happened across the street involving Riley Bishop."

The young woman brought the officer into the house and called up the stairs for her mom. An older woman came walking down the stairs. Whatever she saw has upset her.

"Hello, miss, you called wanting to report what you saw across the street."

"Oh... I didn't just see it. We heard it. My daughter and I were walking around the house and we heard Mr. Bishop yelling. Next thing we know, he is walking out of his house with something large in his hands. It wasn't until he dropped Riley that we realized what Mr. Bishop had in his hands. Is Riley alright?"

"I'm sorry, but I haven't heard anything."

"You know that Riley has an older brother, don't you?"

"No... I didn't. Do you think his family would have contacted him?"

"No!" She seemed confident that they wouldn't have called Riley's brother.

"By any chance, do you know the brother's name?"

"It's Caden; Caden Bishop. I also have his cell phone number, if you want."

"Can you give to me?

The woman left the room for a second and came back with a small notebook. Flipping through it, she came to a page and started reading the number on it.

"It's 555-292-7272, and his name is Caden Bishop."

The officer finished his report for this stop and then went back outside to his squad car. As he walked back outside, he could see one of the blinds at the Bishop residence move. Grabbing his radio on his uniform, he pushed the talk button.

"Car 98 to Tylerville, 1342 Colonial Drive heard Mr. Bishop yelling and then saw him carry his son out into the yard and drop him. I also have a number for the kid's brother. It's 555-292-7272. Brother's name is Caden Bishop. Repeat the number."

"Roger; the number is 555-292-7272."

Wasting no time, dispatch checks with the shift supervisor and his supervisor choose Officer Brant to make the call. The young officer feels a connection to the kid.

Officer Brant returns to station so he can make the call. He has no information other than what he obtained at the scene, and what hospital the young man is at right now. Taking a deep breath, Officer Brant began to dial the number.


A man's voice answered the phone. He sounded young. The voice didn't sound deep, but it was still a man's voice.

"Hi, my name is Officer Jackson Brant with the Tylerville Police Department. Do you have a brother named Riley?"

Caden's heart immediately sank. He knew something was wrong with his baby brother, even at the restaurant he knew something was wrong.

"Yes... is he in some kind of trouble?"

"Well... yes Riley was found by a stranger laying in your parents' yard. He was unconscious, had a pulse, but wasn't breathing when the EMTs arrived. I think you should come out to St Mark's Hospital immediately. I will talk to you there."

"Okay, I'll drive there right now.

Both men ended their call. The officer just needed to grab his keys and run out to his squad car, but Caden had to grab his keys and then grab Ethan. He needed Ethan's support. He was already shaking with fear. Running into the bedroom, he found Ethan watching a movie.

"Ethan... Riley's been hurt. I need to get up to St. Mark's right now. There is some police officer going to meet me up there. I want you to come with me."

Ethan was a bit reluctant to go with him. He had just put the movie into the DVD player, but he knew how much Caden loved his family. They didn't deserve his love because of the way they treated him. Ethan turned off the DVD player and the television.

"Let's go. Do you want me to drive?"

"Yes, please."

Ethan and Caden set out on a trip that would forever change their lives.


As they drove through Tylerville, Caden's mind was on his brother. He was scared for his brother. He cannot hide his concern for Riley. What could have happened that caused his brother to be in the hospital? Was he in a fight? Was Riley shot? All these questions are running through his mind.

Ethan knew his partner was upset about his brother.

Caden can feel his heart speeding up as the hospital came into view... closer and closer it came.

Ethan pulled up to the front of the hospital and gave Caden a chance to jump out. Caden ran up to the front desk. He was in panic mode.

"An... an ambulance brought my brother in here. I'm supposed to meet Office Brant."

The elderly woman at the desk looked through the memos in front of her. Caden could see her reading the text of the memo in front of her.

"May I see your driver's license?"

He dug into his pants pocket and pulled out his wallet. Opening it up, he took out his license and handed it to her. She looked at it and then at the memo.

"You need to take this paper and report to the third floor nurses' station."

"My boyfriend is coming in with me. He's parking the car. His name is Ethan Bell, would you please send him up?"

She smiled sweetly up at Caden.

"I will."

Caden walked towards the elevator, and as it opened, Ethan came running up behind him.

They stepped inside the elevator and Caden reached out for the buttons. A shaking finger pushed the button for the third floor. The doors closed and soon opened at the selected floor.

Caden rushed out to the nurses' station. He again retrieves his driver's license and shows it to the woman on the other side of counter.

"My brother, Riley Bishop, was brought in by an ambulance. Is there anyone I can talk to?"

He watched as she picked up the phone.

"Riley Bishop's brother Caden is here to see his brother."

"Thank you."

"Sit down here and someone will be out to see you shortly."

Caden and Ethan sat down in the small waiting area. Time moved slowly as they waited. Caden was too worried to talk. Ethan took his boyfriend's hands into his in an effort to relax him. It took fifteen minutes for someone to come out of the trauma center wing. A middle-aged woman approached them. "Riley Bishop's brother?" she said, scanning the waiting room. Caden stood up along with Ethan and walked towards her.

"Which one of you is Riley's brother?"

Caden raised his hand. "I am. Is he okay?"

Caden could already see the bad news in her eyes. His boyfriend, on the other hand, couldn't, or didn't want to, see it. She brought them into a room and sat them down. She looked at Ethan for a second and then dismissed whatever she was going to say.

"Your brother was struck by something on his skull. He might have hit the floor and that would have caused more injuries than he would have sustained from just the punch. He wasn't breathing when the EMTs arrived on the scene; however, they were able to get him to breathe on his own. He is not responsive at this time. The good news is that the heart never stopped. It would appear right now, that your brother is in a coma. Doctor Smith believes that he will come out of it in a few hours or a few days. We won't know more until the doctor runs some additional tests."

"Can I see him?"

"Not right now. Riley is being checked for any hematomas or bleeding that might be occurring in his brain."

As she left, a tall muscular man in a police uniform stepped into the room.

"Caden Bishop?"

"Yes, officer?"

"I have some bad news for you. I don't have all the details just yet, but this is what I know as of right now. When I spoke with your father, he told me that he didn't have a son named Riley. Do you have any idea why he would answer like that?"

"Yeah... I can think of a reason. My brother is... gay."

Ethan was startled. Caden's parents disowned him, and now it looks like they punished Riley for being gay.

"I also spoke with some neighbors of yours who said that they heard your dad shouting and, soon after the shouting ended, they saw your dad carrying your brother out to the lawn, where he dropped him. Under the circumstances, I have no choice but to arrest your father for child abuse, assault and battery. I might even charge him under the city's hate crime laws."

Caden's head fell to his lap and tears began to fall. Officer Brant sat down next to him.

"I'm going to leave now and arrest him."

"Officer, my boyfriend was disowned by his parents for being gay," Ethan said.

Officer Brant gave Ethan a handshake and then headed out to arrest Riley's attacker.


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