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Love Me
Chapter 2

As Officer Brant headed out to arrest Mr. Bishop, he couldn't get rid of the image of Caden Bishop's tears running down his face.

"Car 98 to Tylerville, Car 98 to Tylerville, I'm en route to arrest Mr. Bishop for the attack he made on his son."


He flipped a switch in his patrol car and the sirens started their squeal. He then flipped the switch for his lights.

"Car 98 to Tylerville, Car 98 to Tylerville, I want back up."

"10-4, any officers able to respond, please meet Car 98 at 1341 Colonial Drive."

"Car 45 is en route."

"Car 98 to Car 45, 10-4."

As he neared Colonial drive, Jackson Brant turned off his siren. He waited a few houses up from 1341 for his backup to arrive. It did not take long and soon both officers were standing together on the porch of the Bishop residence, ready to place cuffs on the wrists of the man of the house.


Officer Brant knocked on the door. When Mrs. Bishopanswered, she seemed surprised that the police were back.

"We need to speak to your husband."

"He's not here..."

Officer Brant pressed the talk switch on his shoulder mic and spoke. "Car 98 to Tylerville, I need this street blocked off. We are entering the house in search of our suspect."


"I'm going to say it again; we need to speak to your husband."

She stood there looking very defiant. Officer Brant walked into the house. Hearing a sound from upstairs, Officer Brant rushed up the stairs. In the bedroom at the top of the stairs, Mr. Bishop was standing ready to exit through a window.

"Stop!" Officer Brant ordered, as the other officer came up behind him. Mr. Bishop brought his left leg back into the room. He put up no fight as the officers put cuffs around his wrists.

"You're under arrest for child abuse and the battery of your son, Riley. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided for you. Do you understand the rights I have just read to you?"

"Yes, I understand my rights, but I have nothing to say to you. I told you that I don't have a son named Riley."

"Let's go."

Officers Brant and Reyes escorted their suspect out of the room. It did not take long for them to get out of the house and into the car.

"Car 98 to Tylerville, Car 98 to Tylerville, we have the suspect and we are in en route to the station."

Officer Brant felt warmth in his soul. He had taken one more bad guy off the streets. Suddenly it hit Officer Brant that the suspect's wife lied to their faces.

"Car 98 to Car 45, can you report back to 1341 Colonial Drive and arrest Mrs. Bishop for obstructing a police investigation and as an accomplice to child abuse and battery."

"10-4 with pleasure!"

With that, Car 98 sped off towards the precinct and Car 45 went after its suspect. After Mr. and Mrs. Bishop were booked, Officer Brant called the third floor nurses' station.

"Hello, this is Officer Brant. Is Caden Bishop still in your waiting room?"

"Hold please."

The nurse who answered the phone put Officer Brant on hold and then pushed the intercom button on her phone and paged Caden.

He got up and walked to the nurses' station.

"I'm Caden Bishop."

The nurse handed him the phone and then clicked the phone back over to Officer Brant.

"You wanted to talk to me?"

"Is this Caden Bishop?"

"Yes, it is."

"This is Officer Brant; we arrested your father and mother."


"Yes. At this point, I've arrested your father for child abuse and the battery of your brother. Also at this point, your mother is facing charges of being an accomplice to child abuse, battery, and obstructing a police investigation."

"Thanks so much for letting me know."

Handing the phone back to the nurse, Caden walked back to his seat feeling some relief, but his heart still weighed a ton.

As he sat there waiting for word about Riley, a woman in business attire walked up to the nurse's station, she looked as though she was a member of the FBI. She says something to the lady at the desk, who immediately points in Caden's direction. Turning around, the lady approaches Caden with a look on her face that screams "Sorry!" He stands up as she approaches him and extends his right hand. She accepts his handshake.

"Caden, I'm Linda Moore. I'm a social worker and I've been assigned to your brother's case. I'd like to talk to you about your brother for a few minutes."

Ethan also greets the social worker, but she quickly turns back to Caden.

"Who is this?"

"He is my boyfriend, Ethan."

"Would you like to join us?"



Ethan isn't sure that he wants to be here or not, but maybe it will give him some idea of what's going on if he attends this little meeting.


Meanwhile, Caden, Ethan, and Miss Moore have moved to one of the private rooms. Caden's heart is about to pop out of his chest. Hopefully, she has some good news for him, because he could really use some right now. Caden sits in one of the chairs and Linda sits in one of the other chairs, next to a large desk. Caden watches as she opens a folder and pulls out some papers.

"Mr. Bishop, I'm here to discuss your brother's future with you. There are several possibilities at the moment, and I'd like to pass them by you. Of course, I cannot do anything until your brother is comes out of his coma. I have to decide where your brother is going to be living once he is ready to leave the hospital. Your sister is refusing to be Riley's guardian. It seems she has been in contact with your parents. It would be awesome if you would choose to be Riley's legal guardian."


Caden looks t at Ethan. He wonders if Ethan would be okay with them taking in his brother. Ethan has already said that he doesn't want kids, but surely he wouldn't deny Caden his own brother. Surely his boyfriend would understand the situation and make an exception. Riley needs to have his brother with him. even harder. No, Ethan loves Caden, so taking in Riley should not be an issue. If it is a problem then Ethan will get over it or leave. Riley needs Caden, and big brother needs little brother.

"Ethan, I have to do this."

"I need time to think about this Caden."


Caden turns back to Miss Moore with his decision.

"I want to take in my brother, but I guess it will be a while before he actually comes home. In the meantime, I need to know what will be expected of me."

Caden looks at Ethan. He knows that Ethan was there for him and kept him sane after his parents disowned him. Right now things feel stable and they should after two months together. He returns his attention to Miss Moore.

"We both have jobs and we have a two bedroom apartment. Things seem pretty stable right now."

She smiles as she hands him a stack of papers to fill out. He looks down at them and his hand shakes a little bit. Again, he looks at Ethan, and his thoughts turn to the future. Ethan is his love. They share everything, but still there is room for questioning that love. He wants so badly for this to happen. What happens to him and to Riley if he and Ethan fall apart .

Ethan has kept his thoughts to himself. He isn't sure that he wants anything to do with this situation. Rather than say anything at this moment, he keeps quiet.

"I will talk to you later. Please keep in touch and, if you need anything, anything at all, call me. Okay?"

"Thanks, Miss Moore."

Miss Moore turned and opened the door and walked out of the room. She was followed by Caden, who walks up to the nurse's station.

"Is there any news on my brother?"

"Riley Bishop?"


"I'm afraid not."

The lady behind the desk types something into her computer. Her eyes scan the monitor.

"It looks like he is having some tests run. Don't worry; we have a good team working with Riley."

Her last comment immediately raised Caden's hope.

"I need to talk to my boyfriend in private about some decisions that we need to make about my brother. Is there a place we can go?"

She tells him that the room he and Miss Moore were using is still available.

"Thank you so much."

"Can we n talk?"

Ethan did not want to hear this. Caden could not see it, but Ethan was almost at the breaking point. Every piece of eye candy that walked by has tempted Ethan to walk.


They walk to the room and once inside, they close the door.

"Ethan I-I need you to be okay with this. I have to be here for my brother. We both know that he'll either move in with us or end up in some foster home. I don't want to pressure you into making a decision so just think about it."

Instantly, Caden saw something that he's seen only one other time in his lover's eyes. It was anger. The last time he saw Ethan's vile anger was when Caden's parents disowned him. This was bad, and after telling the social worker that everything was fine in their relationship, now he could tell that things were not okay.

" You know how I feel about. I don't want to be your brother's guardian. You go tell her that you can't fucking do this! I don't know if I can do this."

"Wait, you said that you supported me! You said that I mattered! This is important to me, and it should be important to you."

Ethan remembers saying those things to him and he did mean them. It could just be that he's tired and not thinking straight. Right now, he needs to listen, then wait, and see what happens. After all, Riley may not be coming home.

"Look, it does matter to me. I'm just tired. We don't know what's going to happen. He may not be able to leave the hospital. "

How could he say that to the man who loves him? The man who repeatedly has told him that he's good enough for every single role that he's ever done on film. Has he forgotten that Caden gave up his first job to move with him to Los Angeles for five months? Caden couldn't hold back and started to tear up. This was not an act, these tears are real, but the only thing that Ethan could see was weakness.

"I'm going to go home. Call me when you hear something."

Ethan walks out of the room; walks out on Caden who is still crying.

"Stay... Ethan. I-I... need you here."

"I'm sorry man, but I'm tired. We've been here for four hours. I'll see you at home."

Caden gets up and watches as Ethan starts to walk towards the elevators. One of the nurses sees Caden and notices his tears.

"Want to talk?"

Caden doesn't want to burden anyone with his issues, but maybe it would be good for him to get this off his chest. As he is about to answer the nurse, one of the male nurses catches Ethan's eye. For a spilt second the two of them gaze into each other's eyes. This nurse has blondish-brown hair, striking brown eyes, and a body that just begs to be explored. Caden is sexy, no doubt about it, but this guy couldn't have the burden of a partner who's bringing a kid into the picture.

"I couldn't just cheat on Caden, could I? I could hide this guy, until I'm ready to break up with him."

He does love his boyfriend, but he wants the old brother, free, problem free boyfriend back. This guy could be a good diversion, a way to forget about Caden's problems. He moves his eyes up and down the stranger and then they make eye contact once more. This time Ethan walks towards the elevators with a smile on his face. He turns and gives his boyfriend one last glance before going home.


Caden joins the nurse who volunteered to listen to his problems.

"My... my brother was a-assaulted by my dad for... for coming out. Now... my boyfriend is mad at me for... taking... my brother in... all because he doesn't want to be a dad."

She puts her hands around him and gives him a hug.

"Damn, if he wasn't gay, I'd hit on him. I can't just hit on him. It would be wrong to hit on him."

"Does your boyfriend love you?"

"I-I... think so; I-I hope so."

He has never been so unsure of anything in life than he is about Ethan right now.

She can feel his emotions burning through his skin. There is no doubt that he loves his boyfriend. But right now, she doesn't like Caden's boyfriend, and she doesn't even know his name.

"Maybe he just needs time to think things over, and he'll cool down once he thinks about it."

"I-I... guess he could come around."

He wanted to believe what she said was true. Caden prays that she is right.


Sadly, in the men's restroom, the male nurse who was flirting with Ethan is taking care of business. He found himself tenting up in his scrubs. He didn't exactly want to walk into a patient's room with his erection showing. Entering the restroom, he finds an empty stall and begins to jerk off. In his mind, he is picturing Ethan giving him a blowjob. He's doing his best to keep the moans down so no one will know what's he's doing. The sad thing is, he doesn't know if this guy is married, committed, or single. At this point, he doesn't care either. All he cares about is release. From the sensations in his body, he'll be releasing very soon. All of a sudden, it hits; the power of his orgasm almost causes him to collapse. When its power subsided, he looks into the toilet and flushed it.

"I can't wait to have him for real."

He makes sure that he's properly cleaned up down below. He pulls up his briefs and then his pants. He steps out of the stall and washes his hands. He looks into the mirror and smiles.

"Mr. Stranger, you will be mine someday."

He walks out the restroom and sees Caden crying in the room. He has no idea that the man he just saw is the partner of the stranger that he just finished jerking off too.