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Love Me

Chapter 4

Ethan wakes up early. He grabs his journal, and begins to write.

Two days ago, Caden, my boyfriend, received a phone call from our police department notifying him that his baby brother had been admitted to the hospital. It interrupted our date. We went to see him and find out what his condition was. After a few hours of waiting, I finally left my boyfriend at the hospital. As I was leaving, I saw a guy who blew my mind away. He was checking me out too. He works at the hospital. All I can say is the guy is perfect. If I were not with Caden, I would have made my move. Caden and I have not had sex for two days, and this nurse might just be the cure for my itch. Caden is destroying this relationship.

Ethan puts his journal away and then grabs the clothes he needs for his shower. As he showers, Ethan's mind turns to Riley.

"I know when Riley comes home that Caden and I will have no time to ourselves. I'm sure Caden will want to turn the office into a bedroom, which sucks. Where else are we going to stick the computer?"

All he can see is how Caden and Riley seem to be tearing his life apart. Ethan isn't happy about the situation and only Caden can fix it. `Riley belongs in a home where people can work with him and he won't impact Caden's life as much. It's bad enough that Caden decided not to sleep at the apartment last night,' Ethan thinks to himself. What he wants right now is to have someone there showering with him.

After his shower, Ethan heads into the kitchen to toast a bagel and grab a cup of coffee. With breakfast in hand, he heads to the car and off to a local modeling gig.

Across town, Caden is slowly waking up in Riley's hospital room. Caden hardly slept last night. He would fall asleep and then a nurse would come into the room, waking him up. He would fall asleep again and then someone else would walk into the room. A couple times, another patient screamed out in pain and that caused him wake up. It was a very rough night.

"Good morning Riley." A part of him was expecting his brother's eyes to be open. He smiles as he walks out the door. His only priority right now is getting some coffee. Caden needs that caffeine boost in the morning. When he reaches the cafeteria, he buys a cup of coffee and some fresh fruit. Caden sits down, pulls out his phone, and checks his voice mail. He opens his planner and jots any notes that he needs to make. As he finishes his breakfast and finishes taking care of business, he heads back up to Riley's room.

As he enters the room, he notices the white board in the room: "Your nurse for this shift is Andrew". He grabs his laptop and sits down in his chair to work. He misses being at work and visiting with the kids. Right now, though, their problems pale in comparison to what he and Riley are going through. Being able to work at the hospital is at least providing him with a distraction. All he can think about is his brother. Going into work can wait for now, Riley is more important to him. The sterile environment of the hospital is no place for Riley. It is no place for Caden for that matter.

He would rather be at work than here at the hospital. He misses the interactions with his co-workers. It would be easier to work on his plans for the ball in his office at work than here amongst the noises of the hospital, and seeing his brother in bed. Today he has to make due with working from the hospital. It is not private, but at least the work is getting done. He is struggling to stay focused, so it is a good thing that it only took him a half hour to finish up today. Now he can focus on Riley. Suddenly he finds himself needing to use the restroom.

= = =

Returning to the room, Caden finds Doctor Nichols inside checking on Riley.

"Are there any changes in my brother's condition?"

"He is more responsive this morning than he was yesterday, so that is a good sign."

"Awesome!" Caden sat down with a smile on his face.

"Based on your brother's responses to stimuli, I think he might, and I mean might, be out of his coma in a few days."

Caden cannot help but feel excited. He is excited about the news, but he is trying to hold back a little to avoid looking like a fool. His excitement gives way to hopelessness as he thinks about everything that still needs to be done. He needs to get Riley's living arrangements figured out and then there is the issue of making the apartment safe and accessible for Riley. It may even require moving if the necessary changes cannot be made. He wonders how Ethan will react to the possibility of moving. Maybe they won't have to move, but they'll need to make changes, regardless of whether they need to change apartments or not. After Doctor Nichols left the room, Caden pulled his chair closer to the bed so he could talk to his brother.

"Doctor Nichols seems to think that you'll be waking up soon. Awesome news bro, I can't wait to talk to you."

= = =

Caden becomes aware of someone else in the room with him. Ethan came up after a day of shooting pictures for a new campaign.

"Hey, what's new?"

"Doctor Nichols thinks that Riley might be waking up in a few days.

"Oh!" Ethan was excited, but very apprehensive at the same time. This kid has already given him a case of blue balls and a headache as well, and now he might be coming home sooner than later. Hopefully, it won't be as bad as Ethan thinks it will be.

"Do we know what he'll be like when he wakes up?"

"They haven't said anything to me about it today, so I assume Riley will have the handicaps that they mentioned to us on the day he was admitted."

"Have they mentioned anything about the changes that we'll need to make at home?"

Ethan is digging for information. He is trying to assess how much damage the new housemate will cause to his life. Caden is slowly starting to see Ethan's true colors. Although he has not said anything bad, there is a glint of it in his eyes.

"Ethan, what's wrong?"

This new side of his boyfriend is really bugging Caden. Ethan's heart needs to be in the right place on this one. He needs to understand that family comes before boyfriends. Ethan needs to wake up.

"I get it, your brother is sick and you're worried, but you're in a relationship, now act like it."

Ethan meant what he said. He wants time with Caden. One night would be awesome.

"Don't even use the time I've spent here at the hospital against me. I want to be there. I told you at the start of our relationship that my family comes first."

Caden did in fact tell Ethan that, but none of that matters now. Ethan wants him to feel guilty for not putting out over the past three days.

"Okay, so what about my needs?"

"Your needs? Oh come on, don't give me that shit. Get real!"

"I am being real. It's been three days with no sex."

"It's more about you getting off than it is about anything else. Once he's home, we can have sex."

Ethan didn't want to have just sex. He wanted full-blown toe curling sex. Caden wants it too, but his mind is torn between his work and Ethan. Maybe a quickie in the restroom wouldn't be so bad. It might even distress him a little bit. Ethan could see this was going nowhere.

"Ethan, I care... I really do, but..."

"Just forget it!" As Ethan was about to leave, Andrew, the nurse that Ethan flirted with a couple days ago, walked into the room. Caden should have stayed in the room, but Ethan was just making things unbearable.


Caden left the room to get away from Ethan, which left Ethan and Andrew in the room together. At first, Andrew ignored Ethan, but when the nurse was done in the room, he tapped Ethan's ass. As Ethan turned around, Andrew could see that Ethan was blushing. Ethan liked the attention that he was getting. After all, if his boyfriend was not going to put out, maybe he should cheat on Caden.

`It would serve him right.'

Ethan would just put the blame on Caden if he cheated, which he plans to do anyway.

"Hey, good looking, how are you doing?"

"I'm good." Ethan smiles after his reply to Andrew. He knew that Caden is going to be pissed if he knew that Ethan was receptive to Andrew's flirting.

"So are you related to him?"

Andrew points to Riley.

"No, he's my boyfriend's brother."

"Oh!" Andrew's dreams of being with Ethan are deflated.

"Don't be too upset, I won't be with him too much longer."

Andrew's face became a whole lot brighter. Ethan's interest peaks as he looks into Andrew's face.


Ethan's interest in Andrew is pushing Caden out of the picture. He wants to win Andrew over and then kick Caden and his damaged brother to the curb. At this point, any distraction from his so-called boyfriend is wonderful and welcome. His heart is no longer the exclusive property of Caden. His heart and mind aren't the only body parts that are feeling his attraction for the nurse. Andrew moves to a different part of the room, so he can catch a view of Ethan.


Caden comes back to the room and catches Andrew checking out his man's ass. Seeing Caden's return to the room tells Andrew that it is time to leave.

"Ethan, the nurse was checking out your ass."

He was fully aware of Andrew's attention.

"I guess he can appreciate what a nice ass I have."

Caden cannot believe that Ethan is being so cavalier about Andrew's flirting.

"We both know he's more than welcome to look as long as he doesn't touch."

Ethan was right.

Ethan wants Andrew to touch his ass again. At least someone is paying attention to him.

"You don't have to encourage him."

Caden's words went in one ear and out the other. His partner had no interest in following his lover's wishes. Caden still cannot get over the way his guy is acting.


Ethan leaves the room, hoping to catch a view of Andrew's sweet ass. Caden knows exactly what is going on and he hates it. He can see the betrayal in his boyfriend's eyes. He is afraid that it may be too late; Ethan may have already cheated on him.

`Would we be at this point in our relationship if Riley was at home with Mom and Dad instead of in the hospital?'

Caden decides that he needs to calm down, so he stays at the hospital. An hour before visiting hours are over, Ethan shows up again at Riley's room.

"Am I taking you home?"

"No, I'm staying here."


Ethan is pissed. All he wants is some time with his boyfriend. Caden can tell that Ethan is unhappy, but what he cannot see is that Ethan blames him for his misgivings. Life has changed for both Ethan and Caden. In Ethan's mind, cheating on Caden is pay back for not being at home where he is needed. All Caden can see is what an ass his boyfriend is changing into.


The next day, Ethan is sitting at home feeling crappy about the whole Caden and Riley issue. He wishes his man would just move on and let him be.


Caden's phone rang and he looked at the Caller ID and saw that Ethan was calling. A part of him wanted to ignore the call, but ignoring it would just make things worse.

"Hello." Caden answered the phone.

"Hey, Love, how are you?"

Ethan is an idiot if he thinks that Caden is truly listening to anything that he's saying.

"I'm okay, how was your night?"

"Quiet. I missed you."

"No you didn't. I think there is a little bit of bullshit coming across my line right now."

Caden doesn't want to be talking to Ethan right now.

"Caden, I'm trying, really trying, to be understanding, but come on, you can't expect me to wait around while you play nurse or daddy to someone who may never wake up."

"Fuck you! I love you, but you're an ass. Why would I want you waiting around on me when you're talking crap to me?"

At this point, both of the guys are in the wrong. They're taking jabs at each other. Caden isn't normally like this, but he's had it with Ethan and his attitude and those wandering eyes. Ethan just wants out; away from whatever has crawled up and into Caden's ass.

"You want to act like I'm the bad one. You made the decisions about our lives without checking with me."

"Sorry, Ethan, you are not going to throw this on me."

Caden has realized at this point that Ethan is his boyfriend in name only. He's beside himself.

"I'm not throwing anything at you. Bottom-line here is that that I want you to come home with me right now."

There is no way that Caden is going to leave the hospital. His brother is more important than some ultatimatuim from his boyfriend.

"I'm not leaving my brother's side."

"No. I want you to come home with me."

Did he not hear his boyfriend telling him that he was not leaving? They have both made mistakes in their relationship, but it seems like Ethan is doing all he can to ruin what he has with Caden. Caden is now facing two major issues; his relationship and his brother coming home... and he is not happy.

He has to figure out his problems. Somehow, he has to decide if there's a way to reconnect with his love or not, because he is not pushing Riley out his life. It would be easier to simply give up on Ethan and move to another guy. On the other hand, he does love the guy. Finding someone new would mean searching for him, dating him, and then hope and pray that he actually fit into whatever life has in store for them. It just makes no sense to breakup with him, but Caden cannot have him bad mouthing Riley.

As far as Riley goes, he is already committed to bringing him home. Caden cannot make plans without knowing what his brother will or won't be able to do when he gets out. He will need his room; that's for sure. The bathroom may need to be more accessible.

Caden is just having a rough time figuring things out right now.


= = =


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