Written by James

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Loves Many Angels

It was a quiet Saturday morning. 11:00am. The sun was shining bright. Inside an office of the 'Child Protection Agency' was the director of the agency and a young couple. "Mr and Mrs Gerrity. You must understand, that adopting young Julian, will be very good for him" said Diana Wilson, the director. "Yes...we know. Jennifer and I have had our eye on this child for quite some time. When we read the information, our heart went out to him" said Mr Gerrity. "You know then that, he needs all the love and attention he can get?" "Of course," said Mrs Gerrity, "as Kevin said, we've had our eye on this boy for a while. I can't imagine what he's been through. We've talked to our kids about it, and they seem alright with living with a new family member." "So you know that they boy's mother died just over a year ago, and the father just couldn't cope. His father became an alcoholic. The boy had been subjected to beatings by the father. If it were not for those who cared, the boy might not be so lucky today. The father is now in a special facility that deals with alcohol, and the court case forbids him to even see his son" said Diana. "Well, he'll have a real home now" said Kevin. "And with people who will care for him and love him" added Jennifer. "Okay then. I'm so glad that you are willing to take Julian in. I'll get Julian to pack his things. He should be ready in about 15 minutes" said Diana.

Diana went to the room where Julian was. Julian was in there, sitting and reading a book. It looked like a normal bedroom, but somewhat smaller. It only had a bed, and a closet which he didn't use anyway. 'This is hell' thought Julian. It was like a jail for Julian, and he didn't know how much more he could take. Julian's emotional state was on the verge of freaking out, when the door opened. "Julian, we've found you a home" said Diana. Julian looked up at her, and then got up off the bed from which he was sitting, and grabbed his backpack. Diana smiled at Julian's willingness. Julian didn't know what kind of family he was going to get. For all he knew, it could be exactly the same as his real family. He was scared of what was lying in front of him. The future scared him. Things hadn't been so good for Julian in the past.

Fifteen minutes later, Diana came back into the room with the 12 year old boy, Julian. "Julian, this is Jennifer and Kevin. They're going to take you, so you'll have a real home now" said Diana. The boy was just like any 12 year old. He was skinny, but not so skinny. He had short blond hair, and piercing blue eyes. He was cute. "Hi" said Julian. "Hi Julian! I'm Kevin" said Kevin, as he stuck out a hand. Julian shook it. "And I'm Jennifer" said Jennifer, as she did the same. Julian was a little shy. But what do you expect from a boy who had been taken away from his parents, or parent...and was going to have a new family? "Um...Julian, would you like to come home with me and Jennifer? You'll have a new home, your own bedroom, and a new school, and everything a boy could wish for?" asked Kevin with a big smile. Julian was only too happy, and smiled, showing off a beautiful set of white teeth. Anything to get out of that place. "Hahaha...I'll take that as a yes" said Kevin as he laughed. Julian wanted a normal family. He just wanted to be a normal kid. He wanted a family and friends. He just wanted to be normal.

While they were driving home Jennifer said, "Julian? We have a son, and his name is Sean. He's the same age as you, so I don't think there'll be any trouble with you two getting along." "Cool" answered Julian, only too happy knowing that he was going to have a brother. "And there's also Michelle. She's 15. She's nice. I'm sure you'll all get along" added Jennifer. "Okay" answered Julian. 'Wow!' he thought. A sister too. All too cool. "Hey Julian? What's your favourite food?" asked Kevin. "Why?" asked Julian curiously. "Oh, Kevin's a chef" said Jennifer. "That's right, and I'll cook anything you want for dinner tonight" said Kevin with a cheery smile on his face. "Umm..." thought Julian for a moment, "pizza?" Kevin laughed. "You got it" he said. They finally arrived at Julian's new home. It was a nice large house, which said they were financially stable. "Wow!" exclaimed Julian. "You like the house?" asked Jennifer. "Uh-huh" nodded Julian. "Come on inside" motioned Jennifer. When they walked into the house they were greeted with, "SURPRISE!! WELCOME" shouted two kids. It was Sean and Michelle, Julian's new brother and sister. "Kids! Julian, this is for you" said Kevin. Julian looked around, and saw streamers, and balloons everywhere. "This is for me?" asked Julian in disbelief. "All for you" said Jennifer. Julian had never had so much attention paid to him. It was all so new, yet so good. "Whoah" said Julian with a smile on his face. Sean came up to him and said, "Hey dude. I'm Sean" as he held out his hand. "I'm Julian" answered Julian, shaking Sean's hand. Sean was a cute kid. Looked almost like Julian, accept he had hazel eyes, and longer blond hair, that reached down to the ears. His hair was parted from the center. Then Michelle came up to Julian, and greeted him with a hug. "I'm Michelle. I guess...I'm your new sister" she said. "I'm Julian, and I'm your new brother" he said. "Cool" said Michelle.

"Jul, com'on. I'll show you around the house" shouted Sean. It seemed that Julian already had a nickname, Jul. Julian eagerly put down his backpack, and followed Sean up the stairs. "I think he's going to fit in just fine" said Kevin, as he put his arm around Jennifer. "Mmmm...I think so too. Did you see the smile on his face?" asked Jennifer. Kevin nodded. "He's so happy" said Jennifer.

"This is Michelle's room, mom and dad's room, toilet and bathroom, and this is our room" said Sean, as he pointed to each one. 'Our room?' thought Julian. "Can I go inside?" asked Julian. "Of course. It's our room" smiled Sean. Julian slowly walked into his new room. There were two beds, opposite each other. The room was huge. It was like two bedrooms, made into one. "That side is yours" said Sean, as he pointed to the left side of the room. "Cool" said Julian, still trying to take in the size of the room. "You can put posters and stuff up, and you have your own closet and drawers to put your clothes in" said Sean. "Thanks" said Julian. "Hey Jul, y'know how we're gonna be brothers and all, you don't have to be so shy. I wanna get to know you, and I want you to get to know me" said Sean, putting a hand on Julian's shoulder. Julian smiled back, "I would love that." "Come on, I'll show you the rest of the house" Sean said.

So Julian got the grand tour of the rest of the house. Downstairs was the living room, dining room, kitchen, another toilet/bathroom. "This is so cool" said Julian out loud. "Huh? What is?" asked Sean. "Your house...it's so big" said Julian. "Yeah...and it's our house. You live in it too now, remember" said Sean. "Oh yeah. I keep thinking I'm just visiting or something" said Julian. "Well, you're here...and you're here to stay" said Sean, reassuringly. Julian was so happy. He finally had a normal family. He was loving it there. People loved him, and he loved his new family. Julian was on a 'high.'

"Lunch boys and girls" shouted Kevin. The boys ran to the table. "Hope you like hamburgers Juls" said Kevin. "Who doesn't" said Julian excitedly. He sat down, as Jennifer and Michelle sat down too. They all started to eat when Michelle started, "Tell us about yourself." Jennifer gave Michelle a look, saying not to ask about it. But before Jennifer could do anything Julian started to answer the question. "My mom died about a year ago," he said quietly, "and my dad's been arrested...I think, and...." Julian couldn't think of anything else to say. At the mention of his mom, Julian had to resist the tears. "Tell us what you like, and what you don't like" said Jennifer, trying to change the subject. Julian had managed to resist the tears, and answered the question. "I like...games, Playstation" said Julian. "And I suppose pizza is your favourite food?" asked Kevin. "Yep" answered Julian, taking another bite out of his hamburgar. The family continued through their lunch, talking, leaning about each other. Jennifer was an art teacher. As Julian already knew, Kevin was a chef, and owned restaurant in town. Michelle was at highschool, and was a cool person. But the thing that stood out the most, was Julian and Sean had the most in common. They both like bikes, music, television, games and of course pizza. Julian learned that in this family, you'd have to work if you wanted to play. The only rule they really had was, you did all your homework, then the rest of the time was yours to do whatever you wanted. Julian had agreed and accepted these rules.

After lunch, Jennifer said to Julian and the family, "We're gonna go shopping for some new clothes for Julian. Julian, you're going to be going to Sean and Michelle's high school, and you're lucky, because they don't require school uniform. But you're going to need some casual clothes to fill up your closet." Julian agreed, and went to the mall, where Jennifer seemed to go crazy with the clothes shopping. By the end of the day, Julian had enough clothes to last him forever. Every time Jennifer said, "How about this?" she would say pointing to a pair of shorts. Julian would say, "Um....nah, I think I've got enough," while looking at the price tag. "Nonsense!" she would laugh, and then buy it. Julian didn't feel that he should buy so many clothes. But he did need them, and was just thankful to have such loving people look after him. After all the clothes shopping was done, they went home. Julian and Sean went into their room, and Julian started unpacking the large pile of clothes on his bed. "Your mom's really pampering me" said Julian, as he started putting some of the clothes in the drawer. "Yeah, well that's what moms do right?" said Sean. "I guess so. I'm really happy to be here" said Julian. "Me too. When mom and dad first said that they were thinking of adopting a child, I didn't think it was such a good idea. I mean, having a new person in the family, seemed so hard to live with. I didn't think I would be able to live with it. When I saw you come in the door, I knew you were an alright kid, and would fit in pretty well. I knew I'd bond with you like a brother easily" said Sean, explaining himself. "Really? I feel like I'm fitting in pretty well. I'm glad to have you as a brother. I was an only child" said Julian. "Not any more" smiled Sean. They both laughed as Sean gave Julian a pat on the back.

They spent the rest of the afternoon in the house. "Hey Juls, I'll show you around the neighborhood" said Sean. "Um...okay" answered Julian. "Can I come too?" asked Michelle. "Sure" said Julian and Sean in unison. They looked at each other and laughed. Michelle shook her head, "they've multiplied" she said. Sean, Michelle and Julian walked around the block. They showed Julian the park, a nearby school and some places like the milkbar and a nearby shopping centre. It was too much for Julian to take in all at once, but with time, he'll know it all pretty soon. Michelle decided to go off to a friends house, and left Sean and Julian to walk home.

"Do you know about my past?" asked Julian. "Um...yeah, we all do" said Sean a little hesitant. "Oh" said Julian, as he turned into shy mode again. "Look, it's okay...we're your family, and we'll look after you now" said Sean trying to cheer Julian up. Julian gave a weak smile, and nodded his head. "C'mon! Race you back to the house" said Sean as he sped off. "Hey! No fair! You got a head start!" shouted Julian, as he started running after Sean. They ran, and of course, Sean got there first. "That's....not....fair" panted Julian. "I....win....you ....lose" said Sean, panting as well. They opened the door and went in. "My, my...you boys go wash your hands...dinner's ready" said Kevin, as he carried a pan pizza into the dining area. "Race you up the stairs" said Julian, as he sped off upstairs, getting back at Sean. "You cheated" said Sean, as he ran after Julian. Kevin watched as the two boys went upstairs. "Kids" he smiled at himself. Jennifer came up to Kevin and put her arms around him, as he put his around her. "I can't believe he's fitting in so well...he's so sweet" said Jennifer. "I know what you mean...I felt like we've known him for ages...almost like he was one of ours" said Kevin. "He is now" said Jen. "I'm really glad we took him in" said Kevin. Then the boys made their way down the stairs. "Help yourself to the pizza boys...it's on the dining table" said Kevin to the boys. "Yeah" "Awesome" were their responses. Then ate the pizza, and Julian thought that home-made pizza was by far the best. And having a professional chef make it, made it even better. "Kevin, this pizza is the best I've ever tasted" said Julian with his mouth full. Kevin laughed aloud again. "Why thank you Julian....keep up with those comments, and there'll be plenty more!" They all laughed. "Julian, I know this may be knew for you and all, but you can call me dad if you want to. Only if you want to. I know it'll take some time to get used to, but only do it when your ready" said Kevin. "Okay Kev...dad" said Julian. It did feel different for Julian, really weird. It was new, and it would take some time getting used to. After the finished, Julian offered to clear up the plates. "No, no, no...chores aren't your job yet. That's my job" said Jennifer. While Jen cleared up and started the washing, Kevin and the boys watched some television. Michelle came back later on that night.

After taking a shower, Julian and Sean wasted the night playing compter games and talking. Julian had been arranged to be in all the same classes as Sean, who was halfway through the school year. It was 11:00pm now, and Kevin said to the boys, "Okay boys, time to go to sleep." "Okay" they answered in unison again. They both brushed their teeth, and went to the toilet. They then hopped into bed, wearing a T-shirt and boxer briefs. They were in their beds, when Kevin and Jennifer came in to tuck them in. Kevin said goodnight to Sean, then came over to Julian and said, "I know it's a bit hard for you, but before you know it, you'll feel right at home. If you ever want to talk about anything you want, I'll always be here for you, no matter what" he said as he ruffled Julian's hair. "Thank you...dad. I love you dad" he said, meaning every word of it. "I love you too son" Kevin smiled back. He then left the room. On the other side of the room, Jennifer was whispering to Sean, "You look after him alright? I see you two get along with each other really well. Just remember, he's really delicate, if you know what I mean, and I want you to look after him." "Okay mom. I will. I promise" whispered Sean. Jen kissed Sean on the forehead before coming over to Julian, who was in bed, not knowing what to expect. Thoughts of his mom came to his head. How she used to tuck him in, and kiss him goodnight. "Julian, you alright?" asked Jen, as she sat down on the bed. She stroked his hair. Julian nodded his head. "Honey, I know it's hard for you, but it'll get easier...I promise" she said soothingly.

Julian let a tear fall from his face. The emotions were too much for the boy, as he started to cry. "I miss....my mom" he sobbed at first. Then it became louder, and Julian just couldn't containt he feelings anymore. He cried and cried. "Come here" said Jen, as Julian was wrapped by her arms. "Shhh...shhhhh, I know, I know" she said quietly coforting the young boy. Julian listened to her words, as he cried on her shoulder. "Listen to me Julian," she said while stroking the boys back, "your mom loves you very much. I know that she is proud of you. Do you know how I know?" "How?" asked Julian weakly, while still sobbing. "Because your being brave. You mother knows how you feel, how scared you are living with a new family, she knows, and she's proud of you cause your facing it all so well. You listen to me...your mother is always watching over you. She loves you very much. Just because you can't see her, doesn't mean she can't you" said Jennifer, trying her best to comfort the boy. Jen's arms around Julian, made him remember what it felt like to be loved. The feeling of her arms, showed the power of human affection. The power of touch, and feel. "I'm..(sob)...scared" said Julian. "I know you are, but be brave...Kevin and I are only in the other room. We'll always be there whenever you need us. Doesn't matter wether your scared, or just want to talk, we're always there" said Jen reassurringly. "Will I ever see my mom again?" asked Julian. Jen hesitated. She didn't want to lie to the boy. "Do you believe in God?" she asked. "Yes" answered Julian. "Well, that is where your mom is. She is with God in heaven, and as long as you believe in God, you will see your mom." "But I miss her so much" said the boy, as he started crying again. "Oh Julian, it's okay. Shhhh...you know, if you remember your mom, then she's not really gone," and saying that, Julian ceased crying. "What do you mean?" "Well, if you remember your mom, and keep her in your heart, then she's never really left you. She's always with you, because you keep her in your heart" said Jen. For some reason, these words really made sense to Julian, and he understood. "There, all better now" said Jen. "Will you be my mom?" asked Julian. "Of course baby. Tomorrow, tell me about your mom, and I'll do my best to be your mom, alright?" "Okay.....mom" said Julian. Jen smiled at her new son. "Go on and wash your face" said Jen. Julian went to the bathroom and washed his face. "We're only in the other room if you need us" repeated Jen again. "Thank you mom....thank you so much" said Julian. "No...thank you" said Jen with a tear in her eye, and a smile. Then she turned the light off, and went out, closing the door behind her.

Sean turned on her bedside lamp, and walked over to Julian. "Juls, I heard you and my mom...sorry our mom, talking, and I just want you to know, that I'm here for you too" said Sean. "Thanks Sean" said Julian. "That's okay" said Sean, as he started to make his way back to his bed. "Sean?" "Yeah" "I was wondering...I'm a little scared, and maybe...." "Just say it dude" said Sean. "Maybe you could sleep with me tonight? Just for tonight" said Julian. Sean thought about it before saying, "Okay." Julian moved over to make way for Sean. Sean turned off his bedside lamp, and then came back to join Julian in the bed. "Thank's Sean" said Julian again. "Hey, what are brothers for?" said Sean. Both boys stared at the ceiling. They closed their eyes, as sleep took over their little bodies. For some reason, Julian felt so good, knowing that Sean was near. The feeling of body heat next to him mad him feel good. He liked being here in bed with Sean...it was something Julian couldn't explain, but it felt good. He felt safe. When Jen had her arms around him, Julian felt safe. He didn't feel alone or empty, but felt warmth and love. He loved the individuals in his new family, and he knew they loved him. Sean was fast asleep now, and Julian slowly drifted off to sleep. For once, Julian had a pleasant dream. After many nights of nightmares, and waking up in the middle of the night, not knowing where you are, Julian was having a dream. A nice and peaceful dream. He saw his mom in his dream. Like an angel, dressed in white. She whispered, 'Julian, I'm proud of you....and remember that you are my son, and I will always love you...." "I love you too mom......" I love you, I love you, I love you.....

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