Loving Jason

Chapter Two

By Angyl



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         ***Authors Note***

      This is a re-working of my original story Jase and
I. admittedly; I decided to re-write it after getting constructive critizism for a couple people. I want to thanks those people for giving me the incentive to do the re-write. I would like to thank Ryan for proofreading and editing it for me. I really hope people like it. I took so long to re-write. Thanks to all of you who have expressed an interest in this story. I will try to keep this series going and as good as possible for all.






***Jason's Viewpoint***


      When I awoke the next morning, I had a bit of confusion as to where I was. It took a few seconds to register I was not in my own bed, and that I was spooning someone. I looked down and saw Des in front of me. I carefully pulled my arm from under him, and rolled onto my back. The events of the previous day flooding back into focus. It had been a rollercoaster ride yesterday.


      I could not believe that not only did I have a cute guy, but I was also about to out myself. That part was going to be difficult. I knew damn well, there would be repercussions from people at school. I was an all-star athlete after all. In addition, I was one of the most popular guys in school. I was about to stop giving in to the pressures and be the person I was meant to be.


      Sky rolled over and put his arm across my chest. Oh, god he was hard; I could feel it pressing against me. You cannot imagine how badly I wanted to take him in my mouth, to taste him. I knew I had to wait though. I definitely did not want to rush anything. I looked down at Sky, thinking to myself how cute he was. I also thought of how different we were, but I have always believed in the attraction of opposites. I definitely was attracted to this boy, and I thought for sure he was attracted to me. Well actually, I knew he was attracted to me. I put my arm back around he and he snuggled in close.


       I began dozing off when the alarm went off, scaring the shit out of me.




      Sky rolled over and slammed his hand down on the alarm. He promptly rolled over and curled up with me.


"Good morning." I said smiling at him.


"Good morning." He said looking up at me.


      I leaned down and gave him a kiss. He was making no effort to move. Mind you, I guess I was not either. It was his mom knocking at the do that got us going.


"Come on you two love birds time to get up."


      Sky rolled over and got out of bed. He had such a hot smooth bubble butt. He made no effort to hide that or his hard cock. Wow the boy had it going on. His entire body except for his trail and his pubes was smooth. I could feel myself getting hard. This was going to be a tough day. He disappeared into his bathroom as I watch his cute butt. I stayed put until my cock went soft. Then got up and threw my boxers on. I was so not looking forward to wearing the same clothes as yesterday. I suppose I could borrow something from Sky. I would ask him when he was done in the bathroom. It did not take him long to come out of the bathroom. He was still naked. I got a good look at him. The boy was hung. I shook the thoughts from my mind.


"Hey dude you got anything I could borrow for the day?" I asked.


"Yeah I think we can find you something." He replied.


      He rummaged through his drawers grabbing some undies, and socks for us. Oh, man he wore tight little briefs. I did not think I would be comfortable in them, but what the hell I would give them a try. I looked over at Sky. Oh, he did look hot in his tight undies. Man I was getting worked up again. I realized why he wore the tight ones; they showed off everything nicely. I had to laugh because they could also get a person in trouble. He threw me a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. Being used to wearing baggy clothes, I was not prepared for the tight fit of the jeans or the t-shirt. I was amazed at how well they fit me though. I inspected myself in the mirror. Wow, no wonder Sky loved tight clothes. I looked fucking amazing in them. I honestly had never thought of wearing tight fitting clothes. I could tell Sky was amazed; he could not take his eyes off me. I could see by the out line of his pants he was developing an issue.


"Well it looks to me like someone is enjoying the show." I said with a wink.


Poor Sky had gone a deep crimson color. I had to laugh at it all. I was enjoying the thought of looking good in the tightness of these clothes. I wondered what the kids at school would think of the way I looked. Hmm...I could get used to this. I think Sky was already getting used to it. He still had not taken his eyes off me. I had to break his thoughts because we would be late.


"Come on babe we need to get ready."


"Huh...oh wow...I'm sorry." He stammered, shaking his head.


I gave his crotch a playful squeeze as we finished getting ready.


"Maybe tonight I promise."


This was enough for Sky. We quickly got ourselves together and down the stairs. Sky's mother looked fit to kill, but then she changed it to a smile as she beheld the two of us.


"Well now don't you two make a handsome couple?" She said with a grin.


"Mom!!" Sky said very embarrassed.


Admittedly, I was a bit embarrassed as well but I managed not to show it. We sat down at the table and had some eggs and bacon, with smelled so damn good. I had some coffee but Sky had opted for some orange juice. I looked at my watch as we finished our food. Our longer than necessary time getting ready had shortened our time for eating considerably.


"Oh man we need to get a move on or we will be late."


Sky and I grabbed our gear and headed for my trunk. The drive at first was quiet, but then Sky began to talk.


"Jason I am so scared about today." He said.


"Why would you be sacred?" I asked him.


"Well it's just that it is a new day for both of us."


"And this is a problem how?"


"Well are you really sure you want to out yourself?"


"I thought about it for a long time Sky; this is what I need...no...want to do."


"Well I guess I am just overreacting."


"Sky I love you: having you by my side is going to make it easier for me to do this."


"Really thanks; I do love you too."


We drove the rest of the way to school in silence. I knew that it was going to be rough on the two of us. I felt that we had each other and we could get through it. I guess though rough was going to be an understatement of the year.




***Sky's Viewpoint***


It had been an interesting morning for me. See Jason in those tight clothes got me so worked up. Understandably, he put a stop to anything for the time being. We finished getting ready and then after a hasty breakfast we were off for school. I could not help worrying about the repercussions of everything that was coming. For his part, Jason had reassured me that I had nothing to worry about. He did have a way of making the bad look good, but I still had my doubts. We would see how the day progressed.


When we got to school, I went to Jason's side. He put his hand on my shoulder and gave it a squeeze. The first people we ran into were some of Jason's friends. Some of them kept giving me looks. One of them pulled Jason off tot the side and to what he thought was out of earshot.


"Why in the fuck did you give that little fag a ride?" The guy asked.


"What the fuck is it to you?" Jason replied as he clenched his fist.


"Man the guy is a fucking queer."


All I saw was Jason's hand come back as his fist connected with the Jaw of the other guy. I just stood there is shock. The guy had gotten up, ready to fight back.


"What are you some kind of queer lover?"


"As a matter of fact I am in love with that queer; I guess that makes me one as well."


I could not believe my fucking ears Jason had just outed himself. I looked around to see shocked looks on some of the guys around me. I was waiting for the guy to retaliate, but nothing came of it. The guy turned around a walked away. Then turn around and looked from Jason to me.


"I will get you and you little faggot boyfriend; watch you fucking backs."


I think Jason wanted to go after him, but a couple of his teammates held him back. This was the start of it I thought. However, no matter what I thought about it; nothing could be done really. I watched as Jason composed himself and then came back to where I was. The crowd that had gathered was now breaking up. Some of Jason's so-called friends shock their heads and left as well. I guess hey could not accept the fact that Jason was gay. It was definitely going to be a long day. I was worried about the threat that that guy had made and I really think it showed.


"Hey you need not worry about that jerk; he is all talk." Jason said.


I gave him a half smile. He put his arm around me and held me. Some of his buds came over and sat on Jason's truck. They looked at the two of us. I guess they were still in disbelief. I did not think they understood what was going on. Jason took the upper hand.


"Okay guys I know this mat come as a complete shock but I the truth of the matter is I am gay; I have known for a long time I just did not have the courage to come out or could I bring myself to believe it."


None of the guys had said anything so Jason continued.


"Yesterday after helping Sky I realized I was only fooling myself; I could no longer live this lie."


I listened as Jason talked to the guys.


"I love Sky; yes I said it; I am in love with him."


I looked around to see what the guys around us were thinking or doing. I honestly could not tell what was going on. The guys just sat there. I wish I could tell what they were thinking. One of the guys there got a questioning look on his face.


"Wow man that is some deep shit there Jason." He said.


"Yeah I know it is Tim; but I can't hide anymore."


"Well I can't speak for the rest of the guys but I know I will always stand beside you and Des."


One by one the guys voiced there approval. This was a good part to the day.


"Hey thanks guys this means a lot to me...to both of us." I said.


We made some idle chat until the bell rang. Then all went our separate ways. I did not see Jason again until lunch. We had agreed to meet out side the cafeteria. Walking Jason looked around and saw two of his friends from this morning. After grabbing out food, we headed in their direction. They smiled as they saw us walking over.


"Hey guys what's up?" Tim (I think that was his name) asked?


"Not a lot guys."


I just shrugged and sat down. Jason took the seat next to me. Then he noticed that not everyone was there.


"Hey where is everyone today?"


"Umm...they had other things to do." The other guy replied.


"You mean they could not accept my being gay or having Sky as a boyfriend?" He asked a bit on the bitter side.


"Yeah they were not too happy about it."


"What a bunch of fucking bunch of assholes."


I just sat there and said nothing, felling partly to blame for what was happening. I did not want Jason to go through the same hell as I was going through. Different thoughts were running through my head. I could not deal with this right now. I jumped up from the table and ran out of the cafeteria. I heard Jason calling my name as I took off. I sure felt guilty for leaving, but I did not honestly know what else to do. I felt my world falling apart on me. I headed for the nearest bathroom to compose myself. I walked right into my worst nightmare.


"Well if it isn't the little faggot." The guy from this morning said.


I do not remember anything after the first fist got me right in the face. Then I heard another voice from the haze.


"Oh fuck Sky!!!"


The End






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