Loving Jason

Chapter Four

By Angyl


The following contains descriptions of a consenting relationship between two male characters. If you find any such material morally or legally questionable in your area, please do not read any further. Additionally if you are under the age of 18 or not of legal age in your area, please leave.

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         ***Authors Note***

This is a re-working of my original story Jase and I, admittedly; I decided to re-write it after getting constructive criticism from a couple people. I want to thanks those people for giving me the incentive to do the re-write. I would like to thank Ryan for proofreading and editing it for me. I really hope people like it. I took so
long to re-write. Thanks to all of you who have expressed an interest in this story. I will try to keep this series going and as good as possible for all.





*Sky's Viewpoint*

I spent four weeks at home, before I was well enough to go back to school. I had healed quite well. Mental wounds were still there but not as they had when I first woke up in the hospital. I had been seeing a shrink since after I got out of the hospital. Combined with the support I had from Jason and my mom. My shrink said it might be good for me to return to school, this would help me heal mentally. Mom was adamant that I not go back until completely ready. Jason had concerns about me going back. We talked about it, but I was mindset on going back. I could not stay hiding out at home forever.

The following Monday was my first day going back. I was a complete bundle of nerves. I stood in front of the mirror. I began having second thoughts about going back. I took a deep breath and headed downstairs. I called for mom, but she had already left for the day. I found some cash on the table for lunch. I waited for Jason to come down. He came over and gave me a hug. He was still concerned about me going back to the shit hole as he had come to call it. Well I had to start healing and this was part of that.

I fidgeted all the way to school. As we got closer to the school, I began to feel panic setting in. Jason pulled into his usual spot. I think he was panicky as well. Jason had not even been to school since the attack. He had spent day and night with me. We got out of the car. Tim noticed us first, and ran over to the car, Chris following closely behind him.

"Hey guys welcome back." Tim said.

"Hey." I replied.

"Hey Tim, Chris." Jason said.

I was looking around to see if anyone was staring at us. I looked up to see Miss Timmons heading our way. She had a small smile on her face.

"Welcome back boys." She said.

"Thanks." We both said.

"Why don't you to come to my office?"

I did not feel like going to her office, and I think Jason felt the same way, but we consented to going Tim and Chris made to follow us, but Miss Timmons was going to stop them, until Jason spoke up.

"Miss Timmons I would like them to come with us."

"Okay if you think it is needed."

"Thank you."

We all followed Miss Timmons to her office. I had been surprised at Jason's request, after he had told me he was a bit pissed at Tim. I decided not to say anything until we were alone. I guess Jason had his reasons for asking his friend to be present. We got to her office and went in. Once seated, Miss Timmons went through a bunch of things that went into effect after my attack. The list was long and detailed. To put it simply, the school would not tolerated. The school would expel any student caught in the act of slander or uttering threats. Then she went on about how an assembly was to welcome us back and reiterate these new policies. We would be offered any help or protection needed. I had started zoning out at this point. I remember Jason being concerned for our safety. He knew there would be underlying after effects still. He directly told her, that we refused to hide our lifestyle or our relationship. Miss Timmons offered any help she could. Tim ho had been quiet finally said something that got my attention.

"Miss Timmons, I think Chris and I will need the same help."

I sat upright in my chair. Jason almost jumped out of his. God had I just heard right? Tim and Chris; they were a couple. Holy fuck, this was unexpected. I do believe Jason was more shocked than I. He had a dumbfounded look about him. Miss Timmons took it in stride.

"Are you boys saying what I think you are? She asked.

"Yes we are." Chris replied.

"We are tired of having to hide, thanks to Jason and Sky we feel we do not have to anymore." Tim added.

Well we sat in her office for almost an hour. The assembly would be going the next morning. As we left the office, Jason grabbed Tim and pulled him to the side. I watched as they talked and then hugged. I guess everything was good between them. They rejoined us, and we headed off for our classes.

I kept looking over my shoulder throughout the day. I guess I was still paranoid. Nothing happened at all. The day passed without a hitch. A few degrading remarks but nothing bad happened to me. I met up with Jason outside. He said his day had been normal. We went to his car; Tim and Chris were waiting there for us. Tim suggested we go for a burger or something, but Jason declined as we had other things to do, but we would hook up later. Tim and Chris agreed, and headed off. I looked at Jason.

"Babe we need to go to my house." He said.

"Umm okay are you sure?"

"Yeah I have not really been home in a while, and I want you to see where I live."

I nodded as we pulled away. My day had been good. I only hope it stayed that way.



** Jason's Viewpoint**

Well the first day of school went without too many bumps. The only thing that really happened out of the ordinary was Tim and Chris. I had no idea the two were a couple. They sure hid it well.

I finally got a chance to talk to Tim about stopping me, when I was close to killing dumbfuck. He said he understood my anger, and probably would have done the same thing if it had been him. We hugged and all that crap. The only other thing I had to think about was everything Miss Timmons had said, and about the Assembly tomorrow. I hope we did not have to talk to the school. I for one thought it might be a good idea. I was going to talk to Sky about it later. For now, I had other issues I needed to deal with. It was time to talk to mom and dad and reveal to them about Sky and me. I had not really been home since his attack. I had no idea how they would react. I come from a very conservative family, which I had not really shared with Sky. I would talk to him about it on the way to my home.

I met up with Sky after school. I asked him how his day went; thankfully, it was without a glitch. I told him I had the same type of day. We head to the car. Tim and Chris were waiting. After declining a burger and telling them we would meet later, Sky and I got in the car. I told Sky what was happening. He did not look at all nervous, but I knew he had to be aware of my family life.

"Sky I am going to tell mom and dad."

"About us?"

"Yeah, but I am not sure how they will deal with it."

"What do you mean?"

I explain how conservative my family was. I was almost sure they would not accept the idea of a faggot son. I watched him for any sign of a reaction. It looked like he was thinking. I continued to drive home. I was nervous about telling the folks about us, but I needed to do this. As we pulled up to my house, I was feeling even more nervous. Sky reached over and gave my hand a quick squeeze. I knew I could do this. I would deal with whatever happened later. We got out and walked into the house.

"Mom, Dad I am home." I Yelled.

"Don't yell, we are in the kitchen." Mom replied.

Sky followed me into the kitchen. Mom and dad were sitting, I guess going over some papers. They looked up as we walked in. Sky stood behind me.

"Hey mom."

"Hi honey."

Dad just grunted, his normal way of saying hello. I went and sat at the table. Sky just stood where he was, until I beckoned him over. He came and sat next to me. I could tell the poor boy was nervous. I took his hand and spoke.

"Mom and dad I have something to tell you."

They looked at me, and then saw I was holding Sky's hand. Neither said anything.

"Mom dad I would like you to meet Sky; he is my boyfriend."

I waited for them to say something. I know how my folks, they were never silent about anything in my life. I was not sure what they were going to do. I figured they were going to wait until they got me alone. I wanted them to say something, while Sky was here. I tried to provoke something, anything.

"Did you hear me?" I asked calmly.

"Yes dear we did." Mom said.


"And nothing son." Dad said.

Fuck, I was confused. My parents, especially dad, were not going to have a say about Sky and me. What the fuck. I guess I would have to ride it out. We sat in silence, until dad finally spoke. He got his usual serious look on his face.

"Son mom and I know you are gay."

Here it comes.


"OH we have always known hun." Mom said.


"We love you and if this is what you want then we are behind you." Dad put in.

"However your brother may not be as supportive."

Well I knew Patrick would definitely not be in harmony with my lifestyle. I actually did not care how he felt.

Patrick is my older brother. He left home a few years ago at 18. Now he is 22. My brother joined the army, to further his education, and be macho. He was so straight it made me want to puke. Patrick and I are similar is size and looks. Well we were. He is bad at writing so we have not heard from him in a while.

Dad turn toward Sky and me, he looked at us with his serious look. Then he dropped the bombshell.

"We are moving."


"We are moving."

Had I heard right? We were moving. I was panicked. I did not want to move. I wanted to stay with my baby. I rather lost my cool.

"I do not want to move!" I yelled.

"Son please." Mom said.

"Well you expect me to give up all I have here!"

"No son we do not expect you to do that." Dad said.

"What? If I don't go with you where am I going to live?"

"Well here."

I was so hell bent on not moving, that I never thought to ask how this would happen. Until Sky mentioned something in regards to it.

"Umm can I ask how Jason would live?"

Dad handed me some papers he had in front of him. My eyes grew wide. I showed the papers to Sky. He had the same reaction. My family was wealthy. It shocked me to know this. I did not even know who Uncle Abraham was. Dad filled me in.

"Uncle Abraham is my uncle; you met him when you were very little."

That would be why I did not know him.

"Uncle Abraham passed away from cancer."

He was the second one in my family to die from cancer. My grandpa was the first. Dad continued.

"Uncle Abraham was well off; all his nieces and nephews have inherited money."

"Your father is the oldest of the nephews; he inherited the estate as well."

Dad explained more about it. Mom and dad knew I was not going to want to go. As I was old enough to live on my own, that had decided to give me the house to do with as I saw fit. An account was set up for me as well. I did not swell on the fact I had money, I was more happier knowing I would not have to leave Sky. They handed me a paper, which was the deed to the house we lived in, I signed them, which meant I now owned the house. I got up and hugged my parents.

"We will be leaving in a week." Dad said.

"We wanted to tell you sooner but you were rarely home." Mom put in.

"Sorry mom and dad."

I filled them in on everything that had happened. Once done, mom and dad commended for our strength and determination. They felt disgusted by the selfishness of one individual. I managed to omit the part of me kicking the shit out of the fucker. What shocked me was when dad and mom hugged Sky.

"Mom and dad?"

"Yes son?" They said in unison.

"I misjudged you."

"How so?" Dad asked.

"I stupidly thought you would react differently than you have."

They filled me in about Uncle Jarred. He was gay as well. Wow, my dad's younger brother was gay. That would explain the why they did not react offensively or in any other bad light. A thought occurred to me while they filled me in. Patrick, what would happen once they moved? I asked mom.

"What about Patrick? Won't he want the house?"

"We thought of that already and asked him; he does not want it, but instead we have bought him a condo."

Mom further warned that Patrick might come and see me. Know how he felt about homosexual people I doubt he would stay very long, and dad agreed. Apparently, he did not react to well when he found out about Uncle Jarred. I guess I would jump that hurtle when it came. For now, I had a life with Sky, which was really all that mattered. We talked for a bit longer, until my cell phone went off. It was Tim calling to see if we were still going to meet up. I had forgotten all about it. I asked mom if it was all right for us to go. She nodded. Dad shook his head and laughed. I hugged them both, and Sky and I took off. As we left, mom explained that tomorrow after school she would meet me at the bank to sign the papers for my new account.

Sky and I agreed not to say much in the way of my inheritance. I knew I was not ready for anyone to know. They would eventually find out, when mom and dad moved and I stayed behind. I did however treat everyone when we got to the burger barn. I told Tim about how well mom and dad took Sky and me being boyfriends. He was so happy that it went the way it did, but concerned about my older brother.



**Sky's Viewpoint**

Well I had my concerns when Jason said he was taking me to me his parents. Especially after he told me, how conservative they were. I had a great day and I did not want it to turn to shit. I was not ready for the way things did go. Not only did they accept it, but also the news they gave Jason was phenomenal. Well at first, I thought I was losing Jason. When his parent said they were moving, my heart sank. My baby fought back. When his parents said he was getting the house and would have money, I was elated and worried at the same time. I quickly put the bad thoughts out of my head. I would talk to Jason later, if I were still feeling this way. This was his moment and I did not want to ruin him. Money or not I loved that boi. We had fallen in love before any of this happened.

We met up with Tim and Chris at the burger barn. Jason told them about his parents omitting his inheritance. Tim was happy about the way everything went, but, like me, was concerned about Patrick.

Jason and I left the burger barn a few hours later and head back to his place. The events of the day began to play in my head. I could feel tension building up. Although things had gone well, I could not help but feel something was going to go wrong. I think Jason felt how I was feeling because he tried to reassure me. He invited me to stay the night. We usually stayed at my place so this was a change. I called mom and told her where I was, she was not worried after I called her. I briefly told her about what had happened today. I could here the relief in her voice. I told her I would call in the morning before heading to school. I was getting tired; Jason took me up to his room. I did not even look around, but headed straight for the bed. I would not have even got undressed, but Jason had come to help me. I was still getting sleepy easily, had been since the attack. I curled up with Jason next to me. I wanted to share passion with him, but I fell asleep before we could even start anything. I do feel bad, but I know Jason understands.

The End


Well here is Chapter 4. It took longer than I wanted to write it. Some of you may think I should have gone further but I decided this as a good point to end this chapter. Well let me know what you think.

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