Loving Jason

Chapter Five

By Angyl



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 ***Authors Note***

This is a re-working of my original story Jase and I, admittedly; I decided to re-write it after getting constructive criticism from a couple people. I want to thanks those people for giving me the incentive to do the re-write. I would like to thank Ryan for proofreading and editing it for me. I really hope people like it. I took so long to re-write. Thanks to all of you who have expressed an interest in this story. I will try to keep this series going and as good as possible for all. I did have to write in one Character…Shay as it will coincide with another of my stories….

For all you sex crazed bois out there….I will get some sex in here soon….





*Sky’s Viewpoint*


Wow things had changed almost over night. In the week that followed Jason, had watched his parents move out. He began changing the house to suit him. He got rid of all his old stuff. He spent quite a bit of cash getting new stuff for his house. He was happier than I had ever seen him.


As for me, I had gotten a call from my cousin Shay. He was having troubles at home and needed a place to crash. I asked mom if we could go get him. She could not do it, as she had to work in the morning. She offered me the car, so I could got get him. I called Jason to tell him what was going on. I said I would explain more when I got back. With that, I was gone.


It took three hours to go get him. I found him at the bus station. He looked like he had been crying. I got him into the car. All he had with him was a small backpack. He did not look good. He was all bruised and cut up. I was so concerned about him.


“Hey what’s wrong?” I asked him.


He would not really tell me what was going on. I was worried about him. Even though I was only older by a few months, I had always looked out for him. I admit to having some fun with him when we were younger, way before figuring out I was actually into bois.


I figured he would want to go get some of his shit, so I offered to stop by his house.


“You wanna stop and grab some shit at your place?”


“Naw I have everything.” He said.


Now I was fucking worried. He owned a bunch of stuff, I could not figure out why he would not go and get it. I was seriously worried. More so when I looked over and saw he was crying again. I pulled off to the side of the road, and stopped.


“Shay what the fuck is going on?” I asked, well demanded.


“Oh fuck Des it is messed up!” He said through the tears.


“Shay buddy what is messed up?”


I looked over and Shay was adjusting his seat, and fidgeting. The only time I had ever seen Shay fidget was when something big was bothering him. Now I knew something bad had happened. I figured it had something to do with home.


“Shay what happened at home?”


For a few minutes, he sat there quietly. Then he turned and looked at me.


“Des, I am gay.” He said.


Okay so it was not as bad as I thought it was. I admit this surprised me. I was able to derive a conclusion and come up with the answer.


“You got kicked out didn’t you?”


“Yeah I did.”


Shay told me what had happened. Uncle Jim had caught him in bed with his best friend. Uncle Jim flipped out and almost beat the shit out of Shay and his best friend. Auntie Eva stood there as her husband told Shay to get out of his fucking house. Shay was only able to grab a few things. He was so scared that his dad would do more if he stayed longer. He managed to get a call to me before he took off to meet me at the bus depot. He was leaving without saying goodbye to anyone. I took Shay in my arms as he started crying again. I felt anger filling me. I was tempted to go and freak out at my Uncle. I thought it was wiser to get Shay somewhere safe.


Shay fell asleep as I headed back home. The poor boi had a long day. I called mom and gave her the basics of the story. She flipped out. God I have never heard mom so angry before. She said to wake her when we got back. She was going to make a phone call, so I let her go.


It was about four in the morning when we got back. I saw Jason’s truck in the driveway, and knew he would be up waiting for me. I had totally forgotten to phone him; I bet he was worried sick. I tried to wake Shay up, but he was so sound asleep I gave up. I ran in and grabbed Jason to come help me get him into the house. I told Jason to put him in my bed. I then gave him the low down on what had happened. Mom must have heard us come in, because she woke up and came into my room. She sat on the bed, and looked at her nephew. He looked so peaceful sleeping, but we all knew better of that.


The three of us left Shay sleeping and went into the kitchen. I put some coffee on, and we sat at the table. Mom told us about calling her sister and yelling at her for being such a cunt. Mom never used such a strong word to describe someone. I was a bit shocked. Even Jason was shocked with her use of language. I guess when you are pissed off you do not think about the language you are using. I know I have that habit.


What it boiled down to, was the fact that my aunt and uncle wanted nothing to do with the faggot son of theirs. I felt so sorry for Shay. He had lost everything. Thankfully, mom had been thinking, and told us Shay would be stay with us, if he wanted to. She had made her sister send his stuff up and she would pay for the van.


It had been a long night. I just wanted to sleep. Mom had to go to work, and told Jason and I to use her bed. Knowing mom, I promised we would have no funny business in her bed, or if we did, we would clean it up. I got a laugh out of her for the last comment. I knew that funny business was not on the agenda for either Jason or I. I fell asleep the minute my head hit the pillow.


I awoke in the afternoon to an empty bed. I also could not remember where I was. The familiar scent of mom permeated the air. I remembered then what has happened and where I was. I jumped out of bed and went over to my room. I looked in to see Shay still asleep. I covered him up, and went downstairs. I found Jason curled up on the couch, watching TV.


“Good afternoon sleepy head.” He said with a giggle.


I stuck my tongue out at him, as I joined him on the couch. I snuggled into him. We lay on the couch spooning each other. I loved spooning quite a bit. We watched some random shows. I dozed off at some point. The next thing I woke up to was Shay poking me in the side.


“Hey about time you woke up.” I said, with a smile.


Shay went and sat on the couch. He looked from me to Jason and smiled again.


“Hehe, you two are a cute couple.”


I had completely forgotten I had told Shay about Jason and me. He had thought it was so cool. I never even thought at that time that he was gay. He had never said much when we talked on the phone, or when he came to visit. I had an idea, but I was never really sure about any of it.


The three of us made idle chat, until mom came home.


“Well hi there boys.” She said.


“Hi.” The three of us replied.


Mom took her usual spot and looked at us. She had the look. The one that meant she was going to be giving a big speech. God I hated when she did that. It usually meant a family talk. I figured she would ask Jason to go into the other room. She just went into her talk. She directed the majority of the speech at Shay.


“Well Shay.” She began.


I took a glance at Shay, who was a bit uncomfortable. I listened as mom continued.


“I talked to you parents last night, and they have refused to let you ever come back home.”


I quickly moved so I could be by Shay in case he broke down. He just looked at mom.


“I figured as much.” He said.


“As for your belongings, I have told my sister to send them up here for you.”


“Thanks auntie.”


“You are going to be living here, I remind you however, if you chose to leave you mat do so, as you are of age to live on your own.”


“I think I will be around for a while.”


“Well then let get something to eat.”


Jason and I went into the kitchen and beat mom to making supper. She returned to the living room, chatting with her nephew. Mom called me into the living room to ask me something, while Jason worked on supper.


“Hey Jason, do you think we could talk Shay to the mall tomorrow?” I asked Jason when I came back in.


He pondered it over, before he gave his answer.


“Sure babe we can do that.” He said half heartedly.


I do not think he was really into going to the mall. I would talk to him about it tonight when we were alone.



** Jason’s Viewpoint**


Wow a lot of shit has gone down. Sky’s cousin got kicked out for being gay, and was now going to be living with him. I admit a bit of jealousy, which was really stupid actually. I guess I wanted someone to live with me. Someone I could talk to. I was just being stupid I guess. I knew I always had someone to talk to. Sky was always there for me.


Sky had gone to talk to his mom while I cooked dinner. When he came back in, he asked if we could take Shay to the mall in the morning. I was not into going to the mall, but I figured I would do it for my baby. I know he likes to get me involved in everything. He kind of looked concerned with my half-hearted response. I knew we would talk about it later.



**Shay’s Viewpoint**


Well I was away from the two assholes that disowned me for my sexuality. I was thankful my auntie had allowed me to move in with her and Sky. I told Sky why I was not living at home. He was extremely pissed about it. I am sure he wanted to go confront my folks. Instead he drove off. I fell asleep and I do not remember much after that. I woke the next day in the afternoon. After getting my bearings, as t where I was, I remembered Sky coming and picking me up. I headed downstairs to find Sky and Jason asleep on the couch. I poked Sky to wake him.


We made idle chat until auntie got home. She filled me in on the call. I knew what was said by my parents. Basically I was not allowed back in their home ever again. Sky had sat next to me in case I broke down, I guess. Knowing the outcome already I managed to hold it all in. Auntie said I would be living with her if I wanted. I am sixteen and can chose to live on my own, but I thought it was better to live with auntie and Sky for now. We continued to talk as Jason disappeared to cook supper, followed by Sky. Auntie and I did not talk about much. She suggested getting Sky to talk me to the mall to get some clothes and toiletries. She called Sky back in and asked him about it. He agreed, and left to talk to Jason about it. I thought it was cool that I would get to spend the day with my cousin and his boyfriend.




After supper, everyone went into the living room to watch TV. It had been a quiet evening. Eventually Sky’s mom took off to bed. Sky was curled up with Jason. Sky was nattering away about going to the mall. He was pretty stoked about going. It did not take long before the boys were tired. Jason was planning on going home, but decided to stay there. All three bois trudged upstairs. Sky and Jason went to his room, and Shay went to what was now his room. Jason and Sky curled up. Sky had all but forgotten to talk to Jason about earlier. He wanted time with his baby, and nothing to disrupt it. Jason was relieved. The two boys fell asleep soon after coming up to the bedroom.




Well here is Chapter 5. It took longer than I wanted to write it. Partly due to surgery though. Some of you may think I should have gone further but I decided this as a good point to end this chapter. Well let me know what you think. I seriously need to get some sexual goings on in here.


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