Loving Jason

Chapter Six

By Angyl



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 ***Authors Note***

This is a re-working of my original story Jase and I, admittedly; I decided to re-write it after getting constructive criticism from a couple people. I want to thanks those people for giving me the incentive to do the re-write. I would like to thank Ryan for proofreading and editing it for me. I really hope people like it. I took so long to re-write. Thanks to all of you who have expressed an interest in this story. I will try to keep this series going and as good as possible for all. I did have to write in one Character...Shay as it will coincide with another of my stories...

For all you sex crazed bois out there...I will get some sex in here soon...




The next day the three boys were up and ready to go spend the day shopping. Jason had called his friend Kaaspar to come and join them at the mall. It took some convincing but eventual Kaaspar agreed to come along for the trip. Jason said they would meet in the food fair at the mall. Once the arrangements were made, they headed for the mall. Shay was talking a mile a minute. You would not believe this was the same guy who had just went through hell with his life. Sky just shook his head.

Shay had not stopping talking the whole ride. He did not even realize they were at the mall until Jason and Sky hoped out of the car. He felt foolish, as his cousin laughed at him.

"Piss off." He said, giving Sky a playful punch.

Sky pretended to be hurt as they walked into the mall laughing, and headed for the food court to wait for Kaaspar. Shay was looking around, and all of a sudden got seemingly distracted.

"Wow look at that hot guy over there." He said pointing to some guy.

Jason and Sky looking in the direction Shay was pointing. Jason smiled immediately as he recognized Kaaspar. Sky shook his head and laughed at his cousin. Well imagine the surprise to Shay when the guy came right up to the table.

"Kaaspar, what's hanging?" Jason asked.

"Oh you know the usual." He responded and added, "Hey Sky how's it going?"

"It's going really good...not too bad at all." Sky replied.

Through the whole exchange Shay just stared at Kaaspar. The guy was a god or something like it anyway. He is quite tall, about 6'3". He has short blonde hair, which he spiked usually, and looks good. He has beautiful blue eyes. He had a leather jacket with all sorts of patches on it with a black tank top underneath. Shay could see a well defined body, some nice pecs, and a nice hard tummy. He was Leather pants, which fit skintight. You could see a nice bulge in the frontal region. Shay's eyes could not help themselves they wandered down to the crotch area and stared. Kaaspar broke him out of his trance.


"Hi I am Kaaspar, and who might you be?"


"Umm...Oh...I...ahh...Shay." Shay managed to get out.


Shay blushed. He was embarrassed. Kaaspar winked at him as he took the seat next to Shay. Before long the two were involved in a big discussion, totally ignoring Jason and Sky. The boys took the hint, and decided to take off for a bit.


"Hey you two Sky and I are gonna do some shopping." Jason said.


The two nodded. Sky and Jason left and head off to shop. Jason had a huge grin on his face. Sky looked at his suspiciously.


"Okay spill what's going on?" Sky asked him.


"Did you not see the way Shay was checking out Kaaspar?"


"Yeah I noticed...and what of it?"


"Sky...Kaaspar is gay too."


The lights went on in Sky's head. He clued in.


"You set those two up?" He asked a bit annoyed.


"Yeah kind of; sorry babe it was a last minute thing."


Sky had a worried look on his face. Jason knew he was worried about his cousin.


"Don't worry hun Kaaspar is a really great guy; I know you have not know him long, but I have and I know he will not do anything to hurt Shay."

That seemed good enough for Sky. They headed off and did some shopping. An hour later they headed back to the table, to find Kaaspar and Shay still chatting up a storm. A closer look saw those two were holding hands under the table. Both Jason and Sky smiled at this. The two looked up, when Jason and Sky came to the table.

"Welcome back." Kaaspar said with a grin.

"Did you miss us?" Sky asked.

"No." Shay responded, sticking out his tongue.

Jason and Sky sat down. Shay kept looking over at Sky, as if to ask him something. Sky saw this.

"What's up?" He asked.

"Umm...can I talk to you for a minute?" Shay asked.


Shay and Sky went off to talk, leaving Jason and Kaaspar sitting there.

"What's on your mind dude?" Sky asked.

"Umm...do you think Auntie would be upset if I did not come back with you?"


"Kaaspar and I are gonna hang out for a bit."

Sky had already figured that out. He did not see a problem.

"I don't see why she would, as long as you call later."


The two headed back to the Table. Jason was already aware of what was going on. Sky and Jason decided to take off and head out. Before leaving Sky made sure Shay had his cell number, just in case. They looked back and waved as they left the mall.



**Sky's Viewpoint**

Well what an interesting day. Jason had set my cousin up with his friend Kaaspar. Although I had misgivings about it, Jason had reassured me about the whole thing. I trusted his judgment. This got me to thinking about us. We had not had any real alone time. Sure we slept in the same bed, but there was always someone else in the house. I wanted time for the two of us. Hell we had not even been really intimate, aside from kissing and petting. I needed more than that, and I knew Jason did as well. We had talked about it a lot. We had been together for almost six months now. Yeah it is weird not being sexual in all that time. Now was the time. I told this to Jason, and he was in total agreement.

With Jason's parents now gone, he had a whole house to do with as he pleased. It was so perfect. Jason and I decided we would spend the weekend together, alone. I had to go home and pack some stuff up, as well to fill mom in on Shay's plans. I asked Jason to drop me off at home so I could pack and let mom know what was up. He told me he wanted to go home, and get things ready. So he dropped me at home, and then headed off.

"Mom I am home." I yelled.

"I am in the kitchen dear." She replied.

I walked into the kitchen and gave her a hug. She did not even notice Shay was not with me.

"Mom Shay is not going to be home this afternoon." I said.

"I know honey; he called to tell me what was going on."

She was not upset, just a bit concerned. I told her that Jason had known Kaaspar forever. This seemed good enough for her. Then I let her know what was happening for me this weekend. All mom did was get a big grin on her face.

"Well its bloody well about time." She said.

I knew my mother. She was constantly bugging me about things. The most being about when Jason and I were gonna get intimate. God she can embarrass me in the worse way sometimes, but I love her none the less.

I came and sat at the table with her. She was going over some papers, which I assumed were for work. I did not want to move them. Mom was bad for bringing work home. I should have looked closer. Mom dropped a bombshell.

"Honey I am selling the house."

"Huh...what...why?" I said, my mouth dropping open.

Mom handed me some papers too looks at. As I was reading them, my mouth almost hit the floor. My head was spinning as I absorbed the information. I re-read what I had just read. Mom had given me a trust fund. Originally started by gram and gramps, but now being continued by mom. Other papers showed mom to have quite a substantial amount of property and wealth. I was somewhat confused. I just went with what she had showed me. We talked about it, and it was decided seeing as I was over at his place all the time, why didn't I just move in with Jason. I would talk to him about it that night. I would also talk to him about Shay moving in with us, at the time I had no idea he had decided already to move in with Kaaspar. All I knew at that moment in time, is I wanted to celebrate. Mom had some final thing to tell me, one being a trust fund that I would get when I turned 18, and a type of allowance I would receive until then. I had to sign some papers. Mom said the allowance would go directly into my account every month. I stayed for a few more hours before heading back to Jason's

Once I had left and got back to Jason's I filled him in on all that had gone on. He wasted no time in agreeing to me living with him...it was what he wanted all along. He said Sky was more than welcome to move in as well. Like I said I had no idea Shay was moving in with Kaaspar and neither did Jason.

That night Jason and I cuddle on the couch. We just watched TV and waited for Shay. We realized after a while, he was staying at Kaaspar's again. I was not too worried; he would call when he was ready for me to get him.

The End...


Well there is Chapter 6 finally...I am not sure if I am going to continue this series. I may add another couple chapters, but I am running out of ideas for it...

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