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Mad World 01

The cargo area of the Xterra was already crammed full of shopping bags. Jacob had about seven new bags to add. They eventually had to start being placed in the backseat. So much for having a large storage space. The way my boyfriend shops I'll have to buy a Suburban. He can shop and shop and shop like no other. He is the Terminator of shopping.

"Babe, can we get some lunch now? I feel like I'm wasting away into nothing." Jacob whined in his cute voice. He grinned devilishly at me.

"There're a few more hours until our dinner reservation. How about we see a movie and I'll buy you some popcorn, huh?" I suggested in place of eating lunch.

He thought about it for a moment. It seemed like he was plotting something in his devious little mind. Whenever he does plot against me his lips purse together and he cocks an eyebrow. He shifts his eyesight, too, staring up into the sky as if he's so deep in thought. That's exactly what he's doing now. This can't be good for me.

"Okay, deal, but I get to choose the movie."

"Shit," I grumbled. "You're kidding me, right? That movie again?"

"Those are the terms."

"Fine," I sighed in defeat. "We'll see that...that vampire movie again." I closed the liftgate and returned next to him.

"I don't see how you don't like the series so far. You said this one wasn't even that bad."

"Babe, it wasn't so bad the first time. This will now be our fourth time. That's when I start to freak out."

"Oh, well, you'll get over it,"

We held hands on our way to the theater. Jacob was reminiscing of the first time we saw this movie together. I remember that night and all the pain I had to endure. His three best friends and him were the first in line for the midnight release. The line behind them must've been miles long. All I heard all night long was Team Whoever is better than Team Whoever Else. You know what team I was on? Team I Wanna Go Home. But I tried to be a good sport just for Jacob even though two of his best friends were nothing but cold to me. An hour after we got home from the movies, he repaid me in a very appreciated way.

The theater was as busy as I had expected for a Friday afternoon. But when walking into our theater, there were minimal people for such an "awesome movie," as to quote Jacob. He looked at me like he knew what I was thinking. He dragged me to the very top, no doubt to keep me in my seat during the movie.

Through the previews, Jacob did keep me entertained. Since the two of us were the only ones within a ten row distance, Jacob decided to straddle my lap and make out with me in a wild passion. For the past few days, I've resisted having any kind of sexual please or sexual contact with him for the purpose of tonight. I rented us a hotel room where we can release as much as we want to. Jacob was also instructed to do the same. He says he hasn't jacked off at all, but I guess we'll see tonight.

Right when the warning to turn off cell phones came on, Jacob stopped probing my mouth with his tongue. He lifted the armrests up and stretched across a couple of the seats resting his head in my lap.

I tried my best to stay awake and pay attention. Seeing a movie you barely liked the first time for the fourth time is quite the struggle, however. I'll give the two guys some credit, though. They are smokin' hot, especially the vampire dude, which is the team Jacob is on. The premiere night when I was with him and his friends, there was one other that was on the same team. The other two were on the dogs' side, or werewolf rather, I guess.

The movie ended right on schedule. There was just enough time to drive to the beach for dinner. Hopefully traffic won't be thick, but being Friday afternoon there's bound to be some bumper to bumper. On the way back to the truck, Jacob kept going on and on about the movie as if there was something new he saw this time. I continued pretending to be interested, nodding and humming at the right parts. About half way to the truck, I spotted a teenager sitting against a building with a cup next to him. Clearly a cup for money. He must be homeless given his tattered clothing. Homeless people make me very uncomfortable. I feel so bad for them regardless of why they're on the streets.

My truck is in a parking lot on the opposite side of the sidewalk we're walking along. I checked traffic and started to move onto the street. Jacob tugged on my arm, pulling me back next to him.

"What're you doing?" he questioned, bemused as to why I had the sudden change of direction.

"I'm, uh, crossing the street," I tried to casually say.

"There's a crosswalk over there," He pointed past the teen. "Why not cross there?"

"But here would be so much better,"


"Because it just would,"

"Oh, I get it. You're trying to cross the street so I don't force you to give the homeless kid money." He folded his arms over his chest. "It's not going to work. You are going to give him some money."

"But babe..." I groaned pathetically. Jacob didn't flinch, though. He kept his arms crossed and eyes locked onto mine. "Fine,"

I walked over to the kid. One of the first things I noticed was how cute he was. For being homeless he sure had a cute face. A shower would do him a world of wonders. At first, I pulled out a few dollars, but after seeing him up close and personal I decided to give him a twenty. Hesitantly, he reached out and took it from my hand. Oddly enough, he didn't look at me at first. He looked past me right at Jacob. The two seemed to share a certain kind of look, like an understanding or something. But he eventually did glance up at me. No words were exchanged. The look in his eyes was gracious enough.

Walking back up next to Jacob, he gave me a peck on the cheek. We continued on to the truck without speaking, but once we reached it, Jacob opened up.

"I'm proud of you. I know how uncomfortable coming close to the homeless makes you. I'm sure that kid is especially grateful."

It's true. Homeless people make me very uncomfortable as I said before. The sympathy I feel for them is overwhelming most of the time. So, in order to ease that burden I donate to several charities and organizations. Donating is a very important part of my life. I love giving back to the world in any way that I can, and that includes being green as best I can.

"Well, it wasn't too bad. The younger ones are less warped than the oldies. It still breaks my heart, though." Unlocking the Xterra, I opened the passenger door for him.

"And that's why I love you. Your heart is the biggest I've ever known." He wrapped his arms around my waist and gave me a very warm hug. I breathed in his incredible scent. "Now, what's this surprise tonight? You've bought me hundreds of dollars of clothes already. There's dinner. What else is there?"

"You'll just have to wait and see, baby,"

Jacob suddenly became irritated. "You know, there is more than one person in this relationship. I haven't given you anything and yet you're buying me clothes and you've apparently more surprises later on. This is making me feel like shit!"

"Babe," I sighed, "you'll have the chance to give me the greatest gift in the world tonight. I'm going to be floored."

"What are you even talking about?"

"Again you just have to be patient,"

Jacob groaned. I closed the door, chuckling to myself. He has no idea what's going to happen later. As I drove us to the restaurant, Jacob did a lot of talking. He went on and on about how we first met and our first date. I was recalling our first kiss and the first time we had sex. Boy, what a nerve-racking time that was.

The first time we had sex was unsettling to me. Don't get me wrong, it was great, but still Jacob was underage. He was seventeen and I was twenty. It was officially illegal at that point. His parents are completely horrible and intolerant of gays, therefore, they're kept in the dark. If they found out Jacob was gay, they'd most definitely disown him without a second thought. Us having a three year age gap was just another reason to keep them in the dark. I've lost count all the nights he's been on the phone with me crying hysterically because he knew his parents would hate him. I also lost count the number of times he snuck out of his house and came to my condo. After the mega surprise in the hotel room tonight, I'm asking him to move in with me.

The noise of my cell phone ringing broke us out of our trip down memory lane. I pushed the talk button on the steering wheel.

"Michael Heart's office," Jacob giggled softly, digging into the center console for a pen and small pad of paper.

"Ah, good," a man said, clearly relieved he had the right person. "Mr. Heart, my name is Gary Chapman and I am under the impression you are one of the best agents in three counties."

Jacob almost lost it completely. The grin on his face was contagious.

"Well, I'm not sure about the best in three counties, at least one, but I do appreciate the compliment." I said humorously. "What can I do for you, Mr. Chapman?"

"I have a house that I need sold. Hopefully it can be done within a couple of months. The wife has me by the gonads to sell the damn place." Gary explained. "I used to rent it out, but the previous renters had these hoodlum children."

"What kind of property is it?"

"I think it's a contemporary style or something like that. It was brand new when I bought it and that was in... Uh... Let's see... Oh, yes, 2005. There're four bedrooms and four bathrooms, a recently updated kitchen, all the works."

Jacob was scribbling the information down. From what Gary was saying, it sounded like a great house, especially since it's pretty new. With the market back up and running again I'd say the house can definitely sell within a couple of months.

"Where's the house located?" I asked, curious to know about that the most.

"Up on Alta Vista,"

Jacob stopped writing when he heard the name. That's the street where multi-million dollar homes sit. Gary's house is probably worth at least a million just being on that street. There was a certain look in Jacob's eyes. I think it was a conniving kind of look. If I made this sale, then he'd be able to buy a lot of clothes. I'm sure that's exactly what he was thinking about. Little does he know, though, I'll be buying him a car after this sale for his graduation present.

"Well, Gary, it sounds like a great house. Unfortunately, I'm not in the office right now so how about we meet on Monday?"

"Yeah, that's fine," he replied politely. "I've got a meeting that morning. Is three o'clock good for you?"

"Sounds perfect. I'll see you then."

I pushed the end button, then looked over at Jacob. He still had that conniving look upon his face, but now with a hint of a smile. If I weren't driving, I could've stared into his eyes for hours. There's something so comforting about being with Jacob. He has such a free spirit. One can't help but feel inspired or enlightened when around him.

The time came when we eventually passed a familiar landmark that Jacob immediately recognized. He guessed right, that we're going to the beach. I was hoping for him to be naive for a little while longer, but I didn't give him enough credit apparently. His excitement wasn't any less enthusiastic, though, and he was ready to jump the console and start our night off early right there in the Fastrak. Sadly for the both of us that just wasn't an option.

The sun was beginning to inch closer to the horizon. Our reservations are for five and that should hopefully be plenty of enough time before the sun actually sets. The plan is to eat, then go down to the shore and take a walk. Jacob loves the beach to all its extent; the smells, the sights, the textures. Weather wouldn't stop him from enjoying it all, either. Rain could be pouring down and Jacob would still want to walk the shoreline. The two of us have had several great trips to the beach and there've been quite a few times when I've let him invite his friends so we could have a huge bonfire. One thing we've never done at the beach is have sex. That's something I've wanted to change for a while now, but there are always difficulties when an opportunity actually presents itself. Surely he's wanted to as well.

Along the coast on the highway, Jacob climbed in the backseat behind me. He rolled the window down and leaned out into the wind, propping himself on the armrest. I feel so...euphoric when he's in this state of mind. All the times we've visited the beach, he acts likes a little kid in a mega toy store. He becomes this completely different person, but in a good way. The happiness he radiates is infectious.

"Michael, this is great!" he shouted against the roar of the wind. I laughed at his enthusiasm.

"Just don't fall out!" I called back.

Another fifteen minutes passed before arriving at the restaurant situated on top of a cliff overlooking the ocean with the horizon in the background. Jacob went out through the back, grabbing one of his new jackets in the process. Looking at the restaurant, he seemed a little worried about something. I let it go, though, and led him inside. The warm rush of air that swept over us as we walked in felt very relaxing. The worry that was previously written on Jacob's face had disappeared.

"Reservations under Heart," I said to the host. He led us to a table outside on the patio, placing two menus on it.

"Your waiter will be with you shortly."

"Thank you," I said.

Only a few seconds later, our waiter arrived introducing himself as Tommy. I ordered a Cosmo and Jacob ordered a Coke. Usually when we go to dinner on the weekends, I order alcohol and allow Jacob a few covert sips. He knew tonight would definitely be no different.

"I love this, Michael. The view of the sunset is perfect. I know this isn't coincidence." he smirked.

I threw my hands up in defense. "Okay, okay, so I planned for us to arrive at the perfect time. Sue me for trying to be romantic."

"Pfft, you definitely don't have to try to be romantic. But you know that I love the romance." He let out a short giggle. "Almost as much as I love you,"

"Now who's being the romantic?"

"Happy two years, baby,"

The two of us leaned over the table to share a kiss. Jacob is completely open in public, but anywhere near his house he is so reserved it's kind of scary. He has me drop him off around the block whenever I take him home so that no neighbors see him getting out of a truck with a guy. There's this one neighbor he's told me about. She's a real prying type of person. Tammy Wetherford is commonly referred to as the neighbor with no boundaries. How do I know this? Because unfortunately my mother knows her. Jacob used to be concerned that she'd find something out about us through mom and tell his parents. Thankfully mom keeps her distance from Tammy. Yeah, Jacob's parents completely terrify him. That is just another reason why I'm asking him to move in with me. He'll no longer have to worry about being kicked out. I'll make sure he has nothing to worry about for the rest of his life.

"Ahem," The waiter broke us out of our lip lock. "Sorry, guys, but I have your drinks."

Jacob blushed, completely embarrassed at being caught. I found his embarrassment amusing, though. Tommy asked if we were ready to order, but neither of us had even touched our menus. I asked for a few more minutes. It was easy for me to pick a meal; I'm not too fussy when it comes to food. Jacob on the other hand is completely absurd. I should've known better than to talk before ordering. He takes forever to figure out what he wants. Typically when we go out to a familiar restaurant he'll look over the menu for twenty minutes before deciding on the same thing he always orders. Tonight could be worse since this is the first time either of us has ever been to this particular restaurant.

When Tommy did come back, Jacob still hadn't decided on what to order. Tommy suggested the chicken parmesan since my lovely boyfriend mentioned he despised seafood. He readily agreed to the chicken allowing Tommy to go back to the kitchen. I was starving having not eaten anything filling all day in anticipation of dinner.

"Can I have a drink now?" Jacob asked, putting on his infamous puppy dog look.

I looked around to make sure no employees were near. "Yeah, go ahead, but not a lot tonight, Jacob. I need you sober."

"Never in my life," he paused to take a sip, "have I ever been so insulted. I've never even been buzzed!"

"Need I remind you of last year at my parents' house? You got so hammered on the Fourth of July I had to carry you to the truck."

Jacob laughed innocently. "One time,"

"Oh? What about Halloween?" He looked away from me. "Uh huh, see. There have been several occasions when I've had to carry you somewhere because you were too wasted."

"Jeez, you're making me sound like some kind of alcoholic. I only drink on holidays, though. Or whenever your mom throws one of her parties."

"You're not an alcoholic except on those days." I said truthfully. "Or when I want you to be so I can take advantage of you."

Jacob stared longingly across the table. "You definitely don't have to get me drunk to take advantage. The only thing keeping me from ripping your pants off right now is this table."

"Then don't let this table stop you," I suggested, letting the hormones control the wordage. "Since apparently the people around us wouldn't stop you."

"Don't test me, Michael," Jacob warned. "I've done crazy stuff before and I'm not about to step down from a challenge."

"I dare you,"

"Michael, I'm serious about..."

Jacob trailed off as Tommy walked up to our table with a giant bowl of salad and a basket of bread.

"Here's your salad and bread, guys," Tommy said in a typical waiter fashion. "Need another Cosmo I see," He glanced at Jacob when he said that.

"That'd be great, thanks," I said calmly.

Tommy brought another Cosmo followed soon by our dinner. Over the food, Jacob started talking about a trip to San Francisco him and his friends are planning after graduation. His friends told him specifically that only graduates were allowed to go. I guess they don't really like me too much, but I can't even think of a reason for their disapproval. I'm always so nice whenever Jacob invites them to go to the beach with us. I've even bought them all dinner on numerous occasions. So their problem with me really isn't justified.

Jacob finished his food first, complaining that I was taking too long on purpose. Yeah, it was pretty fun to watch him squirm in his seat. He was becoming so excited to see what I had planned for him.

After paying for dinner, we walked back out to my truck. Jacob switched his new jacket for a warmer new jacket. The temperature had dropped significantly since we arrived, but that's normal beach weather. I drove us only about a mile away from the restaurant where we'd start our little excursion.

"We're going for a walk?" Jacob asked, looking back and forth between the shore and I.


"Aw, babe, this is perfect!" he gushed. He hopped out of the front seat and stretched quickly.

"I thought you'd like it," I opened the liftgate to retrieve my own jacket from the hidden storage compartment. I packed a set of clothes for each of us in there because a suitcase would be too obvious. Jacob can be ditsy on occasion, but he isn't ditsy enough to miss a suitcase.

"You sure do know how to win a guy over."

"It's a gift really. This isn't even the end of our night."

Jacob groaned, "There's more?"


"And you're not going to tell me anything are you?"

"Nope," I laughed.

"You're too evil."

The upper part of the beach was lined with numerous groups of people surrounding bon fire pits. The groups that we walked past were exceptionally rambunctious. A few empty boxes of beer were lying empty against the pits, explaining the unruliness. Trudging through the sand was a difficult challenge what with the gusts of wind and the thickness of the sand itself. By the time we got to the shore, I was ready to go to the hotel. Jacob, though, was just getting warmed up. A pier stretched out into the ocean probably half a mile away from us. Walking to it and back should satisfy Jacob enough and then we can go to our room and finish our night together.

The moon was covered by scattered clouds, which casted halos around the puffs of grey. Gusts of winds blasted my hair backwards messing the style up entirely. Jacob stepped in closer for extra warmth. I took his hand in mine and smiled. He looked absolutely thrilled to be here right now.

"Babe, can I take my shoes off?" Jacob asked.

"Go ahead, dork," He bent over and untied the laces. What he did next was something I expected out of him. As he stood back up, the little punk lifted his shoes up to eye level, frowning and furrowing his brows. "Okay, I'll carry 'em."

He stood on his tiptoes to peck me on the cheek.

"You're the best,"

With our hands locked together once more, we continued our walk. Along the way to the pier, a few other couples were splashing around in the water disregarding the frigid temperature. The waves occasionally washed up to Jacob's feet, but he also didn't mind. I kept stealing glances at him, absorbing his happiness. Lips curled upwards, his smile was rubbing off onto me once more.

We spoke nothing to each other. No words were needed in the moment. The roar of the waves crashing and the cries of birds were ample. The bon fire groups were becoming more of a whisper as we became closer to the pier. I was grateful for that because hearing fuck and pussy wasn't my idea of romance. Not even those raucous, drunken slurs could ruin tonight, though. Jacob seemed to ignore them anyhow. He was too busy staring off into the dark vastness.

A lone restaurant sat at the very end of the pier almost entirely invisible against the black backdrop. Even with the white lights lining the boardwalk casting a soft glow all the way up to the building, it was still only a silhouette. If there wasn't a locked gate at the entrance of the pier, I'm sure Jacob would've wanted to go to the end of it. But underneath would have to do. A few rays of light streamed through cracks in the boards above us. Jacob rested against one of the poles sticking out of the sand.

"Will you hold me?" Jacob asked rather sadly.

I stepped in front of him from behind. "Of course," He wrapped his slender arms firmly around the small of my back. The amount of heat exchanged between our bodies was a nice effect compared to that of the chill from the wind. "Is there anything wrong? You seem kind of sad."

"Nah, I'm not sad. I think I'm just a little bit tired."

Being here with him now reminds me of the time I brought him and three of his closest friends to the beach a couple of months ago. We managed to grab a pit closer to the pier than normal, so after settling in the five of us went for a walk. Jacob kept close to me while his friends kept a good pace ahead of us. It was then I decided to ask why his friends seemed to dislike me so much.

"They don't dislike you, Michael. I mean, Angie likes you. She's always talking to you and stuff." Jacob said in a not so successful attempt to comfort me.

"Angie is the one exception, but what about Todd and Grace? They ignore me every chance possible." Truthfully at that point, I was feeling kind of dumb. Here I was driving his friends to the beach for him and all they've done is give me the cold shoulder. Icicles were forming on my ears!

Jacob squeezed my hand. "Todd and Grace like you. They're just, you know, a little protective of me. It's typical best friend stuff."

"No, Jacob, it's not typical best friend stuff. We've been together almost two years now. The protective shit is getting old."

"Michael, really, they're just..."

"Stop, Jacob," I said abruptly. "Ever since we first got together those two have done nothing but treat me like dirt. And I'm sick of you allowing them to do it."

"What do you want me to do?" he asked defensively.

"Are you fucking serious?" At this point we had let his friends walk far ahead of us. "Get a clue, Jacob! I've been taking their shit for damn near two years! How do you think it makes me feel that you allow your friends treat me like this?"

"Baby, please..." Jacob was starting to get visibly upset. He's not much of a strong person when it comes to direct conflict. Although it was almost pitch black out, the water in his eyes was obvious.

"I don't want to hear it. If you're okay with how your best friends treat your boyfriend, then fine." I spoke rather harshly towards him, but I wasn't in the mood to go back and forth.

The rest of our walk I kept a distance of about two feet between us. I was so angry that I didn't even really want to be next to him at all. Todd, Grace, and Angie were waiting for us at the entrance of the pier. The three of them immediately took notice to the fact that Jacob and I weren't holding hands. He walked up to them; Grace led him away while Todd followed closely behind. Angie came over to me and smiled.

"Everything okay?" she asked curiously, sitting on a bench that wrapped around a plot of flowers.

I sat next to her before replying

"Kind of," curtly I replied.

"Grace is the problem, right?" She didn't seem surprised at all.

"Yeah, actually,"

"She's just jealous. Jacob does spend a lot of time with you. She's also mad at him, though she doesn't show it as easily as she does towards you."

"I know he does, but I've told him he needs to hang out with you guys more. He just refuses to listen."

"I like you, Michael. You're a great guy for Jacob. I'm happy for the two of you, him especially. If Grace were anything but selfish, then she'd be happy for him, too." I knew I liked this girl before, but after confirming she didn't have anything against me, well, I began liking her even more. "And Todd follows Grace regardless of how he feels about something."

"Thanks for the little talk, but..." I zoned out tuning into the arguing further down the boardwalk. "Maybe you should go diffuse that argument. I'll be in my truck thinking."

I walked away before Angie could stop me. Jacob was hopefully giving it to Grace and Todd. If nothing changed tonight, then this will be the last time I do anything for any of his friends. Disrespecting me for over a year is too long and I'm not allowing it any longer.

I sat idly for several minutes brooding over what's happened thus far. The guilt of a ruined beach trip loomed overhead. But did I ruin anything? Or is Grace equally to blame? She could just accept that Jacob and I are an item, a couple that's been together for over a year, two years in a few more months. Obviously I'm not in it for any other reason than love. I'm not looking to break his heart or anything. He's my world and that's how it's always been.

The passenger door opened, breaking me out of my reverie. Jacob climbed in the front with a solemn look. He wasn't crying, though. If he were crying, I'd be so guilt ridden I'd apologize. Neither one of us said anything at first. The moment was actually pretty awkward. I was rubbing little circles on my shorts, bored out of mind.

"I'm sorry," Jacob finally said. "I gave Grace and Todd a nice long talk. I'm sorry that I haven't done anything before, Michael. Please don't be mad at me. It just never occurred to me that it hurt you. You always seemed so..."

"I forgive you," I leaned over and wrapped my arms around him. "Things aren't going to be awkward now, though, right? I mean, Grace isn't going to force nice upon me?"

Jacob chuckled, "No,"

We made out for a few minutes before walking back to the fire pit hand in hand.

Grace finally grew accustomed to Jacob being with me almost every single day. She still gives me the cold shoulder every now and then, but for the most part we get along. I think she's finally accepted that Jacob and I are basically perfect together. Our fights are few and far between with one of us quickly apologizing and making up.

Off in the darkness, a loud horn annoyingly interrupted us from our moment. Jacob got all excited suddenly, though.

"Oh, my God, babe!" Jacob raced from under the pier, feverishly searching for the source of the horn.

"What? It's just a ship, Jacob." I laughed at him, walking over to where he was searching.

"No, no, it's not just a ship! The Diamond of the Ocean is the biggest cruise ship ever! I read it's like fourteen-hundred feet long. I want to go on it some time!"

Watching Jacob bounce around like a child was very amusing. I made a mental reminder to check up on the Diamond and where it makes port. Maybe instead of a car he'd like a cruise for his graduation present. Or if the tickets aren't as pricey as I'm imagining, then he could possibly receive both. Does it seem like he's spoiled? Well, he definitely is, but I don't mind how much I spend on him. I know that Jacob loves me for me and not just my money.

"Someday we will," I stood behind him, wrapping my arms around his waist. He was shivering from the cold. "Are you ready to go? You're obviously freezing."

"Aww, but it's the beach. I don't wanna leave the beach!" he whined, still shivering like mad.

"Well, you've two surprises left."

Jacob rotated on his heels. He stared up into my eyes with an impish grin plastered on his face.

"Does one of the surprises have to do with this...?" He reached down and squeezed my half-hard member.

"Okay, time to go," I grabbed his hand and ran back up to the truck. Jacob was laughing the entire way.

The lights were never planned on being used. Jacob says that having the lights off enhances the sensuality of the moment. The moon cast just enough light into the room to where we could read each others' face. Before I even shut the door, Jacob clung onto me mashing his lips against mine.

"Be rough tonight, Michael," Jacob moaned as I bit his neck.

I drug him over to the bed where, after stripping the comforter off, I pushed him down forcefully. The blank look on his face told me that he was in ecstasy. I've seen that look so many times before. He unbuttoned his pants as I unbuttoned my own along with pulling my shirt off. Jacob stared with lust-filled eyes.

Jacob tried to stand, but I shoved him back down. Hooking the waistband of my boxers with my thumbs, I pushed them down to the floor. I stood in full glory of him, something that doesn't happen often. He seemed to be in a trance just staring at my body.

I crawled onto the bed, giving attention to Jacob's throbbing cock. There was a small moist spot at the tip; he was already leaking precum.

"Take off your shirt," I ordered him.

"Yes, sir," he feebly uttered, doing as told.

"Now," I began, "lie down and do not move."

His stomach quivered from the coolness of my fingers. He still had his boxers on, but they were easy to maneuver off of his thin body. Standing at just over six inches was one of the many reasons for the existence of myself. Instead of going straight for my prize, however, I laid a trail of kisses from his abdomen up to his neck. Jacob squirmed underneath me in desperate anticipation. The fragrance emanating his skin was intoxicating, driving me to increased passion. I suckled just below his ear-his weakest spot.

"Oh," he gasped out. "Mmm,"

The sensation of me playing with his sensitive area was driving him crazy. I know, like me, he wanted to immediately cum right then and there. But the two of us have days of holding out for this moment tonight, right now. We're going to have some explosive orgasms so no need to rush.

I reached under his butt and flipped him over. I lubed my cock and carefully entered him. Jacob cried out, in pain or in ecstasy I'm not sure. There were no pleas to stop, however. Being inside him all tight and warm was edging me closer and closer to the long awaited climax.

"You like that, pup?" I panted. I thrust into him harder and harder, each time making sure to add more strength.

"Yeah," he whimpered, also panting.


My skin started to feel itchy-ish, which told me that things were really starting to heat up. I was thrusting into Jacob as fast and hard as I possibly could. He kept moaning, begging me to fuck him harder. All of a sudden, he moaned very loudly and went slightly limp against my poundings.

"Oh, babe, oh," I continued thrusts through his orgasm. It sounded like he really blew a load. He moaned "yes, yes," incessantly.

I couldn't yet feel the point of no return, but while waiting I was receiving immense pleasure. With every thrust it felt like a mini-orgasm. Jacob, although taking the relentless poundings, wasn't becoming any looser, which, for me, was a good thing. The friction that was between my cock and his ass was increasing; the lube dissipating. Jacob loves it rough, though. I placed my hands firmly at the sides of his hips to anchor myself. It only took a few minutes for my climax to make its appearance.

"I'm cumming, Jacob," I slammed into him a few more times, rocketing cum inside of him. Shot after shot launched into him. "Baby," I moaned out.

I collapsed, a hot mess, next to him.

"Michael, that was so worth the four days. I love you so much. Happy two years," Jacob said breathlessly. I was in just as a euphoric post-orgasm as he.

"Happy two years,"

"Two years of great, hot sex,"

"Two years of great, hot love,"

"That's awesome, too!" he enthusiastically said. "Babe, I think we're going to be together forever."

That took me completely by surprise. I don't recall, but I'm almost certain he's never said that before. He's said similar things, in question even, but he's never directly said it. I'm glad he did because that actually makes his final surprise easy to complete.

"I sure hope so, Jacob. We'd make celebrity couples envious." He laughed. "I love you, puppy."

I felt nervous as all hell getting up and walking over to the duffle bag. Since I was up I figured I should put some form of clothing back on so I chose my pants-commando underneath. Jacob was lying lazily under the sheets atop his shirt that covered the puddle of cum he left behind. Panic suddenly swept through me. In the duffle bag was no trace of his final surprise.

"Something wrong, Michael?" Jacob asked, startling me.

"Uh," I exhaled, "no. Nothing's wrong."

"What would you say if I told you I'm hungry?"

I laughed. "We just had sex so I'd say I'm not surprised. Not sure if there's ever been a time after sex when you haven't eaten."

Then, after God decided he was done joking with me, I felt the small box inside of a folded pair of pants-where I placed it in the first place. Sometimes I don't know what's going on inside my head.

"So, are you gonna feed me? Is room service still going?" He searched the nightstand for a menu.

"I'll feed you in a little while," I replied, moving back onto the bed. Once I was comfortably sitting next to him, it was time for his final surprise. "Are you ready for your final surprise?"

Jacob straightened excitedly. "Woo! Is it more sex?" His excitement lessened at the thought.

"No," I scoffed. "Jacob, it's been two years since we first started dating. I've loved every single second of our relationship and being with you." I averted his gaze; I'm not that great with sharing my emotions. "I'm so in love with you. Jacob," I reached into my back pocket where the small box rested, "will you marry me?"

The silence almost pained me. Just as I opened the ring box, he stared wide-eyed at the round silver band inside. His expression was unreadable. It could be shock or confusion or even anger. I had no idea.

But then, out of the blue, he spoke.

"Yes, Michael, I will marry you." We hugged each other securely, basking in the moment of forever.

"See, that was the best gift you could've given me." I humorously threw in.

He laughed, "You were right."

For the remainder of our night, we spent it making love over and over and over. Two in the morning was last call for both of us. Jacob fell asleep in my arms just as he has so many times before. Tonight was different, however. Tonight he fell asleep in my arms as my fianc?.

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