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Mad World 09

Waking up slowly, I began to realize where I was and who was pressed up behind me. Collin was murmuring something inaudible in his sleep. A few words were clear, but I had no real idea what he was dreaming about. Jacob would sometimes talk in his sleep, like, seriously have conversations in his sleep. I remember I would be lying down just listening to all the things he'd say, watching his perfect lips move without ever separating too far apart. Jacob thankfully wasn't an animated sleeper. Once in a comfortable position he would pretty much stay that way through the entire night. That's not the case with Collin. I've often woken up to him pushing on me late into the night or lying on top of me completely. Perhaps he didn't do this in his sleep. Maybe he did it just to be close to me. But, eh, nothing to wonder too much about.

"Mmph," he sleepily mumbled. I turned over to take a look at him. Collin looked so peaceful asleep. His hair bore the true definition of bedhead, messy and sticking up in the back. The beautiful chocolate eyes were hidden by the creamy skin on his eyelids. I never noticed before, but he has a really cute nose, button-like and the perfect size. "Palm trees you," His full coral lips barely moved apart with each word.

God, Collin looks absolutely beautiful. I can't stop looking him over. Every piece of his body I just want to lick and pleasure. A sexual drive that I've never felt before came ahead with all might and force. But . . . no. I want to show him that I have deeper feelings than just animalistic lust. What's the fun in just having sex all the time? Sex is great and all, but I'd choose cuddling over it any day. Cuddling to me brings a whole new definition of pleasure. Jacob was big on being held by me. Without fail, every time after having sex he'd want to be held, which was not a problem. He never even had to ask. He loved lying on the couch and watching movies all day with my arms securely encasing his body. Just imagine how warm we were during the colder months. Speaking of being warm, I remember the first time the two of us had sex. I think it was a month or so past our one year anniversary. Pretty sure it was in June. Yeah, that's right because he was seventeen and I was twenty. During our interlude, I was sweating like crazy from all the gyrating. Jacob was sweating too, but nowhere near as much as me. After we both finished, I jumped in the shower just to cool off. I can't believe we first had sex just almost a year ago. Don't let that fool you, though. We may not have had full on sex for a year, but there were plenty of blow jobs thrown in before that.

I carefully slid out of bed to fetch Jacob's journal. All this talk about our first time is making me curious to read about it from his viewpoint. Hopefully he wrote about it. Let's see . . . June . . . 2010 . . . It would be much more helpful if I remembered the actual date, but I guess as long as I'm in the June section the entry will pop up sooner or later.

June 3 2010

School was the biggest drag today ever. Thursdays seem to go by pretty fast though. Thankfully tomorrows Friday. I only have one test! ONE! Usually I have like three or four. Damn those AP classes. Grace was telling me about Todd and going with him to his parents anniversary dinner. It didn't sound like she had a bad time, just an awkward . . .

Nope, that's not it. I could give a fuck about grace and/or Todd.

June 22 2010

SUMMER!!!! Second week of summer vacation for the win! The last week of school and last week were the best ever! I'm officially a senior! But that's not the best part. The best part is that I've spent sooo much time with Michael lately. He's all I think about during every second of every day. And when I think about him at night while laying in bed......the only thing that comes to mind is his hot sexy body and his studly cock. I love having that cock in my mouth. He tastes so amazing. Yeah it tastes like skin and has a small salty flavor from the precum that generously flows, but given that it's Michael it makes it taste like freaking cotton candy to me! Just the thought of him.......naked.......standing over me..........his cock jutting out from his body........begging me to suck on it........AHHHH! No more. I'm so hard right now! I want to jack off!!!! I need to finish this first. He's been asking me lately about having actual sex. The thought is so hot to me, but something inside is just like screaming not to do it. I'm scared to let him take me completely. I feel insecure and scared about it. I mean Michael is so hot, like gorgeously beautifully sexily stunning. He has amazing eyes, awesome hair that always seems to be perfect, a body that would make Adonis jealous, and a type of personality that I've never encountered before. He could have anyone and he chooses me. I don't think this past year has been a sham. In fact it's been the best year of my life, but what if he has sex with me and I'm no good? Or I don't please him the way he deserves to be pleased? I'm just scared that he'll leave me. ***siiiiigh*** I'm probably just being stupid. Michael wouldn't leave me. If he's waited this long to actually have sex with me then he won't be going anywhere regardless of how good it might be........or might not be.

Well, my boner's gone. But I'm gonna stop writing and think of Michael's amazing body and jack off. It seems like every time I have a dilemma and write it in here I know what to do the next day. Hopefully that happens again because I really do love Michael so much and I just want him to be happy. He always worries about my happiness, but doesn't focus much on himself. I'm going to try making him the happiest man alive!!

Not quite the entry I was looking for, but . . . what he said about me was the most special thing in the world. I knew he loved me and thought highly of me, but to actually read his words is a little overwhelming. It's so like Jacob to put someone else in front of himself. If only there was a way to let him know just how happy he made me. The first time we had sex, well afterwards, we kind of talked about his insecurity and I reassured him he was the greatest thing to ever happen to me. I wish Jacob would've told me this stuff before he . . . I just wish he would've told me. I would've reassured him even more and told him that he's the only person for me, that he's perfect and beautiful and special. Fuck. Damn these tears! I'll read one more . . . That's all I can take for now.

June 31 2010

OH........MY.......GOD! We had sex last night! We had amazing mind blowing sex last night! I thought him swallowing my load felt great, but this......this was beyond incredible. It hurt at first, but Michael went slow and took his time. He was sweating. I was sweating. Last night was hot in EVERY sense of the word. And our post-sex cuddling was just as amazing. He was telling me how much he appreciates me and how much he loves me. He told me . . . he wants to stay with me forever, that I was the one for him. I'm not ashamed to admit I cried and thinking about it now my eyes are all watery. Never in a million years did I think this would happen to me. Michael is my everything. Now that we've had sex it's like we're complete. He's a part of me. As soon as my everything wakes up......and at least gargles haha......I want him inside me again! I think I'm addicted. I kind of want him to try something new too. I want him to be rough with me. That sounds so hot! Ugh I need it noooow! Maybe I'll wake him up myself.......Hell yeah!

Jacob left out the part when I told him he wasn't my first. I told him before we started. He grew a little upset, jealous even, but I assured him that it was more of a mistake and hormonal takeover than anything else. He got over it, pretty fast I might add. I just thought I should be honest with him. Thankfully it didn't backfire. I guess that's just a memory he didn't care to think about.

"Phush," The covers were being pushed off his body in a leisurely manner. He swung his legs over the edge of the bed. He barely had his eyes open.

"Morning," I awkwardly said.

Collin ignored my greeting and walked out of the bedroom just as leisurely as he pushed the covers off of him. I followed behind closely making sure he wasn't going to hurt himself. Clearly he's sleepwalking, but I've never actually seen it up close and personal. It's kind of trippy seeing someone sleeping and moving around at the same time, almost eerie. He went into the kitchen and stopped. I took the time to notice his cute butt gently protruding from his boxers. Collin then reached for a glass. I ran in front of him to make sure he wouldn't drop it. He turned the water on and filled the cup to the rim, then brought the glass up to his lips.

"Thirsty?" I asked even though he wasn't able to consciously answer. This is an experience for the books. I don't think too many people actually get to see their boyfriend sleepwalk.

After finishing off the water, he went back into the bedroom and crawled into bed. I'm curious to know what brought this on. He's never mentioned anything about sleepwalking, although he might not even know. Hopefully the sleepwalking didn't happen while living on the streets. You know, I'm going to talk to him about living on the streets some time soon. I really want to know what it was like. Plus, it might feel good to talk about, but if it's not something he'd want to do, then there won't be any force used.

I stayed in the kitchen and did the few dishes that were in the sink. I'm so ready to play Bunco tonight. I can hear the dice calling my name pleading with me to give them a roll. The game is so much fun! Gah! And it's only noon-ish! Only seven hours to go (that sentence is seething with sarcasm by the way). Mom had better be on her best behavior tonight. So help me if Collin feels singled out I will unleash a fury that is known only in hell.

"Morning," Collin softly said, appearing from the bedroom.

"Hey there, sunshine," I greeted him happily. "How'd you sleep?"

"Awesome as usual," he grinned. "You don't work today?"

"No work today." I rinsed the last dish off, then gave Collin a hug. The sleepwalking thing can be brought up later when he's more awake. "So, are you hungry? I was thinking of frying up some bacon and eggs." A boyish musk emanated from his body. The scent was intoxicating. His morning wood poked my own growing member.

"Do you have any sausage?" he slyly asked.

"Just bacon,"

"Aww, but, oh, what is this?" He reached down and squeezed my now stiff cock. "This will work."

I giggled, "Not right now."

Sighing, he replied, "Well, maybe later then. Can I shower or will the food be done before that?"

"You have time to shower." I went back to the stove and fetched a frying pan. "Oh, there aren't any clothes for you. The new stuff is out in the truck still."

"I'll run and get it,"

"Are you sure? I can get it."

"Really," he said. "You just make some food."

"All righty then," I gave him the key fob to the truck and he was out the door before I even cracked an egg. That kid sure does like to take showers. Perhaps that has something to do with his previous home arrangement, or lack thereof. Showers are a luxury most people take for granted and I'm proud to admit I'm not one of those people. Wasting water in this state is almost a crime, and as well it should be. Water is another luxury people take for granted. I'll admit sometimes it's nice to just stand in the hot water pouring out from the shower head, but I don't often do that.

"Michael," Collin started as he stepped inside, bags in hand, "this is too much. All these clothes . . . They must have cost a lot of money. I don't need all this."

"Nothing in those bags cost money . . . babe." The last part was a bit of a struggle to say out loud. Sounded good in my head, though.

"Was this hard for you to do?" His question actually caught me off guard. It wasn't really difficult to exchange Jacob's clothes. They were brand new, absolutely unworn. The only time he actually came into contact with them was when he picked them out.

To answer the question, "No, it wasn't hard for me to do."

"That's good then," He flashed a genuine smile. "I'm gonna hop in the shower now. You can join me . . . if you want. Nothing sexual." Then he walked away leaving me standing dumbfounded.

What was that about? You can join me if you want? I can't believe he just said that to me. Of course I want to shower with him! Showering two at a time does save a little water . . . right?

When we arrived at mom's house, no other cars were lined on the street. Great, we were the first. Collin wasn't as nervous as I thought he would've been. He was surprisingly calm for someone who was about to be in a house full of strangers. But he was pretty calm when we went to the barbeque so it must just be his nature. We sat out in the truck for a few minutes before I finally decided to just go up to the door. Mom was scurrying about the house preparing the last bit of food and setting up the tables. Dad greeted us, then shut himself off in their bedroom. This particular group of Bunco has a basic rule: no men. There are exceptions, like if they need a sub player, but there aren't any men who are permanent players. With no one showing up yet, it was the perfect time to explain the game to Collin.

"So, this is the head table and then there is the second table and third table. You don't have to worry about figuring out the tables because your teammate with help with that. There're three games with six rounds each. The first round is ones. Grab the dice and roll. However many ones you get is your score. You keep rolling until you don't get anymore ones. Then when that round ends you roll for twos and so forth. When the head table gets a score of twenty-one, someone will ring a bell and that's the end of that round." I tried explaining the game easily, but I'm not an expert myself. I only get to play a couple times per year so even I need to be reminded every once in a while.

"Okay, um, you said something about a teammate?"

"Four people will be at each table. The person sitting opposite you will be your teammate, but only for that round. The winners at the head table stay, but the partners must switch. The winners at the second and third tables have to move and again the partners change."

"And the scoring is based on whether or not I roll whatever round we're on?"

"Yeah, say you roll two ones and a four in round two. Since you didn't get any twos the next person rolls. Say you rolled a two, then you would keep rolling until you no longer roll any twos. Now, if you roll three of any number that is called a Funco. But say you roll three sixes in round six, that is a Bunco. If the head table gets a Bunco, then the round ends immediately. Is this easy to understand or am I making this too hard?"

"No, I'm on the same page. I'm actually excited to play now." Collin smiled brightly.

"Oh, I almost forgot. The player who gets a Bunco has the choice to wear a tiara or a boa." I pulled both from the play box that mom had partially hidden. "I always want to wear both whenever I get a Bunco." Collin laughed hysterically watching me put the two items on. "What? They don't look good on me?" Feigning heartbreak, I asked humorously.

"Not so much,"

"Yeah, well, if you get a Bunco you'll know the feeling of wearing this stuff."

"Who plays?" he asked as I put the tiara and boa back into the game box. I was confused by what he meant.

"What do you mean? Everyone plays."

"No, like, who are the players?"

"Oh, um, they're mom's friends and friends of those friends who became mom's friends eventually."

He sniffed the air, licking his lips at the same time. "Can . . . we eat?"

"You are a bottomless pit," I laughed lightheartedly. He lit up like a Christmas light. "But that's okay because I think it's adorable. We should eat before everyone else gets here."

We walked into the kitchen where mom was putting the final touches on her crunchy noodle salad. A big pile of mini chicken egg rolls sat on a platter surrounded by plates of other finger foods. On the counter opposite the egg rolls was the dessert tray. All the dessert was store bought; she never puts effort into the cooking. I don't mean that as a bad thing. Making all this food would take forever and who wants to strain themselves before a party? Collin and I loaded a plate with egg rolls and spoonfuls of the crunchy noodle salad. There were also pizza bites, potato skin thingies, and chicken strips. Collin looked like he was in heaven.

"Are we allowed to eat, like, from everything?" he asked.

"Yeah, eat whatever you want."

"Collin, there's soda and juice here." Mom stood over an ice chest with the drinks in it. "And, Michael, the margaritas are almost done."

"Aw, mom, you're using the drink machine? That makes the worst margaritas ever!" I complained like a young child not getting his way.

"Oh, poo. The drinks come out fine and no one else complains." she said, brushing me off entirely. "So, Collin, are you ready to play? Did Michael explain everything to you?"

"Are you going deaf?" I laughed at her. "I just got done explaining everything. How did you not hear us?"

"I was concentrating on the food, Michael."

"Um, yeah, but I hope I don't mess up on anything." Collin timidly spoke.

"You won't mess up. The game is all about luck. Funny, too, because most first timers win in one of the categories."


"Like most Bunco's, most Funco's, fifty-fifty, most losses, most wins." I cut in. "But even if you don't win in one of those categories, you still get a consolation prize."

"What are the prizes?" He seemed to become even more excited. This was going to be a fun night.

"That's a secret," mom said quickly beating me to the punch. "Well, the girls should be pulling up any second." And just as she said that there was a knock on the door. She went to answer it while Collin and I finished picking out food.

"Do we have enough time to eat, Michael?"

"Oh, yeah. Don't worry about that. They eat and play at the same time." I leaned in closer and lowered my voice. "You know, some people refer to Bunco as Drunko." He giggled. "Let's pick our table. We'll be partners to start."

The women filed into the house, some later than others. But thirty minutes later everyone was present, had food, and was ready to play. Two familiar faces joined our table and started talking with me. They asked the same old questions I was so used to hearing. Our conversations were short and light, and before long the first round started. Collin rolled the dice and didn't get any ones so Carly rolled next. She rolled two ones, then rolled again without the same luck. I rolled after, then Susan after me. This continued until the round ended. Collin caught on pretty fast, not that it's difficult. One thing I know he wouldn't get is scoring. Scoring can be tricky because you play, talk, and try to keep count at the same time. I've kept score only a few times in my years of playing. It takes a true multitasker to do it properly.

For the next couple of hours, the games continued on in every definition of playful. The girls were warmed up and talking freely. I think the margaritas helped with that. Every so often I would search around for Collin and make sure he was having fun. From the smile that stayed plastered across his face I'd say he was having a great time. A few times during the game, Bunco was screamed out of vivacious mouths. One of those few times was Collin's partner, Sheryl. She didn't get the Bunco. Collin did, but he didn't realize you were supposed to get that excited over it. I ran over and dressed him up in the pink boa and tiara. Everyone was laughing in good spirit, and Collin was blushing so fiercely. Sheryl was laughing the hardest. Sheryl's always been the wilder one out of the group. Her and I get along great when we are partnered up. She's so much fun to talk with and such. When the night came to a closing everyone counted their category scores. Collin had about an even amount of wins and losses, plus two Funco's and one Bunco. Mom came out of my old room, gifts in hand and started with most wins. Then she moved on to most losses. When fifty-fifty came up, Collin, Sheryl, and another woman, Fi, had to do a roll off to see who won since they tied. Unfortunately, luck wasn't on Collin's side. Fi won the roll off. Funco's he didn't get, but he had to do another roll off with three others for most Bunco's.

"Come on, come on," Sheryl said in a cheesy manner. "Momma needs whatever the prize is!" She rolled a three. "Shit, I know I lost!" The other women rolled a one, four, and a five.

"You just need a six, Collin, and you get the prize." mom said joyfully.

He picked the die up and threw it onto the table. It bounced around for far too long before landing on a six!

"Way to go, babe!" I shouted, not even realizing what I had said. But once it sank in, embarrassment set in. I'm not entirely positive, but I don't think everyone knows I'm gay. No one's face changed so they either knew or just didn't care. Either way is okay by me.

"And here's the prize," Mom walked out of my room again holding a clear plastic box. Inside was a three piece set of scent diffusers. She also had a large bag with the consolation prizes, which were single sets of diffusers. The ladies stayed around for a few minutes and simply talked with one another, but for Collin and me, different plans were in the making. I took him into my bedroom and shut the door.

"So, did you have fun?" I kissed him before he could respond.

"Yeah, that was a lot of fun. I can't believe I won!" he gushed.

I chuckled. "I'm glad you had fun. Are you hungry again? We can take some of the food home. My parents won't be able to finish all that."

"Only if we're allowed to. Those egg rolls were so good." He stifled a yawn, smiling at me.

"Tired, too?"

"A little," he murmured, sounding like a little boy.

I took him in my arms, holding onto him with delicacy. "Well, let's pack some food and we'll go home."

"Thanks, Michael, for such an incredible night."

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