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Edited by Trish


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Chapter 2

Unfortunately Josh's throat clamped up on him before he could get the name out. He wasn't sure he could ask for the favor now. If he did it would mean revealing his secret and Josh wasn't sure if he was ready for anyone else to know his secret yet. After all, it was difficult to bring his brother in on his secret so he knew it would be twice as hard to bring an outsider in on it, especially when he doesn't know if he could trust an outsider.

After a minute of torturing himself with fright, Josh spoke. "Never mind Mr. Jackson, I'll see you tomorrow to start your painting." Josh quickly hung up the phone before Tyler could say anything and collapsed on his bed. He didn't know why he couldn't ask, he just knew he couldn't.

For a half an hour Josh laid on his bed wondering if he should call Tyler back. He knows the only connection he has with the boy is through Jackson Agency and if anyone can locate him, it's Tyler Jackson. However, Josh wasn't sure if he had the courage to ask Tyler for his help. Feeling disappointed with himself, Josh got ready for bed. Maybe tomorrow will be a better day. Little did he know how much better it will be.

When JR woke the next morning, he was a little hesitant to get out of bed. He knew he had to talk with his father about the boys that was following him at the mall yesterday and wasn't looking forward to it. He reluctantly got out of bed and went to take a shower. He thought he should get this conversation over with as soon as possible because he had some shopping to do for his uncle's birthday present. Once he was showered and dressed he headed down to the kitchen.

When he reached the kitchen, he found his father already there having breakfast. Justin saw JR coming in and smiled. "Good morning son, did you have a good night sleep last night?"

JR sat at the table and started to make his plate of pancakes, bacon, eggs, and hash browns. "Good morning dad. Yeah I slept well but there's something I need to talk to you about." Justin nodded and asked what that was. "Well I saw Uncle Ty at the mall yesterday and he told me something that you need to know." JR went on to tell him about the boy that was following Tyler and why. He then told his father that Tyler suggested that Justin should hire some security for JR because Tyler didn't want anything to happen to him. "Uncle Ty thinks this kid will try to go through me to get to him."

"He just may be right." Justin agreed heavily. "After all, some people don't care who they hurt just as long as they finish what they'd started, even if that means some innocent people gets hurt in the process. I'll call Mr. Chang when I get to the office and have him send some men out right away."

JR nodded. "Okay, now I need to talk to you about the other boy." That made Justin even more worried. What parent wouldn't? Having two people following your child around is definitely a cause for a parent to worry. JR saw the worry look on his father's face and tried to ease his mind. "Relax dad, it's not as bad as you think." That only relax Justin just a little, but it was enough for JR to continue. After explaining what he knows about the boy, JR brought up the part he was hoping to avoid. "Now here's the shocker. His father is in a high position of the law and is very homophobic."

Justin looked at JR wondering what he meant by that. As far as he know that could mean anyone in a high position such as the mayor, chief of police, judge, or several others in that type of position. "What do you mean by that son? That could be several different people in the county, or even the state for that matter."

JR picked up the high school year book he had brought down with him and showed it to his father. When he pointed at the picture of the boy and his name, Justin went pale. Not only did he recognize the boy's face, but his last name also. Suddenly it clicked in his mind as to who JR was talking about and Justin didn't like it at all.

Justin looked at his son with a fatherly concern. "You're not interested in being involved with this boy are you JR? You do know what kind of troubles you can have if his father finds out. I don't want anything to happen to you."

"Trust me dad, I already know getting involved with this kid will lead to all kinds of problems. Besides, I'm not even sure if he floats that way. Last year he was dating Lesley Burkes, the head cheerleader of the varsity team. Even if he does floats that way, I want to be sure he's down with the swirl first!" JR roared with laughter which made his father laugh too.

"Just make sure he actually knows the pecan roll as well!" Now both guys were laughing hysterically, it took almost five minutes for them to stop. "Seriously though, you should only get involved with this boy if you sure you can handle what will be obvious to come. Don't forget you'll have me, your Uncle Ty, and Uncle Chris to protect and support you."

JR thanked and smiled at his dad. There was no doubt in his mind that his dad and uncles will do everything in their power to keep him safe. The rest of breakfast passed with them discussing what they'll be doing for the day. Justin will be at the office working all day while JR was going to do some shopping for Tyler's birthday. "That reminds me, I still have to buy his present myself."

"Why don't you take an extra hour off for lunch and meet me at the mall." JR asked. "We can have lunch together and do some shopping for Uncle Ty's present afterward. Plus I missed spending time with my dad. You've been so busy with work lately."

Justin could see the loneliness in JR's eyes even though JR tried to hide it. It made him feel bad that he hasn't had as much time to spend with his son this summer as he hoped, but that'll change as of now. "That sounds great son! How about I meet you at the mall at eleven in the food course?" JR nodded in agreement. "How about we also go for a ride this weekend as well?" The smile that lit up JR's face warmed Justin heart. He loves seeing that smile on his son's face.

"Are you sure? I mean don't you have to work?" Justin told JR that he was taking the whole weekend off to spend with him. "That sounds great dad, but it'll just be us this weekend though." Justin looked at him a little confused. "Uncle Ty and Uncle Chris are going to Atlantic City this weekend, remember?"

"Oh shit, I forgot about that." Justin explained as they finished breakfast and started to clean the kitchen. "Well, I guess it'll just have to be the two of us then. We can go wherever you like and do whatever you want. It'll be your day to choose what we do."

JR said he'll think of some things for them to do and he'll let Justin know when he has something planned out. As soon as the kitchen was cleaned, Justin gave his son a hug and left for work. Not long after, JR left for the mall to do some shopping.

Danny woke early that morning as well because he has to work. Not only does he have to work, but he also had to open the store. Being store manager does have its downside sometimes. After showering and dressing, Danny went to wake his little brother before going downstairs to make breakfast for the two of them as he usually does.

When Davy walked into the kitchen breakfast was done so they sat down to eat. While they were eating Davy asked when Danny was picking him up to take him shopping. "Actually I'm taking you with me to work. You can browse the mall or play games on the computer until I get off of work, then I'll take you shopping."

"Are you sure I can do that?" Davy asked in a concern voice. "I don't want to get you into any trouble with your boss. Are you sure he'll allow me to play games on your office computer?"

"It's okay little bro." Danny assured him. "He knows that I take care of you and has no problems with me bringing you to work with me, he told me so himself. As long as you don't cause any trouble which I know you won't, everything will be fine."

That satisfied Davy's concerns and nothing more was said on the subject. They finished breakfast quickly so Danny wouldn't be late for work. After making sure the kitchen was clean, they headed out and climbed into Danny's Toyota Corolla and left for the mall.

As Danny was leaving for work, Eric was just waking up. He still had nothing to do so he decided to start on the grant forms and essays he needed to write for his boss. It was for a good cause so Eric wanted to have them completed as soon as possible. Plus he had nothing to do for the day anyway.

After showering, dressing, and having breakfast with Scott and Ben, Eric started on the forms while Scott and Ben went to work. It didn't take long for Eric to have the forms filled out because there were only two forms to fill out. His boss was filling out the others. Once he had them filled out, he started on the essays.

The essays will take longer then the forms because Eric needed time to think of how to write them. Once he figured out how to write them, then he began. Just when he completed the second one he got a call on his cell phone, it was his boss. He took a break to answer the call and also to give his hands a rest. They were starting to cramp from all the typing he was doing.

After talking with his boss, Eric finished the third essay. He still had three more essay to do, so he wanted to get this one done before he takes a lunch break. Luckily for him each essay only had to be one or two pages long and there wasn't a deadline so there was no rush to get them done.

Unlike the other guys, Josh woke up Monday morning tired. His night was filled with a restless sleep and worries that he may had blown his chance to get to know his crush better. After lying in bed and dwelling on it for a few minutes, he got up to take a shower. Once he was dressed he headed down for breakfast.

When he got to the kitchen he found everyone else already there having breakfast. Josh just mumbled good morning to everyone as he sat down. As any concern mother will do when they see something not right with their children, his mother asked Josh if he was feeling alright. "Yeah mom, I'm fine, just a little tired."

Everyone accepted that but Jason. He knew there was something else going on with his brother. He had his suspicious as to what it might be but didn't let on to anyone that he knew anything. He will talk with Josh about it when they had some privacy although he kept a close eye on his brother all through breakfast.

When breakfast was over, Josh went to the attic to finish the painting he started on the day before. About five minutes later he heard a knock on the door. Josh knew it had to be Jason because no one else comes up there. He called out for Jason to come in. "Hey bro, what's going on?" Josh asked him what he means. "Come on Josh! I know something is bothering you, now what is it?"

Josh let out an exaggerated sigh. He hates that Jason could tell when he's hiding something sometimes. "You remember the boy I was telling you about yesterday?" Jason nodded yes. "Well, last night I called Mr. Jackson to see if he could invite him over to his house today when I start his painting but chicken out at the last minute because I didn't want to tell Mr. Jackson why I wanted him there."

"Well try again." Jason encouraged him. "I'm sure Mr. Jackson will help you out if you ask him. You don't have to tell him anything you don't want to. Just say you saw him at the agency and want to try to be friends with him."

That thought never occurred to Josh. Of course he could say he wanted to make a new friend which he did and no one would be the wiser, or so he hopes. "I'll think about it before making a decision. I still have time to call Mr. Jackson before going over to his house tonight."

"Don't wait too long." Jason smiled and winked while pointing at the painting. "Maybe some day you might get the chance to see that body in the flesh and admire it in person instead of in a painting like you're doing now." He teased.

Josh smiled big at that thought. He was already imagining doing that. "Maybe I will, maybe I won't. I don't even know yet if he's gay or not. For all I know he could be straight and hate gays. I'm not trying to accidently out myself to anyone."

"Well you never know until you try. All I can say is to tread carefully. Maybe he's just as scared as you are and don't want to accidently out himself either. After all, you did say he's new in the area, didn't you?" Josh nodded yes. "Then that gives him even more of a reason to be careful. He doesn't know anyone here."

Josh could see where Jason is going with this. If Josh wants to find out if the kid is gay then he might have to be the one to make the first move. Like Jason said, he just has to tread carefully. "You may be right. We'll just have to wait and see."

"Okay bro." Jason hugged his brother and Josh returned the hug. "Don't worry; I'm sure it'll all work out. Let me know what happens. I need to get going now. I have a photo shoot in an hour, and I don't want to be late."

Josh released his brother from the embrace. He's glad he has a great big brother like Jason. "Okay bro, I'll see you later." Jason smiled at him before leaving. Once he was gone, Josh returned to his painting. All that was laying on his mind was if he had the balls to make the first move. Little did he know; that move had already been made for him.

Danny arrived at the mall just in time to open the store on scheduled. After clocking in and booting up the computer, he left his brother to play games while he went to work. He felt that it was going to be a busy day today.

Sure enough the day was busy. At one point he thought he saw the gorgeous boy he was following around yesterday but he wasn't sure. He only caught a glimpse of him walking by as he was helping out a customer.

When JR got to the mall, he went to the D&GŠ store to look around. They had some nice things there but nothing JR wanted to get his uncle for his birthday so he went to another store. The next store he went to was called Jetlag but still he found nothing he wanted to get his uncle. This went on for several hours. Each store he went into had some nice items but nothing held his interest. Around nine forty five JR headed to the food course to meet up with his father.


When Justin got to the mall he immediately spotted his son sitting at a table in the food course and walked over to him. JR saw his father walking towards him and stood up to greet him. "Hey dad, glad you could make it."

"I told you I would. Have I ever gone back on my word?" JR answered no with a smile. "Good, I'm glad you realized that. Now let's have some lunch so we can do some shopping. What do you want to eat?"

"I'm thinking about getting a Big Mac meal, what about you?" Justin said he was thinking of getting the same thing. "Cool, let's go." The two then walked up to the counter and placed their orders. Once they had received and paid for their orders they found another table to sit at because theirs had been taken by someone else.

While they were eating Justin asked if JR had found anything yet to get Tyler for his birthday. JR said he found a few nice things but nothing he wanted to get. "We'll do some more browsing after we eat. Maybe we'll find something then."

JR agreed but he wasn't sure they would find anything they like. After finishing eating and throwing away their trash, they browsed the mall again searching for something to get Tyler. Meanwhile Danny had just finished with another customer and decided to take his lunch break. After getting his brother from his office, he went over to the food course where he figured the kid would be having lunch.

When he got there he looked around for the kid but didn't find him anywhere. The kid had already left a while ago. Feeling disappointed that he missed another chance to talk to the kid Danny and his brother went to the McDonald's counter to get some lunch.

After spending hours painting, Josh took a break for lunch himself. He decided to go to Jerry Subs for a steak and cheese because he was in the mood for one. As he was eating, Rudy Braxton, a friend of his from the football team came over and asked if he could eat with him. "Sure man, have a seat."

Rudy thanked him as he sat down and took a drink of his coke. "Why are you sitting here all by yourself?" He asked Josh before taking a bite of his sub. "I thought you be hanging out at the mall with some friends." He followed up with a mouth full of food.

Josh swallowed before answering. He hates when people speak with their mouth full so he doesn't do it himself. "No, I'm using this day to do some painting. I'm working on one now and I want to get it done as soon as I can."

"Cool, can I come over and see it?" Josh told him no because it's wasn't finished. Rudy shrugged his shoulders. "That doesn't matter to me. I just want to see how it's coming along, that's all. It doesn't have to be finished."

Once again Josh politely said no. After Rudy asked him for the third time, Josh started to get irritated. "I said no man. Did you not hear me? I don't let anyone see my unfinished work, not even my family. What makes you think I'd let you?"

"Sorry man." Rudy apologized. "I just thought you may want someone to see how well it's turning out. A lot of people at school are always saying how much they like your paintings. A lot of them always say how much they could paint like you."

"Well no one is seeing this painting unless I want them to see it." Josh said firmly. "I painted this for myself and no one else. If they want to see my painting, they can purchase the one I'm painting for a friend for an auction."

"I hope I can see it." Josh told him he will let him know when the auction will be and he could see it there. By that time Josh had finished his lunch and said his goodbye. He was too involved in his conversation that he didn't see the boy he likes come in and pick up his order and leave.

Back at the mall, Danny and his brother was finishing their lunch. Once they were finished, they threw their trash away and headed back to the store for Danny to report back to work. Danny started wondering if he was ever going to get a chance to talk to the boy he was crushing on. He kept an eye out for him but didn't see him anywhere and Danny knew he could spot him in any crowd. He could never forget that face and body.

For the rest of his shift Danny was hoping that the boy would come in the store looking for his boss. If he did then Danny was going to use that chance to talk to him. He wasn't going to let another opportunity pass him by again, but the boy never came in.

When the clock struck two, Danny was starting to feel defeated. He didn't think he would ever get a chance to talk to the kid. Danny knew he wanted to be with the boy, but would the boy want to be with him? If he did, could they handle the troubles that would come from Danny's father? Could Danny keep them protected from his father? Danny didn't know the answers to any of these questions. All he knew is that he wants to be with the boy and would do anything to have him.

When his shift was over, Danny went to clock out and get his brother. After he had shut down the computer and clocked out, he and his brother left the mall with Danny feeling a little down. Davy could tell that his brother was feeling sad but didn't know what he could do about it.

JR and his father were still at the mall shopping around for a birthday gift for Tyler. JR still couldn't find anything he wanted to buy Tyler but Justin saw a pair of two carrot diamond stud earring he thought Tyler might like so he brought it. After paying for the gift and having it wrapped, Justin told his son that he had to get back to work. JR gave his father a hug goodbye and Justin headed for his car. JR browsed the mall a little more until he gave up for the day. Around three o'clock he went to the lucky shop to see if Christian had come in.

When he got there, he asked Angie (Angela) Bowers, the employee that was working the counter if he could speak with the owner if he was in. Angie said he was and asked JR if he could wait while she gets him. JR said he could and Angie went to the back. A couple of minutes she came back and showed JR to the office where Christian was waiting for him.

The afternoon dragged on for Eric. He couldn't stop thinking about what he saw today. He wondered if he had imagined everything he saw and it was ruining his concentration. No matter how much he tried he couldn't get it out of his mind. After hours of trying to complete the essay he was working on, Eric just gave up on it.

After leaving the mall, Danny went to fill up his tank. When he got back into the car, he asked Davy where he wanted to go shopping for his school clothes. "How about we go back to where you work? We can use your discount there and not spend a lot of money."

Danny kicked himself mentally for not thinking of that. He realized that his mind had been on other things and not focusing on what he was doing. Snapping back to the here and now, Danny smiled at his little brother. "That's a good idea little bro. We can get you twice as many things with my discount there. We can also use my mall discount to get you some new shoes also."

Davy smiled and nodded in agreement. Danny started the car and they headed back to the mall. When they got there Danny saw the boy leaving the parking lot and pulling out onto the street. Danny's mood instantly changed again and the feeling of defeat returned. *I might as well give up, I'm never going to get a chance to talk to him.* He thought to himself.

After parking the car, Danny and Davy went back into the mall and the Lucky Shop. "Okay little bro, take a look around to see what you like. Once you have enough clothes, take them up front and asked the employee to hold onto them. I'm going to do a little shopping for myself."

Davy nodded and went searching for clothes he likes and wanted to buy. Danny on the other hand went to the Sports Zone to buy some new padding for football but they didn't have any in his size. The employee told him that they could order some for him but it will take a couple of days to arrive. Danny thanked her and placed his order before going back to the Lucky Shop.

When he arrived he saw that Davy had selected a few items and was still looking so Danny started looking around for clothes for himself. An hour later they both had found the clothing they like and went to pay. The cashier tried to deny Danny's discount but Danny set her straight. "I'm the manager of this store so I know my discount is valid. Now ring up these items using my discount please."

"I don't think so kid." The employee replied in a condescending tone. "You're too young to be the manager of this store. Now stop wasting my time and give me the full amount of these items or get out of line. I have other customers waiting."

By now a small crowd was starting to form around them. Angie came from the back of the store when she heard the commotion up front. "What's going on here?"

"This kid is trying to say he's the manager of this store and tried to use a store discount card to buy these items." The employee said. "The card is probably fake. I don't know how he got it but I'm pretty sure it's not valid like he's trying to convince me of."

Angie looked at the two of them staring each other down. She swallowed hard before speaking. "I hate to tell you this Betty, but he is the store manager." Betty looked at Angie like she wasn't telling her the truth. "I'm telling you the truth. He was hired as the store manager by the owner himself."

Betty looked back at Danny. Seeing the satisfied smile on his face she knew she put her foot in her mouth and tried to correct her mistake. "I'm sorry sir. I'll mark these items down with your discount. Please except my apology."

Danny looked her in the eyes and pointed to the side."I like to speak with you in private please." When they were out of hearing range from the others Danny spoke in an authoritarian voice. "The way you spoke to me is not the way you speak to a customer. You don't talk down to them in front of other customers and cause a seen. Now I want you to get your things and go home. Be in my office by ten tomorrow morning and we'll discuss your employment then."

Feeling ashamed for what she did and knowing that she may have lost her job, Betty gathered her things and left with her head hanging. When Danny returned to the counter, Angie already had his items rung up using Danny's discount. "Thank you Angie. I'll see you tomorrow."

"No problem Danny, I'll see you tomorrow." Angie smiled. "Try not to let what happen bother you. She made a mistake for underestimating you and now she's probably kicking herself in the ass for it. You handle it very well and should be proud of yourself."

"Thanks again Angie." Danny said trying to smile but it wasn't forming. "I'm just concern about what I have to do tomorrow. She was totally disrespectful and I can't let an employee like that work here. No matter if I was the manager or not, she had no right talking to me that way."

Angie agreed and told Danny so. "You have to do what you have to do. She made her bed and now she have to lye in it. Maybe she'll think twice before underestimating someone. All she had to do was scan your discount card and she would have found out that you're the manager and your card is valid."

Danny nodded. "Well, I'll see you tomorrow Angie. I need to get going so I can get my brother some shoes and then some dinner." He and Davy started gathering the bags. "Call me if there's any more trouble. You have my cell phone number?"

Angie nodded in confirmation. "Sure do." Danny nodded back and he and Davy left the store. After stopping at Foot Locker's for some shoes, the brothers went home. After putting their things away Danny started making dinner for them with Davy assistance. Tonight was going to be Danny's famous Lasagna. While Danny was making the Lasagna Davy was making the salad. When the Lasagna was in the oven, Danny started on the mixed vegetables and corn. Once everything was done, they sat down for dinner.

Josh spent the afternoon finishing his painting but didn't quite get it done. He has time to finish it tomorrow so he decided to call it quits for the day. Besides, he had smelled dinner cooking for a while and he was hungry. After washing his hands from all the paint he headed downstairs.

When he reached the kitchen his mother was just putting the rack of lamb on the table, the rest of the food was already set out. Not long after his brother and sister arrived at the table soon followed by his father. After saying grace, everyone began making their plates.

During dinner Jason kept looking at his brother with a questioning look. Guessing what his brother was thinking, Josh shook his head no, indicating that he had not spoken with Tyler yet. "How come you haven't asked him yet?" Jason asked bluntly.

Josh shrugged his shoulders. "I'd been painting all day and forgot about it. I'll ask him when I go over there tonight. There's no rush on it. I'll be going over there three times a week to work on the painting so there's plenty of time."

"Don't waste too much time bro." Jason rebutted. "You don't want the opportunity to pass you by. You'll regret it for the rest of your life if you miss the boat." At that moment their father asked Jason what he and Josh were talking about. "That's for Josh to tell you when he's ready dad. I gave my word of secrecy."

Their father looked at Josh with a raised eyebrow but Josh shook his head. "I can't tell you. I haven't worked it all out yet." Now this time their father just nodded in understanding some what and casually changed the subject.

After dinner Josh went up to the attic to get his art supplies before going over to Tyler's house. Jason followed him up to encourage him more on asking Tyler for his help. "Just ask Mr. Jackson for his help when you get there. Tell him that you're thinking of a painting you want to do, and you like for the kid to be the model."

Josh thought about it for a moment. "That might actually work, you know? I can tell him that I'm doing a painting of Cain and Able and I want him to be one of the models. I can say I already have you, but I need one more model."

Once Josh had all of his paint supply ready, he and Jason headed back downstairs and out to Josh's car. "Sounds like a plan to me bro. Just grab your balls and ask for the number for god sake. All he can do is say no, but I don't think he will."

Josh gave Jason his word that he will ask Tyler when he can get him in private, and Jason let it go at that. After thanking Jason for the advice, Josh got into his car and headed over to Tyler's house. Jason went back inside to watch a movie on television before going to bed.

When JR got home he found Justin had already started dinner. JR washed up to assist his father with the cooking. As they were making dinner JR told his father about his conversation with Christian earlier that day. "I'm worry about Uncle Ty dad. He has too much going on right now. I can't see how he can handle it all."

"Your Uncle Ty is a strong survivor JR. He can handle things that most people won't even dare try to handle themselves. Now that he has Christian and the boys with him he'll fight even harder. He'll never let anyone try to destroy everything he worked so hard to get."

"I know that dad." JR sighed as he checked the potatoes. "I just wish he could take a break from all this fighting. He deserves to be happy and not have to fight the whole world to survive. Why can't people just let him live his life and stop trying to tear him down?"

Justin checked to see if the pot roast was done while continuing to talk to JR. Seeing that it was, he placed it onto a platter. "I can't answer that question for you son, no one can." Next he started making the gravy. "I'm sure you know by now that the world is filled of cruel people who don't care who they step on; as long as they get to the top where they think they belong."

JR nodded as he mashed the potatoes. "If you ask me, I think they're just unhappy with their lives and need someone to blame their problems on so they wouldn't have to be held responsible for their actions. But where does that leaves them in the end, because they still have to suffer the consequences for their actions."

"Exactly!" Justin agreed as he poured the gravy into a gravy boat. "Your Uncle Ty always makes them suffer in the end by coming out on top. I haven't gone through half as much as he has in my life time. Where he gets the strength from I don't know, but I'll give him my strength if he ever needs extra."

By now everything was done including the green beans so they placed everything on the table and sat down to eat. "So will I dad, but I want Uncle Ty to relax and enjoy life before it passes him by. I don't want all this drama to drive him to an early grave."

Justin could see tears starting to form in JR's eyes so he pulled his son into a hug. He knew where the tears were coming from and wishes he could take the pain away. "It'll be okay son. Ty has the best security in the world and a couple of well trained marines to keep him safe. Not to mention all the martial arts he knows. He can kick ass with the best of them."

That got a chuckle out of JR which was what Justin was looking for. "I guess you're right. Anyone who can stop a gang fight on his own with the disability he has, surely has nothing to worry about. I'm still always going to worry about him though."

Justin tenderly wiped his son's eyes with a napkin. "I know you are and so am I. He will always be my brother and your uncle. We'll protect him with our lives and he'll do the same for us. Now let's eat before this food gets cold."

The two started dishing up their food while continuing talking. Justin asked JR what he decided to do about the boy from his school and how he was going to handle a troublesome situation that may come his way if he gets involved with him. JR said he had no idea at the moment but he'll give it some thought. Right now he not sure if he even wants to be near him. "I just hope he doesn't start stalking me."

"If that happens then let me know and I'll take care of it." Justin stated dangerously. "Your security should be here by tomorrow anyway, so I wouldn't worry about him getting close to you unless you want him to."

That made JR feel better and he relaxed. The two continued talking as they finished eating dinner. After dinner, JR made some hot fudge sundaes for them for dessert while Justin loaded the dish washer with the dirty dishes.

They took the sundaes into the living room to watch a movie on pay per view while eating them. Half way through the movie Justin got a call on his cell phone. JR put the movie on pause so his father could answer his phone. It was Mr. Chang confirming the schedule of JR's security arrival. Justin said he would be at the airport waiting for them when they arrive. He then thanked Mr. Chang for the security detail before hanging up and starting the movie again.

Since Eric couldn't concentrate on the essay he was working on, he decided to start making dinner for Scott and Ben. Tonight they were also having pot roast but they were having Mexican style pot roast. After placing the pot roast into the oven, Eric started scrubbing some potatoes for twice baked potatoes.

When Scot and Ben arrived home from work, they helped Eric with the cooking while discussing their day. Eric thought he might mention to Scott and Ben about what he saw today and ask them for their advice, but decided to keep it to himself for now. He didn't know if he had imagined the whole thing or not. Plus he didn't want to look like some type of jealous school girl.

Scott and Ben talked about their day at work. Scott received two new accounts while Ben was signed a new case. "I don't know why they assigned this case to me because it's pretty much an open and shut case. The accused was caught on tape robbing the convenience store and his finger prints were found on the weapon."

When the food was finished cooking, they all sat down and started digging in. "Maybe in some weird way they think you can get him off." Scott suggested. Ben looked at him like he was crazy. "What?"

"There's no way anyone can get this fool off these charges." Ben repeated. "He was caught on tape in broad daylight robbing the store. Any judge will see the tape and convict him in a heartbeat. Even the most incompetent judge will convict him once they see the tape."

Scott nodded in understanding. "Okay, then try to arrange a plead bargain for him. I'm sure once he sees the evidence against him, he'll know that there's no way he'll get off with just a slap on the wrist."

"Unless he's dumber than he looks." Eric cut in. "I mean who goes into a store in broad daylight without a mask, and rob them blind? Then totally thinks he'll escape the charges in court."

The conversation went on like that throughout dinner. By the time dinner was over Ben was still no closer to knowing what he was going to do. Afterwards, Scott and Ben did the cleaning while Eric put away the leftovers. As he was doing that, Eric remembered that there was a place he needed to be so he scurried around to get his car keys. "I just remember that there's a place I need to be right now." He informed Ben and Scott. "Don't wait up; I'm almost sure I won't be back until late."

"Okay, we won't wait up. Have a good night." They called after his retreating back.

When Josh got to Tyler's house he had to present his ID for security to let him through the gates onto the property. As he was driving up the driveway Josh noticed that Tyler's house was the biggest in the neighborhood. "I wonder if Mr. Jackson had this house specially built." Josh said to himself. After parking in front of the house Josh rang the doorbell.

When the door was opened, Josh was not surprised to see one of Tyler's hot security men standing there in the doorway. "Hello, I'm Josh Brady. I'm here to do Mr. Jackson's painting." He smiled.

Carlos smiled back. "Hello Josh, I'm Carlos. Will you please come in?" He then stepped aside to let Josh entered the house. Josh thanked him as he stepped inside and took a look around. Carlos showed him to the living room and introduced him to everyone. "You can wait in here while I go get Tyler."

Josh thanked him as Carlos was leaving the room. He started to make small talk with Travis, Kevin, and Mark while waiting for Tyler. A couple of minutes later Carlos returned and informed him that Tyler would be right with him. Josh thanked him again and continued his small talk. Five minutes later Tyler entered the room. After introducing Christian to Josh, Tyler asked if Josh was ready to get started.

Josh said he was ready and Tyler suggested they go up to the attic because it was warmer and more private up there. Josh said that would be fine and the two of them headed for the stairs. Just when they reached the stairs the doorbell rang again. Tyler asked Josh to wait for him there while he go and answer the door.

JR and Justin were watching another movie when Justin noticed JR was nodding off. Justin nudged his son awake to tell him to go to bed. "I'm alright dad; I want to finish watching the movie."

"Son, you can barely keep your eyes open. There's no way you be able to see this movie to the end." Justin told him. "Don't worry; it'll be on again tomorrow. You can watch it then, okay?" JR nodded sleepily. "Come on, I'll take you to bed."

Justin stood up to turn off the television, pulling JR along with him. Seeing that his son was in no shape to walk on his own, Justin held him around the waist and led JR upstairs. When he reached JR's room he helped JR to undress and put him into bed with a smile. It's been so long since he had to undress his son and put him to bed and Justin missed those days. He was amazed how fast time flew by. One minute JR was just a baby bouncing on his lap, and now he's a handsome teenager with a heart of gold.

For the rest of the night Danny and Davy stayed in Danny's room watching television. Around ten o'clock Davy started to fall asleep. Danny carried him to his bedroom and undressed him before putting him into bed. Before leaving the room, Danny kissed Davy on the forehead and turned on the nightlight that was on the stand beside his bed. When he returned to his room, Danny stripped and climbed into bed himself. Not even a minute had passed before he was sound asleep. It had been a long day for him and tomorrow looks the same.

When Eric got to his boss's house he was still wondering why his boss wanted to meet with him at his house. When his boss greeted him at the door Eric greeted him back a little too loudly. His boss held a finger up to his lips indicating to be silence. That made Eric even more confused. Eric followed his boss in the house and gasped when he got to the stairs...

To Be Continued...

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