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Chapter 3

The two boys stood there looking each other up and down, not knowing what to say or do as Tyler started to introduce them to each other. Finally Josh found his voice and before Tyler could even mention the boy's name Josh blurted it out in a shocked surprise. "Eric Larson."

Josh didn't know how Tyler figured out who he was talking about, but he was glad he didn't have to. He didn't think he could get the courage to ask for the favor. Josh asked Tyler how he knew who he was talking about and Tyler explained to Josh about the vibes he felt between the two of them when they met with him in his office. It was only confirmed when he spoke with Josh last night on the phone.

Eric was just as surprise as Josh was to find out that Tyler figured out about their interest in each other and he finally now have the opportunity to get to know his crush. As he shook hands with Josh he thanked Tyler for introducing them. When he mentioned about seeing Josh at the Jerry Sub's this afternoon with some other boy when he stopped in to pick up his order, Josh cleared up that misunderstanding for him. He explained that Rudy was a friend from the football team who stopped in for lunch and asked if he could sit and eat with him. Eric was happy to hear that and to know that Josh was available.

Once that was all squared away Tyler suggested that they go up to the attic so Josh can begin painting. When they reached the attic Tyler asked Josh what kind of pose he wanted him to perform. Before answering the question Josh made a suggestion that he should do a joint painting with both Tyler and Christian together. Tyler liked that idea and asked Eric to call Christian on the intercom and have him come up to the attic and bring their laptops with him.

When Christian got to the attic, he got instantly hard at the sight of seeing Tyler in the nude. He asked Tyler what he was needed for and why he had to bring both laptops. Tyler told him of Josh's suggestion and Christian had no problem with it. As he started to undress, Josh and Eric couldn't help but to ogle Christian's body as they did Tyler, but the big shock came when Christian was completely naked.

"Holy shit!" Both boys cried out. They couldn't believe what they were seeing. Between Christian's legs had to be the biggest cock they had ever seen. It hangs eight inches when soft, and ten inches when completely hard. Josh and Eric had never seen anything like it before. The boys were so transfix on the monster between Christian's legs that Christian had to take control of the situation before they started drooling all over themselves and asked about the pose.

After taking a minute to put his hormones back in check, Josh gave his instructions to Tyler and Christian. "Okay, here's what I want you to do." He began. "First, I want Mr. Michaels to lye on his back with his head facing me, and his left leg bent at the knee." Christian did as he was instructed and Josh continued. "Now, Mr. Jackson, I want you to lye on top of Mr. Michaels face down, facing the same direction with your upper body in an angle. I want your upper bodies to be side by side." Tyler did just that. "Now fix your legs." Both Christian and Tyler asked Josh what he meant by that. "I want your legs between each other. I want Mr. Michaels's straight leg to be between Mr. Jackson's legs and I want Mr. Jackson's inner leg between Mr. Michaels's legs."

Once they understood, Tyler and Christian assumed the correct pose and the session was on the way. While Tyler and Christian were engaged in a conversation, Josh and Eric were engaged in a conversation of their own. They used the session time to learn more about each other. Eric told Josh he was an only child and his parents were divorced. His mom lives in Atlanta where he's originally from before he moved to Malibu a couple of months ago. Josh interned said he's a California boy, born and raised. He has an older twin brother and a younger sister. His parents had been married for twenty years and are still going strong.

Everything was going well until Josh brought up Eric's move to California. "If you don't mind me asking, what made you move to California?" When he didn't get a reply Josh looked over at Eric to see hurt and anger on his face and in his eyes. "I'm sorry man, I didn't mean to bring up any painful memories. Forget I even asked the question, okay?"

"No, no, it's okay." Eric closed his eyes tight, trying to hold back his tears which were threatening to erupt. "It's just I can't talk about it right now okay? Maybe one day I can, but not now. I need some time to come to terms with it myself before I can talk about it with anyone."

Josh accepted that explanation and didn't press any further on the matter. Instead he changed the subject and asked Eric if he would be going to Malibu High this fall. Eric said he would be and asked Josh about the school and the students. Josh told him what he knew about them which wasn't much since he mainly kept to himself. "Why don't you hang with me and a friend of mine from the agency who also goes to Malibu High tomorrow? Who knows, maybe you'll hit it off and become good friends. Then you'll have two friends when you start school here in the fall."

"You sure he won't mind me tagging along with you guys?" Eric asked hesitantly. "I mean, I don't want to intrude or be somewhere where I'm not welcome. After all, I'm not trying to start a new school here with an enemy right off the back."

"Relax man, it'll be alright. This guy is cool." Josh tried to soothe Eric's hesitation and concerns. "Besides, he wouldn't come between me and another friend. He may not like you, but he'll respect the friendship between me and that friend, although I wouldn't worry about him liking you too much because I'm sure he will."

Eric was still hesitant but he took Josh's word on it for now. He'll just have to see how everything goes tomorrow. Josh told Eric he'll contact his friend tomorrow and give him a call once he knows something for sure. The rest of the session went by in a flash. Before they knew it, it was time for Tyler and Christian to put their boys to bed. Josh called it a night and he and Eric got ready to leave.

Once Tyler and Christian were dressed, they walked the boys to the door and said their goodbyes. Eric and Josh walked together to their cars exchanging phone numbers along the way and putting them into their cell phones. Before getting into his car, Josh once again told Eric that he will call him tomorrow after he talks with his friend.

"Okay, I guess I'll talk to you tomorrow then." Josh said he will definitely be calling. Then they both got into their cars and headed for home and bed. Both with an ear to ear smile on their faces.

The next morning Danny dreaded getting out of bed. He still didn't know what he was going to do about Betty. Part of him wants to keep her on, and part of him wants to let her go. After all, if she could go that far with one customer, how far would she go with another? Danny knows the way Betty spoke with him yesterday is not the way to speak with a customer. You don't talk down to a customer, or cause a seen with that customer in front of everyone in the store, but what should he do about it now is the question that Danny doesn't have an answer to as of yet.

Pulling himself out of bed, Danny went to shower. While showering, Danny thoughts turned to his infatuation. As a picture of his dream boy's face popped into his mine, Danny got instantly hard. He started to stroke his cock from the image that doesn't seem to want to go away. From the boy's light brown complexion that gives you the craving for something with caramel to his chocolate brown eyes that makes you lose touch with all sense of reality just by looking in them. Now Danny was hard as a rock as he continued to stroke his cock. Nest Danny thought of those lips that are asking to be kissed all day to that smile that brightens up the darkest room. Danny started stroking faster now thinking about that body. That body just makes Danny want to lick it all over. Starting from his broad shoulders and going down to the rock hard chest and suckable nipples. Down that flat stomach to the sexy belly button that Danny wishes he could lick right now.

Danny began to stroke even faster now just thinking of hearing the boy moan as he takes that delicious cock in his mouth and start sucking on it. He twirled his tongue around the mushroom head before going down from the shaft to the base. The boy's moans were getting louder as Danny continued his ministration. Sucking from the base to the head and back down to the base again, swallowing every drop of precum that Danny can squeeze out with his moist suckible lips.

As Danny neared his climax, he thought about raising the boy's legs and diving right into that delectable tight pucker with his tongue. Now the boy's moans turned into screams as Danny gave him a rim job of his lifetime. He could hear the boy begging for Danny to go deeper. Danny knew he wouldn't hesitate to comply. He would spread those butt cheeks to get better access as his tongue fuck that tight hole for all it was worth until he had the boy screaming that he was coming. At that point Danny would take that cock back into his mouth to catch every drop of cum that he could suck out. He wouldn't lose a drop of that delicious nectar.

Right at that moment Danny reached his climax and cum shot out of his dick all over the shower wall. The orgasm was so powerful that it left Danny weak in the knees. Danny knew he had to find a way to get that boy to be his. There was no doubt about it now, Danny was in love. The only question that remains is; will that love be return? After catching his breath, Danny finished his shower and got dress. Once he was showered and dressed, he went to wake his brother before going downstairs to make their breakfast.

JR woke up Tuesday morning wondering how he had gotten to bed last night. The last thing he could remember is watching a movie on television with his father in the living room. As his mind started to clear from the sleep filled fog, it all came back to him. He remembers falling asleep towards the end of the movie and his father waking him up and telling him to go to bed. He also remembers his father walking him to his room, undressing him, and putting him to bed.

Once he was completely awake, JR got out of bed and shower and dress. After dressing, he headed down to the kitchen for breakfast. When he got there, he found his father already there having breakfast as usual. He said good morning to his father as he sat down at the table.

"Good morning son, how'd you sleep?" Justin looked at his son with a fatherly concern. "It looks like you had a rough night last night. Which really surprises me since you were already knocked out before I even put you to bed."

"Yeah dad, I sort of did. I had a bad dream." Justin nodded for JR to continue. "It was about those two boys I was telling you about yesterday. I'm not sure what to make of it." Once again Justin nodded but this time in understanding. "You see, in the dream they were..."

JR went on to tell his father about his dreams and what happened in it. He left nothing out from his father. He felt his father should know everything in order for his father to give him his best advice on what to do about it. Justin listened intently to everything JR told him. From time to time he would interrupt to ask a question or two, but other then that, he just mainly listen. When JR was done telling his father about the dream, Justin took a moment to gather his thoughts. He wanted to give his son the best advice and not steer his son wrong.

"Well son, this could mean a couple of things." JR nodded but didn't say anything. "One explanation could be that you have an interest in this boy and this is a fantasy that you may want to play out with him. Another explanation could be is that you fear that he just might start stalking you as you said yesterday, and your subconscious is telling you to stay away from him."

"Well, how do I know which side to listen to dad?" JR asked frustrated. His dream has him pretty shaken up over it. "It looks like my subconscious have a very vivid imagination. How do I know whether to listen to my conscious or my subconscious?"

Justin could see the frustration on JR's face and wish he had an easy answer for his son's dilemma. "Only you can answer that question JR, no one else can answer it for you. Before making your decision just ask yourself this questions. Can I really be happy with this guy? And can I handle the trouble that will sure to be coming our way if I get involved with him? If you can answer yes to those questions than I say go for it. If you can't, then you should stay as far away from him as possible."

JR knew his father was right. He now has some heavy thinking to do on the situation. Whether or not he can handle the trouble that will come with getting involved with this boy is a no brainer to him because he knows he can. Whether or not he wants to, is the problem. No matter how he looks at it, JR can see himself losing something in this. Either he stays away from the boy and losing a chance on love, or he gets involved with him and loses his happy teenage years. JR feels like he's in one of them conundrums. You're damn if you do, and you're damn if you don't.

Throughout the rest of breakfast, JR thought about what his father said. He still wasn't sure if he wanted to get involved with the boy or not but He knew he had to make a decision soon before it drives him crazy. Justin didn't say anything more to his son on the matter; instead he changed the subject so JR wouldn't over analyze things.

"Have you thought of something to do for this weekend?" JR looked at his father with a confused look as to what he was talking about."When we go out riding, remember? I told you it'll be your choice to pick what we do for the day."

"Oh shit, I forgot all about that!" Justin smiled and shook his head in amusement at the flustered look on JR's face. JR shrugged his shoulders in embarrassment. "Well, let me think about it and get back to you. I'll still have about three more days to come up with something so that's plenty of time."

Justin had no problem with that and told JR so. After that they finished breakfast. Once breakfast was over, they clean the kitchen then Justin left for the office while JR watched some television before going shopping again for his uncle's birthday.

After arriving at work and booting the computer, Danny walked around the store to make sure that everything was tidied up from the previous day. Sometimes the employees forgets one clean up duty or another, so Danny always takes care of it the next morning when he comes in to work. As he just finished exchanging out the register drawers, the other employees started arriving to work. They all said good morning to Danny as they clocked in and Danny returned the greeting. When Angie walked in, she took a look at Danny and knew something was bothering him. "Is it anything I can help you with?" Danny looked at her blankly, not understanding the question. "Help you with whatever it is that's troubling you. I can tell that you're bothered about something."

Danny shook his head. "No, it's nothing you can help me with. I just have some personal stuff going on in my life right now and I need to figure out a solution to the problem is all." He gave her a sincere smile of gratitude. "Honestly, it's nothing you can do to help, but thanks for asking."

Angie smiled warmly at Danny. "Well, if there's anything I can do, just let me know. All you have to do is ask, and if I can get it done, I will. No questions asked. Just say the word, and it will be done."

Danny thanked her and the two of them started working because the store was beginning to open for business. When Danny opened the door, he saw a line was starting to form outside the store. Once everyone saw that they were open for business, the customers started poring in and within ten minutes the store was pack with customers. Many of them were high school students getting a head start on their school shopping in order to beat the rush.

While Danny was busy at work, Eric was at home finishing up the essay that he was working on the day before. Just as he had completed that essay his cell phone started ringing. The caller ID showed it was Josh Brady calling so Eric took a break on the essays to answer the phone. It turns out that Josh was just calling to confirm their plans to hang out for the day. Eric said he was looking forward to it and asked if Josh had spoken to his friend or if it was going to be just the two of them. Josh said his friend had some things to take care of this morning but they could hook up later. For now it will just be the two of them.

Eric said that was fine with him and told Josh he could meet him in a couple of hours. He had to write the last essay first, including the one he was working on. "Why don't we meet at the mall around noon? I want to finish my painting and get cleaned up before I do anything else."

"Okay, that will work." Eric agreed. "Let me get back to these essays so I can get ready. I'll wait for you in the food course so look for me there, okay?"

Josh said he will and they ended the call. After getting off the phone, Eric went to the kitchen for a glass of juice before returning back to the essay. He wanted to get them done before he meets up with Josh at the mall.

Back at the mall, Danny was helping a customer when he saw Betty come in. He called another employee over to take his place with the customer before walking up and asking Betty to follow him to his office. Hesitantly Betty agreed and followed him. When they reached Danny's office, he asked Betty to have a seat as Danny closed the door and sat behind his desk.

"Now Betty, I know you know why I asked to meet with you today, so I'm not even going to ask that question." Betty nodded her head nervously. "The way you spoke to me yesterday was not only disrespectful, but it was down right sarcastic. You don't talk down to a customer no matter who they are. If you thought my discount card wasn't valid then you should have checked the card to prove it. That would have been all the proof you needed to support your claim. You didn't have any right to speak to me in the way you did."

Betty swallowed hard before speaking. "I know, and I'm sorry for doing that. I thought you were one of those customers that comes in with a discount card which they claim to be valid only to turn out not to be valid at all and I have to charge them full price for the items. Then they want to stand there and hold up the line while trying to convince me of their card being valid."

"All you had to do was scan the card and you would have found out my card was valid. Not only that, you would have found out that my card is an employee discount card and I'm the manager of this store." Betty hung her head in shame and regret. Of course she knew all she had to do was scan the card and she would had found that out but she wanted to impress the manager and ended up doing the opposite. "Now, as far as any other customer goes, the same rule applies. All you need to do is scan the card and you'll have your answer if the card is valid or not."

Betty looked at Danny with a hopeful look on her face. "Does that mean that you're not going to fire me? I really can't afford to lose this job; I have bills in my house that needs to be pay."

"No Betty, I'm not firing you, but I'll be watching you like a hawk from now on." Danny looked directly in Betty's eyes as he spoke in a commanding authoritarian voice. The sound of Danny's voice was unmistakable to Betty. "I'm putting you on a thirty day probation period and this insubordination will be going in your file. Once those thirty days are up, then we will discuss whether or not you have a future employment here."

Betty nodded in understanding to what she was told. "Thank you for the second chance sir. I promise not to let you down." She stood up and held out her hand to shake with Danny.

Danny stood up and shook hands with Betty. "See that you don't Betty. Because you only get three strikes before you're employment here is terminated, and you already have one strike against you." Betty nodded. "Now go home. You're schedule to report back to work early tomorrow morning and today's salary will be docked from your pay."

Betty nodded again and left the office. She wasn't happy that she was docked one day pay but she knew that she deserves it since she screwed up and wasn't working today. Danny sat back down at his desk wondering if he'd done the right thing. He didn't know if Betty could keep that promise she made to him or not, but Danny didn't think she could. He figure only time will tell and Danny was going to make it his mission to keep a close eye on her. He looked over Betty's file once more before marking down the insubordination and putting the file away before going back out front.

After getting off the phone with Eric, Josh continued working on his painting. Now that he had a close up look of Eric's face and body he can give his painting more details on the features. Well what he could see that is. After a couple of hours of working on the painting, Josh figured he wouldn't be able to finish it today, since there's still some features he needs to improve on.

Once he had put his paint supplies away he took a shower and got dress. When he was dressed, he saw that he still had an hour left before he was to meet up with Eric so he headed to the kitchen to make himself a couple of ham and cheese sandwiches and a glass of juice for lunch and ate them in the living room while watching some comedy show on TV Land.

By the time he'd finished eating, the comedy show was over. He turned off the television; put his dirty dishes in the dishwasher, clean up his mess he made in the kitchen, and left the house to meet up with Eric at the mall for a day of fun.

JR's morning wasn't going very well. He was still having trouble finding a present for his uncle's birthday. He saw some nice things but none of the places he browsed had anything he wanted to get his uncle. That was until the last store he went into which was Sam's Electronic. It was there that he saw something that Tyler had been talking about getting for a while but never got around to it. JR thought it would be the perfect gift so he brought it. Once he had his purchase in hand he left the store and walked across the parking lot to the McDonald's for lunch.

The rest of the morning went well for Danny. Busy, but well. By the time he took his lunch break he was hungry. He went to the Subway counter in the food course and ordered a foot long buffalo chicken sandwich along with a bag of chips and a coke and found a table where he could see everyone coming and going.

Before he started eating his lunch Danny called home to check on his brother. Davy told him that everything was fine at home and not to worry about him; he'll be okay. Danny replied that it was his job as a big brother to worry about him and that's a job he takes seriously no matter what. They talked for a few more minutes before Danny said he had to go to eat his lunch so he can get back to work. Davy told Danny that he'll see him when he gets home and they disconnected the call and Danny ate his lunch before going back to work.

After finishing his lunch at McDonald's, JR went to Malibu mall to shop around for some school clothes. While looking at the clothes in the Lucky Shop, he got a call from a friend asking if he wanted to hang out. JR said he could and told him where he was. His friend said he just entered the mall and would be there in a couple of minutes. "Okay, see you in a few."

After hanging up the phone, JR continued to shop around the store. A couple of minutes later Josh and Eric walked in the store and up to JR. Josh introduced JR and Eric to each other before asking the two what they wanted to do. Eric didn't know Malibu that well so he kept quiet and let JR and Josh decide on their course of action.

The two discuss it for a few minutes before Josh suggested they go to the arcade to play video games. JR and Eric thought that sounded like fun so the three of them walked out of the Lucky Shop and to the arcade. As they were walking to the arcade, JR kept looking at Eric trying to figure out where he had seen him before. "You look familiar, haven't I seen you once before at Jackson Agency?"

"Probably so, I'm one of his models." After taking another look at JR, Eric was able to place him as well. "You look familiar also. You wouldn't happen to be related to Justin Craimer would you?"

"Yes, he's my father. I'm Justin Craimer Junior." Eric nodded in recognition. "Please don't spread it around though. I want people to like me for me. Not who I'm related to, nor how much money I have. I have enough problems when people connect me with Tyler Jackson." Eric looked at JR with a confuse look on his face. "I'm a model for both Jackson and Craimer Agency. Tyler Jackson is also my god father."

Eric nodded in understanding. "How is that possible?" JR didn't understand the question so Eric explained. "Modeling for both agencies I mean. I thought the two agencies were competing against each other. How is it that you're modeling for both agencies?"

JR told Eric of how his father got started in the modeling business. How Tyler invested in the start up of Craimer Agency, how Tyler gave Justin his first model, how Tyler suggested to the models who chooses not to sign with Jackson Agency for one reason or another to try Craimer Agency, and how sometimes Jackson Agency does a joint contract with Craimer Agency to insure more modeling jobs. "Now they're working on starting up a children department."

"Man, it's no wonder why those two agencies are the top two agencies in the state. They can work together and separately at the same time. You can't find any other agencies that are willing to work together to increase their business like that. They're all trying to reach the top and destroy their opponents in the process."

Both Josh and JR nodded in agreement. Just then they reached the arcade and went up to the counter to get enough quarters for the video game machines. Afterward, Josh and Eric went to play a racing game while JR went to play Pac Man. When the game started Josh took off like his car was on fire but it took Eric no time at all to catch up with him. The two then battle it out neck to neck through the entire game.

Each time they reach a turn one would pass the other, but when another turn came up, the other would retake the lead. On the last turn of the final lap, Josh made an overturned, causing him to hit the wall. That allowed Eric to regain the lead and cross the finish lime first. Eric thought Josh did that on purpose but when he saw the look of surprise on Josh's face he knew that wasn't the case. It was just an accidental mistake. Josh couldn't believe he lost. He never lost in a racing game before. Since JR was still playing Pac Man, Josh and Eric went to play Street Fighter.

Back at the Lucky Shop, Danny was finishing up some paper work in his office. Once he had all the paper work completed, he went to help out at the register. After finishing up with the customer he was waiting on, a schoolmate of his came up to the counter to pay for his items. As Danny was ringing up the items, his schoolmate asked if Danny could use his employee discount to mark down the prices.

"Sorry, I can't do that man. These items are on sale so they had already been marked down. I'm not going to take advantage of this store and jeopardize my job by marking down these items even further on items I'm not even buying. I wouldn't even do that with items I do buy."

"I won't tell if you won't." The schoolmate pleaded. "All you have to do is quickly swipe your card. No one will know the difference. It'll be our little secret. Come on man, I would do it for you if the wheels were reversed."

Danny stopped ringing up the items midway through and looked at the kid like he was out of his mind. "I know for a fact you wouldn't do that for me or anyone else, and I wouldn't even ask you." He then went back to ringing up the items. Once the items were rung up he gave the kid his total which came to three hundred dollars. "Now see, the total isn't much, and I know you can afford it, so let's not playing around and you give me the money to pay for these items."

Seeing that he wasn't going to talk Danny into using his discount, the kid impatiently gave Danny his credit card. "That's not cool man, not cool at all. I thought we were friend. Friends do things like that for each other."

Danny shook his head in disbelief, thinking that the kid was crazy to think that as he charged the card. "I don't know how you thought we were friends. We don't even talk to each other in school, or anywhere else for that matter."

He gave the kid back his card and had him sign the receipt before handing him his purchases. After getting his purchases, the kid walked out of the store frowning. He was upset that he couldn't talk Danny into giving him a better price on his purchases. Danny didn't let it bother him though; he just put it out of his mind and continued on working like nothing even happened.

The rest of Danny's shift went as normal. When it was time for him to clock out Christian walked into the store and asked to speak with Danny in his office. Danny hesitantly followed Christian into his office wondering if he had done something wrong but couldn't think of anything.

Once they were in Danny's office, Christian informed him of why he called Danny into the office which put Danny's mind at ease. Danny told Christian that he had no one in mind for a daytime manager but he will do some observing. Christian thanked him and said he'll check back with Danny before he leaves for his trip. Danny then asked Christian for a favor and Christian asked him what the favor was.

"I'd been trying to get a chance to talk with someone for a while now, but keep missing the opportunity. I think you know him because he came in here one day looking for you. I was wondering if you can help me out with getting in contact with him." Danny told Christian what the boy looks like and asked if Christian can help him out with it. Christian really didn't need a description on the boy because he already knew who Danny was talking about but he didn't let on to Danny that he already knew. Instead he just told Danny that he didn't know if there was anything he could do to help him out, but he will try. Danny accepted that and told Christian he would appreciate any help that Christian can give him. The two then shook hands and left the office and the store.

The three boys continued to have fun at the arcade playing video games and joking around like normal teenagers. For a while it was like they didn't have a problem in the world. Josh and Eric even kept sneaking a secret glance at each other from time to time when they thought no one was looking. A couple of times one person did catch them and it confirmed his suspicious about Josh's sexuality but he figured he would keep it to himself for now.

While playing some wrestling game JR didn't know, he felt like someone was watching him. In truths he felt that way ever since he entered the arcade. At first it made him nervous, but now it was giving him the creeps. Just as that thought ran through his mind, another thought pulled up to the forefront. His new security detail was due to arrive today.

JR nonchalantly looked around the arcade so as not to be obvious about it and didn't notice anything out of the ordinary so he went back to playing his game. Still he couldn't get that nagging feeling out of his mind that he was being watched. Five minutes later, JR still had that nagging feeling of being watched and once again looked around the arcade, and once again saw nothing out of the ordinary. After another five minutes had past, JR still had that same nagging feeling of being watched, only this time the feeling was stronger. Like who ever is watching him is closer they were then before.

Now this was getting a little too creepy for JR and he thought he better do something about it. Pulling out his cell phone, JR called his father to check in with him. "Hey dad, have the security arrived yet?" Justin told JR that the security had arrived and he was now giving them a rundown on what they needed to know. "That's good. They couldn't have come at a better time because I think I'm being watch as we speak."

"What do you mean JR?" Justin made no attempt to hide the concern in his voice. "Are you in any danger right now? Tell me what the person that is watching you looks like. Do you need me to come down there and pick you up?"

"No dad, I don't need for you to come pick me up." JR said confidently, trying to soothe his father's concerns as he continued to play the game. "I can't see the person that's watching me but I just have a feeling that I'm being watched. I'll be okay, I'm not alone. I have a couple of friends with me and the arcade has a good number of kids in it."

Justin relaxed a little after hearing that. "Okay, but you stay where you are. I'm sending your security down there now. They should be there within a half an hour. Don't do anything, nor leave the arcade until they get there." As he was talking to his son Justin wrote the address of the mall down on a piece of paper and gave it to JR's security detail along with a picture of JR for them to identify him.

"Okay dad, I'll wait here for them." JR promised his concerned father. "Don't worry; whoever is watching me wouldn't do anything stupid with a lot of witnesses around. I'm pretty sure they're not that stupid."

Justin agreed but told JR to stay on alert anyway just in case. JR promised he will, and told his father he will see him at home. Justin told his son he loves him and JR replied the same way before hanging up and pocketing his phone. Not long after that JR security detail showed up. JR couldn't believe his eyes. These guys are old enough to be trained security guards but looked young enough to be in high school.

As they were introducing themselves, Josh and Eric walked up to them. The security immediately stood between them and JR, blocking them from getting too close to him. "Its okay guys, they're with me, you can let them through."

On hearing that, the security stood at ease. Josh and Eric asked JR who those people are and what was going on. "They're my security detail that my father hired to keep me safe because my uncle is worried that someone will come after me in order to get to him."

Josh and Eric couldn't believe what they were hearing. They couldn't believe that someone will actually try to harm an innocent kid just in order to get to Tyler Jackson. "Look guys don't worry about anything. As long as my security is around no one will be able to get close to me. You have nothing to worry about so let's play some more games before we have to head home." With that, the three play for a couple more hours.

On his way home Danny couldn't stop thinking about what he will do if Christian couldn't help him with his situation. He felt like Christian was his last resorts in finally getting the chance he needed. When he arrived home he saw that his little brother was the only one there which was not unusual. After saying hello to his brother, he washed up and got started on dinner.

Meanwhile, the three boys in the arcade were finishing up their last video game before going home themselves. They didn't want the day to end because they were having too much fun but they knew they had to get home for dinner and didn't want to be late.

As they were walking to their cars being flanked by JR's security, Eric asked if they could hang out again sometime soon. Josh said he would like that but he couldn't do it tomorrow because he was finishing his painting. JR said he had a photo shoot tomorrow and something to do after that so he would be busy all day. Eric was a little disappointed but accepted that they had other plans. Before going their separate ways, Eric and JR exchanged cell phone numbers and said they would keep in touch with one another.

While driving home, JR thought about how he didn't think about the boy that's been on his mind for the last couple of days. In fact, he didn't think about him once all day. He still didn't know what he was going to do about it but he knew he had to make a decision on it sooner or later. Then he thought later would be better. Right now he wanted to think about what he and his father could do this weekend. At that moment one idea came to his mind. They can go back to the pool hall and play some pool. He also thought that he and his dad can catch a movie there as well since there's a movie theater right there in the mini mall where the pool hall is located.

When he stopped at a red light, JR looked in his rearview mirror and saw his security detail right behind him. Knowing that his security detail was keeping a close eye on him gave JR a sense of comfort. He didn't have to worry about being followed and concentrate on the road. If anything were to happen; his security will take care of it and protect him from any danger.

Josh arrived home just as dinner was being put on the table. As he sat down Jason looked at him and saw the smile on his face and raised an eyebrow. Josh winked at him and smiled even bigger. Jason nodded that he understood and figured he will get the details later so he didn't say anything about it. Once dinner was over, the brothers went up to Josh's room to talk.

When they were in Josh's room and sitting on the bed, Josh told his brother about meeting Eric at Tyler's house the night before and talking with him. He told Jason about hanging out with Eric and JR today at the mall and having fun. He finished up with telling Jason about Eric being interested in him also. Through it all Jason didn't say anything, he just sat there and listen to Josh telling him the story. Once Josh had finished telling him everything, Jason congratulated Josh on finally meeting the boy he'd been going gaga over for a month now. "I told you! All you had to do was grab your balls and talk to him. The worse he could have said was that he wasn't gay and not interested in you."

"Yeah, but that would have made me out myself and who knows what he may have done with the information. Luckily it worked out for me because I don't know what I would have done if that had happened."

"Well, luckily that didn't happen. Now you can build a friendship with him and probably become boyfriends. Just let nature take its course. All you can do now is wait and see what happens. Just take it one step at a time, okay?"

Josh said he will because he had no plans of letting a possibility of a relationship with Eric to pass him by. Jason told Josh he was happy that he and Eric had finally met and was getting to know each other better. Josh thanked him and the two hugged before Jason went to his room to call his girlfriend while Josh laid back on the bed listening to some music.

At the Larson/Bradshaw house, a similar conversation was going on during dinner. Eric told Scott and Ben about his day and how he finally met Josh. Just as Jason was happy for Josh, Scott and Ben was happy for Eric, especially Scott. He could see that his son was a little happier and was coming out of the funk he been in ever since he was kicked out by his mother. Scott loves seeing his son happy. Eric was more enthusiastic then he had ever been before.

"Do you have any plans to get together again anytime soon?" Eric told his father not at the moment because Josh was going to be working on a painting tomorrow. "Well there's no rush. You have plenty of time before school starts to get to know each other better."

"Yeah, but not too much time because football practice starts next week and Josh has to be there. I'm not sure how he's going to feel after practice. He might be too tired to do anything. Plus he still has his painting session at Mr. Jackson house three times a week."

"Maybe you can join him for the session sometimes." Ben intervened. "I'm sure Mr. Jackson wouldn't mind you being there. After all, he was the one who finally got you two together."

Eric pondered that idea for a minute. "Maybe, I'll check with him tomorrow when I drop off the essays. Josh has another painting session with him tomorrow also, so I'm sure I'll see him there."

Scott and Ben both agreed that was a good idea. The rest of dinner continued with a light conversation. After dinner, Eric assisted Scott and Ben with cleaning up the kitchen before they all adjourned to the living room to relax and watch some television but found nothing worth watching so they popped in a movie to watch instead.

In the meantime, JR and his father had just finished dinner and were sitting in the living room watching a comedy movie called Lisa Brown; and eating some chocolate cheesecake that Justin made for dessert when he got home while the security details were upstairs settling in. While watching the movie JR told Justin of his plans for Saturday. Justin agreed to the plans with a little twinkle in his eyes which JR noticed. "Dad, what's that all about?"

"What do you mean son?" Justin tried to play it off but JR wasn't buying the act at all. "You'll have to be more clearly on what you're asking. I don't know what you're talking about."

Justin tried to hide the smile on his face but JR could see it as clear as day. "I'm talking about that twinkle in your eyes and that smile on your face. What's that all about?" He asked with a raised eyebrow in mild curiosity.

"Oh that's nothing. I'm just thinking about how much fun we're going to have this weekend. It's been a long time since we hung out together just the two of us. I miss our father and son bonding time together. It should be fun!"

"Are you sure it's not something else?" JR pressed harder because he didn't totally believe his father. "I'd never seen that twinkle in your eyes before when we did things together. In fact, I don't think I'd ever seen your eyes twinkle like that before."

Once again Justin told his son that it was nothing, he was just looking forward to their weekend together and the fun they were going to have. Seeing that he wasn't going to get anything out of his father, JR let it go for now but was determine to find out what his father was hiding that made his eyes twinkle like the way it did.

The rest of the night both guys were lost in their own thoughts. JR was thinking about what could have made his father eyes twinkle the way it did. JR never seen his father eyes twinkle like that before so he knew it had to be something big. Justin on the other hand was thinking about the hot guy he was going to see this weekend. Or at least he was hoping he will see him. By the time the movie was over both guys could barely keep their eyes open so they headed for bed.

Danny and Davy spent their night in Danny's room as usual watching Lisa Brown also. From time to time Danny's mind would wander to the boy he was hoping could become his friend and possible boyfriend. He was hoping that his boss Christian could help with putting him in contact with the boy, because if Christian couldn't put Danny in contact with him then Danny doesn't know what else he can do to find a way to talk to the boy. He missed every opportunity he had to talk to the boy because of one thing or another. Just thinking about every opportunity that he missed made Danny start to feel sad and depress all over again.

Davy saw that his brother was starting to feel sad again but didn't know why. He wish he could help his brother out with whatever it is that's bothering him but knew Danny wouldn't tell him what the problem was. Danny is always solving his brother's problems, but would never burden Davy with his own problems. Knowing there was nothing he could do to help his brother with his problem; Davy cuddled up to Danny and laid his head on Danny's chest and just continued watching the movie.

Danny became more and more depress as the night went on. In fact he became so depress that his mind was no longer on the movie. He couldn't focus on anything except his dilemma. He started to think of what else he could do if his boss couldn't help him out. He was so deep in thoughts that he didn't notice that the movie had ended and Davy had fallen asleep. It took hearing the static coming from the TV to pull him out of his thoughts.

He turned the television off then picked up his brother and carried him to his room. He carefully undressed Davy, put him to bed, and kissed him good night on the forehead. Through it all Davy didn't even wake up once.

When he returned to his room, Danny got undressed and climbed into bed. He tried to fall asleep but sleep didn't come easy this time. His mind was in a whirlwind of emotions. Emotions like sadness, loneliness, frustration, hopelessness, and anger. All these emotions were jumbled up in one and Danny thought he better get a grip on it before it drives him crazy. After all, he had his brother to take care of. He forced himself to bury those emotions deep down inside and deal with them another time. As he finally drifted off to sleep the last thought he had was that he hope that Christian could help him out with his dilemma and put him in contact with the boy.

To Be Continued...

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