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Chapter 4


When JR woke up Wednesday morning he didn't feel like going to his photo shoot but he knew he had no choice. He loves modeling; and if he wanted to continue with that career then he better not do anything to put it in jeopardy. He knew his father and uncle had let some clients go before due to their lack of responsibility and JR didn't want to be one of those clients. He wanted his father and uncle to be proud of him.

Once he was semi awake, JR got out of bed to shower and dress. After adjusting the water temperature and setting, he brushed his teeth and shaved. Unlike his father who has no facial hair, JR has to shave twice a week. When he finished shaving, JR stepped into the large shower hoping the water will awaken him fully.

It did. The water massage help to relax his muscles and revitalize him. After drying off, JR went to get dress. Today he decided to go with a dark purple spandex tank top with a pair of black Hilfiger shorts. Just like his Uncle Ty, JR loves the color purple. It goes well with his light brown complexion. Once he was dress he headed downstairs for breakfast.

When he got to the kitchen, he found his father and security already there having breakfast. After good morning all around, JR sat down and started making his plate of food. During breakfast he went over his schedule for the day with his security team. "I have nothing plan for this afternoon, but if anything changes I'll let you know."

"Just be sure to stay close to us, okay?" Russell Grant, JR's head of security said. "We also need a list of your friends so we can do a background check on them." JR grunted. He could see his life already starting to change. "I know you don't like it JR, but it's for you safety. We can't just have anyone around you. That will make our job more difficult and put your safety at risk."

"I know; and I'll make your job as easy as possible just as long as I have a normal life. I won't be hiding in the shadows just because there might be someone out there that wants to harm me. I can't and won't live my life that way."

Russell nodded in agreement; he can see where JR was coming from. All teenagers want a normal life without the worries of someone stalking them, security details following them wherever they go, and background checks done on their friends. "We don't want to stop you from having a normal life JR, but we want to keep you safe at all times."

JR nodded his cooperation and they ended the discussion. When breakfast was over, Justin left for work while JR and his security clean the kitchen. Even though JR said he could handle it himself, they wouldn't hear of it. They told him it was only right to help do the cleaning since they helped do the dirtying. Once the kitchen was clean, they went to the game room to kill some time until it was time to leave for JR's photo shoot.

In the central part of town, Danny was just grumpily waking for the day. After a night of tossing and turning, Danny was not in a good mood. He got out of bed still half asleep and went to shower. After showering and brushing his teeth, Danny went to wake his brother before getting dress. Not really caring what he was wearing today, Danny settled for a red tee shirt and a pair of black jean shorts.

When Danny looked in the mirror he had to admit he did look good. The red shirt went well with his red hair and emerald green eyes. After putting on his black socks and shoes, Danny checked for the time. Not really in the mood to cook and noticing that he was running a little late for work, Danny decided to run through the drive through window at McDonald's for breakfast. While Davy was getting ready, Danny went to make them some hot chocolate. He needed a little incentive to wake him. Just as he was pouring the hot chocolate in two travel cups, Davy walked into the kitchen. "We're leaving now; so make sure you have what you want to take with you. We'll stop at McDonald's for breakfast."

"Okay, I'll be right back." Davy left the kitchen and ran up to his room to get his cell phone and PS2 portable. When he got back to the kitchen, Danny handed him the two cups of hot chocolate before grabbing his own cell phone and keys off the counter. After locking the house, they got into Danny's car and headed for the mall, stopping at the McDonald's drive through for breakfast. To Danny's surprise, traffic was light this morning allowing him to arrive at work earlier then he expected. The extra time was enough for Danny to enjoy eating his breakfast before surveying the store, plus counting and replacing the register drawers before opening time.

The minute Justin arrived at work his morning had been quite busy with locating a city for a model search and meetings with potential clients. When he had time to catch his breath, Justin made a call to Tyler at the office. After getting through the pleasantry, Justin got to the point of his call. "I've been thinking about asking Mark to program my, JR, and his security team cell phones with his new system, but first I want to know what you think about the program."

"I really think you should do that my friend." Tyler said without any hesitation. "You'll not only have an open communication with your son at all times, but his security team as well. Also the tracking and GPS system will let you know where JR is in case of an emergency and you need to find him fast. I'm not trying to scare you bro; but you never know about people these days. After all, someone is already following JR around because of his connection to me."

"I know and that's why I agreed with you on hiring some security for him." There was a short pause before Justin spoke again. "Alright, have Mark give me a call so we can negotiate a deal. I expect him to charge me for the program and his service."

"You know he won't charge you for his service." Tyler argued. "I'm helping him to market his program to the public, so just having you as proof that it works will be all the payment he needs. He's not worry about the money, just you guys safety."

Justin let out a heavy sigh. "I'm still paying him Ty. He can use the money to start working on producing the product. Also having a customer already on his sales list will help improve his marketing status. More businesses will want the product in their stores when they realize he already sold a program to a well known business person before it was even marketed."

Tyler had to admit to himself that what Justin just said made sense. "I agree with you. Now all you have to do is sell that to Mark. I warn you though! He's not going to give up without a fight. He thinks of you as family, and he'll never charge his family for his help."

"Well that's just tough shit!" Justin barked. "It's an even trade so there's nothing to fight over. He'll be helping me out, and I'll be helping him out." Tyler agreed but reinstated his thought. They discussed it for a couple more minutes before Justin changed the subject. "How are you doing? You sound like you're not feeling well."

"I just have a headache is all. I guess it's from all the stress I've been under lately." Tyler told him about Mr. Donavan's attempted murder on Jeff, the construction on the cafeteria and snack room, setting up the McDonald's, helping to raise money for the local orphanage, and starting the project with the marines. "Oh, and by the way, grandma's in the hospital. I think she will love it if you could visit her."

Justin couldn't believe how much Tyler was going through, he wonder if Tyler was taking on too much at once. "Ty, I think you're spreading yourself too thin. You need to slow down and take a breather." He then remembered the first thing Tyler told him. "What do you mean Mr. Donavan tried to murder Jeff?"

Tyler explained to him how MR. Donavan broke into his house and tried to kill Jeff. Not knowing that he was being watched and recorded by the surveillance cameras around the property. He then explained how his guys in his security room alerted everyone of the intruder which gave everyone time to formulate a plan to catch him. "So before he was even table to fire a shot off, Carlos and Mark took him down."

"It looks like Mark's program is valuable inside the house as well as outside." Tyler agreed completely. "I can't believe the idiot actually tried a stupid stunt like that. He should have known you would have surveillance cameras watching over the property and he would get caught."

"I don't think he thought about that." Tyler speculated. "I think he just thought about stopping Jeff from testifying against him in court. Jeff's testimony can put him away for a long time and he would have done anything to keep that from happening."

Justin couldn't disagree with that theory. "Well, let's hope the courts will be smart this time and hold him without bail." Tyler agreed but said he wouldn't bet on it. He then asked about JR. "Besides from having someone following him, he's also confused about a boy from his school. Other then that, he's okay."

Justin went on to tell Tyler how JR thinks the boy might be interested in him but doesn't know for sure if the boy is even gay. He told Tyler he believes that JR wants to hook up with the boy but is reluctant because who the boy is. He thinks JR wouldn't be able to handle the trouble they will get from the boy's father even though JR said he could. "Now he over analyzing the situation so I'm taking him riding this weekend to get his mind off of it."

"What's the boy's name?" Justin told him it was Danny Carson. "Is his father who I think it is?"

"It is, and believe me when I say that scares the hell out of me!" The concern in Justin's voice was unmistakable. "That man is the most self absorb son of a bitch I ever seen in my life. He doesn't care about anyone but himself, especially not homosexuals. He will stir up all kinds of hell for my son if JR gets involved with his son and he finds out about it."

"If that should happens, then we'll be there fighting along side of JR." The tone in Tyler's voice left no doubt he meant what he said. "I gave you my promise when JR was born that I will do anything in my power to keep him safe and happy, and I intend to keep that promise."

The two talked more on what to do if JR should have any problems with Danny's father. For now they decided to just wait and see what happens. JR hasn't even made a decision on the matter yet so there was no reason to make any assumption. He may decide not to get involved with Danny and that matter will be resolved.

Before hanging up with Tyler, Justin assured him he will stop by the hospital and visit with Mrs. Lopez. Just like Tyler, Justin had become quite fond of the woman and considers her as his grandmother as well. As soon as Justin placed the phone back in its cradle, his secretary buzzed him of a call. Justin told her to take a message and to not disturb him within the next twenty minutes. Afterward, he made his call to Mark.

At the Craimer residence, JR and his security was just leaving for JR's photo shoot. Russell suggested they take the SUV with him driving rather then taking two vehicles. No one had any objections to that suggestion so they all climbed into the truck and left for the shoot. No one noticed the car following behind them as soon as they pulled out of the driveway.

Back at Craimer Agency, Justin was having a little dispute with Mark. Just like Tyler said, Mark tried to refuse Justin's offer of paying him for his program and service. Justin didn't relent on the offer though; he explained to Mark just as he explained to Tyler that it was an equal trade where they both benefit from the deal. After hearing the explanation, Mark caved in and accepted the offer. He told Justin he could be at his office in thirty minutes to program his cell phone and laptop.

Danny's morning was going too slow for his liking. He spent half of it approving payrolls, and the other half observing the employees for the daytime manager position. Unfortunately neither task was a picnic. Some of the payrolls didn't match up with the employee's timecard and Danny had to inform those employees that they had to fill out another payroll with their correct hours for approval which didn't make those employees happy.

At least now Danny knows for sure not to recommend those employees for the daytime manager's position. Those employees might cheat the store out of hours they didn't work which will reflect badly on Danny. After those employees had fill out another payroll, Danny compared them with the employee's timecard before approving it. Once Danny completed the payrolls, he went to help at the registers. In doing this, Danny could keep a close observation on all of the employees without them even knowing they were being observed.

While working the register, Danny looked around the store and noticed his brother wasn't anywhere to be found. He turned his attention to Angie who was working the register next to him to find out where his brother went. "Angie, do you know where my brother went? I don't see him anywhere in here."

Angie never lost focus on ringing up her customer's items as she replied. "Yes, he went to the arcade to play video games Danny. He said he'll be back in a couple of hours. That was about a half an hour or so ago, I guess."

"Did he have his cell phone with him?" Angie confirmed he did. "Good, then I won't have to worry about him as much and can concentrate on my work." Just then Danny finished with his customer and started with another one. Through the entire conversation Danny did take notice that just like him Angie never did lose focus on the task at hand.

A couple of hours later, Danny took his lunch break. He called Davy to meet him in the food course before letting Angie know he was going to lunch. On his way out he asked Kenny to cover for him at the register. While waiting for Davy to arrive, Danny browsed the menus to decide what he wanted to eat. When Davy arrived five minutes later Danny had made his choice.

"What do you want to eat?" Davy browsed the menus for a minute and selected a double quarter pounder with cheese meal, medium size. "Okay, let's go order." As they were walking up to the McDonald's counter Davy asked Danny what he was ordering. "I'm getting the double whopper with bacon and cheese meal, large size."

After receiving Davy's order, they went over to the Burger King's counter for Danny's order before sitting down at a table to eat their lunch. While they were eating, Danny kept looking towards the door every now and then but didn't find what he was looking for. Davy could see that his brother was looking for someone but didn't know who. He just hopes Danny will find him or her someday, whoever he or she is.

Just when JR's photo shoot was ending and he was changing, his phone started ringing. He let it go to voice mail and continued changing. Once he was back in his own clothes, his phone rang again. This time JR answered it and found out it was his father asking him to come to his office. "Sure dad, just let me stop for something to eat and I'll be right there. Can I get you anything?"

"Where are you stopping?" JR discussed it with his security detail for a minute before telling Justin they were stopping at Popeye's. "Then get the ten piece chicken with a large red beans & rice and mash potatoes as the side order and three Dr. Peppers." As he was giving JR the order, Justin was looking at Mark and Carlos to confirm which they did.

"Huh?" JR was confused. He didn't know why his father was asking for such a big order until Justin explained that Mark and Carlos were in his office helping him with something. "Oh, I see now. I'll be there soon. Tell them not to go anywhere; I want to see them before they leave."

"Don't worry son, they'll be here when you get here." Justin assured him. "What they're helping me with involves you also. That's why I need to see you in my office before you do anything else today so get here as soon as possible."

JR didn't question his father but he wondered what the urgency was. "Okay dad, see you soon." After hanging up the phone, he relayed the message to Russell. "I wonder why he needs to see me right away. He sounded like it was urgent."

Russell shrugged his shoulders. "I don't know, but we'll find out when we get there. Now let's go and get some lunch so we can head over to your father's office. We don't want to keep him waiting if the message sounded urgent."

JR nodded in agreement and they headed out to the SUV and then Popeye's. While standing in line, JR checked his messages on his cell phone. He saw he had one from Christian and returned the called. Christian asked JR if he could meet with him in his office and JR said he could meet with him in an hour. Christian agreed and they disconnected the call. After receiving and paying for their orders, they left the restaurant and drove to Craimer Agency. During the time they were in the restaurant someone was constantly keeping their eyes on JR not knowing that he himself was being watched by one of JR's security.

When they arrived at Craimer Agency, Justin, Carlos, and Mark was waiting for them in the boardroom. JR immediately greeted Carlos and Mark with a hug before Justin could start introducing anyone. After the introduction was over, Justin got down to business. "Mark is going to program all of our cell phones with his new system. This system will keep everyone in contact with each other at all times with an open signal. In case of an emergency, all you need to do is push the button for the walkie talkie and everyone will be able to hear what you're saying."

Carlos and Mark could see everyone's apprehensiveness so Mark gave a little more explanation. "Nothing changes with your phones guys. You still can make private calls by dialing the number, the same with the walkie talkie. When you have ended the call, the signal will automatically change from private to open once again. This program just permits everyone who's programmed into it to be in constant contact just in case of an emergency."

Once they understood the concept of the system no one had any objection to it. They all handed Mark their cell phones. After handing their phones to Mark to program with the assistance of Carlos, Russell and his partner Simon went to the lounge and brought back some utensils to eat their lunch. Everyone wanted to get to know Mark and Carlos a little better and learn more about his program system.

By the time lunch was over, all the phones were programmed and handed back. JR told his father he had to get going because he was meeting with Christian about something. Justin asked what he was meeting Christian about, but JR said he had no idea. All he knows is that Christian wants to talk with him. JR gave Carlos and Mark a hug goodbye before hugging his father and telling him he'll see him later. As they were walking out, Justin and Mark were settling the bill for Mark's services before he and Carlos made their departure as well and Justin prepared for a meeting with his new model.

The rest of the work day went fast for Danny. The store was quite busy which left him no time to dwell upon his dilemma. Although he didn't see any misconduct from Betty, Danny still kept a close eye on her and will continue to do so until her probation period is over. Danny does know for sure he won't be recommending her for the manager's position. When it was time to clock out, Danny called his brother.

Davy spent some of his afternoon browsing some of the stores before returning to the arcade where he spent the rest of the day playing video games. Just as he suffered a defeat in Street Fighter his cell phone rang. It was Danny telling him it was time to go. "Okay Danny, I'll be right there." He hung up and headed back to the Lucky Shop.

When Davy got to the Lucky Shop Danny had already clocked out and was ready to go. They said goodbye to everyone on their way out. "Call me if anything should happen that needs my attention Angie." Once Danny had a reassurance from Angie, Danny and Davy left the store heading for home.

After his talk with Christian, JR spent the rest of the day at home in the game room although his mind wasn't on the game. He couldn't stop thinking about his discussion with Christian. JR still wasn't sure on what he was going to do. He now knows that Danny Carson was interested in him but why now? As far as JR knew Danny never had any homosexual tendency before. That's what was confusing JR. JR always had a crush on Danny but he thought Danny didn't know he existed so he never told anyone about it, not even his father. JR decided to give it a little more thought before making his decision. For now he needed to get started on dinner, his father should be home soon.

When Danny and Davy arrived at home they found their mother in the kitchen cooking dinner. This stunned them both. Their mother never cooks unless it's for one of her function that she was involved in at the time. When Mrs. Carson looked up from placing the barbecue chicken back into the oven, she saw two stunned boys looking at her. "Go wash up now boys, dinner is almost ready."

Danny and Davy didn't move! They were in too much of a shock. After a couple of more minutes of standing there in shock, Danny was finally able to speak. "Mom, what are you doing? You haven't cooked for us in the past four years. I always had to do the cooking for me and Davy."

Hearing the surprise laced with suspicious tone in Danny's voice made Mrs. Carson feel ashamed. She never realized how much she was neglecting her children. Now it's being pointed out to her by her oldest son. "I know I haven't been the loving mother you two deserve, and I'm sorry for that. I want to try to make it up to you both if I can."

Mrs. Carson looked and sounded sincere but Danny wasn't sure if he could believe it. For the past four years he had the responsibility of taking care of himself and being the parent to his little brother, and now his mother wants to try and make it up to them. Danny wasn't sure if his mother could commit to that kind of responsibility. Before saying anything to his mother, Danny sent Davy upstairs to wash up. After checking to make sure Davy was upstairs, Danny looked at his mother with totally seriousness. "I'm not convinced that you can commit to that mom, too many years had gone by without Davy or I having a mother or father. I had to take on the responsibility of being both parents for Davy, and now you're telling me you want that responsibility back? I'm sorry; I don't trust you enough to give it to you."

Danny walked out of the kitchen not giving his mother a chance to say anything. Mrs. Carson just stood there speechless. She never heard Danny speak with the maturity he just did. Not that she could have anyway. Like Danny said, he had to be the parent to him and his brother for the past four years and he didn't trust his mother enough to resume that responsibility.

Tears started falling from Mrs. Carson eyes. She never realized how much she was hurting her children with her neglect. She stood there for five minutes crying and wondering how she could have disappeared from her boy's lives and still be living in the same house with them. She couldn't answer that question so she dried her eyes and finished cooking hoping Danny and Davy will come down for dinner.

At the Larson/Bradshaw house, Eric was just about to leave for Tyler's house when his cell phone rang. The caller ID displayed Josh's name so Eric answered the call. "Hello."

"Hello Eric, its Josh." Eric had a feeling this call wasn't good news. "I hope I'm not interrupting anything." Eric told him he wasn't interrupting anything. In fact, he was just about to head over to Tyler. "That's actually why I'm calling. My painting session with Mr. Jackson was canceled. Mr. Jackson isn't feeling well today."

Eric was disappointed at not being able to see Josh but accepted it. After all, what other choice did he have? Josh suggested to Eric that they hang out tomorrow. "Sure, what do you want to do?" Josh told Eric he'll give him a call tomorrow to iron out on what to do. "Okay, talk to you tomorrow."

"Okay, talk to you then." After hanging up, Eric went to tell Scott and Ben about the cancelation before going to watch some television for the rest of the night in a bummer mood. He was looking forward to seeing Josh tonight and now that plan had been canceled.

Back at the Craimer house, Justin had arrived home and helped his son with dinner after changing clothes. When dinner was just about ready, Russell and Simon started setting the table and soon everyone was sitting down to eat.

During dinner, Justin asked JR what Christian wanted to talk to him about. "He wanted to talk to me about Danny Carson. It seems that Danny is the manager of his shop at the mall and asked Uncle Chris if he could arrange a meeting between him and me."

"Who's Danny Carson?" Russell inquired. JR told him that Danny is a boy that goes to his school and is the captain and quarterback on the football team. "And this Danny is someone you might be interested in dating?"

"Well, I've always had a crush on him. In fact, I still do." JR blushed at that omission. "I just didn't know if he was gay or straight." Justin raised a questioning eyebrow which didn't go unnoticed by JR. "Sorry dad. I never told anyone about it, I kept it to myself out of fear it would get back to Danny."

Justin nodded in understanding. He knows that to be true because he's been in similar situations before. "You should know by now I wouldn't have told anyone if you didn't want me to tell, son. I would never betray your trust in any way. Please tell me you believe that."

"Of course I believe it dad." JR answered without any hesitation. His father is his best friend and would never betray his son in any way. "I didn't think there was anything anyone could do about it because I thought Danny was straight. To tell you the truth, I'm still not sure if he's gay, he may be bi."

Simon got in on the conversation. "Gay or bi, it doesn't matter. All that matters is that he's interested in you and you're definitely interested in him. Why not go out with him a couple of times and see what happens. If you like him as much as you're saying you do, then you'll be kicking yourself in the future for not taking the chance."

Everyone nodded in agreement. "I will also have problems with his..." Justin interrupted. "Don't worry about his father, your uncle and I will handle him. If he gives you any problems then we'll make sure he'll regret doing so."

Seeing the questioning look on everyone faces Justin explained about Danny's father. How he is a homophobic bastard and holds a high position in Los Angeles County, how he thinks he runs everything in the county, and how he's probably the dirtiest criminal in the county. Justin left nothing out when it came to Mr. Carson.

The rest of dinner went that way with everyone discussing JR's situation. By the time dinner was over, JR was closer to a decision. He hopes by tomorrow his mind will be made up. After cleaning the kitchen, everyone settled in the living room to watch a movie until one by one everyone started heading for bed.

Danny and Davy did join their mother for dinner but Danny didn't say much to her, he didn't want to upset his brother. Besides, Danny felt like he said all he wanted to say on the matter. There's just no way can Danny trust his mother with the responsibility of his brother. When dinner was over, Danny and Davy spent the rest of the night in Danny's room as usual watching television.

Around eight thirty, Davy was starting to fall asleep with his head lying on Danny chest when Danny got a call on his cell phone. He put the movie on pause and quickly grabbed his phone off the nightstand so it wouldn't wake Davy. "Hello." He greeted the caller with a whisper. "Oh hi Bruce, what's going on?" The call sounded important so Danny continued the call still in a whisper while gently stroking his brother's hair. Ten minutes later Danny was ending the call. "Don't worry about it Bruce, you just have a good night. I'll take care of it tomorrow."

Just as he hung up, there was a knock on his bedroom door. Danny knew it had to be his mother so he kept quiet hoping she will go away. It didn't happen, instead Mrs. Carson open the door. "Shouldn't you boys be getting ready for bed now?"

Danny looked at his mother like she was out of her mind for talking to him like he was a little boy. "I'm old enough to know when I should be getting ready for bed." He said with no feelings what so ever. "I'm also old enough to know when to put my little brother to bed. I'd been doing it long enough."

A tear started forming in Mrs. Carson's eyes so she just nodded her head and quietly closed the door. Danny went back to watching the movie until he was sure Davy was asleep. Once he was sure, he carried him to his room and put him to bed. After pulling the covers up over Davy, Danny kissed him on the forehead and whispered. "I love you little bro and I'll do anything to protect you from ever getting hurt in any way!"

After turning on Davy's night light, Danny quietly walked out and back to his room to get ready for bed. It took a while for him to fall asleep though; too many things were on his mind. The major one was why his mother was trying to be involved in their lives now. Danny didn't know why, but he knew there has to be a reason behind it. For the past four years Danny had to be both mommy and daddy to Davy and now his mother say she want that responsibility back. *There's no way I'm going to let that happen!* Danny thought to himself as he drifted off to sleep.

The next morning Danny felt exhausted. All night long Danny tossed and turned in his sleep worrying about what his mother was up to with this turn around she's doing. Danny didn't know how he was going to accomplish it but he knew he had to get to the bottom of it and fast.

Danny pulled his exhausted body out of bed to take a shower. The shower did help to wake him a little but not much. After getting dressed, Danny went to wake Davy before going to the kitchen to make breakfast. To his surprise, his mother already had breakfast made when he got there. Danny didn't say anything to his mother; he just went to the refrigerator to pour himself a glass of orange juice.

"I made some breakfast for everyone." Danny just politely thanked her. He really wasn't in the mood to cook but he wasn't going to let her know that. Mrs. Carson on the other hand, took it as a positive sign. "Is Davy coming down? Your father and I would like to talk to you both."

"Yes, he'll be down when he's finished with his shower." Danny took a sip of his orange juice before speaking again. "As far as you and dad wanting to talk to us, I really don't see anything we need to discuss with either of you."

Just then Mr. Carson walked into the kitchen followed by Davy. Mr. Carson went to the coffee maker and poured himself a cup of coffee without saying a word to anyone. "Danny, can you pour me a glass of orange juice too?" Davy asked.

"Sure bud." Danny smiled. He poured Davy a glass of orange juice and handed it to him before pouring himself another glass as well. "Don't take long to eat because we got to leave soon, okay?" Davy agreed and they all sat down at the table.

On hearing what Danny told Davy, Mr. Carson spoke for the first time since walking into the kitchen. "Your mother wants to talk to us all Danny; your friends can wait until she's finished."

Danny ignored his father and started making his brother a plate of food before making his own, not really caring what his mother wanted to talk about. He just wanted to get something to eat so he can get to work on time. As they were eating, Mrs. Carson began speaking. "Well, you might have noticed I'd been walking around a little crooked lately." Mr. Carson nodded with concern. Danny and Davy just continued eating not caring one way or the other. "Well, the doctor says I have a dislocated disc and will need surgery on it."

"Is that bad?" Mr. Carson asked with genuine concern. "I mean, you will be okay won't you?"

"Yes, I'll be okay." Mrs. Carson smiled lovingly at her husband. "I'll be in the hospital for a couple of days, and then I'll need bed rest for about a week. After that, the doctor says I should be back to normal."

"Don't worry honey, we'll all take good care of you, won't we guys?" Mr. Carson declared and Mrs. Carson smiled appreciatively. Now Danny can see the reason behind the loving mother act and wasn't going to stand for it.

"Sorry, I'm busy. I don't have time to take care of her." The smile disappeared from Mrs. Carson face at Danny's rejection. "Maybe you should hire a nurse to take care of her while she recovers. Davy and I don't have the time to do it."

Anger flashed across Mr. Carson face. "What the hell you mean you don't have time? She's your mother and she needs your help through this surgery! It's the least your ungrateful ass can do after all she had done for you."

Danny looked at Davy and nodded toward the stairs. "Go get your things, it's time to go." Davy did as he was told without a word. He could see the anger in Danny's eyes. Danny waited for a full minute to be sure Davy was out of hearing range before directing his anger towards his father. "Like I told your wife last night, the last time either of you did anything for Davy and me was four years ago. Ever since then I had to raise myself and be both mommy and daddy to Davy." Turning towards his mother, Danny continued unleashing his anger. "I knew there was something behind your motherly love yesterday but I just didn't know what it was; now I do. You need someone to take care of you after the surgery and you're looking for me and Davy to do that."

Looking between both of his parents, Danny could see anger in their faces but he didn't care. He was going to speak his mind. "Where were the two of you when we needed someone to take care of us? I tell you where, you were to busy with your work, friends, and all of your fund raisers. Neither of you gave a damn about us then, so why should we give a damn about you now!" Speaking directly at Mrs. Carson again, Danny pushed forward. "No I won't be taking care of you, and I won't let you put that burden on Davy. If you want someone to take care of you after the surgery then asked your husband to do it or hire a nurse. Davy and I will be too busy to do it!"

Danny got up from the table and started walking upstairs. Mrs. Carson sat there with tears falling down her cheeks but Mr. Carson charged at Danny and spun him around before he got to the stairs. "You ungrateful spoil little bastard! Who do you think you're talking to like that? You better show us some respect or I'll beat the respect out of you!" Danny just grinned which made his father even angrier. Mr. Carson took a swing at Danny but Danny blocked the punch and hit his father with a right cross knocking him flat on his back.

Danny stood over his father looking down at him with defiance in his eyes. "If you ever take a swing at me again, I won't be the one getting the respect beaten out of me, you will." He then turned and went upstairs to get his brother, leaving his father lying on the floor.

When he reached Davy's room, Danny told him to grab his phone and whatever he wanted to take with him because they were leaving before going into his room and grabbing his cell phone and keys. Davy grabbed his phone, portable CD player, and his PS2 portable and followed Danny.

As they walked through the living room towards the front door, they saw their mother sitting on the couch attending to her husband. "Where are you boys going?" The boys just ignored her and kept walking towards the door. "Answer me damn it!" Mrs. Carson screamed her demand. "I'm still your mother and I expect an answer to my question. Where are you going?" The boys still ignored her and walked out of the house to Danny's car heading for the mall, leaving their mother and father on the couch furious.

Unlike Danny; JR woke up on Thursday morning totally refreshed and smiling. Last nights sleep had done wonders for his decision making. *Sometimes an answer can come to you while you're sleeping.* JR thought to himself as he got out of bed to shower and dress for the day. Once he was dressed, he headed down to the kitchen for breakfast.

Justin could tell his son had made a decision as soon as JR walked into the kitchen. JR's features just looks so relax and care free. JR smiled at his father when he saw Justin looking at him and Justin smiled back with a nod. That was all the confirmation Justin needed to know that his assumption was correct. When JR sat down at the table, Justin asked what his plans were for the day. "I probably do some shopping. I still need to get my school clothes for this year."

"Then you should try some of Christian's shops. I hear he has some great things there, and they don't cost an arm and a leg." Justin suggested. "Who knows; maybe you'll meet a gorgeous hunk in one of them." He added with a wink.

"That's one of the places I plan to go." JR said. "I saw some things I like at the shop in the mall a couple of days ago when I was there with Josh and Eric. I just hope it's still in stock and I'll find what I'm looking for."

"I'm sure you'll find it if you look hard enough." Justin winked at JR and everyone laughed.

Justin left for the office while everyone else helped JR with the cleaning. They then hung around the house until JR was ready to go shopping. When they got into the truck, JR cell phone rang. The caller ID displayed Josh's name. "Hey Josh, what's going on man?"

"Eric and I are going to be cruising today and I wanted to see if you wanted to hang with us." Josh replied. "We don't know what we'll be doing yet, so we're just playing it by ear since we have nothing else to do."

"I love to man but I'm doing some school shopping. Perhaps we can hook up some time later today." Josh said that will be great. "Cool, I'll give you a call when I'm available and we'll raise some hell all over town and go butt wild!"

Everyone in the truck heard what JR said and rolled with laughter as did Josh. "We're to much of a goody two-shoes to go butt wild; but I hear what you're saying Just give me a call when you can and I'll let you know where we're at."

"Sure man, talk to you later." JR closed his phone and sat back to enjoy the ride when he over heard Simon telling Russell they were being followed. "What do you mean we're being followed?"

Simon sighed, he didn't mean for JR to hear that. "There's a dark blue Ford Torus with a male driver following us a couple of cars behind. He's keeping his distance, but I observed him following us ever since we left the house. Don't worry JR; we'll keep our eyes on him."

"Good, see that you do because I'm not in the mood to deal with any drama today!" JR ordered. "I want a relaxing problem free day with no drama. Anyone who tires to fuck up my day goes down, no matter what! Got it guys?"

Everyone answered in the affirmative and JR relaxed once again. He's not going to worry. Sooner or later this guy will get caught, and when he does, JR will make sure he'll regret it. The car continued following them staying at a distance not knowing that he'd already been spotted. Twenty minutes later, they arrived at one of the Lucky Shops and parked. When they got out of the truck, Simon and Russell made sure to note where the guy parked before they all walked into the store.

After talking with JR, Josh called Eric to make plans to meet up with him somewhere to have a little fun. Eric suggested they should go to see a movie since it was just the two of them. Eric didn't actually care where they went; he just wanted to be with Josh. "That sounds like an excellent idea." Josh agreed. He asked Eric to meet him at the movie theater in the mall and Eric said okay. "We can do some shopping after the movie while we're there." Eric thought that was a good idea and the two agreed to meet in an hour.

Danny's morning may have started off bad but it was shaping up. When he got to the store he did his usual clean up duty before counting and exchanging the register drawers. Once he had taken care of that, Danny went to the stock room to take inventory of the merchandise. He took a careful count on the items that Bruce told him they were getting low on over the phone last night and listed them on the order sheet. Once he had the sheet completed, Danny went to his office to place the order because the shop was about to open.

For the first hour Danny busy himself with stocking the shelves with Davy helping him. Davy wasn't in the mood to play video games and he knew the arcade would practically be empty this time of the morning so he decided to help his brother out. When they finished stocking the shelves, Danny went to work the register while Davy went to Danny's office to use the computer to surf the net. While he was working the register Danny remember he needed to pack the employee's files in a box for Christian to move to the new corporate office so he got someone to cover for him at the register and went to his office to get that done.

Just as he finished packing the files, Christian walked into his office to get them. They greeted each other and Danny introduced Christian to Davy. Once the greeting and introduction was out of the way Christian asked Danny if he had the files ready to go. "Yes sir, there right here."

Danny pointed at the box sitting on his desk. "Thank you Danny. I appreciate you having the files pack for me. Some of my other shops didn't even get that done. I had to do it myself." Christian let out a chuckle. "It's so hard to get good help these days."

That caused Danny to laugh too. They both had a good laugh which is what they both needed. Once the laughter subsided, Christian asked. "How are things going here? Did you come up with a daytime manager?"

"The only one I can see that will be suitable for the position is Angie." Danny recommended. "She's always on time, always shows courtesy to the customer, can do multi task at once, and doesn't try to take advantage of the shop with her hours."

"Alright, I'll set up an appointment to meet with her when I get back from my vacation. Now I'm sure you want to know about my talk with a certain someone?" Before nodding Danny asked Davy to step out and give them some privacy. "Okay Danny." Davy said before stepping out. When the door was closed, Danny gave Christian his full attention. "I think JR's interested in you, but he's not sure if he wants to get involved with you because of your father. You know if he finds out about the two of you he's going to make life a living hell for you both."

"He can try all he wants but it won't work." Danny said confidently. "I can handle my father. After what he tried this morning he should know he's no match for me. I won't let him destroy something that may be the best thing that can happen to me!"

"What did he try to do this morning?" Christian asked with concern. Danny told him about the events of this morning and the result of that event. Christian shook his head with discuss at Mr. Carson's actions. "If he's getting physical already, think about how worse it's going to get if he finds out that you're gay and have a boyfriend.

Look Danny, I don't want to frighten you, but if JR gets hurt in any way, then you'll probably have more problems to deal with then just your father. You'll have JR's father, godfather, and me to deal with. Trust me; no one wants to deal with his godfather."

Suddenly they heard a commotion coming from the store interrupting their conversation. When they went to see what the commotion was about Danny's face turned red with anger. There standing at the counter was his mother with several bags yelling up a storm. Danny walked over to the counter with steam coming out of his ears. "What the hell are you doing here?"

Upon seeing her son standing in front of her, Mrs. Carson immediately became silent. She suddenly didn't have anything to say. When Danny didn't get an answer when he asked her why she was there for the second time, he directed the question to Angie. "She's trying to get me to give her a refund on these merchandise without a receipt."

Danny looked in the bags and became even angrier when he saw what was in them. He looked directly at his mother but addressed Angie. "Call security and have this woman arrested. She doesn't have a receipt for these merchandise because she didn't buy them, I did." He sat the bags behind the counter as Angie called for security. "I hope you like spending the night in jail."

Mrs. Carson smiled triumphantly. "You really don't think I'll be spending the night in jail do you? My husband, your father will have me out in no time and you know it. Why don't we stop all this bull shit and you let me go." The last part wasn't a request, no, it was a demand and Mrs. Carson expected her son to obey.

Christian chose that time to make his presence known. "I don't think that will be happening ma'am. Not unless your husband wants a major law suit brought against him, and believe me, I will make sure that happen."

"Who the hell are you?" Mrs. Carson asked with distaste in her voice. "I don't think this is any of your business so I suggest you keep your moth shut or you will have all kinds of trouble coming your way."

"Oh but this is my business Mrs. Carson and I welcome the trouble. You see, I'm the owner of this shop and I witness everything. So you will be arrested and charge with trying to scam this store, because if you're not, I'll be filing that law suit so fast your head will spin."

It didn't take long for security to arrive and get the story of the situation. While one of the securities was taking a statement from Christian, Danny, and Angie the other security was placing Mrs. Carson in handcuffs and reading her rights to her. The whole time Danny was smiling with satisfaction and Mrs. Carson stared at Danny with daggers in her eyes. Once mall security had a statement from everyone involved in the incident, they took Mrs. Carson away with her shouting at Danny that he'll regret it when his father finds out.

When the fiasco was over, Christian told Danny he had to be getting back to his office. Before leaving, Christian let Danny know he did the right thing and he was proud of him. Danny thanked Christian for the compliment and said he was sorry about what happened. "There's nothing for you to be sorry about Danny. She was the one in the wrong, not you. Now I know my store is in good hands."

Danny thanked him again and Christian went back into the office to get the box of files before leaving. On his way out, he said goodbye to everyone and informed Danny he'll contact him when he return from his trip. When Christian was gone, Danny sighed in relief that he still had a job and went back to working the register thankful that Davy wasn't in the store to witness what just occurred. He was hoping the rest of the day will be normal.

As Christian was leaving the mall parking lot JR was coming in. He wanted to do some more school shopping in a few of the stores there including the Lucky Shop. Another reason why he came to the mall was to talk to Danny. JR made the Lucky Shop his first stop on his agenda. When Danny saw JR walking in and up to him, he couldn't believe his luck. Danny was totally speechless. The boy he's been trying to get the opportunity to talk to for a while was standing in front of him at that moment.

To Be Continued...

Writer's Corner:

Welcome back one and all to another chapter of Malibu Hearts. I hope you enjoyed reading this chapter as much as I did writing it. Now let's get to the summary of this chapter, shall we?

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At breakfast Russell told JR he would need a list of his friend's name to do a background check on them. JR didn't like that fact but accepted it. Russell knew JR wouldn't like that but told JR it had to be done for his safety. I hope JR can keep his word and make his security team job as easy as possible.

Danny over slept and woke up grumpy. He was so grumpy he didn't feel like cooking. He and Davy went through the drive through at McDonald's on his way to work which Davy agreed.

Justin talked with Tyler about Mark's program system. Tyler told him that Mark wouldn't take his money because Mark considers him and JR as family. When Justin talked to Mark he found out that to be true. Justin didn't back down and finally got Mark to accept the offer.

Danny kept a close observation on the employees to determine which one he would recommend for the daytime manager's position. Only one made the cut and that was Angie. Christian will be setting up that appointment when he returns from his trip so you'll have keep reading to find out how that meeting goes.

Now that JR's security has Mark's programming system his security just got a little tighter which is good now that his security team know someone is following them. Whoever it is, he better not using JR to get to Tyler.

We learned a little more about Danny and Davy's home life. Their mother's "motherly love" was just a cover up to get something from them. It all backfired when Danny put his foot down with both parents. Danny's not going to let his parents take Davy's childhood away like they took Danny's away.

We see how much Davy loves Danny. Davy will do what Danny say with no questions asked before he'll do what his parents says. Like Danny said he had to be both mommy and daddy for the last four years which left Danny growing up way too fast.

Eric was disappointment when Josh called him about the painting session being canceled. He was looking forward to seeing Josh again. The two made up for it the next day when they went to the movie. Read the next chapter to find out how that went.

Mrs. Carson tried to scam Christian's shop by trying to return the clothes Danny brought him and Davy. When she got caught she tried to talk her way out of it until Christian stepped in and threatened a law suit if she doesn't get booked and charge. What do you think, will she be charged?

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I think Angie is a good choice for the daytime manager as well.

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