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Chapter 5

The two boys stood there just looking at each other. Danny has been waiting for this moment for a while, and now that it's here he was frozen solid. He was feeling a little self-conscious and didn't know what to say or do. Many things were going through Danny's mind but the one that was at the forefront was that he was hoping this was good news. After a couple of minutes of just looking at each other, JR finally spoke.

"Hi Danny, I've been told that you wanted to talk to me." Still not able to speak, Danny confirmed with a nod. "Well I'm here now. Is there a place we can go and talk in private? I like to hear what it is you have to tell me."

It took a minute, but when he was finally able to speak again, Danny answered. "Sure, we can go to my office if you like?" JR told Danny that would be fine with him. "Okay, just follow me and I'll show you where it is."

"Okay, lead the way." Danny pointed to the back room behind the counter and started walking in that direction to get to his office with JR walking behind him. He gave JR a puzzled looked when he noticed Russell and Simon following them. "Sorry Danny, they have to go with us. They're my security detail so they have to be with me at all times."

The disappointed look on Danny's face didn't go unnoticed by JR but there was nothing JR could do about it. Danny will just have to get over it. JR didn't know much about Danny and he wasn't going to break his word with his security detail and make their job more difficult then it already is. He didn't think Danny would harm him but JR wasn't going to take that chance.

When they reached Danny's office JR asked Russell and Simon to wait outside the door before walking in. Danny waited for JR to enter before closing the door behind him. When he turned around he saw JR sitting on the edge of his desk looking directly at him not saying a word. Danny took a deep breath to compose himself and gather his courage before slowly letting the breath out.

"There were a couple of reasons why I wanted to talk to you." JR simply nodded for Danny to continue. "The first reason was that I wanted to get to know you better. I've had a crush on you for a while and over times that crush had gotten stronger. I wanted to see if you would like to go out with me. The second reason was a simple one; I'd like to be your friend. You're a great guy JR and I think we can be best friends for a lifetime. Even if we don't make it as a couple, which I'm hoping I'm completely wrong on by the way, but even if we don't make it as a couple, we'll have a close friendship. I rather have that then nothing."

JR just sat there in complete silence taking in everything Danny just said. He needed a moment to gather his thoughts and not say something that he'll regret later. Many questions was going through JR's mind at the moment that he needed answers to and some he could put off on asking for now. Danny could see that JR was in deep thoughts and waited patiently for him to speak. This might be the only chance he has and he didn't want anything to ruin it.

"I understand how you feel Danny because I've felt that way ever since I was thirteen." Danny cracked a nervous smile, he could feel a but coming on. "But before this can go any further, there are some questions I need answers to. And you're the only one who can give me those answers."

"You can ask me anything JR and I'll try my best to give you a complete and honest answer." Danny spoke with the most reassuring voice he could muster up. "I know that you're worried about some things, and I want to relieve you of those worries and doubts. Just ask me the questions and I'll answer them the best I can."

JR stared into Danny's eyes and could see that Danny was telling him the truth. "Okay then, first question. This past school year you were going out with Lesley Burkes. I'm guessing the only reason why you're not with her is because she's out of town for the summer since I haven't heard anything about you guys breaking up. So what happens when school begins and Lesley's back in town?"

Danny cleared his throat before speaking. He knew JR might ask this question, and now it had been asked. "You're right on not hearing anything about me and Lesley breaking up, and that's because I kept it to myself, so let me clear all of that up now and put your worries to rest.

Lesley and I broke up about a month before school ended. She wanted the opportunity to date other guys while she was traveling with her family around Europe and have me on reserved for when she got back. We talked about having an open relationship but that's not what I wanted. I want someone who's going to be as faithful to me as I am to them, no matter where we are.

In a way I'm glad that we broke up. I knew I was gay for a while JR and was just dating Lesley to hide my homosexuality from my father. I knew once he found out, all hell was going to break loose. But you know what; I really don't give a damn if he finds out! He can come after me with everything he has, and I will prevail! I won't let my father run my life."

JR listened intently to Danny and like what he heard coming from him. "You kind of answered my next question, but I need to ask it anyway." He looked directly into Danny's eyes to show he was serious. "You dated Lesley to hide your sexuality from your father, what will you do if your father finds out about us dating? Will you stand up and fight with me against him? Or will you coward out and leave me to fight him alone?"

Danny didn't know why, but he could feel the emotions coming off of JR in strong waves that astonished him. He felt the courage of JR to fight along side Danny against his father if they were to become an item, mixed with the determination from JR to protect himself from any pain including heartbreak, and the strength to protect the ones he loves. Danny may have the physical strength, but when it comes to mental strength, JR has him beat.

Danny didn't break eye contact with JR, he wanted JR to hear and feel his each and every word. "I'm not afraid of my father JR. I will always stand by your side and fight against anything he or anyone else might throw at us as long as I have you, that I can promise." Danny walked over, pulled JR off the desk, and brought him into his arms. "I will always protect you from anyone that wants to hurt you JR. All I'm asking for is a chance to prove it to you."

At first JR was hesitant, but he soon slowly relaxed in Danny's embrace. This felt right to him; he felt like this was where he belongs. JR felt like he was home. He wrapped his arms around Danny's waist and hugged him close. "I hope so Danny, because if you hurt me in any way, I wouldn't hesitate to let my father and godfather loose on you."

Danny relished in the feeling of having JR in his arms. "I could never hurt you JR. Besides, I think you can handle your own revenge without involving your father and godfather, and I don't want to be on the receiving end of that revenge." He pulled JR closer to him in his embrace.

JR softly nodded his head basking in the warmth of Danny's embrace. Danny was in no hurry to let go either. He finally has the one he wanted in his arms and he was enjoying every second of it. The feelings that were coursing through Danny's body were like nothing he had ever felt before. He wanted it to last forever. But like all good things, this had to come to an end as well. "I'm sorry JR, but I have to get back to work."

"Do you have to? Can't we stay like this for a couple more minutes?" JR asked almost in a whisper and Danny quickly agreed to his request. He too didn't want to let go. They held on to each other for a couple more minutes before JR gently pulled away from the embrace. "I'll let you get back to work now. Besides, I have to do some school shopping anyway."

"Are you shopping here?" Danny asked and JR said he was. "Bring you items to my counter when you're finished shopping and I'll check you out." Danny smiled innocently at his double entendre.

JR caught the double implication and smiled also and the two boys left Danny's office. As they emerged from the office, Russell and Simon saw the smiles on their faces and figured the talk went well and followed the boys back out front. When they got back in the store, Danny went back to working the register and JR did his shopping. From time to time Danny would sneak a glance over at JR and smile. JR would catch him smiling and wink, causing Danny to blush.

Josh spent his morning in his studio up in the attic working on his painting of Eric. It took him a couple of days to complete it, but he was glad he finally had. Now all he needed to do was take care of the finishing touches which shouldn't take long to do. When he was done with the finishing touches, he left the painting on the easel to dry while he went to take a shower.

Once he was dressed, Josh took the painting off the easel and put it into his car. He drove to a frame shop for it to be professionally matted and frame. The owner told him it'll be done by tomorrow and he could pick it up around eleven. Josh said he will be here and handed the man his credit card to pay for the service. The owner charged the card before handing it back to Josh and had him to sign the receipt before leaving the store.

When he got back into his car, Josh looked at his watch. He saw that he had about an hour before he was to meet up with Eric so he headed for a sandwich shop for a quick bite to eat. After finishing his lunch, he drove straight to the mall in the middle of midday traffic hoping that Eric will already be there waiting for him.

JR just finished his shopping and took his items up to the counter for Danny to ring them up. While ringing up the items, Danny eyes fell upon a pair of purple speedo that JR was purchasing. He eyed the speedo then looked up at JR with a gleam in his eye. He was imagining how JR would look in that purple speedo and was hoping that one day he'll get a chance to find out. JR got a goofy grin on his face but not from embarrassment. He was hoping that Danny would one day want to see him in that speedo. Danny winked seductively at JR and finished ringing up the purchases.

"It comes out to two hundred and fifty dollars babe." Danny smiled. JR smiled back at Danny and handed him his credit card. Danny took the card and charged it before handing the card back to JR before finishing the transaction. After tearing off the receipt from the register, Danny wrote his number on the back and handed that to JR as well. "Here is my number. You can call me any time you want."

JR took the receipt and put it in his pocket. He told Danny he'll definitely be calling him. "What time do you go to lunch?" Danny looked at his watch and replied in about thirty minutes. "In that case, we can have lunch together if you like? I can put my bags in the car and wait for you in the food course." JR held his breath when he asked.

Now Danny can see some nervousness in JR's face and didn't like it at all. He spoke in a soft and smooth voice to make JR feel relax. "That sounds good but I have my little brother here with me. He'll have to join us." JR told Danny he didn't have a problem with that and he would like to meet his brother. "Okay, let me finish my work and call my little brother, then I'll join you in the food course."

JR agreed with a smile and a nod and left the store to put his bags in the car. Danny waited on his next customer as he counted down the minutes to his lunch break. After waiting on his last customer and calling his brother, Danny headed over to the food course to meet up with JR. On his way out the door, Danny informed Kenny that he was leaving for lunch now.

As they waited for Davy to arrive, JR and Danny sat at a table to discuss what they were going to eat. By the time Davy arrived, they made their decision. Danny introduced JR to his brother and his brother to JR. The two shook hands and they got up and headed for the McDonald's counter to put in their orders. Luckily the line wasn't long and moving fast so it didn't take long for them to reach the front.

"What do you want to eat?" Danny asked Davy as JR was giving the cashier his order. Davy told Danny what he wanted and Danny looked at him doubtfully. "I'm not sure you can eat all of that. How about I get you a ten piece meal instead?"

Davy thought about it a minute before agreeing. He wasn't sure if he could eat a twenty piece nugget meal himself but he wanted to try because his brother could. He also knows Danny works hard for his money and Davy didn't want to waste Danny's money by throwing his food away if he couldn't eat it all. That would be like throwing Danny's hard earned money away and Davy couldn't live with that.

After receiving their orders, they went back to their table. All through lunch, JR and Davy got to know each other a little better. Davy kept asking JR questions and JR didn't mind answering them. Every now and then JR and Danny kept glancing at each other when they thought Davy wasn't looking but Davy was. Davy didn't know what was going on, but he thought if it was meant for him to know then Danny will tell him.

Eric reached the mall before Josh and waited for him in the food course like they planned. Not even five minutes had passed when Eric saw Josh walking in the door. They greeted each other with a fist bump and headed for the movie theater on the second level of the mall. Neither one noticed JR sitting in the food course with Danny and Davy, their mind was too preoccupied with each other.

After getting their movie tickets, they headed to the refreshment stand. Eric brought a small tub of popcorn and small drink while Josh brought an order of nacho and cheese and small drink. They each also brought a bag of gummy bears. After getting what they wanted to munch on during the movie, they went in to find their seats. The movie was about to start so almost all of the seats were taken. However, they did find two empty seats in the top row so they quickly took them.

They settled back in their seats to enjoy the movie as the lights went out. About thirty minutes into the movie they finished their refreshments and laid the empty containers on the floor by their feet and continued watching the movie. At one point Josh got bold enough to put his arm around Eric's shoulder. Eric didn't object or remove Josh's arm so Josh took it as a good sign and pulled Eric closer to him. Eric gave Josh a kiss on the cheek and laid his head on Josh's shoulder.

They remained that way throughout the entire movie enjoying the comfort of each others bodies. Even though they wanted to kiss each other, both boys were hesitant to initiate that move. When the movie was over, they separated from each other before the lights were turned back on. They didn't want to run the risk of being discovered together by anyone even though this wasn't a date. It just felt like it was to them.

As they were leaving the theater and throwing their trash away, Eric asked Josh what he wanted to do now. Josh couldn't come up with anything for them to do so he suggested they go to the arcade for a while and play some video games. Eric didn't have a problem with that and told Josh so. The two boys then headed in that direction.

Danny's afternoon went well after having lunch with JR; he was in such a good mood. All afternoon the smile never left his face. Not even the complaining customers could bring him down. By the time it was time for him to clock out Danny felt like he was floating on cloud nine. Nothing was going to get him down or rain on his parade.

Danny called his brother before giving Angie some instructions on some things that needed to be done at the shop. He was just finishing up when Davy entered the store. Danny grabbed their bags of clothes and said goodbye to everyone as they headed for the car. Even though he was happy, Danny was tired. He didn't feel like cooking so he stopped at Popeye's to pick up something for him and Davy to have for dinner.

Josh and Eric day went as well as Danny's did. They spent a couple of hours at the arcade playing video games until it was time for them to go home for dinner. Josh walked Eric to his cars before saying goodbye and promising to give him a call tomorrow. Eric said he'll be waiting for Josh's call before getting into his car and driving away.

Once Eric's car was out of sight, Josh started walking to his car when he heard some footsteps. Thinking it was just someone walking to their car Josh paid no attention to it. As he got closer to his car a creepy feeling started running through Josh's body. He began walking a little faster hoping to make it to his car without any incident. Josh is not a violent person but he knows how to throw down if he has to. Just as he reached his car, someone spun him around.

JR spent the rest of his afternoon swimming and relaxing in the hot tub. All of his security took advantage of a peaceful afternoon and joined him. When it was almost five o'clock, JR thought he better wash up and get dinner started. Tem minutes after JR started dinner, Justin walked in happy to be home. JR wondered why his dad was home early but didn't ask. He thought Justin just decided to leave the office early today. After changing clothes, Justin helped his son with dinner.

Everyone sat down to eat once dinner was ready. While they were eating, Justin asked his son how his day went. JR told him about his discussion with Danny and what he decided to do. Justin didn't like it much but didn't voice it to his son. He just told JR to let him know if Danny's father starts any trouble he couldn't handle. JR said he will but he wanted to deal with any trouble on his own before getting his father involved. Justin accepted that compromise and they continued dinner with a casual conversation.

Danny didn't see any cars parked in the driveway when he arrived at home. He felt happy for that because Danny really didn't feel like arguing with his father right now but he knew one will be coming soon. The minute they walked into the house, Danny told Davy to pack a suitcase with enough things to last a few days and bring it down before washing up. Davy looked at Danny puzzled but didn't argue with him, he just did as he was told.

Once they finished eating, Danny went back upstairs to make sure they had everything they wanted to take with them. He saw the PS2 still out so he packed that along with his and Davy's cell phone chargers and Davy's portable CD player. Danny had Davy pack his own CD's and games. Once they had everything they wanted to take packed, Danny took them out and put them in the trunk of his car and returned to the house to watch television and wait for the explosion.

About an hour later Mr. Carson came home screaming at the top of his lungs for Danny. When Davy heard his father screaming he got scared and clung onto his brother tight. Danny let his father scream while he calmed down Davy. "Stay here until I get back or call for you." Danny told him once he had Davy calm and left the room to deal with MR. Carson.

Mr. Carson was standing in the living room when Danny came downstairs. Mrs. Carson was smiling but Mr. Carson was burning with rage. Danny wasn't afraid though; instead he was cool as a cucumber when he walked into the living room and that put Mrs. Carson a little on edge. Danny just ignored his mother and addressed his father in a calm and cool voice.

"Why are you screaming at the top of you're lungs like a derange lunatic? The whole neighborhood could probably hear you." Danny looked over at Mrs. Carson with discuss before turning back to his father. "I see you'd pulled some strings to get your wife released. You always talking about obeying the law, but here you are breaking one of them. I guess the law only matters to you when it suits your purpose."

The smile on Mrs. Carson's face faltered a little but the rage on Mr. Carson's face grew. "The hell with the neighborhood, I don't give a damn what they hear. What the hell were you thinking having your mother arrested?"

"I didn't have to think about it at all, I knew I was doing the right thing." Danny said with conviction. "She tried to scam the store by returning items without a receipt because she didn't have one. She didn't buy the items, I did. I was doing my job and I would do it again if she ever tries to pull that scam again in my store."

The smile was completely gone from Mrs. Carson face! Now she was beginning to look worried. "You ungrateful spoil little brat! Where do you get off treating me this way? You better show us some respect. This is the first and last time I'm going to tell you."

Danny didn't back down one inch. "Respect is earned. And neither of you had earned any respect from me! You pretend to be this law minding citizen and great people with a happy family in public, but in private it's the total opposite. I'll give you my respect when you have earned it, not a minute sooner, and definitely not by an order!"

"No one speaks to me that way you little bastard!" Mr. Carson roared as he came at Danny. Danny side stepped his father's punch and used Mr. Carson's momentum to drive him face first into the wall. Mr. Carson quickly spun around with blood running out of his nose to retaliate, but not quickly enough for Danny. Danny lashed out with a punch to Mr. Carson's right eye causing him to stumble backwards and falling against the wall in a daze.

Still Danny remained calm and cool. He wasn't afraid of his father and he was going to let his father know it. He stared his father down daring him to make a move. "Go back in the room and lock the door now Davy!" Danny spoke in a stern voice.

Mr. Carson took advantage of Danny being preoccupied with Davy to kick Danny in the stomach dropping him to his knees. He then started throwing blow after blow to Danny's face trying to get the upper hand. "I told you the next time you show us disrespect, I was going to beat it out of you! Did you think I was bull shitting?"

Although the blows hurt like hell, Danny was able to shake them off and get a second win. The next time Mr. Carson swung; Danny grabbed him by the wrist and twisted it while at the same time yanking down on the arm. Mr. Carson screamed in agony but Danny paid it no attention. He quickly jumped to his feet and punched Mr. Carson in the stomach with his left fist then uppercut him with his right. Danny was determine to show his father he wasn't afraid of him and can handle himself when it came to a one on one combat with dear old dad.

Danny laid punch after punch on Mr. Carson's face and upper chest. He didn't care where the blows landed, Danny just wanted to beat his father down and show him that he's not the boss of everything and everyone as he think he is. He wanted to give his father the ass whipping of his life.

"I told you the next time you put your hands on me I was gonna whip your ass! Did you think I wasn't man enough to do it?" Danny taunted as he whaled on his father. "No one, I mean no one, will put their hands on me without me fighting back. Not even you, you little piece of shit!"

It took Davy coming up behind Danny and wrapping his arms around him tight to get Danny off his father. When Danny had calm down enough to stop seeing red, he looked up and saw his mother looking at him stunned and with terra in her eyes.

"Davy and I are leaving tonight and won't be coming back. I'll make arrangement to get the rest of our things later." Danny looked down at his bloody father lying on the floor. "If you know what's good for you, you'll stay away from me and Davy, or I'll make your life a living hell."

The last part was said with such venom all Mrs. Carson could do was nod in agreement. She never seen anyone stand up to her husband and beat him down like Danny just did. She always thought her husband was the big honcho in the county but she can now see that her oldest was a force to be reckoned with. Danny will not be a push over for anyone.

Danny got up off the floor and went upstairs to wash the blood from his hands. Davy quietly followed behind him speechless. He never seen his brother like that before and it kind of scared him. Not that Danny would hurt him in any way, but how far Danny will go to protect Davy and himself is what scaring him. Davy hopes Danny wouldn't go too far and get himself in trouble. After all, Danny is all he has left to take care of him.

After getting all the blood off his hands, Danny told Davy to get his book bag from his room as he walked in his own room to get his book bag along with his football gear before he started walking back out of the room. When he reached the door, Danny stopped and turned around to take a look around with sadness in his eyes. It was in this room where he realized he no longer had parents to take care of him and his brother. It was all up to him to take care of them both. This room is where Danny was forced to grow up sooner then he expected.

Danny turned back around and shut the door. He put his arm over Davy's shoulder and led him down the stairs. They started walking toward the door when their mother stepped in front of them. She started to say something but one look from Danny shut her up. She stepped aside and let them leave the house. She knew there was no chance of stopping them from leaving right now but she'll find a way to get them back in the house and under their control. But for now she will let them leave.

Danny drove around town for a while looking for a motel with a vacancy sign to stay in for the night. After an hour of driving he finally found one called the Blue River Motel. He went in and booked a room with two double beds and asked for a wake up call for the morning. Once they were settled in, Danny held Davy until he fell asleep before getting into his own bed. Danny couldn't fall asleep though; too much was on his mind. The major one was where he and Davy were going to live now. He knows he can't live at home with his mother and father. Mr. Carson's violent streak is becoming to a current for it to be safe there for him and Davy. He might take his anger with Danny out on Davy and Danny can't let that happen!

As he was deep in thought, Danny cell phone started ringing. He answered it to find JR on the other end. He tried to sound as chipper as he could because he didn't want to get JR involved in his problem. Danny wanted his father as far away from JR as possible although he knew that was pointless. Sooner or later his father will find out about him and JR and trouble will be coming JR's way. Still Danny wants to prevent that from happening for as long as he can.

They talked a while about meaningless things just wanting to hear each other voices. All through the conversation Danny was hoping JR couldn't pick up on the concern in his voice. He kept the conversation light and trouble free so not to worry JR. Just hearing JR's voice was soothing Danny so much he was started to fall asleep.

"I love to talk to you some more JR but I'm exhausted and need to get some sleep. I'm working tomorrow and need to be up early to open the shop."

"Okay, I'll let you get some sleep then. I'll be at my godfather's birthday party tomorrow morning so I'll give you a call some time in the afternoon if that's okay??" Danny said that was fine. "Talk to you tomorrow then. Have a good night sleep."

Danny told JR to do the same before hanging up. He put his phone on the nightstand and rolled over. Not long after Danny was drifting off to sleep. He can worry about where he and Davy were going to live tomorrow once he had a chance to process his situation.

JR woke up the next morning a little tired and worried. All night long he tossed and turned in his bed from a restless sleep. JR could tell that something was troubling Danny when he talked to him last night. He just wished he knew what that was so he can help. He decided to stop in at the shop later today and find out.

He got out of bed to take a shower and dress. After dressing, JR made his way down to the kitchen. When he walked in Justin could tell right away that something was bothering him. As soon as JR sat down at the table Justin asked him what was wrong.

JR looked at his father worryingly. "I don't know dad. There's something going on with Danny but I don't know what that is. He sounded strange on the phone last night. Like he was holding something back but I can't figure out what or why. It just seems like he was pretending to cover something up. I think it might have something to do with his father."

Justin got a concern look on his face. "You don't think he found about you two already, do you?" JR told his father he didn't think so. "Then there must be something else going on in that house. Whatever it is, it can't be good for Danny with Maxwell Carson as a father."

"Nor Davy either." Justin looked at JR confused. "Danny has a twelve year old brother named Davy. I met him yesterday at the mall when I was having lunch with Danny. Danny takes care of himself and Davy, That's why he's working part time. That much I do know."

Justin nodded in understanding. "I can understand why he's working. He needs to support his brother and himself. Their father's too self-centered to be worrying about raising children and I'm pretty sure his wife is the same way. If you really want to know what's going on then talk to Danny, but don't push him. Let him tell you in his own time."

JR agreed with Justin. "I plan on stopping in at the shop this afternoon. I told him I will call but I think I need to speak with him in person. I just have a feeling Danny needs a shoulder to lean on and a friend to talk to right now."

Justin didn't respond to what JR said, he just smiled at him. JR took that as an okay from his father and the subject was dropped. The rest of breakfast was spent talking about Tyler's surprise party. Both JR and Justin were hoping the party will take Tyler's mind off of his worries even if only for a little while. They both agreed to try and make that happen.

After cleaning the kitchen, everyone sat around the house doing whatever until it was time to go. They decided to ride in the truck since they all were going to the same place. On the way out the door, Justin and JR grabbed their presents they got for Tyler.

Danny morning was going pretty slow today. The store wasn't that busy so he used some of that time to do some apartment searching on the internet. Danny knew he had no where else to go and he couldn't afford staying in a motel every night. Therefore, he has to find an apartment he could afford and big enough for him and Davy to live in.

So far the search wasn't going to well. The apartments he likes was way out of his price range, and the ones that looked decent enough cost a little more then Danny earns. Not being able to find anything on the internet Danny started checking the papers hoping to have better luck. All Danny really wants is a place he can afford for him and Davy to live in without it being a dump. He's not looking for anything fancy or luxurious, just a decent size with a reasonable rent.

He found four that looked promising so he called the leasing office for some information. The first one Danny rejected immediately due to the price. It was actually higher then what was printed in the papers. The second one was also rejected because of the size. There's no way he and Davy could live in an apartment that small. The last two looks like it could work so Danny made an appointment to visit the property on Saturday. Now that he may have found a place for him and Davy to live, Danny concentrated on his job.

At NÚnÚ Incorporated, Tyler's party was in full swing with music, dancing, laughter, and everyone mainly enjoying themselves. While Justin was talking to Tyler, JR was holding Terry in his arms and talking to Josh and Eric. Josh was relaying the incident of what happen with him yesterday in the mall parking lot.

"As soon as he spun me around, he planted a kiss on my lips. It caught me totally off guard but I quickly recovered and pushed the guy away. When I saw his face, my eyes snapped wide open in surprise. I couldn't believe it was Rudy.

I asked him what the hell he thought he was doing. He told me he knew I was gay because he seen how close Eric and I are when he saw us at the arcade when the three of us was there. "I've wanted to kiss you for a while now. As I was walking to my car I saw you walking to yours and thought it's now or never." I told him it's never because I don't want to be with someone who tries to accost someone in the parking lot of a mall.

He tried to plead with me to give him a chance to show me that he was a better person for me then Eric. I told him he was out of his mind. After what he just did I wouldn't give him the time of day. When that didn't work he tried threatening me with an outing. At that point I got angry. I told him if he does that I would tell everyone that he kissed me."

Everyone roared with laughter including Terry even though he didn't know what they were laughing about. Once they stopped laughing JR asked what Rudy said to that. Josh told him that Rudy didn't know what to say so Josh just left him standing in the parking lot and went home. That got another round of laughter out of everyone. A little while later Josh said he wanted to dance.

"I'll join you. I feel like doing a little dancing myself." The three boys then got up. Josh and Eric went to the dance floor and JR went to sit with Tyler to keep him company while Christian and Justin took care of the food.

Tyler wanted to hold Terry for a while so JR handed Terry to him. When Brian came back with the highchair Tyler put Terry in it to feed him. JR offered to feed Terry for him and Tyler agreed. Tyler then suggested JR give Terry back to him once he finished feeding him so Tyler can change his diaper. JR offered to do that as well not knowing what he was getting himself into. That made Tyler bust out laughing at the image of JR changing a diaper. He didn't think JR would enjoy that duty of fatherhood much.

Once JR was finished feeding Terry, he told Tyler he was taking Terry to the bathroom to change him. As he was leaving, JR noticed Tyler was trying his best not to laugh again. All the way to the bathroom JR was thinking to himself that it couldn't be that bad changing a diaper. At least he was hoping it wasn't.

He walked into the restroom and laid Terry on the changing table before pulling out a diaper and the wipes. He pulled off the tabs and opened the diaper. Immediately the smell hit his nostrils and it wasn't a pleasant smell. Right away JR started fanning his hand in front of his face hoping to clear the scent from his nose.

"Lord have mercy Terry!" JR was still fanning his face. "If I ever have a son, and his shit smells like yours, I'll get Danny to change his diaper just so I won't have to smell it. I didn't know shit can rise that high! Damn, Uncle Ty was right! I wouldn't like that duty of fatherhood!"

JR stopped fanning his face and began to hurriedly change Terry's diaper. The whole time Terry kept laughing at JR's reaction. "It's not funny; man does your shit really stink! My kids better be born potty train." Terry continued to laugh at his cousin.

After changing Terry and washing his hands, JR was able to breathe a little easier. He went back to the party and put Terry back into his highchair before giving him his bottle and sitting down at the table. When he looked over at Tyler, he saw Tyler smiling at him. "Well how did it go?"

"I rather get sun burn then change a diaper again." JR was not amused at Tyler laughing at him. "Now I really know what it means when people say shit stinks. I just didn't know it can stink that damn bad! God was it awful!"

That got Tyler laughing even harder. No one but JR knew what he was laughing about, but they thought whatever it is, they were just happy he was laughing. By the time he stopped laughing Tyler had to wipe his eyes of the tears because he was laughing so hard. JR just sat there in his chair continuing to sulk. "I told you, you wouldn't like that duty."

JR agreed he wouldn't like it and wouldn't want to do it. Tyler had calmed down and gotten all the laughter out just when Christian and Justin walked up to the table with a plate of food for him and JR. JR took a deep sniff of the succulent aroma. This is a scent he can delight in smelling at any time, and he took a moment to relish in the wonderful fragrance before partaking in the delicious meal.

When everyone had finished with their meal, Christian had everyone gather in a circle on the dance floor for Tyler to open his presents. Tyler went through the presents one by one thanking each person for the gift they got him. When he unwrap JR's gift he couldn't help but to break out with a big smile across his face.

"Thank JR, I'd been meaning to get one of these for a while now, but haven't had the time." Tyler pulled out an IPod from the case. "Now I can enjoy my music when I'm traveling and don't have anything else to do at the time."

"You're welcome Uncle Ty. I couldn't think of anything to get you for your birthday. But then I remember you saying how you never had the time to buy one so I thought it would be the perfect gift to get you for your birthday."

Tyler agreed it was the perfect gift and thanked JR once again. The next gift he opened was from Justin. "I think I seen these at Kay Jewelers once." He pulled out one of the diamond studs. Justin told him that's where he brought them. "Thanks bro. Now I really will look like a rich boy tomorrow when I walk into the building of the Pizza hut Corporation for my meeting."

That got everyone laughing. "You always look like a rich boy no matter what you wear." Justin said.

Again everyone laughed. Justin and JR could see Tyler was enjoying his party and it made them feel happy that he was enjoying himself. After Tyler had opened all of his presents they had some cake and ice cream. Soon it was time for Tyler, Christian, and their group to leave for the airport. The rest stayed back to help Janet with the cleaning and putting away what was left over from the party. JR, Josh, and Eric took care of taking all of Tyler's presents up to his office. Before they did that, JR asked Janet if she would mind making a couple of plates for him to take to Danny and Davy. Janet said she had no problem with doing that. There was a lot of food leftover anyway.

One by one everyone started leaving. Josh and Eric went home for the day while JR and his security team dropped Justin off at his office before taking the plates to Danny and Davy at the mall so JR can talk with Danny about what's going on with him.

Danny was trying to keep his mind on his job and not worry about his problem but that wasn't working too well. No matter what he did, Danny just couldn't stop thinking about where he and Davy were going to live if he couldn't get an apartment. Danny knows he can't live in a motel forever and he has no close friends that would take them in because of who his father is. If he didn't have JR Danny would leave town with Davy and never look back. Now that he has JR, Danny knows that would be impossible to do because he could never leave JR.

Just as Danny was finishing up with his customer, his father walked in the store demanding Danny quit his job. Danny pointed to the side for his father to follow him so they would be out of earshot of everyone. Mr. Carson stood where he was before reluctantly moving to where Danny was standing. Once he was sure no one could hear them Danny took a moment to gather his thought before speaking. He wanted to make it clear to his father on what he was going to do.

"There's no way I'm quitting my job. I need it to take care of Davy since we have parents that don't give a damn about us. Taking care of a child requires money, and to get money I need a job. You had cost me every job I had but not this time. This time your position has no power here."

"I wouldn't be too sure about that if I were you." Mr. Carson smirked smugly. "My name carries a lot of weight in this county. All I have to do is talk to your supervisor and he or she would be happy to let you go because no one wants the trouble I can cause in their professional life as well as their personal life. Now get your things and your brother and get home, do you understand me?" Danny just stood there not moving an inch. "I said do you understand me?"

"I understand you; I'm just not listening to you." Danny smiled triumphantly. "As far as you having the manager firing me goes, well let's just say that won't work this time. The manager knows all about who you are and isn't afraid of you. In fact he wouldn't listen to what you have to say. I know that for sure because you're looking at the manager.

Don't even think about trying to convince the owner to fire me either because he's out of town. Plus he's already told your wife yesterday that if she doesn't get charge by you pulling strings for her then he'll be filing a law suit against you both, so if I were you, I would be spending my time finding a good lawyer. Further more, you don't want to mess with Mr. Michaels. He's a close friend of Tyler Jackson."

It was there for the briefest of moments but Danny saw the fear in his father's eyes and that made him smile even bigger. He stood there to see what Mr. Carson was going to do next, but Mr. Carson didn't know what he was going to do himself. One thing he did know; he couldn't take a swing at his son in public with witnesses around. That would work against him, not for him. Just as he was about to say something, JR came in the door calling Danny's name.

Seeing Mr. Carson standing there with Danny made JR stopped in his tracks. Danny on the other hand turned white as a ghost. The one thing Danny was trying to prevent from happening was colliding right in front of him and he couldn't stop it. When Mr. Carson turned towards him, JR could see discuss written all over his face.

"What the hell is that faggot nigger doing here calling your name?" Mr. Carson started to draw a crowd around them as he raised his voice. "You better not be turning queer on me boy! I won't have a faggot for a son. I won't allow you to turn into a pussy. Now get him the hell out of here or I will!"

Mr. Carson little outburst was drawing in more of a crowd. Even Davy came out of Danny's office to see what all of the commotion was. Mustering up his courage, Danny ignored his father and asked JR what he wanted which made MR. Carson even angrier. JR walked up to Danny with his security flanking him and handed Danny the two plates of food not showing any fear at all.

"I brought you and Davy some lunch." JR didn't worry about Mr. Carson hearing what he had to say. "I had my uncle secretary make you guys up a plate from the party. There's also a plate of cake for both of you to have for dessert."

Danny smiled at JR not caring that his father is watching the whole interaction. Mr. Carson face was getting redder by the minute watching this display of friendship between interracial. It made him sick to his stomach seeing his son being lovy dovy with a guy, and a black guy none the less. Mr. Carson felt like he wanted to take those two plates of food and smash them into JR and his son's faces but he saw JR's security team watching him like a hawk from the corner of his eyes so he didn't make a move. Mr. Carson didn't know who these guys were but he knew they had to be security detail.

"Thanks JR, I appreciate you doing this. Davy and I was about to go to lunch in a few minutes." Danny turned and waved Davy over to take the plates. "Go ahead and start eating if you like. I'll be in there as soon as I take care of this situation."

Davy nodded and took the plates from Danny before walking back into his office. Danny waited until Davy was in the office and the door was closed before turning to his father. But before he could say anything, JR spoke first. He didn't like Mr. Carson calling him a faggot nor a nigger and he wasn't going to bite his tongue on that insult.

"Let's get one thing straight Chief Carson. First, I'm not a nigger, I'm a Negro. So don't you ever call me a nigger again! Second, I'm not a faggot either. I'm gay and proud of being gay. And finally, this is a public place so you have no authority to remove me from the primacis. I don't give a damn if you are the chief of police, I have the right to be here at any time and there's nothing you can do about that."

If JR was scared he surely wasn't showing it. Danny stood beside JR and let him have his say with his father. Mr. Carson couldn't believe how JR was speaking to him. As JR was talking, many things were going through his mind on how to teach this kid a lesson on respect of an authority figure. By the time JR finished talking he haven't settled on one yet but he was sure he would soon.

"You listen to me you snot nose punk, and listen good!" Mr. Carson bellowed. "You better show me the respect I deserve. I can make your life a living hell if you piss me off. I'm sure you don't want that to happen. I don't give a shit who you are; my son will not become a fag and date some pansy like you. I forbid it!"

"Respect is something you earn, not given." JR snapped in a low angry voice. "You haven't shown me any respect so I won't show you any. As far as Danny and I getting together; that's for Danny and I to decide not you. No one, not even you, has the right to make that decision for him."

"Besides, how I live my life is no concern of yours." Danny jumped in. "You haven't had any concern for me and Davy in over four years. Now it's too late to come back and try to take the parenting role in our lives, especially when it's only to suit your own needs. I won't let you steal Davy's childhood away like you stole mine."

The angry look on Danny's face didn't go unnoticed by JR or anyone witnessing the confrontation. JR now believes whatever was bothering Danny last night definitely has something to do with his father. As he took a closer look at Danny's face, JR could see the left side of Danny's lips a little swollen. Now JR is wondering if Chief Carson had ever abused Danny. If so, he thought to himself that he needs to get Danny and Davy out of that house. When he looked at Chief Carson his suspicious was confirmed. Chief Carson lip was swollen even more then Danny was, and he was sporting a black eye.

"I believe we have nothing else to discuss so you can leave now!" Danny roughly said looking his father directly in the eyes. "I'm keeping my job, someone needs to take care of Davy and see that he has a safe and happy life. Since you and your wife have no time for that, then it's up to me to do it. If you try to cause any trouble here for me, I wouldn't hesitate to call security and have you thrown out of this mall. Remember, the security here is not on your payroll and would jump at the chance to throw you out."

"You ungrateful spoil little bastard!" Danny sighed and told his father that line was getting old. "You better start showing me some respect, understand?" Once again Danny sighed and told his father to sing a new tune. That one really set JR off. They went back and forth that way for a couple of minutes until Danny's father realized he was just making a fool of himself. Through the entire exchange JR couldn't stop laughing which made Chief Carson furious from the embarrassment. "What the hell are you laughing at?"

JR couldn't answer because he couldn't stop laughing! Every time he stopped, he would look at Chief Carson to answer and start laughing all over again. Chief Carson looked around the store and saw several others joining in on the laughter which made him feeling even more embarrassed then he did before. His face was red as an apple from the anger and embarrassment of being made a fool of. He looked back at Danny and JR with a sadistic smile on his face.

"If that's the way you want it then so be it." Chief Carson barked out. "If its war you're asking for, then its war you'll get. And believe me, I will win the war because you two can't hold a candle to me when it comes to war."

Chief Carson walked out the store already preparing for battle in his mind. He will show these two boys what war is. These two are playing in the big league now and the chief of police was determined to show them that they don't stand a chance against him. When it's all said and done he'll be the last man standing victoriously.

To Be continued...

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