{Malibu Hearts is partly fictional. As I am writing this story, I am above the age of 21. If you want a story with lots of sex, look elsewhere.

This is a love story. Seeing, as it is a love story, sex is in there, but it is in realistic balance in the characters' lives.


Any similarity to any real events, names, or life events is purely accidental. If you are underage, (according to your state laws, a minor), if this literature is offensive to you or to anyone around your viewing area, or it is illegal for you to view such content where you are reading it, stop reading the story.


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Written by Romeo


Edited by Trish


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Chapter 7

Everyone looked at Justin waiting for him to explain what was going on.  But before he could say anything, Russell asked Justin if he could have a word with him.  Justin nodded in acquiesced and excused the two of them from the others, going into the kitchen for privacy so they wouldn’t be overheard and returning five minutes later.  Rather than beating around the bush, Justin decided to come straight out with it before the boy’s curiosity got the better of them.  He could see them trying to figure it all out and didn’t want them to strain their brains trying to come up with an answer.

“Well, it’s like this; I purchase this condo this afternoon for Danny and Davy to have a place to live.” Danny was about to politely decline the offer, but Justin held up his hand. “Let me finish Danny before you say anything please?” Danny nodded with some preservation. “This place is right for you and Davy to live.  It’s tightly secured so you’ll have your privacy, the location is great for both school and work, it’s convenient for shopping, and the rent is perfectly reasonable.  You won’t find a better deal than this anywhere in the city.”

“I appreciate what you’re trying to do Mr. Cramer, but I can’t afford a place like this.” Danny politely turned down the offer. “Even if I make enough to support Davy and myself, which I do, this place is out of my price range.  The rent alone is most likely more then I make in a month which wouldn’t leave anything for food, clothes, furniture, or other essentials.  I don’t want to put myself in debt before I even get on my feet.”

Since Danny wasn’t comprehending what was being said, JR thought he should help his father explain it to him. “Yes Danny, you can afford it.” Danny looked at JR like he lost his mind. “Didn’t you hear the first thing my dad said?  He owns the place.  That means he can work out a rental agreement that you can afford.  We can even have you and Davy moved in by tomorrow or within the next couple of days if you agree.”

Finally Danny began to understand and addressed Justin again. “Can I speak with you and JR in private for a moment Mr. Cramer?  Davy doesn’t need to hear any of this.  I don’t want him worrying about anything; I’ll do the worrying for the both of us.”

Justin agreed and once again excused himself from the others.  He and JR then followed Danny to one of the downstairs bedrooms out of hearing range from everyone else.  Before closing the door, Danny made sure Davy wasn’t following them.  He then turned to Justin to negotiate the terms of the agreement.  Justin worked out a reasonable rate for the rent with Danny but told him the utilities would be his responsibility.  Danny had no problem agreeing with any of the terms and the two shook on it.  Then the look on Justin’s face became even more serious as he cautiously approached another subject with the boys.

“Now that we had taken care of that, there’s something else we need to discuss.” Danny didn’t like the sound of that and nodded nervously. “You and Davy need another place to stay until we have you moved in here and set up with your own security Danny.  It’s not safe for you to stay at the motel anymore.” Both Danny and JR looked at Justin confused. “Yes Danny, I’m hiring some security for you and Davy because you’re going to need them.  I’m not taking any chances with any of you boy’s safety.”

Justin went on to tell the boys his reason for hiring the security detail.  Danny tried to hide his concern of being followed, but JR saw right through it because Danny’s body language was telling him what he was trying to hide.  Danny never suspected anyone was watching them, and now that he knows, it kind of worried him.  JR saw the concern look in Danny’s eyes and pulled him into an embrace for comfort and support.  JR didn’t know what to say, so he just held Danny in his arms to let Danny know that he’ll be there for him no matter what happens.

Justin could also see the concern in Danny and offered his own words of support. “Don’t worry Danny.  Once we have your security in place, no one will be able to get close to you or Davy.  In the meantime, I don’t want you or Davy going anywhere alone.  We don’t know who this person is or why he’s watching you, and that puts the both of you in danger.”


Danny just numbly nodded his cooperation before taking a deep breath to settle his nerves. “What should we do until then?  I have some important business to take care of, plus there’s my job.  I can’t put those off just because there’s some nut watching me.”

“The first thing we’re going to do is check you out of the motel and move you to a safer place.  Most likely this guy had followed you there and knows what room you’re staying in.” Both boys agreed with no hesitation. “I’m also going to have two of JR’s security team stay with you and Davy until your own had arrived.  When I get to the office tomorrow I’ll make some calls and set it all up.  They should be here by midday Tuesday.”

“Sounds good dad, but how are they suppose to get their things from the motel?  I’m sure that guy had followed us here and is watching the entrance for Danny’s car.” Justin told them of his plan and assured them it will work.  The boys couldn’t help but to laugh at it. “I’m sure it will, it so simple how could it not?  I’ll doubt if he’ll even suspect there’s something a myth.”

Danny also agreed it was a good plan.  Then JR thought of a change to the plan and suggested it to his father.  Justin thought about it for a minute and agreed with him.  They then returned to the others where Davy was waiting impatiently.  Danny pushed his concerns down and appeared with a smile of reassurance so as not to worry Davy.  Davy wasted no time in asking his brother if they were going to except Justin’s offer and take the condo. “We are, but not right away.  There’s some things that needs to be taken care of first.”

Before Davy could ask why, Danny gave him the answer. “Davy, take a look around.” He gestured with his hand. “This place is not ready for occupancy.  First we need furniture, dishes, appliances, and other essentials.  I also need to make arrangement to get the rest of our things from the house before we can really settle in.”

Davy said he understood and Justin announced they needed to go; they had other things to do.  After making sure the alarm was set and the door locked, they headed down to the garage with Justin explaining his plan along the way.  By the time they got there, everyone had been informed of the plan and they got into their assigned vehicles.  As they were driving out of the complex onto the main street, they made sure the watcher saw them leaving but not see who was in which vehicle.

The watcher followed his objectives to the Cramer house and parked across the street to continue observing.  JR and his security parked in the garage and made sure the door was close so the watcher wouldn’t be able to see anyone getting out of the vehicles.  Since the watcher couldn’t see who was in which vehicle, he never realized he followed the wrong vehicle and his objectives were actually several miles away taking care of their part of the plan.

Meanwhile at the motel, Danny and Davy were packing their things as Justin was double checking to make sure nothing was left behind.  Once they had everything packed in the car, Justin and Davy waited there while Danny went to the rental office to check out.  When the desk clerk handed Danny his bill, he stared at it in disbelief thinking there had to be a mistake. “Are you sure this bill is correct?”

“Yes, it’s correct.  We were running a special at the time you rented a room.” The clerk assured him. “Will you be paying by cash or credit?” The bill was actually much lower than Danny expected which took some of the worries off his mind.  He thought he be paying at least two hundred dollars more.

Danny took out his debit card and handed it over.  The clerk charged the card and handed Danny the receipt to sign.  After signing, Danny returned the receipt back to the clerk.  The clerk then gave him back his debit card along with his copy of the receipt. “I hope everything works out for you.  You take care of yourself and your little brother, you hear?”

“Thank you, and believe I’ll do just that.” Danny smiled then turned and walked out to join Justin and Davy in the car.  The desk clerk watched him leave, wondering why he and his little brother needed to stay in a motel and hoping everything will work out for them.

When JR and his security entered the house, everyone went their separate ways to complete their task and waited for Justin’s call.  Sometime later while JR was playing a video game with Simon in the game room, his cell phone rang and it was Justin calling.  He put the game on pause to answer it. “Hey dad, what’s the four one one?”

Simon guessed correctly that Justin was telling JR of their meeting place so he went upstairs to inform the others that it was time to go.  On his way back downstairs, he stopped in JR’s room to grab his bag for him.  They all met up with JR in the kitchen where he was packing a bag of snacks to take with them.  They all knew they were still being watch so everyone went out the way they came in.  As they were coming out of the driveway, Russell noticed the watcher still sitting in his car across the street from the house and smiled to himself.

The watcher watched as the truck disappeared from sight.  He waited ten minutes to be sure the coast was clear before getting out of his car.  He quickly crossed the street and climbed the wall onto the property.  Not knowing if there were any security cameras or not, he made sure to stay covered by the darkness until he reached the house.  He then walked around the house looking for an open window to gain access.  Not finding one, he went around to the back door hoping it will be easy to get in that way.

As the intruder was trying to get into the Cramer house, Justin, Danny, and Davy were settling the boys in at a different hotel.  Just as they were finishing up, the phone rang so Danny answered it since he was the closest to it.  It turned out to be the concierge at the front desk informing them that JR was asking for access and Danny relayed the message to Justin. “Tell them to send him up and he has full access until further notice.”

Danny passed on the message and thanked the concierge for calling.  Not long after hanging up, there was a knock on the door. “I’ll get it.  You two stay away from the door, I don’t want anyone to see you.” Justin explained before answering it to let the others in.  There’s only one other suite of whom he’s familiar with so he wasn’t taking any chances that the boys might be recognize so soon.

JR and his security walked in carrying several bags, some of which contained food.  They had stopped to buy dinner for everyone figuring the others would be as hungry as they were.  When JR walked passed Danny, he nodded towards Simon. “Can you grab those bags please?”

Danny nodded in acquiesced and grabbed the bags from Simon before following JR to the kitchen.  He put the bags on the table then pulled JR into a hug and kissed him.  JR wrapped his arms around Danny’s neck to deepen the kiss which lasted for several minutes.  As they kiss, Danny slid his hands down and squeezed JR’s rock hard bubble ass.  That elicited a moan from JR and he pressed into Danny even more.  Just as they were parting, the others walked in and they all sat down ready to eat.

When dinner was over, Justin said he had to go claiming he had to be at the office early.  JR could tell that was just a cover and once again wondered about that twinkle he saw in his father’s eyes.  Justin reminded the boys not to go anywhere by themselves and stay alert before saying his goodbyes.  As soon as he was in the car, he took out his cell phone and called his friend to invite him over for the night. “I’d love to come over.” The smile he heard in his friend’s voice made Justin smile as well. “Do you need me to bring anything?”

“Just a change of clothes is all you need to bring.  I’ll stop at Baskin Robin to pick up some double fudge brownie and some cookie & cream ice cream.  We can watch movies and pig out on junk food.” His friend asked for some rocky road as well. “No problem, I’ll get some of that too.”

“Great, see you in about an hour.” Justin didn’t want to wait that long and asked why an hour. “There are some things that I need to finish up here before I can head over.  It’ll take me about another fifteen minutes to complete.  Plus I need to stop at the ATM, so I wouldn’t be able to get there until then.”

Justin understood and said he’ll see him then.  They disconnected just as he pulled into the Baskin Robin parking lot for the ice cream.  He also had a craving for an ice cream cake so he brought a small one.  When he got home, he put the ice cream and cake away and went upstairs to shower and change into some comfortable clothes.

When he got back downstairs, the buzzer chimed letting him know someone was at the gates.  It was his friend so Justin allowed him access and went to the front door to let him in.  Just as he reached it, the doorbell rang.  He opened the door and his friend eyes nearly popped out of his head at what he was seeing.  Justin was standing there smiling in nothing but a pair of sleep shorts and ankle sox.  His full muscular upper body was on display for anyone to see.

“Hey there, come on in.” He stood aside for his friend Timothy to enter but Timothy didn’t move.  He was to transfix on the fine piece of specimen in front of him. “Come on in, I don’t bite.” Justin took him by the hand and gently pulled him inside closing the door behind them.  He turned around to find his friend still staring at him immobilized. “Are you okay?  I can put a shirt on if you like.”

Timothy shook his head snapping himself out of his fantasy. “No, I’m fine.  In fact, I think I’ll change into something more comfortable myself.  I really need to get out of these clothes.  I don’t like wearing much around the house myself unless I’m expecting company.”

“Come with me then.” Justin took his companion’s hand again and led him upstairs to the master bedroom. “You can change in here if you want.  It’s just the two of us so don’t worry about anyone seeing us.” He then walked over to the closet and opened the door. “You can put your bag in here on the dresser.”

Timothy walked into the closet and laid his bag on the dresser before starting to get undress.  Justin stood at the door and watched him.  He wanted to see what his friend looks like without his clothes on.  When his buddy was completely naked, he looked at Justin and smiled. “See something you like?”

“Oh yes, very much!” Justin smiled looking at his buddy’s hot ass.

Timothy laughed and wiggled his ass at Justin before pulling on some ankle socks and a pair of sleep shorts himself.  When he bent over to pull up the sleep shorts, Justin smacked him on the bare ass. “Hey now, don’t abuse the merchandise!” He teased.  Justin just smirked and winked.  Now both guys were dress the same with their hunky bodies on display for the other to admire.

They left the bedroom and went back downstairs to get some snacks and watch some movies.  Once they were sitting on the couch, Justin picked up the remote and strolled through the menu but let Timothy select the movie.  They were sitting so close they could feel the heat radiating from the other’s body.  Neither minded though; they were enjoying the contact too much and didn’t want to move so they just stayed where they were.

Half way through the movie they finished the snacks.  Justin laid down and pulled Timothy between his legs lying on top of him with Timothy’s back to Justin’s front.  They stayed in that position until the movie was over at which they got up to use the bathroom before resuming the same position.  This time it was Justin who selected the movie then wrapped his arms and legs around Timothy like a protective embrace.  Neither guy felt like doing more than cuddling because they didn’t want to rush things.  This night was about enjoying each other company, not sex.  They felt so relax with each other that they fell asleep before the movie was over.

Justin was the first to awaken an hour later to a blank screen.  He gently nudged Timothy to try and wake him as well. ”Tim baby, wake up.” Timothy eyes slowly opened but he made no move to get up. “The movie’s over.  Let’s go to bed now.”

Timothy covered his mouth and yarned. “Okay, lead the way.” He got up off the couch while Justin turned off the television and followed.  After cleaning up, they headed upstairs, making sure all the lights were turned off.  When they reached the master bedroom, Justin went into the closet.  Timothy wondered why, but understood when Justin came back out wearing a black cap covering his braids.  Justin walked around the bed and with no hesitation, removed his shorts and socks before climbing in.  Timothy shrugged his shoulders and removed his own clothing then climbed in bed as well.  He spooned against Justin who pulled him closer as they both drifted back into blissful sleep happy and contempt.

JR woke on Monday morning wrapped in his boyfriend’s arms with Danny still asleep behind him.  He didn’t want to wake Danny yet so he remained still until the alarm went off and he had to turn it off.  That movement woke Danny who pulled JR back against him. “Oh god, please tell me it’s not time to get up.  I don’t want to move yet.”

JR giggled sleepily. “Yeah, it’s time to get up, but we can lay here for a minute until we’re fully awake.  You have some things to take care of today and you don’t have the luxury of postponing them.   You’ll be in a world of trouble if you do.”

Danny grunted but said nothing because he knew JR was right.  Sooner or later his father will try to force him and Davy back home if he doesn’t do something to stop him first.  He can’t let his brother live in a house with parents who neglects them and a father that can become abusive at anytime.  He has to protect his brother from that kind of life.  Even though he wanted to stay in bed with JR a little longer, he knew he couldn’t, so he enjoyed this short time they had together.

A minute later he reluctantly let JR pull his grumpy ass out of bed. “Come on, let’s get in the shower.  I’ll wash your back for you.  Then I’ll let you wash mine.”

JR gave Danny a teasing but serious smile and winked.  Danny got a gleam in his eyes as he followed JR’s naked butt to the bathroom admiring the view.  Before showering, they emptied their bladders and brushed their teeth.  They didn’t play around in the shower but they did wash each other backs as promised.  Once they were dress, they went out to the kitchen where they found the guys making breakfast and Davy watching television in the living room.  Since breakfast was nearly done, Danny and JR pitched in to set the table.

When breakfast was over and the dishes put in the dishwasher, they left to drop Danny and two of JR’s security guys off at the mall.  Davy would spend the morning with JR furniture shopping.  JR and Danny wanted JR to use that time to get to know Davy better.  Danny wants Davy to be close to JR because they’re both the most important person in his life.  JR wants the same close brotherly relationship Davy has with Danny because he always wanted a little brother of his own.

That same morning when Justin arrived at work, the first thing he did was call his attorney to draw up a leasing agreement.  He wants Danny and Davy moved in the condo as soon as possible where they will be safe and secured when at home.  Justin doesn’t trust the Chief of police, and wants to make it difficult, if not impossible, for Chief Carson to get to them.  Especially now that they’re being followed which puts them in danger at any time.

Next he called the CSI (Chang Security Institute) to speak with Mr. Chang about security for the boys.  Mr. Chang wasn’t available but his son Marcio was.  Justin had no problem with speaking with the son; he’d worked with him two or three times before.  When the son came on the line, Justin gave him a brief description of what was going on. “Now I need security detail for these two boys.  Can you send me eight new guards right away?”

“I can, but they probably wouldn’t be able to get there until late Tuesday afternoon your time.  It’ll take me a couple of hours to select the men and make arrangements for their flight.” As he was talking, Marcio was looking over the list of guards. “Let me see what I can do.  I’ll get back to you once everything had been arranged.  By then I should have a better picture of the guys for the team.”

“That’ll be fine.” Justin told him. “In the meantime I’ll just have JR’s security with them at all times when they’re out and about.  I just need to get their security in place right away.  I don’t like them being in the open while someone is following them.  If this person was hired by who I think it is, then the boys are not safe on their own.”

“I totally agree and I think I know eight guys who would be perfect for the job.” Marcio concurred. “Let me give you a call once everything had been taken care of on this end, so that you can make arrangements on your end.  It should only take me a couple of hours to have everything ready.”

Once again Justin told him that would be fine before ending the call.  Now that was out of the way he could concentrate on his work.  He needed to research a few things and review some contracts that were up for renewal before he needed to get to the photo shoot.  An hour later his work was finished and he left for the shoot.

Midway through the shoot his cell phone rang and it was Marcio.  Stepping away for more privacy, he answered the call. “It’s all set.  The guys should be leaving shortly.” He then gave Justin all the information including the flight arrangements.

“Okay, I’ll meet them at the airport and take it from there.  Thanks for putting a rush on this.  I’ll feel better when the boys are guarded, and I’m sure JR will be too.  No telling who hired this guy or what they’re up to, but I’m going to find out ASAP and make damn sure they won’t be able to carry out their plan.”

They talked a few minutes longer before hanging up.  Justin then called JR to have the message passed onto Danny.  Now with that being taken care of, Justin walked over to speak to Mark. “Hey Justin, what can I do for you?”

“Hey Mark, I need a favor from you bro.” Justin then explained the situation that is going on with the boys. “Can you run a check on the plates?  I want to find out what I can on this guy, and make sure he can never get close to the boys to carry out his plans, whatever they are.”

“Sure, give me about an hour to get back to you.  I should have everything for you then, or at least something that will point you in the right direction.” Mark looked at the number on the paper Justin handed to him. “Are you sure this is the right number of the plates.” Justin assured him he was positive it was. “Okay, I’ll check it out for you.”

Justin told Mark there was something else he wanted to ask him and proceeded to explain what that was. “I can, but I need to check my schedule to see when I can do it.  Let me get back to you on this as well.”

“Okay, let me know when you have something.” Justin checked his watch for the time.  Noticing it was close to lunch time he informed Tyler.  After a short discussion between the two of them they invited the boys and their mothers to lunch at Karmyn’s Place.  The boys and their mothers graciously accepted the invitation.  After all, who wouldn’t want to be seen at Karmyn’s Place with the owners of the two largest modeling agencies, one of them who happen to be a famous model himself, in the whole state of California?

When they walked in the restaurant and were being escorted to their table, Jeff saw Christian and Travis sitting at one of the tables and ran over.  Justin told Tyler that Christian was there and led him over.  After the pleasantries Christian invited them to join him and Travis for lunch and everyone excepted.  With the help of the staff, they started putting several table together so they could all eat as a group.

As Justin and Tyler were just starting a conversation about JR, JR and Davy were walking in the shop to pick up Danny for lunch and his appointment.  Danny quickly finished up with his customer and closed his register upon seeing them before going to clock out for lunch.  On his way back out, he informed Angie he was leaving and would be back in a couple of hours.   “Okay Danny, see you when you get back.”

As it was their usual protocol, the security guards surrounded the three boys before leaving the shop.  They kept closed to the wall on their way out so they wouldn’t be seen by anyone that may be watching in the food court while observing everyone and everything around them as they made their way to the SUV.  As they drove out of the mall’s parking lot to their destination, both Russell and Simon took note of whether or not they were being followed.

On their way, they stopped at a McDonald’s drive through for some lunch.  By the time they got to their destination they had finished eating.  They gathered the trash and headed in, dumping it all in the trash bin as they went.  Since JR knew where they were going, everyone else followed his lead.  Soon they were at the office where they needed to be and walked up to the secretary’s desk. “May I help you gentlemen?”

“Yes ma’am, my name is Daniel Carson and I have an appointment.”  The secretary checked the schedule for Danny’s name and buzzed the attorney’s office.  A second later she hung up and told the guys to have a seat and the attorney will be right out. “Thank you.”

They were only sitting for a minute when the lawyer came out and introduced himself. “Mr. Carson, nice to meet you, I’m Robert Scanner.” Danny stood up and shook the offered hand and returned the greeting. “Please follow me to my office so we can discuss your situation.” Danny turned to JR to come with him for support which didn’t go unnoticed by the attorney. “You can come with us if you want to JR.”

JR looked at Danny who nodded pleadingly.  The two boys then followed Scanner to his office where he asked them to have a seat as he closed the door behind them.    After sitting down at his desk, he pulled out Danny’s file. “Now Mr. Carson...” Danny interrupted to ask him to call him Danny. “Okay Danny then, tell me your story.”

For the next twenty minutes Scanner listen as Danny told his story.  Only interrupting from time to time to ask a question here and there when he needed something that Danny had said clarified.  Once Danny had finished, Scanner contemplated on his options before suggesting to Danny on his best action to take.  He filled Danny in on what to do, how to do it, and how long it will take to get it done.  Both Danny and JR listened carefully so as not to miss anything important.

“Will that take care of all the legal ramification?” Scanner affirmed it would. “Then I will have legal custody of my brother, and no one can take him from me?” Once again Scanner affirmed it would.  Danny then turned to JR for his opinion.  After getting a nod from him, he turned back to scanner. “Then let’s get started.  I want this done as soon as possible.”

“Okay, I’ll get the paper work for you to fill out, and then I’ll take it from there.” Scanner explained. “I’ll give you a call once I have heard something, then we can take the next step.  In the meantime, I agree with Justin.  I don’t think you or Davy should be out in public unguarded.  There’s no telling what this guy intentions are.”

“Dad called Mr. Chang this morning to hire some security for them both.” JR spoke for the first time upon entering the office. “They should be on their way as we speak.  He’s going to meet them at the airport and give them a brief rundown on the situation.  Then he’ll call me on when to bring Danny and Davy to his office.”

“Good!” Scanner nodded in agreement. “The sooner they’re protected, the safer they’ll be.  In the meantime, stay on alert and watch your backs.  Most likely this guy is waiting until you’re at your most vulnerable before he makes his move.  I can’t express that hardly enough.”

Danny assured Scanner they will with such conviction that Scanner knew he will heave his warning.  Danny could never forgive himself if something would ever happen to Davy.  Pulling out the forms, Scanner handed them to Danny to fill out so he could get the process started.  Danny read each form carefully before filling them out and handing them back to Scanner.  Scanner took the forms and filed them away in Danny’s folder.  He once again assured Danny everything will be okay as he stood and held out his hand.  The boys stood and shook hands with him thanking him for his time and services.

“I hope you’re right because there’s no telling how far my father will go if he’s the one having us followed, but I wouldn’t put anything pass him.  Since I can’t think of anyone else who may have a grudge against me or Davy, then chances are it’s him.”

Scanner motioned them towards the door and escorted them out. “That’s why we need to file these forms ASAP so we’ll have the law on our side.  Even if it’s not your father behind it, we still want the law on our side to cover our asses from any future actions.” Just then they reached the front area. “Well here we are, I’ll be in touch once I have something to report on.”

Danny once again thanked Scanner for his services and they left his office.  On the way back to the mall they stopped by a U-Haul office for Danny to rent a truck.  During the ride, JR and Davy told Danny about the furniture they liked while shopping and suggested Danny takes a look at it because the sale will be over soon. “We can go when I get off of work, if that’s okay with everyone?”

Everyone said they were okay with it so they made plans to do that.  When they got back to the mall, the shop was pack with customers.  It looked like it was going to be a busy afternoon.  Danny quickly went back to work while JR and Davy went to the movie and arcade to pass the time until he got off.  Neither boy wanted to be standing in a clothing shop all afternoon waiting when they could be having fun while bonding with each other.

Later in the day they returned to the store just as Danny was finishing up with a customer.  As he was exchanging his drawer, Danny asked Angie if she could open the shop for him tomorrow morning because he had some things to do. “I should be in by twelve or one, but no later than that.  I’ll take the afternoon and evening shift if you take the day shift.”

“No I don’t mind at all Danny.” The smile on Angie’s face left no doubt to Danny she was happy to do it. “I rather have tomorrow night off because there’s a movie on HBO that I want to see.  Take care of whatever it is you need to take care of and I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Thank you Angie.  I’ll see you tomorrow.” Danny smiled then turned and walked out the door with the others, stopping at the food course for some dinner.  Russell didn’t want the boys to be seen by anyone who may be watching, so everyone agreed with him to grab something to go.  They can eat along the way without worrying.  He could see the concern in Danny’s face just knowing he and his little brother is being followed and wants to make them both feel safe and secured.

The rest of the workday passed slowly for Justin.  On his way home from the office he thought about making some plans for the evening.  Since JR had called him earlier about their plans, Justin called Timothy to invite him out to dinner. “I have a better idea.  Instead of going out, why don’t you come over here and I’ll make us dinner.  Then we can just kick back and watch a movie or something.”

“That sounds wonderful but don’t you have to work?  It wouldn’t be right for me to keep you away from business.  After all, you need to make that money to support yourself.  I can wait until you have a night off.”

“I’m taking tonight off.  I usually don’t go in on Mondays anyway.  I use those days to go over the books and ordering any supplies if needed.  The manager has my contact number if there’s any problems, which I doubt there will be, so we can just relax and enjoy the evening.”

“Okay then.  Give me about an hour to go home to shower and change then I’ll be right over.  I’ll pick up some wine on my way.  Is there anything you need or want me to bring?” Timothy told him no, he had everything he needed. “Okay then.  See you when I get there.”

They ended the call and Justin drove home to change.  As he drove into the driveway, he noticed the same car that’s been following the boys around still sitting across the street watching the house.  He paid it no attention and continued up to the house knowing the boys were safe somewhere else.  He quickly showered and changed, putting on a pair of shorts and a short sleeve shirt since it was still hot outside then packing an overnight bag.  Before leaving the house he stopped to check his messages in case there was an important one that needed to be returned. Finding the machine empty he grabbed his keys and headed out.

When JR, Danny, and the others walked into the furniture store it was semi crowded.  It seems that everyone wanted to catch the sale before it was over.  One of the employees saw them coming in and kept a close eye on them.  This store was set up like a house with different sections representing different parts of the house.  Remembering where the living room section was, JR took Danny there and showed him the set that he and Davy likes. “It’s a nice set but I have to wait and see how much everything will cost before making a decision.  I’m on a budget and I don’t want to go over.”

JR and Davy understood so they continued browsing.  Going from room to room selecting what the Carson brothers needed to furnish their condo while Simon calculated the prices.  Once they made their selection and the total had been calculated, Danny called over the salesman who kept following them around the store.  Danny thought if the salesman was going to follow them around, then he should put him to work and negotiate a better price for the furniture.

“Answer this for me, and please be completely honest.” The salesman nodded he would be. “If I buy all my furniture here, which will be an apartment full, can you give me an even better deal than what’s on the price tag?”

“I’m sure we can, but let me check with my manager.  Some of the items you’re looking at probably can’t be lowered because it’s already on sale.  But if it can be, then only my manager can make that decision.  I do want your business but I don’t want it dishonestly, and I don’t want to tell you anything that may jeopardize the sale or the store’s reputation.”

Danny agreed and the salesman went to check with his manager.  In the meantime the boys continued looking around the store making sure they didn’t forget anything they needed.  A short time later the salesman came running up to them.  When he reached them, he leaned over putting his hands on his knees to catch his breath.  Danny just waited to hear what he had to say.  Once the salesman could breathe normally again, he straightened up.

“Okay, here’s the deal.  I can give you an extra one to two hundred dollars off of some of the items you were looking at.  For example, I can give you an extra hundred and fifty dollars off the living room set you wanted.  I can also give you an extra two hundred dollars off the bedroom set the young man wanted as well.”

The salesman continued explaining to Danny about what other items he could lower the price on.    As he was telling him, Danny was doing a fast calculation in his head while Simon was doing it by calculator.  He then showed the calculation to Danny and Danny compared it with his.  It was then Danny knew he could get it all.  He could buy everything he needed and still come under budget to save for a rainy day.

“You have yourself a deal.” Danny held out his hand and the two shook on it. “Do you think you can have everything delivered by tomorrow?  I’m sorry to put a rush on it, but I need to have this stuff right away, and the sooner the better.”

“I checked the schedule while I was back there and we have no delivery schedule for tomorrow.  We can use the whole morning or afternoon to set everything up.  It will take at least that long to have it all set up for you anyway.”

Since he was going to be working tomorrow, Danny spoke with JR on his availability to schedule the delivery. “Since you’re getting your things from your house tomorrow morning, early afternoon will be best.  That way everything will be set up for you to move in by the time you get off.”

Danny agreed and took care of the purchasing and scheduling before leaving the store and heading to the mall for JR to do some birthday shopping.  With Danny’s help, it didn’t take long for JR to make his purchase; so basically they were in and out in no time at all.  They stopped at Subway for some sandwiches along with some chips and drinks for a late night snack to watch with some movies on the way to the hotel

As the boys was heading back to the hotel, Justin and Timothy were relaxing on the sofa watching a movie to digest their dinner.  Timothy kept his word and made Justin a delicious Italian meal of spaghetti and meatballs along with garlic bread, company by a bottle of a nice white wine.  For dessert there was Tiramisu.  Obviously the dinner wasn’t disappointing to Justin.  In fact both guys ate so much they had to wait a bit before having dessert because they didn’t have any room to put it.  Now they were just enjoying the rest of the evening relaxing in each other’s arms.

When the movie had ended they retired to the bedroom for the night.  After undressing and climbing into bed, they snuggled up to one another.  Timothy laid his head on Justin’s chest and his arm across Justin’s stomach.  Justin wrapped his arm around Timothy and pulled him in closer.  He wanted as much bodily contact as he could get.  They talked for a while before drifting off to sleep dreaming of the one they were holding in their arms.  Sometime during the night they shifted position and Justin ended up spooning Timothy with his cock firmly wedged between Timothy’s legs and Timothy’s cock in his hand.

The next morning as Timothy started to awake he felt a hand firmly wrapped around his cock and a cock snuggled firmly in the crack of his ass.    He slowly started rocking back and forth stimulating both organs causing them to start to leak precum from the slit.  That stimulation awakened Justin who squeezed Timothy’s cock more firmly. “Let’s not start something we don’t have time to finish.  We need to get dress so I can get to the office.  I have a full schedule to get through this morning.”

Timothy groaned disappointedly. “Okay, then I’ll take care of this big boy in the shower.” He squeezed Justin’s cock with his ass eliciting a moan from Justin. “I’ll make you some breakfast before you go so you don’t have to pick something up on your way.”

Timothy squeezed Justin’s cock one more time eliciting another moan from him.  Knowing he had Justin right where he wanted him, Timothy got out of bed pulling a by now horny Justin along with him. “Come on, let’s get in the shower.”

Justin grinned and climbed out of bed anticipating the fun time.  Timothy led him to the bathroom by his rock hard cock gently stroking it along the way making it difficult for Justin to relieve his morning bladder.  Once their bladders was empty, Timothy turn on the shower.  When he bent over to adjust the temperature, Justin slid a finger up his crack and started teasing his hole.  It felt so good that Timothy shivered from the touch.

Once the water was hot enough, Timothy pulled Justin into the shower with him.  After grabbing the washcloth and soap, he started to sensuously wash Justin’s body from head to toe.  Having Timothy’s hands roaming all over his body was making Justin hard as a rock.  Not wanting Timothy to miss out on the erotic pleasure he was receiving, Justin returned the favor which made Timothy as hard as he was.  Soon they were on the shower floor in the sixty nine position bringing each other to a satisfying climax.

Just as Timothy and Justin’s climax was ending, JR and Danny’s was just beginning.  Both boys rode the waves of pleasure for several moments’ contempt with the euphoric bliss they had just given each other.  As they came down from cloud nine, they continued kissing still holding on to one another for support.  Although they only engaged in frottage for now, they both knew it wouldn’t be too long before they’ll be engaging in fellatio.  After both had landed back on earth and they washed each other of the evidence of their activity, they got out to dress and joined the others for breakfast.

All eyes fell upon the boys when they walked into the kitchen and sat at the table but the grins on Simon and Russell’s faces made them blush.  Their blushes deepened even more when Russell gave them a knowing wink. “Good morning boys, sleep okay?”

Both boys said they slept soundly. “But I’ll sleep a lot better once I have everything taken care of and off my mind.  School and football season will be starting soon, and I don’t need anything to interfere with those or work.”

“I’m sure you’ll have everything taken care of before then Danny.” JR tried to ease his boyfriend’s mind. “Just let your attorney do his job, and everything should be settled by then.  For now you just worry about work.  Practice doesn’t start for another week, and school doesn’t starts for another two, so you have time.  Put those things on the back burner until it’s time to bring them to the front.”

“Sounds like some great advice to me.” Russell backed JR up and everyone else agreed with him. “After all, you can’t drive yourself crazy worrying about everything.  You need to take care of what you can, let some things work out on their own, and let others help you with the rest.”

Danny knew he was being given some good advice and gave a reassuring smile and nod of agreement.  JR could see that Danny was still worrying more then he should be though; and vowed to himself to be there for Danny in any way he can to make things easier on his boyfriend.  After everyone had their fill of breakfast and everything had been put away, they all headed over to the U-Haul to pick up the truck.

It took a little longer then Danny expected at the U-Haul office to get the truck.  As he was filling out the paper work, another employee came out with additional papers for him to fill out stating they needed them for insurance purposes.  JR asked Russell for his assistance in taking care of that so they can stay on schedule and Danny wouldn’t be late for work.  It took another five minutes to have all the forms completed and signed before they were given the keys.  JR and Davy rode in the truck with Danny to keep him company while the security detail rode in the SUV behind them.

After stopping to fill the truck, they arrived at Danny’s parent’s house to begin the moving.  Luckily no cars were parked in the driveway when Danny backed the truck up to the garage while Russell parked along the curb.  Everyone climbed out of the vehicles and grabbed the cardboard boxes before following Danny to the door and waited for him to try to unlock the house.  Fortunately his keys still fitted the locks and the door opened with no problems.  They all walked inside and followed Danny upstairs to the boys’ room to start packing.  With everyone pitching in to help, it shouldn’t take long to have everything packed and loaded on the truck to move to Danny’s new condo.

As the packing was beginning, Justin had just arrived at work after an enjoyable morning with Timothy.  Once he had his coffee and morning mail, and checked his voice mail, he went over his schedule with his secretary. “It seems that the date had slipped up on me.  There are some things I need to take care of so I’ll be leaving for lunch an hour early today, and will be leaving the office an hour early as well.  .” He informed her after noticing the date on the calendar.

They continued going over the schedule for another five minutes before they had it all set.  After his secretary left his office, Justin checked his mail looking for the papers he was expecting.  Once he had them, he quickly scan them to make sure everything was in order before placing them aside until he had more time to read them more carefully and taking care of some reports on his desk.  Although there weren’t much of them, he wanted to get them out of the way before he had to leave to run his errands.

A couple of hours later he had the reports done and read over the papers again.  After confirming that everything was deafeningly in order, he put them in his briefcase and took out his cell phone and called Timothy.  It only rang a couple of times before Timothy’s smiling voice answered. “Hey there sexy dude, what can I do for you?”

“I can think of a few things, but they’ll have to wait until we’re alone.” Justin laughed which made Timothy laugh too. “But seriously, I forgot that someone’s birthday is today and I need to buy a present for them.  Feel like meeting me at the mall and doing some shopping?”

“Sure, how about I meet you in the food court in a half an hour?  We can have some lunch before we shop or vice versa.  Whichever way you want, it really doesn’t matter to me.  As long as I get to see you again I’m a happy camper.”

Justin agreed and said he will see him there and they disconnected.  On his way out the door he informed his secretary he was leaving for lunch and will be back in a couple of hours.  When he reached the mall he saw Timothy sitting at a table waiting and walked over to join him.  After a minute of discussion, they decided to have lunch first so they went their separate ways to purchase their orders before meeting back at the table.

Once they had finished their lunch, they started exploring the mall for a gift.  Justin had no idea of what to buy but he was hoping he will find something nice.    After thirty minutes of browsing and finding nothing, Justin called JR to see if he did his shopping yet.  JR told his father what he brought and said there was a couple of things he saw that Justin could buy to match what he got.  Justin said he will check them out after he knew what Tyler was getting and called him next. “Actually I haven’t done any shopping yet, so I don’t know what I’m getting.  I will do it this afternoon. 

Justin told him what JR seen when he did his shopping and made a suggestion. “I can get one of those items and you can get the other.  Then she’ll see that it’s a match set, although I’m sure she will know once she sees them.”

Tyler thought that was a good idea and they spent the next minute discussing whom will buy which gift. “I’ll talk with Chris later and let him know.  I’m sure he’ll find the perfect gift for her to go with what we’ll get.  He might already have something in mind.”

Justin and Tyler talked a little longer before hanging up.  Justin then told Timothy of the store JR mentioned and they started to walk that way.  It didn’t take them long to find the store or item they were looking for and purchased it.  Their next stop was to a store that does wrapping and had the gift wrapped.  Now that Justin had his shopping out of the way, they started heading out of the mall.  When they rounded a corner into a hall that led towards a hall to the exit, they suddenly stopped in their tracks.

After a busy morning of moving, one very tired group of men and boys arrived at the mall on time to drop Danny off at work.  After all the lifting and carrying they just did, the last thing Danny wanted to do now was more work, even if the job is a paying one.  None the less, that’s where they were heading.  As they were walking through the hall, JR and Danny made sure to surround Davy while the security detail surrounded all the boys while keeping their eyes and ears open.  No one wanted to take any chances with the boys’ safety.

Unknown to each other, JR and Danny had an uncomfortable feeling that something they wasn’t expecting was about to happen.  Both boys was on alert ready to protect each other and Davy if need be although they knew no one will be able to get close to themselves or Davy without going through their security, but still the feeling wouldn’t go away.  Just as they turned the corner that goes to the Lucky Shop, Russell and Simon came to an abrupt stop.  Standing in front of them was someone they wasn’t expecting to see.

To Be Continued...

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Justin came up with a plan to help the boys to get out from the watchful eyes of the watcher.  Danny can relax knowing that he and Davy isn’t being watch anymore, but will that relaxation last?  Where is the watcher now?

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