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Written by Romeo


Edited by Trish


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Chapter 8


Justin grabbed Timothy’s hand and pulled him into the nearest store out of sight of the possible confrontation occurring down the hall. “This doesn’t look good for JR and Danny.  I don’t think they need to see us at the moment because it might make things more uncomfortable then they can handle.”


Timothy couldn’t agree more and waited with Justin until the coast was clear.  Meanwhile, down the hall, everyone stood frozen not knowing what to make of this difficult situation they found themselves in.  JR was hoping he wouldn’t be put in this position quite so soon.  He wanted, no, he needed his relationship with Danny to remain a secret a little longer than this.  Danny, on the other hand, didn’t mind if these people knew he had the hottest boy in school by his side, but he wanted JR to move at his own pace and announce their relationship when he was ready.


The two sets of eyes kept looking from JR to Danny and back to JR in surprised and confusion.  One set of those eyes not only had surprise and confusion in them but anger as well.   It was that set of eyes that spoke first barely covering that anger. “Hey there JR, how’s everything going man?”


JR noticed that even though the question was directed at him, the eyes were clearly focused on Danny waiting for the answer. “Hey guys, everything’s going fine, I’ve just been a little busy lately.” He then motioned his hand at the brothers. “This is Danny and Davy Carson.  Danny and Davy, this is Josh Brady and Eric Larson.”


JR knew he really didn’t answer the question, but he wasn’t going to let someone else dictate when he and Danny should announce their relationship.  They will do that on their own terms. “Yeah, I know who they are.  I just didn’t know that you knew who they were.” Josh raised a questioning eyebrow at JR for more information.


Danny knew what JR was trying to do and played along with him. “Well, we just recently met.  I had some trouble with my car, so JR decided to help me out by giving me a ride to work.” Eric gave Danny a quizzical look. “I’m the manager of the Lucky Shop here in the mall.”


Eric nodded he understood and JR thought he better end this conversation. “Yeah, and I wanted to see if my Uncle Chris is there today, so we better get going before Danny’s late.  I’ll give you guys a call one day next week so we can make some plans to hang out before school starts okay?  Say hi to your family for me Josh.”


JR hurried his group along before either boy could say anything, leaving two boys standing in the middle of the hall staring at them confused as what to do or think.  Finally, they looked at each other, shrugged their shoulders in disbelief, and walked towards the exit not saying a word.  They both had a suspicion as to the true relationship of JR and Danny but didn’t want to betray any loyalty to JR so didn’t make any comment.  After all, they both not only keeping a secret from JR, but from the object of their affection as well, so who are they to judge.


Timothy and Justin watched everything from a distance just in case things got out of hand and Justin needed to intervene.  People were looking at them wondering what was going on but they paid them no mind.  Their full attention was on JR and Danny and the predicament they were in.  When they saw the group heading their way, they knew there was no trouble and ducked back into the store to avoid being seen.  After the group had passed them, they waited five more minutes to make sure the coast was clear before leaving the store and the mall.


Fortunately for Danny, he arrived at The Lucky Shop on time for work.  As he was walking into the store, Angie was just finishing up with her customer.  After kissing JR and saying goodbye to everyone, Danny clocked in while Angie exchanged her drawer and clocked out.  Danny gave JR the keys to the condo that Justin had given him so he could meet the movers and asked him to get several copies made.  JR assured him that he would and kissed Danny before leaving with Davy and two of his security.


When Justin arrived back at his office, there was a message waiting for him about the new security details.  They would be arriving about three o’clock so that gave him enough time to get some work done and meet them at the airport.  He spent the next two hours catching up on his work before checking his accounts.  Noticing a discrepancy in one, he contacted the bank to check it out.  After being passed around from representative to representative, he finally got someone who could help him with the problem.  After a little game of hardball, he got the assurance that it will be cleared up by the end of the day.  He thanked the representative for the help and disconnected, grabbed his things, locked his office, and left for the airport.


About that time, JR and Davy was supervising the movers in setting up Danny’s room at the condo.  JR didn’t want any damages done to the furniture in the process so he insisted they worked from top to bottom so they wouldn’t be tripping over anything.  They started with the upstairs bedrooms and were now working in the master bedroom on the first floor.  After that they have one more bedroom to go before finishing up with the living room.


About an hour later, Danny called JR to see how everything was going. “It’s all going great.  They’re just about finished now.” Danny was happy to hear that and told JR he will see them when he gets off in an hour. “Okay boo, we’ll be there to pick you up.  Don’t forget we’re going to visit my nanna today.”


“I haven’t forgotten.  I’m actually looking forward to meeting her and your uncle Ty.  You talk about him so much I’m starting to wonder if he’s not legendary or something.” JR considered if he should tell Danny about Tyler or not, but he never got the chance to make up his mind. “I got to go now babe.  We’re getting busier at the moment and I need to finish my line before you get here.”


As they were hanging up, one of the movers handed JR the delivery papers to sign.  Before signing them, he had Russell and Simon go from room to room doing a quick inventory check to make sure they have everything that Danny had purchased.  Once he had the confirmation, JR signed the papers and gave the men a good sized tip for a job well done.  Then he, Davy, and Simon went to make the beds while Russell showed the men out.


Once all the beds had been made, they headed out to pick up Danny.  When they arrived, Danny was on his last customer so they waited for him to finish and clock out.  On their way to the hospital, they discussed where to stop for a bite to eat and decided on burgers.  Russell pulled into the first Burger King they saw where they had a quick but satisfying meal.  While they were eating, Justin called JR to find out if everything was okay and to see where they were.


“We just picked up Danny and now sitting at Burger King having a bite to eat.  Where are you?” Justin told him he was on his way back to Malibu from the airport.  “I guess that means the new security had arrived then?”


“You bet they have.  Now I’m heading back to Malibu to visit grandma.  How long do you think it will be before you guys get there?” JR told his father about forty five minutes. “Good.  That will give me enough time to introduce them to their charges before the party starts.  I don’t want anything interfering with grandma’s special day.”


“Okay dad.  I’ll let Danny and Davy know and we’ll see you there in about a half an hour.”


JR hung up and explained everything to Danny and Davy as they finished their meal.  Many thoughts went through Danny’s mind as he listened but he didn’t show it outwardly.  However, JR could see the concerns in his eyes and hoped Danny will talk to him about it later.  When they were finished eating, everyone made a quick stop in the restroom and refilled their drinks before leaving the restaurant for the hospital.  After they were buckled in, JR took Danny’s hand and gave it a squeeze of comfort and didn’t let go.  He wanted Danny to know he’ll always be there for him.


The ride to the hospital was a quiet one with some deep in their thoughts.  Danny was pondering whether or not he could trust strangers with the safety of his brother, or if they will even be enough to protect Davy from their father.  Danny wasn’t worried about himself because he knows he could take care of himself, but Davy is the vulnerable one of the two.  His father wouldn’t hesitate to use him to get what he wants, and that’s what worries Danny the most.  Just as that thought popped into his mind, he felt another squeeze on his hand.  He turned to see JR smiling at him confidently.  Just those small gestures reassured Danny that he will persevere in whatever comes his way.


They arrived at the hospital right behind Justin taking two empty parking spaces next to each other.  Before going in, they gather around to introduce the new security to everyone.  Justin then assigned the team and team leader to each boy informing all that Russell will be the overall head leader of all team. “I’ll also program all your phones including yours and Davy’s Danny once we get home.” He then explained the new security program to those who didn’t know about it.


“There’s only one problem with that sir, mine and Davy’s phone doesn’t have that feature.  I didn’t think we needed it at the time so I decided on a simpler phone.  We have that same service provider, but not that type of phone or service.”


Justin started walking and motioned for them to follow him. “No problem.  We’ll get both of your phones upgraded tomorrow, plus have the service added as well.  Once you have your phones, we’ll program them and you’ll have an extra security precaution at all times.”


Danny agreed and the issue was settled.  When they reached Maria Lopez’s room, they found Tyler and his gang already there.  Justin and then JR greeted their grandmother with a kiss on the cheek before introducing Danny and Davy to her. “Nanna, I like for you to meet my boyfriend Danny Carson and his little brother Davy.”


Maria held out her hands to shake with both boys.  She didn’t make the connection until she glanced at Tyler’s raised eyebrow. “It’s nice to meet you young men.  You wouldn’t happen to be related to police chief Carson, would you?”


Danny swallowed hard. “Yes ma’am.  He’s our father but please don’t hold that against us.  We’re nothing like him, and most likely not in his good gracious either.  But that’s a long story and I don’t want to ruin your birthday by telling it.”


Maria could see that Danny was feeling uncomfortable and smiled warmly. “I appreciate that, but you couldn’t ruin my birthday if you tried.  My grandson’s wouldn’t let anyone do that if it was in their power, which it probably is!”


Everyone laughed and the tension eased in Danny’s body.  JR then introduced them to the others except for Christian who they already knew, leaving Tyler for last. “And this is my godfather, Tyler Jackson.” The Surprised look on Danny’s face didn’t go unnoticed by anyone. “What? Why are you so surprise?  I mentioned him to you several times before.”


Danny closed his eyes and exhaled the breath he’s been holding. “Yeah, but you never said he was Tyler Jackson the model.  You always called him Uncle Ty.  I’m just a little shock to find out who he is because he’s the one person whom really terrifies my father.”


Tyler held out his hand as a devious smirked appeared on his face.  Danny cautiously shook it not able to hide his nervousness. “Well, you don’t need to be scared of me unless you hurt my godson, then you should be terrified.  I don’t bite unless I’m given the offered to.”


“Uncle Ty!” JR sighed exasperatedly as Danny blushed. “Please stop with the over protective routine okay?  Danny won’t hurt me.  He’s nothing like his father.  You know I would never put myself in that type of situation.”


“I know that kiddo, but your dad and I will always protect and worry about you.  That’s a job we take very seriously and can’t afford to fail at.  Someone hurts you then they hurt us, and that’s something no one wants to do.”


JR wrapped his arm around Tyler’s neck. “I know Uncle Ty, and I love you for it.  I know there will always be someone trying to hurt me, but you and dad had taught me well, and Mark had trained me in several different martial arts.  Plus I have my security to protect me so stop worrying so much.”


Tyler relaxed some knowing JR was right.  The conversation was more pleasant after that until Kevin and Travis arrived fifteen minutes later.  After being introduced to Maria, they started setting up for the party.  Everyone sang happy birthday then Maria reprimanded Justin and Tyler for throwing the party when she asked them not to.  Justin and Tyler told her to hush up and blow out the candles which got everyone laughing.


“You’ll never learn will you nanna?” JR teased. “You should know by now that dad and Uncle Ty will always win that fight.  Trust me, it’s a loss cause.  So stop fighting them and enjoy having them spoiling you, will you?”


After another round of laughter, Maria relented and made her wish before blowing out the candles.  Once everyone had enjoyed their delicious treat, it was time to open the presents.  The black and gold suede purse given by JR and matching shoes from Justin complemented Christian and Tyler’s gifts perfectly.  Tyler then told Maria of her second birthday celebration which is a night in Beverly Hills courtesy of him and Justin.  Maria tried to get the invitation resented but Tyler and Justin wasn’t allowing it.  Once again, Maria had no choice but to accept the two spoiling her for her birthday.


The party continued on for another hour or so, in which time Maria got to know Danny and Davy a little better.  Danny and JR discussed with her on what may lie ahead for them in terms of Danny’s father, and what they are doing to protect themselves and Davy from anything Chief Carson might use against them.  Maria gave her advice on the situation before looking JR right in the eye. “I’m sure I don’t need to tell you to seek help from your father and uncle if things get too difficult for you both to handle.”


JR sighed and rolled his eyes tiredly. “Are you kidding me nanna?  Dad and Uncle Ty both wouldn’t hesitate to send me to live with Aunt Tye if things got to difficult for us to handle and not go to them for help.”


Maria smiled as she nodded in confirmation.  She knows Tyler and Justin would do everything to see that JR was safe.  And if that meant sending him away for his own protection, than that’s what they would do in an instant, even if they have to drag him kicking and screaming all the way. “Well, just keep that in mind when the time comes, which I’m sure it will, and that will point you in the right direction.  I’ll also be there to help you in any way I can.”


When she got a reluctant nod of agreement from JR, Maria looked at Danny who also reluctantly nodded.  After that, there was no more talk about Danny’s father.  Instead they joined in the other conversations going on around the room.  About an hour later the bell rang signaling visiting hours was ending.  Tyler, Justin, Christian, and the boys hugged their grandmother and once again wished her a happy birthday as did everyone else before leaving.  As they were heading down to the parking lot, Justin noticed the exchanges that went on between Russell and one of the new security guys.  Justin knew he better find out what that was all about before it interferes with their job duties and put the boy’s safety in jeopardy.


When they arrived at his house, Justin escorted the new security guys to his office to program their phones.  As he was doing that, the boys went to the game room to play some video games while they waited.  Once all the phones had been programmed, Justin asked Russell to stay behind for a private conversation with him.  Russell nodded in acquiesce as the others walked out closing the door behind them leaving the two alone.  As Simon glanced at him worriedly as he was walking out, Russell gave him a reassuring smile.


“Russell, I noticed you and one of the new guys keeps sneaking glances at each other ever since they had arrived.  Do you guys know each other, and will there be any problems between the two of you working together?  Because if there is, then I need to know right away before it compromises the boy’s safety.”


Wanting to be truthful, Russell thought about what he was being asked before saying anything. “As long as he does his job and follow orders there shouldn’t be any problems.” After another minute of thinking, Russell told Justin his side of the story. “So if there’s any problem, then it will be with Apollo.  I’m not going to let anything interfere with my job.”


“Then I want you to come to me if there’s any problem you can’t solve.  I’m not going to let any petty disputes in danger the safety of my boys.  Their counting on you guys for their protection, and that can’t happen if you guys are at each other throats.”


The stern tone in Justin voice told Russell he meant business. “Yes sir.  I take my job very seriously.  I would never jeopardize the live of those boy’s for any reason.  That’s not who I am, and I hope Apollo feels the same way.”


Justin was satisfied with that answer for now, so he ended the discussion.  He knew he had to talk with the new guy as well and get his side of the story.  He wanted to make it clear to him that he wouldn’t tolerate his boy’s bodyguards putting their lives in danger.  They walked out of the office and Russell called for everyone to get ready to go.  After hugging his father goodbye, JR got into Danny’s car with him and Davy while the security guards got into the SUV.  When they were out of the garage, Justin locked up the house.  He spent a little time watching some mindless television programs before going up to bed.


The sound of the alarm clock woke JR and Danny from a pleasant sleep too early the next morning.  After shutting off the annoying thing, they reluctantly got out of bed to shower and dress for the day before heading to the kitchen for some breakfast.  After everyone was seated, Russell asked the boys what they had planned for the day so he and his men were informed of everything that was to be going on.


“Well, first we need to get Danny and Davy their new phones before he goes to work.  I’m guessing Davy then wants to spend some time at the arcade.” JR looked at Davy who nodded his head. “After we get the phones, I can run them over to dad’s office to be program.  Plus I need to call a couple of friends who I had been neglecting lately to see if they want to see a movie or something.  Other than that, there’s nothing we have planned.”


Once they knew the boys schedule, Russell began giving out his orders.  He insisted to Davy that he stays with his security at all times and for the team not to let him out of their sight.  By the time breakfast was over, everything had been ironed out.  After making sure the kitchen was clean, they all left for the ATM so Danny can withdraw some money before heading for the mall.  JR remembered he also needed more money so he withdrew some as well.


As usual Danny was the first one to arrive at work.  He thought nothing of it and just went about his task in getting the shop ready to open with the help of Jr.  One by one the other employees soon started arriving and assisted wherever it was needed.  Just after they opened, Danny informed Angie that he was stepping out for a few minutes and would be back.  Once again the security surrounded the boys as they made their way through the quiet halls to the Sprint store for the phones.


Picking out a new phone didn’t take long for the brothers to do with assistance from JR.  Once they heard his suggestions on what features they would need, it was easy to find one that best suited them both.  Once the purchases had been completed, they handed the phones to JR before making their way back to the shop.  They made it just as the store was starting to get busy so JR and Davy told Danny that they’ll see him later then JR accompanied Davy to the arcade and reminded him to stay with his security at all times before leaving for his father’s office.


At the Brady’s house across town, Josh was waking up with a smile on his face.  Painting Eric last night had been the best night he had this summer.  Josh was happy that Eric agreed to let him paint him to auction off as his contribution to Tyler’s fundraiser.  Staring at Eric’s shirtless muscular chest and developing six pack abs nearly drove him wild with desire that it made it difficult for him to concentrate.  Luckily for him Eric didn’t even notice as he was focusing on maintaining his pose and keeping his own desire hidden.  Fortunately both boys was able to complete the session without jumping each other bones.


Josh’s smile got even bigger when he looked over at the other bed to see Eric lying in it sound asleep with his upper body on full display.  Josh was glad when he mustered up the courage to invite Eric to stay over and Eric accepted the invitation.  Slowly his eyes wandered down until he settled on a pleasant sight before him to see Eric’s erection tenting the sheets.  Josh lingered on that beautiful erection until he quickly jerked his eyes upward when he saw movement.  Eric slowly awakened to see Josh smiling at him.  After stretching his arms over his head, Eric turned on his side to face Josh. “Good morning.”


“Good morning, did you sleep well?” Josh asked and Eric replied he slept very well. “Good.  How about we get up and get some breakfast and then we can do whatever we feel like.  I really don’t have any plans so we can hang out all day if you want.”


“I don’t have any plans either so that would be great.  How about if we go bowling first, then play the rest of the day by ear.  Maybe we can get JR to join us for at least part of the day if not all.” Eric noticed the smile fall from Josh’s face. “Hey, I know he hadn’t called us in a while, but in all fairness, we haven’t called him either.”


Josh sighed exasperatedly. “True.  Well, let’s shower and dress before we get some breakfast, then I’ll give JR a call.  Most likely he’ll probably be hanging out with Danny Carson today and won’t have time for us.  I don’t know what’s going on between them, but I’m damn sure going to find out!”


Eric didn’t say anything to that because he felt like it wasn’t his business.  He felt that if JR wanted them to know then he would have told them.  He only hopes Josh wouldn’t do anything that will ruin his friendship with JR. “Okay.  Well, I’m going to go and jump in the shower now.”


Josh watched as Eric got out of bed and headed to the shower.  Once the door was close, Josh sighed deeply.  He didn’t know how long he can restrain himself from making a move on Eric that would either move their relationship forward or stop it all together.  That was the frustrating dilemma for Josh.  How can he reveal his feelings to Eric without ruining their friendship?  Josh was so deep in thought that he didn’t even noticed that the shower had stopped until he heard Eric coming back into the room wrapped in a towel.


Eric took his time to dry off and get dress hoping to arouse Josh which worked to perfection.  By the time Eric had his boxer briefs on, Josh was hard as a rock.  He quickly rushed to the bathroom to avoid Eric from seeing his hard on but it was too late.  Eric had seen it and smiled to himself while wondering if he could and/or should do anything to take their friendship to the next level.  Like Josh, Eric is also scared of ruining their friendship by making the first move.  After all, his mother threw him out when she found out he was gay and he doesn’t want to lose one of the only two friends he have so far in Malibu.


When Josh walked back into the bedroom, Eric was putting on his shoes.  Josh decided to give Eric a taste of his own medicine and slowly dried off himself.  Eric continued putting on his shoes while secretly observing Josh.  Once they were both completely dressed, they looked each other over.  Josh thought that Eric looks hot in his clothes and Eric thought that Josh looks hot in anything.  They both gave a nod of approval and went downstairs for some breakfast.


After getting the phones programmed, JR headed back to the mall to give them back to Danny and Davy.  Along the way he called Eric and Josh’s cell but got no answer from neither boy so he left messages with both.  Just as they were arriving at the mall twenty minutes later, his phone started vibrating then ringing.  The caller ID displayed Josh’s name and number so he answered. “Hey man what’s up?” Josh told him nothing much and asked what was up with him. “Nothing really that’s why I called.  I was wondering if you and Eric wanted to do something today.”


“Actually Eric and I are on our way bowling.  You can join us there, or you can join us in doing something later.  We don’t know what that’ll be as of yet but if you have anything in mind then let us know now or when we hook up.”


“I can’t hook up with you guys now because I’m running some errands.  How about we meet at the arcade later?  Give me a call when your game is over and you’re on your way.  Then we can decide if we want to stay there, see a movie, or do something else.”


“Sure, that’s no problem.  I’ll let Eric know and we’ll catch you later.  Later man.”


JR hung up just as they reached the shop.  Danny was working with a customer so he waited until he was finished before handing him the phones.  Danny took his phone out and put it in his pocket before handing the bag back to JR. “Can you take Davy’s phone to him for me please?”


“Sure.  I’ll give it to him when I get to the arcade.  I was on my way there to meet up with some friends later anyway.  Will you be getting off at the usual time today?” Danny told him he was. “Okay, we’ll be here to pick you guys up by then.”


Just then someone walked up to the counter to pay for their items. “Okay, I’ll see you later.  I need to get back to work now.  Oh, and while you’re at the arcade, tell Davy to meet me at the food court around twelve thirty for lunch.”


“I will.” JR called over his shoulders as he walked out of the shop.  When he got to the arcade, he saw Davy playing a pacman machine and walked over. “Hey buddy, Here’s your phone.” Davy took the bag that JR handed him and thanked him for it. “Also, your brother wants you to meet him in the food court at twelve thirty for lunch.”


“No prob Bob.” Davy nodded but didn’t take his eyes off the game.  JR giggled and patted him on the shoulder before going to play a machine himself while waiting for Josh to call him.  He didn’t care that Davy stole the line from an old TV show; he just thought it was funny.


A couple of hours later just as JR was finishing up his fourth game his cell phone started ringing.  Since he was expecting a call from Josh, he just answered as he glanced over to check on Davy not bothering with checking the caller ID. “Hello.”


“Hey man.  We just left the bowling alley and now on our way to the mall.  How about we meet up at the arcade and play some games before grabbing some lunch?  If we have time this afternoon, then we can catch a movie.”


“That’s fine with me.  I’m already at the arcade so I’ll check the listing while I’m waiting.  Hopefully there’s a good one showing, but I wouldn’t bet on it.  You know how the middle of the week always shows the worse movies.  See you when I see you.”


“Not if I see you first.” Josh cracked as they disconnected.


Once again JR glanced over at Davy as he walked over to sit at a booth so he could use his cell to search the web.  After checking the listing several times, he gave up and pocketed his phone.  Just as he thought, there wasn’t any good movie showing until Friday so he figured they will play the afternoon by ear if no one could think of anything to do.  When he looked back up, he saw Josh and Eric coming his way with an unreadable expression on Josh’s face.  He hoped Josh wasn’t going to ask any questions about his relationship with Danny because he wasn’t ready to talk about it with anyone yet.


Both boys nodded in a friendly greeting as they sat which JR returned.  After a minute or two, JR broke the uncomfortable silence. “Before we start playing video games, I need to let you guys know something.” Both boys nodded suspecting what JR needed to tell them. “I checked the listing while I was waiting.  And as I expected, there’s no good movie showing today so we need to come up with something else to do this afternoon.”


Although that wasn’t what Josh and Eric was expecting to hear, they none the less said they would try to think of something to do.  Josh figured JR will break down and tell them what’s going on between him and Danny by the end of the day so let the matter go for now.  Little did he know, that wasn’t going to happen anytime soon.  As they walked around to find a game they wanted to play, JR took that opportunity to check on Davy to make sure he was okay.  Seeing that all was well with him, he joined his friends.


Meanwhile, at the Cramer Agency, Justin called the Chang Security Institute to inquire some information on the conflict between Russell and one of the new security guys.  His instance was telling him that he wasn’t getting the complete story from Russell so resorted to his own resources to find out the missing pieces of the puzzle.  He needed to be fully informed in case he needs to step in and settle any disputes that may occur in the future which may put his boy’s lives in danger and get them seriously injured or worse, kill.


Once the phone had been answered, Justin asked if he could speak with Mr. Chang or his son Marcio.  He was told both were in, and then was asked which one he would like to speak to.  He opted to speak with Marcio before being transferred. “Hey Justin, what can I do for you?”


“Hey Marcio, I was wondering if you could provide me with some information that may be crucial to a decision I may need to make.” He then told him the situation leaving out the part of his talk with Russell. “I wanted to get an impartial version of the story before speaking with the two guys on it.”


There was a moment of silence before Marcio sighed. “Sorry for the inconvenience man.  I thought they would have put it all behind them by now.” He then told Justin everything he knew. “If Russell is the overall head of security then you may have a problem if you don’t take control from the start.”


“I see.” Justin sighed heavily. “Well, if they can’t work together, then one, or both, of them will have to go.  I won’t have them putting my boy’s lives in danger because of some old petty dispute between them.  That defeats the purpose of having security for them in the first place.”


“I agree.  I really thought they had gotten pass it by now, but it seems that there’s still some resentment left over.  Usually we don’t give them the same assignment but sometimes we have no choice.  They're both good at their job and are what you’re looking for in security.  Just make sure they understand who pays their salary and how you want things run before things escalate any further.”


They talked a little more on the situation before hanging up.  Justin sat and contemplated on what he just had been told and what to do about it.  He couldn’t come to a conclusion so he did the only thing he could, he called his best friend.  Tyler listened carefully only interrupting to ask a question here and there before giving his opinion. “I think you should wait and see how everything plays out.  However, I do think you need to talk with the new guy and get his side of the story before making any decision.  Maybe they can put their personal issues aside and work together on this.”


“I hope you’re right because I really don’t want the hassle of replacing any of them.  Danny and Davy’s lives are already unstable as it is, and they don’t need a feud between two of their security making it even more complicated for them.”


“Well, let me know how everything goes.  Hopefully they can squash it all for good this time.  Because if they’re responsible for those boys getting hurt in any way, then there’s no place on earth where either of them can hide from me!  And trust me, I will hunt them down and make them pay!” The threat in Tyler’s voice was very clear to Justin.


“You’ll have to get behind me in line on that bro!” Justin’s threat was just as clear. “No one hurts my boys and gets away with it no matter who they are!  I’ll see them lying in traction in a full body cast before I’ll even let that happen.”


After a little more discussion on the matter and making some plans for their next ride, Justin disconnected with a smile.  Now that he has more information and several options he relaxed a little on it.  The rest of the day went quick and smooth for everyone who was trying to divert their minds from their troubles.  As they were coming out of the skating rink, JR reminded his friends he had some things to  do and they separated as Josh and Eric went back to Josh’s house to continue his painting of Eric while JR headed back to the mall to pick up Danny and Davy.


When JR walked in with Davy coming in behind him, Danny was just finishing up with his last customer of the day so they waited.  Just as Danny was returning from clocking out in back, Russell and Simon were walking in.  Before leaving the shop, Russell had everyone huddle around the boys for some instructions. “We spotted the guy sitting at the food court so Simon and I will go get the vehicles.  You guys wait here for five minutes then head towards the back of the mall and we’ll go out that way to keep him from following.  By the time you make it outside we should be just pulling up.”


After he had agreements from everyone, and the keys to his car from Danny, Russell and Simon left to get the vehicles.  The others waited the five minutes before heading towards the back without drawing attention to any of them.  Just as they were walking out the door, the two vehicles were pulling up. Simon got out of the car to join the other security in the SUV while Danny took over the wheel with JR and Davy joining him and they drove away not knowing that a pair of eyes was watching them and plotting a way to capture one of them.


Along the way, they stopped to pick up some groceries for the house before stopping to pick up some sandwiches for dinner.  Once they reached the condo and everything had been put away, they sat down to eat and discuss the sleeping arrangements.  Since there wasn’t enough room for everyone, it was decided that Russell, Simon, and a couple of the guys will stay with the boys while the others will stay at a nearby hotel in case of an emergency.  At that time an idea popped into JR’s mind that he will need to discuss with his father that may rectify this dilemma and stored it away for a later time.


The rest of the night was spent with everyone doing their own thing or preparing for tomorrow.  JR and Danny spent the night in Danny’s room discussing his idea concerning the lack of rooms. “It’s a great idea babe, but do you think your father will go for it?”


“I don’t see why not.  There will be enough rooms to go around, and you’ll still have your security here to protect you and Davy, plus relieve the concerns I’m sure my dad will have once he hears about this.  It’s a win win situation for everyone.”


Danny couldn’t come up with a reasonable argument against that logic so he caved in.  Now they just hope that Justin will also agree.  As Danny went to check on his brother, JR got undressed and climbed into bed.    When Danny returned, he too undressed and joined JR in bed spooning up behind him and wrapping his arms around his waist.  Soon they both were drifting off to dreamland contented in their feelings for each other and their developing relationship.


The next morning both boys woke up feeling refreshed and well rested.  After showering and dressing, they headed out to the kitchen for breakfast.  Just as they sat down at the table, Danny’s cell rang so he answered feeling it had to be important for someone to be calling this early in the morning.  At the mentioned of Scanner’s name, JR knew what the call was about so paid it no mind.  The conversation lasted only a couple of minutes before Danny agreed to meet with him at his office on his lunch break and hung up.  JR wanted to know what Scanner said, but he knew Danny wasn’t going to discuss it in front of Davy so he didn’t ask any questions.


Unlike the boys, Justin woke up Thursday morning not so rested.  He’s been up late worrying about another situation he hadn’t foreseen in his plans.  Once he showered and dressed, he had a quick breakfast before going to the office early.  He needed to get some work done in order to take care of some personal business.  His secretary Britney was surprised to find her boss already there hard at work when she arrived because usually she was the first one in the office.  After discussing the day’s agenda, she went to her desk to start her own work.


Around midmorning Justin was just about caught up with his work.  He informed his secretary he was leaving and would be back around two.  He drove to his first designation to secure that deal before proceeding.  There wasn’t anything he could do if he didn’t have the contract on this part first.  After speaking with the manager and negotiating a deal, he walked out with the contract and blueprints in hand.  His next stop was to the office of his architect.  He told him what he needed while showing him the blueprints of the project.


“That’s not difficult to do at all.  I can have some rough drafts drawn up for your approval within a couple of hours.  Once you’ve seen them and had contacted me on any changes, I can get started on the final drafts and have them ready for you by tomorrow midmorning.”


“I really appreciate that.” Justin offered his hand in gratitude and the man shook it. “I know this is all a last minute thing, and I’m willing to pay any extra fees including overtime, but I really need to get this done quickly.  Too much is at stake and I can’t afford to doddle.  There’s just too much to lose and I’m not willing to take that risk.”


“No problem.  I completely understand and the extra fees wouldn’t be too expensive.” The architect gave Justin his word. “I’ll get started on them right away and have that rough draft ready for you shortly.  I can drop them off at your office later for your approval then we can go from there.”


Justin thanked him and walked out of the office and got into his car.  After checking the time on the dashboard, he pulled out his cell and called Timothy who answered on the second ring.  Justin invited Timothy to lunch at Karmyn’s Place which he didn’t hesitate to accept.  Timothy then asked Justin where the place was because he’s never been there before.  Justin gave him directions and they agreed to meet there in thirty minutes.  He then called Karmyn’s Place to reserve a private table before pocketing his phone and heading to the restaurant.


Meanwhile, JR and Davy were just entering the Lucky Shop to pick up Danny for lunch and his appointment with Scanner.  They looked around the store for Danny but didn’t see him anywhere so they assumed he was in the back clocking out.  A minute later Danny came from the back ready to go and they left the mall in their usual fashion.  When they got to Scanner’s firm, they were immediately shown into his office.  Due to another appointment he has, Scanner didn’t waste any time getting down to business.


“Danny, I called you in here because there have been some new developments in your case.” He opened the file in front of him, took out some papers, and handed them to Danny. “As you can see, the circumstances are different now in regards to your situation.”


As Danny carefully read over the documents, Scanner informed Danny of the new developments in his case.  Danny then handed the documents to JR to read also.  Once they had read the documents and Scanner had given them a step by step explanation, Danny had a couple of questions which Scanner gladly answered.  He then handed Danny more papers and explained those as well as answering any questions Danny or JR had of those as well.  Finally Danny understood it all and thanked Scanner for his services as he and JR stood.


Scanner stood himself and shook Danny’s offered hand. “It’s been my pleasure.  If you need any legal representation in the future, please feel free to give me a call.  We can always work out a reasonable rate that we both can agree upon.” He handed Danny his business card.


Danny thanked him again then he and JR rejoined the others and left the office.  As they were walking to their vehicles, they discussed with the others on where to have lunch.  Since Danny didn’t have much time left before he had to be back at work, everyone decided to run through the drive through at McDonald’s to pick up something to eat on the way back to the mall to drop Danny off before heading to JR’s photo shoot.  Davy will spend the afternoon with JR at his photo shoot.


When they entered the studio, JR could see Josh coming out of the changing room walking towards the makeup area.  JR was surprised at that because he knew who the other person of this shoot was and Josh wasn’t that person.  He had a quick word with Davy about not revealing any information about his and Danny’s relationship to Josh at this time.  Once he had Davy’s assurance he wouldn’t divulge any information, he headed to the changing room to get ready.


Normally during a photo shoot, JR would enjoy strutting his stuff in front of the cameras; however he couldn’t wait for this particular shoot to end.  At every available opportunity, Josh tried to lore JR into a confession about his relationship with Danny but JR wasn’t playing the game.  During their last break of the day, Josh asked once again so JR turned the tables on him and asked Josh the same question about him and Eric. “What do you mean by that?”


“Well, you and Eric have been spending a lot of time together as well, is there something going on between the two of you?” Josh’s demeanor suddenly went from enquiring to panic. “Look Josh, I won’t pry into your private life because it’s none of my business, but I expect the same consideration from you as well.  I’m not saying that there is, but whether or not there’s something going on between me and Danny, is no one’s business but our own.”


“I understand and do respect that bro.  I’m just concern for you.  Not only is Danny’s father the chief of police, but he’s also secretly the biggest bigot in town, and the most dangerous one.  If he finds out his son is gay and is involved with someone of an African-American race, he’ll stop at nothing to harm either of you.”


“I’m perfectly aware of the danger I’m under for not only who and what I am, but whom I’m related too as well.  That’s why I have security and am well trained in several different martial arts.  My dad and uncle won’t let any harm come to me by anyone.  They won’t hesitate to seek revenge if that happens, and I won’t be able to stop them either.  Nor do I think I would want to.”


Josh smiled and nodded at JR.  He knew that was true and no one would want to piss off Justin Cramer or Tyler Jackson, especially Tyler Jackson. “I think the whole city of Malibu knows there will be hell to pay if you got hurt in any way.  But to answer your question about me and Eric, I’m doing a painting of him to donate to Mr. Jackson auction.  I wanted to have it done before school started so we’ve been spending a lot of time working on it.”


JR knew there was more to it than that but didn’t push.  After all, he asked Josh not to pry into his personal life; so he couldn’t as well pry into his. “I’m glad.  I know it will turn out great and raise a lot of money for the orphanage.”


“Well, that remains to be seen, but I’m hoping that it will.  I was honored Mr. Jackson asked me to do a painting of him and Mr. Michaels to auction off.  So I want to put in my contribution as well, and a painting seems like the best way to do it.”


JR nodded in agreement. “No doubt it’s the best way.  As for me, I’m still thinking of a way to contribute to it. Maybe I can talk dad and Uncle Ty into letting me pose for a calendar to donate.  I don’t think I’ll have much time to donate any volunteer services once school begins.”


Before Josh could make any suggestions, the photographer called them back to work.  The rest of the shoot went fast with no mishaps.  It was only as they were coming out of the changing room to leave that Josh saw Davy.  He raised an eyebrow at JR, but JR just smiled and waved goodbye not giving him an answer as he left with the others.  Josh shook his head in frustration and walked out to his car.  He pulled out his cell phone from the cup holder and called Eric to tell him about his conversation with JR. 


“I agree with him whole heartedly.  If you keep questioning him on it then you might lose his friendship because he’ll think that he can’t trust you.  Is that what you want?” Josh said he didn’t. “Then let him tell you in his own time.  I’m sure he will when he’s ready.”


Josh agreed to give JR his time and not press the matter.  The two talked a little while longer and arranged a time for tomorrow to work on the painting before hanging up.  As he was driving home, Josh thought about how much time to give JR before resorting to other alternatives to find out the truth.  He couldn’t bare the thought of his friend getting hurt in any way, and if JR is involved with Danny, then things don’t look good for him at all.


JR, Davy, and their security walked into the Lucky Shop just as Danny was coming from the back ready to go.  When Danny reached them, JR handed him his keys and thanked him for letting him borrow the car. “Why don’t you hold on to them and drive us home.  I’m kind of tired and don’t feel like driving.” He handed the keys back to JR.


JR nodded and took the keys back. “Okay, let’s go then.”


They walked out and headed to the garage after being surrounded by the team.  Just as JR put the keys in the ignition, his cell rang.  It was Justin calling to ask if JR was coming home tonight. “Not tonight dad.  I want to stay with Danny so we can discuss some things.”


“Okay, but I want you home tomorrow night.  In fact, I want you all here for dinner.  There’s some things I need to discuss with you all, so tell everyone to bring a change of clothes to stay the night.” JR asked what he needs to discuss with them. “I’ll fill everyone in over dinner tomorrow night so let everyone know of the plan.”


JR said he will and they’ll see him tomorrow before hanging up.  As he started the car, Danny’s curiosity got the better of him and had to ask. “What was that all about?” JR looked at Danny with curiosity as he explained about the mysterious invitation from his father. “I guess we’ll find out what it’s all about tomorrow.  If it was anything bad, then I’m sure he would have told us he needed to speak with us tonight.”


JR nodded in agreement but still wondered what it was all about as he drove out of the garage.  They got to the condo and JR and Danny with the help of Russell and Simon started making dinner.  About an hour later it was ready and they sat down to eat.  During dinner JR told everyone about his father’s invitation which got the others just as curious as the boys.  But since there was nothing more to the message, JR couldn’t explain further.


After dinner JR and Danny went to Danny’s room to talk in private.  JR told Danny about his photo shoot with Josh and the attempt from Josh on trying to find out about the status of their relationship. “I know I’ll have to come out to my friends sooner or later, but for him trying to force it out of me is just distrustful and disrespectful.”


Danny sat against the headboard with his legs spread, pulled JR back against his chest, and wrapped his arms around him. “Hopefully he sees that now and will back off.  I don’t know him very well so I can’t say anything bad about him.  But if he’s as good of a friend as you say he is, then he’ll respect your privacy and not force you to do something you’re not ready for.  If he can’t, then you don’t need him as a friend.”


JR sighed heavily. “I know, and I hope he realizes that before it’s too late.  I don’t want to lose him as a friend, but I’ll end the friendship if I have to.  I won’t let anyone force me into doing something I’m not ready to do.  Besides, I’m pretty sure he has some secrets he’s not sharing with me himself, and I’m not forcing him to.”


“Maybe someone will get through to him and make him understand that.  I don’t think he wants to lose the friendship he has with you.  I have no doubt he’ll ever find a better one.  But if he violates that trust, then he’ll have no one to blame but himself.”


JR sighed again and leaned back against Danny even more.  He felt safe and comfortable in Danny’s arms and knew that was where he belongs.  As he started to fall asleep, Danny gently shook him awake and suggested they go to bed.  They got up and as JR started to undress, Danny said he was going to check on Davy.  When he returned to the room, he found JR sound asleep.  After quietly undressing, he climbed into bed spooning up behind JR with his arms wrapped around him then kissed him on the back of the neck before falling asleep himself.


To Be Continued...


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