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Well, this is *my* first attempt at this kind of fiction.  If you like it you can contact me at DrThroat@aol.com with comments and criticism.  Your input is always appreciated.

Mark's Surprise

Those perfect melon butts have been sitting in front of me all semester and probably that's why I'm flunking this class.  But with the perfect view of Mark's butt, I have not been able to concentrate at all.  Now, end of May, just weeks before graduation from high school, because of the warmer weather, layers of clothing have been coming off and it's a huge distraction to follow Mark's short shorts to where his tanned legs start and lead you to a perfectly shaped thigh, knee, and those erotic feet in those sandals.

Allow me to clarify.  My name is Greg.  At the time of this story I was a senior in high school, just weeks before graduation.  My parents and I live in an upper-middle class neighborhood in San Diego, and I plan to attend UCSD next Fall.  I have known about my greater attraction to men since age 10 when I discovered circle jerk in camp.  But having the gutts to admit it to other people, or myself for that matter, was entirely out of question.  Yes, I dated a few girls in high school to keep everyone happy, had sex too, average.  I had a great circle of friends, all of whom were straight, and gay-bashers at that.  Man, the jokes they used to crack in front of me unsuspectingly ...

So this guy Mark I started to talk to you about:  we belong to the same general circle of friends, although I don't remember ever hanging out just the two of us alone.  Never even had a decent conversation with him, although may times him and me and whole bunch of other guys used to hang out.  He lives on the same block as mine, his home is at the beginning and mine is at the end of a dead-end circle.  He has dirty blonde hair, an athletic build, the bluest eyes you ever saw, and a bronze tan all year long.  His muscular legs were especially attractive.  I personally found him very attractive, as did half the girls in our high school who would pay good money to date him.  And quite a few did.  From the stories I heard, Mark did pretty well with those chics.

I had always had the hots for Mark.  Many a night I would jerk off to the idea of having sex with my idol.  I would imagine holding his manly pecs in my arm and squeezing his bulls-eye nipples in my mouth.  Going down to meet his belly button and giving it a nice massage with my mouth.  Then follow to his pubes, use my tongue to lower his jock briefs and expose his perfect cock.  Then admire the center of my obsessions with my caressing hands before I tasted the forbidden fruit.  Ah, the thought of me and him ...

Maybe it was my obsession with him and my fear of doing something rash that made me keep a certain amount of distance between us, even though we were always in the same classes and parties.  Even after gym class I would try real hard not to look at his naked body (his locker was five down from mine -- the torture.)

So back to where we left off.  End of May, me sitting in class, admiring his bubble butt, and taking myself to a dream world where I was palming those gluteus muscles .... The bell goes off, announcing the end of yet another warm school day at the end of my senior year.  I pack my stuff, and head out.  Bump into a few people in the hallways, the usual gossip, and off I go to head home.  I start my 15 minute walk.

"Hey, Greg, wait up dude."  It was Mark.  Apparently he was heading home too.  It's funny, all these years of living on the same block and going to the same high school, we never walked together!  I stopped and he ran up to catch up.

"Mind if I walk with you?" he said.  Mind??? Love it!

"Sure, makes the heat more bearable if you have company while you're walking."  Did I actually say that?  Dum-ass!

So as we're walking we talk about graduation, summer plans, and apparently he's also gonna go to UCSD next Fall.  Great, maybe I'll take another class with him so I can sit behind him and admire his butt.  What a loser I am ...

Time flies when you're having fun.  Before we knew it, we were at his doorsteps, and it was time to say goodbye.  We had both broken into a sweat from walking in the mid-day heat.

Just as I was about to say good-bye and continue home to take a cold shower, he says: "It seems the heat got to you too.  Why don't you come in and we'll hang out by the pool in our backyard?"

Well, that was a great offer I couldn't refuse.  "Sounds great.  Let me run home and change into my bathing suit.  I'll be back in 10 minutes."

"Hey, don't worry about that.  My parents are gone all week.  And whenever they are not around I just lay out there in the buff.  Nothing like letting your stuff hang out when you can."


"C'mon, don't be a pussy.  I'm not gonna wear a bathing suit and you dont need one either."

So my heart is pacing like crazy.  He invited me to hang out with him, that was reason enough for a small celebration.  But to have him naked in front of me for a good couple of hours was gonna be too much.  And with that thought, oh shit, my cock started to wake up!!  We're throught the house into the back yard already, seconds away from the moment of truth, and here I have a raging hard-on that is going to give it all away.  How am I gonna get out of this??  We walk over to these two lounge chairs next to each other.  He hands me a towel he had picked up.  He lays his towel on top of the lounge chair neatly, and proceeds to undress.  One by one the layers come off, and boom, he's naked.  A sight to be admired.  He lays down on his belly, his face facing the other way.  I find this to be golden opportunity.  I undress real fast and lay on my belly, hiding the hard-on.  Well, I guess I'm just gonna have to lay like this forever, since that hard-on is not going anywhere!

After a few minutes of chit-chat -- him talking and me just saying mostly "uh-huh" -- he offers to go in and get us some cold drinks.  I liked to see him march all around on his way into the house.  My naked adonis comes out with two cans of cold soda and some sun tan lotion.  He sits next to me again, this time on his back.  He starts oiling himself up.  First his face, then his slender neck.  Now his shoulder, and then he massages his pecs with that glistening oil.  He rubs his tight belly all the time that my hard on is reaching new all-time records.  Then come the legs, the focus of my obsession.  Carefully he lubes each leg back and forth making sure not to miss a spot.  My idol is now all oiled up.

Well, I guess the torture is over, because he puts down the bottle of lotion and turns on his belly again, hiding his cock which I had been staring at the whole time.

"Would you be a buddy and put some lotion on my back?"

GULP!!  He wants me to pick up a bottle of oil and massage his back for him?  Him, who has been the topic of my masturbations so many times, whose pecs and back I have massaged so many times in my dreams ...  And how was I gonna solve this hard-on problem?  The moment I sit up to put lotion on his back he would see that monstrosity in between my legs and it would be all over.  Luckily he faced the other way as I was thinking my way out of it.  I sat up and grabbed the bottle.  I wet my palms with it, was gonna act cool, but I was frozen.  The thought of my hands on his gorgeous body was too much to handle.

"Are you gonna put that lotion on my back or you're just gonna sit there?"

Here we go.  One hand, then the next.  I massage his shoulders with it, and cover it all.  My hands were shaking the whole time, but I couldn't do anything  about it.  Then I came down to his lats and spine and covered every inch of that area.  Meanwhile my heart is pounding, I'm out of breath, and I'm trembling like crazy.  I better stop before I end up doing or saying something stupid that will give it away.

"Hey, dude, how about my lower back?  You think the lotion is just gonna travel there on its own?"

"Yes sir."  (Yes Sir?!)

I put my shaking hand on him again.  This time I go lower, to his waist.  I stay there for a few seconds.

"My buttocks too, if you don't mind.  I can never reach there."

My hand are now caressing those perfect buns which caused me to get a C- in Chemistry.  Could this be real, am I really palming his butt or is the whole thing just a wild dream?

Uh-oh!  On, no!  Not that!  I get this extreme sense of pleasure all the way at the base of my rock hard-on and my balls.  We can't have that, I can't be cumming now.  No way!  Shit, my cock has a mind of its own and it's gonna squirt any second now, probably hitting Mark on his back.  That would be the absolute end of me.  What the fuck am I gonna do now?

All of sudden I take my hands off of him, run to the pool, and jump in.  Mark turns around to see what is going on.

"Hey, what happened?"

"Oh, er -- the heat was too much--.  I couldn't take it any more ...   So I just jumped in to cool off."

"All of a sudden?  In the middle of putting sun-tan lotion on my back?"

"Guess so, yeah--"

"Greg, sometimes you're so weird."  And with those words he came up and jumped into the pool.  We kept a comfortable distance in the pool, although we did horse around a bit.  We hung out in the pool, naked, for a good while.  Good thing too, because all that water made my boner go away so that eventually I was able to get out of the pool without embarrassing myself.

Later we put our towels around us and headed back into the house.  We headed to his room, where he put on some music, and we talked some more about kids in school and other gossip.  By now I was able to be more comfortable around him and not act like such a goof-ball.

"I need to wash off all that sun and the tanning lotion.  Do you mind hanging by yourself for a few moments while I take a quick shower?"

"Sure, dude."  Or maybe I should have gone home too to take a cold shower and jerk off to idea of the events of that day.  "Go ahead, I'll just hang here, if it's OK with you."

And off he went into the hallway and the bathroom down the hall.  Wow, I got to hang out naked with my idol, got to cup his butt, and even got to get comfortable with him on a personal level.  Who would have thought??  Well, what else can I learn about him.  After a careful inspection of the walls, I proceed to his desk.  It never hurt to snoop around!  Nothing too exciting on his desk though, a few books, some pens, stamps, college pamphlets, the usual.  He's not back from the shower yet, and the desk drawer is open a bit.  Well, curiosity killed the cat!  I opened the drawer.  What do we have here?  A tube of  KY jelly and a box of napkins in the front.  A whole bunch of pictures in the back on top of some magazine that was well covered with the pictures.  The pictures were from our friends.  I quickly went through them and remembered some of those moments they captured.  Interestingly, I was in all those pictures, although I didn't remember having done that many things with Mark.  The last 30 or so pictures seemed to be of me alone!!  Me in the hallway, me in class, me in the streets, not even posing for the camera or knowing that the picture was being taken.  What's the meaning of all this??  By now I'm really intrigued.  I dig in some more in the pictures.  Pictures of me in gym uniform, of me in the locker room in various degrees of underdressed, me in the shower naked!  Some pictures were even zooming in on my cock!  And these last pictures were all wilted from getting wet with something repeatedly.  An then the magazine that was under the pictures.  It was of some gay XXX action porno, these two studs doing everything to each other anything that you can imagine ...

"What the fuck are you doing?  Who gave you bastard permission to go through my stuff?"

"Listen, I think we need to talk"

"Damn straight we're gonna talk."  He came over and grabbed all the pictures and the magazine from me and trying to stuff them back into the drawer.  His eyes were teary, but he was too much of a man to cry.


"Dude, it's cool."


"You don't understand, you have been the center of my obsession for some years too.  But I was too scared to confront it or do anything about it.  So instead, I was just trying to avoid being alone with you."

Silence form him.

"I've been wanting to have sex with you for the longest time too.  How odd that we should find this out after all this time."

Silence again.

"Say something--"

His eyes were fixated on the floor, like some six year old who was caught doing something bad.

"Well, I've -- Um -- figured -- I -- like -- I thought -- We're like graduating and all soon, so at least I could have one afternoon with you, and talk you into rubbing my back with oil even though I didn't think you would be into that kinda stuff--"

The he finally looked up.  Our eyes locked.  Then our lips met instinctively.  Boy, was it good!  How I've been longing for this moment, or am I still dreaming?  I then kissed his neck, and traced it to his nipples, like I had done in my dreams a million times.  I kissed his pecs, massaged his belly and belly-button with my tongue, like I always dreamt of, and then proceeded to his pubes.  Except in real life, there was no jock strap to negotiate, just a towel.  I let go of his towel and for the first time I saw his gorgeous cock with a full blown hard-on.  And what a beautiful sight it was!  Before I knew it I had all his manlihood in my mouth.  Is that really Mark's cock in my mouth?  I swallowed as best I could and the sounds of moans made me understand he way enjoying it tremendously.

He then lifted me from the floor.  He walked me to his bed, but I was too drunk to know what was going on.  He lay me on his bed head up.  He then lay next to me in a 69, and we started to swallow each other's cocks.  The whole thing came so natural to both of, maybe because we had practiced this in our dreams all the time.  Up and down his shaft, and the moans were getting louder from both ends of the bed.  We now were both pumping our cocks into each other's mouths in unison, not able to get enough of a good thing.  We both came at the same time in each other's mouths and filled it.  I just swallowed as much as I could, and so did he.  It was just as good as I imagined it to be, maybe even better ...

We just lay there for what seemed like a million years, not saying a word, not knowing what to say, or what exactly just happened.  Finally he broke the silence.

"Why weren't we doing this then all along if that is what we both wanted?"

There is no smart answer to that.

Needless to say, our friendship picked up a lot, both in and out of the bedroom.  In college, we decided to move in together, and the rest is history.


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