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Part 1

        It was supposed to be just part of a month-long vacation in the Caribbean – a one-day trip on a local cruise boat out to the islands for some snorkeling and a nice lunch.  The cruise started normally and Sam and Eric were all excited about going on the water.  They loved the warm Caribbean Sea and were eager to explore some of the islands. They wanted so much to get in the water.

        They had been out on the ocean for several hours when the boats’ engines began the sputter.  The captain went below deck and reported that they were having some electrical problems.  He promised to have it fixed within an hour.

        Sam and Eric spotted a nearby island so, while they waited for the repairs to be completed, they decided to take a small shipboard boat and row to the island.  “Stay out of the underbrush,” the captain yelled. “There are snakes out there.”  Sam and Eric ignored him and began paddling to the island.  Once there, they pulled the canoe up on the sand and set about exploring.  They were so excited about finding something special or novel.

        They were having a good time when suddenly they heard a loud explosion offshore.  They scrambled to the beach only to see the cruise boat engulfed in flames.  As they watched, there was a second, louder explosion and the boat tilted to one side.  

They couldn’t believe their eyes.  Within a couple of minutes, the boat sank.  Sam and Eric scanned the water for their parents or any other survivors but spotted no one.

Then reality set in – they were marooned on a small island with no radio and no way of returning to port.  Eric began crying and, moments later, Sam joined in.  They hugged each other in their grief.

        It took a long time for them to stop crying and start thinking of a way of getting help.  The first thought was to start a fire which might be seen by a passing plane.  But! The brush was too green and they had no way of starting a fire.  They started searching the island for something that would burn and eventually found some dead bamboo.  

They were concentrating on that when, all of a sudden, several mean-looking savages appeared all around them.  They tried to communicate with them, but the savages appeared to be uninterested.  Instead, they grabbed the boys; tied their hands behind their backs; and, pushing them, moved deeper into the brush.

        After a while, they came to a village full of grass huts.  There was one hut that was bigger and more elaborate than the others.  Standing outside the hut stood a very imposing man, who was clearly the chieftain.

The villagers stared as the boys were pushed along.  One of their captors went into the big hut, then returned and said something in a language the boys could not understand to the other captors.  Then the boys were pushed into the hut.

        The chieftain sat on a big wooden stump which looked like a throne.  Up close, the boys could see he was strong and muscular.  Yes, he was clearly the chieftain.  The boys tried explaining their situation to him, but he slapped Sam hard across the face.  He wasn’t interested in what the boys had to say.  He walked around them, stroking their skin and murmuring something to show his pleasure.  

Then pointing to the two boys he spoke to the captors. Acting as they were obviously instructed, they pushed the boys to the ground.  They untied their hands only to reposition them so that they were on each side of a post in the center of the hut; then retied them.  The chieftain said something to his tribesmen and the captors withdrew.  Both Sam and Eric were now alone with this beautiful specimen of a man and were terrified.

        Then the chieftain, taking a long knife from the holder around his waist, quickly and with the minimum of motion, cut off Sam and Eric’s swimsuits.  In seconds, both boys were completely naked.  Sam looked back and saw the chieftain slowly stripping off his garments.  Sam’s eyes widened when he saw the chieftain’s big, thick and scary-looking cock.  The chieftain stood there stroking himself and looked at Sam menacingly as his cock rose to its magnificence.  

        ‘Oh, no,’ Sam thought.  He’s going to fuck us with that big cock!  Now Sam, looking down at the head of this big weapon and seeing a dollop of clear substance bubbling up and beginning to form a tear drop,  was really getting scared.  Sure, he and Eric had fooled around since they were 12 years old. They soon discovered and enjoyed the art of wanking; both individually and each other. In fact, one of their favorite things was to strip naked, lay on the bed and wank off together with each trying to see which one of them could shoot their cum the greater distance.   They did it as often as they could find time alone. Sam had taught Eric how to do it and once he learned, Eric wanted to do it constantly. They would wait until their parents were out of the house.  Once they were sure the coast was clear, they would strip naked and jerk their cocks until they shot cum all over their torsos.  It was just great!

Sam, who was the boy facing the chieftain, continued to stare at the teardrop of clear substance until it was large enough for gravity to take over. As it slowly descended, Sam noted that the teardrop remained attached to the big cockhead until it was just about knee level. The, with a laudable splat, it hit the floor. Sam knew that neither he nor his brother had ever been fucked.  The mere thought of that big, black cock slowly sliding into his asshole and rearranging his insides made him shiver and almost cry.

        Meanwhile, Eric turned his head to look back over his shoulder. Once he saw the magnificent cock at full mast; he was as terrified as his brother at the thought of what was going to happen.  “Sam!  Don’t let him do this,” he cried.  

“There’s nothing I can do,” Sam answered.  “This is going to be bad.”

        Sam had slipped down the pole so that he was now on his knees. The chieftain stepped forward just enough that the leaking head of his massive cock slid across Sam’s lips. Suddenly, and without warning, the big man gave a heavy and painful slap to the side of Sam’s face. Sam, in his surprise, opened his mouth to yell but the big man was faster and his cock slipped between Sam’s now open lips. As the Chieftain slipped almost half of his massive cock to the entrance of Sam’s throat, he bent down and undid the rope that held Sam to the pole. Once the rope was undone the big man grabbed a fistful of Sam’s hair and, pulling his cock out of his mouth, he yanked Sam up into a standing position. With a tight and firm grip on Sam’s hair, he pulled the boy around so that he was now in front of his brother. Then, with force and no tenderness whatsoever, he threw Sam to the floor and immediately fell down on top of him.

Sam felt the weight of the man as he stretched out and lay on his back.  He felt the chieftain maneuver his cock against his cherry asshole.  Using the power of his thighs, the chieftain thrust forward.  At first Sam’s asshole resisted the invasion but the chieftain grabbed Sam by the shoulders and just thrust harder.  Slowly, Sam’s asshole gave way as the big cock began gaining accesses to his virgin ass.  The boy screamed in pain.  He had never felt anything so awful in his life.  It was as if the chieftain was shoving a thick stick up his ass.  Sam yelled for the chieftain to stop, but the man ignored his cries. His brother could only look on in frustration because still being tied to the pole, he could do nothing.

        Finally, Sam’s asshole stretched and the chieftain’s mighty cock broke through the barrier.  Sam screamed at the top of his lungs.  But the chieftain kept going and Sam felt the massive cock being pushed into his ass.  He tried to wiggle away but it was too late. The chieftain was already deeply embedded in his ass.  The chieftain kept pushing his massive weapon forward and soon his entire cock, right down to the pubic hair, was securely wedged in Sam’s hole.  Sam was now truly fucked. He broke down and started crying in pain.

        After letting Sam’s battered hole adjust to his large size, the chieftain started fucking him, pulling out a little, then shoving back in.  To Sam, the pain was indescribable. The chieftain fucked Sam hard and steadily for about 10 or 12 minutes without letup, then with one last powerful thrust, he started flooding Sam’s guts with spurts of hot, thick cum.  The chieftain kept cumming for about a full minute then. keeping his cock firmly embedded in Sam’s ass, he lay along Sam’s back and rested.  Finally, he pulled roughly out of Sam’s brutalized ass.  Sam just lay there and continued crying in pain and shame.

        The chieftain rose and Sam watched as he went over to Eric.  Eric had not fallen to his knees. Eric started yelling and screaming at the man only to be punched so hard in the head that he passed out. When he woke Sam had been retied to the pole and he was already laying prostrate on the floor with the big man laying on top of him. With his brother watching, just as he had watched his brother before him, Eric tried every maneuver he could think of to try and wiggle away but the situation was hopeless.  Soon, just as he had done with Sam, the chieftain was popping Eric’s cherry. He had no sympathy for the boy and shoved his cock deep into Eric’s virgin ass. Eric screamed in agony and called out to Sam to make it stop.  But there was nothing Sam could do but watch as the chieftain fully entered his brother’s ass and began fucking him.  He felt so sorry for his brother as he screamed and cried in pain.  Because the big man had just emptied his balls into Sam; the fucking took longer. It was almost a full 20 or so minutes of straight, forceful fucking before the chieftain gave one last mighty shove and shot his cum deep into Eric’s guts.  After resting on top of Eric for about ten minutes, he pulled his softening cock out of Eric’s ass, retied him to the pole and left the hut.

        The two boys sat on the ground wth their backs to the pole hurting and exhausted hut until they looked up to see others enter the hut.  Soon they were untied once again and forcibly laid out on the floor. In quick order, there was a man on top of Sam and another one on top of Eric.  They were going to be gang-raped by several, if not all, of their captors.  Although their captors cocks were not as long or as impressive as the chieftain’s, they were still very big. It was very painful for the two boys to be fucked again so soon after the chieftain had taken their cherries.

        By the time their ordeal was all over, each boy had been fucked at least five times.  Their assholes burned and throbbed in pain.  The boys cried for a long time.  They really didn’t get much time to rest before their hands were again tied behind their backs and they were paraded around the village for all the other Indians to see them.  The women looked away and made sure their children did not stare.  But the older men and younger boys just gawked at the naked white boys.  Then the boys were again forced into a sitting position and tied to another post just outside the
Chieftain’s hut and given some water to drink.  A woman brought them something to eat but the boys were too beaten and exhausted to be hungry.  They spent the night uncomfortably seated on the ground with their backs partially against the pole and partly against each other,.  Their asses throbbed with pain so they did not sleep well.

        Sometime before dawn, the chieftain untied them and took them into his hut where he fucked each of them again.  Because they had been fucked so many times within the past 24 hours, their assholes were raw and tender.  Again, they screamed as the chieftain penetrated each of them. There was no sympathy or compassion as the big man fucked them hard.  When the Chief had emptied himself into each of them, they lay there crying. They both wondered if this was going to become a daily routine.

        When the chieftain was done, the boys were dragged out of the hut. They were again tied with their hands behind their backs to the post outside the hut. The tribesmen gathered to leer and laugh at them.  Again, a woman brought them some water and fruit to eat.  This time, the boys were so hungry they ate everything that was offered to them.  Then to the sounds of a lot of jeering and laughing, with some of the younger warriors making some very graphic gestures indicating either they were in for a good skull fucking or another deep fuck; they just sat like trophies on display.

        Sam and Eric started quietly talking about finding some way of escaping.  They tried wiggling out of the twine binding their hands but it seemed hopeless.  Sam kept working at it and eventually found that he was getting close to wiggling free.  He told Eric that if he could free himself, he would untie his brother and the two of them would run into the jungle as fast as they could.  Eric warned that they would be seen during the day so the boys agreed to wait until darkness fell.

        Once it was dark and nearly all the savages disappeared into their huts, Sam started wiggling again.  After an hour, he was able to get one hand free.  After that, it was easy to get his second hand out.  He jumped up and quickly freed Eric.  “Let’s go! Follow me and run as fast as you can!” Sam cried.  They scampered into the jungle and ran like their lives depended on it.

        They didn’t get far before they were overtaken by some of the warriors.  The warriors were angry and took out their anger on the boys, punching and kicking them.  With blood dripping from their noses and bruises forming all over their bodies; the warriors tossed off their loincloths and shoved their cocks roughly into the boys’ asses, fucking them as hard as they could.  At one point two of the young warriors became impatient. They saw that the boys were both being fucked but it would still be a while before they got their turn at the upturned white asses. The young warriors sat on the ground with their legs on each side of the boy’s heads; each grabbed a head and shoved their cocks deep into the brothers throats. It was agonizing for the boys to be spit roasted but they had no choice in the matter.

 The warriors were stronger than the boys and carried knives and spears. There was no point in trying to fend them off.  So the boys were raped repeatedly until every warrior had shot every drop of cum either into the boys’ asses or down their newly broken in cocksucker throats.

Then the boys were once again tied with their hands behind their backs and pushed back to village.  The chieftain was there waiting and looked angry.  He had the boys taken into his hut where he fucked each one of them once more.  The boys screamed and cried but got no mercy from the chieftain who clearly wanted to punish them. When he was done, the boys were taken out, tied to the post outside his hut and put on display again.  Their escape attempt had failed miserably.

The next few days were just awful.  The boys had lost all sense of time. Every two or three days, the chieftain would take the boys into his hut and brutally fuck each of them.  When he was done with them, they were taken out and tied to the pole outside his hut for everyone to see.  Sam and Eric talked about trying to escape again but their hands were tied too tightly now and there was no wiggle room.  They were given food and water, but they knew they were losing weight and strength.

To be continued

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