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Part II

Then one night, as they dozed, someone touched them from behind.  “Shhh!” a voice said.  “Don’t say a word!”  Suddenly, the twine around their wrists was cut.  “Follow me and be quiet!” the voice said.  They quickly followed their rescuer.  They couldn’t see his face but could tell he was a young black guy wearing rags.  Swiftly, they moved through the jungle for a long time.  They were afraid of being recaptured so they were as quiet as possible.  They went up a mountain and down the other side.  Finally, they came to a concealed sort of hut and went inside.

They were weak and exhausted so their rescuer promptly gave them some water.  Now they could see he was a handsome young guy about the same age as they were. Sam recognized him as someone who had been on the cruise boat that blew up and sank.

“Thanks!” Sam finally said. “I thought we were going to be captives for the rest of our lives.  Where are we?”

“On the other side of the island,” the guy said.  “The savages never come here because they think its bad luck or haunted or something.  I spotted you guys when you were captured by the warriors.  You were yelling very loudly.”

“How did you get here?” Eric asked.

“I jumped off the boat when it caught fire and was in the water when I saw it blow up.  I looked for survivors but didn’t find any.  My parents were on that boat,” he said sadly.  “I swam ashore and was looking around when I spotted the savages before they spotted me.  So I circled the island in hopes they wouldn’t find me.  It took a while to realize they never came to this side.  So I built this shack, gathered fruit to eat and made spears from the wood.  Over time, I speared birds and even some fish.  I made a very small fire and cooked them.”

“Have you seen any planes?” Sam asked.

“Yeah, I tried to signal them but they never saw me.  But I’m confident we will be rescued.  You guys ought to get some sleep.  Oh, and my name is Tyronne,” he said.

“I’m Sam and this is my brother Eric,” Sam said.

“I figured you were brothers because you kind of look alike,” Tyronne said.  “Now get some sleep.  I’ll be fine outside.”

Sam and Eric lay down and within minutes, they were fast sleep.  Eric snuggled up to Sam and held him from behind just like he did when they were small boys.  Little did they know that Tyronne watched them sleeping for a while and then went outside the shack to a secluded area where he stripped naked. Being in the company of two cute boys made him really horney. He wondered about his chances of having sex with them. He enjoyed jerking off with the visions of his new found friends dancing in his head before falling asleep.  The next day, the boys awoke to the smell of something cooking.  Whatever it was; it smelled good.  They emerged from the shack to find Tyronne sitting by a small fire, tending to some fish stuck through sticks.

“Good morning, guys!” he said.  “Hungry?”

“Starved!” they said together.

“Good!  Breakfast is about ready,” Tyronne said cheerfully.  In a few minutes, he took the charred fish from the fire and slid them onto large bamboo leaves.  The boys devoured them.  Tyronne also gave them some bananas and other fruit to eat.  They all ate in silence, enjoying the meal.

Then Sam said, “I’m going into the water to wash off.”  “Good idea,” Eric said and the two brothers scampered across the sandy beach and into the ocean.  It was so good to wash off the sweat and dirt from their bodies.  

In a bit, Tyronne stripped off his rags and joined them.  The boys noticed that he was a very good-looking naked guy who was lean, had defined muscles and an awesome washboard stomach.  They also noticed the he had very large, thick, but at the moment, soft cock.  They both wondered how big it got when it was hard and what it tasted like. The two boys had no idea that Tyronnes thoughts were running parallel to theirs. After cavorting in the water for a while, they came ashore and sunned themselves on the green grasses near the shack.  Their luck had changed quickly and dramatically. They were quite happy.

Once they were dry, Tyronne taught them to make spears and showed them where to find fruit.  He also taught them how to hunt the island birds and spear them.  Sam and Eric weren’t very good at the beginning, but both felt confident that they would learn.  Many of the birds were very colorful so it seemed a shame to kill them.  But, on the other hand, it meant good food so they put aside their concerns.  Tyronne speared three birds, retrieved them and took them back to camp.  He used a knife to skin and gut them, then put them in the ocean to clean them and keep them cool.

That afternoon, Tyronne cooked the birds over the fire and, together with some fruit, they had a wonderful feast.  The birds tasted good – a little gamey but otherwise just like chicken.  After dinner, they spent a lot of time just talking and getting to know each other.

        Tyronne told them he was from North Carolina, the son of a wealthy businessman and his wife.  He was an only child and expressed disappointment that he did not have a younger or older brother. He was 17 and had just graduated from high school. He was looking forward to going to college at North Carolina State University where he planned to major in engineering.   The boys asked him what he would do now that his parents were dead. Tyronne said that he had a wonderful older spinster aunt who lived near the university. His parents had already made arrangements for him to stay with her until he decided what he wanted to do. He admitted he was a bit spoiled by his parents who would give him virtually anything he wanted.

        For example, vacationing in the Caribbean was his idea.  He loved the warm water and snorkeling.  He planned to learn scuba-diving.  He casually mentioned that he liked nude sunbathing and swimming in the nude.  He deliberately didn’t say a word about girlfriends.

        Sam told him that he and Eric were the only sons of a lawyer and his wife.  He said they were also a bit spoiled, but the Caribbean vacation was his father’s idea.  That suited he and Eric just fine because they liked being in the water.  Sam mentioned that he and his brother also like nude swimming and sunbathing and had taken the canoe from the cruise boat so they could do just that.  Sam said he was 16 and Eric was 15. Tyronne also raised the question of what they were now going to do. The boys told him that they would probably live with their grandparents on their mothers side who, despite being in their early 60’s, were still quite active.

        “You guys are really close, aren’t you?” Tyronne asked.

        “Yeah, we do everything together,” Sam answered.

        “Everything?” Tyronne said.  They looked at each other.  Sam and Eric immediately knew what Tyronne was hinting at.

        “Yeah, pretty much,” Sam stammered.

        “I thought so,” Tyronne said with a grin.  “I saw the way you guys were sleeping last night.”

        Sam and Eric blushed as they remembered falling asleep naked in each other’s arms and all the times they had jerked off together.

        “So do you fool around?” Tyronne asked.

        “Uh, yeah, a little,” Sam stammered as Eric blushed even more.

        “Good, cuz I’d like to fool around with you,” Tyronne said bluntly.

        “Uh, okay,” Sam murmured.

        “So let’s do it now,” Tyronne said.  “It’s been a long time since I’ve had some.”  He led the boys to his shack and they squeezed in.  In seconds, Tyronne’s cock was rock hard.  Neither Sam nor Eric had ever fooled around with a Black guy before but Tyronne looked delicious.

        Instinctively, Eric lay next to Tyronne and began kissing him while Sam scooted between Tyronne’s legs and began licking his cock.  “Mmmm!” Tyronne moaned.  Eventually, Sam put Tyronne’s cock in his mouth and began sucking it.

        “Damn! That feels good,” Tyronne gasped.  It didn’t take long before Tyronne’s cock swelled and began throbbing.  Sam removed his mouth and watched as a rope of gooey, white cum shot from the big Black cock onto his chest and abs.

        “Oh, Jesus!” Tyronne yelled.  He shot about 12 times and stopped kissing Eric, breathing heavily.  “Damn, that was good.  I needed that!”

        Once he caught his breath, he said, “Now I want to see both of you suck each other at the same time.”  He moved aside so Sam could turn around and assume a 69 position with his brother.  They did this all the time so it seemed perfectly natural.

        The two boys sucked each other passionately and Eric realized they had not done this since before they were captured by the savages.  They enjoyed the taste and feel of the other’s cock and got lost in the pleasure they were giving to each other.  It didn’t take long before they each shot their loads.  They let the cum shoot in their faces at first, then let the cum shoot directly into their mouths.  They loved the salty, creamy taste of each other’s cum and were very happy.

        “That was hot!” Tyronne said.  “I loved watching it.  Now I want Eric to suck my cock.”  The boys saw that his cock was hard once again.  Eric slowly kissed his way down Tyronne’s beautifully sculptured body until he got between his legs and started sucking while Sam took on the sensuous task of kissing him.  Sam realized that Tyronne was a very good kisser and loved swirling his tongue around inside Sam’s mouth.  Again, it did not take long before Tyronne shot his cum again but, this time, at the moment of his cumming he drove his hips forward and wedged his cockhead deep into Eric’s throat. Eric could not taste the cum being pumped into him but, in the excitement of the moment, he shot off again without touching himself.

        Feeling quite satisfied, the three boys scampered into the water, washed off and then lay on the beach, letting the warm sun dry their bodies.  All three of them fell asleep with Tyronne and Sam hugging Eric who lay in the middle.  Life was good.

        A couple of weeks later, Tyronne and Sam were in the jungle hunting for birds.  Tyronne said to keep an eye out for small mammals such as sloths and possums which also made for good eating. After spearing a bunch of nice fat birds, they headed back to camp.  

“Do you guys ever fuck?” Tyronne asked.

        “Uh, no, we’ve never done that,” Sam replied. “Why do you ask?”

        “Well, I love to fuck,” Tyronne said.  “And, I’d love to fuck Eric.  He’s got such a cute, tight ass. It’s so white and creamy.  I love to watch him on the beach, particularly when he bends over.  My cock really gets rock hard just looking at him.” Tyronne had been a top ever since he took his first straight boy down in his 8th grade. That kid had been so cocky that, over the course of a weekend, he never understood Tyronne’s game plan. The kid didn’t realize that Tyronne had scored a touchdown until it was too late. When it dawned on him what Tyronne was after; he was already on his back with Tyronne’s big, thick cock rearranging his insides. Tyronne love nothing more than turning a straight boy, preferably an egotistical jock, into a cock hungry pussy boy. He just knew he was going to love college.

         “Uh, well, you’d have to ask him.” Sam said.  “I think you would have to talk him into it.”  Sam recalled catching Tyronne starting at Eric as he gathered shells along the shore.  He had to admit that his younger brother had a really nice ass.

        “I’d like to try,” Tyronne said.  “You can watch if you like to make sure I don’t hurt him.”

        “Okay,” Sam said.  He knew Eric would say no, but he also knew his little brother could be talked into just about anything. After all, thought Sam, who was it who talked him into joint wanking? Who was it who talked little Eric into sucking his cock? Why, it was his big brother, of course.

        A few days later, Tyronne talked to Eric.  The boy immediately said no. He was remembering how much the Chieftain had hurt him that first time and he was not really interested in the idea of being fucked again. However, Tyronne persisted in his quest until, finally, the boy reluctantly agreed to try it.

        That evening, after dinner, Tyronne and Eric went into the shack.  Sam tagged along to watch over his little brother.  The two guys lay next to each other and started kissing.  Their cocks got hard immediately.

        Tyronne slowly, one might say patiently, sucked and nibbled his way down the younger boys body until he could start rimming his ass.  That drove Eric crazy with pleasure.  Sam, watching from the sidelines, had never done that to his brother so he was learning a lot.  As Tyronne rimmed Eric, he stroked his hard cock which Eric liked.

        After a while, Tyronne started working his index finger around and into Eric’s ass.  Eric gasped so Tyronne sucked his finger to moisten it and started again.  It took a while, but he managed to work his finger into Eric’s tight ass and wiggle it around.  He must have done something because Eric moaned with pleasure.

        Tyronne slowly worked his middle finger in, too.  Eric gasped as his ass was being stretched so Tyronne went slow until Eric began enjoying it.  Finally, Tyronne worked a third finger in and wiggled them around.  After a bit, Eric began enjoying it.  Sam stroked his own cock as he watched.

        After about 10 minutes, Tyronne reached into a coconut that had something oily in it.  He coated his cock then worked a lot of the oil into Eric’s ass.  He slowly raised Eric to his knees and pushed his head down.  He positioned the head of his cock against Eric’s asshole and began slowly pushing it in.

        Eric groaned in pain so Tyronne paused. When Eric appeared to calm down; he gently pushed in again.  To Sam’s surprise, Eric’s ass slowly opened just like a flower opening its pedals; Tyronne was finally able to ease the head of his big cock into the boys sweet ass.  He gently, but firmly, pushed a bit more until Eric cried out in pain.  Tyronne paused and, relaxing until Eric adjusted to his girth, he pushed in again. Each time Eric cried out again, Tyronne’s stopped but then pushed forward again until the head of his cock finally entered Eric’s ass.  He paused waiting for Eric to adjust and then continued slowly pushing forward into the warm sheath of Eric’s ass.

        Sam watched in awe as Tyronne’s cock slowly disappeared into his brother’s ass.  It took a while for his entire cock to be buried deep in Eric’s ass.  Then Tyronne withdrew his cock a bit and thrust in again.  Sam realized his brother was being fucked.  And, Eric was loving it! This was nothing like he had experienced with the Chieftain or his captors. This was sex as it should be; the joy of sex carried out with concern and tenderness.

        Eric moaned in ecstasy while Tyronne groaned with pleasure.  It was fascinating and hot to watch.  Tyronne’s cock slid in and out of Eric’s hot ass so easily it was as if Eric’s ass was designed just for this purpose.  Sam, watching the expressions play over his brother’s face, wondered what it felt like.

After about 10 to 15 minutes, Tyronne started fucking fast and hard.  He just pounded Eric’s hot ass as he slowly rose to the pinnacle of his pleasure. When he reached that point, he cried out, “Oh, God! I’m cumming!”  Sam knew Tyronne was going to shoot his cum into his brother’s guts.  Tyronne was breeding his baby brother. Eric also cried out with pleasure when he felt this beautiful Black boy’s cum being pumped into him.

The scene being played out before him was incredibly hot and, in his sexual excitement, Sam began to shoot his cum onto the floor of the shack.  When all three boys were done, Tyronne motioned for Sam to join them and the three of them shared passionate kisses.  In their exhaustion, they fell asleep with Eric embracing his brother and Tyronne holding Eric.  His cock was still embedded deep in Eric’s ass.

After that, Tyronne fucked Eric regularly, often right out on the beach.  With Sam, he would have Eric suck him off while he was being fucked. Sam was perfectly happy with that arrangement; he loved the way his baby brother would suck and nurse his cock.  With Tyronne fucking his ass and Sam fucking his face, Eric really put everything he had into it. Everybody was happy, content and exhausted after one of their little trysts. After the brutal treatment at the hands of the Chieftain and his; Sam was afraid of getting fucked by Tyronne’s big dick.  Sometimes, both Sam and Eric would lick and suck Tyronne’s dick to the ultimate climax. He liked laying back and being serviced by these two hot brothers.

After a few weeks of watching Tyrone and Eric fucking; Sam decided he wanted to try fucking his little brother.  Eric and Tyronne seemed to enjoy it so much that he wanted to experience it for himself.  So one hot afternoon, Sam told Eric of his desire.  To his surprise, Eric was perfectly willing.  So while Tyronne was off hunting, they went into the shack.

Eric licked and sucked his brother’s cock until it was rock hard. Once he was ready, Sam put Eric on his knees and pushed his head down.  He scooted close and positioned his cock at the entrance to Eric’s ass.  Sam reached over to use some of the lotion that Tyronne did. He gently began, working it into Eric with his fingers and, when he was satisfied that Eric was ready, he proceeded to spread it all over his cock.

Slowly, he leaned over his brother’s back and began pushing his painfully hard cock into Eric’s ass.  His brother gasped a bit so Sam paused.  Then he pushed harder.  Surprisingly, Eric’s ass opened up for him and Sam’s cock began to enter him.  Eric felt so tight!  But then Sam pushed a little harder and his cock slowly eased into Eric’s ass. Gawd, it felt so good!

Soon, Sam was all the way in and his pubic hair was scratching Eric’s ass.  Then Sam began the in-and-out motion of fucking his little brother.  Sam had never felt anything so good.  Meanwhile, Eric moaned with pleasure and began stroking his hard cock.  So this is what fucking is all about, Sam thought to himself. Sam was now determined that he was certainly going to do a lot more of this in his and Eric’s future.

It felt so good that Sam shot his cum into Eric’s warm, receptive ass within 10 minutes.  He wanted to last longer than that, but he couldn’t help himself.  As Sam spurted, Eric jerked his cock as fast as he could and soon joined his big brother in cumming.  When they were both done, Sam pulled out of Eric and lay down beside him.

“That was hot!” Tyronne said.  He had apparently returned and had been watching the two brothers go at it.  Eric got on his knees and began sucking Tyronne’s hard cock while Sam watched.  Apparently, his little brother was addicted to sex.  Once Tyronne shot his cum down Eric’s throat, the three boys lay together and napped for a long time.

After that, Tyronne and Sam fucked Eric regularly.  And Eric loved it.  Tyronne would put Eric in different positions, such as on his back. He even had Eric sit on his cock. Eric took it all.  Sam never knew that his little brother was such a slut. But, as he watched Tyronne fuck Eric, Sam could see the pleasure on his younger brother’s face.  It was exciting and, after Tyronne was done, Sam would take his place.  It was wonderful.

Sam followed Tyronne’s example and put his brother in all sorts of positions.  The one Sam liked the most was having Eric on his back.  Sam got the deepest penetration that way and could watch the ecstasy on his brother’s face as he fucked him.  He wondered if it really felt that good and whether or not he should allow himself to get fucked. It was a question that would rumble around in Sam’s head for a long time. But he was afraid of Tyronne’s big cock and Eric was certainly no Top.  He was a good and true bottom boy. So Sam satisfied himself by fucking Eric, often right after Tyronne had fucked him.  Sometimes, just as had happened to him and Eric when they were spit roasted by their captors on the other side of the Island, Sam would slide himself into position at his baby brothers head and give him his cock to suck on. Eric took it all with pleasure, jerking his cock as Sam’s cock went in and out of his face and Tyronne’s cock slid in and out of his ass. To Eric, there was nothing more exciting, more sexually stimulating than both his big brother and Tyronne pumping him full of cum at the same time.

Life was good.  They had plenty to eat, plenty of sex and no danger from the native savages. Then, one day as the three of them returned to camp from hunting, they saw something they never thought they would ever see.  Standing on the shore was a naval officer!  Behind him were sailors who were pulling a big rowboat ashore.  The officer stared at them incredulously.  Here were three teenage boys, two of whom were totally naked.  It was the last thing he expected to see.

“We saw the smoke from your fire,” the officer said.  “How long have you boys been here?”

They had lost track of the days and said it had been a long time.  The officer told them the date and they realized they had been on the island for three and one-half months.  The officer asked how they got there and whether there was anyone else.  All three boys spoke at once, telling him about the cruise boat blowing up, about the savages on the other side of the island and how they survived.

Meanwhile, the two sailors who had brought the boat ashore also stared with disbelief at the three boys.

“Well, let’s take you aboard my ship and get you some clothes,” the officer said.  In the distance was a naval vessel.  They all got into the row boat and went to the ship where a doctor checked them out and pronounced them healthy.  They delighted in taking the first hot shower they had had in months. Someone from the crew produced clothes that fit and they had a regular meal for the first time in months.

The Captain, accompanied by the Officer who had rescued them, came in to see them and told them that their story had checked out. They were also told that their families had been informed of their survival and that they would be returned to their relatives as soon as possible.  Once they were alone, the three boys agreed to stay in touch and hugged each other.  They were on their way home. They were no longer marooned.  After another day at sea, the ship pulled into a port. They were escorted ashore and, after giving the press an opportunity to talk to them about their ordeal, they were put aboard planes for flights to their hometowns.  Despite their promise, they never saw each other again.

The End.

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