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Matt and Jon
Chapter Thirteen

"Faith is Patience in the Night" - Reprise


When they awoke the next morning, the boys reluctantly packed and put away the sleeping bags and mattresses. They went upstairs to a breakfast that would have been more fitting for a crew of farmhands. Nanna was determined to send her grandsons home on a full stomach. Uncle Tom was carrying a platter of sausages to the table when the boys came in to the dining room. He put down the plate and gave Ryan and LittleTom a hug. Jon and Matt looked on. They knew everything was going to be just fine for them.

After breakfast, they drove to the hospital. Grampa had been moved out of the I.C.U. into a regular room, so all the boys could visit him at the same time. He looked around them, encircling his bed with a broad smile on his face.

“What a fine group of young men. Nanna has told me all about what went on yesterday, so I want to tell you all how I feel. Love is the greatest thing that can happen to you in this life. That is what I wish for all of you, in whatever form it comes. I hope you’re all as lucky as your nanna and me. Sammy, a college man already! Ryan and Jonny facing the world square in the eye! And not-so-little LittleTom. I guess we’ll have to stop calling you that soon, though you’ll always be our baby.”

“You can call me LittleTom, Grampa. Matteo says it’s cool!”

“He does, does he? Matt, come here.”

Matt shyly advanced to the older man’s bedside.

“I guess you’re one of the family now.” He said, taking Matt’s hand in his. “I can tell that you know what I’m talking about when I speak of love.”

“Yes sir.” Matt answered.

“Call me Grampa Joe.”

Matt leaned over and hugged him as Grampa patted his back. All the boys took turns hugging their grandfather and promised to come back for a visit when he was out of the hospital.

“If anything happens to me, always remember that I’ve had all I ever wanted out of life, including the finest grandsons a man could wish for, so don’t be sad. I’m the luckiest man on earth!”

Nanna gave them each a hug and a kiss before they left. When she came to Jon, she remarked,

“I can get my arms around you now. You’re wasting away to nothing!”

Grampa Joe piped up from the bed, “Don’t listen to the old crow, Jonny, you look great. Keep up the good work!”

Jon beamed with pride as they joined the others in the waiting room. They had all their things in Dan’s car so they could leave right from the hospital. The grownups, including Sam went to the cafeteria for coffee, leaving the younger boys alone in the waiting area. They all exchanged screen names and cell numbers and vowed to keep in touch. They all hugged one another. When it was Ryan’s turn to hug Matt, he looked over to Jon.

“Do you mind if I kiss him, Jonny? I want to know what it feels like.”

Jon felt a pang of jealousy, but he kept it in check. How could he refuse his cousin a safe opportunity to experience his first kiss?

Ryan looked into Matt’s eyes. “Do you mind?”

Matt answered by pressing his lips against Ryan’s as he embraced him. After a few seconds, he felt Ryan’s tongue probing against his front teeth. Matt looked at Jon out of the corner of his eye. Jon smiled and nodded. Matt opened his mouth and let Ryan explore. He decided to give him the full treatment, and reciprocated with his own tongue swirling around Ryan’s mouth. After two minutes, Jon cleared his throat loudly.

“Ry, I think by now you probably have a pretty good idea…”

As Matt pulled away, he felt Ryan go limp in his arms and lowered him to a chair where he quickly crossed his legs. When he came back to earth, he excused himself awkwardly and headed for the men’s room with his hands covering his crotch.

“I’d better go check on him. He didn’t look so good.” LittleTom observed as he started out the door.

“Uh, LittleTom, I don’t think that’s a good idea right now. He may need a little time to himself.” Jon said, catching him up by the shoulder. LittleTom gave him a puzzled look which slowly turned to one of understanding. His eyes went wide and he blushed as he giggled.

Ryan returned a few minutes later with a blissful smile on his face. When he saw the three smiling faces looking up at him as he entered the room, it was his turn to blush. He quickly sat down and pretended to busy himself with a magazine. Jon regarded him over the top of his newspaper.

“I didn’t know you were into ‘Ladies Home Journal.’” He teased gently with a mischievous smile dancing in his eyes.

Ryan looked down at the magazine in his hands. “Oh, uh…I uh, like the recipes.”

The other three couldn’t contain themselves, and burst out laughing. Ryan went crimson, and a big dopey grin spread across his face.

“Guess I wasn’t too subtle, huh.”

“It’s okay Ry, everyone does it.” LittleTom said sagely.

“Oh yeah? And when did you start doing it, squirt?”

“Last month, if you MUST know!” LittleTom shot back defensively. This drew howls from the other 3, and LittleTom joined in the laughter.

Just then, the grownups returned from the cafeteria, cardboard cups in hand.

“What’s so funny?” Dan asked.

“Private joke, dad.” Jon told him with a wink at Ryan and LittleTom.

They all said their final goodbyes as they walked out to the parking lot. Standing by the car, Uncle Tom extended his arms to Jon who fell into his embrace.

“Thanks for opening my eyes, Jonny. I love you so much.”

“I love you too, Uncle Tom.”

The emotional stress and the late night card games had finally caught up with the boys. They dozed in the back seat for most of the trip, nestled comfortably together. Sam looked back at them and smiled. He gazed out the window for the next few miles, then looked over at his dad.

“I can drive for awhile if you’re tired.” He offered.

“I’m alright for now. I’ll change with you for the last half hour, though. That seems to be when I feel like I can’t stay awake. Why don’t you see if you can catch a nap now.”

“I’m not really tired…dad? What do you and mom think about Sarah?”

“We like her very much. She’s a smart person and she’s got a charming personality. She’s a real looker too!” He added with a wink.

“Yeah.” Sam agreed. “I think she’s the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen.” His eyes went back to the scenery for awhile.

“Dad, I think she may be the one.”

“Well, she’s a great girl, but what about school? You’re going to different colleges. Either one of you could meet someone else…and, uh, remember what we talked about?”

“Yeah dad, I remember. Truth be told, we haven’t really…you know, gone very far. I thought I wanted to. I even got some…protection for prom night.” He admitted sheepishly. “We just ended up lying on the beach talking all night and watching the sun rise. I don’t even remember what we talked about.”

Dan smiled. “Sounds like love to me. I just don’t want to see you rush in to anything. You’ve got you’re whole life ahead of you.”

“I know dad, but I can’t see myself feeling the same way with anyone else.”

Dan smiled as he reached over and gave Sam’s shoulder a squeeze. “You have to follow your heart son. Don’t listen to me. Maybe I’m just being a cautious old man. What you’ve expressed to me is the same way I felt when I met your mother.”

Sam smiled and looked over his shoulder at the sleeping boys in the back seat.

“I think Jonny and Matt feel the same way.”

They made one brief stop to fill the tank, empty their bladders and change drivers. Dan was nodding off in the front seat while Matt and Jon were wide awake. They were anxious to get home. Matt hadn’t been away from home much, and he really missed his parents. He’d felt a real need to hug his mother ever since finding out about Ryan and LittleTom’s mom. When Sam finally edged the car into the driveway, they were all a little surprised to see the Barker family minivan occupying the space where Shelley’s car usually stood. Ann and Bill opened the front door as they approached the house, and Matt raced into their waiting arms.

He clung to them for dear life. “Mom, dad, I missed you so much.”

Ann looked over Matt’s shoulder at Dan. “It’s been a very emotional week.” Dan told them.

When Matt finally relaxed his grip, Ann greeted the rest of the travelers.

“We thought you might be hungry after your trip, so we came over and fixed some dinner for you.”

They all settled in around the table to Ann’s homemade meat loaf and mashed potatoes. She’d thought of making lasagna, but she knew there was no way she could compete with Nanna’s Italian cooking after hearing Matt rave about it on the phone.

After the breakfast that Nanna had prepared, none of them had felt very much like lunch, and they realized that they hadn’t eaten since. They all appreciated the meal, but to Matt, it tasted like home. Over the table, they filled Ann and Bill in on some of the highlights of the trip.

After they’d eaten, they all pitched in and the cleanup was done in no time. Ann rinsed the last plate and handed it to Matt to load into the dishwasher.

“Are you coming home with us, or do you want to stay here tonight?” She asked her son.

“I think I want to sleep in my own bed tonight.” Matt answered with a warm smile.

“Go put your things in the car then, we’re just about ready to leave.” Ann said, returning the smile. “Matt…it’s good to have you back. We really missed you.”

“I missed you too.”

Jon followed Matt out to the driveway as he went to transfer his luggage from Dan’s car to the minivan.

“Matt, thanks for coming. I never would have been strong enough to stand up to Uncle Tom without you.”

“Don’t sell yourself short. You did all the talking, I didn’t say a word.”

“Yeah, but having you next to me gave me the strength I needed. If you hadn’t have been there, poor Ry would still be living in hell.” Jon said with a shudder.

“Jon, you’re the one who freed him. I know he’ll never forget what you did for him.”

“He probably won’t forget that kiss you gave him anytime soon either!” Jon declared with just a tinge of jealousy edging his voice.

Matt smiled at him in the gathering twilight. He spoke gently. “You call that a kiss? If you want to see a real kiss, why don’t you stay over tonight.”

Jon shuffled his feet in the driveway. “I thought you might want to spend tonight with your family.” He said with his eyes cast down to the black top.

Matt lifted Jon’s suitcase out of the trunk and loaded it into the back of the minivan along side his own. “I do.”

Jon raised his eyes to meet Matt’s and locked there for a moment that rivaled any intimacy they’d shared.

They spent a quiet evening showing off their poker skills to Bill and Ann, and telling them all about the trip in detail. Ann and Bill were very moved by Ryan’s story. It became clear to them when they heard about Jon’s Aunt Cindy why Matt had been so affectionate when he first saw them.

After a few more hands, Bill got up from the table. “I think I’ll check out the news and hit the sack. It’s getting late.”

He wandered into the living room with Ann and they settled in on the couch. As Matt and Jon headed for the stairs, Ann stopped them.

“Do you mind if we come in and say goodnight in a few minutes?”

Both boys smiled at her. “We’d like that.” Matt answered, and they headed up to his room.

When they’d gone, Bill put his arm around his wife. “I guess we’d better get used to the idea that those two are going to stir things up wherever they go. We could be in for a bumpy ride.”

“I’ll fasten my seatbelt.” Ann smiled, leaning her head against her husband’s shoulder as he gave her a squeeze.

Matt and Jon were comfortably settled in bed, each immersed in a book when they heard a knock at the door. Ann and Bill came into the room and sat on the edge of the bed.

“It’s good to have you home.” Ann said as she instinctively fluffed their pillows and tucked the blanket up around them. She had no illusions that the covers would stay as she’d arranged them, but it gave her pleasure to mother her boys.

Bill cleared his throat. “We’re very proud of the way you helped Ryan, but I can’t help but worry a little. Things might not always turn out that well. We don’t want to see you two get hurt.”

“We know dad, we’ll be careful.” Matt assured him.

Bill and Ann kissed the two boys on the forehead and wished them a goodnight as they left the room, closing the door behind them.

“That was nice.” Jon said as he snuggled closer to Matt.

“Yeah. We both lucked out in the family department.”

Since they’d both napped in the car, they were wide awake. Jon pulled the covers back and began making lazy circles with his hand on Matt’s abdomen. “Um, earlier, I believe you mentioned something about a kiss?”

“Did I? I don’t recall…” A devilish smile sparkled on Matt’s lips. Jon tweaked Matt’s nipple through his t-shirt.

“Hey, what was that for?” Matt cried with a yelp.

“You know darn well what that was for. I think you enjoyed kissing Ryan just a little too much.”

Even though he said it playfully, Matt detected a note of genuine feeling behind his words.

“Seriously baby,” Matt said, putting an arm around Jon, “I never would have done it if I thought it wasn’t okay with you. I was just helping out a friend, honest.”

“Poor baby! It must have so hard!” He said, patting the bulge in Matt’s briefs. He was trying not to sound jealous, but it came through in his voice.

“Look, Jon, if you want me to tell you I didn’t enjoy it, I can’t. At least not honestly. Ryan’s a cute guy, and I love him as a friend. Also, the fact that you were watching was…well, kind of turning me on.”

Jon sighed. “I know what you mean. I got a semi just watching you. It was definitely a little kinky watching my boyfriend make out with my cousin! Maybe that’s why I feel funny about it.”

Matt laughed. “Maybe we all should have gone to the men’s room.”

Jon elbowed him playfully in the ribs. “So, are you gonna kiss me or what?”

Matt pinned Jon beneath him and pressed their lips together forcefully. His invading tongue slurped at Jon’s lips until his mouth opened allowing Matt access. They both moaned into each other’s mouth as they continued trying to lick each other’s tonsils. The kiss lasted for more than five minutes and left both boys out of breath and rock hard. Matt flopped back on his pillow.

“Now THAT was a kiss.” He managed to get out between gulps for air.

“Oh God, Matt.” Jon lay panting beside him. He wriggled down, pulling Matt’s underpants off as he went and slipped his hand under Matt, wiggling his middle finger in his crack until it found its target. Matt lifted his legs and spread his cheeks to give him access. Jon lubed his finger with his saliva and continued to work it into Matt as he kissed and licked at his balls.

“Hey, I think these are growing.” Jon observed as he paused to examine the orbs nestled in Matt’s scrotum.

Matt laughed. “I think they’re just full!”

Matt reached into the back of the drawer of his nightstand and found the tube of lube he had hidden there. He tossed it to Jon, who applied it liberally to Matt’s hole. When he felt three fingers gliding effortlessly in and out of Matt’s body, he positioned himself at the opening with Matt’s legs wrapped around him, pulling him in. His erection slid in easily with only the slightest wince from his partner. Jon worked his hips in a slow grinding motion until his passion started to get the better of him. He increased his pace as he leaned over and united his mouth with Matt’s. Even though he was desperate to come, he was determined to make it last as long as he could. He willed himself to slow down again and concentrated on penetrating Matt as deeply as possible with each long stroke. When he couldn’t hold out any longer, he gave in to the waves of pleasure that coursed through his body as he emptied a torrent of semen deep into Matt’s body. Matt contracted his muscles around Jon’s cock, milking every last drop into himself.

Jon remained hard inside of Matt’s trembling body. After a deep kiss, he began to withdraw. Matt clamped down on him and held him with his legs.

“Please, stay. Please Jon…I need you. Don’t go….please…” Matt begged as he began to cry.

Jon was concerned, but he thought he understood that Matt was overloaded, both with the physical and emotional sensations. He lay his forehead on the pillow and whispered into Matt’s ear.

“It’s okay baby, I’m here. I’ve got you baby, it’s okay.”

They just lay still for a few minutes with Matt gently sobbing and Jon whispering loving reassurances when without warning, Matt’s body shuddered. He emitted a whimper as he had his orgasm between their bodies. Jon could feel Matt’s muscle contractions on his still hard cock. Matt’s grip relaxed enough for Jon to reach the towel he’d placed strategically under his pillow. He pulled out of Matt and cleaned them both up as best he could. He folded the towel clean side out and tucked it under Matt.

“Jon,” Matt whispered, “I don’t know what’s wrong with me tonight.”

“It’s okay, Matt,” Jon said as he gathered him in his arms, “the whole trip must be catching up with you.”

“I guess. When mom and dad were saying goodnight, I couldn’t help thinking about Ryan and LittleTom. They must miss their mom a lot.”

“Yeah. I know they do. Aunt Cindy was a great mom, but they still have each other, and now things are better then ever with Uncle Tom. I wouldn’t be surprised if they got a goodnight kiss tonight too.”

“I know…I’m just being silly. I just don’t ever want to lose my mom and dad…or you.” Matt began to sob again in Jon’s arms. Jon held him tighter.

“Shhhh. They’re just down the hall, and I’m right here. I’m not going anywhere. I’m afraid you’re stuck with me baby.”

“Just…hold me.”

“I think I can do that.”

When Matt finally fell asleep, Jon just looked down at his sleeping beauty. He kissed him softly on the cheek and saw a smile form on Matt’s face in his sleep. He thought how lucky he was to have this beautiful angel in his arms. He remembered what Matt had said in his email:

… I know now more than ever that I want to spend my life with you. The good times AND the bad…

He knew that this sudden panic attack was one of the bad times for Matt, and he knew also that he would always be there for him. His young mind wondered at the mysterious ways of love…how hardship seemed to cement the bond between them. Somehow, Matt’s vulnerability made his heart yearn for him all the more. At that moment, he felt the love of a parent, lover, and best friend all rolled into one and focused on the sleeping boy in his arms. He closed his eyes and listened to Matt’s steady breathing. He thought that if they never had any kind of formal blessing of their union, that this moment would be enough for him. He started a prayer of thanks in his mind, but he never reached the amen, as his overtired mind began to give in to a sound peaceful sleep.

Jon awoke the next morning to the sound of birds outside the window and he realized that he and Matt hadn’t moved all night. He needed to go to the bathroom, but he didn’t want Matt to wake up alone. He managed to control himself until Matt’s eyelids fluttered open and he was rewarded with a smile as Matt closed his eyes again and burrowed under his chin.

“I’d love to stay like this all day, but I’ve really got to go.” Jon whispered.

“Me too.” Matt said as he reluctantly disentangled himself from Jon’s embrace.

The two boys padded off to the bathroom and relieved themselves sleepily into the bowl. When they’d finished, Matt looked at Jon and smiled.

“Thank you. I really needed you last night. I don’t know what came over me.”

“Hey,” Jon waved dismissively, “you would have done the same for me. Besides, holding you in my arms is hardly a burden.”

Jon thought for a minute as he shook off the last few drops. “Uh, Matt…about last night. I know you were just reacting to the whole week and all, but if that happens again, would you consider talking to Pastor Margaret? I was a little worried about you, and she knows about stuff like that. Maybe she could help.”

Matt sighed. “Maybe you’re right. I was really freaked out. It just seemed to come out of nowhere. I guess I’ll see if it happens again. Right now I feel fine…just a little foolish.”

Jon grabbed him in a fierce embrace. “You NEVER have to feel foolish with me, do you understand? NEVER EVER!”

“Okay, okay. I get it! Now I feel foolish for feeling foolish!” Matt said as he nibbled at Jon’s earlobe.

Jon patted him on the butt. “Don’t make me spank you again!”

“Oh, I don’t know…it was kinda fun!” Matt purred seductively.

“Yeah, it was, kinda.”

Over breakfast, they talked about getting back to their running routine. They both agreed to start the following morning.

“We could work out this afternoon with Sam if you feel up to it.” Jon offered.

Ann looked across the table at Matt. “Is everything alright?”

“Mom, I’m fine now, really. Last night, I sort of broke down a little. Ever since I found out that Ryan and LittleTom lost their mom, I’ve been…afraid.” He thought for a moment. “Well, maybe that’s not the right word. Logically I know nothing bad is going to happen, but I get this weird feeling sometimes and I can’t make it go away.”

Ann looked at her son with concern in her eyes. “Matt, I think you need to take it easy for awhile. It could be that you’re run down. I don’t want you getting yourself upset. Your father and I plan to stick around for quite awhile.”

“I know, mom. I had a really good night sleep last night, so maybe it’s just a passing thing. I really feel great right now.”

“Okay, I’ll stop worrying, but if it happens again, I want to know about it.” Ann said as she began clearing the table.

After breakfast, the boys fooled around on the computer for awhile. Jon found a gay pride website, and saw that there was going to be a parade in the city.

“Matt, check it out. We should go to this.”

“That would be awesome! Our parents will never let us go, though.”

“Yeah, I guess you’re right…wait a minute!” Jon lit up. “What if Jim and Adam met us at the train?”

“Jon, you’re a genius! We could email Stuart and Tom also!”

They ran downstairs to see what Ann thought of their plans. She was a little concerned, but not entirely opposed to the idea.

“Matt, you just had a troubling experience. I’m not sure that stirring yourself up like this is such a good idea right now.”

“Mom, I feel fine now, and it’s not for another week. I promise I’ll rest up until then and if I have any more…problems, I swear I’ll tell you and if you don’t want me to go, I won’t argue!”

“Okay, fair enough, but we still have to discuss it with your father and Jon’s parents, so don’t go getting your hopes up. If Dan and Shelley say no, then I’m afraid that goes for you too, Matt.”

Matt laughed. “I wouldn’t want to go without Jon anyway.”

“It means a lot to you, doesn’t it…to be proud of who you are, and of each other?” Ann searched their faces and saw her answer. The fact that they were both nodding in the affirmative was superfluous. “All right,” she said with a smile, “we’ll discuss your crusading later, go be fourteen year old boys for awhile, okay?”

“Okay mom, if it’ll make you happy, we’ll go set something on fire or blow something up.” Matt said with a mischievous grin.

“I meant be GOOD fourteen year old boys, if such a thing is possible. Play ball, or fly a kite or something…OR there’s some yard work that needs doing, Mr. Smarty Pants!”

Both boys laughed as they headed for the door. “Okay, okay, we’ll be good!”

Matt stopped and came back to Ann and hugged her tight. He gave her a kiss.

“I love you mom.”

“I love you too, baby sweetums!”

Jon burst into giggles. “I couldn’t get it out of dad, but I knew I’d find out sooner or later!”

“Oh Matt! I’m so sorry…it just kind of slipped out. I didn’t mean to embarrass you.” Ann was horrified.

A blushing Matt laughed along with Jon. “Oh, that’s okay mom, I guess I don’t have any secrets from Jon anymore.”

It was Ann’s turn to be mischievous. “In that case, maybe I should tell him about the time you…”


“Okay, okay, you two run along…play nice!”

Jon was standing at the door, ready to run. “Yeah, c’mon baby sweetums!” He said as he bolted out the door with Matt on his heels.

Laughing and rolling around on the grass was a great feeling. They were best friends enjoying a beautiful day, the terror of the night completely forgotten in the warmth of the sun.

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