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Matt and Jon

Chapter 15

Just As We Are


Jon and Matt awoke with a start the next morning to the sound of a crash coming from downstairs.

“What the hell was that?” Matt sat bolt upright in the bed.

“I don’t know! It came from the living room.” Jon said with alarm.

They put on their bathrobes and met Sam on the landing. Ryan and LittleTom were peering from the door of the guestroom in their boxers and ran to get their robes. They exchanged puzzled looks and ran to the living room to find Dan and Shelley already there.

“Don’t touch anything. I called the police.” Dan warned.

In the middle of the living room floor was a brick with a note attached. Glass from the picture window was all over the carpet. Seconds later the phone rang. Dan picked it up.

“Bill…yeah, same here…no, I haven’t read it yet. I didn’t want to disturb anything before the police…oh God! Okay, hang on.”

He carefully made his way through the shards of broken glass and carefully turned the note over with the eraser of a pencil. His face fell as he read the words of hate. He went back to the phone.

“It’s pretty much the same. Stupid bastards don’t even know how to spell ‘parade.’ Yeah, okay…I’ll call you as soon as they leave. Yeah, you too…tell her he’s fine, no one got hurt…Okay, I’ll tell her…yeah, bye.” He hung up the phone with all eyes in the room on him.

“What does it say, dad?” Jon asked hesitantly.

“Well,” Dan began, “it seems you two made the 6 o’clock news last night. You were in a clip from the parade.”

“Oh noooo.” Matt wailed as his body sunk to the couch, his head in his hands.

“This is all my fault Jon. I’m so sorry.”

Jon sat down next to him and put his arms around him with his chin resting on the top of his head.

“No Matt, don’t feel like that. I wanted to go as much as you.”

Dan stood behind the couch with a hand on each boy. “Neither of you is to blame for this. We should have known something like this could happen. Anyway, it happened, now we have to deal with it.”

Jon sighed. “Well, school is going to be interesting, I guess.”

Matt gave a strained laugh. “Yeah, I guess no one will want to shower with us now.”

“Dad…what exactly does it say?” Jon pressed.

Dan sighed and shook his head. “I wish I could protect you from this, but you’ll have to know eventually. It says: ‘saw you on the news at the fag parade. Death to all fags. We’ll be back.’ The damn cowards didn’t have the balls to sign it.”

A chill went through the room. The boys clung to each other and sobbed. They never knew what it felt like to be hated before now. Ryan and LittleTom tried to soothe them, but they were just as scared.

Sam shook with rage. “It’s a good thing for them that they DIDN’T sign it.” He said, balling his hands into fists.

“Calm down Sam. We have to let the police deal with this.” Dan said.

Sam punched the recliner with all his might, then he seemed to calm down a little.

“Dad, I think I should postpone going to school for a year. I could go to school with Jonny and Matt. We’ll make sure they get all the same classes, and I could go to Community at night.”

Jon and Matt got up and walked over to him. Jon hugged him fiercely. “We can’t let you do that Sam. College is too important. We’ll be okay. We’ve got Chet, and the faculty will keep an eye out. We don’t even know if these jerks go to our school anyway.”

Shelley crossed the room and put a hand on Sam’s shoulder. “Let’s not make any rash decisions until we hear what the police have to say.” She kissed all three boys on the cheek. “Never forget how many people love you.” The boys smiled at her. She had the mother’s gift of knowing the right thing to say.

They saw the police car pull up outside and two uniformed officers came up the walk and knocked on the door. Dan opened the door and invited them in. They looked at the damage and the brick. One officer bent down and examined the note carefully. He stood up shaking his head and sighed.

“Mr. Kent, we have to call in the county police hate crimes squad on this one. We’ll stay with you until they arrive. Shouldn’t be too long. In the meantime, is there anything you can tell us about who did this?”

Dan filled them in on the boys being on the news and the similar incident at the Barker’s house which they already had heard about. The other officer spoke to Matt and Jon. He was very kind and reassuring.

“Look you guys, I know it’s rough for you but I have to ask you a question and I want you to think about it carefully before you answer. Can you think of anyone who might want to do this to you? Did you have a fight with someone, or any trouble lately?”

Jon and Matt thought hard, but between them they couldn’t think of a single person that had this much anger toward them. The officer looked at them with sad eyes.

“Don’t worry. We’re going to get whoever did this. In the meantime, there’s going to be a patrol car in the area 24/7. All you have to do is call. Now why don’t you go and get dressed. The detective will be here soon, and will want to talk to you.”

They had planned on going to church that morning. It was still early, as the attack had taken place just after dawn, and the service didn’t start until 11:00, so they decided to put on their church clothes to save time in case they were able to go. Matt put on his new dress shirt from Glen and Roy, and the cufflinks from Miss S. Lastly, he took his new watch lovingly out of the box and fingered the engraving on the back. Jon saw him put it on for the first time, and a tear welled up in his eye. He came over to Matt and kissed him on the cheek.

“Some happy birthday, huh.” He said with a lopsided smile.

Matt took him firmly by the shoulders. “This…this THING…happened today, okay? NOT yesterday!” He wasn’t even aware that he was raising his voice and shaking Jon a little as he spoke. “Nothing is EVER going to mar my memory of yesterday, NOT EVER, do you understand! This thing that happened TODAY is just some shit we have to get through. What happened YESTERDAY is what we’ll remember. The parade, the party…” his voice began to soften. “You in your birthday suit.” They giggled as Matt took Jon in his arms. “Yesterday was the day my sweetie said he’d be mine and I’d be his forever. That’s what I’LL remember.”

Everyone was a little surprised when they came down to greet the detective in their Sunday finest, with smiles on their faces like nothing had happened. The detective sat in the chair and indicated that the boys should sit on the couch.

“Okay, I gather the officer asked you if you know who could have done this?” He looked at them questioningly. They both nodded and proceeded to tell him the same thing as they told the patrolman.

They told him about the parade and being on the news. It seemed surreal to them to be sitting calmly in the Kent’s living room having a frank discussion about their orientation with a police detective. The detective listened attentively, and took notes occasionally. When they had told him all they had to say, he closed his notebook and smiled at them.

“Boys, thank you for being so open with me. It’s a big help if we’re going to catch whoever did this. There’s a chance that this was a one-time prank, but I’m not going to lie to you. There is a chance that you could be in danger. For the time being, I’m going to ask you not to go anywhere alone. It’s just a precaution, but I think it’s best not to take chances. We’re going to run some tests on the brick and the note, but they probably weren’t stupid enough to leave any fingerprints.” He handed a card to each of them. “If you remember anything that might help, or if anything else happens, call me directly, anytime, okay?”

The boys nodded and thanked him. As he rose to leave, Dan approached him and walked him to the door.

“Thanks for being so understanding, detective.” He said as they shook hands.

“Mr. Kent, I’ve seen a lot of incidents like this, and it never fails to make me sick. I want you to know, that in the department, we’re professionals. No matter what our personal beliefs, we take these crimes very seriously. If you receive less than professional treatment from any law enforcement officer, I want to know about it. The boys aren’t the criminals here.”

He turned to go, then stopped and faced the boys again. “On a personal note, my 20 year old son and his college roommate are very happy together. I admit it took some getting used to on my part, but I’m very proud of him…and Lars for that matter, and I look at each one of these crimes as if it happened to them.”

The boys came to the door and shook the detective’s hand and thanked him for telling them about his son. He told them he was on his way to the Barker’s house next, and he didn’t expect to find anything different.

Sam, Ryan and LittleTom had already begun cleaning up the broken glass while Shelley supervised. Dan measured the window and he and the boys went to the garage to see if there was a sheet of plywood big enough to cover it temporarily. When order had been restored as best as it could be for the time being, they all resumed their morning routines pretty much on schedule. Coffee was brewed, showers were taken, just like any other Sunday morning. There seemed to be no question that they all planned to attend church that morning. Matt called home and spoke with his parents. His mother’s relief at the sound of his voice was palpable on the other end of the phone.

After a light breakfast, they headed off to church. Bill and Ann were waiting for them in the parking lot, and gathered Matt into their arms as soon as he emerged from the car.

“Oh Matt, are you all right? My poor baby.” Ann cooed as she practically smothered her only son.

“Mom, it’s okay. Really. We’re just going to have to be careful for awhile. I’m okay. I’m not going to let them win.”

She held him at arms length and saw the look of pride and determination on his young face. She noticed for the first time how handsome he looked in his new clothes as he stood there clutching his hymnal.

“You’re better than ‘okay.’” She told him. “You’re a brave man, Matthew Barker!” She leaned in and gave him a kiss on the lips.

She turned to face Jon and kissed him as well. “You too, Jonathan Kent.”

As they entered the building, there were a few curious looks from members of the congregation. It seems that word had spread of the boy’s television debut. They walked into the sanctuary with their heads held high. Jon noticed an elderly couple whispering animatedly, the woman pointing at them. He held his hand up to Matt’s ear in an exaggerated pantomime of whispering and pointed back at the old battle ax, who quickly looked away.

Matt chuckled. “Don’t be mean honey, they can’t help it. They’ve probably never seen a homo up close.”

“Well, they had it coming.” Jon snorted as he sat down. An evil grin crossed his lips. “Why don’t we give them a REAL show!” He whispered into Matt’s ear.

Matt giggled and blushed. “Don’t you dare! Now behave yourself!”

The boys relaxed as the prelude began and the congregation began to focus on worship. It was a beautiful service, and the boys all but forgot about their troubles. They were a little disappointed at first that the Senior Pastor was giving the sermon. They always liked to hear Pastor Margaret preach. They managed to pay attention anyway, and it turned out to be a very good sermon.

During the time of joys and concerns, a man in the front row stood up and asked for prayers for the moral fiber of the youth of the community with a pointed look in the boy’s direction. Jon and Matt were incensed that someone would use this forum to deliver a thinly veiled message of intolerance. After several other legitimate offerings, Matt felt himself rise before he was even aware of what he was doing. The usher brought him the wireless mic. Every eye in the room was fixed on him. His voice was a little unsteady as he began.

“Early this morning, just after dawn, two incidents occurred. One at my home, and one at the Kent’s. They were acts of hatred and violence.” Jon stood next to him as he continued. “I guess it’s no secret that Jon and I have become the new media sensation.” He allowed a smile to spread across his face as the congregation laughed nervously. “We want you, our brothers and sisters, to know that we’re not ashamed, and we’d like to offer prayers for the people who violated our homes that they may be healed in heart and spirit.”

The congregation broke out in spontaneous applause. As it died down, Jon picked up Matt’s hymnal and consulted the index. He opened the book to number 357 and quietly began to sing “Just as I am Without One Plea.” Matt put his arm around his waist and read over his shoulder, joining in on the melody. As Matt joined him, Jon switched effortlessly in mid-phrase to the tenor line. Stuart and Tom stood, hymn books in hand and filled in the bass part. Pastor Margaret’s rich alto joined next as people all around them opened their books and began to sing along. By the time the song had ended, everyone in the room was singing. Even the man who made the earlier comment had found it in his heart to join in. When the last à cappella phrase died away in the room, Pastor Margaret whispered “Amen.”

When the prayer had ended, she suggested that the final hymn be changed to number 570, “Help Us Accept Each Other.” After Glen hurriedly flipped the pages, the congregation rose and sang the beautiful timely hymn with one voice.

At the coffee hour, the boys received many hand shakes, and pats on the back, and several hugs. They were reassured that this was their home and no matter what, they were welcome. Pastor Margaret was great. She told them that they could talk to her about anything, anytime. They told her about the events of the morning and it shocked her to know that anyone in the community could act with such hatred and violence.

Tom and Stuart were irate when Matt told them what had happened. The boys calmed them down, telling them that they refused to let the incident tarnish a wonderful day in their memory.

Ryan was standing with the boys when another boy approached. Matt and Jon knew Eric for years. He’d gone all through Sunday School with them, but he went to a different school, so they didn’t see much of him outside of church. He looked at the floor nervously as he spoke.

“I uh, saw you on the news last night, and I was, uh proud to know you.” He looked up into the boy’s faces and was reassured by their smiles.

“Thanks Eric. You’re among friends. That is, if you’re telling us what I think you’re telling us.” Matt said gently and extended his hand to the boy.

“Uh, yeah, I guess I am.” He took Matt’s hand and shook it.

Jon offered his hand to Eric as well. “Oh, and this is my cousin Ryan from Maryland. He’s proud of us too.” Jon giggled when he saw Eric’s face light up.

Jon took Matt’s hand. “Let’s go check out the coffee table. I just had a yen for a doughnut.” He said as he led Matt away, leaving Ryan and Eric to get acquainted.

“So,” Ryan began, “I can’t believe what happened at Jonny’s house this morning. Who would do such a thing?”

“Matt didn’t say what happened exactly.”

“Someone threw a brick through the window with a hate note.”

“You’re kidding! They don’t deserve that! No one does!”

“I know. Jonny and Matteo are like, the coolest people in the world. They helped me come out to my father. They’re like brothers to me. It makes me so mad that anyone would do this.”

“You call him Matteo?” Eric looked surprised.

“Oh, I forgot. It’s a nickname we made up for him when he visited at my grandparents house. My grandfather had a heart attack, and Matteo came all the way to Philadelphia to be with Jonny. They really love each other a lot. It’s so cool. Why can’t people see how great it is that they have each other?”

They talked for awhile about the incident, all the while checking each other out. There was a chemistry between them that they couldn’t hide. Ryan was fascinated by Eric’s soft light brown hair and deep brown eyes. They were a little shy at first, but after talking for a while, they were like old friends. Ryan sought out his aunt.

“Oh hi Ryan, I see you met Eric.” Shelley said as she greeted them.

“Aunt Shelley, is it okay for Eric to stay over tonight? He loves playing poker.”

“I don’t see why not. Why don’t we make sure if it’s okay with your mother. I see her over there talking to the pastor.”

They made their way over to Eric’s mother, who greeted them warmly. She had no objection to Eric spending the night at the Kent’s. After the coffee hour, they followed Eric’s family to their house so Eric could get a change of clothes and his toothbrush. Back at the house, they all hung out in Jon’s room and took turns playing video games, and just hanging out. They helped Shelley by setting the table, and they all sat down to a great Sunday dinner. Shelley had made a roast leg of lamb in honor of her nephews’ visit. The boys were starving, and by the time they finished, there weren’t any leftovers.

The boys all watched a movie in the den after the meal. LittleTom sprawled on the carpet, while Sam claimed the recliner, leaving the other four boys on the couch which suited them fine. Matt snuggled against Jon as Eric and Ryan eyed them longingly. Eric moved a little closer to Ryan and smiled at him. Ryan put his arm on the back of the couch behind Eric, and gradually worked it to be around his shoulders. Eric rested his head against Ryan’s shoulder.

When the movie was over, they got out their sleeping bags and turned the den into their fort, like they had in Philadelphia and got ready to play some poker. Eric got his overnight bag, and pulled out a pair of pajamas.

“Is there someplace I can change?” He asked, a little shyly.

“Well,” Ryan grinned at him, “usually we just hang out in our underwear…unless you’re uncomfortable with that…”

Eric smiled and his face flushed pink. “No, no. That’s okay. When in Rome…” He said while unbuttoning his shirt.

Ryan tried not to stare, but he couldn’t take his eyes off of Eric as he removed his clothing. When they slid their pants to the floor, both of them stepped out of them quickly and lay down on their stomachs to hide their obviously tented crotches. They played for about a half hour when Ryan rolled over and stood up.

“I’m thirsty. I’m going to get some water.”

“Me too,” Eric joined him, “I’ll come with you.”

“Yeah, me too!” LittleTom chimed in.

“Uh LittleTom,” Jon put his hand on the boy’s shoulder, “why don’t you wait ‘til they get back. Poker’s more fun with four, and we can play a few hands while they’re gone.”

Ryan and Eric smiled gratefully at Jon, who winked at them slyly. As they left the room, Ryan took Eric’s hand and led him in the direction of the guest room instead of the kitchen. When he’d closed the guest room door behind them, he turned to face Eric.

“I just had to talk to you alone. Eric, I really like you. I know I live in Maryland, and it’s going to suck when I have to leave, but while I’m here is it okay if I think of you as my boyfriend?”

“Oh Ryan. I like you too. A lot. I hate that you don’t live here, but while you’re here, I’d be honored to be your boyfriend. I guess we’ll have to see where it takes us. I’ve never been with a boy before and I want you to be the first.”

Ryan’s face lit up like the sunrise. “May I kiss you?”

Eric closed his eyes in answer as Ryan moved closer. The instant their lips touched, two teen erections swelled to full hardness and nudged against each other through the fabric of the tented briefs.

Eric giggled. “Looks like they have minds of their own!”

Ryan tightened the embrace and gyrated against him as he resumed the kiss. Eventually, their tongues found each other’s mouths, as their lips parted. Ryan knew that if this kept up, he’d come then and there right in his underwear. He reluctantly broke the embrace and led Eric to the bed. He slowly pulled Eric’s T-shirt up and over his head. Eric returned the favor. As they both stood there in nothing but their tented briefs, Eric blushed and looked at the floor. When Ryan reached for the waistband of his briefs, Eric put up a hand to stop him.

“What’s the matter?” Ryan asked with concern. “I thought you wanted this.”

“Oh, I do Ryan…it’s just that…I’m kinda shy. I’ll get over it, I promise.”

Ryan leaned in and kissed him on the top of his down turned head. “Take your time, Eric. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. We can go back and join the others if you want.”

“No!” Eric blurted out. “I’m being silly. It’s just that no one’s seen it in a long time, and I…I…”

Ryan stepped back from him and pulled his briefs down and stepped out of them. He spread his arms and legs wide, wearing nothing but a dopey grin.

“Does this help?”

Eric gasped as he took in the sight before him. Ryan’s six and a half inches stood straight out from his beautiful body and his balls hung gracefully between his legs.

“Oh God, Ryan, you’re perfect! May I touch it?”

Ryan nodded. Eric reached out and felt Ryan’s cock lovingly. He giggled as he stroked it gently.

“Feels funny to do it to someone else.”

“Hey, slow down there. I don’t want to get you all sticky before I even get to unwrap your package.” Ryan said with a wink.

Eric blushed and a shy smile formed on his face. “I’m ready.”

Ryan sat down on the bed and took him between his legs and slowly lowered his underpants, carefully pulling the waistband out and over his straining penis. His soft brown patch of pubic hair came into view, with the most perfectly shaped dick that Ryan could have imagined. Five and a half inches with a nice upward curve. Next he saw his balls, nestled in their smooth sac, pulled slightly into his body. Ryan almost cried as he let the underwear fall to the floor. He’d waited so long for this moment. He couldn’t believe his eyes.

“Eric, you’re so beautiful. You have nothing to be ashamed of.” He whispered as he took Eric in hand and stroked him gently.

He looked up into Eric’s eyes and saw a tear form. “No one has ever called me beautiful before.”

“Well get used to it. I plan to tell you that often. You’re beautiful, Eric Martin. All of you.”

Eric sunk into his lap and wrapped his arms around his neck. With their heads on each other’s shoulders, they rocked back and forth and cried quietly. After awhile, they lay back on the bed next to each other and let their hands roam over each other, exploring their bodies. Their kisses were soft, gentle and loving. Ryan slowly made his way down Eric’s body leaving a trail of kisses that made Eric giggle. When he reached his goal, he paused for a moment, and inhaled the sweet scent of his lover. He’d dreamed about doing this for so long, and now he was about to take another boy’s penis in his mouth for the first time. He kissed the tip and let his tongue lick against the head, savoring each sensation. As he wrapped his lips around the shaft, Eric let out a moan of ecstasy.

“That feels so good. Turn around so I can taste you too.” Eric whispered throatily.

They rearranged themselves on the bed so that they each had access. Ryan picked up where he’d left off on Eric’s shaft, taking him deep into his throat. Eric let his tongue explore Ryan’s equipment, giving him a thorough tongue bath, before taking him into his mouth and swirling his velvety tongue around the shaft. He could feel Ryan moan on his dick, and could feel the hot breath from his nostrils on his balls. He began to work on Ryan the way he was doing to him. The boys bobbed up and down, and increased their suction. Soon they both started instinctively bucking their hips, thrusting themselves into each other’s mouths. Eric was determined to wait for Ryan, but he couldn’t hold back any longer and began flooding Ryan’s mouth with his semen. Ryan suckled and swallowed greedily. He couldn’t get enough of his boyfriend’s juices.

With his cock softening in Ryan’s mouth, he went back to work in earnest on Ryan’s, and before long he was rewarded with his come spraying the back of his throat. He wanted to drink of him desperately, and milked as much of the sweet boy juice out of him that he could. They lay there for awhile, kissing and licking up stray drops, and petting each other affectionately. Ryan turned around so they could share a passionate kiss that tasted of their mingled juices. When they came up for air, they lay forehead to forehead, staring into each other’s eyes with broad smiles on their faces.

“So,” Ryan whispered, “still shy?”

Eric giggled. “Not with you. How could I be shy around a guy who has my sperm in his belly?”

Ryan thought about it for a moment. “Yeah, and mine’s in yours. That is SO cool!”

“I can think of somewhere else I’d like you to put it.” Eric said seductively as he wiggled his eyebrows at his lover.

“Yeah, me too…only not tonight. I don’t get to hang with my cousins that much and I don’t want them to think I’m blowing them off. We should get back soon.”

Eric sighed. “You’re right. They’re great guys. Listen, I know I can’t stay over every night you’re here, but maybe we could get together in the daytime tomorrow. My folks will be at work, and my sister is baby sitting all day.”

Ryan smiled. “I like the way you think.” He said with a wink as he dragged himself off the bed and retrieved his underwear.

When they both looked presentable, they gave each other a final hug.

“Ryan, this was so special for me. I just wanted to tell you that I think you’re beautiful too.”

Down in the kitchen, the others were raiding the fridge for a midnight snack. When Eric and Ryan walked in holding hands with huge smiles on their faces, LittleTom’s face lit up.

“Ryan’s got a boyfriend, Ryan’s got a boyfriend!” He sang out gleefully.

Matt rolled his eyes at Jon. “You little brothers never give up!”

Nothing could make a dent in Ryan’s mood. He walked over and gave his kid brother a brief hug and messed up his hair.

“Yeah, I guess I do, squirt!”

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