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Matt and Jon

Chapter 22

Todd lay awake in bed the night before the trial. The assistant D.A. had told him that the two men had pleaded not guilty at the arraignment, and had moved to have Todd’s testimony disallowed. Their attorney argued that they were in a private car, and had a reasonable expectation of privacy, and that Todd, in effect, was spying on them. When the judge ruled on the motion, he was not happy to have the court’s time wasted. He pointed out that they were parked on a public street where anyone could see them.

He peered at the defendants over his glasses. “Surely your clients are aware that there are people who can read lips!”

Todd smiled in the darkness. He wished he’d been there to see it. The defendants had waived their right to a trial by jury. The Assistant D.A. explained that there was no way the defense lawyer was going to have the cute loveable boys paraded before a group of sympathetic grandmother types.

Todd was confident about what he saw, but he couldn’t help but feel nervous. This was the first time he’d ever been in a court room, let alone as a witness. He didn’t want to let his friends down. A light flashed above his bed, signaling that his mother was “knocking” at his bedroom door. He called for her to come in.

She sat on the edge of his bed. “Can’t sleep?” She asked, taking his hand in hers.

“I’m just a little nervous about tomorrow. I don’t want to mess up.” Todd sighed.

“Just do what the assistant D.A. told you and answer the questions. I know you’ll do just fine. I’m taking the day off from work to be there, and your friends will be there.”

Todd thought of Joel and smiled. Jane kissed him on the cheek and tucked the covers around him and left the room. Todd fell into a deep contented sleep.

Matt and Jon had been allowed to spend the night together because they were excused from school the next day for the trial. Before they went to bed, Ann had admonished them.

“Go right to sleep tonight. You want to be wide awake tomorrow, so no ‘video games,’ okay?”

Both boys blushed furiously as they headed up to bed, knowing there was no way they could get to sleep without some relief. It had been days since they had been alone. They crawled under the covers naked and met in the middle. Their hands explored as their tongues caressed. Physically and spiritually, they became one person as their bodies melded into each other. Both boys became hard instantly at the intimate contact, and began to slowly hump into each other. Eventually, they broke the kiss, and Matt licked his way lovingly down Jon’s body, at the same time maneuvering himself so that Jon had oral access to him. They wasted no time swirling their tongues around each others shafts, and delighting in the sensations they were producing in each other. They decided not to hold back, and soon were on the edge of climax. Jon moaned into Matt’s crotch, and as Matt returned the favor, they rode the wave, depositing their offerings into one another.

When they’d regained normal breathing, they gently kissed and nibbled at each others equipment for awhile before Matt joined Jon at the head of the bed. They shared a hug, clinging to each other, cheek to cheek as though their lives depended on it.

When they separated, they looked into each other’s eyes. “Matt, let’s sleep like this. I want your face to be the first thing I see when I wake up.”

“Yeah, and the last thing I see before I fall asleep.” Matt rejoined.

They smiled in the faintly moonlit room, and closed their eyes. Neither one knew that both of them opened their eyes several more times for a last look before falling into a deep and blissful sleep.

Matt and Jon and their parents met up with Jane and Todd, and Joel and his father on the courthouse steps. Joel was a clone of his father, only not as tall. He was a friendly man who was happy to meet his son’s new friends and their parents.

After a final briefing from the prosecutor, they took their seats in the courtroom. Matt and Jon didn’t have to testify, because they hadn’t actually seen anything that would link the defendants to the crimes. The police reports were accepted as evidence of the two incidents.

The prosecutor called Joel to the stand first. After he was sworn in, he showed him the paper on which he had written down Todd’s observations of the conversation and asked him to verify that he had written down what Todd had told him the two men were saying. He also asked him if the men in the car that day were present. When Joel had answered him, the prosecutor sat down and the defense attorney began his cross examination. He was a pompous little man with an air of superiority that Joel took an instant dislike to.

“I commend you on your penmanship, Mr. Salinsky. Do you always write this well under pressure?” He asked with a smug air.

“Well, my normal handwriting is better, actually, but I’m used to taking notes in class so it really isn’t a big deal.”

“I see.” He snorted. “Joel, do you know either of the defendants?”

“No sir.” Joel replied.

“You’ve never seen either of them before, even around town?”

“No sir, I never saw them before that day, you know, in the car.”

“I see. Do you know a boy named Clarence Shadsky?”

Joel looked puzzled for a second, then comprehension dawned on his face. “Oh, you mean Shade?”

“Yes, I believe that is the name he goes by. The gentleman on the right is his uncle.”

Joel squinted across the table and noted the resemblance as the attorney went on.

“Joel, has this…Shade ever hurt you?”

“No, not really. He calls me names, that’s all.”

“Oh? What are some of those names?”

Joel looked down at the floor and mumbled. “Do I have to say? It’s…embarrassing.”

The judge sighed. “It’s okay son. Answer the question.”

“He says things about me being Jewish, and…uncoordinated mostly. Sometimes he calls me…bad names for homosexuals because I’m a good student and I’m not so good in sports.”

The attorney paced in front of him. “Did this make you angry?”

“Yeah.” Joel answered uncomfortably.

“So you admit you had a grudge against this boy.”

“I mostly just try to avoid him, sir.”

“Well I think you cooked up this plan with your friend to get back at Clarence through his family!”

“Objection your honor!” The prosecutor was on his feet. “Is there a question in there, or is Mr. Warner starting his summation early?”

“Sustained!” The judge bellowed. “If you hadn’t objected, I would have! Really Mr. Warner! There’s no jury here so you can save the theatrics.”

“Sorry your honor. I have nothing further for this witness.”

On re-direct, the prosecutor had a few questions for Joel, who was relieved when he was told that he was almost finished on the stand.

“Joel, did you know that Clarence Shadsky had an uncle?”

“No sir.”

“Do you know where Clarence Shadsky lives?”

“No sir.”

“Have you ever thought about getting even with him for his remarks?”

Joel thought for a minute. “I’ve thought about taking karate lessons so I wouldn’t have to be afraid to stand up to him, but nothing like this.”

“Thank you for your honesty Joel. I have one last question. Can you think of any benefit to convicting the wrong people in this case?”

“No sir. That would mean that the real guys would still be around, and none of us would feel safe.”

“Thank you Joel, I have no further questions.”

When the judge excused him, Joel almost tripped over his feet in his haste to get off of the hot seat. Todd grinned and thought to himself, “God, I love that boy!”

Next it was Todd’s turn to take the stand. All of his nerves vanished when he exchanged a smile with Joel on his way to the witness stand. After he’d been sworn in, Todd sat down and smiled confidently at the prosecutor, who was approaching the stand with the sheet of paper with Joel’s transcription of the conversation. After Todd confirmed that the two men seated at the defendants table were the ones who he had seen that day, and a brief description of how he happened to be there at the time, the prosecutor handed him the paper.

“Todd, would say that is an accurate transcript of the exchange between the defendants in the car that day?”

Todd didn’t have to read it to answer. “Yes sir, to the letter.”

“Would you read it for the record please?”

Todd cleared his throat and read the conversation to the court, even though the hateful words tasted vile in his mouth. When he’d finished, he looked up at the prosecutor expectantly.

“Thank you Todd. I know that wasn’t easy. I have no further questions.”

Todd was leery of the defense attorney right away, as he swaggered to the stand.

“Mr. Austin, how did you happen to observe my clients at first?”

“Well, sometimes I see a part of a conversation out of the corner of my eye, just like you’d overhear something that would make you take notice.”

“I see, and what made you notice my clients?”

“The words ‘little fags’ sir.” Todd said, blushing.

“So you saw this out of context. Is it possible that in your desire to help your friends, or maybe to be a hero in their eyes, that you…embroidered on the conversation a little bit?”

“No sir! That’s exactly what they said, I swear!”

“Did it occur to you at the time that they could have been talking about a television show or a movie they’d recently seen?”

“No sir.”

“Now that you think about it, isn’t that a possibility?”

“I don’t believe so, sir.”

“You don’t BELIEVE so. I see.” He then addressed the judge. “Your honor, with the courts permission, I’d like to have a demonstration of the witnesses’ lip reading ability.”

The judge regarded him over his glasses. “I think that’s what we’ve been seeing throughout his testimony, Mr. Warner. This had better not be more grandstanding.”

“Your honor, we have the right to establish his abilities if his testimony is based on those abilities. I’m aware that Mr. Austin is highly skilled…at this distance. But from across the street? I have my doubts.”

The judge sighed. “Very well Mr. Warner, I’ll allow it.”

The attorney thanked the judge, and turned to Todd.

“Todd, would you say that the exit is about the same distance from you as the gentlemen in the car that day?”

Todd considered the question. “Um, it’s a little closer, actually.”

“Very well. I’m going to stand in the back of the room and say a simple phrase, and I want you to repeat what I’ve said, just like you did on the street that day, okay?”

As Mr. Warner walked to the back of the room, Todd couldn’t help but be nervous. He knew he was going to try and trick him.

When the attorney had taken up his position by the door, he faced Todd and recited the lyrics to an old song very quickly. The prosecutor was halfway out of his chair to object when Todd grinned and held up his hand.

“It’s from an old song my father used to sing around the house when I was little. It sounds like nonsense when you say it fast, but when you slow it down, it says “mares eat oats and does eat oats and little lambs eat ivy.’ It’s the Andrew Sisters, I think. I haven’t thought about that for years.”

The court room erupted in spontaneous applause. Even the judge laughed out loud. When order was restored, Mr. Warner slumped into his seat and mumbled.

“Nothing further.”

The judge excused Todd from the witness stand and declared a recess for lunch. The boys and their parents went across the street to a diner and took up two tables. They dug into their food with appreciation. Joel regarded Todd over his tuna sandwich.

“Todd, you were awesome in there!”

Todd grinned. “You weren’t so bad yourself! I’m just lucky he picked a song I knew.”

Matt looked at Todd. “You mean if you hadn’t known it you wouldn’t have been able to repeat it?”

Todd thought about it. “I dunno, maybe I could have done it phonetically, but if I didn’t know it was a bunch of gibberish, I would have thought I was getting it wrong.”

Jon looked at Todd and Joel sitting across the booth from them. “You guys make a great team.”

They blushed and smiled as they stuffed their mouths with French fries.

When they returned to the court house, Mr. Landers, the A.D.A. met them in the hallway.

“You boys did great in there this morning. I was able to make a deal with them. It’s all over.”

When the boys finished high fiving each other and slapping each other on the back, he went on to explain the deal. The two men had to make full restitution for the damage they’d caused. They’d each be spending 30 days as guests of the county, and another two years on probation. An order of protection had been issued, barring them from any further contact with any of the parties involved.

Everyone seemed satisfied with the arrangement, and after they all shook hands with Mr. Landers, they headed out for the parking lot. Matt called Trevor and left a voice mail telling him to tell the gang the news.

Shelley consulted her watch. “I guess it’s too late to go for the rest of school, by the time we got you there it would be almost 2:00. What do you want to do for the rest of the day?”

Matt smiled at her. “Do you think you could drop us off at Mel’s? Trevor said he’d get my assignments and meet me there.”

All the parents agreed that that would be fine, and before long the boys were sitting at the counter sipping sodas, and gradually the gang started to filter in. Trevor had spread the word, and the mood was jubilant. Everyone congratulated the boys and they all moved to a table. After a few minutes of celebration, Charlie Pierce came in. He had a worried look on his face.

Matt excused himself and went to talk to Charlie.

“Hey Charlie, did you hear about the trial?”

“Yeah, and so did Shade. His father called his cell.”

Matt immediately knew why Charlie looked worried.

“Matt, you guys better steer clear of him for awhile. Okay?”

“Yeah, thanks Charlie. I appreciate you telling us.”

Charlie smiled an awkward grin at Matt. “No sweat, Barker, just don’t tell him I told you.” He turned and left the sweet shop.

Matt took no time filling in the rest of the gang. Charlie’s news definitely put a damper on the celebration. Jon sighed and rested his head on his hands.

“I thought we finally didn’t have to be afraid.”

Matt put a hand on his shoulder. “Don’t worry, it’ll blow over. He’s mostly talk anyway.”

They heard a voice from behind them. “Awww, isn’t that sweet.” They spun around face to face with Shade. “You little freaks better hope I don’t catch you alone, especially spaz and retard over there. You’re the ones who set my uncle up, and I won’t forget it.” He said with a sneer as he walked over to the counter.

Jon called home, and soon his mother was outside in the minivan. They all piled in and she took them all home. Todd was having dinner at Joel’s house, so she saw them safely to the door.

They went inside and found Joel’s parents in the kitchen starting dinner. Joel introduced Todd to his mother. She was a good looking woman with a welcoming smile. She took an instant liking to Todd.

“Norm told me about how brave you boys were in the courtroom. Joel, I’m so proud of you, maybe you should think about studying law!”

Joel laughed. “Gee mom, and I wanted to be fireman!” He joked.

Norm Salinsky’s sly grin belied his stern tone of voice. “Joel, stop teasing you mother. Do you want to give her a heart attack?”

They all shared a laugh. “Is there anything we can do to help?” Joel asked.

“No,” Mrs. Salinsky waved them off. “why don’t you two relax until dinner. You’ve had quite a day! Dinner will be ready in an hour and a half.”

Joel and Todd retreated to Joel’s room. When they were alone, Todd sat on Joel’s bed and indicated a place next to him.

“Joel, I’m glad we finally have some time alone. We need to talk.”

“Yeah, I know. About the other night online, I don’t know why I said that. I guess I thought if I didn’t tell you how I felt, I’d lose my nerve.”

Todd smiled at him. “I’m glad you told me how you feel, Joel. I care a lot about you. I’ve never been in love before, but I think this is what it feels like. When you were on the stand today, I wasn’t even thinking about being nervous. I was just so proud of you, and when it was my turn, I could see it on your face. You were proud of me too. That gave me courage.”

Joel looked deep into Todd’s eyes, searching them for any sign. He sighed. “I feel great when I’m with you. Just seeing you makes me so happy. I just can’t figure out what you see in me. You’re so cool, and I’m so…well, dorky.”

“I think you’re cute. I told you that before, and I’m going to keep saying it until you believe me.”

Todd leaned in and pressed his lips lightly against Joel’s. Joel instinctively wrapped his arms around Todd and returned the kiss. After a minute, Todd let his tongue play across Joel’s lips, seeking entrance to his mouth. Joel’s lips parted and allowed him access. Neither of them knew how long it lasted. Time was suspended for them as they gently caressed each other. When they finally separated, all Joel could say was “Wow.”

Todd took a deep breath. “Yeah.”

Both of them realized the significance of their first kiss and both were grateful that it had been with each other. After a minute, Todd took Joel’s hand in his own.

“So, do you believe me now?”

Joel grinned as he leaned in and repeated the kiss. They lay back on the bed and reveled in the new found closeness that they felt with each other. Neither of them had ever experienced anything like the intimacy that they shared at that moment. When the kiss ended, they both just lay in each others arms for awhile.

“Todd, that was the best. I didn’t know it could be like that, but, I’ve never, you know, done anything, and I’m kinda nervous about…other stuff.”

Todd kissed him on the cheek. “That’s okay, I’ve never done anything either. I don’t want to do anything that we’re not comfortable with. I can wait for as long as it takes, as long as I know we’re together.”

“Thanks Todd.”

“For what?”


“That’s okay Joel. I feel the same way. I was thinking that you might be expecting me to make the first move. I’m glad the pressure is off.”

Joel laughed, partly out of relief. “Yeah, but dinner is in a few minutes. What are we going to do about these?” He said, pointing to the two very erect penises that were jutting out the fronts of their pants.

Todd smiled. “Matt told me that he and Jon think about Mr. Hanson naked when this happens.”

Both boys giggled at the effect that their science teacher was having on their softening erections, just as Joel’s mother called them to dinner.

Across town, Chet was seated across the table from Dave, who’d cooked an excellent meal for them consisting of ceasar salad, roasted chicken with mushroom gravy, roasted garlic mashed potatoes and sautéed string beans with almond slivers. Chet was starving and was very grateful that Dave understood the care and feeding of a growing teen.

They talked about Chet’s first day of work. Dave and his cousin kept him hopping, but he had learned a lot and was ready to watch the pumps by himself. Dave regarded him over a fork full of salad.

“Chet, I really like being with you. How do you feel about…us?”

“I like being with you too Dave. It’s a funny feeling, you know, to have a boyfriend and all, but I’m getting used to it.” Chet said, as he put some of the crisp lettuce in his mouth.

“Yeah, I know what you mean. Do you think we should tell anyone, or keep it quiet for now?”

Chet hadn’t considered this. “I don’t know. I’d like to tell Matt and Jon, I think I owe it to them. Their friends are cool too. I think they’d be happy for us. Also Sam and Gary. They’re the only other ones that know about me so far.”

Dave smiled. “I’m glad you have such great friends. When I was in high school I didn’t tell a soul. It was an awful feeling.”

“Yeah. Before I told Sam and Gary, I even dated some girls. I wasn’t doing it as a cover, though, I was really trying to be straight.” Chet said with a chuckle. “So, are you going to tell Officer McCloud and Jace about us?”

“Yeah, Mac is a cool guy. I know he’ll be glad for me, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Jace already figured it out. He’s a quiet guy, but he notices everything.”

They ate leisurely, and talked about everything under the sun. Chet brought up for the first time what had been on both of their minds.

“Dave, does the difference in our ages bother you? I’m going to 18 in two weeks, and your almost 21.”

Dave smiled across the table. “Chet, I’ve never met anyone that I felt this way about before. I don’t care how old you are…as long as you’re legal, and 17 is legal in New York State. Believe me, I checked.” He said, wiggling his eyebrows a few times. “Besides, we’re only two and a half years apart. Have you got any problems with it?”

“Nope.” Chet beamed at him.

When they’d finished, Chet helped Dave clear the table and do the dishes. It felt very domestic and friendly. When they’d finished up, Dave suggested they have coffee in the living room.

Chet smiled what he imagined to be a seductive smile. “I don’t drink coffee.”

“Oh?” Dave practically whispered. “Then we’ll have to think of something else to do.”

He took Chet’s hand in his and led him to the sofa. Their lips met before their bodies reached the couch. The kiss they shared released a flood of repressed longing. Their tongue’s danced together, desperately exploring each other’s mouths. It was as if they needed each other more than oxygen. Dave began exploring Chet’s chest muscles with his hand and gradually worked his way downward. When his hand found Chet’s pride and joy, Chet moaned into his partner’s open mouth.

Dave broke the kiss. “Are you sure you’re okay with this?”

Chet nodded. “Don’t stop now, officer.”

Dave smiled as he resumed the kiss, gently massaging Chet through his jeans. Eventually, Chet’s wandering hand found Dave’s package and returned the favor. After several minutes, Dave broke the kiss again.

“We could move into the bedroom if you want.” He said, his voice tinged with excitement.

“Yeah.” Was all Chet could think of to say.

Chet took in his new surroundings. Dave’s bedroom was very masculine looking and neat, but the main feature was the king size bed in the middle of the room. Dave gestured toward the bed.

“Make yourself comfortable!” He invited.

Chet didn’t need any further encouragement as he slowly started removing his clothing. Dave followed suit, and soon the two lovers were staring in awe at each other’s naked bodies. They slowly advanced toward one another, meeting at the foot of the bed in a sensual embrace.

Dave took a step back and just beheld Chet for a moment before he spoke. “You might think I’m more experienced, being older, but I just wanted you to know that you’re my first. If anything doesn’t feel right to you, promise me you’ll let me know, okay? I want this to be special for both of us.”

Chet got a goofy grin on his face. “Will you PLEASE stop talking?” He implored, as he guided Dave down onto the bed.

Their bodies were entangled together as they shared a deep kiss. As their passion increased, they rolled around on the huge bed, taking turns being on top. Chet broke the kiss, and moved his attention to Dave’s crotch. His mouth was watering as he gazed longingly at the perfect penis that stood out from Dave’s body. He caressed his balls in his hand. He’d waited for this moment for years, and now he was practically overcome with emotion. He gently kissed the tip.

“I love you Dave.” He whispered, as his lips formed a seal around the object of his desires.

“Ohhhh, Chet. I love you too.” Dave whispered tenderly as he massaged Chet’s scalp.

Dave was about average in size so with a little practice, Chet was able to accommodate his entire length. At first, he slowly and lovingly caressed it with his tongue as he slid his lips sensuously up and down on the shaft. He developed a steady rhythm, and applied some suction as his pace quickened. Chet was completely lost in the act he was performing. His body became one with Dave’s as he strove to give him the most pleasure possible. He gently played with Chet’s balls as he sucked him, eliciting gentle moans from Dave. It didn’t take long before Dave was on the blissful edge of orgasm.

“Oh, oh, Chet….I’m gonna, I’m gonna….”

He never finished his sentence. Chet was fascinated as Dave’s scrotum contracted in his hand and his cock started twitching in his mouth. He thought about pulling off, but found that he was powerless to do so. He knew he needed to taste him. When Dave finally finished, and Chet was sure that he’d gotten all he could from the softening appendage, he joined Dave at the head of the bed and kissed him gently. He propped himself up on one elbow and smiled lovingly at his boyfriend.

“I don’t know why people use the word cocksucker as an insult. If I can bring you pleasure, I consider it a compliment.”

Dave smiled back at him. “I love you, cocksucker.”

Chet grinned. “Thanks. I love you too.”

Dave got a wicked smile on his face. “Now who’s talking too much?” He said as he playfully shoved Chet onto his back. “Let’s see if I’m as good a cocksucker as you are.”

Chet spread his legs and watched as Dave gave his balls a good tongue bath. Eventually, he licked his way up Chet’s shaft and proved that he had indeed been paying attention.

Back at the Kent’s, Matt, Jon, LittleTom, Ryan, Eric, Joel and Todd were happily watching a movie in the den. Tom and Jane had gone out to dinner and when they went to collect Todd at the Salinsky’s, they were begged by the two boys to let them have a victory sleepover at Jon’s. After all the parents concerned were consulted and agreed, the underwear avengers were happily convened once again.

When the movie ended, Matt shut off the TV.

LittleTom yawned. “That was awesome!” He said, referring to the action film they’d just watched.

Matt chuckled. “Yeah, you’re just lucky I was there at the video store. Jon wanted to get some mushy chick flick.”

Everyone laughed as Jon punched Matt in the arm. “You love that film! You were just afraid you’d cry in front of the guys!” He retorted.

Jon glanced out the window. “Hey Todd, your mom and Uncle Tom are still hanging out on the patio.”

Todd giggled. “I’m not surprised. Mom’s been acting like a teenager ever since she met him. They’re worse than us!” He said, giving Joel’s knee an affectionate squeeze.

LittleTom piped up. “You should take a look, Todd, maybe you can see what they’re saying.”

Todd looked indignant. “Hey, I never spy on purpose!” He said, virtuously.

“That’s okay Todd,” Jon said, “I got a book out of the library on lip reading and I’ve been practicing up. I think I can make out the conversation.”

They all stared at him. Not only had he not mentioned his new found interest, but none of them could believe that he’d spy on Tom and Jane.

“Okay, your mom just said something I didn’t catch…now Uncle Tom is talking…’Oh, Jane, I see now that you’re right. If we send the boys to military school we can live happily ever after.’”

Shrieks of laughter filled the room, and pillows sailed through the air at Jon. Todd tackled him to the ground as Ryan and LittleTom began to mercilessly tickle their cousin.

“Help! Matt! Aren’t you going to defend me?”

Matt came over and joined in the tickling. “Nope, you got yourself into this. By the way guys, he’s really sensitive under his arms!” He told them as he demonstrated.

Finally Jon begged his attackers. “Okay, okay…uncle! Stop it guys, I’m gonna pee!”

They finally relented and sat back on their haunches, catching their breath. Jon sprang on Matt and pinned him to an air mattress.

“You WILL pay dearly for aiding the enemy! Not now with all your goons around, but when you least expect it! Don’t forget, I know your sensitive spots too!” He smirked as he kissed Matt on the forehead and let him up.

“I can hardly wait!” Matt grinned as he wiggled his eyebrows.

After raiding the kitchen one last time, they all settled down for the night. Each one drifted off to sleep, knowing that they were a part of something special.

Tom and Jane looked in on them to find them all snoring peacefully. He walked her to her car, and before she got in, they shared a long, passionate moonlit kiss. They both knew they would sleep well also that night

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