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Matt and Jon
Chapter 3
“Faith is patience in the night…”

Matt was lying in bed staring at the ceiling. It was almost 11:30, he’d turned in early, but had woken up for no apparent reason and couldn’t seem to fall back to sleep. It had been four days since the incident in the schoolyard that had brought Jon and him together. A smile formed on his face in the near darkness as he thought about all the events that had taken place since then. They’d gone to Jon’s house every day after school and had taken advantage of the privacy that having two working parents afforded. They had made love that day after their first little spat. It had been much more patient and loving then their first attempt. The bond between them was getting stronger every day, and they began to know what each other wanted.

Just as Matt began to doze, his cell phone began vibrating on his night stand. A glance at the caller ID confirmed that it was Jon.

“Hi Jon, what’s up?”

“Nothing, I just had to hear your voice. I hope I didn’t wake you.”

“No, it’s okay, I woke up a while ago and couldn’t sleep. Are you sure you’re okay? You sound worried.”

There was a long sigh on the other end of the line.

“Matt…I bought a Mounds bar, and some Reese’s cups today. I snuck out to Mel’s after you left.”

“Why Jon? You’ve been doing so well. Did you eat them?”

“No, not yet. I just got a real strong craving, like I had to have something.”

“Well, you did the right thing by calling me. Listen to me. You’re looking better and better every day. I can already see your face getting thinner. You can’t do this to yourself. You have to love yourself as much as I do.”

Matt could hear the rustling of a wrapper in the background.

“Look, Jon, you wouldn’t have called me if you didn’t want me to stop you. That took guts, now don’t blow it.”

Jon sobbed, “I should never have bought them. Having them here is just too much temptation.”

Matt wracked his brain. He knew he couldn’t go over there at this hour, and even if he could, it might be too late. Suddenly he had a thought.

“Jon, is Sam still up?”

Jon padded out into the hallway with his cell phone. “Yeah, his light’s still on, but…”

“But nothing! Here’s what I want you to do. I want you to give him the candy, and tell him not to give it back to you, okay?”

“But Matt, I don’t want him to know I bought it, he’ll know how weak I am.”

“Believe me, Jon, he’ll understand. He’d do anything for you. I bet he’ll be proud of you for confronting your problems.”

Jon was a little taken aback with Matt’s insistence, but he reluctantly agreed to do what he asked. He slipped the cell into his bathrobe pocket and knocked tentatively on Sam’s door.

“Come in.” Jon entered to find Sam propped up on one elbow reading a book. Sam took one look at his little brother and he knew something was wrong. “Jonny, what’s the matter?”

Jon held the partially unwrapped candy out to his brother, “I never should have bought these. I was going to eat them, but Matt talked me out of it. I can’t stand having them around. I’m afraid I might cave in.”

Sam put down his book and took the candy from Jon’s trembling hands. He put them in the drawer of his nightstand and closed it with one deliberate motion.

“There! Out of sight, out of mind.”

He swung his legs off the side of his bed and gathered Jon up in a tight hug. “You did good, Jonny. I’m proud of you.” Jon returned the squeeze.

“Now go to bed, it’s getting late.” He said, giving his little brother a playful swat on the behind.

Back in his own room, Jon remembered the cell phone in his pocket. He retrieved it anxiously. “Matt, are you still there?”

He needn’t have worried. “Of course. Now and always.”

Jon broke down and began to cry. “I don’t deserve you. I don’t deserve a brother like Sam. I deceived you, and I’m deceiving myself if I think I can do this. I’m just a fat, weak…”

“Stop it, Jon. That’s the boy I love you’re talking about, and I won’t have it! Just four days ago, I went through life with no one to share my feelings with. They were all bottled up inside me. I played the role of the class clown but inside I was miserable. You taught me a lot more than social studies, Jon. You taught me how to be happy. You, the boy I tormented made me see how beautiful life can be. You’ve given me so much.”

There was silence on the phone. “Jon, are you still there?” Matt asked anxiously.

“Yeah,” Jon managed to sniff out between sobs. “I think these mood swings must be withdrawal from sugar. I know how lucky I am to have you in my life, and I’m not going to let you down. I’m not going to throw in the towel the first time the going gets rough. I’m so glad I called you. No one makes me feel the way you do.”

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

Before disconnecting, Matt made Jon promise to meet him 15 minutes early before school. He had something he wanted to discuss with him. Jon agreed, and they said their goodnights. Sleep came easily to the two emotionally drained teens, and they both awoke the next morning refreshed and eager to see each other.

Ann Barker had just taken her first sip of coffee as her son dashed through the kitchen with a wave, and a cheerful “’bye mom!”

“Hey, where are you off to so early? Usually I have to pry you out of bed with a crowbar!”

“Oh, um, I’m meeting Jon in the library before school. He’s going to quiz me on last night’s reading.”

His mom just shrugged and said, “Kids nowadays, I don’t know what the world is coming to.”

Matt came over and gave her a peck on the cheek, and dashed out the door. He hated lying to her, but figured it was a victimless crime.

Jon was sitting on the front steps of the school building when Matt arrived. He stood up as he approached, and after looking furtively around, he pulled his boyfriend into a brief hug.

“I needed that!” He said when they broke apart.

“Me too.”


“I wish we didn’t have to hide like this. It’s not fair.”

“I know what you mean. That’s what I wanted to talk to you about, let me bounce something off you…”

“Hey, is that a fat joke?”

Matt was horrified until he saw the evil grin spread across his lover’s face. He gave him a playful punch on the arm and proclaimed him a dork.

“Seriously, though, I was thinking, if it’s okay with you, maybe we could tell Trev and Stacey. They’re really cool and I know they’d keep a secret if we asked them to. It would be so great to be even a little bit out, you know?”

Jon pondered the idea. “Well, I don’t know. You know them better than I do. I guess it would be good practice for when we tell the world. Do you really think they’d be cool with it?”

“Jon, if I didn’t think so, I’d never suggest it. Besides, it will be such a relief to tell somebody else how much I love you. I know it sounds selfish, but I want someone to be happy for us.”

“I don’t think it’s selfish. I think it’s beautiful. I always wondered in the back of my mind if when the time came, you’d be ashamed of me. I guess that’s just the old me. It’s really hard to let go after all these years. Talk about selfish, I’m really glad it was your idea. It’s the greatest gift anyone has ever given me.”

People were starting to gather for school, so Jon and Matt drifted around the side of the building. Matt took both of Jon’s hands in his own and stared into his eyes.

“Repeat after me, I Jonathan Ryan Kent…”

“I Jonathan Ryan Kent…”

“…deserve to be loved…”

Jon hesitated, but repeated the words when Matt gave his hands an encouraging squeeze.

“…deserve to be loved…”

Jon felt an incredible warmth spread throughout his body as he repeated the words. It was like a metamorphosis. He felt his spine straighten as he unconsciously drew himself up to his full height, shoulders back, tall and proud.

“I really do, don’t I.”

“Yes, you really do. Whenever the old you rears it’s ugly head, I want you to repeat that to yourself.”

When they strode down the hall toward homeroom, Matt couldn’t help thinking, “Geez, I never noticed he was so tall.” Others noticed too. Matt noticed Jon getting more than a few appreciative looks as he passed by. It was as though confidence radiated from him.

The morning dragged on for the boys. They both felt a mixture of excitement and fear about telling their secret to Trevor and Stacey. At lunch time, Jon held forth at the table about an English paper he was working on. No one had heard him talk as much as he had today, and they were all pleasantly surprised. It was though by unspoken agreement that they wholeheartedly accepted him into the gang.

In Social Studies, everyone was a little fidgety. It was the last class of the day. To make it worse, it was Friday, and everyone was looking forward to the weekend ahead. Miss Selwitz began quizzing the class.

“Who can tell me what event was a significant factor that lead to the Civil Rights movement in the South?”

Two hands shot up. Miss Selwitz looked around the room, and observed,

“Well, at least I have two scholars in this class…Jon?”

Jon answered, “The arrest of Rosa Parks for refusing to give up her seat on the bus to a white passenger.”

“Very good, Jon. You, for one, obviously did the reading. Matt can you tell us where this event took place?”

Matt’s mind suddenly went blank. When Jon quizzed him the night before, he’d answered Selma, Alabama, but that was wrong…he took a deep breath and pictured Jon with the text book propped up in front of him, encouraging him, smiling at him, and it came to him in a flash.

“Montgomery, Alabama 1955!” He exhaled.

“Excellent Matt. You’ve come a long way in a short time. I predict you’ll do all right on the quiz next week.”

With that, the bell rang, and Miss Selwitz dismissed the class for the weekend. She was grateful for the break herself. It had been a long week in the un-air conditioned building. “Just one more week before vacation.” She told herself. As the class was filing out the door, Miss Selwitz put her hand on Jon’s shoulder.

“Jon, you look different, are you losing weight?” She asked, her killer smile on her face.

Jon beamed back at her. “Yeah, a little. I just started 5 days ago, I can’t believe you noticed.”

“I can definitely see a difference in your face, around the jaw and cheekbones. I wish I had your willpower! Have a great weekend!” She said, clapping him on the back.

Jon felt as though he was walking on air. He and Matt went to their respective lockers and met up on the steps. When Jon arrived, Matt was talking to Trevor who said he was meeting Stacey at Mel’s for a soda. Jon and Matt exchanged a glance.

Matt asked, “Do you mind if we join you? We’ve got some news.”

“Sure,” Trevor replied, somewhat intrigued. “The more the merrier.”

They headed up Main to the little sweet shop where Stacey was already waiting for them. Once they were seated at a booth, they placed their orders. Trevor, the insatiable, ordered a banana split and a large root beer. Stacey had a hot fudge sundae. Matt chose a root beer float, while Jon opted for a small frozen yogurt, and a diet coke.

“Before you tell us your news,” Trevor began, “Stacey and I have something we want to share with you.” He put his arm around her shoulder and announced, “As of 4:02 p.m. yesterday, Stacey and I are officially going out together!” The two of them exchanged a quick kiss, which made Jon and Matt a little envious.

“Way to go!” Matt blurted out, “I’m so happy for you guys, you make a great couple!”

“Yeah,” Jon chimed in. “That’s great news.”

After they raised their glasses in a sort of toast to the happy couple, Trevor looked across the table at the two boys and asked, “So what did you want to tell us?”

Jon took Matt’s hand under the table and gave it a squeeze. Matt got a serious look on his face. “We haven’t told anyone this, and we’d appreciate it if it stayed between us for now.”

Stacey was losing patience. “All right, all right, just tell us. The suspense is killing me!” She giggled nervously.

Matt took a deep breath. “Jon and I…” He couldn’t get it out, somehow.

“What Matt is trying to say, is…” Jon was having the same problem.

All of the sudden they both blurted out in unison, “We’re gay.”

“And we love each other.” Jon hastily added, giving Matt’s hand another squeeze.

The adrenalin raced through their veins as they waited for a reaction. A smile spread across Stacey’s face. She stood up, leaning across the table and gathered their free hands together in hers and said,

“That was the single most incredible act of bravery I’ve ever seen in my life. Thank you so much for sharing that with us. We’re honored.”

She sat back down, releasing the boy’s hands. She took Trevor’s hand and smiled at him, waiting for him to speak.

“You guys are really lucky to have each other.” Trevor said earnestly. “Most kids our age have a hard time admitting that even to themselves. Stacey’s right, you guys are like, amazing.”

Jon and Matt let out a collective sigh of relief. “We weren’t sure how you’d take it, but somehow I knew you’d be cool.” Matt told them.

“Yeah,” Jon added, “We’re really lucky to have such good friends.”

“How come you told us?” Stacey asked.

“We had to tell someone or we were going to explode!” Matt laughed. “And also, just like you two, we wanted someone to be happy for us.”

With that, Stacey picked up her water glass and raised it in the air. “I propose a toast to Jon and Matt, one of the two most beautiful couples in the world!” They all clinked glasses.

“And the best friends anyone could have.” Trevor added. Jon blinked back a tear of gratitude.

They chatted excitedly for awhile. Trevor and Stacey had what seemed like a million questions: “When did you know?” “How did you know?” “What’s it like?” …etc.

Finally Trevor asked the one question that had been in the back of both boy’s minds.

“Do your parents know?”

“Mine don’t,” Matt answered. “Maybe once we get through the school year, we can tell them, that is if it’s all right with Jon.”

He looked at Jon, who said, “We’ll talk about it, I guess. My folks don’t know either. I want to tell them, but maybe I should tell Sam first. He’ll know what to do.”

Matt shuddered involuntarily. He wasn’t sure how Sam would take to Matt having turned his little brother into a fag. He pushed the thought out of his mind. Besides, he thought he shouldn’t pre-judge Sam. He was a pretty decent guy. Just because he’s a jock doesn’t mean that he isn’t an enlightened person. Matt made a mental note to get a handle on his own prejudices.

“How do you think your parents will take it?” Stacey asked, jarring Matt back to the present.

“Oh, I don’t know, they’re pretty cool, and I feel really secure that they’ll love me no matter what, but I guess they’ll be a little disappointed. I’m sure they figured on grand children, and the whole white-picket-fence thing.” Matt said wistfully.

“We could adopt.” Jon said hopefully.

“Yeah,” Stacey got on her soapbox. “The world is changing every day. Some states even recognize gay marriage, and by the time you two are ready to take that step, there’ll probably be a lot more. If you do get married, I want to be the maid of honor. Who knows, maybe at a gay wedding the attendants will get to wear tasteful dresses for a change!”

“I want lots of kids!” Jon threw out. “And I want them all to be just like their father.”

“Which one?” Trevor quipped, causing Matt to snort root beer out of his nose. When they’d all recovered, Stacey asked,

“What about your family, Jon, how do you think they’ll react.”

Jon became thoughtful. “I know Sam will be alright with it. He’s always been there for me no matter what. My mom and dad are always telling me that all they want for me is to be happy. If I can make them see that I’ve been happier with Matt in my life than ever before, I think it’ll be okay. It helps that they really like Matt, too. Besides, they have friends who are gay, and our church preaches tolerance. I just think it might be a shock for them. They’ll get used to it.”

When all the ice cream and soda had been destroyed, the two couples both began craving some alone time with their significant other. They paid up at the counter and found themselves on the side walk.

“Hey,” Trevor said. “I just realized, this was our first double date!” That got a last laugh from all of them, and they shared a clumsy group hug.

Matt and Jon had prearranged with their parents that they’d be having a sleepover at Matt’s house. They came in the kitchen door and greeted Matt’s mom and scampered up the stairs. Once they were in Matt’s room, they practically fell on the bed in an embrace. After a long, sensuous kiss, Matt said softly,

“That was really awesome to be able to share our love with Trev and Stacey.”

“Yeah,” Jon agreed. “It was a real rush for me, especially when Trev called me his friend.” Jon couldn’t hold it any longer and he started to cry.

Matt looked down at the boy sobbing in his arms. “What’s the matter, baby?”

Jon replied through his tears, “I’m…just…so…happy.” Matt gently kissed away his tears.

When Jon finished crying, he had the cutest angelic look on his face. Matt gazed at him lovingly, and all the sudden an evil thought crossed his mind. He dug his fingers into Jon’s ribs and started tickling him mercilessly. Jon began bucking all over the bed and trying to grab Matt’s hands but it was no use. He was powerless. When Jon’s erection started to tent out the front of his pants, Matt stopped his assault and started rubbing it with his palm while Jon lay breathless on the bed.

“Oh, I see I have a dirty little boy on my hands.” Matt remarked, causing Jon to giggle.

“Naughty, naughty boy, with his pee pee sticking up!” Matt cooed as he lowered Jon’s zipper.

“I guess I’m going to have to take care of my bad little boy, huh?”

“Yes, daddy!” Squealed Jon in a comical falsetto.

They didn’t feel comfortable getting completely undressed when anyone else was in the house. If they heard someone on the stairs, they knew they’d have time to tuck themselves back in. Also, it felt kind of kinky to do it with their clothes on.

Matt reached into Jon’s pants and pulled his cock and balls through the fly of his briefs. He moved around until he was straddling Jon’s face so the other boy had access to his goodies. Jon wasted no time undoing Matt’s fly and exposing his prize. He leaned up and took the head into his mouth, running his tongue across the pee slit as Matt took Jon into his mouth. Matt slowly lowered himself into Jon’s waiting throat, his balls coming to rest on the bridge of his nose. They just lay motionless for a little while, swirling their tongues around each other’s members. Finally, Matt rolled over, taking Jon with him so both boys were on their sides. They began devouring each other hungrily.

Their staying power had improved since that first day, and neither boy wanted this to end too quickly. They took frequent breaks to kiss and lick each other’s balls. After such an interlude, as Jon went back to Matt’s shaft, he reached around and began kneading his butt cheeks through his pants. This drove Matt wild, and he began to do the same to Jon. They began to hump into each other as they neared the point of no return. The smell of boy sex filled the room, adding to their passionate lust. Finally, they couldn’t hold back anymore, and torrents of semen flooded their mouths. Each of them did their best to take it all, licking up any stray drop that they missed.

As they began to deflate, Jon tenderly lifted Matt’s softening dick, and tenderly kissed the underside of it. This had become a little tradition with him since he had done it impulsively their first time. Matt returned the favor. It seemed like such a sweet, affectionate gesture.

Matt turned around face to face with Jon and kissed his cheek, softly and gently. Jon took the kiss as a special gift. He didn’t feel like he needed to reciprocate just then, and he sighed,

“I, Jonathan Ryan Kent deserve to be loved.”

When they were finally able to tuck themselves back in, they dozed on the bed for awhile, each of them basking in their closeness. After a very satisfying half hour nap, they began to stir. Jon kissed the tip of Matt’s nose.



“I’ve been thinking. Tonight, after your folks are asleep, I want to give myself to you. You know, completely.”

Matt thought about it a little, and replied “Maybe we should wait a while. I love what we have now, and I’m afraid it’d hurt.”

Jon stuck out his lower lip in a childish pout. “Pretty please, with my cherry on top?”

Matt laughed and said he’d think about it. Jon persisted.

“I’ve been thinking about it a lot. I read about it online, and everything I’ve seen says if you take it slowly, it only hurts a little at first. I stuck my finger in the other day, and it felt great. I pretended it was you.”

“My, my, you ARE a dirty little boy.” Matt teased.

Jon snickered, and suddenly he thought he knew why Matt was holding back.

“Matt, I don’t have to do it to you, I just want you to be in me. You don’t have to worry about that if you don’t want to. I also read that some couples only do it one way anyhow.”

“Well,” Matt stated, “We may end up one way or another, I don’t know, but the first time we should take turns. Maybe I’m just being a big baby about this. It can’t hurt that much, and besides, I’d walk over hot coals for you.”

After a brief silence, Jon swung his leg to the floor and patted Matt on the thigh. “Rise and shine,” he chirped. “If we get to it right now, we can get in an hour of studying before dinner.”

Matt groaned, “Aw, come on. It’s Friday. Do we have to?”

“Yes, we have to. The quiz is on Monday, and I have better things planned for the Summer than waiting around for you to get out of school! Now get up or I’ll have no choice but to give you a spanking!”

Matt grinned at him, “You wouldn’t!”

Jon’s mouth contorted into a fiendish smile. He arched his eyebrows, “Oh wouldn’t I?”

With that, he grabbed Matt’s arm and pulled him to a standing position. He bent him over and administered five harmless swats to his backside. Both boys were giggling like school girls as Jon barked,

“Now you march down those stairs mister!”

“Yes sir!” Matt said, rubbing his butt with exaggerated motions.

They were still laughing as they reached the dining room. Ann Barker came out from the kitchen asking,

“What’s so funny? Are you going to let your old mom in on the joke?”

Matt answered in his best childish voice, “I said I didn’t feel like studying, and Jon spanked me!”

“Well, it’s about time someone did.” She said and proceeded to dissolve in laughter herself. She crossed the room and playfully swatted Matt’s behind.

“Hey, what was that for?” Matt said, trying to look hurt.

“That’s for talking back to your teacher!” His mom replied.

As she was leaving the room, Matt called after her, “It’s no fair, everyone’s ganging up on me!”

“Just wait ‘til you father gets home!” She called over her shoulder.

The boys studied until it was time to set the table. Just as Matt was placing the last fork down, they heard Bill’s car in the driveway. He had had a late phone call from the West Coast, and was running behind schedule. Ann and the two boys greeted him at the kitchen door, Ann with a kiss, and much to his surprise he even got a hug from Matt. He thought Matt would be to self conscious in front of his friend. “I guess he really is growing up.” He thought to himself.

Around the dinner table, the conversation revolved around school and work. The subject of the Monday quiz came up,

“So, do you think you’re ready for the quiz?” Bill inquired.

His three dinner companions snickered, “Yeah, if I’m able to sit through it!” Matt answered.

Ann filled him in on the antics of the afternoon, finishing with her parting admonition.

“Well, sounds to me like you learned your lesson.” Bill said, shaking his head.

“It was pretty funny, dad. I guess you had to be there.”

After dinner, Matt and Jon repeated their performance at Jon’s house, and volunteered for dish duty. Two happy parents adjourned to the living room. They settled in on the couch.

“Those two sure have gotten to be close friends.” Bill mused out loud.

“You can say that again, Frick and Frack. They’re practically inseparable.” Ann agreed.

“I remember what it’s like to have a best friend at their age.” Bill said wistfully.

“Tell me about it.” Ann said, “I used to be so jealous of you and Jim. I could hardly get you to notice me freshman year.”

“Well what about you and your friend Marj. It used to drive me crazy in senior year when she’d tag along on our dates.”

“You were so cute when you were frustrated!” Ann teased. “Poor Marj was a late bloomer. Thank God she met Ian in college. They’re so happy together.”

Bill put his arm around his wife’s shoulders and pulled her closer. “Not as happy as us.” He whispered in her ear.

For awhile, they just stayed that way, enjoying the closeness, and reminiscing about their young days. Finally, Ann said,



“Sometimes I look at the boys and think they might be more than best friends, I mean, a mother notices things…”

Bill let out a sigh, “I know what you mean. I’ve thought about it too. I know we’ll love and support Matt no matter what, it’s just that it’s still a hot topic for some people. I just don’t want to see him get hurt.”

“I know Bill, but things are certainly better than they were in our day. I guess we’ll just have to take it as it comes. Besides, there’s no point in making a big deal over it unless we’re sure. If I know Matt, he won’t be able to keep it from us for long.”

“You’re probably right,” Bill agreed. He got a sad, faraway expression on his face as he recalled another boy many years ago,

“I’ll never forget when Jim came out to me during Summer of our junior year. I told him it didn’t matter to me, and we stayed friends for awhile, but we eventually drifted apart. It was never the same. He had feelings for me that I couldn’t return, and it was very painful…for both of us. We’d see each other in class, or at a party and we’d exchange pleasantries, but the bond was broken. It hurt to be around him, making some dumb small talk after we’d been so close for so many years.”

Ann felt a tear trickle down her cheek. “If Matt is in love with Jon, I sure hope it’s mutual.” After a pause, she sat up straight on the sofa, “Bill, I just had a wonderful idea. Jim and his partner live in Manhattan, right?”

“Last I heard.” Bill answered.

The wheels were turning in Ann’s head. “Why don’t we invite them out for a barbeque. I could call Marj and Ian. We’ll make it a mini-reunion.”

“That’s a great idea. I’d love to see Jim again. I ran into Adam and him two years ago, but we didn’t really have a chance to talk, we swore we’d keep in touch, but we all know how that goes.”

Ann picked up the conversation, “…and if the boys are gay, they’ll know we’re alright with it. Maybe seeing Jim and Adam together as a couple would help to get a dialogue going.”

Just then the boys came in the room, and announced that they were heading to Matt’s room to play some video games before bed.

“Okay honey, but try not to stay up too late.” Ann pleaded.

“Oh, and Jon,” Bill added, “don’t be too hard on the boy, okay?”

A wave of fear washed over the two boys. “How do they know?” They thought simultaneously. It was Jon who caught on first.

“Oh, uh, no. I think he’s been punished enough for one day.” He managed to stammer just as the realization that Bill was referring to the spanking episode dawned on a relieved Matt. Two red faced teens headed up the stairs to the privacy of Matt’s room.

“I thought they knew for sure what we’re planning!” Matt said.

“Yeah, me too!” Jon half said, and half laughed.

Then he gently rubbed Matt’s butt, saying, “Don’t worry Mr. Barker. I promise I’ll use plenty of lube and go real slow.”

This had them both laughing again. Matt remarked, “You know, I think I’ve laughed more in the five days that we’ve been together, than in my whole life!”

“Yeah,” Jon agreed. “Feels good, doesn’t it.”

They popped in a video game and settled in to wait for Matt’s parents to go to bed. Unbeknownst to them, Bill and Ann were busy making ‘phone calls, and planning for their barbeque. When they were done, they decided to watch the 11 o’clock news before turning in. Jon and Matt grew bored of the game, and climbed into bed to watch the late show.

Jon looked over at Matt’s drooping eyelids. “You’re not falling asleep on me are you?”

“Huh? Oh, no. I’m just resting my eyes.” Matt swore to him.

It was no use, though. When Jon heard the door of the master bedroom finally swing shut for the night, he looked over at Matt. He was sound asleep. Sighing, Jon pulled the covers over them, turned off the t.v. and the light and snuggled into Matt. He kissed Matt’s cheek and whispered,

“It’s alright my love. We have the rest of our lives.”

With his head on his boyfriend’s chest, the lullaby of his breathing filling his ears, Jon fell into a deep, contented sleep.

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