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Matt and Jon

Chapter 31

The next morning was chaotic. The bathroom schedule was a little out of whack, even with the couples doubling up. They got up a little late, and had to be ready in time for church. Eric filled Ryan in about his talk with LittleTom during their shower, and they decided that Eric would go home with his family after church and have a talk with Amy and Ryan would spend some time with LittleTom.

Jon wanted to review the anthem and the offertory with Matt, and dragged him to the piano in the living room. They went over the two pieces with Jon trying his best to reach the bass notes for Matt’s benefit, then checked a few passages of the tenor line that he wasn’t sure about. Matt studied him while he sang.

“You really love this don’t you…singing, I mean.” Matt said as he stood behind Jon with his hands on his shoulders.

“Yeah, I do.” Jon answered, as he stared at the keyboard.

“What’s the matter?” Matt asked as he felt Jon’s shoulders slump.

“Glen thinks that I should try out for Julliard Prep division next year. He said he’d work with me until the auditions. It would mean going an hour early before choir on Thursdays.”

“Jon, that’s great! Glen wouldn’t say that unless he thought you were good.”

“Yeah, but if I get in, I’d be going to the city every Saturday. It would be less time for us, you know?”

Matt sat next to Jon on the piano bench and put his arm around Jon’s shoulders. “Jon, I’d never hold you back. You should go for it. I can come in to the city with you and find something to do while you’re in class…maybe go to a museum or something. We can have lunch together and maybe do something afterwards. It could be fun.”

“Yeah, I guess you’re right, it’s just that we have so little time together during the school year as it is, and this would be a big commitment.”

Matt turned to face Jon and put a hand on each shoulder. “Jon…when you sing or play piano, you get a look on your face that I can’t describe. It’s like when we…make love. I know how much music means to you. If Glen thinks you have a chance at this, you should take it. I want you to do it. I wouldn’t enjoy the time we spent together if you weren’t taking advantage of the opportunity to do something special.”

Jon crumpled against Matt’s chest. “I love you so much.”

Matt leaned down and whispered in Jon’s ear. “I love you too…even if you are a drama queen.”

Jon giggled. “I guess I am, aren’t I?”

“Duh, yeah. C’mon, let’s get some breakfast.”

Across town, Jamie emerged from the shower and put on the new clothes he’d bought with some of the money that Alan had given him. He surprised his mother, joining her in the kitchen.

“Good morning.” He said with a cheerful smile, as his mother gaped at him.

“Jamie, you look…incredible. Where did you get those clothes?” She said, regarding him over her coffee cup.

“Let’s just say they were a gift. Mom, I’m going to church this morning. Do you want to come? I want to take you out to breakfast afterwards too.”


“I promise I’ll tell you all about it at breakfast. Come on, we only have a half an hour before mass starts.”

“You’re not up to anything illegal are you?” His mother asked with a wary look.

Jamie chuckled. “Nah, and I think you’ll like it. I’ll tell you everything after church, okay?”

Marsha Mathers put down her coffee. “Okay then. I’ll just go change clothes. It’s been a while since I’ve been.”

When she emerged from the bedroom, she was wearing a nice dress that Jamie hadn’t seen in a long time.

“You look great mom.” Jamie said sincerely.

“Well, I have to look my best with such a handsome young escort.” She winked at him as she headed to the door.

Jamie hadn’t seen her this carefree in a long time. He thought that if he’d known being asked to church would mean this much to her he would have done it long ago. The mass was nice, and Jamie felt warm inside. He hadn’t really done anything with his mother in a long time. When they left the church, Jamie took her arm and purposefully steered her toward the diner. When they arrived, there was quite a crowd of post-church brunchers already waiting for tables.

The hostess approached them. “I’m afraid it’s going to be at least a 20 minute wait.” She informed them with an exasperated air.

“Actually, we’re meeting someone.” Jamie told her as he scanned the room.

Recognition dawned on the hostess’ face. “Oh, yeah. Your party is at the corner booth.” She told them, indicating the direction.

Even after all the years, Marsha had no trouble identifying her first born son across the crowded diner. She clung to Jamie’s shoulder.

“My friend’s father found him. It’s okay mom. He loves you.”

She glanced nervously at Jamie. He took her hand and guided her through the tables to meet Alan. When he saw them approach, Alan stood and took his mother in his arms.

“Mom, I missed you so much.”

They stood there embracing for a few minutes while Jamie looked on. Neither one of them wanted to let go. Eventually, the waitress brought glasses of water to the table, and Marsha excused herself to freshen up in the ladies room.

“You didn’t tell her, did you.” Alan said with a crooked grin at Jamie.

“Nope, I wanted it to be a surprise!” Jamie smiled triumphantly.

When Marsha returned to the table, she sat next to Jamie and took Alan’s hands across the table.

“Alie, I’ve missed you every day. When your father threw you out, I was wrong not to stand up to him, but I just couldn’t.”

“I know mom. I remember what he was like. You really didn’t have a choice.”

“When that priest called us, I was so relieved that you weren’t on the streets. When he sent the lawyer around with the custody papers, I was glad that you had someone who cared about you.”

Jamie looked at his mom. He remembered what Alan had told him about the legal custody issue, but he needed to hear it from her.

“You knew where he was all these years and you didn’t tell me?”

Marsha looked at her younger son and put an arm around him. “Jamie, I was scared. Your father was so… I thought it was better if you forgot him. I know now that I was wrong. After all these years you found him. I should have known…I’m sorry Jamie.”

Jamie looked across the table at Alan and exchanged a look. They both placed their hands on their mother.

“Mom.” Alan said. “It’s okay. We’re together again. I never doubted that you loved me. It was a bad time for all of us, so let’s not dwell on it.”

Jamie was so impressed with his brother’s tact that it was at that moment he decided that he was going to be a lawyer, just like his older brother, no matter what it took. He knew he’d find a way to make it happen. He loved him so much, and wanted to be just like him.

They spent the next two hours reminiscing and catching up. The rush had ended so the waitress didn’t mind them taking up the booth, and refilled their coffee cups several times. She knew a good tipper when she saw one.

Alan told his mother about Bennet and told her about their life together.

“I’m glad you have someone to love, Allie. Your father and I were very much in love once. He wasn’t always like he is now.”

Jamie looked up at his mom. “You’re not going to tell him, are you?”

“I don’t know Jamie. I’m not sure how he would react. He’s so angry all the time.”

“Mom, I’m just afraid if he knew, he wouldn’t let me see Alan, you know? He thinks it’s contagious.” Jamie looked down and studied his coffee cup.

Marsha put her arm around his shoulders. “Jamie, I promise I won’t let that happen, okay? Not again.”

“That’s right.” Alan agreed. “I’m not exactly a helpless kid this time either.”

“I know Alan. It’s just that I can’t help it. I don’t want to lose you again.”

Alan grinned at his baby brother. “Not a chance punk.”

“Mom,” Alan began. “Bennet and I are doing really well, so if there’s anything you need…”

“Oh, we’ll be alright. Your father has several months of unemployment left. I’m sure he’ll find something. He always does.”

Alan took out his checkbook and began scribbling. “Mom, I want you to have this. Put it away if you want, but if you need it, go ahead and deposit it. You might need something for Jamie, and I want you to have it. Okay?”

Marsha’s eyes popped out of her head when her son handed her a check for five thousand dollars. “Alan, I, I …can’t…”

“Please mom. Take it. Put it in your purse in case you need it. I’ll feel better if I know you have it.”

Marsha smiled. “I guess it would be nice to know it’s there…in case.” She said, as she tucked the check away in her purse.

After awhile, they reluctantly agreed that it was time to go. Alan paid the check and left a generous tip as rental for the booth. Out on the sidewalk, Jamie and his mother took turns hugging Alan.

“Allie, it was so good to see you. You’ll never know how much I missed you.”

“I know mom. I missed you too. Maybe this can be a fresh start for us. Now that I’ve seen you, I never want to lose you and Jamie again.”

Alan got a cab to the train station while Jamie and Marsha walked home.

“Jamie, I know I don’t tell you this often, but I don’t know what I would have done without you. You’re the only thing that kept me going.”

Jamie stopped and turned toward his mom. “I know you don’t say it mom, but I always knew you loved me.

They walked a little further, and Jamie remembered that he had promised to tell his mom everything.

“Mom, I want you to know what led up to my finding Alan. I want you to meet my new friends and their parents. They gave me so much, mom. Ever since Alan left, I’ve never really had anyone I can talk to. These guys are the first people that treated me like a normal guy. It was Mr. Barker, Matt’s dad, who called his private investigator friend and found Alan. It’s like we all have something to offer, you know? They gave me clothes they don’t need, and I’m good in school, so I can help them with their homework if they need it. Wait’ll you meet Todd! He’s the first of the gang that I met. You know that bike I got from the center? Well, Todd recognized it. It used to be his, but he was so cool. He didn’t say a word to the others…well, except Joel, that’s his boyfriend…and even then only because he was jealous that Todd was being so nice to me.”

“Jamie…” Marsha interrupted. “Are all your new friends gay?” She asked with a crooked smile.

Jamie laughed. “Nah, LittleTom, that’s Ry’s little brother, Trevor and Andy…they’re all straight…oh, and mom, in case you were wondering, so am I.”

Marsha smiled and hugged her son. “Jamie, I really couldn’t care less. I just want you to be happy…same for Alan. That’s all I ever wanted. I must admit though, I’m glad to know that I have a shot at some grandchildren.”

Jamie broke the embrace and gave her a sarcastic grin. “Oh, yeah, sure mom. First chance I get.”

Marsha laughed as they resumed the walk home.

Chet was on the last chapter of his book when Dave stirred and opened his eyes. Chet put down the book and smiled at his lover.

“’Morning sleepy head. It’s about time you woke up.”

Dave grinned at him, and stretched. He winced when he felt the strain on his stitches and fell back against the bed with a yelp. “Hey, why aren’t you in school?” He asked accusingly.

Chet grinned. “Um, because it’s Sunday?”

Dave chuckled. “I lose all track of time in here. Every day is the same.”

“Well, it shouldn’t be too much longer baby. Thanks to the department, you’re going to have home nurses all day, and no thanks to the department, you’re going to have ME all night!”

“What about your job?” Dave asked.

“I already spoke to Jace. Andy is going to fill in for me until you’re back on your feet. The guys have been great. Andy even wanted me to keep the money, but I wouldn’t let him. They all want to do something for you. They’re going to take turns cooking, cleaning and shopping.”

Dave smiled. “You have great friends.”

Chet laughed. “You mean WE have great friends. Mac told me that the department would have food sent over and hire a housekeeper, but I told him we were covered. The gang really wants to do something, and I know it means a lot to them to help out.”

Dave smiled. “It’s a good thing. God only knows what Mac would send. Cheese burgers and doughnuts probably.”

Chet took Dave’s hand. “I went over to your apartment yesterday and rearranged the furniture to make it easier for you to get around. I hope you don’t mind.”

Dave squeezed Chet’s hand. “I don’t mind, honey. I want you to feel at home there.”

Chet giggled. “That’s good because I already brought over some of my clothes.”

An orderly came in the room with Dave’s breakfast tray, followed by a nurse who took his vital signs and made a notation in the chart.

“How are you feeling this morning?” She asked cheerfully.

Dave smiled weakly. “Fine, except that it feels like someone used my gut for a punching bag.”

“Well, you know what to do if it gets too bad.” She replied, gesturing toward the morphine pump that allowed Dave to administer his own medication as he needed it.

“Yeah. I’m going to hold off as long as possible. That stuff really knocks me out.”

“It’s there if you need it. Don’t be a hero.” She said over her shoulder as she walked out the door.

Chet studied Dave’s face. “I guess you don’t feel up to visitors yet, huh.”

Dave shook his head. “No, not yet. I’d really like to see the guys, but I don’t think I’d be very good company.”

Chet sighed. “You’re thinking about the little girl, aren’t you. The daughter of the guy you shot.”

Dave nodded as a tear escaped his eye. Chet took his hand.

“Listen Dave. Mac told me she’s in foster care. The aunt couldn’t handle raising a child by herself. I know she’s sad now, but in the long run, maybe it’ll be better for her to be with a loving family. You know?”

“How do you know it’s a loving family? Lot’s of people take foster kids just for the money.”

“Dave, you know Mac wouldn’t let that happen. He went with the social worker when she dropped her off. He said they seem like nice people. He’s coming to see you later, you can ask him yourself.”

Dave relaxed. “I trust Mac, but when I’m feeling better, I want to go and see for myself.”

Chet didn’t say anything. He just held Dave’s hand. He noticed him tense up, and saw a grimace contort his face.

“Dave, if the pain is bad, use the pump. You heard the nurse.”

Dave forced himself to smile. “Okay, but I’ll probably fall asleep. Promise me you won’t sit here all day. Go and catch up with the guys, have some fun. Promise?”

Chet smiled. “Okay, but I love watching you sleep, so I might have to stay for a little while…and I’ll be back for dinner.”

Dave pressed the button and a dazed look came over him. “I love you Chet.” He said as the drug took affect.

“I love you too.” Chet whispered.

At church, Ryan and Eric had discreetly maneuvered the seating arrangements so that LittleTom and Amy sat next to each other between them. The older boys enjoyed watching them smile at each other and glance shyly back and forth during the service. When the benediction was over, Eric gravitated toward his parents and wandered out to the car with them. When they reached home, Eric went up to his room and paced back and forth. He knew that he had to talk to his sister, but he was feeling apprehensive about it. He realized that a lot depended on her reaction to what he had to tell her, and he really didn’t know how she would react. He managed to collect his courage, and went out into the hallway. He paused for a moment outside her room, and knocked purposefully on the door.

“Come in.” She called from the bed where she was reading a magazine.

“Ames, I need to talk to you…”

“Oh, it’s you. What do you want?”

“Amy, this is serious. I have to tell you something, and I want you to think about it and not freak out, okay?”

Amy regarded him over the top of her magazine. “Oh, is this when you tell me that you’re gay and that you’re madly in love with Ryan?”

Eric turned six shades of red and spluttered helplessly while Amy laughed. “Do you honestly believe that I didn’t know? You must think I’m a real idiot.”

Eric couldn’t believe his ears. “You mean…you know?”

Amy folded the magazine and put it down on the bed. “Eric, sit down. I know we’re not always that close, but when you grow up in the same house with someone, you kind of have an idea, you know?”

“So you’re not grossed out or anything?” Eric asked as he sat tentatively on the edge of the bed.

“No. It’s who you’ve always been, only now you’re happy.”

Eric smiled at his sister. “Yeah. Oh, hey…um…LittleTom kind of likes you…”

Amy laughed out loud. “No! You think?”

Eric’s mouth twisted in a smile. “I guess he wasn’t all that subtle…do you like him?”

Amy grew pensive. “Yeah, I think he’s cute. He’s fun to talk to also.”

“Um, if Ryan and I set it up so that we all go to a movie, well…would you like that?”

Amy smiled at her brother. “Depends on the movie of course.”

“Hey, you name it. I don’t think it’ll matter to LittleTom.” Eric said with a soft chuckle.

“Oooooo, I should make him suffer. Let’s make it a real chick flick!” She enthused.

Eric grinned. “You pick the film. I’ll tell Ry it was my choice, okay?”

Amy slid towards him on the bed and put her arms around his neck. “If you ever tell anyone I hugged you, I’ll deny it. Don’t forget you’re still my brother, but just this once…”

Eric smiled. “I love you, you little brat.”

Amy squeezed him hard. “I love you too, dork.”

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