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Jon and Matt
Chapter Six

Jon awoke first on Tuesday morning to find Matt sleeping peacefully in his arms. The first thing he did upon awakening was to kiss Matt gently on the cheek. A smile spread across Matt’s face as he gradually rolled over into Jon’s arms. Matt kissed Jon’s neck, burrowing into the space beneath his chin.

“Good morning.” Jon whispered into Matt’s ear.

“Yeah, it sure is.” Matt sighed into Jon’s chest. Both boys knew that this was one of many times they’d wake up together, but neither one knew when they could do it next.

Matt’s stomach gurgled, causing both boys to snicker.

“Is breakfast included?” Matt asked.

Jon replied, “But of course, monsieur!” as he started to get out of bed.

Matt, slowly coming to his senses, clung tighter to Jon. “Wait, just another minute.” Jon relaxed against Matt’s body, savoring the moment.

When Jon finally did get up, he said, “You just relax, I’ll call you when breakfast is ready.” He threw on a robe and he went down to the kitchen to start fussing around. First, he did the dishes from the night before and cleared away every trace of the romantic dinner. He took the vase of roses out to the garage and hid it in a corner behind some junk. He hated dismantling the whole setting, but he knew it would raise some eyebrows if he left anything the way it had been. On an impulse, he plucked two of the long stemmed flowers out of the vase and brought them into the kitchen and laid them on the table by each place.

He hadn’t really thought about breakfast, so he rummaged around in the refrigerator and found some sausages and some frozen waffles. “This’ll have to do.” He sighed. Then he had a thought. He found the tray with legs on it that his mom uses when someone is sick, and he put together a nice breakfast-in-bed presentation out of the humble breakfast, and the roses. He carried the tray up to his room and set it on the bed. Matt stirred when the tray bumped against his erection and smiled at Jon. Jon lifted the tray long enough for Matt to sit up in a cross legged position, and shed his robe and joined him on the opposite side of the tray table.

“This is what I call service!” Matt declared, as he poured a little syrup on his waffles.

He cut a bite and reached over and fed it to Jon. Jon thought it was very sensual, and they fed each other the rest of the meal. When they finished their breakfast, they put the tray table on the floor, and lay back on the bed, naked together. Their dicks were semi-hard just from the closeness.

“Last night was so great!” Jon mumbled into Matt’s neck. “I just have one question, though. What does ‘uhhhhhhnnnnnngah’ mean?”

Matt turned on his side, “You little brat!” He laughed. “Next time I’m setting up a tape recorder so you can hear yourself!”

Jon wriggled closer to Matt’s body and kissed him hard on the chin.

Matt turned and kissed him lovingly on the cheek, saying,

“It means ‘I love you’ in Mattanese! It’s not my fault that I love you so damn much that I have to make up new words to tell you.”

“We have some time before anyone gets home.” Jon thought out loud.

“Oh?” Matt answered.

Both boys knew that they were talking about the same thing.

“Matt, you don’t’ have to, you know.” Jon offered. “I’m not going to lie to you, it hurt at first…so if you don’t want to, I understand.”

Matt was silent for a moment, and finally said, “Are you sore this morning?”

Jon thought about it and shrugged. “Yeah, a little, but I kinda like it. Makes me think of you being in me, and it makes me happy. You know?”

“Then I want it to!” Matt declared as he flopped over on his stomach and spread his legs for Jon.

Jon moved behind him. Matt felt Jon’s breath against his hole as Jon spread his cheeks and leaned in. He sensed Jon’s hesitancy, and told him, “Jon, you don’t have to do that…just because I did.”

Jon was being offered an out, and he almost took it. He thought about the fact that he would never have thought about this a week ago, but he remembered how good it felt when Matt had done it to him and he wanted to give Matt the same experience.

He lunged at Matt’s asshole and gave him the best tonguing he could. Half way through, he thought about how much he really loved giving Matt pleasure. Matt squirmed and pressed his ass back into Jon’s face, moaning loudly with each fresh assault on his anus.

Jon was just as surprised as Matt had been that this could actually be a pleasurable experience for the giver as well as the receiver. He thought about how cool it was to be kissing what was the most intimate part of his lover’s body, a part that no one else had likely even seen since his childhood.

He then leaned over to Matt’s ear and whispered,

“Don’t worry, I’m going to be just as gentle as you were with me. If it’s too much, just tell me to stop, okay?” Matt nodded into the pillow.

Matt was definitely nervous, but he was also determined to get past this hurdle. He willed himself to relax as Jon probed him with his fingers while gently stroking the small of his back with his free hand.

After awhile, Matt realized that he was thrusting back into Jon’s hand, and whispered,

“I think I’m ready.”

Jon withdrew his fingers and surprised Matt by turning him over and guiding his legs to his shoulders. As he found his target, he gently pressed forward. He stopped when he saw Matt’s face contort in a grimace of pain.

Matt smiled up at him, “Try again. I’m going to try pushing back this time.”

Jon leaned over and pressed his lips against Matt’s as he slowly attempted to guide himself into Matt’s opening again. When the tip of his cock popped in, Matt exhaled a gasp into Jon’s mouth, and Jon broke the kiss and studied Matt’s face. His eyes were closed, and his mouth was open as he lay there breathing heavily. Jon knew from his own experience of last night that he should just hold still for a minute.

When he saw Matt’s face relax, he slowly pushed in another inch. There was very little reaction this time, so he kept going until he was all the way in. He kissed Matt tenderly on the lips and said,

“I promise you, it gets better.”

“I trust you.” Matt replied.

He felt like he was being split in two as he lay there panting beneath Jon. Gradually, the burning sensation began to give way to pleasure as the head of Jon’s dick nestled against his prostate, and he felt himself relax. Jon felt it to, and began to move slowly in and out of Matt’s ass.

“God, I love you.” Matt managed to gasp between breathy moans.

Jon increased his pace, and before long, Matt was grabbing the sheets and making up more words to describe his passion. Jon couldn’t hold back any longer and came deep within Matt’s body. He was surprised that he had remained hard, so he kept thrusting even after his orgasm. Matt was going wild. He was pulling Jon’s hips into him as hard as he could. Seconds after Jon had come, he felt his lover’s balls contract against his belly as Matt pumped out a very intense orgasm between the two of them, causing them to slip and slide against each other’s bodies.

They traded gentle kisses as Jon began to soften inside of Matt. He finally went limp, and popped out of Matt’s anus. They clung to each other for awhile, sharing the simple joy of holding the person you just made love to. Eventually, Jon had to break the spell.

“Sam should be home soon, we’d better get up.” He said as he dragged himself out of bed and toward the bathroom.

Matt was right behind him as Jon ran the shower for the two of them. They climbed in and washed each other again, Jon taking special care as he soaped Matt’s ass.

“I know what you mean about not minding the soreness.” Matt said as he winced slightly at Jon’s touch. “It does kind of feel good, in a way.”

When they’d showered and dried off, they headed back to Jon’s room to dress. They froze when they heard the front door open. Then they tore for Jon’s room, and Jon grabbed Matt’s bag and shoved him back toward the bathroom, while he stayed in his room. He was just pulling on his briefs when Sam knocked on his door.

“Come in.” Jon called, trying to sound casual.

Sam Walked in as Jon was pulling on his T-shirt. “Hey Jonny, how was your sleepover?”

“Fine,” Jon replied, adding unnecessarily, “Matt’s finishing up in the bathroom.”

As Sam walked into the room, his nostrils were assaulted by a familiar smell. As he glanced at the bed, he saw where it was coming from.

“Looks like you guys had some fun!” He said playfully.

Jon followed his gaze to the stained sheets, and froze in a panic.

Sam put his hand on Jon’s shoulder and reassured him. “Hey, Jonny, it’s okay. You don’t have to be embarrassed. Lots of boys your age experiment. If you guys had a little jack off session, it’s nothing to worry about. It’s perfectly normal.” Then he added with a chuckle, “Hell, Gary and I did it few times when we were your age.”

This calmed Jon down a little, but he knew there was no way he could let Sam believe that what had happened between Matt and him was a nasty little game. It wouldn’t be fair to Matt, Sam, or himself for that matter. He knew he had to tell him. Today.

Sam headed downstairs, leaving Jon to finish dressing. When Matt joined him, Jon told him what had happened.

“We have to tell him Matt.”

Matt nodded, “I know.”

The two boys headed downstairs and found Sam in the kitchen. He looked up from the sport’s section and greeted them as they sat across the table from him.

“Sam, we have to talk to you.” Jon said seriously.

Sam smiled at him and said, “Jonny, if it’s about what I saw in your room, it’s really okay. Lot’s of boys do it at some point. You two are best friends. It’s totally normal.”

“Sam,” Jon began. “It’s not what you think. It wasn’t just a jack off session with a buddy, we made love. Twice. And we do other stuff to. It’s not just sex, though. We love each other.”

Sam digested this new information pensively. “So, you’re saying that you’re gay?”

Matt and Jon replied simply in unison. “Yes.” They instinctively reached for each other’s hand and squeezed affectionately.

Sam regarded the two boys appraisingly. Jon and Matt felt like bugs under a microscope. Finally, Sam reached across the table and gathered the boys’ interlocked hands in his. Raising them to his lips, he kissed each one. Giving Matt a sideways glance, he said,

“You’d better not break my brother’s heart, Barker.” And a huge smile spread across his face.

Emotion welled up on the boy’s faces. Amid tears, Matt leaned his head on Jon’s shoulder and said, “Not a chance!”

Sam came around the table. Both boys stood so Sam could hug each of them individually, then they all joined in a mutual embrace. When everyone had regained their composure, they settled around the table and had a serious talk.

“Are you going to tell mom and dad?” Sam queried. “And what about your parents, Matt?”

“Well,” Matt stated, “I know we’ll have to tell them eventually. I haven’t talked to Jon about it, but I thought we should wait ‘til after the barbeque my folks are having. I know they’ll be cool with it eventually, but just in case it’s weird, I don’t want it to put a strain on the party.”

The other two agreed that it was best to wait. Jon asked Sam a little uncertainly,

“How do think mom and dad will take it?”

“Jonny, they love you so much. They’re so happy that you have confidence in yourself, and that you have good friends. I’m sure once they realize that this is the reason it all came together for you, they’ll be fine with it. Mom was watching you guys goofing around the other day when you were cleaning the patio. You should have seen the look on her face. I think they all feel like we’re family, I know I do. Your relationship is just an extension of that.”

Without even thinking, Matt leaned over and gave Jon a kiss. Sam shook his head, smiling.

“That’s so cool.” He said. “I’m really glad that you two felt comfortable telling me about it.”

Jon told him, “We were planning to tell you anyway, but when you saw the ‘evidence…’ both boys had the decency to blush. “…well, I didn’t want you to think that we were just messing around. What we did was very special to us. It wouldn’t be honest, and I’ve always been straight with you.”

Jon realized what he’d said, “Well…truthful, anyway!” He lisped, as he flipped a limp wrist in Sam’s direction.

This got a laugh from the others. Sam eventually said,

“Hey! When I move into the dorm this Fall, you guys can help me decorate!”

“Mauve!” Jon shouted excitedly, “Definitely mauve for the trim!”

“Yes!” Matt joined in the fun. “With lavender walls!”

“Hang on you guys,” Sam objected, “It’s a dorm room, not a whorehouse!”

“Oh,” Jon pouted, “Then you’re definitely not going to like the velvet window treatments.”

When Sam could get a breath, he took the boy’s hands in his, and shaking his head, he said,

“One thing’s for sure, you guys are going to have a lot of laughter in your lives!”

Both boys agreed, telling Sam that they laugh all the time, and how good it feels.

“Seriously though,” Sam went on, “does anybody know at school yet?”
“Well, we told Trev and Stacey and they were really cool about it, Miss Selwitz figured it out, but we think in general, it might not be too cool if everyone knew. Not yet, anyway.” Jon answered.

“Yeah, there are some real jerks in our class.” Matt agreed.

Sam pounded his fist on the table. “If any of those knuckleheads gives either of you any crap, you come to me, you got that!” He made both of them promise.

Jon looked a little sad. “I don’t know why some people have to be so small minded. Last night…and this morning were so…”

Sam held up a hand to silence him “This borders on waaaaay too much information!” He said, chuckling. “Just because I approve of you doesn’t mean that there aren’t some things a big brother doesn’t need to hear!”

“You big dope.” Jon said, smiling at his big brother. “I wasn’t going to give you any of the gory details, I just wanted you to know that it was…beautiful.” He said with a far away look on his face.

“Yeah, it was.” Matt agreed.

When Dan and Shelley Kent arrived home, they found their two biological sons, and their third son by proxy working out on Sam’s weights in the garage. Sam was teaching the boys how to spot for each other so they could work out on their own He was so pleased to be able to share this with Jon. He’d always wanted to, but Jon was never interested.

After awhile, Matt mentioned that he had to drop by school and talk to Miss Selwitz about his extra credit work. Jon said he’d tag along and pick up his test. Even though classes were over for the Summer, school was still technically open. Some classes were still having tests. Sam said he had to clean out his gym locker, so he agreed to drive them. The three of them piled in Sam’s VW bug and headed for the school.

It felt strange to be in the nearly deserted building. Sam headed for the locker room while the two boys made their way to Miss Selwitz’ room. They found her sitting at her desk grading a mountain of tests. She smiled when they came in the room and fished Jon’s test out of the stack and handed it to him.

“Good work, Jon.” She said wearily as she indicated the A+ at the top of the paper. “I’m glad you did as well as Matt.

“I taught him everything he knows!” Jon beamed.

“So what am I, chopped liver?” Miss S. said peering at Jon over her glasses.

The boys guffawed at her comment. Matt coming back to his senses, asked about bringing up his grade.

“Well,” Miss Selwitz began, “It’s not a present. You’ll have to work hard.”

“I understand.” Matt said in all sincerity.

Miss Selwitz looked at Matt and continued. “I want you to pick any event in history that we’ve studied this semester, and write a paper describing the event in your own words, then write about about how it affected the world, and finally, how it affected your life. You have until Friday to get it done”

“I know just what event I’m going to pick!” Matt said with a smile on his face. He felt like hugging Miss S. again, but thought it might not be appropriate. She saw the indecision on his face, and stood up, throwing her arms open. A grateful boy fell into her her arms and they shared a meaningful embrace. She whispered in his ear,

“This is what nochis is all about. I couldn’t be more proud of you if you were my own son!”

Miss S. opened her eyes, and saw Jon gazing at the two of them. She looked at his face, and thought, “If someone could harness the power of that smile, surely we could have peace in the world.” She extended her arm to include Jon in the love fest. Jon was indeed grateful. He was hooked. He just couldn’t get enough of the feeling of being loved.

She regretfully sent the two boys on their way, and as they left the room, they saw Sam at the end of the hall with another boy.

“Hey guys, come here, there’s someone I want you to meet.” Sam called to them.

They made their way toward Sam, and they both recognized the gorilla standing next to him. He was a junior named Chet. He was on the football team with Sam, and he was definitely intimidating. He stood about 6’ 3”, and his muscles rippled with every move he made.

“Chet, this is my brother Jonny, and his friend Matt. Jon, Matt? Meet Chet.”

Chet extended an enormous beefy hand and shook with the two younger boys.

Sam continued, “Chet’s going to be a senior next year. He’s also going to be team captain.” Chet grinned with pride as Sam went on, “I’m not going to be around next year, so if you have any problems, you can go to Chet.”

Matt and Jon felt a little self conscious, then the mountain that was Chet spoke. “I understand we have something in common.” He said with a wink.

Jon and Matt stared at him, and said at the same time, “You?” Chet nodded.

“Sam and Gary are the only ones who know…’til now. Anyone messes with you guys is gonna being eating soft food for awhile!” Chet said, patting the boys on the back. “I admire you guys. I could never bring myself to be myself, but you guys…well, you have each other. Now you have me to!. So live, love and be happy…I got your back!”

Matt and Jon were overwhelmed. Chet hugged them both, and Sam, and loped away down the hall.

“He’s so cool!” Matt enthused.

“Yeah,” Sam offered with a devilish smile, “for a queer, that is!”

Both boys lunged at him, and before long they were rolling around in the hall. Jon sat on Sam’s chest and yelled, “Matt, go get Chet, we need to teach this creep a lesson!”

“All right! I give up! This was only a drill!” Sam laughed, and the three of them headed for the parking lot.

They dropped Matt off at his house. It felt great to be able to share a goodbye kiss in front of Sam.

“Thanks,” Matt said with feeling, “for everything.” He made his way to the kitchen door as the little beetle made its way down the block.

He found Ann in the kitchen making up a shopping list for Thursday’s barbeque. Matt put his arms around her from behind and kissed her cheek.

“Matt, you’ve been so affectionate, lately.” Ann said, adding, “I’m not complaining, mind you! It’s nice to be appreciated for a change.”

“Yeah, well, I guess I’ve been in a good mood lately.” Matt said, grabbing a bottle of Snapple out of the ‘fridge. “I’ll be upstairs if you need me for anything. I’m going to get a start on my extra credit paper.”

Ann smiled at him. “There’s nothing I need you for that’s more important than that!”

He flopped into his desk chair and booted up his PC. He thought he’d check his mail, and sure enough, there was an email from Jon. He opened it up to find an animated smiley face winking at him. The note read: “Just a little something to remind you of me.”

Matt downloaded the attachment and was shocked to see a web cam picture of Jon sitting at his computer grinning at the camera. Stark naked and hard as a rock! Matt stared at the picture. Jon looked so cute, sitting there in the buff. He had to return the favor.

He peeked out the door of his room and saw that the hallway was deserted. He closed the door and locked it. Pulling the window shades down, he began to undress. As he slipped out of his briefs, his already hard penis sprang to attention. He positioned the camera so that he could be seen standing in front of the desk and set it to record as he jacked himself while fingering his ass. He edited it into a 10 second video loop and attached it to an email, and typed: “Thinking of you…”

He hit send, and when his email disappeared from the screen, he was once again faced with Jon’s smiling face and rampant cock. He leaned in and kissed the screen. “Well,” he figured, “here I am, naked and all boned up with a naked picture on Jon in front of me. I’ll never get any work done in this condition.” Matt thought to himself, and he took himself in hand and began to jack himself again. The tingling in his sore butt was a real turn on, as he replayed his deflowering in his mind, and in no time at all, he covered his chest and belly with globs of semen.

He just sat there for a minute, catching his breath before cleaning up and getting dressed. Maybe now, he thought, he could get some work done.

He had known the minute that Miss Selwitz gave him the assignment, that he was going to write about Rosa Parks. The story of her courageous act had really captivated him. He wrote of how her actions told the world that she was a person of dignity, no better and no worse than anyone else. He lost all track of time as the words seemed to fly from his fingers and dance across the screen.

He wrote about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and the movement that began with Rosa Parks’ simple gesture. He wrote of the march in Selma, Alabama, and Dr. King’s many arrests. Tears came to his eyes as he wrote of Dr. King’s assassination. He felt the loss as deeply as though he was standing on that balcony with him, and he wept.

When he got to the last part, about how his life was affected, he took a deep breath and began. He wrote of the incident in the cafeteria that first day after Jon and he had become a couple, and of how Rosa Parks gentle protest still reached across the decades to gently remind the world that we’re all in this together.

When he’d finished, he glanced at the clock in the corner of his screen and realized it was 7:00. He’d been so absorbed in his work that he hadn’t even noticed it was getting dark outside. He’d just finished printing out the paper when he heard a gentle knock on his door. He crossed the room and unlocked the door and swung it open to find his mother in the hallway.

“You’ve been at it all afternoon, ready for a dinner break?”

“Yeah, I’m pretty much done. I still have to proof it and fix up a few spots here and there.”

Ann regarded him anxiously. “Matt, have you been crying? What’s wrong honey?”

Matt smiled weakly at her, “Oh, nothing really, I just got really carried away, I guess.” He said, indicating the sheets of paper in the printer tray.

“May I?” Ann asked as she reached for the sheaf of pages. Matt nodded, and Ann sat on the edge of his bed and read. Matt noticed tears forming in her eyes. He brought her a tissue from the desk and sat on the bed next to her, her eyes riveted to the page.

When she’d finally finished, she set the pages down on the bed. “Matt, it’s beautiful. My generation lived through those terrible times, but it’s like you understand better than a lot of us.” She took him in her arms and the two of them cried on each other’s shoulders. When they separated, Ann kissed her son on the cheek, and said “I don’t know how in the world I got so lucky as to have a son with such a beautiful soul.”

As she sat there looking at each other, Ann thought of him as a baby, laying in her arms, and as a toddler and a young boy. She thought that if she could only keep one memory of his fourteen years of life, this moment that they shared would be her pick.



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