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The day had started out like any other day in Max Daggett’s life. He had just turned fifteen, and was in ninth grade at Summerland High in the small town in which he lived. It had just turned November, and the nip of early winter was definitely in the air.

He got up, showered, had breakfast, and went to his first class of the day, which was math. His other classes proceeded without issue until lunch.

In the cafeteria, he sat by his friend, Andrew Travers, the new guy who’d come to town about a month ago. They had become instant friends in Computer Science when the teacher had stepped out. Max, bored, had leaned over to Andrew and made a crack about how Mr. Sims acted like the lead character of a popular TV show set in the 1960s. Before either of them really realized it, they had chattered up such a storm about the show that the teacher had had to tell them to focus on their work. Since then they’d been practically inseparable.

Andrew put down his hamburger and said, “Hey, Max. Mystery meat’s edible this week. Think they splurged?”

Chuckling, Max replied, “Well, I guess I’ll find out, huh?”

He took a bite of his own burger, and to his surprise, the meat was edible for once. The boys ate their lunch in silence amid the noise of peoples’ voices and the occasional clang of plates.

As Max finished, wiping his hands on a paper napkin, he said, “Hey, Andy, something bothering you? The TV show can’t be that depressing, huh?”

Andy turned to look at him, his brown eyes seeming almost to drink Max in. He cast his gaze back to his own lunch tray and said, “No. It’s not that. I found something at home last night. You wanna come over before my dad gets home?”

Max nodded, a bit mystified. “Uh, sure. Guess I’ll find out the big secret then.”

Andy nodded, smiling a bit uncertainly. He put his hand on Max’s shoulder and said, “See ya after classes. Just go to my place and wait for me if I’m not there. I gotta go now.”

Max walked over to Andrew’s place, which was a pretty ordinary-looking single-floor white house among several similar-looking houses on the same block. It was about a fifteen-minute walk or so from school. Max lived about ten minutes further, on the other side of the main road that led out to the beer brewery that still ran half-shifts while the owners tried to decide whether to close up or not.

Andy’s dad was a foreman there, Max remembered. Max’s dad worked in the big city about a half hour’s drive away, in some office.

Max’s feet took him up to the front door, not missing a step as he wondered just why Andrew seemed to be uneasy. He thought, Well, nothing but to find out today, I guess.

He knocked and waited for an answer. When none came, he cursed and sat heavily on the doorstep, wondering idly what could be keeping his friend. He pulled his science textbook out of his backpack and began leafing through the pages on pulleys and levers.

After a few minutes, Andy’s voice broke in on his reading. “Hey. Sorry for keeping you waiting. I had to talk to Mrs. Legault about the play.”

Max closed his textbook and shoved it back in his bag. “Oh yeah, you auditioned, didn’t you? What’s it about?”

Max stood up as Andy moved to the front door, fishing out his key as he did so. “Oh, it’s ‘Never Trust a Tattooed Sailor’. I’m gonna be Jack Swan!”

“Uh, that’s great, right?”

Andy grinned as he swung the front door open. “It better be, Max. He’s the guy that’s supposed to fix everything and make sure the girl gets her money.”

“Okay, cool. I’ll come to see the play, then. Honestly.”

Max had to admit, Andrew had the build and looks for a stage actor. He had expressive brown eyes plus jet-black hair which he kept short and spiky, and though Andy wasn’t a real sports kind of guy, he jogged every morning and worked out every second day on the weight set at the gym. Max often joined him for those sessions. Max was five-eight and Andy was just a bit taller than him.

The two boys went into Andy’s bedroom, after which Andy closed the door. Max sprawled on the floor while Andy sat upright at the edge of the bed.

Max said, “So what was up with you today, huh? C’mon, spill. Is it a girl or something?”

Andy chuckled hollowly. “I wish it was. Look, you know how me and my Dad, we use the same computer, right?”

“Yeah, so?”

Andy’s face flushed red as he tried to meet Max’s eyes and failed. “It’s so... ugh. It’s embarrassing. Look, I’m not an idiot, we’ve had sex ed classes in school, but still, when it’s Dad...”

Patiently, Max said, “So what about your dad?”

“Okay, look. I was looking in my browser history ‘cause I forgot which website I was looking at a while ago for that research project in science, right?”

Max remembered. “Yeah, that... uh, Archimedes screw thingy?”

“That’s the one. Anyway, I, uh, found some other sites I know I didn’t look at.”

Max’s sudden realization nearly made him laugh. He only managed not to with an effort and choked out, “Oh! Well, c’mon, your dad’s a guy. He’s gonna look at porn, you know.”

Andy seemed almost to physically push that statement away. “Whoa, okay? This is Dad we’re talking about, okay? Looking at naked chicks is one thing, but when it’s him? The thought’s pretty icky.”

“Well, we don’t have to talk about it anymore if it upsets you that much. But, well...” Max trailed off, unsure if Andy would be offended.

“Well, what?” Understanding dawned in Andy’s eyes as he collapsed on the bed, laughing. After a few moments, he recovered and gasped, “Oh my God, you want to see them?”

It was Max’s turn to blush as he looked at the carpet, wondering why he’d even bothered opening his mouth.

Andrew’s outstretched hand filled his vision as he looked back up. Max grabbed it and hauled himself up. Before either boy could lose his nerve, they walked into the den, which faced out into the back yard. Andrew looked at his watch and said, “Good. Dad’s on the night shift. He gets back around eight or so when they have him go from three P.M.”

Nervously, Andrew licked his lips and fired up the computer. In what was almost a stream of consciousness, he babbled, “I still don’t know how it happened. Maybe I left it logged in on my account and Dad wasn’t paying attention. Dunno otherwise how he’d go looking at porn websites.”

Andy opened the browser and said, “Last chance to back out, okay?”

“You kidding? I ain’t chicken.”

Truthfully, Max was caught between backing out and anticipating what he was about to see. His first glimpse had been a torn-out centerfold from a Playboy magazine he’d found when a senior had hurriedly stuffed a magazine into his backpack in the stairwell at the school and darted down the stairs.

But this promised to be a lot more ‘fully-featured’, as it were.

Andy pulled up one of the websites in his history, and the images Max saw left nothing to the imagination. His mouth went dry as he saw men and women in various positions on the monitor. Andy said, “Hey, it gets even better. Some of them have free ten-second clips. Let’s download a few.”

It wasn’t long before the two of them were avidly perusing the browser history for all it was worth, and Max couldn’t help but notice the slight bulge in Andy’s pants and he knew his own pants felt rather tight.

He was going to need to take care of that pretty soon, he figured.

The one thing that sort of bothered him was that he was more turned on when he could see the guy’s face and he was a good-looking one. He wondered if Andy felt the same way.

Finally, he couldn’t stand it and stood up to adjust himself. Andy grinned knowingly and did the same. He said, “I had that problem the other time. Lemme close this down and we’ll take a break, huh?”

Almost regretfully, Andrew shut the computer off, and led Max back to his room. Max, undecided, stayed in the bedroom door as Andrew stretched out on his bed.

Andrew frowned. “What? We’re guys, right? ‘Course we get turned on by that shit. You get hit with the anti-Viagra vaccine all of a sudden?”

That forced a laugh from Max. He stepped into the room and said, “No, but... look, I’ve—I’ve never done this before, ever. Isn’t it queer, or something?”

“Oh, come on. I don’t know about you, but I’m going to have to either jack off in about two minutes or take a real cold shower. Look, I’m not trying to say this place isn’t fun; after all, you’re my best friend here. But we came here from a bigger city and I had a friend there, before we left, and we did a couple things together. I sure wasn’t complaining.”

Those words, contrary to what Max thought his reaction would have been, somehow closed an electrical circuit between his ears and his groin. The thought of Andy naked suddenly seemed appealing, not repulsive.

Max stepped forward, closing the bedroom door. As though that had been a signal, Andy reached out, his fingers grazing Max’s belt. He said earnestly, huskily, “Max, are you sure you want to do this?”

Ma x swallowed. His lips were parched again, and he tried licking them. He rasped, “Yeah, I’m sure.”

Andy sat up on the bed and began undoing Max’s belt. Slowly, seductively, he rubbed Max’s hard-on through Max’s jeans. Max gasped at the foreign feeling of a hand other than his own rubbing him there, and decided he didn’t care what happened.

Andy unbuttoned Max’s jeans, which fell unheeded to the floor as Max stepped out of them, clad only in his shirt, boxers and socks. Andy reached up and pulled Max’s boxers off, letting Max’s erection stand freely as the boxers, too, fell away.

Max revelled in the feeling as Andy’s warm hand encircled his cock, pulling gently forward and backward as he began to jack Max off.

Andy’s other hand crept around Max to feel Max’s ass, then up Max’s shirt to feel his chest, all the while as the steady rhythm of Andy’s hand sent welcome sensations through his body.

Time seemed to fly by so quickly; it felt like only seconds before the best orgasm of Max’s life began to rocket through him, causing him to cry out incoherently as his fluids splattered over Andy’s hand and face. Andy stroked Max a few more times, milking the last few drops from his penis before gently releasing it.

As he came down off his orgasmic bliss, Max’s eyes widened as he saw Andy lick his hand and fingers, then abruptly yank his shirt and pants off. Andy flung himself back on the bed, his own erection pointing straight up as he groaned, “Oh God, I gotta take care of this now!”

Max was sure it was only a few seconds before Andy came, his body jerking as his own fluids were liberally splattered over his chest and stomach.

Andy released his cock from his hand and let his head flop back onto the pillow as he said, “Damn, that was good. Doing it by yourself’s just not the same, you know.”

Max swallowed nervously, realizing what he’d just done. In embarrassment, he said nothing as he got dressed again and said, “Um, look... Andy? I’d better get home for supper. Uh, it was great, today.” He forced a smile as he wondered if he hadn’t just messed things up so completely and thoroughly that he’d never be able to look into Andrew’s face again.

“Yeah, that’s cool. We gotta do this again sometime. If you want?”

Max woodenly said, “Yeah. Maybe. Look, I need to go.”

Andy waved negligently, and Max practically zoomed out of the house, pausing only to grab up his backpack and hurriedly jam his shoes on. As his heart raced (and not just because of the running), he wondered how on Earth Andy could be so casual about what the two of them had just done.

What had possessed Max to let another guy do that to him?

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