The Maxwell Thomas Project
By: Eric Case
Chapter 2

Legal Stuff:
The following story contains descriptions of graphic sexual acts between two consenting male teenagers.. if you don't quite get what that means... THIS IS A STORY ABOUT GAY PEOPLE! UH HE-YUCK! (the laugh Goofy makes) lol It is a "fictional" story, and any likeness to events which may have happened in real life is coincidental. If this is not your cup of tea, it is suggested that you STOP..... and read no further lol.
This story should not be read by people under the age of 18, homophobes, or if it is illegal to view material of a sexual nature wherever you are. 
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Well since it's my one year anniversary I decided that today's the day that "The Maxwell Thomas Project" gets posted to Nifty. So below is chapter two of Maxwell Thomas. The rest of the chapters should follow in periodic releases over the next few weeks. There should be roughly ten chapters, and I'm still not sure where I'm going with it and I'm writing chapter 8 right now sooo... anyways have fun,


Chapter 2:

"Well anyway, thanks for helping me out of the locker," I said playing my thoughts down.

"If you wanted help, you could have just asked," Max said simply as he stood up leaving the seat for me. He quickly switched the weights on the bar from 35s, down to a 5 on each side which was good for me.

"What do you mean?" I asked sitting down.

"Well I wouldn't volunteer my own help, but if you had asked me for help I would have told them to lay off."

"Really?" I asked hopefully. "I'm just working out now cause I don't know what else to do. They want me to give them money on Monday or they said they're dunking me in the toilet," I said shivering.

Max smiled at my involuntary spasm. I grabbed the bar at it's wide-grip points, and lifted it off it's stand and started curling. "That's it," Max said smiling. "Go for eight this set, then we'll add five pounds."

"That'll be too heavy," I said sheepishly as I got to eight and set the bar back down.

"You can do it," Max said looking me dead in the eyes. The funny thing was that as soon as he said it, I believed him.

I stood, and after changing the weights (adding to Max's original to make it 40 pounds on each side), Max quickly finished his next set of eight reps. Then came my turn to do my weights again. We slapped the 7.5 pounds on each side of the bar and I felt a little silly having just seen how much Max was curling, but he never batted an eyelash.

Max and I spent the next forty-five minutes doing a workout just on our arms, and watching his biceps and triceps get bigger and sweatier with each set was getting me a little too excited. "Hey Max," I said hesitantly. He looked up from the bar to meet my eyes. "How old were you when you started working out?"

"When I was 14 I guess," Max said.

"And now you're sixteen right?"

"Yeah, just turned sixteen actually," Max said looking back to the bar as he set it down.

We changed the weights, and changed places so I was seated at the preacher curl. "So how long do you think it'll take for me to get as big as you?" I asked as I reached for the bar.

Max chuckled and rested both hands on the bar holding it down and looking me in the eyes. "What are you hoping for, to show up on Monday buff and beat the hell out of Jack and his boys?"

I smiled. "Yeah I guess that's what I was hoping. I don't wanna pay them any money but they're gonna dunk my head in the toilet if I don't," I said resting my chin down on the preacher miserably. I didn't want to go through this shit anymore. I hated Jack. I hated his friends, the school, everything!

Max put his right hand on my left shoulder and bent down so his face was level, and just inches from mine. I didn't know where to look since I couldn't meet his eyes when they were this close to mine so I just looked at his lips as he said "they won't dunk you."

I bit my lip and nodded as a tear broke loose and made it's way down my cheek. I opened my mouth to say something, but no words would come out. I wasn't really capable of working out anymore that night and Max knew it as well, or better than I did. Emotionally I was a wreck and I got really tired all of a sudden. Not tired, but sleepy. "I think we're finished for today Jared," Max commented looking at my puffy eyes.

"Yeah," I said softly. "I don't feel much like working out all of a sudden."

"We'll call it a day then okay?"

"Okay," I said and we got up and headed for the locker room.

Max's locker was right across from mine so we started getting changed. I figured I would jog home so I just decided to change my t-shirt. I was a little shy to be changing in front of Max though because I was still so hairless. Max, however, quickly pulled his shirt off and for the first time I saw his chiseled upper body in full view. To call him magnificent would have been an understatement. To me, Maxwell's physique  was nothing less than perfection! His shoulders were wide and well developed with clearly defined striations which showed each time he moved his arms, and what arms they were! I figured he could match Hulk Hogan, or even "Big Poppa Pump", although I found out a few days later his arms were "only" 16 inches. He had a thick neck - not a big gross neck, but it looked strong on top of his traps. Then my eyes traced down to his chest with it's two large mounds of muscle that made up his pecks. Below them was a firm six-pack. A thin line of light brown hair ran down into his pants, leading to what I could only image was a good-sized hunk of meat. No doubt much larger than my own at it's 4'' when fully erect, and as I thought about the size of me when I was erect I realized that I was fully erect and felt that pounding.

Max reached into his bag that he pulled out of the locker and fished out a sweatshirt. He cut a glance at me and caught me staring and smiled. "Don't worry, keep at it and you can wind up as big as me, or bigger," he said thinking I was just curious, but I was a little more than curious as I swallowed hard and half smiled. Max kicked off his shoes and drew out another pair and sat down to put them on. I took advantage of this to change my shirt while I figured he wasn't watching since he was looking down at his shoes as he tied the laces. When I pulled my clean shirt over my head I was surprised to see Max looking at me. His face didn't show anything, but it was still a big turn on imagining him being attracted to me of all people. Then Max stood up and turned half towards his bag.

"Okay.. I guess I'll see you around school then," I said awkwardly.

"Yeah you probably will. Same time tomorrow night?"

"Tomorrow night?" I asked not sure what he was talking about.

"Well we have to get that chest work out in, so if you're not doing anything tomorrow night, then we can work out," Max said smiling.

"You still wanna work out with me?" I asked incredulously.

"Yeah of course," Max answered looking at me like having asked that question made absolutely no sense whatsoever.

"Okay," I said breaking into a happy smile.

"You need a lift home?" Max asked.

"Oh.. umm.. nah I don't want to be any trouble," I answered quickly.

"No trouble," he said. "How far away do you live?"

"On Lincoln Boulevard," I answered looking up at him a couple feet from me.

"Well I gotta pass Lincoln on my way home so I can drop you off. Besides, it's raining outside," Max said putting the rest of his things into his bag. Max and I got the rest of our stuff together and headed out into the parking-lot and he lead the way over to his Jeep Cherokee.

"Nice car," I commented as Max opened the rear door, and tossed his bag, belt, and shoes in.

"Thanks," he said closing it, and turning to walk around to the drivers' side door. I headed to the passenger side and waited with my bag in my hand while Max opened his door and then mine.

I sat down on the comfortable passenger seat and looked at his muscled forearm flex as he started the engine. It wasn't that Max was that overly big. It was his muscle tone, and the proportions in which the sat that gave him that appearance. He didn't weigh much more than a lot of the larger NFL receivers like Michael Irvin, but he sure looked a whole lot bigger. Then there was that smile that warmed the heart of anyone who saw it.

Max started up the engine and pulled out of the parking lot onto the road, and we were quickly on our way to my place. The whole trip probably took less than five minutes, but I loved every second of it. I was in Maxwell Thomas' car with him, and I had worked out with him that same day. The guy who nearly every freshman thought was one of the coolest guys in the whole school, was the guy I had just worked out with, and who wanted to work out with me again the following day! Then to top it all off, he seemed to like me as a person, not just tolerate me like he seemed to do with other people, like Jack.

We pulled up into my driveway and Max popped the jeep into park and turned his head to look at me. "Thanks for helping me, and being nice to me, and for the ride home and everything Max," I said sheepishly.

"Forget about it," Max said simply.

"No really," I said growing more serious. "Since I started highschool my whole life has been like one big disaster after another, and now Jack-ass and his buddies keep picking on me all the time, and my classmates pick on me cause I'm smaller than them and cause.." I paused not wanting to continue as a tear ran down my cheek. I did not want to cry in front of Max.

"Cause why?"

"Because I'm immature.. physically. You know?" I said looking over and up into Max's blue eyes. "You probably saw I don't even have hair under my arms yet, not to mention anywhere else," I said before thinking. I looked down at the console blushing.

"I don't know if you've ever noticed or not, but the biggest body-builders in the world don't have any hair under their arms. You got to stop being so self conscious Jared. As long as you stay that way those jerks at school, and everywhere else are gonna be able to push you around and control you like a puppet. There's nothing wrong with you the way you are right now unless you decide that there is. Look at you. Getting straight 'A's in school, and a cute guy to top it off. Big or small, short or tall, you need to learn to love you for you and fuck anyone who doesn't like it! You understand?"

"I guess," I said shakily nodding my head trying to hold back the tears brimming in my eyes.

"Don't guess Jared, know. You're one of God's beautiful creations, but it doesn't matter what I, or anyone else thinks, it matters what you think," Max said putting his hand on my shoulder and squeezing gently. He was right about so many things but wrong about one major thing. It did matter what he thought! Him saying these things to me, and with such conviction could change me, and change my outlook on life so deeply. It was like he said, I was his training partner. Max had taken me under his wing, and now I was his project. The Maxwell Thomas project.

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