MEMORIES by Anthony Thomas
Part One

Chapter I

He was big, my god he was big. There was just something about him that shouted size and energy. He wasn't really a lot larger than my two friends, but whilst I was used to them making use of and abusing my body there was just something about him that just shouted size and therefore most likely more pain than I was used to. He was jet black and whilst I'd always considered my friends big, both being six foot, well built and quite capable of controlling me even when not strapped down, somehow he dwarfed them. Not much taller, but broader and black as night, making them seem almost pale in comparison. He was wearing a white breechcloth but even so I could see he was in proportion all over. I just knew this was going to be a session I would not get over in a hurry, that is if I was able to get over it at all. Anyway, really I'm getting ahead of myself and should really go back to the beginning so to speak.

Looking back at my early years it's easy to say I've always known I was gay even though I had never heard of the word and the scene wasn't as open as it is now. In some respects I was lucky to have the introduction I did, even counting the times I found it difficult to sit down for a day or so. I went to a minor public school that few of you will have heard of and it's name is of no matter anyway, just to explain that it was like a couple of hundred others dotted around the country in those days. As my parents worked abroad I was a border and had to stay in England for most holidays, only visiting them in the summer.

By the time I was nearly 15 we were sleeping in dormitories of around two dozen beds and it had become common knowledge that I would sleep in the nude and very quickly go to sleep. Then, if my bedclothes were pulled back it would be discovered that I would have a hard on that could be played with without waking me up. How many of the boys believed I was really asleep I couldn't say but quite a few liked to come over and play with my cock until I came, passing comments about it as they did so. Most of the others used to watch, whilst doing who knows what under their bedclothes. None of us were very experienced, or so I thought, and nothing more interesting was ever tried, or suggested.

During the spring holiday when my entrance to the gay scene really began there were only two of us boys who had to stay at the school plus one of the prefects and the games master. Being holiday time there was usually no check on us after we had gone to bed and I have to admit that after a couple of nights I was feeling quite randy. Paul, the other boy who had to stay was slightly coloured and a year older than me. He had never joined in with the others playing with me but as he was in the next bed I was quite aware he used to watch and had wondered more than once what it would be like to have his black hands on my body. The night when it all really started had a bright moon shining in on my bed and putting caution to the wind I pretended to fall asleep quickly and then by moving around and turning over managed to push my bedclothes to the bottom of the bed. I was excited with the thought that he could see me clearly and was most likely playing with himself. And found it difficult not to take myself in hand but just lie there on my back with my cock sticking up in the air, giving the odd moan or twist to make sure he could see all of my body. Somehow there was a difference in being striped off like this then in the shower after games.

I was about to give up on him when I heard his bedclothes being pushed back as he got out of bed and came over to mine. He stood beside me for a moment, then I felt first one and then two hands gently touch my thigh, then move up and over my body, then slightly firmer, up and down, just brushing my cock in their passage. None of the others had ever touched me in this way, only my cock. I just knew this would be something different. I felt his weight slowly get onto the bed and when I half opened my eyes saw he was as naked as myself and slowly wanking himself as he started to fondle my cock and balls. I had never really looked at him in this way before, he was 6 foot, dark coffee tan all over except his black cock that was half as big again as my own, slim with a football players body and hardly any body hair. I started to have all sorts of strange ideas as he continued to play around and then as he started to wank himself harder as his spare hand moved up to fondle and squeeze my cock which made me gasp. Opening my eyes fully I found myself staring straight into his. They were very dark and slightly glazed and out of focus but he noticed me and smiled with his beautiful white teeth and said "you like this all, don't you?" I only had time to nod my head before he started to gasp and throw his head back as he came all over my cock and chest with some splashing up to my face.

As he got his breath back and was rubbing the cum over my body he put his hand up to my face and without thinking I started to suck on his cum soaked fingers. When I put my hand down to finish myself off he pushed it away saying "Not yet. I'll be ready for another session in a moment." Then another voice said, "That's good then," and looking up in horror saw the games master standing at the end of the bed. It took me a few moments in my shock to notice he was only wearing his gym shorts. We both got off the bed and I bent down to pick up my pyjamas but he said there was no need to dress and walked us through the deserted school just as we were. I could feel the cum drying on my body but even being scared as to what was going to happen couldn't get rid of the erection sticking out in front and saw that Paul was in the same position. Then I noticed in surprise that the master was in much the same situation under his shorts.

He walked us into the gym where I was surprised to find the prefect, as naked as Paul and myself, just standing there drinking a bottle of beer and playing with himself. He didn't seem surprised to see us and just continued to play with his cock until it grew hard and stood out like the rest of us. He was around eighteen and played for the school rugby team, which showed, in his body. He had curly blonde hair and I had previously thought was quite good looking. The master was only a few years older, about five foot ten with a wiry body, tanned all over except round the waist, dark hair and as he removed his shorts I could see a reasonable sized cock.

Chapter II

Paul and I were told we could hang around and enjoy ourselves, also discover something new, or we would be reported to the Headmaster when he returned for the new term. Of course we elected to hang around. I knew enough to be aware that expulsion was the most likely outcome of being reported to the head. We were both given a bottle of beer and it was suggested it would help us to relax and so I had my first drink and started on a second bottle before I realised the effect it was having. I no longer felt awkward standing around in the nude with dried cum over my body. I wasn't worried about what was going to happen any more. I just hoped that I would enjoy it. I saw the master had knelt down and had the prefects cock in his mouth and realised that was what I'd been thinking off when Paul put his fingers up to mine. And even while I was thinking it he told me to lie down and kneeling either side of my chest brushed his cock over my face and when I opened my mouth placed the tip inside. I started to lick it and then without prompting closed my lips and started to suck. He smiled and moved up so his knees were pinning my arms to the floor and his cock was pushed more into my mouth. I felt hands round my cock move down to my arse and then two fingers with some grease pushed up inside me. As I grunted and tried to push Paul off he smiled again and told me to enjoy it and not struggle. I felt something, later I discovered it to be two fingers, pushed inside my arse and then feeling around so that every time I moved they slowly inserted themselves more firmly up my arse. Meanwhile the prefect was standing either side of my head with his cock in Paul's mouth, holding his head and pushing it in and out while Paul had his hands behind him, twisting and pulling on my nipples. It was obvious he had done this sort of thing before and having more or less enjoyed everything so far, wondered what else he could teach me.

The prefect pulled out of Paul's mouth and rapidly wanked himself to a climax over his face and chest, splashing down over my face as well and as I felt the cock in my mouth swell and ram in hard it filled my mouth with a sweet salty liquid, too much to swallow so it ran out of the sides of my mouth and down my chin. As Paul got up I could see the master wanking as he knelt over my legs and could see his hand sticking up my arse. As the master started to cum over my stomach, the prefect knelt down and cupping my balls in his hand pulled them down and took my wet cock in his mouth and started to suck. I was almost disappointed when I came almost at once as I wished this to go on forever.

Paul and I were told to go back to the dorm, take a shower and go to bed. Also, asked if we wished a repeat performance tomorrow after supper. Of course we both said yes. As we walked back Paul turned to me and said "I told them you'd like it," and as I agreed with him realised it had all been set up, but didn't care, just looked forward to the following evening.

The following evening we all had super together and after it was suggested Paul and I change into our shorts and make our way over to the gym. I had been randy all day thinking about what might happen and at time it had been very difficult not to have a wank. As Paul and I changed I suggested we went over naked again, it had turned me on last night, and he agreed. So we ran through the deserted school just as we were and burst into the gym to see the others were only just undressing. After being given a bottle of beer each again we were told that tonight something different would be tried, to see how far we would go.

I was taken over to a set of exercise bars that stood a right angles to the wall and having been told to spread my legs found my feet being tied to ring bolts in the floor. They lowered one bar to a level with my stomach and another to my chest which my arms were spread-eagled and tied to so that I was unable to move. Then a greased broom handle was pushed up my arse and my body was handled, more roughly than the previous night. Paul climbed up on the bars and pushed his cock into my mouth and I started to wonder how much of tonight had been previously arranged between them.

"You get aroused if you get hurt a little, don't you?" I was asked and I nodded my head in reply, with which Paul climbed down and went over to a cupboard and came back with a cane. The prefect meanwhile started to work on the front of my body, nipping my tits and pulling on my balls, all the time looking into my eyes. "I like to see the pain in your eyes", he said as he told Paul to start beating me. Not too hard but enough to hurt all the same. At the same time the prefect was wanking himself and then told Paul to come round the front and stand in front of him while he wanked over his black cock. "Now go and replace that broomstick", Paul was told and I felt the handle removed slowly and then something else inserted in its place. Paul's black hands and arms came round to my front and I felt him jam his body against my back as his cock pushed further and further up my arse. I thought I was about to be split apart when he stooped and slowly pulled out a bit and then in again and shortly I found myself starting to relax and enjoy. The prefect was still standing in front of me, playing with his cock with one hand and nipping my tits with the other. All the time staring into my face. "How dose it feel to have a black cock up your arse", he said and I could see he was getting excited again. The master all this time had been wanking and watching and coming over he climbed up on the bar across my stomach so his cock was level with my face started wanking and shot over my hair and face. I could feel Paul getting excited and starting to groan as he rammed in and out of me in ever quicker movements and his hands came up to my face and wiping them over the cum he pushed two of his fingers into my mouth. Then all at once he rammed in harder than ever and I felt a warm gush flow up inside and somehow I just knew I had found what I really liked.

Paul pulled out and came round in front wiping his cock on an old towel but I felt another cock push up inside before I'd had time to tighten up. The prefect was ready for another session already but now he was taking his time slowly pumping in and out. As Paul stood there I suggested he move closer and he came in and after fondling my cock and balls for a few moments climbed onto the bars pushed two fingers in my mouth followed by his cock. By now my face was covered in drying cum I knew it was on the cock stuck in my face as well. Even so I sucked on it as the prefect started to increase speed behind me. He liked to be rough and was pinching my tits hard and saying things like, "I'm going to fuck your arse right open", and telling Paul to "Stick your black cock in his face". Meanwhile the master had knelt down in front of me and was licking my cock and balls and fingering between my legs where the cock was going in and out of my arse like a piston now. I came all over his face but he didn't stop and at around the same time both Paul and the prefect shot their loads inside me but I couldn't say who was first or who last. It all seemed to happen at once.

As Paul and I walked back to the dorm I told him I'd enjoyed it all but wondered if I could have taken any more. He said, "Well one day I'll really let you have it and afterwards you'll be begging for more." I thought that tonight was as far as I'd ever go, so it just shows that even then he knew me better that I knew myself.