MEMORIES by Anthony Thomas
Part Two

Chapter III

Some of the other boys came back the next day and there was little chance for Paul and I to do much more than have an odd fumble. Even so, I got more turned on at night when the others played with my cock, knowing he was watching and thinking about what he would do to it, and me. During the next holidays I stayed with my Aunt on the South Coast and she was quite happy for me to spend all of my time on the beach where I found among the dunes an easy way to make extra pocket money. None of it was very serious `though and I was actually looking forward to returning to school where the games master had said he would try and arrange something special for the next term.

It was quite normal for arrangements to be made for the boys who had no parents in the country to be taken out from time to time and when I got back I discovered the master had arranged it that the prefect, Paul and myself were to make a series of trips to London to the theatre and then would stay over night in a flat he could borrow. I just knew there would be more to it than that, especially when we had to rush in order to see the matinee of My Fair Lady, then straight into a taxi over to a house in Wimbledon. The owner, a well preserved man of nearly sixty welcomed us and showed us up to a couple of rooms with a shared bathroom. It was obvious that both the master and prefect knew him well, also that this had all been arranged well in advance as there were silky white shorts, T shirts, socks and trainers laid out on the bed for Paul and myself. It was suggested we have a shower and change and be downstairs for 7.o'clock so we could get aquatinted before the other guests arrived.

We did as asked and went down both wondering how things would turn out. Paul had not been here before either `though he told me he'd heard about the parties. I was given a glass of wine and then another when the guests started to arrive. Altogether there were twelve of us with a mixed age range, Paul and I of course in our teens, several in mid twenties and a couple more around the owners age. It was only when the meal was over and I'd had another glass of wine that I discovered his name was John. We went down to what he called the games room for coffee, It was in the cellar, had a tiled floor, reduced lighting, a bar in one corner and I could see a drain in the other. There were sofas round the walls and in the centre a table with the legs cut down to approximately three foot and various straps attached. I could also see some chains hanging down from the ceiling.

They put some dance music on and after a cup of coffee Paul and I started to dance together. It was very warm and soon we had both removed our T-shirts. I saw Paul go up and ask the master something. He turned to John and then back to Paul who returned to me. "Do you feel like putting on a show?" he asked and when I said, "I didn't mind", he undid his shorts and dropped them, suggesting I did the same. Most of the others were now in a state of almost undress and I noticed several of the younger ones just wore leather straps, which I would have liked a closer look at. Paul looked at me and smiling in his normal way he started to touch me, pinch my tits, pull on my cock. By this time we had stooped dancing and he told me to kneel down and having done so promptly stuck his cock in my mouth without any warning. He must have been worked up as he came almost at once, making me gag and pull away. It was still running down my face when someone held my head from behind and pushed their fingers in my mouth. As I opened me eyes I saw one of the lads with leather had striped right down and had a ring round his cock and balls with a strap round his waist. I didn't have time to see any more as he pushed his cock in my mouth and proceeded to fuck my face at the same time as I could hear him kissing the person holding my head.

After a short time he pulled out and wanked over my face, wiping his cock on me as he did so. Then I was helped up and half carried over to the table where I was laid down with my waist and shoulders fastened to the table and my legs pulled up and spread-eagled in the air. Lying there I lost count of the number of people who put their fingers up my arse and played with my body. Whenever anyone got to serious they were told to stop, as I was reserved for Paul later. I could see he had been tied up with his arms above his head to the ceiling and after being smacked a few times on the bottom he got fucked at least twice, possibly three times. He was groaning and yelling but told them not to stop. Someone got down and started to lick my balls then I felt his tongue round my arse then start to push inside. I was so worked up if I'd not been tied down I would have arched off the table. I couldn't hold on any longer and started to cum all over myself, a great big shower that seemed to cover me and someone was holding my cock, directing it so it fell over my face. This time I couldn't keep my mouth shut and some went in and I had to swallow. "I think he's ready now," I heard a voice say, and Paul was let down and told I was his.

He'd got hold of a cane somewhere and came over and started to beat me on the arse, the tits and my cock and balls. Well, I thought, he was right about that but I'm not sure about anything else. When he stopped he just grabbed hold of the cheeks of my arse and rammed himself in. I couldn't help but yell but all he did was smile as usual and start to pull and pinch my nipples. Just as I was getting used to it I felt him shoot up inside me and withdraw almost at once wiping his cock off on my legs. Then he got up onto the table and knelt down over my stomach. A cushion was put under my head to raise it and I was given another glass of wine. Meanwhile the other leather harnessed lad had come up and after a few fumbles inserted his cock up my arse. I just knew I would be sore on the morning but was enjoying it all too much to even consider asking them to stop. Meanwhile Paul was slowly moving his body up mine so that in the end he had his cock in my mouth and then he just knelt there, waiting to get hard again.

All this time the others had been playing with each other and wanking off and shortly we were both being covered with cum, some of which Paul rubbed over my face and over his cock before pushing it back in my mouth. I felt the cock in my arse shoot its load and as it withdrew and was replaced by another knew I would soon have to cum again. I mumbled something of the sort to Paul and it must have turned him on as he immediately grew hard and started to fuck my face in time with the cock up my arse. This time when he came he didn't withdraw, just rammed it in further so I had no choice but to swallow. As he got off I saw that the games master was up my arse this time, holding on to the edge of the table as he pumped me and being whipped with the cane at the same time. It certainly worked for him because it felt as though he came more than the other two put together. John came up then and put his mouth over my cock, fondling my balls and I soon came off, having built up, such a load that one of the straps holding me down broke as I came.

During the next year and a bit a school I was able to visit London several times, both with the master and Paul and later on my own. When I left school I was able to go and stay with John whilst attending catering college just putting on the odd show for his friends when he had a party instead of paying rent. The `shows' never quite matched up to my first experience but I suppose that was only to be expected.

Chapter IV

The summer holidays before I left school, in my case at seventeen, were the last time I went abroad to stay with my parents. We had never been very close and I think possibly that they were quite happy when I told them I would remain in England after school and go to the catering college. Even so, that summer opened my eyes a little more and possibly led me toward the way I am today even if I was unaware of it at the time.

I really had a lazy time of it, lazing round the pool most of the day, once a week the two hours trip each way into town to have a look round. Quite often my parents would go out in the evening to visit other expatiates and knowing they would be back late, after the servants had left, I would strip off and wander round the garden with a beer, rolling in the grass or rubbing up against a tree. I would go in the gardeners' shed, fantasising about him and get a hoe or rake, sticking the handle up my backside and wishing it was his cock. He was a year or so younger than me and used to work in a tight pair of khaki shorts and nothing else, not even shoes. Sometimes if he'd been sweating and the angle was right I could see an outline bunched up in his shorts that got me so aroused I would have to drape a towel over my trunks and go inside for a shower.

After a while I would wank myself off with the fingers of my other hand up my arse. I was getting my rocks off but still felt unsatisfied. Then about halfway through the holiday my parents went away for the weekend and knowing I'd only be bored I remained behind. The first night they were gone I striped as soon as I was on my own. I wanted more than a quick jerk off that night. After my normal couple of beers I tried a whiskey drowned in lemonade, it being my first taste of sprits. Then taking a couple more cans of beer went out to the garden. One of the trees had been cut down in preparation for a new shrubbery and I stretched myself out on the tree, then turned over on my stomach and rubbed my body on the trunk of the tree.

Hearing a sound I opened my eyes to see in shook a naked black body in front of me, it was the garden boy. "We've watched you several nights," he said, "It would be more fun with someone else wouldn't it?" I told him yes but asked who was `we'. "Just my brothers," he replied, "They are over in the trees, I thought I should check out first." With that he waved at the trees surrounding our house and another black boy came out of the darkness towards us. I say a boy because he was only my age but he looked like a man. Over six foot, jet-black and a lovely large black cock with a bend in it as it stood proud from his body. It was obvious they were both raring to go. Following someway behind was another lad, he had to be the younger brother and until we got going was very shy. Just as black, about 5 foot eight and also a nice proud cock, nicely in proportion. I wondered what they usually got up to.

The youngster lay down on the grass and started to play with himself so I got down between his knees and slowly licked his cock and balls before taking them into my mouth. I could feel hands round my arse and a voice saying, "we will have to do better than the hoe tonight". By now the youngster was getting into things and had hold of my head, moving it up and down on his cock and had put his legs over my arms to hold them down. Next a voice, "Lets see if you can take this!" and a pair of hands probing between the cheeks of my arse, and finally I could feel a strong, hot shaft push slowly in and up until I grunted. The youngster came in my mouth and lay back as I continued to suck on his shaft and the cock in my arse started to pump in and out, forcing all the air out of me each time it rammed in. It seemed hardly any time before it was pulled right out and I was turned roughly over and the garden boy stood there quickly wanking himself off over me.

Then the older brother lay down on his back and suggested I sat on his cock, as it might be too large to go in the normal way. I was glad he did so because as I lowered by body onto it, even `though I'd already been fucked, I was sure I'd be unable to sit all the way down. As I started to moan and tried to hold back the garden boy held me from behind and told his younger brother to pull my cheeks apart and as he did so I suddenly felt the great big black cock enter me all the way. I felt impaled and in fact that is just what I was. He didn't move much, just wriggled about getting comfortable and slowly pushing a little more up. I told him I would have to cum soon but he just said, "Who cares," and told one of the others to give me another beer. He put his arms up and started to work on my nipples, it was obvious he had been down this road before, either with his brothers or another man, then I found to my surprise another cock being pushed into my mouth.

Both of the others had recovered and were ready to go again. This time it was the garden boy himself with his younger brother holding my head for him. With all this going on I just had to cum and found to my surprise that as I shoot over the face of the lad underneath me he was pushing even more cock up my arse. Then he told the others to stand back and keeping hold of me by my nipples started to fuck as if he meant to come out of my head. At the time it felt as though he almost did. Even when he came he continued to fuck for several more minutes before I could feel him relax inside me. He still didn't withdraw but stayed where he was, messing around with my tits until I was surprised to feel him getting hard again and realised he intended to fuck my arse again. When he had finished he just lay back with me still impaled on him with a smile on his face that said it all.

Then the young boy straddled him and lay down putting his cock in the older ones mouth and taking my cock in his mouth at the same time. I certainly didn't have to worry about if this was what they usually did. He nibbled at my cock with his teeth and got his hands round my balls, which he periodically squeezed and pulled. I could see his little arse pumping up and down as he fucked his brothers face and looking up could see the garden boy standing behind me having a wank as he watched the show. All too soon I felt my self cum and could feel the boy behind do so as he came in my hair. We were all filthy dirty and jumped in the pool to clean off and then they left and I went, for once, satisfied though shattered, to bed.

The next morning as I lay by the pool, still exhausted, the garden boy walked by and asked slyly if would be OK to visit again tonight. Of course I said yes and after that they came round nearly every night when my parents were away, which thank goodness was quite often, until I had to return to England. In their way they taught me a lot about what I really liked and how much I could take and I'll always be grateful to them for that if nothing else.