Middle Acre Correctional Facility For Troubled Teens

You guys all know the drill, if youre not old enough to read this, then don't.
If you don
t know the drill, welcome aboard.
This story has gay themes, drug use and of course, gay sex.
So, if you
re not old enough, best keep moving along.
But of course, if you are old enough, and into that sorta thing, hey, get a load off haha...

…Before We Start…

After getting lots of emails from appreciative blokes about my Hooking Up With Tony series, some guys asked if I could share Josh’s background. Bare with me though, he does get put into Juvenile Hall eventually, just after other stuff happens. So here it is

Dont worry if you havent read any of the Hooking Up With Tony series, this part stands alone, and is a good indication of what to expect in the other parts, though theres lots more fucking haha. All the parts are here somewhere on Nifty so check them out and feel free to email me to let me know if you like them.

~ Middle Acre Correctional Facility For Troubled Teens ~

( …and how I ended up there…)

I slid out of bed at about 6ish in the morning, like I did most days during the week before school. I worked for the newsagent up the road, delivered the paper for most the houses around me. Usually, a teenage boy wouldn’t be fucked getting up at 6am haha but since I got paid about $300 cash in hand a week for doing practically nothing, I wasn’t complaining. I needed the money man!

My name’s Justin, hey, how you doin? Haha. I’m your typical teenage guy, I hang out with my mates whenever I can. I’m supposed to go to school but hardly ever do. Schools fucked. You know that. I just want to skate. Like, seriously, I would rather just go down the park with the boys and grind there forever. No fucking hassles. No shit bogan teachers yelling over nothing. Just skate.

I turned 15 a few months ago so the first thing I did was get my learner drivers license. Trouble was, I didn’t have a car yet. So I got this job throwing papers at peoples houses. Oh, and sometimes I steal shit and sell that. Or just ‘borrow’ a packet of my Dad’s cigs and sell them to guys at school. Either way, money was money haha and I wanted a car. It’d make it easier to get away from shit when I could drive away from it.

I made my way downstairs in my boxers, it was too early, no one was up. I squinted and stumbled my way to the bathroom. After being blinded by the smash of light, I washed my face. I didn’t bother to shower this early in the morning, plus Theresa would whinge. That was my Dad’s girlfriends name. She’s a fucking mole. Sorry, Mole is Aussie slang for the biggest, dirty bitch of a woman you could ever meet. A mole.

Anyway, I re-stabbed my brow with my eyebrow ring, it always got loose over night. I scratched my balls and stretched, had a hard-on for some reason.

I grabbed my jean shorts off the bathroom sink and pulled on a singlet. It was still summer so it wasn’t cold early mornings. Middle of the day it’d get hell hot, which sucked for me cos I was pasty and would burn. It’d turn into a tan for about a day then fade out haha. I never bothered with my hair and stuff like that. Some of my mates did. I didn’t. It was just a tussle of shortish brown.

I was pretty proud of my pecs. I did a bit of boxing on this old punching bag that we had in the garage. Anytime I’d be angry you’d find me out there punching the shit out of it. It was an awesome work out. I got hell tight arms from it, so I always end up wearing singlets everywhere just so people can check me out haha. And it works. Every now and then I do my set of sit ups and push ups after a session on the bag, but I always end up horny and have to beat off in the shower afterwards. You know how it is.

Anyways, I grabbed my shoulder bag and the stack of papers at the door and grinded out the door and down the street on my skateboard. My route was only the 30 or so houses around my area so once I did one loop I was done and home by about 7am, then school was after that…if I could be bothered.

As I rumbled down through my street, I fumbled around with my iPod. Have you ever found that when you have too much memory on it you end up skipping half the shit when it turns up on shuffle? Well, anyway I was skipping heaps of songs.

Beads of sweat ran down my forehead as I continued on, the sun was piercing through the trees by now. I could see a few people going to work. I threw the papers out as I sped down the street, tossing newspapers at peoples car windows, lounge room windows, garage doors, the roof sometimes haha I didn’t care. They got it indirectly.

With a free hand I struggled to get a cigarette out from my back pocket, and struggled even more trying to light it while moving. I screeched to a halt and leant against a familiar Volvo. Throwing papers made me sweat for some reason, it looked like I was glowing in the morning sun. I ran my fingers through my hair and finished my cig. I dropped it under the car and groaned, a cop walked out from one of the houses.

“…pick that up Josh.” He said.

I spun around, and smirked. It was only Wade, my best mate Owen’s older brother who also happened to be a cop. I just laughed.

“ is there a problem officer?” I joked.

He just laughed, getting out his car keys.

“ are you going to school today?” Wade asked.

I shrugged.

“ who can say?” I laughed.

He laughed too.

“ You better though mate, Gorman has been whinging to DOCS to try to take you out you know.” Wade said, strangely serious for so early in the morning.

“ Dude, fucking Theresa every day tries to get DOCS to take me. The principals not gonna make any difference” I said, bluntly.

“ Well, just go to school anyway. At least pretend to make an effort.” Wade said. I just smiled. It was nice of him to care, but he knew half the shit Owen, my mates and I got up to. He knew school was nowhere near anywhere on my to do list.

About a year ago I was arrested for shop lifting down at the local centre. Look, I know its illegal to download movies & shit off the net, but I got caught stealing the DVDs to burn them on. Anyway, I forget how it happened but as I was leaving and the security bloke at the mall grabbed me. He called my Dad, but he was at work. So when he called bitch Theresa, naturally she told them to take me in.

Though it wasn’t like I went to prison, I did have to go to the little cop shop in our suburb and be written up. I didn’t get fined, I got off with a warning. But practically anything that was done by me, at school or anywhere, was watched by cops now. And it fucking sucked. They’d even come to the skate park sometimes to ask where we were on certain nights after places were robbed. Haha, sure we did rob some of them, but we weren’t gonna tell them that haha.

I scratched my snail trail and yawned, I only had a few papers left to deliver. Wade hopped into his car and waved as he sped off. I started rumbling down the road again, thinking about what to do today. Skate with my boys, easy choice. Then, I groaned. Theresa was going to be home today. She worked, occasionally, at the local pub. But, like today when she had the day off, she would sit on the patio in the backyard smoking and drinking, and telling me to go to school. Or go do something with my life.

I wasn’t looking forward to hearing her complain all day. My Dad, Duncan, was hardly ever home. He worked all day, sometimes 12 hours, on site as a labourer. I always said one day I would join him in that profession, but over the years my priorities had change. Skating seemed more fun haha.

Out of papers already, sweaty and still half asleep, I made my way back home. My phone rang. It was Owen.

“Dude, come over mine” Owen simply said.

I laughed.

“I’m down the corner man like two houses away.” I said.

There was silence, then Owen appeared on his front lawn in his boxers and laughed. He waved at me. I hung up.

Owen was same age as me, 16, and we’d be twins if I had a year round dark brown tan. I guess I looked more skater than Owen, he looked more Beach. I remember once hanging out down the lake with Owen and he sun-baked with a sock on his dick, so it wouldn’t get burnt. He had an awesome body, broad shoulders, thick arms, actual hard, formed pecs that were better than mine and if you flicked them they were rock hard, pretty impressive I thought. His abs were his best feature, he had one of those awesome V’s a bloke gets when he’s buff and sorta lanky at the same time. His abs were like held in place by his Abs V, it was the part of a guy you just want to lick all the way down. Like how he stood now in his striped boxers, his Abs V was pretty much pointing at the low slung waist of his boxers, inviting you to look in his shorts. He’d had a bushy, brown snail trail that looked like an hourglass, a spattering down the bottom, a thin line up through his abs, and a crop across his pecs. If you got up close, he had all these blonde hairs you couldn’t see in certain light, he was hell hairy for a guy my age. We laughed about it being annoying if he blows on his chest cos it takes ages to get it all out. I’d lick it off him man, I wouldn’t care.

I remember when I convinced Owen to shave his pubes, a guy had inspired me about year ago and I ended up getting all my mates to do it. That was one funny part of Owen if you got him naked. He was a beast of a boy until you dropped his shorts and saw about an inch of pubes right at the base of his cock, and that was it. I talked him into just trimming it all and he thanked me for it drunk one night haha. Glad I could help.

His boyish face was the other clincher for me, he had a small podgy nose and squinting green eyes hidden under his flop of sandy blonde hair, constantly covered with his backwards hat. He had a cute crooked smile, which was always showing as he was always up to something. All in all, Owen’s hot that’s what I’m trying to get across haha.

I skated back up the street to Owen’s house, he yawned as I approached, scratching his abs with one hand and adjusting his hat with the other.

“Oi, where’s my paper?” He joked.

“Fuck off, mate.” I groaned, smacking him across the head playfully.

“Put something on, you’ll scare the neighbours”

Owen laughed and flashed his bushy pubes and dick at me.

“What? Like that?” He asked.

I laughed, pushed him up the footpath and followed him inside. His boxers were practically hanging off his backside.

“You need to re-tan man, your lines faded.” I teased.

“Better than yours Casper.” He joked. Casper, cos I was white as a ghost I guess.

Owen’s house was a nice two storey place. He had Fall Out Boy screaming from his room upstairs, obviously no one was home after Wade went to work. Owen turned back and slapped my on the stomach.

“Oh, Dad’s not home tonight if you want to borrow the Datsun!” Owen reported. I just nodded.

“…to go looking for cock, I mean” He added, with a laugh. I just rolled my eyes.

Owen knew I was into guys, purely from the fact that we jerked each other off a few times. Owen had a girlfriend right now, and from what she had told me in confidence, he fucked like a stallion. I’d done a few things with chicks, fingering, ate one out once, but didn’t really get into it. So I guess, yeah, Owen enjoyed the occasional play now and then, but he wasn’t into guys. Just like how, yeah, I could finger a chick, but it didn’t make me want to fuck her.

Owen explained his theory to me one night when we were drunk, in a very straight forward way. He pointed out that because he and I were mates, he was able to jerk off with me and not feel turned on by me jerking off as well, if that makes sense. I didn’t care I just liked watching him beat off haha.

My theory, however, was that he just liked having his dick played with by somebody, didn’t matter who it was. I even offered to blow him once but we never got around to it. And he felt validated by that, even taking the blow job offer on board haha. From then on, we were closer mates, and me liking dick never got in the way of it all. That was awesome. I could never love Owen like a boyfriend, but he was my mate, my best friend.

“Nah we’ll go skate down near them factories if you want.” I suggested.

“Oh yeah cool!” Owen agreed. “I guess you don’t wanna get in shit like last time with that guy…” He trailed off. I knew exactly what he meant. But you guys don’t…yet.

We ended up in the kitchen as Owen made himself some toast. I slumped down onto a chair by the kitchen table and lie back with my arms behind my head.

“Are we going to school?” I asked, eventually.

Owen nodded.

“Yeah mate, I have to do a speech in English.” He admitted.

I grumbled.

“What? I’ll get in the shit. Mum’s friends with everyone there!” Owen objected. I laughed, Owen was so cute.

“I don’t care man I was grumbling in general, not at you.” I said.

Owen grinned.

“We’re goin out tonight anyways.” He replied.

I nodded.

“Yeah, we’ll get the boys together, we’ll all go.” I decided out loud.

“Awesome!” Owen said, happily, a mouth full of toast.

I stretched slightly.

“Your arms are looking hell tight man. Good work.” Owen complimented, taking a seat next to me. I think I blushed.

“Aww, thanks mate” I joked. Owen just smirked.

“You should come do sets and shit with me and Wade. We go Thursdays” Owen invited. I nodded.

“Yeah, maybe” I eventually said.

“There’s hot blokes there you can make out with.” Owen teased.

I glared at him.

“Oh good, then I’ll have to go then” I laughed.

“I joke man. You’re all good. Come with but, seriously, it’s awesome.” Owen finished. I leant back.

“If it makes me hot like you, then sure.” I flirted. Owen just laughed.

“C’mon man, schools on. You can’t wear your buff skater singlet all the time.” He said, shooing me towards the door.

“You can wear your boxers all day if you jig school with me? You know yo want to” I teased. Owen just laughed and saw me out.

“Ring me if you come past school.” He said, I nodded, I would.

“See ya man” I said, making my way down the path, headed back home.

Now I just know you guys wanna know what happened with me and ‘that guy’ Owen casually reminded me of. So I’ll start at the beginning…A few months ago when I turned 15, the first thing on my list of things to do was get my learners drivers license remember? So that was done, fine, easy, Dad had taught me enough times on his ute how to park and all that shit.

One night I was at home on the net, sitting round in my undies, watching Xtube and stroking, you know, as you do. A message window popped up, it was a messenger mate of mine, Trent, who I’d known for ages, with the usual shit.

“hey man how u doin?” he asked.

“yeah mate all good, just stroking as always haha. You?” I replied.

“fuckin so horny man” Trent typed.

I continued watching some guy suck his own dick on another window.

“…you’re still up in GreenAcre hey?” Trent typed.

“yeah mate” I replied, stroking to the dude self sucking.

“…come down, ill suck ur dick” Trent typed. I laughed to myself.

I wasn’t going to reply at all, then, my dick answered for me.

I found myself looking over towards my desk at a pile of papers, on top shone my new learner license. It was like that bit in the Simpson’s with the talking tractor. It was like “c’mon Josh man, use me….”. Calling to me haha.

“oh yeah? Hot. I can borrow dads ute” my cock made me type.

I shuddered to myself. This wasn’t a new thing.

I had borrowed Dad’s ute secretly heaps of times and would just drive the boys around locally to get food & shit or go hang out somewhere. Dad caught me once, but didn’t care. Sure, it’s illegal to not have a full license holder with you, but hey I never hurt anyone.

“hot mate. I’m still on king street. Ill txt ya anyways” Trent typed.

I didn’t know what to reply. My dick didn’t have a response, it just made me get up and drag some shorts over my hard on, pull on a singlet and creep down the stairs. My phone smashed out a snippet of Sweet Child Of Mine and I pounded it quickly to shut it up.

“…where are you going?” Theresa screeched from the lounge room.

I froze, and groaned to myself.

“Nah, nowhere, just to…Chris’s…” I plucked a mate from thin air.

“…well shut your phone up.” Theresa snapped back. I just rolled my eyes. I could hear my dad snoring loudly in the lounge room, so the coast was clear. Theresa wasn’t going anywhere, the lazy mole, she had settled in to watching Border Security or some shit on TV.

With the stealth of a thousand ninja’s I grabbed Dad’s spare keys in silence, slipped out the backdoor and down the driveway. My heart was thumping, though it wasn’t from the rush of leaving the house, my dick couldn’t wait to get sucked.

Dad’s car was fairly new and easy to drive. You didn’t have to do anything really you just put it in whatever and went. Cruise control was awesome cos you could get a guy to blow you while you drove. Oh that reminds me, speaking of that, a few months before this hook up, I had borrowed Dad’s car to get back from soccer, when I used to play soccer, and gave one of the guys a lift home.

One of the guys in my soccer team was the shyest bloke you would ever meet, he was cute, built, a little short, brown hair, brown eyes, and apparently was into cock.

I had heard this from heaps of different people from school and stuff but no one had ever taken him aside and asked him. He had a ‘girlfriend’ at school and once that happened everyone gave up gossiping. BUT, one night I was flicking through one of my cock sites and his photo was on a profile.

I remember I laughed so hard to myself but then realized he’d backed himself into a corner with the whole fake girlfriend thing, and felt a little bad cos everyone used to tease him at school.

Anyways, I got to chatting to him on the site and once he knew it was me he opened up completely. At the time he was in the same boat as me. I had just gone through my fingering chicks stage, he had yet to even try it, but he knew he was gay from the beginning. I guess I did as well, after not having that much fun doing anything to chicks.

We ended up really good mates during the soccer season but at the end of the term he was moving to another state. I was half upset that I’d lost a mate but more upset I’d lost some cock action haha, you know how it is when you’re that age, and still even now, my dick leads always leads the way.

It was the last weekend of soccer, he left that next week, so I offered to drive him home. Back then, because I didn’t even have my license or anything, Dad would just let me drive his car back from soccer cos it was all backstreets of suburbs and only a ten minute drive home. But he’d be in the car with us. That sucked.

When we got home, Dad disappeared inside and we sat chatting on my driveway for ages about school and stuff. Getting all deep and meaningful. Oh shit, he was Chris by the way haha.

I always end up using Chris as my “ alibi mate” when I’m up to mischief. Theresa was too much of a mole to know my mates names, she didn’t even know that he moved. But yeah Chris and I chatted for ages until it was getting dark. He was about to walk home when I found myself grabbing him by the shorts. He just laughed.

“Err, dude, I’ll drop you home!” I said.

Chris smiled.

“Oh, cool, thanks.” He stopped, looking towards the house, I didn’t move.

“…are you going to get your Dad?” He asked.

I smirked my sexy flirt smirk at him and shook the keys.

“Nah mate, we’ll be right.” I said.

Chris was slightly shocked.

“What? We’ll get caught mate! Cops will pull you over!” He objected.

“Cops? Dude, you live like 10 minutes away. And it’s all suburban. Trust me man I do it all the time!” I started. Chris just laughed and move to the side of the car.

“I trust ya man but whatever…” He trailed off.

I slid into the driver’s seat. We rolled silently in neutral down the driveway till we were at the street. Our driveway was fairly long so once you were out on the street, you couldn’t hear or see the car really. The perfect crime haha.

We drove silently for about 5 minutes. I reached over and brushed Chris’s knee accidentally. We were still in our soccer outfits, so seeing Chris in soccer shorts was pretty hot. I felt my dick rumble and shivered. Uh oh, I thought to myself. I fiddled with the radio until something was on.

“Thanks for dropping me home mate.” Chris said, strangely.

I smiled at him.

“It’s all good hey. That’s what mates are for!” I joked.

He laughed.

“I’m gonna miss ya mate” Chris said, sincerely.

“Dude, I’m not dead. You can call me. Or on the net.” I started.

Chris just nodded sadly.

“Nah, I meant, like, hanging out and stuff.” Chris said, kindly.

I nodded, I felt my dick flop further down the leg of my shorts, I felt sorry for Chris. Here he was confiding in me how much he’d miss me and here I was with a boner over lightly touching his knee.

“…plus we never got to fuck. Remember we said we would?” Chris laughed.

This time, I was slightly shocked. I remembered we said in a chat that’d it be cool to have a fuck buddy so close by and made an indirect and internet promise, that we’d fuck someday. My dick snapped into a hard on at this point.

“Oh yeah! I forgot about that!” I lied, I knew what he meant.

“…well, we can pull over.”

I couldn’t believe I just said that. Though, sure, my dick was in charge now and yeah I wouldn’t mind pounding this kid haha.

“Don’t say that man, I’ll get a hard-on” Chris laughed, I shot a glance of him stroking his shorts, re-adjusting the straining tent in his tight black soccer shorts. I flicked my hand down to my own shorts.

“Err, mate, I’ve had one for ages!” I said, overly loud.

Chris was staring at my bulge now, watching as I carefully rearranged it. He laughed.

“How’d you tuck it in?” He asked, looking around.

I moved my hand to show the tip of my dick poking out ever so slightly down the leg of my soccer shorts.

“I didn’t. He’s still there.” I toyed with him.

I heard Chris take a deep breath, his shorts slid against the car seat.

“Fuck mate…” was all he managed to say. I laughed.

“Sorry man I been horny all night talking to you. I just didn’t know if you were up for it!” I confessed. He was shaking his head now.

“Nah, man, same, fuck, I’ve been thinking bout doing all kinds of shit to you I’ve just never had the balls to ask!” Chris revealed. I got a glimpse of his beaming face and smirked at him.

“Nice…” I cooed.

We were near a fairly large park by now, a soccer oval as it were, that Chris and I knew well. I probably screeched into the parking lot, making our way down into the darkest corner. I shut everything off and we sat in the full moon light. We didn’t even notice the other car there at this point.

I slid my hand across Chris’s tight shorts and squeezed his hard on. He grumbled deep inside, he stretched back uncomfortably. Then, in a quick swipe, slid his shorts down and off. His thin, hard tower of a cock sprung up. Chris was the first guy, that I’d known by now anyway, who had shaved his pubes. It looked so hot. Instead of a bushy mound of curly fuzz, his cock rose above a neatly trimmed field of short black lines. His uncut cock was like a throbbing tower in the middle of the horizon.

“…you shaved?” I asked.

His eyes were closed, then they fluttered back open.

“Oh…yeah…my bro does it all the time.” He said. I stared.

“Not to me!” He laughed “He shaves his pubes to make his dick look bigger.”

I laughed.

“Yours is big enough, you don’t really need it man.” I said.

Chris smiled, his hand slid over to my thigh and he lightly touched the head of my cock, still poking out and dribbling a puddle of pre-cum to the seat.

“Uncut like me man, hot” Chris cooed. I just nodded.

His fingered my foreskin till my wet head was showing. His fingers slid up my shorts awkwardly.

“Take them off man, I need to lick that!” Chris said, forcefully.

I arched up and ripped off my shorts, my cock stood at full attention,

“It’s all yours…” I smirked, lifting my shirt slightly and putting my hands behind my head.

Chris swallowed my dick like it was a rod of ice-cream. His tongue was wagging and licking the whole way until my knob poked the back of his throat. He gagged a little then slid his mouth back up, dragging down the slippery foreskin to lick at my knob as much as he could. By now my dick was gushing with pre-cum, I could feel it being sucked deep into Chris’s mouth.

I hadn’t had my knob swallowed for a few weeks, the sensation was more than welcome, even if it was a little sloppy. He tugged on my dick as fast as he could while his lips were tight around my knob, sucking. I kept one hand behind me and slowly rested the other on Chris, pushing his mouth down further so he’d suck on more of my dick. I ended up slowly face fucking him and judging by his grunts and gurgles, he was loving it.

Suddenly, like a vampire seeing sunlight, Chris slid back off my dick, a trail of pre-cum dribbled from his lips to my dick. I watched his eyes go innocent and apologetic as a creamy wad of sprog shot from his violently throbbing cock. It spattered and dribbled down into his pubes. I looked at him with an “oh, soz I didn’t get to suck your dick” look, but he just smiled. He took a breath and groaned loudly.

“Fuck your cock is tasty man” He murmured. I just smirked and put my hands back behind my head to watch Chris lather my knob.

I can’t remember how I noticed it at first, but squinting across the dark parking lot to the car that was parked by us, I noticed a figure. Sitting in the car. Staring right at us. Now, the moon wasn’t that bright to light what was going on in our car, I didn’t think, but the shock of it made me slowly drag my hand down to Chris’s head again, this time to keep it from rising above the height of the dashboard. Chris was eagerly licking up and down my shaft at this point, so he was happy, but I could feel my chest tightening, my legs quivering, my balls churning…

My cock exploded about 9 nine times in a massive torrent of worked up sprog. Chris pulled his mouth back, dribbling out some of my load, while some dripped off his chin. More splattered down my thighs, covering my balls. Luckily, it missed my, then unshaven, pubes, but I groaned when one last huge plop settled on my snail trail, seeping in. I was heaving and groaning now, sweaty, hot, satisfied. Chris was breathing heavily too and grinning up at me, he rested his head at a strange angle on my leg.

I ran my finger through the hairs of my snail trail, feeling the sticky sprog amongst it. I groaned.

“Aww, now I know how Owen feels!” I complained.

Chris laughed and as I he sat up, slid his tongue up my snail trail, swallowing the puddle amongst my snail trail. He looked over at me.

“…that’s what mates are for.” He joked, before noticing the figure that I had seen in the car across from us.

As we both didn’t move for that split second we heard an almighty grunt of ecstasy rip from that car across from us. It was a guy, obviously, and whatever happened was good. Then, we saw a head of spiky blonde hair rise and settle in the passenger seat. Chris and I looked at each other and burst out laughing. Within a moment, we could tell the other car was doing the same as us.

That’s the night I first met Trent. See, this part was going somewhere after all haha. As Chris wiped off the last remains of his load, I was still somewhat intrigued and turned on by this other car. They were obviously two guys who had watched us while we, indirectly, watched them.

I pulled up my shorts, not even caring that my balls were sweaty and sticky, and dropped out of the car. Chris looked at me, worried.

“Dude, what’s up?” He asked, nervously. I smirked at him.

“I’m gonna go say Hi” I said. Chris shook his head.

“Fuck man, no? Are you serious?” He stammered.

“Dude, they watched us blow each other while they did it too. We’re fine” I said, bluntly. Chris remained still, though watched me as I sauntered across the parking lot, flicking out a cigarette that I’d grabbed as I left the car.

The two in the other car frantically moved about, putting pants back on I thought, I didn’t care. As I got closer I could make out who they were, Brown Haired Guy, not too much older than me, about 18. And Spiky Blonde Guy, who was probably about the same age as me. I lit my cigarette and moved slowly towards the side of the car. Brown Haired Guy smiled at me.

The engine roared to life, and though I was a little bit frightened by that, these guys didn’t worry me. I just felt my heart pounding at double speed and let myself calm down. They were about to leave, in a rush it would seem. Brown Haired Guy’s window was open as I moved close enough.

“….hey?” I eventually said.

Spiky Blonde hid his face from me. Brown Haired Guy smirked.

“Yeah?” Brown Haired Guy asked, his radio just kicking in loudly.

“…enjoy the show?” I found myself asking, but in a flirty tone.

He laughed and nodded slowly. He didn’t have a shirt on and looked pretty buff. Hot even.

“Fuck yeah mate. Awesome.” He complimented.

I nodded too, blowing out some smoke.

“…cool.” I said, coolly haha.

“We’re off mate.” Brown Haired Guy began, grabbing something.

I nodded.

“That’s cool mate” I joked.

He flicked a half empty box of cigarettes at me and laughed.

“Here’s more smokes for afterwards” He smirked. I just watched as they hit the gravel. I laughed.

“Thanks mate. Next time I’ll bring you something” I flirted.

Brown Hair Guy laughed, looked me up and down and winked at me.

“Looking forward to it mate.” He said, and slowly drove off, with Spiky Blonde looking quite ashamed.

I finished my cigarette and looked over to Chris who was shaking his head and raising his arms as if to ask “what?!” and I just raised my arms and returned the gesture.

On the way back to the Ute I picked up the box of cigs Brown Haired Guy threw at me. I slumped back into the car. Chris punched me.

“Are you fucking serious? He could have knifed you!” He objected.

I just stared at him.

“Dude, I can tell if someone’s gonna knife me. Trust me” I said, bluntly. Rudely even. It’s sounds really harsh to say, but I was over Chris at this moment. Anything he said was just white noise. Anything he did was just in the background.

The minute Brown Haired Guy watched me shoot my load from across the dark parking lot, I was into him. Something about him had to be mine. I dropped Chris home straight after that. Literally, I think I sped most of the way. I messaged him when I got home, just so he knew I was alright I guess. My mind was on someone else. Since then, I haven’t really spoken to Chris. There’s been a few random emails here and there. Chris was a fading memory.

But I remember that part of the night vividly. I remember standing in the shower afterwards scrubbing the sticky cum off myself, then realizing that something was odd about that packet of cigs Brown Haired Guy threw at me.

I reached out of the shower and grabbed it from my soccer clothes on the floor of the bathroom. Written on the back was Browned Haired Guys name, Trent. And his number. I just smirked to myself and felt my dick stiffen…

That was Trent. And I guess, indirectly, Chris. But I drove quicker than usual, my dick stiff and looking forward to Trent’s 5 o clock shadow scraping down my balls as he licked my dick. It wasn’t the first booty call I’d had from Trent, but I hadn’t had one in a few months and couldn’t wait. It was then my phone screamed with Sweet Child Of Mine again, snapping me out of my Remembering Chris sequence.

With one hand I fumbled with my phone, the bright light of the screen blinded me slightly. It said 2 Messages. I was confused. Then, I remembered that message I got just as I was sneaking out of the house. It would have been Trent saying “can’t wait to eat your load” or something, he always sent me messages like that. It was from Marco, another skater mate of mine.

“Ya mums a cunt” his message said. I laughed, because it was true. The 2nd message was from Trent and I opened it excitedly.

“dude cant suck dick tonight bf is home”…I slowed down slightly and then swore loudly. My dick was leading the anger at this point and I found myself screeching the car around in the other direction, heading back home. Trent had ruined my night. And no, it wasn’t the first time he’d done this. But more on that a little later…

With the car safe back in the driveway, I half stomped/crept up the stairs into the house, still feeling my dick hard against the fabric of my jean shorts. I squeaked open the door and found my Dad standing there.

“Josh, mate, you’re grounded. Last warning mate sorry.” Was all he said.

Grounding sounds harsh, right? Well, with my Dad it didn’t mean I was forced to stay in the house. It meant, I was forced to go to school. Much worse, for me anyway. I just nodded and went upstairs, beating off and getting over my ruined night.

I was thrown out of Dad’s car and into school just before the bell rang. Theresa had gone on holidays with girlfriends, for some reason, which was an extra nail in my coffin. I could have had a week holiday from her!! But no, I was being grounded at school.

As I sauntered down the patio, it was like people were seeing a celebrity. It was more that they were shocked as to why I was even at school. It was a sea of faces I barely knew, though they remembered me. A few people said Hi. I just nodded. I was barely in school uniform. I had my cargo shorts on with my normal black singlet. My school shirt just over the top, with my tie hanging loosely off the collar. I had my emergency cig sticking out from behind my ear, my iPod blaring in one ear, and my sunnies covering my eyes. A few of the nerd students looked me up and down, shocked.

I had to report to the Principals office apparently, because I had missed so much school, Dad explained. It wasn’t my first time. Basically, every time I did end up back at school for some reason, I’d start my day in a meeting with the Principal. I didn’t really give a shit. I made my way to the office and plonked myself outside the principals office.

My mate Wes was walking around the office too for some reason and I slapped him a high five.

“What the fuck are you doing at school?” He laughed.

I laughed and shrugged.

“Who the fuck knows man.” I joked.

“…nah, seriously, I haven’t seen you for like a month. Oh, nah, I saw you that Tuesday arvo…” Wes tried to remember.

“Dad sent me in.” I said, bluntly, slumping down into my chair.

“…ah…so no skating this arvo?” Wes asked, expectedly.

I shook my head.

“I’m grounded.” I began. Wes groaned.

“That’s fucked man! Green’s party is this weekend!!” He was upset.

I laughed.

“Oh nah not grounded from the party man. Just have to go to school this whole fucking week.” I explained. Wes made a face.

“I know, hard to explain. I can only go to work in the mornings and sometimes in the arvo after it but yeah…no skating.” I said, sadly.

“Well, as long as you’re at Greens…” He trailed off.

“Oh, I’ll be there man. Fuck yes, I’ll be there.” I laughed.

“Think of all the pussy we’ll get!” Wes said, excitedly.

OH, only Owen knew I liked guys, none of my other mates ever really asked or noticed haha. I just nodded.

“Yeah, fuckin everyone’s going bro!” I said, excitedly.

The Principal, Mr. Hertz, appeared from his office and pointed me inside. He was a pretty cool guy, usually not that bad to me, he was just bound by the rules most of the time. I don’t know if you’ve ever watched Family Guy, but there’s an episode where Peter makes a movie called Steel Vagina’s and he calls the main character Regina Hertz, anyway, long story short most of us in our year called Mr. Hertz, Reg ( as in Redge ). Though his real name was Glen or something.

I tapped fists with Wes and went into Reg’s office. He slumped down behind his desk, my files were out in front of him. And he just smirked.

“….Welcome back.” He said, eventually. I just nodded. He made the motion for me to flick my IPod speakers out of my ear. I did and flopped into the chair.

“Interesting take on the uniform.” Reg pointed out. I laughed.

“I like to be creative.” I joked. He laughed before ruffling some papers and looking serious.

“ Look, Josh, I’ve weighed all the options and my news isn’t that great” Reg began. I shrugged.

“ I know you don’t care, but we do here.” He began, he flicked through a few of my files. “…basically, because of what you’ve missed, we can’t even let you start Year 10 syllabus next term.”

I just nodded, in my head I groaned, because that meant I’d have to do most of the Year 9 work again. Maybe even be left back. I assumed he had some idea of how to catch up. I hoped he did. I couldn’t be bothered having to go to school for another year.

“…For you to catch up, we’re looking at putting you back a year.” Reg finished. I groaned aloud this time.

“That’s fucked, sir.” I said. He nodded.

“Well, Josh, so far this term you’ve missed about 8 weeks of a 12 week term.” He started. I rolled my eyes.

“A month and a half of a 12 month year doesn’t look good on the graphs, mate” Reg started. “Plus, the Department has been over to your house, your father seems concerned, your mother not so much…”

I cut him off.

“Girlfriend. Not my mother.” I snapped. Reg apologised.

“Sorry, Josh, well your Dad isn’t happy with the situation. We’re not too happy with it, either, to be honest.”

“Sir, I’m out of here the minute I turn 16.” I found myself saying.

“You may have a little trouble with that, Josh.” Reg laughed.

I rolled my eyes.

“You know that 17 is the legal age for leaving school here.” Reg started.

“Yeah, but 16 I can get a job.” I snapped.

“But this is basic shit, mate. Basic real world shit you’ll need everyday and you just aren’t ready! And you‘ve missed half of it!” Reg explained with a sigh, it was good he was personable with the students.

“If you’ve got an apprenticeship then that is great? We can look into helping you with that…?” Reg asked. I shook my head.

“Nah, sir. I just deliver the papers n shit.” I said, quietly.

He nodded. He leant forward slowly.

“If I sound rude, I apologise, but, what do you do all day mate?” Reg asked.

I laughed. He laughed too, but looked at me.

“No, mate, seriously. I like a day off as much as the next bloke, but what do you do all day at home?” Reg asked.

“Sleep in, skate and watch porn on the net” I said, matter of factly.

Reg laughed.

“Well, look at it this way. Most blokes in your year finish their school work, then do all that. Because they’re going to use what they learn here today in a workplace at some point. Everyone does it, mate. Basically, you wake up, go to work, then come home to the wife.” Reg stated.

“Most the blokes I know fuck around, sir” I joked.

“Yeah, but, they do their school work first.” Reg joked. He sighed.

“Look, I’m not going to force you, mate. You’ve been at school, I think, what was it? 4 times this year. And I’ve spoken to you every time. You’re not hurting anyone, but yourself.” Reg said, sympathetically. I just nodded.

“I know sir, I just seriously don’t care about school hey.” I said. He nodded.

“It’s more of a legal thing though now Josh. Technically, you have to go to some sort of school until you’re 17. When you were enrolled here a few years ago its basically an indirectly legal contract that we’ll look after you, make sure you’re ready for the real world.” Reg started. I nodded.

“ But as it stands, it looks to the Department that you’re a lost cause. Granted, it’s your decision to not attend school, but the Department just see you as a trouble-maker. I think you’re a great bloke, Josh, but I’m worried about you. I am seriously worried about you mate.” Reg finished.

I took a deep breath. Though what he said didn’t really affect me emotionally, there was at least the sincerity it his voice. The school did care about my well-being, though it was up to me what became of it. Reg lifted up a folder.

“Long story short, mate. DOCS ( department of children’s services ) are onto you. They know about you.” Reg stopped.

“That’s fucking Theresa though sir. She rings them all the time for no reason” I cut in.

“While you’re at home?” Reg asked.

“Yeah when I go out and shit. She rings them. They’ve been to the house like 20 times man. It’s fucked. She just wants them to take me somewhere. She‘s a fucking mole!…” I vented, and trailed off.

“Well, despite Theresa’s decision to alert DOCS of everything you do, it’s a last chance system mate. It’s a 3 strikes, you’re out policy with them. To them you‘re just another 15 year old causing trouble.” Reg started.

“Fuck her! Fuck!” I snapped, getting angry. Reg looked at me sadly.

“It’s alright, mate, we can work it out” Reg said.

“Nah, we can’t, sir, you’re saying, basically, I would have been right if fucking Theresa didn’t dob me in?” I asked. Reg leant back and groaned.

“I wouldn’t say that.” He said.

“Nah, it’s true. If fucking DOCS had nothing to do with it, I’d be skating right now and finishing school like a normal kid this year.” I groaned.

“Finishing this year would be a stretch, Josh.” Reg joked, though saw I was angry.

“Look, mate, I’m going to work out a plan that we can work on to help you out. Technically, if you do extra work outside school whenever you can, we can work around this and you’d finish Year 10” Reg explained. I groaned.

“But I need your help, mate. Let me, help you. You’re on thin ice with DOCS, but you’re fine here with us. It’s all up to you. If you can’t learn here then DOCS will find somewhere for you to learn. You need to be interested in this. Come back to school. Your mates would be stoked!” Reg said.

“I see my mates every night, sir” I said, coldly, but in my mind I realized what I had to do. Other than kill Theresa haha.

“…Look, whatever, let’s work it out.” I eventually said. Reg smiled.

“Leave it with me mate. Come back this afternoon after last period and we’ll work it out. Then, with the catch up work, I can have you out of here in a few months.” Reg explained. I smiled.

“…or I could just be out skating now.” I joked.

“And DOCS would throw you in Juvey, mate. They’re spiteful fuckers.” He said. We both laughed. It was good catching up with Reg.

“Anyway, mate, you’ll be late for class!” Reg said.

I stood up slowly, groaning, putting my speakers back into my ears. Reg laughed.

“They’re banned at school you know.” He said. I stuck my middle finger up at him jokingly and he shook his head.

“See you later, Josh.” Reg said, laughing.

I slung up my bag, that had nothing in it but my phone and some lunch, and made my way to English class. How funny, I thought to myself, my rushing off to class.

My week long stint at school went as well as could be expected. I had no idea of half the crap my teachers were trying to explain to me. In Maths, I ended up doing a completely random test that the teacher made up just so she could see what I knew. That was embarrassing.

Reg had organized me a meeting with local bloke that could have me on as an apprentice doing carpentry. Though my Dad worked as a labourer, technically I couldn’t work for him, directly. Luckily, the bloke I was being introduced to was a mate of my Dads. So that problem was solved.

The extra classes I was supposed to do didn’t start until mid-year, so that was cool, I didn’t have anything to worry about right now. But, by Thursday I had settled back into school like I hadn’t missed the past 3 months. It was cool hanging out with my mates all day. We did all the same classes. We basically just talked the whole time and wrote down shit off the boards. I didn’t remember school being so bludgy, I just came across as slightly foreign to me after avoiding it for so long. Really, school wasn’t that bad…

Friday rolled around and all day, in every class, the whole year was buzzing excitedly about Sam Green’s Party that night. Sam was one of the surfer boys in our year, they had their own group.

I guess my group were the Skater Boys, but Sam was the head of the Surfer Boys group that sat round the basketball courts. They were all buff, tanned brown and dopey. With blonde haired, ditsy girl friends from the Slut Girls group. Affectionately named, as you can see, but they really were pretty slutty haha.

As Friday afternoon rolled around and I was spattering a bit of paper with paint in Art, I didn’t really dread coming back to school on the Monday. All my mates would be here, with scattered memories of the mayhem we’d get up to at Green’s Party. I could just do whatever school work I could and just worry about catching up later. It looked like I was a School-Goer again haha.

Friday night was on us like a wave. I had walked home with Wes and Owen, back to Wes’s place because he had some pot that he stole from his brother. Pot wasn’t anything new to us, but it’d make the party at Green’s funnier.

We were falling over each other in Wes’s lounge room, laughing hysterically. Owen was paranoid his mum was standing in the kitchen watching him, though it wasn’t his house and there was no one there. My head was swimming though I wasn’t as bad as the boys. I could still get a slight grasp of what was going on. Wes jumped up and pulled off his shirt.

“Fuck dudes it’s like 830!” He gasped.

Owen jumped up too and laughed, dropping his shorts. He had boxers on.

“830! Everyone get naked!” He laughed. Wes punched him over.

“Nah we were sposed to be there an hour ago! Haha!” Wes cracked up.

I pulled myself up onto the lounge, and felt like a puddle. My arms and legs were like jelly. I toppled back down onto the floor, and burst out laughing. I watched the boys disappear into Wes’s room, to get ready I guessed.

I grabbed hold of a coffee table and managed to slap myself onto its top. I slowly did a push up to get myself at least off the table and felt my legs harden. Slowly, but surely, I was standing up, though a little dodgy on my feet. Owen re-appeared with a bag of pot.

“C’mon we gotta go home, get ready!” Owen called.

Wes slid out of his room and waved.

“Yeah, bring it dudes! Woo!” He called, dancing to the song that screamed from his room. Owen nodded, holding up the bag.

“We’ll do the rest later mate. It’s good shit. Don’t want to waste it!” Owen suggested. I just nodded and we wobbled out of Wes’s house.

I lived closer to Wes’s house than Owen did, so we found ourselves in my driveway eventually, laughing the whole way. Owen waved at me as he stumbled further down the road.

“Bring the shit!” He called. I just nodded. He’d shoved the stash in my cargo shorts back pocket, because, as Owen put it, a Cat wanted it. We’d seen a fat ginger cat sitting on the footpath. It meowed at us and run towards us playfully, hoping for a pat. Owen ended up screaming and hiding behind me, he told me the cat would tell his cop brother what we were up to. I just laughed.

“I’ll be back, man, wait. I’ll be back.” Owen called back. I just nodded. We were going to walk back to the party, even though it would end up being a half hour walk.

I made my way inside and the house was empty. There was a note from Dad on the bench saying he’d gone out for dinner and for me to have a good night. That was awesome about my Dad, even though I was grounded, I’d get to have a good night out.

I threw off my school shirt and tie and ended up just dousing myself in cologne. I wasn’t dirty or anything, I’d just been sitting at school all day. And I didn’t have anything different to wear except this dodgy canary yellow pirate looking shirt that was too tight on me, and made me look like a gay pirate haha. So I just left on my cargos and black singlet. I grabbed a few bourbon and cokes from Dads stash in the fridge, helping myself to one. I threw a bit of water in my hair, but didn’t do anything to it.

Outside, I heard the noisy grind of a familiar car. Ready as I could be, I grabbed my phone and took the stash outside. In my driveway, Owen was grinding up in his Dad’s old Datsun car, obviously in the wrong gear. I laughed.

“What the fuck is this?” I asked.

Owen slammed to a halt, laughing hysterically. He hopped out of the car.

“Your chariot awaits!” He beamed, bowing.

He was wearing a fluro-pink singlet, and short, tight denim shorts. If he wasn’t hot, I’d laugh at him. But that sorta shit was in fashion I guess.

“It’ll be a bumpy trip man I’m still pretty stoned!” I said.

Owen laughed.

“Fuck off man you’re more down than me!” Owen snapped.

I groaned.

“I just had a swig of this but!” I said, holding up a bourbon. Owen gasped.

“Throw me one!” He said, excitedly. I laughed and made my way down the driveway. I threw him a bourbon and he threw the car keys at me, they bounced off me and fell in the grass. Owen was in hysterics.

“Fuck mate you’re out of it!” I said, punching him playfully.

“And what’s that fucking pink singlet, man, seriously?!” I joked.

Owen smirked at me.

“I’m trying to pick up this hot gay boy I know.” He said, making a kissy face at me. I pushed him aside and laughed.

“Blow jobs when you’re high don’t get us anywhere!” I said, shrugging.

Owen cooed at me.

“You tease!” Owen said, taking a long drink of bourbon. He slid into the passenger seat. “Quick, we gotta go man, we’re heaps late!”

Though obviously not a good decision, Sam Green’s house was less than a 5 minute drive down the street. With only one corner. I hadn’t driven high for a while, but remembered it wasn’t that bad. I hopped into the drivers seat, spilling most of my bourbon. Owen thought that was hilarious.

I drove as slowly as I could without being annoying. There was no cars driving on the road anyway, so that was a plus. We puttered slowly down the street and reached to the corner of Sam Green’s cul de sac. A group of about ten people stood on the corner, laughing, drinking and talking loudly. Owen beamed.

“Dude, it’s Sean!” He said, fumbling with the door handle. I stopped watching the road to see what Owen was doing. I wasn’t going that fast, but watching him fall out the car freaked me out. I heard him yelp in pain as he hit the road, thank fuck I didn’t run over him. I craned my neck around to watch him slowly lie flat then sit up right, laughing.

Then there was a horrible crunching, sliding, grinding noise that lasted a few minutes. When I finally realised what was going on, I was looking head on into the back of a 4 wheel drive.

About three cars back, the destruction had begun. While I was watching Owen, I had accidentally hit the side of a yellow car, scraping down the side. Then, the second car, I’d made a fairly large dent along the whole side. The third car was scratched and dented, and being white, the cool red paint from the Datsun was now mixed in a horrible gash with the silver of the car metal and the missing white paint.

As I had crunched into the 4 wheel drive, without leaving a dent on that, it’s car alarm screamed into action. I could hear it plus the group on the corner laughing. I hopped out of the car and groaned. I had drifted from one side of the road to the other while I watched Owen fall out of the car.

My head was swimming from the pot and I just laughed to myself. My phone buzzed and scared me. I didn’t notice the random families appearing from their houses complaining. I answered my phone.

“…yeah?” I said, my stomach rising.

“haha dude I fucking fell out!” it was Owen.

I looked back to see him stumbling down the street, laughing and waving.

A few of the random party goers from the corner had followed him down, laughing and whispering amongst themselves. Suddenly, an arm grabbed me forcefully. It was some burly Dad. He stared at me angrily.

“What the fuck is this?!” He yelled, pointing at the scraped, dented cars.

I couldn’t react, my mind wasn’t sending signals to my brain. The figures were turning to black blobs, I could hear them complaining.

All I could see was a fat ginger cat we saw earlier, sitting quietly in someone’s front yard. I squinted at it. It meowed. At me? I wondered. The police had arrived rather quickly and were asking questions to the various forms standing around me. One was yelling at me.

I couldn’t remember much after that. I was put into the cop car, I remember. They got the stash out of my shorts. They did all these weird eye tests on me back at the station. There was a blur of police shit.

I didn’t say very much at the police station. I only really remember saying my name a few times. Everything was blinding me. The lights. It was weird. I was left in a room with just two chairs and a table. The pot was starting to wear off at least, but by the time it did my Dad had come to collect me. And he didn’t look happy.

Middle Acre Correctional Facility for Trouble Teens was basically a Juvenile Detention Centre. From the outside though it just looked like a block of red stone buildings, with old fashion wrought iron balconies, spacious windows and ivy crawling up the walls. Sort of like a Hall from a prestigious college you’d see in the movies. Though, around its base, was a concrete moat.

Literally, like in the days of castles, the nice brick building was surrounded with a 6 foot deep man made concrete river of filthy brown water. The outer side was a two story high metal fence, capped with twists of barbed wire. The inner fence was slightly less imposing, a simple brick fence with wrought iron fencing between posts.

I really only got to see the outside of the place when I arrived, or sometimes from the “Chill Out Room” window, but even that was through chicken wire and thick black metal bars. I hadn’t planned on spending a school term, around 4 months, in a prison facility for teenagers. I was looking forward to returning to school after that weekend.

The terms were fairly straight forward. DOCS intervened on the decision to have me perform community service. Their investigation led them to believe that schooling in a Detention Centre would be more of a benefit to the child.

Yeah, me a child? Fuckers. Dad tried all he could, but fucking Theresa ended up talking him into it.

There is a silver lining to this though everyone. Dad was so upset at Theresa’s insistence I be sent to a prison, of sorts, he threw her out. He’s not seeing her anymore. I was fucking stoked when I heard the news. Pity I was in here at the time, but still haha sucked in you mole.

Anyway, DOCS reasoning was that this method was a way of having me catch up on my lost year, or years, of school and teach me a lesson in behaviour while I was at it. I’d had a psychiatric examination and everything. I wasn’t crazy. They just wanted me here. Where I couldn’t skate. Or do any fucking thing really.

Middle Acre wasn’t too bad. It wasn’t like some OZ prison or anything like that, though some bad shit went down every now and then. The Centre was split into various wings of security, and of course we were in the minimum security division. Technically, we weren’t THAT dangerous to anyone it was just a precaution I guess.

The only time different wings would mix was during Break, which was really just classes. Anyone roped into having to do school at the Centre had to report to their various rooms during Break.

It was at this time when most of the trouble would start. The guys from the Maximum Security Wing had their own end of the building to get taught, though the different levels of minimum security would mix during Break down our end.

Gang riots were the main problem, as different groups of guys hated each other for some reason or another, just like the outside world I guess. About two days being in here I saw my first fight. It was just a couple of blokes but one got smashed into a window and had his face cut up real bad. My cell mate said he deserved it. I never found out why.

We had fairly good rooms…or cells, with a little TV and stuff. We had our own sort of bathroom too, which was cool, though the shower was basically the toilet but you’d put the seat down. You had to sit on the toilet, seat down, and the shower would come on. We worked out you had to put your foot up on the seat to keep it down to start the shower, then straddle the toilet to have a stand up shower. Fucking weird.

My room-mate, or cell mate I guess, was Will. He was same age as me, a couple of months older. Your first few weeks inside keep you quiet, it especially keeps your gay feelings subsided, as you’re more terrified than anything. But Will was hot. And I found myself opening up to him more than any other stranger I had ever met.

He had a tight swimmers build, and the best arms I’d seen on a bloke, because of the gym here. He’d often hang out in our room shirtless so I ended up following suit. We’d sit around shirtless in our, we called them Prison Pants, and just chat about shit. Girls, whatever, I could make shit up.

Will had a tattoo across his stomach that said “Such Is Life”. It’s the last thing a bushranger called Ned Kelly said before he was hung, back in Aussie bushranger days, but nowadays a local gang had all their members have that quote tattooed on them. I asked him if he was in the gang though he’d always change the subject.

“Did you have to shave your abs when they did it?” I asked.

“Nah, he just did it. I had more definition back then.” Will explained.

I laughed.

“You’re pretty buff now mate.” I said. He smirked.

“I was tighter than this bro. Had a fuckin’ 8 pack. The chicks loved it.” Will teased. I laughed.

“We need to get me into that gym.” I said, patting my stomach, though I still have pretty good abs.

“Yeah mate I’ll get you a few hours in there with me. You’re tight anyways, you’ll just get more definition” Will said, he seemed to know a lot about definition. I stared at his stomach for a while and he caught me, I just looked away.

“…should I get a tatt there too?” I asked.

Will reached out and slid his finger across my stomach, just below my bellybutton, across my snail trail. He thought for a moment.

“You wouldn’t see it under that bush man!” He laughed. I laughed.

It was true, my snail trail was a pretty thick bush of hair across the bottom of my abs. Then it just thinned out, between my abs and up towards my pecs. But where he had his tatt, it would be under all my tummy fur.

“…I could just shave it off I guess.” I said.

Will shook his head.

“Nah man, you’re a man. Keep it that way. Just get it etched somewhere else.” He suggested. I just nodded.

“Down your legs another good one.” He said.

I slid my Prison Pants leg up and my bushy leg appeared. Will laughed.

“…and you could just shave it I guess.” He laughed.

He slid his leg up too, showing a bushy leg with barely legible writing.

“What’s that say?” I asked.

Will ran his finger against the hair of his leg.

“It’s Japanese. I don’t show it off as much anymore. A mate did it for me.” Will explained.

“…nice.” I eventually said. Will spun around and at the small of his back was a smaller dragon tattoo with Japanese writing streaming out around its edges.

“…he did that one too.” Will said. I found myself sitting open mouthed, staring at his back muscles.

“….nice…” I took even longer to mutter that.

“That was when I hung with a different crowd…” Will explained.

I just nodded.

“…then got chucked in here.” He finished.

I nodded. I stretched by hands behind my head and leant back against the cold brick wall.

“Can I ask what happened?…it’s cool if not…” I trailed off.

Will smirked.

“Nah mate, it’s all good, you’re cool.” He sat down opposite me on the bed. He stared at me for a moment, distracted.

“You got wicked arms.” He said.

I was shocked, moving them down back my side, slightly bumping my head. I knew I was turning red with embarrassment.

“Thanks mate…I…” I stammered. Will ran his fingers through his hair.

“Yeah, so, I was addicted to ICE for a while….” Will began.

( Crystal Meth for those playing at home )

“…and yeah just ended up ruining my life, lost me job, all that shit.” Will said. I nodded.

“I ended up staying at my bro’s place for a while, just to get away from my parents. Anyway, he was out or something, can’t remember, and when I got home I swear man I could hear breathing from somewhere….” Will explained. I must have been wide eyed, he smirked at me.

“…I searched the whole place, there was only two rooms, ripped the shit out of the bathroom, smashed the lounge away, everything, anyway, got to the kitchen and there was fucking light coming from the fridge! Like, not the fridge light, a fucking beam of light.” He continued.

“…fuck man, it was the fridge making that noise, like, breathing, heaving in and out.” He stopped, he must have seen me mad a ‘you’re fucking crazy’ face.

“I swear mate, ICE makes you fucked. You see all sorts of shit!” Will tried to excuse himself. I just smiled at him.

“It sounds like…fucking…what’s its name…from Ghostbusters…he lived in the fridge.” I joked. Will laughed.

“Dude, I would have called fucking Ghostbusters if I hadn’t ripped the phone out of the wall.” Will said.

“ZOOL!” I said, almost too excitedly. Will laughed.

“ZOOL!” I said, in a deeper voice like in the movie. Will stared at me.

“And you reckon I’m fucked in the head?” He joked.

I punched him playfully from across the room, I sat forward and our heads were fairly close.

“…anyways, thinking the fridge was alive or some shit, I torched it.” Will said. I jerked back slightly.

“Torched what? The fridge?” I asked.

Will nodded, putting his arms up, as confused as I was by his own actions.

“I have no idea what the fuck for. It didn’t do much damage but yeah when my bro got home I was all like ‘fuck man the fridge is possessed!’ They found my stash of ICE, fixed me up a bit but still…” He trailed off.

“They put you in here for that?” I asked.

Will shook his head, and scratched his nose. He patted his free hand on my thigh.

“Nah mate, I used to give blokes blow jobs for smack money and a cop caught me!” He winked. I laughed, thinking he was joking. He was serious.

“…oh…” I managed to say. He laughed this time and patted me on the head.

“Don’t worry man, I won’t blow you.” He said, standing up to look out of the cell. I shrugged to myself.

“…unless you want me to.” Will added.

The piercing blast of the “Break” horn blared and we rolled our eyes.

Break is the Facilities name for School. No one ever wanted to go for Break, it just so happened majority of the guys in my part of the cells were put into it as part of their punishment. But I think most guys were worried they’d be bashed or thrown over the balcony, because between Break lessons is when all hell breaks loose.

Will and I both pulled on our t-shirts and tidied our cell up a bit. Usually the guards didn’t care but sometimes they’d check for stuff while we were at class.

“Do gym after Break mate?” Will asked me. I looked at him.

“I can’t man I haven’t done enough units yet!” I groaned.

Will laughed.

“Dude, I’ll get you in.” Will insisted, we knocked fists.

The doors all buzzed and opened at the same time, slowly, one by one, the different guys from our area would creep out of their room. Will didn’t though, he marched out with confidence. I snuck out behind him. We saw a couple of friends of Will’s on the way down the corridor. So far, there was nothing to worry about. There were groups of guards at different parts of the corridor as we made our way down. I saw one guy I recognized from the day I was brought in. I nodded at him.

The corridor widened out into a hall of tables and chairs. From the other end of that hall we could see the guys from the other end of our block. They weren’t any worse than we were, they just thought they were. I heard grumblings from some of the guys. It was known that our side hated most of their side. Will put his hand lightly against my chest.

“…that fucking rat looking prick has it in for us man, so keep on your toes. Just stay with the boys” Will whispered.

Ideally, to get to each room, as the guards let each guy through, they were to walk the opposite side of the other group, and move to whichever door their class was in. It was a system that worked, usually…

Most the guys were already in their classrooms when there was a surge from their side. About 8 guys smashed into the 10 or so boys on our side. The guards were smashing us with their sticks and pushing whoever they could go the floor to get their foot in.

I watched as Will slammed a bearded guys head into the cold concrete wall with a sickening thwack. Blood spewed from the guys mouth, though he smacked at Wills head as hard as he could. I saw Will stumble back. Like a signal, 3 guys from their side broke off battling and threw themselves at Will. I pulled myself off and tried to block him from the barrage, taking about 8 punches to the stomach and head as I did.

The guards ripped me away and had smashed the other guys into submission. Capsicum spray was out now and most of their side was screaming in pain on the floor, while some of our guys nursed their wounds, yelling, screaming at the guys on the floor. I was fine, though Will wasn’t. I wanted to go over and help him, but a guard held me back.

The guys from the hospital wing appeared fairly quickly, lifting up Will and a couple other of our boys, and disappeared as quickly as they appeared. I didn’t even have the chance to make sure he was alright. It was over. But before I get to deep, no, he wasn’t dead. He’s fine, just a bit beat up.

I didn’t listen in class. I couldn’t. I just kept worrying about Will. The lesson was pretty straight forward anyway, just some essay we had to write. The only other guy I knew sat on the desk next to me, he whispered something to me and a guard cleared his throat. He looked back at the guard and blew him a kiss.

“Calm down, we’re just comparing notes!” He cooed to the guard, who rolled his eyes. The guys name was Kane. He was kinda hot, stocky, hairy. He looked on the older side of 17, so I didn’t know how he’d go in an adult prison. Though, he seemed to have slot into here quite well.

“What are you gonna do now your boyfs been locked up?” Kane asked me.

I laughed.

“Will’s not my boyf.” I replied. Kane smiled.

“Well he may as well be. The walls talk here you know.” Kane joked.

“And what do they say?” I asked.

“…that you love Will!” Kane joked.

I punched him playfully, the guard coughed louder this time.

“Are you coming to the Chill Out room tonight?” Kane asked.

I shrugged. The Chill Out Room was were you could watch movies or play Xbox and stuff with other ‘well behaved’ guys in your area. Last time I was there, I was alone.

“…nah, probably not, there’s nothing to do there.” I said.

Kane’s eyes lit up.

“OH!? You haven’t been recently!” Kane beamed.

I stared at him.

“Why? Did they get a new copy of Penthouse?” I groaned.

Kane smirked at me.

“Oh, fuck no man, nah, I made it a beat!” He said, proudly.

I laughed, a few guys looked at me.

“A beat? Like, a beat beat?” I asked.

Kane sat back in his chair, nodding, smiling.

“Bad boys need loving too” He said. I shook my head.

“You’re insane. Who goes to it?” I asked, actually interested.

Kane rolled his eyes.

“Well, so far just that rapist guy…what’s his name…Liam?” Kane started.

I stared.

“…and?” I asked. Kane laughed.

“Look, I know you’re eager for cock but it’s only just started.” Kane said.

I was kind of shocked, though knew that he was right. I must have looked shocked.

“Your secret is safe with me mate.” Kane said, kindly.

I just shook my head, looking away.

“You’re a hard one to read, mister.” Kane whispered.

I looked back at him.

“So, an educated guess?” I asked.

“…pretty much. That, and most straight guys aren’t interested in a beat in our Chill Out Room.” Kane confessed.

“Well, I’ll wait till it picks up a bit ay.” I said.

Kane laughed.

“You’ve got Will to play with anyway. He doesn’t need an excuse to blow you boy, you’re fine!” Kane joked. I punched him again. The guard coughed and the teacher looked up.

“Stop it boys!” The teacher said. Kane laughed and winked at the teacher, who looked away embarrassed. I laughed.

“You’ve got to be kidding me?!” I said.

Kane just raised his eyebrows and put his finger to his lips.

“Shhhh.” He giggled.

“You’re a whore, mate.” I said, in the nicest way possible. He smiled.

“Whore’s get things done!” Kane said, proudly.

“…but, yeah, of course, the offers always open” He said.

I stopped.

“Offer for what?” I asked.

He stared at me.

“…the beat.” Kane said, as if I should have known.

“What? You and me?” I asked. Kane groaned.

“Fuck, you’re lucky you’ve got the body son, cos your brain is out of it!” Kane said. “I meant, anytime you’re in the Chill Out room and a guy scratches his eyebrow, then you can go at it. That’s the code.”

I nodded, scratching my eyebrow.

“Like this?” I asked, smirking. Kane grinned widely.

“Dude, I’d take you here but we’d get beaten off by the guards!” Kane started. He stopped “HAH!…Beaten off.”

I laughed too.

“What happens if they’re just scratching their eyebrow?” I asked.

Kane rolled his eyes.

“If you were in a Chill Out room, why would you sit there scratching your eyebrow?” He asked. I nodded, not really convinced.

The rest of the class went pretty quickly. Kane disappeared to the back of his room to grab his cell mate, who looked like he was barely 16. He had a perpetually worried look on his face, I guess its because Kane would have jumped him at every moment possible.

Unlike last time, each class was individually released from each room one person, one class, at a time. I ended up walking alone but to my cell. I noticed a couple of familiar faces but didn’t have much to say to them. A few asked me how Will was and I just found myself shrugging.

Quiet Time rolled around fairly quickly. The time of night where you could visit the other 12 cells in your section and chat with any mates you had. A few nights I’d follow Will around and catch up, but it didn’t know any of the guys that well to start up a conversation.

I was lying on my bed in my Prison Pants reading one of the Harry Potter books, haha that’s how bored I was. A couple of blokes poked their head in to ask how Will was, and even though I didn’t have any info for them I still managed to strike up a conversation.

With still about half an hour to go of Quiet Time, I stood up for a stretch, looking out at the other cells, guys playing cards, chatting, hanging out like most teenage guys did. With the exception we were in a sort of prison, with 10 burly guards watching us.

I saw a guy I’d only seen a couple of times before make his way up the stairs to the chill out room. He was sneaking, it seemed, his feet made no noise on the rickety metal stairs as he made his way up. I found that a bit odd. My dick found it a bit interesting.

I threw down my book and thought for a moment. Going up at such a strange time, in such a strange way, to the chill out room, where there wasn’t that much to do, was weird. And now that I knew it was a beat, it just seemed like so much more fun. Plus that guy was pretty hot. I couldn’t remember his name though…

I scratched my balls, feeling my dick nudge around in my undies. I readjusted my Prison Pants so no one would notice anything was up down there, and made my way out of my cell. I walked with my head down so no one would notice. No one did.

A few seconds later, I pushed open to old wooden door to find that hot guy slumped on the lounge in his boxers watching The Ghost Whisperer. He looked up at me a little shocked, and just nodded.

“Oh…hey…” He stammered. He was older than me. About 18? 19?

“…Hey” I found myself saying as the door clicked closed. I moved in slowly, looking around. Nothing had changed in the Chill Out Room. The Xbox was still down in the corner with its own TV and like 2 games that no one would want to play.

A pile of magazines were strewn about a bean bag that was splattered with cum stains. And no, I’m not joking, guys would come up here to beat off. Fuck knows why they just didn’t do it in their bathrooms but whatever.

I slumped down onto one of the leather couches that faced the TV. I noticed the hot guy had changed his position so one of his legs was up and over the back of the lounge. I knew a boner in silk boxers when I saw one, and I shuddered.

The hot guy leant up slowly and something caught my eye. On his chest was the same dragon tattoo that Will showed me. Except the hot guys one was down near his nipple, it still had all the writing on it and stuff. I didn’t know whether I should mention it.

“…what’s watching?” I eventually asked.

Hot guy laughed.

“Fucked if I know man. The Tits Show.” He said, pointing.

Which looked to be true, as Jennifer Love Hewitt was sneaking around a haunted looking attic in a rather titty top.

“Nice.” I said, unnaturally, looking at the hot guys abs now. I could feel my dick signals taking over everything in my brain. I wanted to lick the tattoo on his chest…

“…I’m Madison by the way.” Madison said, sitting up, dropping his leg down and readjusting his dick in his boxers. His green eyes looked glazed, between tired and always awake. He reached out his hand.

“Oh…hey, I’m Josh…” I said, shaking his hand, it was freezing. He squinted at me.

“Nice man.” He said.

I was confused. Was my half nakedness nice? Was I nice?…

He scratched his neatly shaved leg and I noticed another tattoo. A massive black dragon. This was a bit too coincidental.

“Hey, where’d you get your tatt?” I asked.

Madison stretched and yawned.

“Japan, mate.” He said, bluntly. “…why? You want one?” He asked.

I laughed.

“Oh, nah…nah…” I stuttered. He stood up to leave.

“My mate Will’s got the same ones!” I said, strangely, all of a sudden.

Madison stopped and spun around. I got a glimpse of him front on in the light of TV. He had a pretty good body, nice arms, hot build, a hairy bush of a snail trail like mine, a few pubes leaked out the top of his boxers.

“Will Hartley?” He asked.

I didn’t know Will’s surname so I just nodded.

“Um, yeah he’s my cell mate.” I said.

Madison laughed.

“Yeah, yeah, I know him. We used to be mates.” He said. I nodded.

“…used to be?” I asked, cautiously.

Madison slumped back down onto the lounge, he began looking around for something before he pulled a bandana out from under himself. He tied it up around his head to keep the flop of hair of his face.

“How old are you dude?” Madison asked, flicking off the TV.

“15...nearly 16 but.” I said. Madison nodded.

“Cool. I’m 17...turning 18 in a couple of months though. Fucking scary hey.” He admitted.

“18s an awesome age, man.” I said, kindly.

“Dude, I’d to go Adult Prison. If I get caught again, I get done as an adult.” Madison said, almost angry at himself.

“Well, just don’t get caught again!” I said, happily, jokingly. Madison scoffed.

“…sorry mate, didn’t mean to sound rude.” I trailed off.

Madison shook his head.

“Nah, not your fault mate.” He said, looking confused at the bruise on my cheek. It must have formed during the night.

“What happened there?” He asked, stoking my cheek. It hurt slightly.

I realized what he meant.

“Oh, Wing Fight on Break…got bashed…obviously.” I tried to laugh it off.

Madison shook his head.

“They’re cunts up that end.” He said, shaking his head.

“I’ve messed up a few in my day man don’t you worry.” He said, proudly.

There was a moment.

“Why are you at Middle Acre Correctional mate?” Madison asked, sincerely.

I laughed.

“Oh, I didn’t go to school.” I started. Madison raised one eyebrow.

“…but I crashed my dads car…had pot…shit like that.” I tried to make it more impressive. Madison just squinted at my abs.

“What did you get done for?” I asked, scratching my abs, hoping he’d look at them more.

“Drugs, dealing, selling, whatever.” Madison said.

I nodded.

“Actually, funny story, that’s how I know Will.” Madison said.

I laughed.

“Oh cool, you boys sell shit together?” I asked.

Madison laughed, almost maniacally.

“You could say that…” He started, scratching his eyebrow. I flinched. Was that directed at me? Madison looked up at me with his bloodshot green eyes. I found myself scratching my own eyebrow, though Madison didn’t react.

“…nah mate, I sold Will the ICE that fucked him up” Madison said, with a chuckle. It was like a punch to my stomach.

“…that’s not funny.” I said, bluntly.

Madison looked at me with a patronising grin.

“Didn’t mean it was funny for you.” He said, coldly.

Any spark of interest I had in Madison melted away almost instantly. I found myself staring blankly out the window. We sat, nearly in darkness now, barely lit by the lamp at the other end of the room. There was a cold and awkward silence. Madison stood up and played with his bandana.

“Well, mate, say G’day to Will for me.” He said.

I just nodded, not looking at him though I could feel him moving closer.

“Whatever mate.” I said, coldly.

“…You’re a bottom, right?” Madison asked, strangely.

I looked at him now.

“What?” I snapped.

Madison rubbed his boxers and groaned quietly. I instantly knew what was happening.

“You gave me the sign man.” Madison said, loosening the bandana from around his head. I shook my head.

“Nah…I…don’t know what you’re talking about mate, sorry.” I stammered.

Madison moved closer, I could see a tent in his boxers now. He smiled at me, squinting.

“I came up here to pound some ass mate.” Madison said, bluntly.

I shook my head. I didn’t know what to say. My mind raced.

“I came up here to chill out.” I found myself saying, groaning in my head.

Like a beast, Madison leapt forward a few feet and had grabbed me in a headlock. One thick, sweaty forearm was tight around my head, covering my mouth. I had slashed out my legs, kicking them wildly.

With a burst of power, Madison threw me down across the edge of the lounge I sat in, my arse in the air. He was on me now, I could feel his sweaty body against my back.

“If you fucking say a word I was slash your throat” Madison seethed into my ear. My heart was beating at a thousand miles an hour. With my arm that wasn’t pinned into the lounge chair, I swung it unnaturally to try and hit him. It bounced off his thigh.

“You’re a feisty little cunt aren’t ya?” Madison growled. I could feel sweat streaming off my forehead. I couldn’t escape. I felt him forcefully snap my arms behind me at the small of my back, he fumbled with his bandana and tied my hands together. Now, I could only just move my legs.

“I’ve done this before mate, you’re not the first bitch I’ve messed up in here, just ask your boyfriend Will when he gets back…” Madison whispered, grunting into my ear.

I felt him rip down my pants and shove his finger into my hole painfully. He tickled around a bit before ripping it out, repeating a few times. Then, I felt a thick rod of sweaty meat poke at my hole. I closed my eyes and was about to scream….


...To Be Continued...

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