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…Before We Start…

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Middle Acre Correctional Facility For Troubled Teens - Part II

( …and how I ended up there…)


…With a burst of power, Madison threw me down across the edge of the

lounge I sat in, my arse in the air. He was on me now, I could feel his sweaty body against my back.

“If you fucking say a word I will slash your throat” Madison seethed into my ear. My heart was beating at a thousand miles an hour. With my arm that wasn’t pinned into the lounge chair, I swung it unnaturally to try and hit him. It bounced off his thigh.

“You’re a feisty little cunt aren’t ya?” Madison growled. I could feel sweat streaming off my forehead. I couldn’t escape. I felt him forcefully snap my arms behind me at the small of my back, he fumbled with his bandana and tied my hands together. Now, I could only just move my legs.

“I’ve done this before mate, you’re not the first bitch I’ve messed up in here, just ask your boyfriend Will when he gets back…” Madison whispered, grunting into my ear.

I felt him rip down my pants and shove his finger into my hole painfully. He tickled around a bit before ripping it out, repeating a few times. Then, I felt a thick rod of sweaty meat poke at my hole. I closed my eyes and was about to scream….

I felt his wet knob slop into my cheeks, poking at them forcefully. Then, with a painful yelp from me, Madison slammed the head of his cock into my tight hole. I know I screamed, I couldn’t help it. Madison breathed out happily, I even felt some dribble from his mouth on my back.

As painfully as his cock ripped into me, it felt even worse when he snatched it out. It was the force that shocked me the most. But, I saw Madison’s arm fly up strangely, and watched his whole body slide over the top of the lounge chair and smack onto the floor behind with a painful sounding thud.

“Get the fuck out!” An angry voice yelled.

I could hear the crunch of painful punches hitting bone. I heard Madison growl angrily and shuffle around and out of the room, or was he being dragged? I could still hear the sound of punches.

The lights in the room burst on and I squinted, scared, confused. I tried to release my hands for the bandana that bind me, but could do nothing. Whoever it was that saved me wouldn’t have had a nice view of me. Unless they liked hairy boy asses…

Some dark hairy legs stood at my head now and I turned my head slightly. He stood under the light, surrounded with the beam like an angel haha.

I felt him tear the bandana off my hands and I took a deep breath, slumping myself upright, breathing heavily, sighing in relief.

“Fuck, mate, thank you so much!” I puffed, sincerely, drenched in sweat.

“No worries mate” He said, his voice deep.

I looked up at my rescuer.

He had the most piercing blue eyes I had ever seen on a Lebanese guy. Most boys I knew from there had brown eyes. His eye brows were raised in concern as he looked me up and down.

“Are you alright?” He asked. “I…we just got here too late..”

I stopped him.

“Nah, mate, I’m alright…” I lied. He looked at the bruise on the side of my head.

“Fuck bro, did he do that to you?” He asked, reaching out to touch.

“Nah, no, that’s from another fight.” I said, laughing.

He smiled at me, a crooked cute smile. I smirked and fumbled with my prison pants, trying to cover my lower nakedness.

He had a rough looking shadow of a beard, but a cute little cleft in his chin. He flashed me the slightest glint of his teeth while he smirked at me. He had short, curly dark hair on the top of his head, but at the sides it was shaved almost off. I wouldn’t do it, but it looked hot on him.

“Will you be right getting back to your room?” He asked.

I nodded, looking around, finding myself stopping to admire him again.

He was in his prison pants and a singlet which clung to his obvious muscles. He wasn’t gigantic, but he wasn’t too thin either. I could even make out the contours of his abs against the fabric. One thing I did notice instantly though was the thick bush of chest hair he had, plus his overly hairy arms. It was hot.

“…you sure mate?” He asked, when our eyes met. He had watched me staring at his chest. I looked away, embarrassed.

“Yeah, mate, yeah, don’t worry about it.” I said.

“I’m Faris by the way, mate.” Faris introduced himself.

“…Josh” I said, eventually, shaking his hand. I suddenly realized I would have looked disgusting right now.

“Thanks for everything, mate.” I said, pulling my prison pants back up slowly, realizing Faris would have seen my limp cock most of this time. I rolled my eyes and groaned to myself. Faris smirked and reached out.

“C’mon mate, I’ll take you back to your room.” He said, kindly. I loved his voice. There was something soothing about it. I shook my head.

“Nah, nah mate, I’m all good…” I began, standing up, then stumbling slightly. Faris grabbed me quickly, I felt his warm body on my cold, sweaty self. I shuddered.

“Dude, you’ll get all feral off me.” I said, sliding from his grip. He just smiled his crooked smile.

“There’s nothing feral about you mate.” He said, kindly, in his flirty, soothing voice. If I hadn’t have just nearly been raped I would have made out with him.

“Thanks, I guess.” I trailed off.

I was on my feet now and steady. Two other guys appeared at the door of the Chill Out Room. Friends of Faris, luckily.

“Took care of him dude.” One said.

I laughed.

“What? You killed him?” I asked.

The two didn’t laugh.

“Nah, I wish mate. We got a few in back at his cell. He won’t touch you again.” One of them explained. I nodded.

“Thanks…hey” I said. They just nodded, looking at Faris as if waiting for orders.

“I was going to take Josh back to his room.” Faris said. The two nodded.

One indicated outside the cell, pointing at Madison I guess.

“He gets released in 3 weeks. There’s not enough time to…” One began, Faris raised his hand and his friend stopped.

“We’ll worry about it tomorrow.” Faris said, softly.

“Who gets released? I don’t. I’ve still got another two months left.” I began, sounding scared. Faris laughed and patted me on the shoulder.

“Not you, mate. Madison” He said, simply. I stopped.

“…Oh.” I trailed off. Then, my hate bubbled up.

“Just make it look like an accident.” I said, coldly.

The pair at the door laughed.

“We always do.” One said. We all laughed, but I knew they were serious. Which was pretty hot…Fuck, prison had fucked my mind up haha.

“Anyway, c’mon Josh, I’ll take you back to your room.” Faris said. I nodded and followed him slowly. His friends made their way ahead of us, sneering and grunting at certain cell mates as we passed. I had a funny feeling these boys weren’t welcome here. A guard saw us and quickly dashed over.

“Fuck, what happened?” The guard asked.

Faris patted me on the shoulder.

“Nothing much, just a punch up in the Chill Out Room.” He said.

I just shrugged, I wasn’t really going to tell the guard I was nearly raped.

“Faris helped me out” I found myself saying.

The guard looked me up and down.

“Sure he didn’t start it?” The guard said, strangely.

I was confused.

“No…he helped me…out” I said, strangely.

“Does Lockyer know you’re up this end?” The guard asked the three boys.

“Nah, but we’re going back now” One of the friends said.

The guard rolled his eyes.

“Dude, you’ll get more duties if they find out!” The guard worried.

One of the friends laughed.

“Nah, we won’t” He said. The guard just groaned.

“Well, hurry up, take him back to his room” He said, pointing at me.

“…then get back down your end before Lockyer finds out!”

Faris and the boys nodded while the guard moved away, as if what he was doing was wrong.

We were back at my cell now, which always seemed empty now without Will to talk to. The boys disappeared away down the corridor while Faris led me into my bed.

“…so, you’ll be right mate?” He asked, quietly.

I slumped onto my bed and groaned, parts of me ached from the bashing at Break.

“Yeah, yeah, I’m all good” I groaned, scrunching up my face in pain.

Faris looked at me with his cute blue eyes.

“How about your…other…bit…” Faris said, concerned. I laughed at him.

“My arse?” I asked. Faris laughed, a little shocked.

“It’s fine, mate, seriously, he was a pin dick anyways” I joked.

Faris nodded slowly, giving me one more look over before standing up.

He scratched his abs under his singlet, even his abs were covered in bushy, curly brown hair. It looked so good with his dark olive skin.

“It was cool meeting you, Josh” Faris said.

I smirked at him.

“Nice meeting you too mate.” I said. “…we’ll see each other around but. We are in jail”

Faris laughed.

“True, I guess.” He moved towards the door. “Have a good one”

I nodded at him, and raised my hand in a wave.

“You too mate.” I said, with a sigh, like an ‘ooh I’m in love’ sigh, which I really didn’t mean to do it just slipped out. And I’m sure he heard it. Anyway, I slumped myself back onto my pillow and stared at the top bunk, half expecting Will to pop his head over and say Hey…but he never did.

A fortnight had passed and I had not seen Madison since. I had never tried to visit the Chill Out Room again, I had learnt my lesson. But I’m not sure what happened to him. In the back of my mind I just assumed Faris and the boys had wiped him out haha, but the reality was that he had finished his sentence. Now, he’d be back on the streets dealing out ICE and other drugs to the unsuspecting public. Ruining someone else’s life.

I had not seen Will for those two weeks either, though a guard came to tell me that he’d been moved into a psychiatric wing to manage his anger issues. Anger issues I didn’t even know he had. Apparently the clash during Break had set him off. I felt sorry for him, though couldn’t even visit him.

Break had been rather boring too, even between classes there wasn’t any fights or anything, which was strange. I had come to expect it. A few times I had seen one of the boys who hung out with Faris that night, but I didn’t really get the opportunity to say Hey.

And as for Faris, No, I had not seen him either. I found that especially odd. I even began to wonder whether he even existed. If he was like some random visitor from beyond who helps prison boys after they’re about to be raped. I had started thinking weird shit after being in Middle Acre. And thankfully I only had a month to go.

My previous two months of good behaviour had given me Gym Privileges finally. The day I was told I was totally stoked, I ran down to the Gym Block and did weights, punching bag, treadmill, fit ball, everything I could in the two hours they gave us. This may sound shit, but I hung up one of Will’s pillow cases and filled it with books and clothes, making a home-made punching bag. I’d have a go on it for an hour every night and started seeing real results in my arms, which was awesome.

It was already the end of Spring by now. I’d worked out that when I got out I’d have a few weeks left of school, then be off for the Summer holiday break. I couldn’t wait to get skating again with the boys. Do anything with the boys really. I missed my mates.

I had caught up with most of the lessons I was supposed to, so technically I would be able to go straight into Year 10 classes next year without much trouble. Indirectly, I was looking forward to school. But only because it wasn’t Middle Acre Correctional Facility. I just wanted out of here. I guess the prison system does work, in that, I learnt my lesson…literally and morally. Not that I was a nerd, but I’d at least get a passing grade when I got back.

Anyway, the minute the Quite Time horn blared I’d drop my books, throw my shirt off and go down the Gym Block. There were other parts of the Gym Block that I wasn’t allowed in, yet anyway, a massive basketball court, even a pool, but getting my guns nice and tight was this months priority.

I made my way down to the Gym Block pretty quickly, staking my claim on the bags, pounding away. My mate Dean, who I didn’t get to see that often, was waving at me from his glass room. Yeah, a glass room. He had a glass room because he was from the Other End of Middle Acre. Basically, he had knifed his sister and three of her friends to death, and had only just turned 16. He was a nice bloke, just fucked in the head. He didn’t look like a murderer to me. I dragged the bag equipment around awkwardly, a little closer to the window so I could talk. The guard looked at me strangely as I struggled.

“Hey man” Dean said, muffled through the air vents.

He had a smaller gym in his glass room, though bullet proof glass kept him from us. A bit unnecessary I thought, though he might grab gym equipment and smash someone’s skull in or something I guess.

Today not many guys seemed to be working out in my part of the gym. Technically, as long as you’d earned the privilege, you could come down here whenever you wanted. But most days when I’d come down here just before dinner, not many guys were here. Well, hot ones anyway. Dean was the hottest guy there, even if he was in glass room haha.

“What’s the haps in your end?” Dean asked.

I shrugged before punching the bag.

“Nothing mate, nothing interesting anyway.” I said, puffing.

“Yeah, no ones been fighting recently. How boring” Dean admitted.

“I know hey, it’s weird. Everyone’s getting along I guess.” I said.

“It’s cos most of your boys are out now” Dean said, as if it was common knowledge. I stopped and wiped my brow.

“What boys?” I asked.

“That gang. I forget what they’re called. Half of them are gone, well, the main ones anyway” Dean explained. I just nodded, it made sense.

“They’re all a bunch of fuck wits, if you ask me” Dean said.

I nodded.

“Yeah, I know hey” not knowing who he was referring to.

“Your one’s alright…Will…” Dean trailed off.

“Will? What?” I asked, confused.

“He’s in the gang.” Dean said, nodding, he was lifting hand weights while his legs pounded quickly on the exercise bike.

“…oh…” I eventually said.

“…you didn’t know?” Dean asked, almost laughing.

I laughed.

“Oh, yeah, yeah I know that. I just haven’t seen him for ages.” I said.

Dean laughed.

“It’s cos they locked him up. They don’t want him restarting the war.” Dean reported.

“The war ay?” I laughed, starting my reps on the bag again.

“The War Of The Worlds” Dean laughed.

I laughed too.

“You’re a dill” I said. Dean just smiled.

“That’s why I’m in this room, silly.” He joked, he slowed down his riding. I found myself slowing down my reps, thinking about Will. I knew he was in some sort of gang, but never got the chance to really ask about it. That, and I was getting tired, I’d been punching and running for a two hours.

“You turning in?” Dean asked, wiping his brow with his sweat drenched singlet. I nodded, taking a sip of water.

Dean laughed.

“Do you like my abs?” He asked, patting his abs.

I nodded.

“Awesome mate. Good work.” I laughed. He smiled.

“Have a good one!” He said, waving.

I laughed. I hadn’t heard that for a while.

“Yeah mate, have a good one” I said.

“Oi, guard? Door!” Dean called, pounding the door angrily. I glanced back at him and he stopped, looking at me, and waved again. I just laughed.

A couple of the other guys in the gym were whispering amongst themselves, possibly because I was talking to a murderer. I didn’t really care. I nodded to the guard that I was going to the showers. He didn’t seem to care.

I pushed my way into the locker rooms and slung my bag on a bench. The good thing about working out before dinner was that no one was in the showers. Not that I minded staring at a few of the hot boys in my cell, but once you’d seen them once, and didn’t want to see them naked again, it started getting annoying after a while haha. Though it gave me my dose of beat off material when I was in my cell I guess.

The cool jet of water smacked into me while I fiddled with the heat tap. Slowly but surely the water was hot and I just stood there for a few moments letting the water wash over me. My hair had grown so long in the time I had been here, it had gone from a sensible short mess to a longish, emo looking flop. When it was drenched and wet, I couldn’t see a thing for a while. I just let the warm water tickle my spine, it always relaxed me. I heard the door creak close and some feet slop their way in.

I spun around so my dick faced the wall, sliding my hand up and down my abs to make it look like I was actually cleaning myself and not just standing around. I lifted my flop of wet hair with my free hand and stopped. It was Faris. Naked.

“Yo stranger” Faris said, he squirted his shower on. I was shocked.

“Fuck, oh, hey mate!” I said, over excitedly. He smirked at me.

“How ya been?” He asked “You come here often?” He joked.

I laughed, over enthusiastically. He just smiled his crooked smile.

“Yeah, nearly every day. Working on my guns” I said, flexing my arm. Faris reached out and squeezed my muscle like a peach.

“Nice mate. Been going well I see” He said, sincerely. I just nodded sheepishly. My mind raced and I groaned.

“Sorry, it’s just random. We’re in a shower.” I said.

Faris nodded and laughed, standing so the stream slid down his perfect, hairy abs.

“I know hey” He eventually said.

“Just an excuse to see some cock really” He laughed.

I flinched and then laughed. I felt my eyes slip down to his bushy, handful of pubes. His hand was modestly covering his dick.

“…I meant in general, not check mine out.” He said.

I gasped, getting a mouthful of water, choked, and then laughed.

“Shit…sorry” I stammered. Faris just smirked.

“You’re awesome mate.” He laughed, patting me on the shoulder.

I think I felt my dick tingle. I quickly slid my hand over it just in case.

“Were you working out before?” I asked.

He looked at my from under the stream.

“Yeah, in our one though” He said.

I nodded, he meant in his side of the prison.

“It’s funny we can shower in the same shower but” I said.

Faris laughed.

“Nah, not everyone can mate. Just me” He said, almost bluntly.

“…really?” I asked. He nodded.

“Oh, well, come work out in my gym man there’s no one ever in it” I insisted.

“I might just do that. As long as they don’t mind” Faris said, with a smile.

“Nah, they’ll be cool” I said, not knowing who they were. I assumed he meant the guards?

“Then I can check out your cock for a change” Faris joked.

I laughed, I found myself moving my free hand away from my dick and slid it slowly up my abs. I moved my hips forward.

“You can check it out now all you like!” I said, jokingly, though I seriously did want him to check out my dick right now. I saw his blue eyes glance down and widen.

“…cut…nice” He said, scrubbing some soap across his chest.

“uncut good too though” I said, almost flirting.

“They’re all the same hard.” Faris returned.

As if on cue from his smooth, flirty voice, my dick slid into a hard on.

I didn’t react, I just let it happen. I decided to wash my face for a moment, giving Faris as much opportunity to check out my dick as he wanted. When I squinted open my eyes I saw him staring, I glanced down and saw his uncut rod, bobbing lightly, rock hard. My dick controlled my brain now.

“Ah yeah, they are all the same hard.” I said, coolly, pointing at his hard-on. Faris smirked at me.

“…You gay mate?” Faris asked, eventually. I wasn’t shocked.

“In here I am mate” I cooed.

He grinned.

“Same…” Faris said, he fumbled with his boner, pulling on it for a bit before kneeling towards me. I shuddered, watching him reach for my dick.

I felt his hand wrap around the base of my dick, tickling my balls with his fingers. His breath blew lightly against my shaft as he scraped his stubbly chin up towards the head. His warm lips wrapped around the head of my dick with a hungry slurp. I grunted, he took another quick suck and slid my dick off his lips. He took a breath and tugged my dick. I moved myself back slowly so the water splashed down my back, and not down my front into his eyes, he looked up at me and smiled, before tasting a dribble of pre-cum from my throbbing knob.

Faris balanced on his knees, sliding his hands up the back of my thighs and gripping firmly on my ass cheeks. He slowly inched my dick back and forth in his mouth, slowly, then quickly. I grumbled from deep inside, gripping his wet hair with my hand, sliding my other hand down to his stubbly cheek. A few times my dick slid out and scraped down his cheek, it felt awesome, he loved it.

I could hear his quiet groans every time he sucked on my rod, slurping down the side to lick the shaft a few times. Faris let go of my ass for a moment and slid his fingers around my hairy balls, he stuck his neck out and cupped my balls in his mouth, his tongue tickled across them, sipping the shower water, covering my balls in his spit.

I had one hand on his wet hair and found myself slowly face fucking him. As I’d slide my cock back out of his mouth he’d grumble and slurp at my dick, moaning that he wanted more. As I held his head I got a glimpse of his dripping, stiff, red knob poking from the afro of curly black pubes. I just wanted to reach down and play with his dick, it looked so inviting. I wanted to have his dripping wet uncut knob in my mouth right now. Tasting his warm pre-cum. I pulled my dick from his mouth slowly and he grunted.

“What’s up?” He looked up at me, his blue eyes flashing with innocence.

“I wanna suck yours man” I gurgled. His eyes widened.

“Oh…nice!” He said, excitedly.

He stretched his way up and pounded himself onto me, shoving his tongue deep into my mouth, his hands fumbling down my furry abs and gripping onto my dick. Shocked, I kissed him back, gripping his dick finally and pulling on it slowly. The showers shut off automatically and we stopped. A stream of his warm pre-cum dribbled down my hand. Faris looked at me, winked, then made a motion to follow him.

I slid after him, watching his arse muscles clench as he walked, even his arse was hairy. I wanted to slide my cock inside it. We shuffled through a hallway I’d never been down before, though it was littered with gym equipment. Finally, we fell into a room with three giant windows facing the gym. My gym. It was that weird room Dean was in before. The Glass Room. Two guys were doing weights in the gym. My raced for a few moments before I realized it must have just been two way glass, though it would have been hot to have those two guys watching us fuck…

Like we were escaping, Faris fumbled with a somewhat hidden door at the side of the ‘Window Room’ and he creaked it open slowly. We were in another long, tiled hallway and I laughed.

“Where are we going?” I asked.

Faris slid his finger to his mouth and shh’d me. He reached down and grabbed my hard on, he pulled on it lightly.

“The pool, man.” He whispered. I just smirked.

I knew there was an pool in the Centre, but had not been here long enough to earn the credits to use it. I’d been past the basketball court once, but the blokes that played there didn’t really want newbies playing on it, I learnt at another time. I felt sorta special being taken to the pool, though was more excited that Faris and I were going to fuck in it.

We pounded through the double doors and the massive pool was in front of us. I was basically just a basketball court, emptied out into a pool. High above us, small, barred windows let in enough light for me to barely see Faris, and what was around us. He grabbed me by the waist and dragged me slowly across the wet tile. His hands were so warm.

I heard and saw his figure slip quietly down into the pool with a slight splash, I shivered slightly until I felt the warm pool water on my legs. I stepped in and was greeted with Faris grabbing hold of my dick. I was up to my waist in the water now and Faris stood next to me. He leant in close and kissed me slowly on the neck.

“…this alright man?” He whispered.

I groaned.

“Fuck yeah man its awesome…” I said eventually.

“…keep a look out for blokes” Faris whispered. It took a moment for that to sink in. I shuddered feeling his warm lips on my neck.

“…what?!” I gasped.

Faris laughed, his body rippled the water.

“…they won‘t care. They can just watch” He cooed.

I shuddered. I slid my hand down in the water, feeling his floating furry ab hairs tickling across my hand. I gripped his rock hard dick under the water, feeling him float slowly onto his back, using his arms to keep his chest afloat. His dick was still in my hand, but now level with my chest. I smirked.

“You want me to suck that?” I asked, with a smile. Faris laughed.

I slid my other hand under the water and under his tight, hairy arse. I cupped a cheek in my hand, tickling his hole with my finger. I pushed his waist up slowly so his dick was just out of the water. I poked my middle finger further into his hole. He grumbled.

I ran my hand along his thick, wet, hairy thigh before gripping his stiff shaft. I shoved my mouth down onto his cock as fast as I could, sliding my head forward so his rod poked all the way in. I fingered his hole some more. He groaned loudly, licking his lips. I glanced sideways, seeing him watch as I sucked on the red, wet head of his uncut cock. A crooked smile washed across his face. His cock tasted awesome. He threw his head back to groan as I deep throated his shaft. My finger was deeper into his hole. I took a breath and sighed, the fresh, warm taste of pre-cum dribbling off my lips.

“You like watching me suck man?” I asked softly. Faris nodded.

“Only cos you do it so well.” He cooed. “You look fucking hot man.”

I smirked, before sliding his dick back into my mouth. He squinted slightly before staring right at me. Our eyes met and I flicked my tongue around the head, lapping up a fresh drip of pre-cum. I slipped my head down and took his cock in all at once. He dropped his head back in ecstasy.

I had hardly noticed while I tasted his dick, but my finger had practically slid itself completely into his hole. The water was such a good lube I hadn’t even noticed. I scraped and tickled at where I thought his prostate was and watched as his dick danced along to my finger rhythm. Faris grumbled from deep within his chest.

“Fuck me man.” Faris sighed, his eyes closed. I looked down at his and slipped his dick from my mouth.

“You want me to fuck you?” I asked.

He nodded, licking his lips.

“Fuck me man. Fuck me as hard as you want.” Faris demanded, an intense look in his eyes.

Faris let his body and dick sink back into the pool water, he glided across to me, pinning me against the wall of the pool. My hand was still cupping his arse cheek, my finger still planted deep in his arse hole. He stood up at full height and grabbed my face with his wet hands, slamming his lips onto mine, eating my face. His lips tasted like chlorine, I didn’t care.

Our tongues clashed as Faris pushed himself against me. My hand slid down his wet abs, grabbing onto his cock under the water. My other hand was grabbing his arse, my finger tickling inside the hole.

I pulled on his dick with each stab of his tongue into mine. We didn’t even have time to breath. He threw himself back with a sigh and groaned.

“Fuck mate you have no idea how long I’ve waited to do that” Faris confessed. I rolled my eyes.

“Dude, fuck, since I met you I’ve wanted to fuck you” I replied.

He shook his head.

“Fuck yes! I want you to pound me!” He licked my cheek.

“I want to ride your cock!” He nibbled at my lips.

Faris let his body float again, his hands holding onto my waist. I watched as high tight, hairy ass rose to the surface. He reached up and held my shoulders, using me as a balance. Then, Faris flipped his legs under the water and dropped softly onto his back so his legs were in the air. He moved them through my arms, I found myself grabbing his hairy legs on either side of my chest. He smirked at me.

“You’re gonna have to balance me…” He trailed off, lowering himself under the water until I felt tight prod of his arse on the tip of my dick.

I leant back slowly against the cold tile edge of the pool, steadying my feet. I slid his legs under my arms and held them there, his feet settled on the tile behind me. It was like he was sitting on a floating chair, with my cock as the seat. I gripped both sides of his tight, toned waist and bobbed him onto my dick playfully.

I felt my stiff knob pierce into his arse hole in one warm, slippery and hell tight moment. His arse pubes tickled my shaft as my pool wet dick slopped into his hole.

Faris grunted quietly as he dropped himself down further onto my dick. He groaned loudly that time, my dick was halfway in. He took a deep breath before groaning happily. His blue eyes flashed at me.

I looked at him apologetically, I thought I’d hurt him, though he closed his eyes fairly quickly, his tongue lapping slightly out the side of his mouth. Any movement of his lowered his arse deeper onto my cock.

Then, he dropped himself down hard one last time, and my dick was completely inside his warm, tight, hairy, wet ass. His eyes snapped open and he looked at me with that demanding fierceness. I smirked and knew what he wanted me to do.

I pushed my hips forward and drove my cock up, it feel awesome probing through his tight hole. Then, I slid it out slowly, his tight arse muscles clenching over my cock. Faris shuddered all over. I was closing my eyes, allowing just my sense of touch to control everything. Feeling my cock slide from his hot, warm hole to the crisp coldness of the pool again and again was like nothing I had ever felt before.

Testing the pleasure, I pulled my dick out slowly until the only head was inside Faris, then, I’d pound it back up into him. The water rippled, Faris grumbled, his breath quivering, his groans deep and loud. I’d smash my hips forward and stab him with my cock, just to feel Faris bounce off my hips in the water.

My hands found their way off his thighs, and he floated lightly on the water, balanced only by my dick that was shoved inside him. I grabbed his cock eagerly with my hands and began tugging as quick as I could. It slopped under the water. It was about 8 inches of thick, uncut meat spluttering with pre-cum.

Faris pushed himself forward, closer to my chest, slightly bending my dick. He sat himself up and his arse slid forcefully down onto my cock, like his body was eating my shaft. I even felt my balls hit his arse.

His eyes rolled in pleasure as my dick was completely inside him, throbbing with pre-cum, he looked deep into my eyes. They burned with intensity. He slid his hands up around my back, clawing slightly at my shoulder blades, finally getting a grip somewhere. He was hugging me now, holding me tight, his nails digging into my back. He bobbed lightly up and down on my dick as it was still wedged far up inside him.

I felt his monster cock pulsating against my abs, he was sliding his knob up and down slowly, I could see the pre-cum gushing onto my abs before a slight wave from the pool would wash it away.

My hands settled down under his arse, with help from the water I was keeping him afloat and controlling how far my dick went in and out. I squeezed and clawed at his hairy arse, at one point my fingers could feel my stiff shaft as it slid in and out of Faris.

He leant forward awkwardly to kiss me, so I happily obliged. I licked his lip with my tongue, we couldn’t quite get close enough to make out. He was grunting as I slowly lifted him off my dick, before dropping his arse onto it again.

I could feel my balls churning madly, I knew I was ready to shoot. I hadn’t had my cock in a guy for months and this experience was blowing my mind. I started bouncing Faris up and down violently, he moaned and groaned with every poke from my cock.

Faris grunted in time with my thrusts before I felt the warm splatter of sprog from his cock rocket onto my chest in thick, warm bursts. I had sprog amassed the little patch of hair between my pecs. It was hot.

I groaned aloud as his hole pulsed around my dick while he shot. I clawed his hairy arse as my dick exploded deep inside him. He hugged me as tight as he could while his sensitive cock head still dribbled with warm cum. I dragged my dick out slowly and felt a sliver of sprog slop from his hole and disappear into the pool water. We sighed together and our breath settled. Faris kissed me lightly on the nose and smiled his crooked smile.

We sat next to each other in the locker room for about half an hour, just talking. Faris had put his Prison Pants back on, and I threw on the shorts I had worn to the gym.

“Same time tomorrow?” I joked.

Faris smirked, tussling my hair.

“I’ll see what I can do. Pools busy tomorrow night though.” He said, sadly.

I slid my hand over to his pants and squeezed at his dick. He laughed, sliding my hand away.

“I’ll get a hard on again, watch it.” He said.

I shrugged.

“I don’t care” I joked.

The siren for the end of dinner blared through the locker room, scaring us slightly. I stretched and groaned.

“My arms hurt from holding you up.” I laughed.

Faris punched me playfully.

“I’m not that heavy man. You got the guns, whatchu whinging about?” He said, squeezing my arm. He stood up slowly and kissed me on the forehead.

“Have a good one.” He said, softly. I just nodded.

“See ya man.” I said, we knocked knuckles.

A guard creaked through the door, slightly shocked.

“Hurry up guys, back your rooms.” He said. We both nodded, and walked in opposite directions.

I made my way slowly back to my room. My side of the Gym was now busy with guys, working off whatever slop they just had for dinner. I had enough at lunch, I couldn’t even imagine eating anything now. And usually I’d hang around to watch any hot guys work out, but I just wasn’t in the mood right now.

Quiet Time had just kicked in and the block was fairly empty. A few guys were looking at me strangely as I sauntered by. I didn’t know if they were checking me out, since I was still wet and in shorts haha, or if they knew I just fucked Faris in the pool? I didn’t know what to think, but for some reason I was being looked at. Stared at even. It reminded me of when I’d make an appearance at school, it was so strange that everyone would stare at me.

My cell door was closed when I returned. I groaned. Because I’d have to call the guard to come unlock it. I slumped my head against the door. I was overly tired, but only because I had just shot my load into Faris. Suddenly, my cell door opened and Will stood there in his Prison Pants. He winked and laughed.

“Avon calling?” He asked.

I gasped, actually shocked. I’m sure I was beaming. I gave Will an enthusiastic High Five. I even found myself hugging him.

“Fuck man, where you been? How’ve you been?!” I asked, excitedly, slumping onto my bed. Will slid down next to me.

“Nah, I been alright…” He said, eventually. I looked at him, I knew he was lying.

“Were you seriously in the Psychiatric Wing?” I asked. Will laughed.

“Yeah mate, wasn’t too bad. Had me own room.” He joked.

“That’s cool I guess…except for the whole psychiatric bit…” I laughed.

“I missed my mates the most, dude. I missed you.” Will said, kindly.

I laughed slid my arm around his bare shoulder.

“You’re such a charmer” I winked.

Will looked at me, his face serious.

“Nah, dude, seriously. I did miss you. I wanted to tell you everything but they didn’t let me have visitors. I couldn’t even write to you! ” Will explained.

“…Oh…why?” I asked.

Will shrugged.

“I have no idea man. They kept me locked up. For my own safety, apparently” He trailed off.

“Why? You didn’t start that fight?!” I asked, confused.

Will smirked and patted me on the head.

“You’re so dense mate, its adorable.” He said. I was still confused.

“They knew I’d fuck them up if I got the chance mate.” Will said.

I stared at him.

“What? Just fight back?” I asked.

Will shook his head.

“Fuck no man, I’d kill one of them like they killed one of ours.” He said, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. I’d never really asked anything about Will’s past in Middle Acre, but now seemed like the most obvious time.

Will lay back onto the bed with his arms behind his head, I stood up and stretched and then took my place in the chair opposite the bed, the place where I usually sat when Will and I had our chats.

“…my tatts from my gang mate.” Will said, eventually, sliding his finger across his snail trail where his tattoo was. I nodded, I had already assumed that when I first met Will.

“I’ve been in here, on and off, for about a year…” Will began.

I nodded, I must have looked shocked.

“A year? Really?” I asked.

Will nodded.

“Oh, nah, on and off. Not in full blocks. This times been my longest. First time was the worst…” He admitted.

“When was that?” I asked.

“Um?…oh, yeah, I was 13...so a couple of years ago” Will said.

“What did you do at 13? I was beating off and bumping into things back then!” I joked.

“Robbery man. Nothing major” He said.

“What? Cars? Banks?…” I asked.

“Close…Tvs…from Kmart’s Loading Docks…” Will said, almost embarrassed.

I laughed.

“What?! Why?!” I asked.

“Nah, it was my bro, doesn’t matter mate, we all got caught” Will began.

“…anyway, I met a bloke…kid…my mate Warren. We were tight. Hung out heaps. Got out of here the same time. Hung around on the outside. Got into pot and shit like that, nothing major. I didn’t see him for a while, then randomly at a house party saw him. He’d gone gay…like…not that…that didn’t matter, but his boyfriend dealt drugs and shit like that…” Will continued.

“…not Madison?” I asked. Will stopped completely, his eyes darted at me.

“…have I already told you this? Sorry mate, I forget…” Will began.

“Nah, mate, nah we’ve never talked about this before…I…” I started, then saw Will sigh, like he had fond memories of Madison.

“Well, yeah Madison. A great bloke.” Will began. My mind raced, and I didn’t know how to react. I found myself sitting rigidly in the seat, I tried to rest my chin on my hand to try to look relaxed. I wanted to tell him what Madison tried to do to me. And what Madison had said about Will.

“…anyway, turned out Warren & Madison we’re together and shit like that, which…didn’t worry me…” Will trailed off, lost in thought.

“Was he hot?” I found myself asking, which at least kept us from talking about Madison.

“Yeah, Warren was, but I wasn’t into blokes back then, it was weird. It was just weird seeing him with Madison” Will explained. I nodded, confused.

“You’re into blokes now?” I asked. Will laughed.

“Dude, everyone is into blokes while they’re in here.” He said, bluntly.

I nodded. It seemed to be right. I just laughed.

“What are you laughing about? You’ve been eyeing me off for months man” Will joked. I laughed.

“Well I gotta get my dick wet somehow, and you’re the closest bloke” I said, as a joke though half serious haha.

“I missed our beat off sessions actually...” Will said.

I looked at him.

“Do we have a name for them now do we?” I asked. Will smirked.

Yes, I admit, on random nights when we were horny, Will and I would both beat off at the same time. Not each other, just play with our own cocks, but we’d race. Sounds weird, but whoever didn’t shoot first, won.

“We’re so doing one tonight!” Will said, excitedly.

I groaned and he laughed at me.

“Oh what? Sorry, is beating off annoying for you is it?” Will joked.

I laughed.

“Dude, I already shot today.” I found myself saying.

“Eww, are the sheets all sticky?” Will laughed, checking the sheets.

We laughed for a moment. There was awkward silence.

“What was I saying?” Will asked, scratching his eyebrow, that was now pierced. I gasped.

“What?! Where’d you get that?” I asked, pointing. Will looked confused. He stroked his eyebrow and laughed.

“Oh, did it with a pin man.” He trailed off. I was silent.

“Did it hurt?” I asked. Will shook his head.

“Dude, I’ll do it for you later.” He said, laughing. I made a face.

“Oh, yeah, Warren and shit.” Will finally remembered what he was talking about earlier. “Um…yeah so anyway, we got into dealing shit for mates of ours. Got awesome money. One week I got at least 4 grand. Just from pills. But we got caught in the city once by undercover fucking cops. Was so pissed off. And most of us had previous shit against us so we ended up back here. I didn’t care cos I was in with Warren. This was only a couple of months ago.” Will stopped.

“Is he still here?” I asked.

Will shook his head.

“Nah…nah mate…um, we started our own boys club sorta thing and Madison did our tatts, he learnt how to do it in Japan he reckons, but his brother probably did it, his brother knew how to do tatts. Then, so, the other blokes got here…” Will took a breath. “…most shit was alright, we kept to ourselves, but there was that new one, he…Warren got stabbed…he stabbed him.”

“…who? Madison?” I asked. Will looked away and shook his head slowly.

“Nah mate, Faris or Ferris or whatever the fuck his name is. Him and his boys. They’re the other side. They started that fucking fight the other day. They’ve been trying to wipe us out. Fuck knows what happened to Madison…” Will trailed off.

My heart was beating at a thousand miles an hour. I had slid back into my chair, my head against the wall, staring up at the bright, blinding lights above me. Will’s voice faded in and out.

“You alright mate?” He asked, looking sad.

I finally noticed he’d stopped talking, and looked at him apologetically.

“Oh…yeah…mate…I’m good…sorry about Warren hey” I said, strangely.

“Yeah, he was good mate. But…yeah, that’s why they locked me up basically…to stop me from getting revenge…” Will finished explaining. I just nodded slowly. I was conflicted.

Should I tell him that I had just been with Faris? That I found myself missing Faris after he saved me from Madison that night? That I had feelings for Faris?

“…No one has said anything to me about Madison since I got back. I heard Faris got his boys to mess him up!” Will said, with gritted teeth, I could hear the hate in his voice. I sat up awkwardly.

“…oh, nah, he finished his sentence.” I said, loudly, for some reason.

Will stared at me.

“Who? Madison? How do you know?” He asked.

I didn’t know how to explain. I thought for a moment.

“Oh…I…someone told me. I forget…in Break…” I lied.

“…Yeah, he finished his sentence” I said again.

Will looked at me, puzzled, and then shrugged.

“Did he get messed up by his boys?” Will asked, concerned.

I just shook my head.

“I…don’t know about that?…” I trailed off, though I knew they did.

To help me.

“…At least he’d be alright on the outside.” Will reassured himself.

I just nodded, not really caring what happened to Madison.

“…How long have you got to go?…in here?” I asked.

“Ah…2 months?…Yeah, 2 months, you go a month before me.” Will said.

I looked at him, and then realized he was right.

“It’ll be crap with no one to talk to, mate” Will said, kindly.

I must have blushed.

“Nah, we’ll still be mates man. We’ll keep in touch.” I said, though I wasn’t sure if that would ever happen.

“I’ll have no one to beat off with!” Will winked.

I laughed and scratched my abs. There was a moment of silence.

“…it’s awesome to have you back mate.” I said.

Will smiled.

“It’s good to be back man…” He said, happily.

Will slumped himself back down onto the bed and closed his eyes.

I sat in the chair, my mind still a flurry of thoughts. Thinking about Madison. Thinking about Faris. I was there for a few minutes before I crawled up into the above bed. I stared out the sliver of a window that we had, watching the rain. I tried to block out my worries from Middle Acre. I’d never had anything like this happen on the outside. I guess prison did weird things to guys haha. I stared blankly and the roof now, and can’t remember when I fell asleep.

Will started yelling at the top of his lungs in the bunk below me. I didn’t know what time it was, but it was early. Maybe 2am? I threw myself down and crouched next to him. His eyes fluttered open and he took a deep breath. He was drenched in sweat.

“You alright? Will? Mate?” I asked, softly.

He breathed heavily, squinting, looking at me, then sighing.

“Fuck…mate…sorry.” He eventually said, rubbing his eyes, sitting up slowly.

“…bad pill?” I joked.

He smirked and shook his head.

“Nah, mate, just fucking dreams…weird shit.” Will trailed off.

I nodded slowly.

“…did they drug you in the psyche wing?” I asked.

Will shook his head, he flicked on our small lamp.

“They did, actually, I reckon I’m just coming down off the shit.” Will assumed, he was reaching under his bed. I stared at him.

“What’ve you lost?” I laughed.

Will pulled a long silver tube out from his bag. It looked like a piece of pipe. He unscrewed the top off it and swigged something. He smacked his lips happily.

“Ah…that’s better.” He smirked, his breath reeked of bourbon.

“…what?!” I asked, shocked.

“You’d be surprised what we got up to in the Psyche Ward mate” Will laughed.

“What is it?” I asked.

“Some weird whiskey one of the boys had.” Will said. I laughed.

“Why’d they have whiskey in a psyche ward?” I asked, genuinely interested.

Will shrugged.

“Fucked if I know? I think his Dad brought it in?” Will wondered.

I smiled.

“Nice to know you blokes have bourbon up there.” I said, slightly offended.

“There was good things about the Psyche Ward.” Will nodded, he ran his fingers through his hair.

“…anyone hot up there?” I asked. Will laughed.

“Nah…” He started, he looked at me. “You were down here”

I laughed. Will was looking at my chest for some reason.

“You’ve bulked up man.” He said. I looked at my chest.

“Have I?” I laughed, flexing my chest.

Will nodded, pointing at my arms and pecs.

“Yeah, you’re tight around here now. Your arms are massive” He said.

“Aww, shucks” I joked. Will’s eyes stopped on my chest again.

“…dude, you’ve got cum on your pec hairs…” He said.

I looked at him and laughed.

“You do!” He said, sitting up and reaching forward slightly, running his finger down from my throat to my abs, through the small, wiry patch of chest hairs I’d grown while being in Middle Acre. He flinched.

“…eww, yeah mate, it’s sprog…” He laughed.

I shrugged. I was going to say ‘oh, it’s not mine’ but I didn’t haha.

“Gotta go somewhere…” I ended up saying.

Suddenly, Will moved forward and his lips locked onto mine. I didn’t jerk back or anything I just let him kiss me. I was more shocked that anything. His stubble scraped across my chin, I felt horrible because it just reminded me of Faris. I watched as he threw himself back, an upset look at his face.

“Fuck mate, I’m so sorry.” Will stammered.

I just looked at him. I smiled.

“It’s cool man I…I don’t mind…” I said, sincerely.

Will shook his head.

“Dude…I am fucked…” Will said, strangely. I didn’t know what he meant.

“…you’re not fucked, mate.” I said.

“I’m…not gay…mate, I eat pussy. I’ve fucked chicks…” Will started.

I just nodded, awkwardly.

“…but…since…it’s here. Being in here…fucks you up.” He finished.

I gasped.

“I’m the same, mate!” I said, over excitedly.

He looked at me, his eyes looked so sad.

“…while I’ve been in here it’s…like…cos there’s no one else to be into you notice how hot guys are instead?” I tried to make Will feel better. I’d given chicks a go, they weren’t for me, but as far as I know, Will has having a sexuality crisis.

“…but, seriously, while I was up in Psyche, I…missed you…” Will began.

I just nodded.

“Well, I missed you too mate.” I said, patting him on the shoulder.

He smirked.

“Nah, like…missed you, like, I was crushing on you…fucking weird.” He finished, shaking his head like he was ashamed.

“Everything goes weird in here man…” I eventually said.

Will took a swig from his Pipe Whiskey and smiled at me. I smirked.

“Can I have some?” I asked.

Will laughed.

“It’s strong man” Will insisted.

I snatched it off him.

“I can handle my bourbon, boy.” I joked. Will just shrugged.

“If you get drunk, I might take advantage of you.” Will joked.

I shrugged, taking a swig. It burnt my mouth and throat. Yes, it was strong.

“…It’s all good!” I laughed, coughing slightly. Will looked at me suddenly.

“Oh! I’ll pierce your eyebrow!” He beamed.

I looked at him.

“…what?!” I asked, confused.

Will just pointed at his piercing and smiled.

“I was drunk when I did mine, didn’t hurt or nothing.” He tried to re-assure me. I ended up lying back on the bed, laughing, half scared at what Will was about to do to me. And whatever I had just sipped was instantly making everything take longer to happen, like my mind was slowing.

Will crawled back onto the bunk where I lay and straddled me, his legs either side of my waist. He smirked at me, a glistening pin was in his fingers. I laughed.

“Don’t stay there too long mate or I’ll get a boner.” I joked.

Will laughed.

“I’ll hang around a bit longer then…” He smirked. “…which brow?” He asked.

I shrugged.

“Surprise me!” I said.

Will reached forward softly and gently closed my eye slowly. His hands were warm. I was more concerned with our boxers sliding against each other. We never wore our Prison Pants to bed, you’d get too hot, so we’d either sleep naked or in boxers. Tonight was boxers, though naked would have been all good by me.

Will had readjusted his position as he leant forward, his elbows rested next to my shoulders, our bare skin sliding against each other. He had a grip of my eye-brow by now and pinched it slightly.

“…this might hurt…” He said, though it took my mind a moment to process that.

A sharp stab later and I felt the soft coldness of an eyebrow stud sliding through the hole Will had just made. It didn’t hurt as much as I thought it would. He slipped his hands away but still hovered about me.

“…that hurt?” He asked, close to my face.

I shuddered all over and groaned, I could feel my dick slithering through the fly of my boxers, hardening.

“…nah…nah it was fine man.” I said, trying to take my mind off Will straddling me. He noticed me.

“…shit, sorry, I got you hard.” He said, as if upset. I laughed.

“Yeah sorry hey haha.” I trailed off.

Will slid down next to me, against the wall so I was at the side of the bed. He readjusted his boxers and I saw a stiff cock head poking down the leg of his boxers. I pointed at it.

“…well you got one too so I don’t feel too bad.” I joked.

Will smirked, he rested his head on his hand, flexing his arm muscles.

“You’re brow ring looks so good it turned me on.” Will said.

I smirked.

“…I was kidding.” He added.

I punched him playfully. We laughed.

“That whiskey shit is strong.” I found myself saying.

Will nodded.

“I told ya.” He started “Plus, when you beat off it takes ages to shoot!”

I looked at him and he winked, I realized what he meant.

“You’re obsessed with our beat off sessions hey?” I asked.

Will laughed and looked away. My dick made me reach down to Will’s boxers and slide my finger across the head of his dick. His free hand slid down almost instantly and moved it away.

“Oh…nah…it’s cool…” Will said, strangely. I felt bad.

“Shit, sorry, I thought you wanted to…” I began.

“Oh…yeah…we can…just…like…our side?” Will stammered.

I nodded, knowing what he meant.

“No gay shit?” I asked.

Will smirked.

“No gay shit.” He laughed.

I settled back onto my back and my dick rocketed out of my boxer shorts fly. Will didn’t even look at it.

“Just two mates beating off…” I said.

Will laughed.

“Yeah, we’ll race…like we used to…” Will said.

I laughed.

In my head, it made no sense, but I just blamed Middle Acre for this. Because as far as I knew, hot straight blokes don’t just lay next to each other in bed and beat off. It’d be hot if they did though…that got my hornier thinking about that…

Will had slipped his boxers down so his boner poked over the top of his waistband. His hand hid most of his tool but he had a thin cut cock, with bushy brown pubes. He had his eyes closed so I found myself just staring at the bed above us.

“…you started stroking man?” Will whispered. I nodded.

“…yeah mate….” I said.

“…nice…” Will continued.

Though you’d think beating off with Will was a hot fantasy, it really wasn’t. It was cool having a bloke beating off next to me but I would have just rather sucked his dick or something. We jerked for a while before he shot his load and lay back quietly. I shot soon after but nothing major, I’d left most of my load in Faris.

I crawled off the bottom bed awkwardly and tucked my boner away. Will just smirked at me and hid his dick while he tissued off his dick. I was about to crawl up on my bed when Will gasped. Blood was all over his pillow.

“Fuck mate…you’re bleeding!” He pointed at me.

I slid my hand across my forehead and eyebrow and my fingers were drenched with blood. I was a little shocked.

“Fuck I just thought I was sweating!” I laughed.

Will stood up and slid a tissue down the side of my eye, as far down as my chin.

“It’s everywhere man, fuck! Sorry hey!” Will said, sadly. I just dabbed a tissue on my eyebrow and laughed.

“It’s all good man, it’ll stop.” I insisted.

Will threw me an old t-shirt of his.

“Just hold this on your head tonight…just in case…” He said, slumping back onto his bed.

I smiled and took it off him.

“Thanks mate.” I said, climbing up onto my bed. I settled in and lay back with his t-shirt pressed against my eye-brow.

“Night mate…” I said.

There was silence. I leant over slowly and looked down, Will was asleep already, he looked hot in his boxers, and he’d even left his limp dick hanging out. I just smirked. If I hadn’t have met Faris, I’d be all over Will. But things had changed…

We had Break coming up that morning, which we were both dreading. Apparently Will had caught up with most of his school work in the Psyche wing, but was dreading being back in the block, going between classes in case another fight broke out.

Quiet Time was on again but most of the guys were down doing their morning sessions at the Gym or the basketball court, or maybe the pool haha…Will was flicking through the channels on our little TV.

Centre TV really just had edited stuff ripped from DVDs, so nothing very interesting or new had been added since he’d been in the other wing. I was staring blankly out our door at a bloke across the way. He was doing chin ups on his doorframe. I wanted his abs. Not like sexually, on my body I meant…

Outside our door, a guy appeared and stood in my view. I would have complained, though it was a mate of Faris. When I realized who it was, I darted from my bed. Will looked at me just as I slowly closed the door. It would have looked so suspicious. Luckily, he didn’t really notice who it was, he just looked back at the TV. I fell back against the door and took a breath, the guy just looked me up and down and smirked.

“…Hey.” He said, noticing my shock.

“Hey, what are you doing here?” I asked.

He looked around and shrugged.

“Faris wants to see you.” He said.

I laughed.

“Oh, does he?” I was amused. I always found it odd the way Faris ordered these guys around. “Sorry, mate, what is your name?” I found myself asking.

“Khalil, mate.” He said, bluntly. I nodded, moving out my fist. He stared at me. I knocked my fist onto his and he laughed.

“…anyway, he’s in the Gym.” Khalil said, still looking around.

I just nodded.

“Thanks mate.” I turned around slowly. “Should I go now?” I asked.

Khalil shrugged, and scratched his face stubble.

“…you’re a chatty bloke, aren’t ya?” I joked.

He smirked.

“What happened to your eyebrow?” Khalil asked, pointing.

I poked it tenderly and winced.

“Oh…I pierced it…” I said, sheepishly. Khalil smirked.

“Hot…anyway, see ya mate.” Khalil said, moving away quickly.

I nodded to myself, looking around at the other cells. Some of the guys were peering from their doors, as if scared. Whispering. I didn’t understand.

Sure, I knew Faris had stabbed Warren, but I didn’t get why everyone was so scared of him. Or even scared of friends of his. I had no problem with Faris, he was nice to me at least. And his mates had saved me from Madison that time.

The piercing screech of the Break horn screamed through out the hall. You could hear the collective groan from the boys. It was always funny to hear. Will was nervous as we walked, I found myself walking in front of him, and he was appreciative of that. He had lost his confidence, and it was obvious. I felt sorry for him. And most of the guys from our block rallied around him as we walked. We talked the whole way. It was like we were all friends again, like nothing had ever happened.

The corridor widened into the hall and I noticed that the boys from the other wing were strangely absent. In their place was about six guards. Obviously they’d decided to send the boys to classes in a safer and more organised way, which made more sense.

One by one, guys were led into their rooms for the Break lessons. I leant against the wall with Will and another guy, chatting amongst ourselves. My mouth dropped when Faris appeared from amongst the guards at the opposite end of the hall. My eyes darted between Will and Faris, and to a lesser extent the guards.

Faris moved slowly down the hallway, smiling when he saw me. I cracked an awkward smile until Will looked up and saw him. I saw Faris stop, his eyes widened. Like lightning, Will smashed his way beyond a couple of random chairs, they toppled across the room. He lunged at Faris with an almighty roar, his teeth bared. Faris swung his foot around quickly, with a sickening crack the full force of his kick smashed into the side of Will’s head. Will stumbled, smashing a few punches into Faris with all his might, unsteady on his feet.

Faris held his arms up to cover his face while Will smashed repeatedly at his chest and stomach. He was swearing, screaming, out of control. By this time the guards finally reacted, moving slowly towards Will. Faris had stepped back to let the guards do their work. One stabbed a syringe into Will’s arm and I watched as he slumped lifeless onto the floor. Four of the guards lifted up Will slowly and dragged him down the opposite corridor. I stood, silent. A few of the guys looked away, upset, shocked by what just happened.

Faris stood silently also. The whole room was without sound, all I could hear was my heart pounding and Faris breathing heavily. I looked at him, sadly, fighting back tears, and when I noticed his immaculate blue eyes filling with tears, I found myself crying. My face didn’t move, I didn’t make that ugly crying face, my eyes just gushed tears.

The remaining guards let the other few guys to their classes while Faris and I stood just metres apart. Finally, after what felt like an eternity, Faris walked slowly towards me. I didn’t move, I tried not to look at him. I could feel the tears sliding down my neck. I hadn’t seen him for a day and I was already emotional. I didn’t understand what was wrong with me. The knowledge that he had killed on of Will’s friends had bubbled into my mind.

“I’m sorry.” Faris whispered, finally. The sound returned to the room.

I didn’t move.

“I’m sorry I caused all this.” He continued. I scoffed.

“You?…It’s…” I stammered. I took a breath. Two guards watched us from behind Faris, confused.

“…It’s alright. I’ll take care of him.” Faris said, beyond me. I watched as the guards nodded, disappearing. Guys were looking through the slot of glass in the Break room doors. I looked Faris deep in his blue eyes. He looked beyond me again.

“…Who are you?” I asked, breathlessly.

Faris just shook his head, and reached for my hand, I smacked it away. He shrugged sadly before he motioned that we were going somewhere. And I found myself following without question.

This was the second time I had seen Middle Acre Correctional Facility For Troubled Teens from the outside. Faris and I had made our way out into the small park that surrounded the building. The sunlight blinded me slightly. It felt good to smell trees, grass, hear birds. Sure, I’d been outside in the yard of the Centre, but it was nothing like this. This was an English country garden, it just happened to be surrounded by a giant metal fence and a concrete moat. We sat on a wooden bench, silently. Faris took a breath.

“…my Dad’s a politician.” Faris said, finally.

I looked at him, he still had sad eyes.

“I’m his dirty little secret.” He said.

I sat more comfortably.

“I don’t get it” I said. Faris smirked at me.

“Look at it this way, mate. When you’re in Parliament, you don’t want a drug dealing son to dirty up your image.” Faris started.

“Is that why everyone knows you?” I asked.

Faris nodded.

“Everyone knows of me. They don’t know me.” Faris said, sadly.

“…even you don’t know me.”

I laughed.

“Um, dude, I’ve had my cock in you. I know you.” I said, rudely.

Faris put his hand on my leg.

“Nah, mate, you don’t.” He said.

I stopped.

“Why is everyone scared of you?” I asked.

Faris laughed.

“…Are they?” He smirked. I stared at him.

“You know they are. Everyone does whatever you say.” I said.

“That’s my Dads doing. Nothing to do with me.” Faris said, almost offended.

“You killed Warren though.” I said, like a bitchy comeback.

Faris stopped.

“…I didn’t mean to.” He said. I looked away. He groaned sadly.

“Dude, I didn’t mean to. Bad shit went down. Heaps of blokes got hurt.” Faris said. He looked at me in desperation. I kept myself looking away, though I could feel he was sincere, and in pain. He slammed his palms against his forehead.

“Fuck mate, don’t you hate me too, please?!” Faris pleaded. I looked at him, he was about to cry. I felt sorry for him and smiled.

“I don’t hate you man. I just…didn’t…know you?” I said, finally realizing what he meant. He smiled at me, awkwardly, still looking upset.

“You’ve…you…Josh…there’s something about you…” Faris trailed off.

I shrugged.

“…what?!” I laughed. Faris smiled his crooked smile.

“You’re what I needed, Josh.” Faris said.

I smiled.

“…um…Glad I could help I guess?…What?!” I laughed.

A siren that I had never heard before rang from deep inside the building. Faris sighed and looked around. He could see guards dashing inside.

“What’s that for?” I asked, being deafened by the siren.

Faris looked at me.

“…Fire.” He said, as if I should have known.

“Shit, should we do something?” I asked.

Faris shook his head.

“It’s too late now mate. But we better go back inside.” He said, standing up slowly. He put his hand around my shoulder.

“Mate, we cool?” He asked.

“Yeah, we cool.” I said, reaching out my fist. He looked at me. I knocked my fist onto his.

“You gotta learn to do this.” I joked.

He smiled. We walked back into the building and a senior looking guard nodded at Faris. He shrugged.

“Fire?” He asked.

The guard nodded.

“That bloke…who attacked you.” The guard said.

I looked at Faris and mouthed Will. He nodded at me.

“What happened?” Faris asked, the guard looked around like he wasn’t supposed to be saying anything.

“…he broke his restraints. Whatever they gave him did nothing. He ripped apart the hospital wing and torched the office.” The guard explained. My heart dropped.

“…is he alright though?” I asked.

The guard stared at me, as if shocked that I’d care.

“He’s out of here now. They’re sending him out.” The guard said.

I found myself just nodding slowly. Faris looked at me apologetically.

I knew in my head that I’d never see Will again. Obviously, he had been twisted by what happened to his mate Warren at the hands of Faris, but this had gone beyond all that. He was off. Maybe it was the drugs? Caused by his ‘mate’ Madison after all. It was all too much of a saga. I couldn’t sleep again that night. Faris stayed with me for a few hours in my cell, but I didn’t feel like doing anything remotely sexual with him that night, but it was good to have him there. He was a true mate.

I know it sounds weird but the last week of term in Middle Acre was the most emotional. I know it’s a prison for kids under 18, but you get so attached to your mates inside, they’re like family, you’re practically trapped with them all day every day. It’s hard to explain. But here has been the only place where I had ever cried in public. I said goodbye to all my random mates in my block. The months had gone so quickly, it was the end of October now and my Dad had been into visit me earlier that day.

He had heard about Will, and his transfer to a Psychiatric Institution, and was worried about me. But I explained that I was fine. Dad joked that I’d be relieved to be back outside, and to see girls. I just laughed that off. He kept apologizing for Theresa ( remember his bitch girlfriend? ) being so hell bent on having me sent here. I had to admit that I had learnt a lot here, both educational and social. Being in Middle Acre had changed me.

It was late afternoon, and I was sitting down in the foyer of Middle Acre. I had signed whatever documents I had to sign and just had to wait for Dad to arrive. They had returned all the stuff I arrived with, I was so happy to have my iPod back, even though most of the stuff on it was old and crap by now. My phone had no reception but I knew the minute I was outside I’d get a million txt messages, asking where the hell I was haha.

I was even happy to be back in my favourite cargos and singlet. It felt so welcoming. So normal. I just felt like a guy in a waiting room, not like a prisoner on his last day. I rested my head back against the wall and nodded to some Timbaland song I hadn’t heard for months.

Faris sat next to me and slid his arm around my shoulder. I flinched slightly, opening my eyes, I didn’t hear him coming over the sound of my iPod.

“You’re coming to stay at my place for Christmas.” Faris said.

I just stared at him. Faris smiled and popped out my headphones.

“…Hey” He said.

I laughed.

“Hey.” I replied, with a smirk.

“I’ve decided you’re coming to my place this Christmas.” Faris said.

I nodded.

“Oh, am I?” I joked.

Faris leant in to my ear.

“…We can fuck on the balcony.” Faris insisted.

I laughed loudly.

“Sounds hot.” I cooed into his ear.

“…Mum wants to meet you.” Faris said, strangely changing the subject.

I laughed.

“…what?!” I asked.

“Sorry, had to change the subject so I didn’t get a hard on.” He smirked.

I scratched my abs, lifting up my singlet. Faris looked at me with sad eyes.

“Don’t do that either man, I’ll get hard!” He whispered.

I shrugged.

“I’ll just suck on it mate. I’m out, I don’t care anymore.” I joked.

I felt bad instantly, because Faris was still finishing his sentence.

“…sorry, when do you get out?” I asked.

Faris patted my hand and laughed.

“I’ll be home for Christmas” He said, happily.

“So you have to get me a present” He added.

I laughed.

“How about my cock?” I leant in and whispered.

Faris groaned deep inside and readjusted his Prison Pants.

“Please don’t get me hard, man.” He complained.

He stood up to stretch, I could see his hard on straining against his undies, he slid his hand down his pants and sat it horizontally. I licked my lips and laughed.

“…want me to take care of that?” I joked.

Faris laughed and patted me on the head. He gasped, remembering something. He pulled a card from his pocket. I read it and smiled.

“…I got your details from the boys. But just in case…” Faris said, the card had his number and contact details on it.

When I saw his surname my eyes widened. His Dad was a pretty well known politician.

“…that’s cool. I’ll let you know” I winked. Faris smiled.

He reached forward and knocked my fist.

“Have a good one” He said.

I smiled, knocking his fist.

“See you in a few months.” I said.

Faris nodded, slipped his hands in his pockets, and swaggered down the hallway back to the cell blocks. I found myself sighing haha.

My Dad arrived about fifteen minutes later and I was free. Free from Middle Acre Correctional Facility maybe…but not free from trouble haha…

I’ve got to be honest dudes. I haven’t told you half the shit that went down at Middle Acre while I was there. And it wasn’t just random blow jobs here and there, there was heaps of brawls, a basketball play off where I got smashed in the face, heaps of other random shit. I’ve told you the main events that happened to me there, so I guess we’ll save the rest for the sequel ay? Haha…

~…A Few Months Later…Summer Holidays, December…~

I had finished arguing with Dad. There was no point even trying anymore. We had a dodgy holiday house a few hours down the coast from our normal house. When I was younger I didn’t care. It used to be awesome going to LakesEnd with Dad when I was a kid. I’d spend the whole day at the beach, bush walking, hanging out down at the one general store looking cool. But not anymore, fuck, I had just barely got out a prison! But, this was a bonding holiday, said Dad.

He felt that he had neglected me since my Mum left. Sorry it’s getting a bit deep…She left Dad nearly six, seven months ago and it was on fairly bad terms. I missed her, but not enough to move with her to another state. I’d talk to her randomly on the phone sometimes.

But Dad felt sorry for me after having Theresa move in. Basically, she was just a rebound women, but I didn’t get that, Dad never explained that to me. I thought she was supposed to be ’new mum’. That’s why I hated her. That and she was a mole. I had no ill feelings towards Dad, he got a little teary blaming himself for me being in prison, we ended up laughing at the end of it all though. All of this on the drive down here.

Anyway, soz, back to the story…LakesEnd is a beach town. The houses are shit, fibro, wood, whatever it is, holiday houses hidden amongst bush but backing on to endless beach.

I used to have mates here when I was a kid. There were four of us boys and we’d hang out down the beach, play cricket, come back home at sundown, play footy in the front yard, stay up all night watching horror movies and eating pizza then wake up the next day and do it all again.

We had a dodgy closet in our place with all that crap still shoved inside. Years worth of memories, stashed away. I managed to dig out Dad’s old body board. Back when I went through my surfer phase, I used to body board on holidays down here. I’d do the whole get up before sunrise trick and dash down the beach in my boardies and body board until the afternoon.

I had a flashback of my deep brown tan I had back then, and that really bad boardies tan line. My thighs were pasty white and hairy, though from my knees down and my abs up, my body was chocolate brown. I even remember once being laughed at my one of my mates because of it and he taught me how to sunbake with a sock on my dick, to get that effortless all over tan haha.

But, as fads would have it, I was a skater now. Emo hadn’t kicked in yet, and I wasn’t Goth or anything, so my mates and I had all started the skater movement in our school. Which, unfortunately meant that I hadn’t tanned in ages, well, not since I went to Middle Acre. Despite what I thought, I still think I looked hot…just was pasty white instead of chocolate brown.

The day I arrived in LakesEnd, I decided to start building a skate ramp out the back of our place. Thinking it would take all day, I started early. Though it only took me a few hours to finish, and I was done by lunch. That was when the boredom of LakesEnd started to tease me.

That first night, Dad and I went for dinner at a mates house down the road. He and Dad had been friends for years, and apparently I was friends with his daughter when I was younger. I couldn’t remember that. The night dragged on and I found myself in their lounge room at one point watching cable.

Practically everyone from our street was there, catching up, getting drunk, talking about old people crap. When I ran out of channels to flick though, the boredom punched me again.

Dad didn’t know this, but that night while everyone was at the BBQ, I snuck away, into their holiday houses and helped myself to whatever I could find in their wallets. Hey, old habits died hard. And this wasn’t the first time. Sure, I was never as confident at being a criminal before, my stint at Middle Acre helped that, but now when I ‘borrowed’ stuff from the people down there, I thought to myself it was what they’d expect me to do? Sounds weird hey, but it was like I had to do stuff like that. It was nothing major anyway usually just bills, but still, I’d never be a good boy again it seemed haha.

Thankfully we were only going to be here for about five days, one down. Another morning dragged on, I’d had my breakfast and found myself skating aimlessly. I bought myself a newer eye-brow ring, since the one Will gave me was one of his. I kept it though, for memories sake. My new one was exactly the same, just shinier. But once you’d been to the three shops in the centre of town, you pretty much had nothing there left to see.

I’d scraped my way around the different streets before I ended up sitting on the driveway, half sunbaking, half staring. It was always stupidly hot down here in LakesEnd, so even the slightest movement would make your entire body sweat. Plus it was Summer I guess.

I was wearing some old denim shorts I’d found in the house, like massive baggy denim shorts, actual skater shorts that I forgot I had. I even found my old hat that I used to wear all the time. Sideways, backwards, anyway, I used to love that hat, so it was good finding an old friend, I’d pulled it on backwards.

I played with the old wallet chain that hung from my shorts belt, trying to untangle it from my singlet that I had tucked in. The sun was making me tired and I could feel my head getting heavier as I sat, bored, with my skateboard.

I stretched back slowly and had my hands behind my head, resting on my skateboard. I tried to close my eyes and think of something fun to do, but all I could picture was holding up Faris by his arse and fucking him in the pool. Man, that was awesome…

A car puttered down the street and I squinted, hoping that it might be someone or something interesting. A hot looking older guy drove, but had an even hotter, younger guy in the backseat. He had sandy blond hair, a tan, from what I could see. The girl with him was pretty too I guess. She looked like Nelly Furtado! Maybe it was, I joked with myself, that’d be funny having a celebrity on the street.

The glimpse of the hot guy passed and I found myself resting my head back on my skateboard again in the warm sun. A bead of sweat slid down my neck and settled between my pecs.

As I closed my eyes one more time, the memory of pounding Faris smashed back into my mind. I remembered feeling his abs, the wiry, bushy fur on his pecs, his thick cock slopping up and down my pecs and shooting his thick, warm, creamy wad all over me.

I had called him the other night before we headed down here, to let him know I’d be back home soon, pounding him on his balcony just as he had asked me.

My dick was growing in my denim shorts. My eyes began to play tricks and I saw the image of Faris leaning over my cock, fumbling with the buttons of my shorts, searching desperately for my cock.

I snapped open my eyes. I must have fallen asleep. A voice snapped me out of my dream, a deep, hot, young sounding voice. I slowly sat up, feeling a wave of sweat slide down my abs. I looked down the street to see Hot Guy from the back seat of the car earlier, bending into the car.

My boner slide down the leg of my shorts as if encouraging me to go tap that ass haha. The guy looked around my age, maybe older. He just had a t-shirt on and some boardies, but he still looked hot. Plus, it would be cool to have someone my age to talk to, or even a mate to hang out with while I was here on this bonding weekend. Nerves began to seep over me, until I found my dick controlling my legs.

I groaned and stood up, trying to slip my hard on down so it wasn’t as noticeable. I kicked onto my skateboard and rumbled the 2 house distance that it was to Hot Guys place. He spun around almost instantly and I swear I saw his eyes widen when he saw me. The sweat from my nap was all over my chest, it felt cool against the wind as I floated up towards him .My abs did look awesome shining in the sunlight I must admit haha. I just hoped I didn’t reek of BO.

Hot Guy slammed the car door and lifted up his shirt, wiping his brow. If I was walking I would have stopped to stare, but I just found myself gliding closer to him, my eyes fixed on his tight, brown four pack of abs, and his climbing vine of bushy snail trail.

“…hey” I eventually said, before clearing my throat.

“…hey” Hot Guy Replied. We stood for a moment.

Someone laughed inside the house. I pointed towards the house, strangely.

“…you moving in?” I asked, my mind raced, my dick didn’t know how to make conversation. Hot Guy laughed, he was hotter when he smiled.

“Nah, mate, nah, we’re just here for the long weekend” Hot Guy explained.

I beamed slightly, I’d get to see him for a few more days.

“Cool, yeah, me too hey” I reached out my fist. “I’m Josh, by the way”

Hot Guy tapped fists with me and I swooned deep inside. I knew we were going to be mates. I got the vibe instantly.

“Ryan, mate.” Hot Guy Ryan said, in a cool, relaxed tone.

“So, where you guys from?” I asked, quickly.

Ryan stretched, his shirt lifting again, showing me a glimpse of abs and low slung boardies. He pointed with one hand.

“Up north, just south of Sydney” He finished his yawn and scratched his belly. “…how bout you?”

“Hey, me too!” I said, over excitedly. Ryan just nodded, I swear he gave me a strange look when I said it.

“Oh…cool…” Ryan eventually said, rather coldly.

I groaned inside my head, good work dick, I’m trying to flirt with this guy and already we’re out of things to say. Then, as if on cue, my dick made me slid my hand down my abs, slowly scratching at my snail trail, while my eyes looked away, distracted. When I glanced back I could see Ryan staring at my chest, a hot smirk spreading across his brown face. He noticed me looking at him.

“…is there anything fun to do here?” He asked, eventually.

I laughed, shrugging.

Um, fuck me? That’s always fun.” I thought to myself.

“I dunno hey. I just skate round when I’m here.” I trailed off, laughing.

Ryan laughed too. I don’t know why.

“…you skate?” I added, curious.

Ryan shook his head.

“Nah mate, I’m too unco” He joked.

I laughed this time, it was cute.

“It’s easy man, I can teach ya one day.” I insisted. Ryan nodding, staring at my eye-brow ring.

“…did that hurt?” He asked, oddly.

I ran my finger across it and made a face.

“Nah mate, it was easy…I was drunk anyway, so can’t remember!” I laughed. I could have told him that it was before I had a Beat Off Race with my cell mate…but I didn’t. Ryan laughed with me.

“…you surf?” I asked, pointing at some surf boards resting by the door of his place. Ryan didn’t look where I was pointing.

“Yeah, try to mate…do you?” He asked, leaning casually on the car. I shrugged.

“Yeah, when I’m down here I do hey, I body-board though…can’t stand up on a surfboard yet.” I explained, just as I finished Ryan pulled off his t-shirt.

My mind raced, though I tried not to let my body react. I felt my dick slap onto the side of my thigh as it stiffened slowly. He had a pretty good build, nice tight arms, good pecs, and an all over brown tan. He ran his fingers through his hair, tensing the arm muscles as he did. I swear I must have nearly dribbled then. He took a breath and smirked at me.

“…standing ups easy hey, I can teach ya one day” Ryan insisted this time.

I laughed this time. Basically, we’d just arranged dates with each other. I’d be teaching him to skate and Ryan teaching me how to surf. And I had no complaints.

“Sounds like a plan, mate.” I said, with a smirk….

The End...?

(…but really just the beginning haha… )

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