Middle Acre Correctional Facility For Troubled Teens

Part 3 - The Lost Chapter


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A fortnight had passed and I had not seen Madison since. I had never tried to visit the Chill Out Room again, I had learnt my lesson. I was not entirely sure what had happened to Madison, and honestly didn't really care...

In the back of my mind I assumed Faris and his boys had wiped him out?...but the reality was that he had finished his sentence. Simple as that. Now he'd be back on the streets, dealing ICE or whatever to the unsuspecting youth, ruining someone else's life.

I had not seen Will for those two weeks either, though a guard came to tell me that he'd been moved into a Psychiatric Wing to manage his anger issues. Anger issues I didn't even know he had. Apparently the clash during Break had set him off. I felt sorry for him, though couldn't even visit him.

Break had been rather boring too, even between classes there wasn't any fights or anything, which was strange. I had come to expect it. A few times I had seen one of the boys who hung out with Faris that night, but I didn't really get the opportunity to say "Hey"

In the Break classroom I was leaning against the back wall, hands behind my head with my eyes closed, I really wasn't in the mood for study group.

My mind was elsewhere, my cell mate was locked away in the Psychiatric Wing at the far end of Middle Acre, and my dick just wanted to know if I'd see that hot Faris bloke again.


Kane threw an iPod onto my stomach and rapped on the table with his fists, my eyes snapped open instantly. He huddled over me with a wide grin on his face.

"What's the haps?" Kane asked.

I shrugged.

"Nothing mate, nothing at all." I said, simply.

"A penny for your thoughts?" Kane laughed.

"Just bored...you know...the usual..." I trailed off.

A guy slumped down next to Kane and bumped fists with him.

"Oh, Josh, this is Kiriweti." Kane said.

"G'day mate." I said.

"Just call him Kiri..." Kane nodded strangely.

"...will do..." I nodded.

Kiriweti was a giant, muscular mã ori guy who looked the same age as Kane. He had gigantic arms and piercing brown eyes. Both of his arms were covered in a tribal sleeve tattoo.

"Oi, dude, actually, while you're here. We need to get Josh into Ball. He's bored" Kane said.

"...really?" Kiriweti asked, confused.

Kane laughed.

"He may be little, but he can handle shit." Kane explained.

"Fuck off, I'm not little!" I complained.

"Your dick size doesn't matter on the Ball court, Princess." Kane teased. Kiri laughed.

"You want to play Ball?" Kiri asked.

"...do I?" I shrugged to Kane.

"Fuck yeah he does. He wants to know all about it, meet the boys..." Kane said, winking at me.

"Fuck you're annoying." I punched him.

"...but if he breaks anything bro, we'll get ditched for a fortnight?" Kiriweti trailed off, almost annoyed.

"Pfft, he won't get hurt. Trust me." Kane said, winking at me.

"Why are you winking at me? I've seen the bruises and shit you've come back with man." I complained.

"Half of them aren't from Ball, you dick. You'll play, like, what? One game, you whinging pussy. Calm down." Kane groaned.

"...you'll be alright bro, don't worry." Kiriweti insisted.

I nodded slowly.

"...do I have to?" I asked, genuinely wondering what they were enrolling me into.

"You'll like it, it's fun! You get to bash the shit outta blokes..." Kiri tried to explain.

"I promise they won't smash that pretty face of yours." Kane joked, squeezing my cheeks. I smacked his hand away.

"Why would I want to get the shit bashed out of me?" I asked.

Kane just ignored me.

"There's someone there I want you to meet anyways." He winked.

Kiriweti gasped as if remembering something, he looked away awkwardly.

"...what's up?" Kane asked Kiri, almost rudely.

"...oh, nah, nothing. Just that...your...umm..." He stopped for a moment, making a motion at me before clearing his throat.

"...Tomorrow?" Kane laughed, somehow knowing what he meant.

"...not till next week, it was late..." Kiri explained, a little worried.

Kane's eyes flashed like I had never seen before.

He clenched his fist and smashed it into the table with a sickening crack. The teacher and a few guys looked around confused. There was a moment of silence before some guards entered the room. The teacher shook his head, motioning that everything was alright, and the guards disappeared back out the door.

"...that isn't very good." Kane said, eventually, breathing out loudly.

Kiriweti looked genuinely scared.

"...They'll take care of it bro, they said they would, don't worry about it..." He insisted, stammering.

Kane reached over slowly towards me and I flinched, he gave a look of concern on his face before he patted me on the shoulder.

"Lucky I've got Princess to keep me distracted." Kane said.

I coughed, shocked. I didn't want to respond while he was angry, I found myself nodding slowly.

Kane cracked a smile, sliding out of his chair. A few worried guys around us shuffled in their seats. Kiriweti followed silently. Kane stopped and spun around quickly.

"...oh yeah, soz, dude, yeah, just come down the Ball court in Quiet Time hey?" Kane asked.

"...I only just got Gym Privileges, I don't think they'll let me in?..." I stammered.

"...the boys will let you in..." Kiriweti insisted.

I nodded, confused. I had no idea what I had just been invited to, but something in the back of mind told me I'd enjoy it...

My previous two months of good behaviour had given me Gym Privileges finally. The day I was told I was totally stoked, I ran down to the Gym Block and did weights, punching bag, treadmill, fit ball, everything I could in the two hours they gave us. This may sound shit, but I hung up one of Will's pillow cases and filled it with books and clothes, making a home-made punching bag. I'd have a go on it for an hour every night and started seeing real results in my arms, which was awesome.

I missed Will, more as a cellmate, but also the fact the we were going to work out together down in the Gym Block the minute I got gym privileges. I wasn't just looking forward to watching him sweat, I genuinely wanted a gym buddy.

It was already the end of Spring by now and I had calculated that by the time I got released I would have only a few weeks left of school, then be off for the Summer holiday break.

I couldn't wait to get skating again with the boys. Do anything with the boys really. I missed my mates. I had caught up with most of the `school' lessons I was supposed to while I was here, so technically I would be able to go straight into Year 10 classes without much trouble.

Strangely, I was looking forward to school. But mainly because it wasn't Middle Acre Correctional Facility. I just wanted out. I guess the prison system does work, in that, I learnt my lesson...literally and morally. Not that I was a nerd, but I'd at least get a passing grade when I got back.

Spring weather had been shit in prison I noticed. It was either freezing cold or boiling hot. The way our block had been built, the cells either kept in the heat from the day or didn't let it in at all. The last few days had been fairly hot, so most of the boys had been around in just their Prison Pants to try and keep cool.

Today, though, was raining and freezing cold. You could hear the rain pounding against the tinny roof high above our heads, occasionally feeling some water trickle down from the barred windows.

Before Quiet Time had even started, I found myself sitting in the shower, letting the warm water cover me completely. I had been in there for nearly half an hour. I didn't care. There was nothing I wanted to do in my cell. Most of the boys were in their bunks watching TV, or fucking, either way, whatever they were doing was warm and fun. I did a few rounds on my make-shift punching bag, but all that did was get me worked up. I knew I had Ball to go to later, so didn't really want to tire myself out.

I had propped myself sideways, because our shower and toilet were the same cubicle of the cell. So rather than straddle the bowl with the lid down, I was lying with the seat down, my head resting against the wall, my legs bent and stretched high up the wall. It felt good letting the water slither down me and disappear over my stomach.

I was trying to picture Faris naked, I couldn't remember why, my dick was controlling my thoughts. But as quickly as I could imagine his hairy olive abs, the image would disappear. The thought wouldn't even linger long enough for me to bar up and beat off. I played with my bushy pubes for a while, it was weird seeing them this long, I'd usually be able to trim them at home.

The Quiet Time horned buzzed and I stretched out of the shower. The coldness of the cell smashed into me. I shuddered as I tried to find a towel. I pulled on a fresh pair of Prison Pants and a Prison Hoodie, it was a pretty funky outfit haha. I had no idea what I was supposed to wear to a Ball game, so I guessed a modelling the Prison ensemble would be good enough.

I made my way down the balcony to towards the Gym Block, the Ball Court and "Forbidden Pool" area were next to it. I was told about the pool area once by another cell mate but never bothered to investigate it further. Basically, after Gym Privileges came the Pool Privileges, so I was a few Duty Credits away from being able to use it. I didn't really care.

As it was most afternoons, the Gym was overflowing with guys on every machine. The thumping music nearly deafened me as I passed, it wasn't that loud, just not hearing music for a period of time makes it really loud when you finally hear it again, if that makes sense. It was cool when the guards would hook up their iPods so the guys had music to work out to, but it was always dependant on the guard.

I pressed my way through the Glass Room, which was a separate mini-gym for more dangerous inmates. I had seen a guy a couple of times in here, he didn't look that dangerous.

"Oi, where are you off to?" the guard asked.

"...the Ball court?..." I found myself saying.

The guard stood silently, staring at me. He muttered something into his intercom and a few moments later he rolled his eyes.

He led me into a familiar corridor, it blinded me, the chequered black and white tiles reflecting the ugly fluorescent light. Windows that were covered in chicken wire lined the entire corridor, behind them were small offices, interrogation rooms, lockers, guards, other cell mates.

We slowed our pace at a double door, down another side corridor, the place was like a maze. The guard stopped me.

"Oi, next time, you can get through the back way behind the pool." The guard pointed out.

"I haven't been to the pool..." I pointed out.

"...get one of the boys to show you. Hurry up!" He snapped, pushing me through the double doors.

I stumbled slightly into a dark hallway, lit barely by the light from the shattered glass windows on my left hand side. The right side walls were tattered and cracked, their paint faded and damaged. It looked like a school hallway.

I could hear guys laughing, their feet thumping onto the ground, a ball being smashed against different things. The light was barely visible through the dirty, dust covered windows on my left as I walked slowly towards an open door. The door to the Ball court I assumed from the noise.

I turned the corner to see Kane standing with three guys, Kiriweti was one of them. I waved strangely, they didn't seem to notice, they were huddled over something.

"...get up pussy, it's not that bad." One of them said.

The group laughed. I moved closer. Kane saw me.

"...hey..." I said, quietly.

"...I didn't think you were gonna show!" Kane said happily, punching me playfully in the arm.

"Yeah, nah, was just gonna gym most of it, but thought I'd check it out." I explained.

"Did the guards say anything?" Kane asked.

"Nah, the young one...brown hair...he let me in..." I tried to remember what he looked like.

"Oh, Neil yeah, he's all good. Nice cock too." Kane said, bluntly.

"...gross..." I joked.

"I've got some bad news anyway, Ball might be over today." He said, pointing at the guy on the floor. There was a guy on the floor.

"...what happened?" I asked.

"He fell back! Nothing fucking wrong with him. Get up cunt before Quiet Times finished!" A young guy complained. The rest of the guys murmured.

"I can't lift it up, dick! See!?" The guy on the floor tried to lift his arm and winced in pain. Kiriweti rolled his eyes and motioned to one of the other guys.

"We'll be back, I'll go get Miller." Kiri said.

Everyone, but me, groaned loudly.

"Fuck off cunts, I'm injured!" The guy on the floor complained.

I stood silently, noticing the disappointment on the guys faces, and noticing that they were all dripping with sweat.

"...is it a good work out?" I asked Kane, quietly.

"How the fuck would I know? I just watch them." He laughed.

"You didn't play?" I asked.

"I've played, what? Twice?...whole time I've been in here. I just like seeing blokes sweaty." Kane pointed out, which was fair enough.

The youngest guy from before had grabbed his last team mate and was balancing the soccer ball on his foot. The guy on the floor was lying flat, one hand over his eyes, groaning.

"You play?" The youngest guy asked me. Kane stared at me.

I shrugged.

"Oh...nah mate, never have..." I answered.

"It's pretty easy mate." The other guy replied, he had a thin looking face, alright build. The youngest guy was hotter.

"Yeah, might give it a go when we got a team..." I insisted.

The youngest guy laughed.

"What team?" He asked, kicking the soccer ball at me at full speed. I managed to snap my hands up in time to grab it in front of my chest.

"Oh, handball...I'm out..." I said, laughing.

Suddenly, the thin faced guy with the alright build lunged at me, crash tackling me to the ground. We both hit with a dusty, loud crack as the ball silently rolled away. It settled at the youngest guys legs and he propped his foot onto it.

"...now, you're out." He said, simply.

The thin faced guy with the alright build stood up and brushed himself off, he reached down his hand to help me up.

"Sorry mate, I'm Greg hey..." Greg said, kindly.

I stood up slowly, my gaze fixed on the youngest one as he started with his ball balancing tricks again.

"I'm Josh, mate." I said.

"Yeah, sorry, yeah, we tackle hey so unless you block it, you're out...so..." Greg trailed off.

"...How do you score?" I asked. The youngest guy laughed. I glared at him.

"Oh, it's easy, you just get it up in the nets." Greg explained.

The youngest guy threw the ball backwards behind his head and it rustled through the net. He smirked.

"...well, yeah, like that." Greg laughed.

"Yeah, I got the gist." I trailed off.

"I'm out boys. Josh, mate, I'll tell you when next game is on. But thanks to fuck-knuckle on the floor, it won't be for weeks I don't reckon..." Kane trailed off.

"Fuck off you guys, I reckon it's broken!" The guy on the floor complained.

"Kiri went to get Miller so stop your whinging!! Right boys, peace out." Kane bumped knuckles with Greg.

"...who's Miller?" I asked.

"...the medical centre doctor..." Kane explained, as he walked away.

There was a moment of silence.

"...we playing G?" The younger guy groaned.

"Nah, I'm gonna wait here with Ireland." Greg said, pointing to the guy on the floor.

"Whatever cunt. Fuck youse all." The young guy grumbled, he kicked the soccer ball full force as he thumped out of the Ball Court.

"He's a cunt." I found myself saying.

Greg laughed.

"Oh, nah, you get to used to him." He said, moving over towards the guy on the floor.

The guy on the floor had sat himself up but had his right arm sticking out in an awkward angle.

"How is it?" Greg asked.

"Nah, its fucked, needs to get cracked back in I reckon." The guy on the floor said. He looked up at me.

"Oh...Hey, I'm Josh." I introduced myself.

"Patrick." Patrick, the guy on the floor said.

"Did you free ball it?" Greg asked.

"Fuck off, who's gonna be looking when we're playing Ball?" Patrick laughed. They both went silent.

"...other than Kane." I said.

The guys laughed.

"I don't think Josh wants to see your balls, mate." Greg pointed out.

"I can't mate, don't worry." I said, confused.

Greg pointed.

"Stand here man, you can see right down into his shorts!" Greg laughed.

"I'll be right." I laughed. Patrick was kinda hot, but the younger guy before was on my mind. The one who was being a cunt to everyone.

"...Miller will probably just crack it back in hey?" Patrick asked.

"Yeah, you'll get doped up and shit." Greg nodded.

"Sweet!..." He stopped "...Oh, hey, Josh, sorry I spoilt your first Ball game."

"Nah, it's cool mate, I can do it another day." I trailed off.

"You basically saw it all anyways...except for the blood sometimes." Greg pointed out.

"Ooh, yeah, remember that?" Patrick remembered.

I laughed.

"...what happened?" I wondered.

"Um...oh, kid from west corridor got slammed against the old walls and when it cracked a metal sheet cut into his back, like, full sliced into it..." Patrick told.

"...Fuck...what? Is he alright?" I asked.

"It was about a year ago now. He left about a month or two after it, just has a giant scar down his back now." Greg remembered.

"It doesn't look as bad now, did they fix it?" I asked, pointing around the court.

"Oh, nah, this is the new Ball court." Greg said.

"We broke the other one." Patrick laughed.

"The old Ball court was a fucking ruin man...cos this used to be a boys school. Did you know that?" Greg asked.

"Nah, didn't know..." I trailed off.

"Take a seat bro, it's a bit of a tale..." Greg joked.

We both sat either side of Patrick, though I still couldn't see up his torn Prison Pants...

"About 10, 15 years ago this used to be a private boarding school. Well, this end was, the rest was attached later, like the cell corridors and shit." Greg began. I nodded.

"Oh yeah, I thought it was weird that this place looked like a uni from the outside..." I said.

"Yeah, basically, all they did was rip out the guts and add shit to the back. So many guys here reckon its haunted. It's funny." Greg laughed.

"...is it?" I asked.

"Who cares?" Greg laughed.

"...so?" I asked, wanting to hear more of the story.

"So...? What? That's it. It used to be a Boarding School and now it's a prison." Greg finished.

"A Correctional Facility For Troubled Teens, I think you'll find." Patrick pointed out.

"Yeah I never felt the whole, like, prison vibe here. Like, not that I've been in a prison prison, but it didn't look like anything I'd seen in the movies." I found myself rambling.

"Nah, yeah, I agree with you man, it doesn't hey. It's more like a shit school you can't get out of kinda feel." Greg nodded.

"Maybe we're dead and this is Hell...?" Patrick wondered.

Greg and I stared at him.

"Oh, sorry, yeah, what happened to the old Ball court?" I asked.

Greg gasped.

"Oh! Yeah. It collapsed. Like, literally, one day just all caved in. I wasn't there...I think Tatts was...but yeah, just sorta fell in. The back wall fell into it and the rest just followed." Greg explained.

"That sucks." I nodded.

"We couldn't play Ball for ages I remember." Greg said.

"That's right cos I'd only just got in here and was hearing all the stories about Ball and didn`t play it for ages." Patrick remembered.

"So...yeah, now it's here. You can still get to the old building, it's just down the same hall as this past the old offices." Greg explained.

"Yeah, the guard was like `there's a entrance near the pool' or some shit." I said.

"...Oh, the pool...yeah...you could, I guess. It's easier just going behind the entrance corridor." Greg thought for a moment.

There was a familiar three beeps that indicated there was still an hour left of Quiet Time before we were locked back into our rooms.

"...how longs the doctor gonna be?" I asked.

"I dunno...he's always late here. He must get lost." Greg laughed.

"Does shit happen often?" I wondered.

"Nah, not usually. Unless Tatts bashes someone." Patrick pointed out.

"...sorry, who's Tatts?" I asked.

"Tautoru...um...I don't know his last name. He was here before." Greg said. I just stared blankly.

"You called him a cunt." Patrick laughed.

I laughed.

"Oh! Him! Yeah, he was a cunt to you guys." I agreed.

"That's Tatts...like...he's alright once he gets used to you...he just doesn't like new people I don't think." Greg said.

"He looked about 12? How longs he been in here?" I asked.

"He's our age, like 16 whatever..." Patrick said.

"He's pretty ripped, oh you didn't see, usually he gets around with his gear off. He's a little poser." Greg said.

"I got that vibe from him, yeah." I agreed.

"He gets hell angry if he doesn't win or gets caught out on shit and stuff." Patrick explained.

"So, usually, yeah, we end having to get Miller down here with the stretcher and stuff, so..." Greg trailed off.

"...fair enough." I nodded, still intrigued by Tautoru, and kinda annoyed I missed him half naked. I felt my dick shudder.

"He's probably up the Gym Block now actually." Greg added.

"Who? Tatts?" I asked.

"Yeah, he's always there. Or here." Greg pointed out.

"Or the other place." Patrick laughed.

"Gross." Greg laughed.

"Other place?" I asked.

"Don't worry about it dude, it's only for the...oh...like...you know..." Greg gradually stopped.

"...the?" I laughed.

"Kane would like it, if you get what we mean." Patrick added.

I knew what they meant, and instantly wanted to know where it was.

"Gay shit?" I asked.

"Yeah...Don't need that shit, fuck, this place is fucked enough as it is." Patrick whined.

"They need a fucking pussy room, is what they need, like, go in, there's a chick with her legs spread, give her one and go. That'd be fucking sweet!" Greg imagined.

"Fuck yeah mate, I reckon! Would love that!" Patrick added.

There was silence.

"...Yeah!" I said strangely.

"Oh, that hot nurse might be up there tonight man?!" Patrick wondered, excitedly.

"Fuck yeah! Get her to blow you!" Greg insisted.

"I will hey, be like `oi bitch, suck this'..." Patrick laughed.

"You get toey in here man?" Greg asked me.

I stared.

"Oh, fuck yeah, yeah, always batting off in the shower and shit hey." I agreed.

"Same, it's fucked. But I tell ya, a Pussy Room. That's what we need." Greg persisted. I laughed and stood up slowly.

"Oh that note boys, I'm off hey...might hit the gym, no ones there in the last hour..." I said.

Greg stood up too and knocked knuckles with me, Patrick reached his working arm up awkwardly and shook my head.

"Good to meet ya bro." Greg said, sincerely.

"You too mate, it was cool. I'll see you back here whenever next Ball is organized." I said.

"Awesome!...oh, Pat won't be here." Greg laughed.

"Fuck off, I can watch!" Patrick grumbled.

"Cool, so, yeah talk to you soon hey." I said, walking away slowly.

The boys nodded, Greg cracked his knuckles.

"Oh, fuck, shit, before I forget, which way are you going?" Greg asked.

"Um...oh, not sure? I came down from the Entrance Corridors? The guard let me in..." I trailed off.

"Oh, easy, yeah, just when you get back to the sorta ruined hallway, turn right, not left." Greg said, emphatically.

"Lefts where the Poofter Party is." Patrick said.

"Poofter Party?" I laughed.

"Yeah, nah, in the old offices, just don't go near there. Turn right and you'll be right..." Greg stopped, and laughed. My balls churned in my Prison Pants and I smirked.

"Will do boys. Have a good one!" I said.

They laughed.

"See ya bro." Greg said.

I started out the broken doors and could hear them talking. I heard Patrick say I was Cool so that was alright haha. Their attitude towards bloke on bloke action was warped, but I never did end up having any problems with them the whole time I was there, I still consider them mates.

I made my way down the half collapsed hallway, the flickering, humming lights lead me along until I reached the crossroads of a "Poofter Party" to my left or the way to the gym on my right...so I went left haha.

The hallway turned into a small corridor of doors, each room was filled with piles of dusty desks. It would have been scary if I was in a horror movie, though I knew I was the only person there. At the end of that corridor were two doors, though the one on the right was smashed inwards by debris. And I mean actual debris, like broken concrete, a shard of glass, a giant steel canister and some pipes.

On the left side, however, was an open hallway leading to a large foyer. I moved slowly towards it, noticing that it looked like the office at my high school. There was a large partition with a desk behind it, covered in dust, some chairs were on either side of the entrance. The weirdest part was all the windows had bricked walls behind them, like the rooms had been tripped inside a wall.

On the right was a smashed glass door hanging from a long broken wooden frame. Inside was another desk and more piles of dusty furniture, a name in gold lettering was written on the door but the layer of dust made it hard to read.

Another door was on the left side of the office, it was also detached and hanging from it's hinges, though the floor was different in that room, it was small green and grey chequered tile, there was a sink, it was a bathroom. A light from inside, and my dick, lead me deeper into the room on the left.

There was a dry wall urinal and two dark stalls, one of which had closed doors. All I could smell was the wafting dust that lingered everywhere, even in the dull light I could see the thick particles floating around.

The second thing I noticed, which was more exciting, were bare feet under the locked stall door. I was kinda nervous, but found myself getting hornier with each step, my dick slid around my sweaty Prison Pants, I could feel it stiffening as I walked closer to the stalls.

"...um...hey?" I found myself asking.

The feet moved slowly.

"...Greenhall?" the voice asked.

I stood for a moment.

"...Oh...ah...nah?...hey I..." my mind raced. "...was gonna have a piss...didn`t know, like, anyone was in here...soz..."

The feet didn't move that time and there was a moment of silence. I moved closer to the open stall, cautiously, though I didn't feel threatened, it was still a bit weird.

I stood at the door of the stall, looking down at the long broken toilet, even if I did pee into it, it wouldn't go anywhere. The odd thing about the stall wasn't that the toilet was useless, it was the gaping, broken hole in the side of it which lead into the other stall.

A glory hole. In my head I laughed. I met a good mate of mine this way...but that's another story...

"...did you want to see mine first?" the feet asked.

I stood silently again for a moment.

"...sorry, what?..." I asked, turning my head towards the wall.

"...My...dick...did...you want to see it first?" The voice stammered in the next stall. I felt my own dick stir in my warm, sweat drenched Prison Pants. I heard the voice take a nervous breath.

"...that's cool, yeah, if you want..." I said, coolly.

I heard a shuffling and the drag of underwear elastic as it slid down hairy thighs. Then, through the gaping glory hole, a dark and slender brown dick emerged. The head was pink, shiny and wet from pre-cum, bushy black pubes trickled around the base of his shaft. It was about 6 or 7 inches, not too thick. It quickly disappeared. I took a breath.

"...nice mate." I eventually said, watching my sweaty Prison Pants tent up instantly.

"...can I see yours?" the voice asked.

I smirked.

"...yeah mate, give me a sec." I said, nicely.

I made my way into the stall and lowered myself slowly. I took another nervous breath and ran my fingers through my sloppy, sweaty hair. My hoodie, and the fact that I was horny, had made me sweat.

I flicked down my Prison Pants, watching my dick rocket out, the waist band settled just under my balls. I slowly guided my cock into the gaping hole in the wall and heard a slight gasp.

"...Fuck...hot mate." The voice said.

I laughed.

"Thanks. Yours is too...Hot, I mean." I stammered, nervous for some reason.

The smell of the dusty tiles was over powered by a waft of my sweaty pubes. I hated when I could smell my own man scent, if you know what I mean, there was just something about it. If I was blowing a guy and could smell his man scent, I'd bar up instantly, but smelling my own was horrible to me.

"...Soz, my balls reek, hey" I apologised.

I suddenly felt warm lips wrap around the head of my dick, sucking on it slowly, tasting my sweat. I groaned aloud and the lips slid off instantly.

"...Did you want me to stop?" The muffled voice asked.

"Fuck no man, do whatever you want...felt awesome..." I yelled slightly.

I felt his tongue slid down the side of my dick, nudging over the bumps of my stiff veins. He licked down the other side, taking loud, satisfied breaths with each wet stroke. He ate the head of my dick again, sucking harder this time, his fingers slid nervously around my shaft and he pulled. I slammed my hands against the stall wall and dropped my head back to stare at the sky. I groaned loudly once more. I gripped the dusty top of the stall.

"That's so good man, fuck!" I groaned.

His warm hand gripped my shaft tightly, the head of my dick throbbed hard. He lightly flicked his tongue across the slit, slurping at the pre-cum that dripped out. The sight of his dick flashed into my mind and my mouth watered.

"Dude...dude..." I panted, he had half of my dick part way down his throat.

"...wha?.." He asked.

"...let me suck yours hey" I moaned.

I felt my wet cock slop from his lips and I ripped off my Prison Pants as quick as I could. I threw them onto the dirty toilet and dropped to my knees. I squinted into the glory hole and saw his brown cock in full, hidden amongst a bush of black pubes. He had a massive tribal tattoo covering his right thigh, it looked awesome. I tried to look up to see his face, and was greeted by his heaving, hairy brown abs as they pressed closer to the wall, his dick practically poked me in the face.

I slid my hand down and started beating off, my cock still wet from his mouth. My head was pissing out pre-cum like I had never seen before, even when I'd beat off in my cell.

His cock head slid across my lips, scraping at the stubble on my top lip, bumping my nose slightly, wetting it with his juice. I kissed it playfully before eating the entire head at once, sucking as hard as I could, keeping it in place with my lips while my tongue darted and tasted every inch of his shiny tip.

I kept beating off, my dick slopping in and out of my hand quickly, while I gripped his shaft lightly with a few fingers of my free hand. I started pulling slowly while I tasted his cock. I could feel his hips slowly move back and forth as he began to face fuck me slowly.

Then, with a violent jerk, he ripped his dick from my mouth as a slap of sprog shot from his shiny, pink knob. It dribbled from my lips and bridged to his dick as I watched him convulse. Squirt after squirt covered my hoodie, my unshaven chin, a bit went in my hair, I could hear him groaning in ecstasy, I was tugging wildly on my cock but knew I wouldn't shoot.

I heard loud shuffling and the lock of the cubicle door snap open. I watched as his feet bolted from the stall and past my door. I got a glimpse of the back of his shaved brown head, his muscled back. As I tumbled back to get a better look, I only saw him disappear out the door and back up the hallway.

There was a moment of silence, I couldn't hear his footsteps anymore. I let myself fallback against the wall and settle on my backside, dripping with sweat, covered in warm beat boy juice. I pulled off my sticky hoodie and tossed it next to my Prison Pants, and was sitting naked, in the distance I heard the End Of Quiet Time Horn and groaned aloud...

...to be continued!...

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