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Midsummer night's dream -- Part 1 (Revised)
By Felix Black

"Evans! You won't find the answer to the questions in the tennis courts boy! Now, pay attention."

Gary's head whipped around at the mention of his name. He frowned at Mr Williams, and pretended to pay attention for a while, until the teacher's attention was once more riveted to the wonders of the English language. He hated Mr Williams, or Parrot as they called him. He hated English, especially at three in the afternoon and when he wanted to go home. He looked at him for a minute, watching the overweight teacher move around the classroom, watched him milking the ideas from the few in the class that were interested. His nose wrinkled in disgust as he noticed the growing dark patch underneath the teachers' arms. He could lose a few stone, he thought. He could do with some good exercise. His thoughts turned once again to sport, and his gaze shifted back to the tennis courts. He watched the other boys playing tennis in the sunshine. He could feel the heat of the sun on his cheek, the gentle breeze passing through the open window, the sound of the tractor cutting the grass on the playing fields and the smell of the freshly cut grass wafting in on the breeze. If he closed his eyes, he could imagine himself outside, playing tennis with the lads...

Marc watched Gary from across the room. He was bored of listening to Parrot too, but instead of daydreaming about tennis, he was daydreaming about Gary. The guy was just so sexy! He couldn't believe his luck, being placed in the same set as Gary - the one boy that all the girls - and him - lusted after. He had about as much chance of getting in to bed with Gary as winning the lottery, he thought. He knew his reputation with the women - the whole school did, even the teachers. The guy had been with so many women -- of all ages. Marc couldn't understand what an 18-year-old girl would see in a 16-year-old like Gary. Well, he could actually, but what was different about him? He'd never had a girlfriend.

"--and so Macbeth was feeling guilty. But what about his wife? How did she feel?" He kept an ear open on Parrot in case he got caught daydreaming. He watched Gary close his eyes, his lips parted and his head slowly moved back as though he was enjoying the sunshine. Those lips, so sweet, if only he could--

"--what evidence is there of this? Eh? Anyone? Evans!"

Gary jumped back to the classroom as he heard his name mentioned again.

"Can you answer the question then Evans? Eh?"

Gary tried searching his mind to see if he could remember what they had been talking about, but he hadn't been listening - not even with one ear.

"Erm, well, you see--"

Marc could see Gary was floundering. If only he could help him... An idea struck. He quickly wet a little ball of paper with some spit, and flicked it at Jane Thomas, across the room. Splat! Bang on target, he thought.

"Ow! What the-- Sir! Marc flicked this at me!"

"What? Marc Jones! What is the meaning of--"

At that moment the bell rang and everyone got up ready to run for the buses.

"Right, you lot. I want you to make notes on the feelings shown in this play - and I want it in next lesson! Right?" Parrot shouted above the uproar, glaring at Marc and Gary as they went past.

Outside in the corridor Marc was rushing towards the buses, when he felt a hand on his shoulder. He turned around - and looked into the face that he had been staring at for so long, a wide grin on it.

"Cheers, mate. You got me out of the shit there!"

"S'alright." mumbled Marc. They turned and made their way out to the buses. They lived in the same street so they travelled home together on the same bus. But because of Marc's lack of interest in sport they didn't know each other well.

"That was some damn fine quick thinking!" laughed Gary. "You wanna come out for a few drinks tomorrow night? You can stay round my place if you want - my parents have gone away for a weekend so I've got the house to myself."

"Er, yeah, sure." Marc's heart leaped into his throat as he imagined a night with Gary. "Can I give you a ring?"

"Yeah, sure, you know my number, yeah?"

"Yeah. I'll ring you tomorrow then."

"Yeah bring some trunks - we can go for a midnight dip in the pool!" Gary's eyes shone mischievously.

Marc gulped. "Err, yeah, no probs."

"Cool. See ya tomorrow then!"

"OK." Marc got on the bus and watched Gary as he ran down to the tennis courts. He couldn't believe his luck.

When Gary got home, he was hot and ready for a shower after a few good games of tennis. He was also feeling very horny. He walked into their house, the largest on the street, their quality of living reflecting his father's success in the building trade. His Dad had even built him his own little area in the basement, a little bedroom, en suite, and a little kitchenette with some old furniture and a TV and VCR, with a desk and his PC. He also had a little room off to one side with all his training equipment in there, his weights and a small sauna for relaxation. He ran downstairs, shutting the door on the way, shedding his sweaty clothes. He made his way into the small bathroom, turning the shower on. It was a small shower that fell into a sunken bath - big enough for two people. His father was very practical. He could spend all his time here, without being disturbed. He even had his own personal phone line into the house. The shrill ring of the phone interrupted his undressing.


"Hi Gary it's Carl. Can I come and play on your computer?" Carl was Gary's next door neighbour. The young fourteen-year-old loved playing on his computer.

"Yeah, sure Carl, come on over -- the back door's open. I'm on my own so come on straight down.

"Cool. Thanks. See you in a minute."

Gary continued his preparations for his shower. Gary and his fourteen-year-old neighbour shared a very close relationship - closer than most people thought. Both their parents worked hard, so they ended up having a lot of time to themselves. He stepped into the shower as Carl came into the room. There was no shower curtain, as the bath was big enough to catch all the spray, and the room was tiled anyway. Gary sat on the tiled shelf in the bath, with the water cascading over his body, washing the grime away. He looked at the young boy walking towards him, and felt a stirring in his groin.

Carl was wearing only a pair of shorts - it was a nice warm day. He watched his friend, the water cascading over his muscular young body. They looked quite similar -- Gary had dark blonde hair and blue eyes, a strong jawline with high, prominent cheekbones, and dark brown skin; while Carl had paler hair with deep brown eyes, and a healthy tan. Both had quite muscular bodies, but Gary had a fine line of pale hair making its way down from his powerful, well formed abdominal muscles, down to join the darker hair nesting above his rising cock. Carl could see the foreskin getting taut as the blood pumped into his neighbour's prick. He felt his own cock go hard, pushing against the material of his shorts. He stared at his friend's body, wishing his was like that. He stripped his shorts off and stepped into the bath.

"Hello. Someone's horny today!" Gary grinned at his young friend as Carl walked up to him. Carl stood in front of his seventeen-year-old friend, his hard prick standing out at 90 degrees from his body, about an inch shorter than his friends' did, and a bit thinner. Gary sat up and placed his hand on Carl's thighs. He slid his hands up cupping the younger boy's balls in his hands, gently squeezing them. Carl placed his hands on Gary's powerful shoulders and gasped as his friend's hands played with his balls. He felt one hand move off and place itself on top of his prick, pushing it downwards, until it was pointing to the ground, then letting it go. Carl's cock hit Gary under the chin, the precum oozing out from under the foreskin. Gary leant back and licked the tip of his friend's cock, hearing him gasp as his tongue touched so sensitive a place. He reached for the shower gel, placing a large dollop on his hand. He covered his fingers in gel, and pushed them up between the younger boy's almost hairless legs, up towards his crack. He pushed his finger up from the balls, up along the crack, rubbing against the opening. He looked up at his friend's face - this was uncharted territory. Carl hadn't shared his ideas about inserting things up his arse. This time however, the young boy closed his eyes, took a gulp and nodded. Gary smiled and pushed his finger harder against the tight hole.

Carl had been fingering his own arse since last Saturday, wanting to try it out for himself before letting this hunk loose on him. He'd found it uncomfortable, almost painful at first, but by Wednesday he'd been able to insert his finger almost immediately. Yesterday he'd managed three fingers before it got painful, and then he'd come. He was determined to get his friend's huge cock up his arse this weekend - Gary had been telling him about how good it felt. He relaxed and let Gary's finger slip inside him. It went deeper than his had - he could feel the knuckle pressing against his cheeks. The second finger went up easily enough, and as the made their way in, he felt them pressing against his prostate. He called out in ecstasy, as he felt his balls tighten.

"Oh, Jesus, Gary, I'm coming!"

Gary smiled as he played with Carl's prostate. He placed his other hand around the base of the young boy's cock, pressing hard with one finger.

Carl felt his friend's hot hand on his throbbing cock. He felt the orgasm approaching and shouted out loud as feeling swept over him. He looked down in surprise, as the sperm didn't come, the intense feeling continuing. His legs finally gave way, and he fell backwards.

Gary quickly moved his hand from Carl's pulsating prick, around his back to catch him. He kept his fingers up the boy's arse, as he shouted and shot his load over his face. He moved forward and placed his mouth over the throbbing member in front of him swallowing the hot salty cum shooting from the young cock.

Carl threw his head back and moaned as the intense feelings made him lose control of his body. Spurt after spurt of his salty boy-cum shot deep into Gary's mouth, until it finally subsided, leaving Carl totally drained. Gary licked the beautiful prick clean, and gently helped him down to his knees. The young boy looked into his older friend's face, giggling as he looked at the strings of white cum covering his face and chest. He lifted up from his knees and licked them all off, stopping for a moment to bury his tongue between those red lips, relishing the taste of his own body, and the saltiness of his friend's skin. The water continued to cascade down, running off each body in rivulets, highlighting the contours of each muscular body.

Gary turned to Carl with a smile. "See how nice it feels?"

Carl looked into Gary's eyes. "That was the most amazing orgasm I've ever had. Even that very first blow-job you gave me wasn't as good as that." Carl paused and looked down for a second. "Will you fuck me?"

Gary looked at his friend in surprise. "Are you sure you want to do this? This is a big step you know."

"Fuck me Gar. Fuck me now. I want to feel you inside me." They looked into each other's eyes for a second before bursting into laughter.

"OK, OK. Go into my room, there's a tube of K-Y in the drawer next to my bed."

Carl jumped up and ran to Gary's bedroom, dripping water all over the floor. He raced back with the tube. He jumped into the shower and handed the tube to Gary, who had turned the water off for a moment. He was motioned towards a towel Gary'd set on the white tiled floor. "Lie face up on the towel, and place your feet flat on the floor, knees bent."

Carl hurried over and lay there. Gary moved between the young boy's legs, unscrewing the cap. He relished the sight of his young neighbour, naked in front of him, the trusting face, not marred by any razor yet; the young, well formed torso; the few hairs just beginning to grow above that wonderful pole of his; the member itself, semi-erect, with a few drops of cum left just peeping out from under the foreskin; short, pale hairs on the legs; and the hairless crack that was this boy's virgin arse. His heart beat harder; he was finally going to get to push his manhood up another man's arse. Well, boy anyway. He lifted the boy's legs over his shoulders, the knees resting either side of his neck. He spread the lube over his fingers, and kneaded it into the boy's arse cheeks, slowly spreading them apart. He spread more over the hole itself, watching his friend's little prick grow hard as the boy felt a finger enter his anus once more. He made sure that they were both lubed up before he slid his prick up between the arse cheeks, his precum flowing heavily, adding to the smooth sensation. He pulled back the foreskin and placed his cock on the entrance to his friend's arse. He pushed a little, surprised to find that his cock slid in fairly easily. The tight sensation squeezing his manhood as he slowly slid two inches into Carl.

Carl felt his cock fill with blood again as for the second time that day he felt his friend's fingers up his arse. He felt the finger withdraw, and started to brace himself for the feeling of that huge cock that he envied so much, pushing its way up his arse. He relaxed just in time, remembering what he'd learnt the previous week. He felt Gary entering him easily, his arse stretching to accommodate the large penis. He felt a moment's discomfort as Gary pushed deeper and moaned as he felt his virginity slipping away.

Slowly Gary saw his cock disappear into Carl's arse. He eased it in, until his dark hair was tickling the young balls of his neighbour. He moved back almost all the way, before going back in again. He continued like this, slowly speeding up, until he was ramming his cock hard into Carl's arse. He felt the pressure building up in his balls. He knew he was close to orgasm now. He grabbed Carl's cock, now glistening with precum, and pumped it hard, wanting both of them to come at the same time. Carl shouted and shot his load, the first four spurts landing way over his head. As his friend's orgasm continued, Gary felt his arse tighten and he knew this was the end. His groans mixed in with those of his friend as he felt the hot cum shoot into his arse.

Carl had never had such an orgasm. Gary's hand moved even as he continued to shoot and he felt Gary's throbbing cock shoot its hot load deep into his arse. His orgasm continued, on and on, until finally it subsided, leaving them both exhausted. Carl reached for his friend, pulling him towards himself, closing his eyes before they kissed deeply. Carl could feel the intense heat radiating from his friend's body, the sweat and water mingling.

They finally broke free, and Gary eased his semi-soft cock out of his friend's arse. He walked back to the shower, turned the water on and started washing the sweat off his body. Carl sat there relishing the sight. When Gary had finished, Carl got up into the shower, and tweaking the older boy on the arse, stepped into the warm water to wash himself. Gary stood there towelling himself off, watching his young friend wash off the cum that was dripping out of his arse. He finished drying and got dressed in a pair of shorts and a T-shirt. He unpacked his bag and pulled out the work he had to do over the weekend, and groaned as he remembered the tasks set by Parrot. Carl made his way over, dressed once again in his shorts.

"What's up?"

"Oh, this damn work to do for Parrot. I'm going to see if Marc can help me with it. He's coming over tomorrow -- he might be staying the night."

Carl's face lit up. "Oh, is he, you know, interested?"

Gary frowned. "I'm not sure. Sometimes I catch him looking around the changing rooms, as though he's studying the others, but I don't really know him that well. He's got a nice bod, and no foreskin!" He grinned down at Carl, who was some four inches short of his six feet.

"Huh? What do you mean, no foreskin?"

Gary smiled. "Maybe you'll see by tomorrow. Now sod off -- I've got an essay to write!" He messed up his friend's hair and gently pushed him towards the door.

Carl frowned as he struggled with his hair -- trying to get the damp locks back into place.

Gary turned back to his work as Carl headed for home. Damn Parrot and his bloody Shakespeare.

Part 2 (Revised)

Marc woke on Saturday morning with the sun shining in his face. Another wonderful day, he thought. He lay on his bed, the quilt only covering enough of his body to be barely decent, soaking up the sunshine. He felt his boner throb under he quilt. He slid his hands down his body, imagining himself to be with Gary. His hands moved under the quilt, throwing it off. He wasn't worried about privacy. His room was modest, but as long as he kept it clean his mother never bothered him. She even knocked nowadays.

His hands played around his balls, tickling the nest of black hair. His right hand finally moved onto his hard prick, gently brushing it's length, tickling the sensitive spot underneath the head, where the lump of skin from the operation stuck out slightly. He wrapped his hand around the whole length of his cock and slowly started moving his hand up and down. His left hand was massaging his balls, moving slowly closer to his arse. He felt his balls tighten as his finger pushed past the tight ring of muscles. In his mind's eye he could see Gary lying on top of him, pushing his prick deeper inside him. He pushed his finger inside himself, his right hand a blur now, as he felt the wonderful sensations engulf him. He held it back for as long as he could -- something he'd been practising for a while now after reading it in a girl's magazine.

Finally, he could hold it in no longer, and he relaxed, pushing his finger in as far as he could, the orgasm spreading throughout his body, the cum shooting high, and landing in his hair. He opened his eyes in surprise as the next glob landed in his mouth. The orgasm finally started subsiding as his cock unloaded it's salty liquid over his body.

He lay back and relaxed, wiping the cum with his fingers and licking the salty juice off his hands. He wiped the last remains off with the sheet and lay in the sun, naked. A sudden noise jerked him awake. He jumped out of bed and looked out of the window -- and saw his father battling with the lawnmower. He smiled and pulled on some boxers as he made his way towards the shower. He was going to give Gary a ring later. He was smiling on the way into the shower.

Half an hour later Marc was on the phone to his friend.

"Hi there Gary. It's Marc."

"Oh, hi there. You started on Parrot's work yet?"

"Nah, not yet." Marc's mind was racing -- would he invite him over?

"Oh, well why don't you come over here to do it? We can do it by the pool -- it's a gorgeous day." Gary tried to be as offhanded as he could.

"Erm, yeah, OK, sure. When can I come over?"

"Come on over now if you want. My parents have gone so we've got the whole place to ourselves. If you want you can stay the night."

Marc felt his boxers tighten as his cock filled with blood. "Yeah, OK. I'll just clear it with my parents and I'll be over. See you in about fifteen minutes?"

"OK. See ya later then. Bye"

Marc put the phone down and almost fainted. A night with Gary!

He pulled his old Levi's on, cut off at the knees, and pulled a sleeveless T-shirt on. As an afterthought he took the jeans off and removed his boxers before sliding his jeans back on again. He could feel his cock growing at the prospect of walking down the street with no boxers on. He threw some clothes and schoolwork in an old rucksack, before running out of the house, almost forgetting to tell his mother where he was going and that he wouldn't be home tonight. His mum was really cool about things like that.

Gary's eyes nearly popped out when he saw his friend standing in the doorway, with so much tanned skin showing.

"C-Come in." He choked on the apple he was eating.

Marc jumped forward to help his friend, throwing his arm around the boy's naked back and tapping him on the shoulders. Gary finished choking and almost fainted as he felt Marc's hand caressing his back gently.

"You OK?"

"Yeah," laughed Gary, "just some damned apple trying to kill me!"

They both laughed as Gary shut the door and led Marc down to the basement. Marc looked around in amazement as Gary drank some cold water.

"This is your room?"

Gary turned and smiled. "Yeah, my Dad built it for me. It's cool cos I can come down here and be totally separated from the rest of the house. My parents don't come down here, if they want me they buzz me on the intercom. Come on, there's no point being inside on a day like this."

Gary led Marc up through the house and into the garden. Tall trees shielded the extensive garden from the neighbours, and from the fields at the back. Gary walked over the lawn and onto the patio, jumping slightly as his bare feet touched the hot patio flagstones. He sat on the edge of the pool and motioned for Marc to sit next to him. Marc took his shoes off and sat next to his friend. They sat there talking for a while, paddling their feet in the cool water, talking about school and life in general. They eventually came around to talking about sex. Gary was uncomfortable -- he knew his reputation in school and could say that it was all untrue. He'd never had sex with a girl -- he wouldn't want to. He knew what turned him on, and it was sitting beside him on the poolside. He tried to think of a way of getting Marc'' clothes off, and realised that he was sat in front of one of the best ways of doing so.

"Coming in?" Gary stood up and jumped into the pool. Marc jumped back to avoid the splash -- these were the only clothes he'd brought with him apart from some underwear.

"Erm, I can't -- I haven't got any swimming kit."

Gary frowned. "Damn, I should have told you." Gary's face lit up as an idea came to him. "Never mind," he said stripping his trunks off and throwing them onto the patio, "who needs trunks?"

Marc almost collapsed. He managed to keep some composure and tried his damnedest to keep his cock from getting hard. So far he was only half succeeding. He thought about the proposition for a moment. "Er, you mean, like skinny dipping?"

Gary laughed, wondering if he was going to get his eyes on this hunk's body. "Yeah. Don't worry it's cool -- the neighbours can't see what's going on because the trees are so high, there's no-one in the house, and it's not like I haven't seen it all before -- or have you got something special hidden in there?"

Marc laughed nervously. "Yeah, I've got something the likes of which God has never even seen!" They laughed as Marc stripped his T-shirt off revealing to Gary a perfectly formed body. He turned and threw his shirt over to the side before stripping his shorts off. Gary watched his friend back as he stripped and gazed at the wonderful body in front of him -- well formed, and the tan was the tan that one who works in the outdoors gets, with a bright white arse. Fine, bronze hairs covered Marc's legs. Matt took a step backwards towards the pool. Gary thought he hadn't seen the edge, but as he started to shout, Marc bent his legs and took a flying backward leap into the pool. Marc opened his eyes once under the water and swam all the way over to his friend, staring at his friends' balls under the water. He surfaced about six inches in front of Gary.

"Wow, that was cool. I've never seen anyone do a backward somersault like that before!"

"It's something I learnt from swimming in the river." Marc grinned. He could feel his own cock throbbing from the scene he'd witnessed under water. If only he could get his hands on it...

The two boys swam naked for a few hours before they got tired. The tension between them as they each wondered how to get the other to share his body, was tiring them out more than usual. Getting out of the pool Marc headed for his clothes, and stopped realising that he didn't have a towel. He turned to Gary, and realised that the youth was heading for the house -- totally naked. He picked up his things and ran after him.

When Gary reached the house his stomach felt like it held all the butterflies in the Amazon jungle. He walked around the house getting towels for them both before leading Marc down to the basement. With the sun going down it was getting quite chilly outside. He grabbed two beers from the stock he'd `borrowed' from his father, thanking God that he'd had the sense to put them in the fridge earlier on. Gary flopped down on to the couch, passing a beer to Marc and patting the seat beside him. He was nervous about lazing around naked in front of this gorgeous teenager, but he'd found that a combination of nervousness and horniness was keeping his cock at half-mast -- a perfect stage. Enlarged, but not sticking out.

"Let's see what's on telly."

Marc groaned. "There's bugger all on telly tonight. Dad was moaning about it last night. There's some film about a disabled bloke on telly -- he paints pictures with his feet or something. It's got that bird off of Casualty on it -- you know her that played Duffy." Mar was as uneasy about being naked as Gary was, if not more. His prick was in the same condition as Gary's and the sexual tension between the two was unbelievable. Not only were they two teenage boys, full of hormones and huge sex drives, but they were also naked in front of the only person they wanted sex with.

Gary looked blank for a second. "Erm, `My Left Foot' isn't it?"

"Yeah that's the one" Marc sat down next to Gary, opening his legs wide like he thought a jock should, inadvertently brushing his thigh against Gary's. Gary felt his stomach jump as their bodies touched. He flicked the TV over to the satellite channels.

"That's OK, there's bound to be something on satellite tonight." He flicked through the channels, remote in one hand, TV guide in the other. He paused and read the guide again. A film about two gay teenagers? Should he--? Nah--but if he passed it off as something someone had referred to him-- Sod it, he thought, I've got nothing to lose.

"Oh, this is the film that James was talking about."

"Huh?" Marc craned his neck trying to read the TV guide.

"Its called `Beautiful Thing'. It's a film about two teenage boys who live in a block of flats, and about them as they fall in love with each other. It looks quite good actually. I've heard lots of good things about it."

Marc couldn't believe his ears. The film that he'd wanted so badly to go and see. "Yeah, I've heard quite a bit about it. Fancy watching it?"

"Yeah, OK. It's not on for a while though, let's go and get some food."

The two boys walked over to the kitchenette to get some food. Marc couldn't believe that he was going to watch this film with this boy, and they were both naked. He was sure he'd seen Gary sneaking some looks at his crotch. Was he gay?

As the film finished Gary sighed. "That was nice wasn't it? Fancy another?" He asked, motioning towards the growing collection of empty beer bottles in front of them. Marc nodded slowly, his reactions slowed by the beer that they'd drunk.

Gary came back with the two bottles, slightly unsteady on his feet. He had an idea and tripped himself up on the edge of the carpet, throwing the beer all over Marc. He did a little too good a job of it, and landed on Marc's knees, his head only inches from the object of his desires, his eyes staring at his friend's balls. Neither of them moved for a minute, until Gary suddenly broke the trance and jumped up to get a towel. Marc followed him into the kitchen, and stood there while Gary wiped the beer off Marc's chest and stomach before kneeling down to wipe Marc's crotch. Marc closed his eyes as his friend rubbed at his dick and balls. He leaned down and caught the young boy's hand, pulling him to his feet.


Marc silenced the other boy, putting his finger on the other's lips. Those lips, so soft and sweet. He felt so hot next to this hunk, and the alcohol gave him the courage he'd needed. He pulled Gary closer and leaned forward, closing his eyes. His lips met Gary's and they parted letting his tongue in. The kiss was gentle at first, slowly increasing in passion, the sexual tension that had been building up between them finally releasing itself in this kiss. As the two boys got comfortable, the passion grew, their hands exploring as much as their tongues were. Their mouths finally separated, their arms entwined around each other in a passionate embrace, sharing a moment that anyone who has been in love will recognise.

Marc broke the awkward silence. "Gary, I'm sorry, I--I--"

"Sssshhhhh. Don't say anything."

"No I really need to say this. You're squashing my cock with your leg."

They both burst out laughing explosively, moving apart, freeing Marc's growing prick.

They made their way to the bedroom, both boys with the same thought on their minds. Marc stopped Gary when they reached the bedroom.

"Erm, I hate to say this, but I can't do this."

Gary stopped cold, shocked by the statement. He looked at Marc and grew suspicious as he saw the glint in his eyes. "Why?"

"Cos I'm still plastered in beer and it's all gone sticky on me now." Marc grinned at the beautiful youth in front of him.

"Gary smiled cunningly. "Oh, well that's easy to fix -- I have a nice big shower in here." He took Marc by the hand and led him into the bathroom, closing the door behind them.

Part 3

Gary turned the water on in the shower, making sure it was fairly hot. He turned around and took Marc by the hand, pulling him into the shower. Marc turned to look at him, his eyes wide and his mouth open.

Marc had never seen such a place before. The whole room was tiled from floor to almost halfway up the wall. There was a step down from the rest of the basement so that any water spilt wouldn't get onto the carpets next door. The place was tiled with very pale green tiles, with an occasional fern motif, and quite liberally peppered with plants. A large mirror adorned one side of the small room, ensuring that the occupant or occupants could see themselves at all times. The sunken bath with shower was just too much for him. He turned to face Gary his eyes open and his mouth agape. "This is your own, personal bathroom?"

Gary smiled. This piece de resistance was something that his father had thought too much -- but he'd insisted on it. "Do you like it?"

"Like it! My God! If I had a bathroom like this, I'd--I'd--I don't know what I'd do!" He finished, totally at a loss for words.

"Well, I know exactly what I'm going to do." Gary pulled Marc into the sunken bath, closing the plug to keep the water in the bath. "Sit down for a minute."

They waited until the bath had filled before Gary shut off the water and turned a dial.

Marc leaped into the air as the bubbles of air tickled his arse. He shouted and turned around. "What the fu--" He looked around as Gary relaxed into the Jacuzzi. "Oh. OK." He grinned sheepishly at Gary. "Sorry."

Gary smiled kindly and wrapped his arm around the other boy, pulling him closer. "Don't worry about it. I like surprising people." He placed his hand on the other boy's face. Marc needs a shave, though Gary, as he brought their lips together.

Marc pulled away this time. "Hang on. I need to wash first. That can come later." He stood and grabbed some shower gel, soaping himself up, giving Gary a good show. He finally rinsed himself off and stepped out of the bath before Gary could grab him. He headed for the towel rail.

"Hey, where you going?" Gary got up, his erect cock now standing proud after Marc's show.

"Come on, lover boy. You have a nice bed in there. Let's not waste it!" Marc ran off with the towel, leaving Gary to look for the spare.

When Gary arrived in the bedroom, the candles he'd set out had been lit, and the figure in the bed was sitting up, with the quilt covering him from the waist down. Gary had wrapped the towel around his waist, and was suddenly acutely aware of plain his erection was, making the towel tent out. He sat on the side of the bed, dropping the towel before sliding in between the sheets. He turned to look at the boy of his dreams, the shadows from the candles flickering across his well-defined body.

Marc watched Gary's every move as the aroused boy dropped the towel and slid under the bedclothes. He watched the powerful muscles move under that silken skin, the soft light of the candles making his body glow, the small blonde hairs shining in the light. He felt his heart melt. Was he in love? He sure as hell had never felt about anyone this way before! He snuggled over to his lover. His lover! This was more than just sex! It had to meant something more. Didn't it?

Gary lay his head on the pillow as his friend wrapped his arm around him, the soft palm and fingers caressing their way around his soft skin. He looked deep into the other boy's eyes and felt a stirring, not in his groin, but in his chest. He paused to think. What was this feeling? He tried to assess it objectively, like the scientist that he was. What did it mean? What could change the feeling? He very quickly became intensely aware that the warm feeling enveloping his boy became a cold dark stab in his heart when he though about losing this hunk that was wrapping himself around him. Didn't that sound like love? Didn't it?

He turned to Marc. "Marc, I--well--I--I think I love you." There. He'd said it.

Marc's heart jumped a beat. He didn't hesitate in replying: "I love you too." He pulled his lover closer to himself, planting his lips against the other boy's, pushing his tongue deep into his lover's mouth. He could feel Gary's cock throbbing against his own. He groaned and started to grind his cock into Gary's hip, his precum now flowing freely, lubricating his foreskin-less penis as it rubbed against his friend's thigh. He felt his lover's cock grind into his own body and felt the foreskin move back and forth. He felt his stomach grow cold, and realised that this was his friend's precum. He could feel his balls tighten as he realised that this hunk was getting aroused by rubbing his cock against his own body! Oh, wow!

Gary humped his prick into Marc's stomach, feeling his foreskin moving back and forth, the precum making the whole thing so easy. He felt Marc's hand sliding down his back, squeezing his cheeks, pulling his leg around. He moved his leg and felt the hand go back to his cheeks, slowly teasing it's way in between his buns. He felt the finger prising at his ring, and relaxed. The finger slid in easily, Gary thanking God that he'd remembered to clean his arse out properly and remembering to lube it up with plenty of shower gel earlier.

Marc slid his finger up the other boy's arsehole. He felt the heat of the other's body as he slid two finger up the other boy's arse. He found the small lump that he knew would please his friend. He played with it back and forth, causing his lover to break the kiss that had lasted so long. Gary moaned as he felt his balls contracting, the two finger up his virgin arse making him squirm. He gasped as he felt the hot, salty liquid destroying the friction between cock and stomach.

Marc felt the cum shooting onto his stomach just after he'd felt Gary's arse tighten. He felt his own balls move and seconds later, the hot liquid that he loved the taste of so much shot out of his own penis, soaking his friend' hip, and dribbling down between gar's pubic hairs onto his balls.

Gary felt his lover's cum oozing its way onto his balls. He moved away and placed his hand on the gorgeous liquid, scooping it up into his mouth. He watched as Marc did the same, leaning forward to lick up the drop that had fallen onto his chin. They kissed a long and passionate kiss before breaking.

"Wow!" gasped Marc. "That was the most unbelievable orgasm I have ever had. Thanks."

The both smiled and kissed once more before falling asleep to dream of what lay ahead tomorrow.

End of part 3.