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Gay, High school

Mindless Conversation that I Call Life

I was always a happy child, but I never could call a place home, we move around a lot all over the world but as long as I was with family I was good. In 2004, we found a real home to live in. My mom and dad were split up but were still married, all they told me was that it was a "open" relationship. I had been with my mom these two years, were we lived in a small town in Florida. I was 10 when my parents had decided to split after a 12 year marriage, since my dad had moved out. I knew they still loved each other because they would call each other every week just to see what they are doing. It was December, six years later, and I decided to see my dad in all those years. I knew he lived in Colorado, so I had persuaded my mom in letting me spend a couple weeks with him just to get caught up.

It might be good if I would introduce myself, well my name is Robbie Mills, I am a Junior in my current high school and well I have long wavy blond hair, I inherited my hair from my mother and I stand at 5"11 1/2. I had a swimmers build and I thank that from all the swimming I did in Daytona Beach. I consider myself bi-curious because I have had a fascination with the male body but never wanted to act on any of my homosexual feelings. I had actually struck out with the ladies because I don't feel myself around them so, maybe I am gay but right now I am just confused about my whole life in general. I have a best friend that I have told her everything, her name is Chelsea and when I told her that I might be gay, she said that I knew it because she had connected all the dots and it led to that conclusion.

So anyway back to the story, I had arrived in Denver, it was snowing as I had figured so my dad had said we better get home before the roads close. The ride to my new home was well quiet, I knew my dad was a quiet person but I actually didn't think this quiet so I broke the ice and asked, “So dad, do you remember me?” He laughed and replied, “Oh course son, I haven't seen you in six years but I do still remember a lot about you and your mother. So you guys lived on the east coast and I lived in the mountains on the west but I still remember you Robbie.” “Well dad, I know you still remember me, I just don't remember you having that much gray hair.” My dad said rather quietly, “It is not gray it is just a lighter shade of black so there gosh.” Well we arrived at my dad's home, it was about 6:00 pm and it had taken about a hour so I was getting hungry. So I asked my dad if we could order pizza and he said yea we could, so after 25 minutes the pizza finally arrived and we ate the pizza in silence, I thanked him for the pizza and got situated in my new bed, I was tired so I had fallen asleep very quickly.

Well we brought in the new year, quite well actually I had hung out with my dad until the ball dropped and there were fireworks in the night sky. Well it was that time to go back to school once a again, but this time I was going to a new school. Well when I got to my new school, there were kids everywhere and well being the natural talker I am, I started to talking to this one girl and she introduces herself as Amy and says, “Hey are you new to this school?”

I reply, “Yea I just moved her a couple weeks ago.” She then asked me, “Hey so anyway I was wondering if you want to hang out?” I answered, “Sure thing anytime.” I suddenly I asked, “Hey I forgot, whats your name?” She said her name was Amber. Well I said, “Well see you at lunch.” I went on my way to the principals office to retrieve my new schedule.

I walked into the office and met the principal himself, Mr. Yule, and he handed me my schedule and said for me to be on my way to class. I started walking into my first period class and handed my teacher my schedule and she said find a seat in a cold voice, I had spotted Amber and sat next to her.

I asked, “Hey Amber, um who is the hot guy on the other side of the room?” She replied, “Oh thats Danny, wha...what do you mean hot...are you ugh you know..?” “Yes, I am Amber, geez haven't you met one before?” I asked, Amber said, “Yea but I haven't ever known a openly gay person.” “Well I wouldn't say openly gay but I do let a few people know my secret.” I said. “Anyway sorry to say but I have been barking up that tree for a couple years now, but he always stays with the same girl, her name is Brandy , and well he doesn't know it but she is cheating on him with like four other people and it is really sad that he has to have a slut for a girlfriend,” she explains.

Well the next three classes were really uneventful except for the usual introduction and homework assignment. I was walking to lunch and accidentally ran into Danny and I apologized and well he asked if I was new and I told him I was and well we started talking and now I am invited to the movies with some of his friends and Amber will be there so if I embarrass myself, I then can talk to Amber.

Well anyway at lunch, I had told Amber about my past in Florida, and she said she then said, why would you leave the warm climate of Florida to come to a cold Colorado, and I then explained the situation between my mom and dad. I had learned that her father had died many years ago and she was sent to live with her mother, which sh dreaded because her mother was never home and well had to usually make her own meals and eat alone. I thought that was really sad, and I proposed for her to move in with me, when we go off to college and she well agreed so she would not be alone in her dorm. 

The Rest of the week was the same, school, homework, home, same over the last couple days until Friday rolled around and well I was supposed to meet Danny and Friends at seven and well when I got home, I was exhausted but I didn't get up until six and I was going to be late if I didn't hurry. Well I hurriedly got up took a shower and got dressed, I had already placed out the clothes I wanted to wear just to get noticed by someone. Well I got out of the house at 6:45 and rushed over to the local  movie theater and met up with them, and well I have to say, Danny was hot, I was hard, and I just wanted him but I knew he had a girlfriend, so I was a little bummed out so I hung out with Amber most of the night. The movie we say was funny and I sat in between Danny and Amber, and we actually made small talk between boring parts of the movie. After the movie, he wanted to talk to me privately and then the question he asked me was kind of off guard.

"Hey Robbie, I was wondering by the way you were acting near me, are you um gay?" he asked nonchalantly, I replied, "Yes, I am and well I am very proud of it." "Well glad too know, so it is okay if I do this.." he said and then kissed me on the lips, his lips were on mine so softly, then he realized something and suddenly stopped and just stared at me. I asked, "Why did you stop?" "Just so I can stare into you perfect eyes," he said, then I asked, "Are you just leading me on?" "Well I might have a girlfriend but I guess you can say it is a cover up so I can't explore my real feelings." This shocked me because I had assumed he was just straight, and know our first time we are hanging out, he is telling me that his life is a sham, it is just so confusing sometimes. That night was a shocker for me and now I know what lies ahead.

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