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Gay, High School

Mindless Conversation that I Call Life Chapter 2

"Well tonight was a shocker, I was kissed by a very hot guy today and oh it was so fantastic," I said to Amber when I got home, she called just as I got into my house, she wanted to know why we left them. "Oh my fucking god, he's gay oh what a shocker,"Amber exclaimed, I was laughing because of her reaction, but I calmed down and said, "geez Amber just calm down, yea I know it is a shocker for me too, anyway talk to you later." I hung up and went to the bathroom to take a shower, after my shower I went to bed.

I woke the next morning very refreshed and I was in such a great mood. I went downstairs for breakfast, and I have forgotten how much I love my dads cooking. I decided to take a drive, just to see what the neighborhood was like. I stopped at the local coffee shop, to get something to drink and I had ran into Danny, so of course I went up to him and started to talk to him and we started to chat and after about a hour he said he had to go and see his 'girlfriend' and well explain to her what happened. 

Well the rest of the weekend, I had heard nothing about the news of Danny and his girl. When I got to school I saw Danny so when I was walking up to him, I could tell that things were not well. I went up to him and asked, "Hey how are things?" "Well my life right now is so damn confusing, I had a girl and now she is going to out me to the whole school because she is a total bitch," he said with a small tear running down his cheek. I pleaded, "I am so sorry, I didn't mean for you too do this, I am so sorry." All he said was, "its alright Robbie it is not your fault, I wanted to come out for awhile but I am least someone cares about me." Well I was angry that someone would want to hurt Danny, but he did say he wanted to be outed but I don't think anyone should be outed by these means. I was on a small mission to find out where his ex is and talk to her before she humiliates him.  The bell rang and well I went to class. 

Since it was first period, barely anyone was paying attention and it did not stop the teacher from teaching anyway. I was whispering to Amber that I had to find Danny's ex and try to fix this. Well she told me, she hung out around the center of the school. So now I know she was, and now I had to find a way to talk to her. The class has finally ended and then I started to say to Amber, we were just chatting about random stuff so we went our separate ways until lunch. I could not concentrate on anything this whole day. I just had to find his ex and straighten her out.

Well lunch arrived and I did not meet Amber like we usually do but instead I found Danny's ex sitting with her friends. I pulled her aside so not one will hear, then I ask, "What the fuck is wrong with you?" She answers, "Who the hell are you, and you have no fucking business talking to me you asshole." I say with anger in my voice, "I swear to god, what the hell is wrong with you, are you trying to hurt Danny, what the fuck did he do to you, my god he was just hiding the fact that he is different, I don't think you should be outing people for no reason, at least he had enough nerve to say anything. He doesn't want to be persecuted for being different, we are all different in our own way, so I don't think you have any nerve outing anyone, let him out himself if he wants, so stay the fuck away!" I just walk away from her, I look back to see her expression on her face, and it shows just utter shock. I was happy with myself, and so I went to meet Amber.

    "So Robbie, how did it go?" Amber anxiously asks, I just reply, "Well, it went the way I wanted it to go." I sigh, I just realized the consequences of cussing out his ex but I was happy with myself, but I am afraid of what Danny will say, because I did not tell him that I was going to talk to her. Danny came up behind he and hugged me. I was sort of relieved because he knew what I did, but just to be on the safe side I asked, "Hey buddy why are you so happy?" He just smiles at me than kisses me in front of everyone, I was in shock then he said, "Thanks Robbie, that was great, oh and I would like to know if you want to be my boyfriend and was wondering if you would want to go to prom with me in the spring?" "Well Danny, oh course I want to be your boyfriend," I say then I give him a very passionate kiss, then I answer his other question, "If you want to go to prom, then yea I would love too." I swear I heard clapping around us and when I looked it was everyone in the cafeteria. I was so happy, and I could tell Danny was so happy, and that was lunch the bell rang, and I went to my last class of the day, and well people congratulated me on my new relationship, I did not know news could travel that fast. 

I got home and well I was smiling so much my dad asked me why, and I told him I had a boyfriend, I knew he had no problem with the LGBT community and well I was relieved and then he said, "Well I guess my hunch was right." "What do you mean hunch," I question my dad. "Well son, your mother never said you were in any relationships and well she said you were sort of shy toward the lady population, anyway not the point, as long as I know you are safe, then I am glad you are whatever you want to be," my dad said. "Whatever," I just shrug it off and tell my dad I am off to my room to get ready for bed.

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