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Gay, High School

Mindless Conversation that I Call Life Chapter 3

Well it has been a couple weeks since Danny and I have been dating, and well it has been the greatest couple of weeks yet. On our last date we decided just to go to the movies, and well it was a scary movies, so I almost pied my pants, but Danny held me tight so I felt very secure with him. After the movie we just sat in his car and just made out for about a couple hours until finally our mouths were getting tired, so we went our separate ways. You really do not appreciate a person until they are gone. We had separated and I headed home like usual and well just felt kind of sad because Danny could not take me home tonight, but I was happy enough that I had a date tonight.

I could not get to sleep tonight, I have been tossing and turning so I decide to plug my ears with my headphones and well listen to music. I start to think that were will this relationship lead to, will lead to a happy ending, or will it lead to a disastrous end. I have always second guessed myself my whole life, but never about a relationship because all my past ones had just lead to a soft end and we never spoke of it again because we knew it would lead to nothing, that is beside the point, I had never actually been this far in a relationship where I had to think about the future. I have been dating Danny for only a week and now I am thinking about this relationship that might not even last. I know it will last, he hasn't even brought up anything sexual except for making out. I am a virgin so I don't know if he had already had sex with someone, I don't want to seem petty but I guess he will understand when I ask him tomorrow. 

Well today was the day I am going to ask him if he was a virgin, I don't know why I was going to make a big deal over nothing it was just a simple question. We met up at the local coffee shop, we both get coffee sit down and I gather up enough courage and ask, "So Danny, you a virgin?" he has a weird expression on his face and then answers with a laugh, "Robbie, are you that horny fine  I guess we could do it here." "No, no, no so I guess you have had sex, Danny?" I ask again. "Well yes I have, are you ready now but if you are not, than I can wait," Danny says softly. "Well, I guess that is good news, because now I know, I am a virgin and not very ready." I say. He scoots over to me and hugs me and says, "I am glad to know, now just to change the subject, lets go for a drive." So we go and leave and head for a drive and I am cuddling up against him while on we drive on the freeway and I had felt so safe. I had fallen asleep and well, then the next thing, when I woke up, I was in a hospital bed.

I could feel nothing, I could barely open my eyes, I was like a vegetable, I could not move or even communicate. I was like this for about two and a half weeks until I was finally able to open my eyes, and well when I tried to speak, my voice was barely audible just a faint but raspy whisper. I was able to see my mom and dad, and Amber surrounding me when I was trying to communicate. All I heard was them screaming that I was trying to talk and well they were making so much noise, I could not stand it, I motioned for Amber to come over and brought her over and said, "Water..." she gave me some water, and then I tried to speak and well it was somewhat audible and so I had to ask, "Where is Danny?" They all looked at me and just said nothing, I was getting a little irritated so I asked again louder, "Where is Danny?" Amber comes up to me and answers, "Danny is recovering from what happened, he is well in much better condition than you, sorry to say to you but in a couple of weeks you guys can see each other. I had tears in my eyes, I was happy but really sad because I could not see him for a couple weeks. "What happened?" My mom comes over in tears and says, "Well honey, you were in a car crash, a asshole had swerved in Danny's way and Danny had no time to see him and well he hit him and when the car was coming to a stop, it was a intersection and well a large 18-wheeler came and hit the front of Danny's Car and you rolled into the side of the road, down about twenty feet into a ravine. Well you were found without a seatbelt on and well you were unconscious and were not responding to the paramedics, I thought we lost you," then she hugs me so tight. I ask for everyone to leave so I can process this information. 

I just laid there and just thought about how luck I was to live through that crash, I could have died or have lost Danny, if I had lived and Danny had died, I just could not live without him, even though we had been together for a week, I just loved him that much that I could not live without him. I was unresponsive, what would happen to my parents or even Danny, I just don't know, but I know that I have to see Danny, just to talk to him, hear his voice again, speaking of voice, mine did not sound like it used to, geez oh my gosh, he always said he loved my voice, what if I become paralyzed, oh crap, no I'm not, I just have a lot of broken bones and a lot of therapy to go to. I need to sleep, I have so much pain in my body it isn't funny, I need to see him again, just to hear would be the best thing in the world.

I stayed in my room for a couple more days until they moved me out of ICU and into another room, which I did not know that my mom and dad did everything in there power, to get me into the same room as Danny. Upon entering his room I was just hoping it was his room and well I was excited to just be near him again. I said, "Danny..." "Hey Robbie hows life," Danny says casually. "Dude...well it has been the best no, just kidding anyway it was hectic the doctor coming in and out, it was annoying when he was waking me up, so annoying, but anyway I am glad I get to hear your voice again," I say. "I am glad you are hear, and I am sorry that I got you into a accident, I was very irresponsible, you know that I am really sorry and I just want to say, that I love you and glad you are still with me. If you had died that day, I would be so gone, my world practically revolves around you and I just love you," he says getting emotional, I can hear soft crys. I just say to get him to perk up, "Danny, it was not your fault, and actually I would have been a goner also if you had died, I love you a lot, and well when I get better I want to show you, I don't know how but I will." I can hear the crys go away and I look over and just see him smiling, he looked so happy and I am glad to know that he loves me, and I love him, it was just a very exciting moment because we have not said that to each other before, and it kind of saddened me because I could not get near him, I was confined to a hospital bed, and well it angered me.

My parents and friends all stopped by after I was moved into Danny's room, he actually left the hospital early because he was in better shape, I was saddened and well lonely. I was kept at the hospital for another three weeks to make sure I was stable enough to leave for home. When I was able to leave the hospital I was wheeled out of the hospital by my boyfriend Danny, and surrounded by family and friends and we headed to my dad's house to celebrate a speedy recovery. I relied on crutches and a wheelchair to get around but when we got to my dad's house, Danny picked me up and carried me over the threshold and put me on the couch, I kissed him and he kissed me back, and Amber said, "Hey you two, get a room." We just laughed and kept kissing until my mom made a grunt so we stopped and well the celebrations began, there was all of the party stuff, and I got a presents, i don't know why, but I lived with it, someone gave me a camera and a new mp3 player, and my mom and dad pitched in to get me a laptop, I was thrilled. 

Life was getting somewhat better,  I was starting to get back to school, I had missed over a month of school and was far behind, but Danny helped with most so I was good.  I was getting special treatment from everyone because of my injury but I was happy either way because they treated me with respect since they saw me kissing my boyfriend that day in the cafeteria. I was on crutches, and well I had to get used to it and I was happy and content. Everyday, I got to see Danny, we would kiss, and hug and all of that but I was having another urge, I wanted some hot steamy sex, for some reason and I did not want to rush him and I could not do anything because I was handicapped and well refined to just to limited things with my hands and legs. I really had a urge, it has too bad the only thing touching me was my own damn hand. I would have all of these sexual fantasys about Danny, and it thrilled me, it just saddened me because I could not do anything about it until I was healed, and that could take a while. I actually talked about it to Danny and he would give me blowjobs to relieve the tension on my damn balls, I was in heaven when he did this, and would always tease me at the end by saying, "Well just wait until we start to have sex, you will be in sexual heaven and in ecstasy. I was so nervous on how sex would feel like, I was having bad dreams about it but I knew he would go slow on me.

Well this is where I will End it for now............

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