Miss Matched

Part 4

By Spiritual Healer

Authors Note:

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I hope you enjoy the latest chapter.


I awoke in Shawn's arms the feel of his lips slightly kissing the back of my neck and I just sighed an appreciative sigh. `How could anything be more wonderful then this?' I thought with a smile of my face, till I remembered that this was all a dream, a wonderful dream that would be ending in a few short days. After his parents got back, things would go back to normal. Normal being, him spending all his time with Terri and me pretending to be with Kristen and that made me sad. The one thing that will have changed was at least now I knew that Shawn loved me like I loved him and one way or another we would find time to be together, alone. I was totally his now and that made me happy.

I think he felt the mixture of emotions in me and he turned me to face him. He looked down at me lovingly and smiled. "Don't worry, I can't give you up now, and I don't intend to."

I sighed and touched his face. "It's just that it has been so incredible and I forget what reality truly is, then when I remembered I felt" I paused trying to put it into words and all I could come up with was "worried."

"I know," he smiled slightly.

"I want to spend every moment with you, but I know that your parents will be back in a few days and more importantly Terri is going to wonder why we are avoiding her." I told him.

Shawn smiled at me "What is your schedule for the rest of the week?" he asked.

"I work today from 9 to 5 and tomorrow from 8 to 4 then I'm off the next two days. Why?" I asked him

"Well I think I can talk Tony into letting me change my schedule so we can have the same two days off. I was wondering if you would like to go spend them at the farm?" he suggested.

The idea instantly excited me. I had figured I would mope around for two days while he worked and then when his days off came, he would have to spend them with Terri like usual. Then I wondered what Terri was going to say about it. "What about Terri what will she say about us taking off? Especially since we haven't spent any time with her since I got here."

"Well I figured we could take the girls to the movies tonight if you want and get a bite to eat. I will tell Terri that Gramps wants us to come up and help him do some stuff on the farm and tell her something like I think he's just using it as a excuse to keep a eye on us so we stay out of trouble or something. I'm sure she will buy that." He said

"Why do you want to go to the farm?" I asked him

"Mainly it gives us two days and two nights to spend together without worrying about whether she is going to call or if we are hurting her feelings. But I also want to talk to Gramps." He told me

"What about"? I asked

"Us of course." He smiled. "First off, I want to tell someone and he is the only one we can tell and second, we need his advice. I already know he won't be happy that we have moved so fast when it comes to the sex." He frowned. "I don't want to mess this up."

I was majorly worried now. "Do you regret what we did?" I asked.

He smiled at me. "Oh god. No not at all babe. But I know he was worried about your age and us moving too fast. We just have to make sure what we do is about love and not sex. Do you understand?" He asked me.

I thought for a second and said, "I think so." then I got worried again "umm there is something I need to tell you though."

"What?" he asked still looking down at me.

"There is someone else we can tell and probably should tell." I told him.

He had a scowl on his face. The idea of telling anyone scared him as it did me. "Who?" he asked.


"What? Why?" he asked.

"Well first off she knows I'm gay and knows I'm in love with you and to be honest she already knows about what happened on the camping trip and has been trying to convince me that you felt the same way bout me. She said she could tell by the way you looked at me."

"Really?" he replied and then sighed.

"She will be thrilled for us and we can trust her. And there may be times she can help us find ways to be together. She is good at hiding a relationship; she's been doing it for a while now." I told him

"When do you want to tell her?" He asked me.

"Well I think we should do it before tonight. If she suspects at all, she will drive us both nuts and Terri will wonder what's up." I explained to him. "She is working at the diner this morning. We can go in for breakfast before we go to work if you want." I asked him

"Why can't you tell her." He asked

I looked at him strangely and said "because it is something I feel we should do together."

He smiled at me and gave me a kiss. "Well ok if that is how you feel, but if you want to go eat, we need to get going its 6:30 now and we both have to be at work by 9." I could tell he wasn't thrilled with my answer but he loved me enough to not to disagree with me. We got up and showered together, not doing anything sexual, rather just enjoying the sight of each other and the experience of washing one another's bodies. We dressed quickly then took off for the diner.

We got there about 7:15 and Kristen glanced up when she saw us come in and smiled at me and waived me towards a booth. Shawn and I went over and sat down. I could tell he was feeling uncomfortable.

I saw Kristen walking towards us and smiled at her. She smiled back for a moment and then as she got closer her smile got wider. I knew from her expression she already knew. Walking up to us she said, "Hey guys what's new." Then she looked at Shawn and added "Its ok hunny your secret's safe with me. I'm just thrilled for you is all." Then she looked at me "What can I get you babe?"

I smiled at her and stood up and kissed her on the cheek and said "A night out on the town with my girlfriend."

She smiled back "You sure?"

"Yeah," I explained. "Shawn was thinking we could all go to a movie. You, me, him and Terri then were probably going to go to his granddads farm for a couple of day. But we really need to spend some time with Terri first."

"I see" is all she said totally understanding what I was getting at. "Sounds like fun. Just call me later and tell me what time you'll pick me up ok?"

"Thanks." Shawn said quietly

"Oh Hun. It's no problem. I'm thrilled to help out any way I can." She told him with a wink. "Now what do you want to eat?" she asked.

We ordered our breakfast and ate. When we left, before getting in our own cars, Shawn smiled at me. "Wow I figured she would, like, I don't know... freak or say something, but she just kinda said she would help and really didn't like give anything away or anything."

"I told you it would be ok, she will try and help in any way she can. I knew we could trust her." I told him. Then we smiled at one another and went our separate ways to work.

When I got back to his house, he was already home, showered and changed, so I did the same. We didn't even kiss or anything. Barely spoke, in fact. I think we were both kind of feeling strange about being around Terri and how we would feel and react Kristen knew about us, but Terri could never find out. And the feelings of Guilt I had about being with Shawn was praying on my mind like I knew it was his. I was having a affair with my sisters boyfriend, a man she intended on marring and a man I knew still had intentions to marry her. What was I doing? How could I do this to her? And him and me as well... I knew that this would only end up hurting all of us in the end, but I also knew I loved him and couldn't bare to lose whatever we had or would have in the future no matter how much or little that might be.

That night actually went better than I had anticipated. Once we picked up the girls, we kind of fell into our old routine of just hanging out and having fun. Every so often I would get some feelings of guilt and just try and push them to the back of my mind with all the love and desire I had locked up as well. I just tried to concentrate on having a good time and surprisingly enough, we all did.

As for seeing Shawn kiss Terri it wasn't that bad I realized. He just barely gave her little pecks on the lips. It was ok with her she wasn't into major making out in public and it was more than ok with Shawn. He wasn't into major making out with her at all. But boy did he love to make out with me. Just the thought of kissing me would start to turn me on and make me blush. I had to control my thoughts all the time.

That night, Shawn told Terri about how Gramps wanted us to come out to the farm for a couple days and how he had worked it out with Tony for us to have the same days off so we could. She thought it a good idea. She smiled and said, "Maybe it would keep us out of trouble." I smiled at that remark thinking of all the trouble I would love to get him into. But at that thought, my body started to react and I had to force the thoughts away.

That night when we got back to his house, he seemed distant to me. I had hoped he would grab me, kiss me and make mad passionate love to me immediately, but nothing. Not even a kiss happened, not even a word for a long time. We came in and took our coats off. I laid down on the couch hoping he would follow, but he hung up his coat and started looking for a movie to put in. After finding what he wanted he turned on the TV and put it in the VCR. He then went into the kitchen, only then did he speak and to ask if I wanted anything.

I wanted to say `Yeah You' but only came out with "yeah a coke would be nice thank you."

He came in silently and handed me the coke, turned on the movie and sat in the chair beside the couch. I laid the coke on the floor, never even opening it. I was staring at him trying to figure out what he was thinking. I continued to lie on the couch watching him more than the movie not quite understanding what had gone wrong. Did he regret what had happened between us? Did he no longer love me or want me anymore? Tears started to flow out of my eyes as I watched him and pondered all of this.

Finally when he glanced over at me and saw the hurt in my eyes and the tears on my face, whatever he was feeling melted away. He got up and to me and as he did I turned towards the back of the couch. He knelt down and touched my back and as he did I let out a whimper. With everything I was feeling, his touch was almost painful to me.

"Aww Davie, god hunny what is wrong?" He asked, already knowing the answer. He tried to pull me back to face him but I wouldn't allow it. "Davie I'm sorry I never meant to hurt you." He said with total sincerity and the sound of remorse in his voice.

Still facing the back of the couch and sniffling I asked "What did I do wrong? Why don't you want me now?"

"Oh hunny you got it all wrong. I still want you. I want you so much. I wanted you so much tonight I got very frustrated and angry. The last thing I wanted to do was to take it out on you so I was just trying to calm down." He tried to explain. "I still love you and want you more than ever, but the way I wanted you when I got home wouldn't have been good for either of us." He told me.

I turned over to face him "What do you mean?"

He pulled me up to a sitting position then sat behind me and let me lean against him. It felt wonderful and I was beginning to feel loved again.

"Davie don't take this the wrong way," he started which made me nervous. "but there were a lot of things that frustrated me about tonight. The main thing was lying to my best friend I would look over at you and Kristin and see how you were. No secret, no lies, not to each other anyway. The only one being hurt by all of this, is Terri. I do love her sooo much but not like I do you. That bothers me a great deal. And I could see in your eyes the few times you looked at her that it bothered you too. I noticed how you avoided looking her in the eye all night long and I can see how this is going to destroy the closeness you two have and that upsets me." He sighed. "and then there is the way you are around Kristin. You dote all over her; you laugh and kiss and cuddle with her in ways that make me uncomfortable with Terri and I was jealous of your relationship."

I started to say something and he gently put a finger to my mouth "Shhh let me finish then you can talk." I nodded my head and he went on. "I wish I was able to be that way with not only Terri but you out in public. I hate having to be someone I'm not, so the world and our families accept us. That makes me angry." He sighed again. "All the anger and frustration built up, combined with the desire, love and lust I have for you meant that if I had touched you I wouldn't have been able to control myself and would have taken you completely, with or without your permission."

"Shawn," I said "I am yours to have how ever and when-ever you want I would have, not only enjoyed it, but loved it." I told him.

He snickered "Yeah, but I don't want to just fuck you. That isn't what I want this relationship to be about. I want only to love you, and tonight what I wanted was just to fuck the hell out of you."

I smiled "Well someday I hope you do just that, but" I added, "I see what you mean. It is probably way too soon for something like that to happen. I'm glad were going to the farm tomorrow. I think you're right. We need your grandfathers advice."

He leaned down and kissed me gently and I asked "So can we go on to bed now? Is it safe?"

He smiled "yes it's safe but we're not having sex, not oral, not anal. No sex at all. Understood?" He asked me.

I smiled and said "As long as you make love to me, I don't care and making love is a state of mind, not a physical act. So if you want, we can sleep with our clothes on, but I do want you to love me. Is that understood?"

He smiled again "Yes that is understood."


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