Miss Matched

Part 5

By Spiritual Healer

Authors Note:

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The next morning I awoke early as the sun was just coming though his window. I looked over to him and saw him staring at me and he smiled. "Have you slept at all?" I asked him.

"Some" he answered "off and on."

I smiled and kissed him thinking back to last night it was so wonderful. We had kept our word to each other. We didn't have sex but we had made love most of the night. To be honest, our time overnight felt a bit cliché, as my underwear was practically glued to my body due to constant leaking from our interaction. I smiled at him "I need a shower Bad!" I told him.

He snickered at me "Naw. It's early, we can sleep a few more hours." he told me.

I looked at him feeling bad for what I was about to say. "Yeah, but I think I could sleep a little more comfortable if I was, um, clean." I confessed

He snickered again "Ok little one, a shower it is." And he got up to go with me. Little One was something a lot of people called me since I was so small. Normally it made me mad, but I knew Shawn didn't mean it in a bad way. For him it was a term of endearment and I loved it.

I beamed at the idea of us sharing a shower. I wasn't sure if he would want to join me or not. We went into the bathroom and he started the shower making sure the temperature was just right. We took off our underwear and stepped in. Needless to say were both aroused again, but behaved and just enjoyed washing one another. I loved it when he shampooed my hair and to be honest, I think he liked it when I did his too Just something about someone else doing that felt good.

After our shower, Shawn stripped the bed and put on clean sheets, then ran the others to the laundry room and put them in the washer. We climbed back into the nice clean bed, snuggled into one another and fell asleep till about 10am.

We weren't in any hurry so when we got up, we took our time getting ready. I made us some French Toast, one of Shawn's favorites, and he put the sheets in the dryer and packed some clothes. Since I was already living out of a suitcase, I was pretty much ready except for a few things we needed to get at my house. After we ate, I cleaned the kitchen while he put the sheets away and loaded the truck and we were off to my house.

Of course no one was home at noon. I just ran in, grabbed my boots and an extra pair of jeans and we were off to the farm at last. I was a nervous wreck. I didn't say much for a long time and neither did Shawn. He would look over at me from time to time and smile, which made me blush and he loved that. According to Kristen, I blushed a lot when I was with him, but luckily most of the time when we were out in public I was also with her so everyone thought is was because of her.

Finally I got my nerves up and asked, "So what did you tell gramps?"

Shawn smiled. "Just that we wanted to come out for a couple days and had something we needed to talk to him about."

"Oh." I responded, but that didn't help to calm me down much.

Shawn smiled again and reached over and grabbed my hand. "It will be ok." he told me and then pulled my hand towards him, a cue for me to sit closer. I looked around to see if anyone was watching. I realized it was ok since we were in a truck driving down a back highway. Nobody would notice, let alone care, so I slid closer to him. "Davie," he said "You do know I love you, right?"

My heart melted and I sighed. His comments made me feel safe and reassured me that everything would be ok "Yes Shawn, I love you too."

He smiled widely. "Yes I know." And the smile stayed on his face.

The closer we got to the farm, the more relaxed I got riding next to him, and by the time we got to the gravel roads, I was snuggled up next to him with my head resting on him and I was totally content. Before we pulled up the long drive, he stopped the truck. I sat up and looked at him, all my nervousness and fear coming back. He smiled slightly and I could tell he was nervous too. He pulled me to him and kissed me long and sweet, our tongues just slightly touching. The world melted away and all that existed at that moment was him and me and our love for one another. We broke the kiss, he smiled at me again and drove up the driveway.

As we passed the house, we honked, our way of letting them know we were there. We got out of the truck, grabbed our stuff and walked in the back door. We found Gramps and Rudy sitting at the kitchen table discussing something. We walked in, said hi and went up to put our things in Rudy's room. We sat our stuff down and Shawn took my hand, kissed it, and then led me downstairs. We walked into the kitchen holding hands.

Gramps and Rudy looked up at us and motioned for us to sit with them at the table. "So, what's new?" Gramps asked.

Shawn and I looked at each other, he smiled and I blushed. "Well," Shawn started, "You know that when mom and dad went to the funeral they let me ask Davie to stay with me." Gramps nodded. "Well," Shawn continued, "That first night Davie broke down and confessed to me that he was gay and in love with me." Shawn paused to gauge a reaction from Gramps and Rudy. Gramps had none and Rudy was smiling, so Shawn continued. "Needless to say, I couldn't help but confess to him that I felt the same way. The last few days have been like a dream. We have been living the fantasy we always dreamed of, but soon reality will settle in. What do we do then?" He asked solemnly.

Gramps let out a sigh "So what has gone on between the two of you." He asked.

We looked at one another once again, me still blushing and Shawn slightly smiling. I didn't know if we were more ashamed, concerned or embarrassed at this point. Shawn cleared his throat. "Well, we have made love as often as we can." He said honestly.

"Made love or had sex?" Gramps asked.

"Made love." we both said in unison.

"So have you had sex?" Gramps asked.

This time we didn't quiet agree. I said no and he said yes. We looked at each other confused.

Shawn asked me, "What do you mean no?"

And I responded, "What do you mean yes?"

"Well we did have oral sex didn't we?" He asked.

"Yeah," I answered, "but it was done out of love, not lust."

"But oral sex is sex. Is it not?" he asked me.

"I guess." I answered "But everything we have done has been about love not sex."

Gramps looked at us and asked, "Have you had anal sex?"

I wasn't going to say a word. I wanted Shawn to answer that one. "Kind of." he said.

Gramps snickered, "How can you kind of have anal sex?"

"Well I have been inside of him and cum inside of him, but I didn't ... um ... well I didn't fuck him." He looked at me.

"Gramps," I butted in, "I begged him to enter me. I wanted him to give me the pleasure of being his first. I wanted him to make love to me completely. But," I added in a disappointing tone "all he did was enter me. He didn't move inside me at all. Once he was in, we just kissed and touched till we climaxed."

Rudy finally spoke up. "You sound a little disappointed."

I didn't look at Shawn. I just said, "I still don't feel he has made love to me completely. He is holding himself back. I want. No. I need to know he loves me like I love him." I sighed. "I know it won't be for a while, but eventually he will marry Terri and even though I know that means he will have to have sex with her, I want it to be me who he gives himself completely to."

Gramps looked at Shawn "Didn't I tell you that Davie was too young for you to have sex with?"

Shawn lowered his head. "I'm sorry." he said.

I asked "When did you tell him that?"

"Earlier this spring when he came to me and told me how he felt about you and that he was starting to think you might feel the same way towards him. I told him that if anything happened between you two it needed to be about love, not sex."

I snickered. "Well see that is why when you asked if we had had sex, I said no. because it's not about sex. To me, sex is like fucking. I think you can make love without or with sex. I also believe you can have sex without love. In no way has it ever been about lust. Not saying I don't fantasize about someday having mind blowing sex with the man I love, but I know I'm not ready for that and to be honest don't want it right now. But I do want, crave and need to be made love to. I want him to love me inside and out. Totally and completely. Is that so wrong?"

Gramps sat there a moment contemplating the things I said to him and he finally sighed again. "I'm not sure Davie. Let me think about it ok? You made some good points, but I just worry about your age. However, I see you are more mature than I gave you credit for and you both have proven to be responsible enough to come to us for guidance. I just want to help you, not harm you. Do you understand?"

Both of us looked at one another than back at him and said "Yes."

"Ok, then this is what were going to do. I want you two boys to go out to saddle some horses and go for a long ride till about sunset. I want you two to talk about anything you want, but no sex of any kind. Understand? Just talking. If you want to kiss, that is fine but I want you to enjoy each other without making love to one another. Just enjoy each other's presence. When you get back, we will talk again. It gives us all time to think."

We agreed and went out to the barn.

"How do you think it went?" I asked Shawn.

"Better than I expected." He replied. "I figured Gramps would get really upset when I told him that I had entered you."

"I don't get why that is so wrong." I said.

"Well, Davie, a lot has to do with your age. You're only 16. We don't want what I say and do to influence you on a decision like whether or not you should be intimate with me." He told me.

"Dang Shawn, I've been fantasizing about being intimate with you for a long time. You are the only one I have ever fantasized about being with in any way." I told him. "I have never thought of being intimate with anyone else but you."

Shawn smiled and kissed me. "I have tried to feel that way about your sister. I have tried fantasizing about her and other women, but it always ends up being about you. I just can't see myself being with anyone but you or touching anyone else the way I touch you. Not even your sister." He got very solemn then said, "You're the only one that I crave, want, desire and need. Nobody could ever make me feel as good as you do."

I touched his face realizing that as good as it was between us, it made it bad for the both of us. The reality of the real world would end up hurting us and we knew it. Society would never allow us to be together. He was suppose to be with Terri, while I was suppose to be alone. We could never love one another openly and it would be hard to love each other in secret, but we had to try. "Come on we should get the horses ready." I told him

Shawn picked Rocket. It was his favorite horse on gramp's farm. Me, I rode Old Ted. I liked old Ted. He was easygoing and you didn't have to know how to ride well to ride him. He kind of just took care of you. Before we left, we went in to tell gramps we were leaving. We found Rudy and gramps still in the kitchen talking as we walked in. All I heard was gramps saying, "I understand what you're saying, but he is only 16."

Shawn cleared his throat as we walked in. "We're getting ready to leave."

"Where are you boys going to be riding to?" Gramps asked.

"Probably out to the campsite if that is ok."

"Well it's at least an hour ride out there," he reminded us.

"Yeah I know, but we got at least 4 hrs to kill right?" Shawn reminded him.

Gramps sighed, "Ok, but the campsite is set up. You boys behave yourselves. You can touch and kiss, but not skinny-dipping or lovemaking or anything sexual. Understood?"

"Yes sir." Shawn replied.

He grabbed my hand and started to lead me out of the room, but I stopped. "Gramps." I said nervously. "Can I ask something?"

Gramps smiled slightly. "Of course David."

"I'm not trying to be a smart ass or anything, but I'm kind of confused. When Shawn kisses me, I feel all of his love and to me that is making love. So is that allowed?" I asked.

Gramps took in a deep breath and let it out. "Yes son. That is allowed. I just meant keep your clothes on and don't try and get one another off." He said bluntly.

"Ok. Sorry I had to ask. I didn't want to do anything wrong." I told him.

"You're ok David, don't be scared to ask me anything." He told me.

I smiled and we left then I heard Rudy say, "I would have rather been made love to at 16 than to have waited most of my life to know what love truly is." It made me smile because Rudy was in there defending my case.

We walked outside and I squeezed his hand and released a deep breath. He knew I was still worried. He stopped and pulled me to him and kissed me long and sweet. Once again the world just melted away and his love enveloped me. I have no idea how long we stood there kissing, but when we broke the kiss, I looked over at the kitchen window and saw gramps and Rudy watching us, I just blushed, lowered my head and started walking towards the barn.

The ride out to the campsite was very quiet and enjoyable. We talked some, but not a lot. Like everything else we do together, being together is what we enjoy. We don't necessarily have to talk a lot. That is one of the things we like best about our relationship.

When we got to the campsite, we were amazed to see the scars of the tornado were still quite visible. The path of devastation was awesome to behold and we just sat there for a few minutes before dismounting and took in the view.

The rest of the day we spent laying in each others arms, chatting and kissing and just being together and loving one another. It was probably the most wonderful day of my life.

Finally it was time to leave and we got the horses ready. Shawn pulled me to him and kissed me deeply. "Did you have a good time?" he asked.

"It was incredible. I would love to come back here sometime and have you make love to me here." I told him.

"Well maybe we can do that. I would love to make love to you here too. Hell, I would love to make love to you anywhere, but this place is awesome." He smiled.

"I know." I told him. I took in a deep breath and let it out.

He could tell I was nervous about what would happen when we got back to the farm. He touched my face. "I love you and gramps knows that I want his acceptance and his blessing, but I will still love you no mater what he says."

"I don't think he is against you loving me." I told him "I'm just scared he will be against you making love to me. You have know idea how much I want and need you to love me and crave for you."

"Oh Baby, you have no idea how hard it is for me to not just lose myself in making love to you. But I have to care more about what is best for you than what I need or want. I don't want to hurt you in any way."

"How can I convince you that making love to me won't hurt me. I wish you trusted me on that." I told him a little hurt.

"If I didn't trust you, I would have never entered you the other night. No matter what gramps says, I know that is something you need from me and I won't deny you that. The issue is whether or not I can let myself love you completely. That is something I have to trust myself to do. I have to trust myself to keep it about love and not turn it into lust."

I smiled at him "I trust you."

"Well baby maybe you shouldn't because I do lust after you. You are so cute and gorgeous and your body is so perfect and you are such a beautiful person on the inside. I can't help but lust for you."

"When you were inside me, did you want to have sex with me" I asked him.

"No. All I was thinking about was loving you and I wanted to love you completely. I wanted to give you all of me so bad, but I didn't want to hurt you so I held myself back."

"That is why I trust you. I am glad you lust after me and want me that badly, but I know you would never put lust before love not right now anyway." He kissed me again "We need to get going since need to be back to the farm before sunset."

We mounted the horses and headed back to the farm.


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